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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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tonight. the sunday final 100 meter final i think is the big anticipation. everyone looking forward to a likely matchup between usain bolt and justin gatlin from the u.s. >> we will be looking forward to that and to your updaints as well. we'll also be looking to see when the color of the water of the pool changes. coy wire live in rio. thanks for joining me today. i'm erica hill. "at this hour" with berman and bolduan starts now. the founder of isis, i do. >> reince priebus essentially threatened donald trump to turn things around or else. >> if it is true, that's okay too, because all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. >> secretary of state clinton's chief of staff was in new york working on behalf of the clinton foundation. >> do you feel confident that all the rulings were followed? >> maybe the most important election that our country's ever had. it's probably the only way i'm
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going to get to heaven. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> that was a good one. i'm kate bolduan. let us play our favorite game on this happy friday, one we like to call, i didn't say that, you just her it wrong. you can find it right on the shelf next to taboo and battleship. you are definitely not sensing any bit of sarcasm here. donald trump after tripling down on calling president obama and hillary clinton the co-founders of isis, is now tweeting this, quote, ratings challenged cnn reports so seriously that i call president obama and clinton the founder of isis and mvp. they don't get sarcasm? let us take a brief walk down memory lane of the last 48 hours. >> he is the founder of isis, he's the founder of isis.
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i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis, they're the founders. barack obama and hillary clinton, these are the founders of isis. >> last night, you said the president was the founder of isis. i know what you meant, he created the vacuum, he lost the peace. >> he's the founder of isis. he's the most valuable player. i give her too by the way. >> but he's not sympathetic to them, he hates them he trying to kill them. >> i don't care, he was the founder. >> all right. meanwhile, something nearly unheard of in trump world, an admission of vulnerability, maybe even weakness in states you would never imagine. let's go to chief political correspondent dana bash live for us in washington. dana, you are never sarcastic. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i'm usually not speechless. the question i'm sure you're
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wanting to know is how did he go from hugh hewitt not handing trump not one but two lifelines to kind of work his way out of this idea that barack obama and hillary clinton are the co-founders of isis yesterday to today saying i don't know, it was just carcasarcasm, cnn and news organizations are taking me too seriously. are we supposed to not take him seriously even when he says he really means it and doubles, triples, quadruples down? i'm not sure i know the answer. we have to keep on keeping on, reporting what he says and bringing it to viewers. >> keep on keeping on. that's basically the only way to survive this election for any of us. we have heard him say he was joking and folks have misunderstood him before. one thing we haven't heard before really is donald trump talking about losing and talking about specific states.
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>> there was so much focus on his founder and the isis situation yesterday that this may be got a little bit lost. i think you're exactly right. i think it was something so striking because it seems so out of character for donald trump speaking yesterday to a group of evangelical leaders in florida talking about the potential to lose a very republican state of utah. listen to this. >> you got to get your people out to vote. and especially in those states where we're represented -- having a tremendous problem in utah. utah's a different place. i don't know -- is anybody here from utah? i mean, it's -- i didn't think so. we're having a problem. i mean, because, you know, look it could cost us the supreme court. >> now, just a little bit context there. again, he was talking to evangelical leaders. there is kind of an historic tension between evangelicals and
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mormons. and mormons of course make up the vast majority of the republican voters in utah. at least those who republicans rely on. so that was kind of what his appeal was there. but, still, the idea of him saying that it's a place that he could potentially lose is definitely not something we hear from the guy who says he's going to be winning so much, measure going to get sick of winning. however, i will say, as that is going on, i'm hearing this morning from some republican officials, veteran republican officials, who have run campaigns on a national level before, people who are perplexed about where he is spending his time. for example, tomorrow, donald trump is going to connecticut. connecticut is a historically reliably blue state, at least in modern times. his campaign tells me that they think that is one of the areas where he can turn it red. they say that's the reason he is going. but that's not the only complain, i will tell you, as i toss it back to you.
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the other big open question i'm hearing is what about the tens of millions of dollars he has been able to raise? he spend a lot of time fund-raising. why is it they're waiting so long to put any ads on the air. he says it all the time on the campaign trail. the hillary clinton campaign is spending so much money against him and he's got goose egg on the air. and, you know, they say inside the trump campaign, they do have a strategy, they do have a plan. they won't share it with us. but there's a lot of concern out there he's just sitting on this money and they don't know why. >> the longer you wait, the more expensive the ads get in those media markets, you know what i mean. so dana, keep on keeping on, great to see you. joining us, joseph borelli, new york city councilman, trump supporter. doug high, republican strategist, former rnc communications director. hilary rosen, cnn political commentate, democratic strategist and hillary clinton supporter. and hunter schwartz, national political reporter for the independent journal review. guys, great to have you all
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here. mr. boreli, to you first, my friend, you are a donald trump supporter. all day yesterday, donald trump and everyone supporting him and defending him spent all day saying this was not a joke, this was very serious and this is exactly what donald trump means. does this put you in a tough spot, now that he's gone 180 so quickly? >> no, i think donald trump was using sarcasm the whole time. whether you're a supporter or critic believed that he was actually saving barack owe babas in a cave somewhere in syria -- >> so many people were defending him -- >> i have been objective on donald trump comments in the past. i think this is one of the times it works to his benefit. what he's cdoing is creating a word association. he's saying obama is tied to isis in a way we can all remember. for the last three days, we haven't been talk about any of the stuff that was bad for him in the last week. we've all been talking -- trump surrogates have been explaining
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this comment and trump opponents have been saying obama really did have a failed policy on isis but it's not nice to say. >> your idea is if you're talking about isis at all, even if you're talking about false claimings about isis, it's good for donald trump. >> he's creating, again, a word association that two guys in a firehouse or two women waiting for their kids at school can just talk and snicker at and i think it presents this -- rather, it just -- it creates this image in people's mind of an association between barack obama, hillary clinton and isis which a concern. >> when he said he wasn't joking yesterday, he was joking about not joking? >> i think so. >> there you have it. hilary. >> well, that's just a terrible thing to say. i just -- i want -- i don't even know where to begin with this kind of gamesmanship about such a serious national security issue. first, he was joking about president putin, vladimir putin infiltrating america's
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databases. then he said, no, i was just joking. now he's just joking about isis. this is not funny. he's running to be commander in chief. making jokes about this. and then his surrogates going on tv saying, of course he's sarcastic and that's the point so you'll all act like idiots for three days talking about it. that is just not funny. this is not what a presidential campaign should be about. hillary clinton is out there talking about the issues. where is donald trump's five-point plan to deal with isis. if he's so smart about it? let's talk about it. let's have a conversation about how he's going to govern. this is not a game. >> doug, real quick, on this, weep got another topic. you're a republican that is no fan of donald trump. where do you land on this? >> we focus on donald trump outrage every day because it's always something different. while we talk about the latest crazy thing donald trump said, what's really happening on the ground is hillary clinton right now is organizing in key states
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and key counties in precincts. donald trump's campaign is not. i was in iowa last week. there's no donald trump campaign there. help had a rally. there was a big trump plane in the des moines airport which unfortunately it was bad tyimin to be at at the same time. in my home state in north carolina, another swing state, there's no real trump campaign there. the only thing you hear about trump staffers is this week's revelation that one trump staffer pulled a gun on another staffer. probably not the second amendment conversation we need to have. also demonstrates this is not a real campaign and doesn't exist except on tv and twitter. >> want to come back to the strategy around the country. but let me put a button on the sarcasm discussion. on monday, donald trump is giving a speech, a policy speech, he says, on isis, in ohio. you know, isis is one of these issues who best to handle isis. in the polls, it's been donald trump ahead, hillary clinton, topsy-turvy.
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this is a place where he's competitive. so if it is being discussed, is this terrain you think which is more favorable to the trump campaign, hunter? >> you know, this is something that he focused on when he was speaking at the rnc. you know, the war on terror is no longer something we fight far off in afghanistan. this is something that's come home. that's something he's campaigned on. he is the candidate who is going to be able to fight isis and fight terrorism at home and abroad. >> let's talk about kind of the campaign organization and where things stand right now. there's this letter has been an open letter to the rnc, to reince priebus, saying it's so bad that you need to pull back. you need to move all of your resources elsewhere. doug, move your time, your energy, your effort elsewhere. you saw that letter. you decided not to sign. do you disagree? >> i don't disagree with that strategy. i think that's probably where the rnc will end up. we have members of the senate who we need to shore up and who
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really are experiencing a lot of bad things on the campaign trail, having to answer another donald trump comment yet again every day. for me, you guys know when i worked at the rnc, it was pretty choppy waters. i don't want to add any choppy waters to what reince and the team there is dealing with. i think we get a lot of people signing 50-people letters and all the harumphing. i wish they were doing that a year ago when people were warning this guy should be taken for real and he's dangerous for the country. >> hunter, i want to talk about utah because it's fascinating. you cover it quite a bit. give us a sense of what's going on there right now. give us a sense of what donald trump's words yesterday meant. because it's fascinating on many levels. on the one hand, was he asking for evangelical support in utah? did he just not understand the dynamic between evangelicals or morm mormons? or was he trying to fan the flames? >> what we're seeing is
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unprecedented. mormons are the most republican religious group in the united states. usually it's taken for granted they'll vote republican. to have the republican nominee admit he's not doing well in utah. and then the democratic nominee. we had bill clinton in utah yesterday. he was fund-raising. and hillary clinton wrote an op-ed. it was the language in that was -- it was very specific to mormons. she mentioned mormon history including the 1838 extermination order where the governor said mormons should be exterminates. these are things you don't hear presidential candidates saying when they're speaking to mormons. show quoted mormon leaders. >> why is he struggling? what's the one -- why is he struggling amongst mormons? why is he struggling in utah? >> mormons what they look for in a leader, it's not necessarily the things trump looks for.
8:14 am
the things they teach you growing up and the things you value, it's more humility than being bold and brash like trump. and so he's just -- he's having a problem connecting with voters there. the governor of utah, however, he's been critical of trump. governor hubert. but he said he's planning on voting for trump. he may not agree with everything but he said trump does a better job on state rights, supreme court nominees. even his administration is split because i spoke with a spokesperson for the lieutenant governor and he said he is not ready to say he's going to vote for trump so that's how a lot of voters in utah and mormon voters across the country are feeling now. >> councilman, as you sit here in new york and you look at troubles in utah, that's got to be concerning. >> look, i don't know if utah was ever on the trump campaign strategy in a broad sense. i think as we pointed out he did always have troubles with mormons. you saw that in the primary as well. it's a state where if you don't get this bloc of voters, the
8:15 am
mormons, you're not going to compete as a republican. i think he's going to do a great job. i think as hunter pointed out, the governor's comments are indicative he could pick up ground there. i just don't think the campaign has formally adopted a utah broad-based campaign approach. >> but the reality is republicans shouldn't have to in utah. and south carolina has problems too. >> but, i mean, hillary is -- do you think hillary clinton is going -- this kind of goes on the georgia conversation we had, the arizona conversation we started having. does this fit the bill. are they going to be moving resources. bill clinton was there. is she going to start going there? >> we're seeing hillary clinton move the map for democrats in an historic way here. ing good gg in play. utah in play. arizona's looking strong. i think we're going to see hillary clinton win some states that weren't originally in the plan. and, you know, the interesting thing, just as a political analyst, not as a partisan here, the amount of defections we are seeing from republicans.
8:16 am
it's just -- i never -- not only have we never seen this in modern times in presidential elections, i've never even imagined it could be this broad. and so the fact that donald trump is just not really significantly expanding his base beyond the primary. and, in fact, is sort of pooh poohing the need to. gives hillary clinton a lot of openings here to just broaden her tent, broaden the support, and, frankly, when he governs as president, it will serve her well. because she will have started to bring the country together in the general election. >> said as a nonpartisan hillary clinton supporter. doug, joseph, thank you very much. up next, we're going to speak to a republican who signed the letter we were just talking about urging the republican party to stop spending money on behalf of donald trump. why they now think that trump's what they call recklessness could hand the democrats more than just the white house. >> top hillary clinton aide
8:17 am
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is it now shaping up to be a republican revolt? including former lawmakers and party staffers. signing an open letter to the republican national committee asking the committee, asking its chairman reince priebus to pull the purse on donald trump and direct its emfforts elsewhere, o senate and house races instead. >> they see reince priebus as a tornado for the republican majority in congress. the letter warns it could drown with a trump emblazened anchor around its neck. >> now i get the red october reference, thank you. >> the former rnc official and supported jeb bush and then marco rubio in the primaries, thank you very much for being with us. why write this letter and make
8:22 am
it so public? >> good morning. well, we're trying to send a very strong message to chairman priebus to basically do his job. i've been in that building and worked several presidential campaigns. there comes a time when you have to prioritize. look, if marco rubio was down ten points, i guarantee you the rnc would divert resources to other states in play. you've got to prioritize. most polls show trump down 8 to 10 points. what we cannot do as republicans and most of the signers of that letter are people that have spent the majority of their careers working for the republican party. what we cannot do is hand hillary clinton a potential president hillary clinton a blank check. as paul ryan said in one of his fund-raising letters. and that's exactly what would
8:23 am
happen if we lose the white house but lose control of the senate and the potential, if it's a landslide, we could lose seats like in miami, a freshman member who's a rising star within the party, and could lose if we don't get resources to him. >> rudy, probably maybe no surprise, donald trump does not agree. when asked about the idea of moving resources elsewhere and what that means. he issued his own threat. he said you guys need him more than you. listen to this. >> if it is true, that's okay too. all i'll have to do is stop funding the republican party. i'm the one raising the money for them. i'm in orlando. i'm going to a fund-raiser for the republican party. so if they want to do that, they can save me a lot of time and a lot of energy. >> what do you say? >> well, he acts like he invented the republican party. and the reality is the party lincoln has been around for a long time, we've been very
8:24 am
successful fund-raisers. he's not the only one raising dollars for republicans. fact is the major donors have stayed away because his campaign is a tee sachter and they're allocating funds to senate races, key senate races and key house races. that's what's important. what we have to do at all costs if you love the republican party and you care about the future of the republican party, chairman priebus and that's after all your job, you have to realize the party's bigger than any one person and we have to ensure we keep the senate in republican hands and ensure we maintain our advantage in the u.s. house if we're going to deny hillary clinton a blank check. keep in mind, president hillary clinton with a democrat congress, would further advance this economy of entitlement and it would be very detrimental to the nation. >> you say it's bigger than one person. 14 million people voted for donald trump in the primary. it gets to the question of who's
8:25 am
party is it. he won the republican party caucus system. he he got the convention behind him. he won. are you not ensuring his defeat by launching this effort? >> and now he's losing. and now every major poll shows him down 8 to 10 points. there's precedence for this. in 1996, you see, history is something that -- history in the republican party is something that trump doesn't appreciate and of course he only became a republican a few years ago so i don't fault him for that. in 1996, the rnc walked away from the bob dole campaign and shifted resources as they need to do here in this particular race to senate races and house races. >> are you ensuring he loses by coming out with this letter or moving resources rather than trying to turn around -- >> he's doing a great -- kate, he's doing a great job of ensuring he loses day in and day out. if he was planning to lose all along, i would submit to you he would be doing exactly what he's doing now. >> rudy fernandez, thanks so
8:26 am
much for being with us, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. coming up, somebody i can work with. not coming from a democrat but a very well-known conservative republican and someone who is going to be voting for donald trump. the rare praise from that republican congressman ahead. plus, a train trip by a clinton aide that remains a mystery until now. new details about what many are calling the blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation. when this busy family...
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hillary clinton under new scrutiny this morning, a cnn investigation raises new questions about what some see as blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation. evidence that top clinton aide sheryl mills conducted a high-level task for the foundation while she was secretary clinton's chief of staff. >> blurred lines crossed. that is a big question. cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin, he has been looking into all of this. where is the ethical and legal boundary here? >> you know, that's a big question we don't have an answer for, kate. when hillary clinton was being confirmed as secretary of state, she sent a letter to the officials at state saying she would not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter that is a direct and predictable effect upon this foundation. that's what hillary clinton said. fast forward to 2012. that's when our investigation finds sheryl mills, then the chief of staff for secretary of state hillary clinton, traveling to new york city to help the
8:32 am
clinton foundation. she was interviewing two potential candidates to become the next director of the clinton foundation. mills' attorney said this attorney process, it was all volunteer for a charitable organization. what we do no is whether mills role was a violation of ethics rules, whether she had permission from the u.s. department of state or whether the state, kate, even knew that this trip was taking place. we asked the state department all these specific questions. this is what we got, a generic statement that said federal employees are permitted to engage in outside personal activities within the scope of federal ethics rules. vague response raising more questions that are not being answered in the senate judiciary committee led by republican chuck grassley has been asking about this trip since january. you know, it's just more bad optics coming in the same week we're seeing newly released e-mails showing lots of communication between top state department staffers and clinton foundation staffers.
8:33 am
just showing what appears to be a very loose line that at least when she took office hillary clinton said would be a hard line that separates the foundation from the state department. >> you know, drew, so the clinton campaign has response to this. they say it's really all about nothing and that sheryl mills wasn't paid a dime for this trip and was doing this work as a volunteer. >> exactly. and formerly this is what hillary clinton's spokesperson told us. he said it was crystal clear to all involved this had nothing to do with her official duties. the idea that this poses a conflict of interest is absurd. here's the problem. yes, sheryl mills wasn't paid a dime as far as we know. but we also know her state department staff was involved in the logistics here. there were other meetings going on during this trip. the various people interviewed worked for companies that are involved in donating and working with the clinton foundation. by the way, also have business overseas. so it just really looks bad. >> and while all of this is
8:34 am
happening, there's news that cnn's learning that the fbi months ago had suspicions there may have been criminal activity involved with the clinton foundation. but it didn't open an investigation. >> yeah, this is coming frp our justice reporters. the fbi and top justice officials met with -- several months ago to discuss opening up a possible corruption case into the clinton foundation. now, at the time, three different justice department field offices were all in agreement. there should be an investigation. it involved a bank that was reporting suspicious activity from a foreigner who donated money to the clinton foundation. while the department of justice took a look at all this, according to this official, and decided it seemed more political and didn't pursue the case basically because of insufficient evidence. >> all right, drew griffin, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> a lot to work through. it's a lot of stuff. >> indeed. >> a lot of stuff. glad drew's on it. >> he's a conservative republican who says he's voting
8:35 am
for donald trump but now he's also saying he could work with hillary clinton. what's the impact there? that's coming up. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. dog chow for 36 years now.d i've been making my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. we're back with new questions about hillary clinton's state department and where the line was or wasn't between state and the clinton foundation. as drew griffin reported just before the break a cnn investigation found that clinton aide sheryl mills traveled to interview candidates for a top job at the clinton foundation in 2012 when mills was hillary clinton's chief of staff at the state department. >> the clinton campaign denies any inappropriate overlap. our panel, hillary clinton supporter hilary rosen, donald trump supporter joseph borelli.
8:40 am
also mary katharine hamm, senior writer for the federalist and conservative blogger. when hillary clinton took the secretary of state job, the obama administration and the incoming obama administration went to great pains to prevent what they called -- they wanted to make sure that anything that happened there would not create conflicts or the appearance of conflicts for secretary clinton as secretary of state. at a minimum, doesn't sheryl mills traveling to new york to do interviews for the clinton foundation create an appearance of conflict? >> well, we don't actually know what she was doing. we have to use this report. but here's the -- i don't really see what's wrong with the clinton campaign's answer, that sheryl mills is a thoughtful person, smart on policy, and if a charitable foundation wanted her view on potential leadership, i don't see that's a problem. there's really -- the issue with the clinton foundation, let's
8:41 am
not forget what they do. they work on global poverty. they're solving the aids crisis. they're, you know, we're not talking about commercial activity. we're talking about issues that the country has a stake in. that the state department has a stake in. that many, many foundations work with the clinton foundation to accomplish. >> but if the issue is concern over blurred lines, aren't these blurred lines? >> she volen teerned her time to this charitable cause, i think a perfectly legitimate thing to do. >> mary katharine, that's what the clinton campaign is saying, she can volunteer her time this is how she's volunteering her time. >> yeah, and there are plenty of other ngos and charitable organizations she can donate her time to, not the one with the name of the secretary of state on it. here's the thing, i think for many voters, this is why she has a trust problem, this feels like sort of corruption and this sort of coziness is so routine for them that they don't even think about obscuring it.
8:42 am
the obama administration says we want these rules. clintons are like, eh. that's part of what trump voters are respond to when he says this is just business as usual and she's business as usual. they didn't even do the bare minimum to prevent what looks like a conflict of interest and possible corruption even if you take out the idea there might have been possible corruption which of course there possibly was. >> that's not true, there was a system set up at the state department through the general counsel's office where there were specific issues of common interests. so, you know, i don't think you can take one visit from sheryl to talk about leadership at the foundation -- >> but that's not at all, it's a routine -- >> no, you know, the justice department looked at this and found nothing worth investigating. >> but the fbi did and the doj said eh, it's interesting, isn't it? >> what they found is there was a lack of any real evidence that showed anything wrong and they did follow the rules that they set up, that they agreed to with
8:43 am
the white house. and going forward, again this notion of corruption, let's remember what this organization does, it solves poverty. it assists after hurricanes. it goes, you know, and the aids crisis. >> it also takes donations from foreign countries that it doesn't disclose on tax forms and the clintons are smart enough that they could have done that perfectly well and they don't do it -- >> hold on, guys -- >> -- every donor is disclosed -- >> i want to move on to a different subject but it's cleerclear this discussion will go on and it is something the clinton campaign is going to have to deal with going forward. the other question is, though, do voters care. and we have some new information about where voters stand right now. it's pretty eye-popping right now. nbc news "wall street journal" meris just came up with key polls and north carolina has people bugging out right now on twitter, i have to say.
8:44 am
hillary clinton, 48%. donald trump, 39%. joseph borelli, north carolina is one that was lost in 2012. a zero percent chance that democrat democrat can win the white house without north carolina. to be trailing nine points is cause for serious concern. >> the polls should be concerning for the trump campaign and they have to do a better job in north carolina. a number of states. i want to there's one point hilary said, what is the foundation doing? the foundation is also benefiting its donor members. that's something that i think a lot people do have a problem with. if you want to know what's going to turn this race around, at least partially, it's this unending e-mail scandal. when you talk about the fbi investigation, well, the same person who nixed the fbi investigation met secretly with bill clinton on a private plane. if you take hillary clinton out of the equation -- >> you're tying up four different -- >> i know i am, but taken as a whole, all these scandals
8:45 am
surrounding hillary clinton, if you had to ask someone who would do this stuff it paints picture of a bond villain as much as it does a candidate for the president of the united states. if you need something i think what's going to turn around a lot of the poll numbers is this unending scandal after scandal after scandal that hillary can't seem to escape. >> i think -- we're going to have to wrap this up, but i think we both agree, the big question, it's unclear, this might fit into just like people say with the insults and scandals donald trump finds himself in, it might just be it's baked in because both of these candidates are disliked, both these candidates are not trusted. does this move a vote? unfortunately, we're going to have to wait and see. we can see where some voters stand in north carolina which i would like to talk more about but we have no time to do. >> guys, thanks so much. police are on the hunt for a man who kidnapped young women, tortured them and turned them into sex slaves. comeing up, the host of cnn's original series "the hunt," john
8:46 am
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cnn's original series, the
8:50 am
hunt is back, and john walsh is hoping the new episode will help police catch a fugitive that he calls a five star sociopath. >> they say alfonso dias suarez captured women and beat them and tortured them and turned them into sex slaves. in this episode a victim reveals the horror. >> poncho was one of the most violent pimps i've come across in the 11 years i was working in trafficking. he did a lot of brutal things bordering into torture to make the girls do what he wanted.
8:51 am
>> one victim said that he was just beating her. she'd fall on the ground. she got hit by the butt of the gun on her head. she passed out. when she woke up he was still beating her. she said he didn't care if i was dead or not, he just kept at it. >> these girls are terrified of what can happen, not only to them but more importantly what can happen to their family members. >> john walsh joins us now. john, you call this guy a five star sociopath. >> i hate the guys who exploit women and children, and this guy does both. and he is a five star sociopath. he goes into mexico. he's a mexican national. kidnaps young girls or talks girls into coming across the bored with him.
8:52 am
he's a coyote, a coyote who's a professional smuggler. he raped this girl in the u.s. and forced her to work in a canteen canteena in houston. america is the largest offender. houston is a big thoroughfare for sex trafficking and they have these canteena. so he forces this girl to work as a prostitute. she's pregnant by his rape. she has a baby. tries to give it away to somebody to make the baby safe. he kidnaps the baby to force her to come back as a prostitute. this is a 15-year-old girl he locks in a room to service 30 girls. he gets three years. so he gets on our radar in 2014. he's working with a woman madam in houston kidnapping more girls. they arrest 13 of the people
8:53 am
working at that cantina who made $9 million in six years. guess who got away? this guy. sunday night i'm hoping he's toe toast. you could not have to leave your name. you're never going to talk to a cop. if you're an illegal in texas and you know where this guy is, make that call and we'll take this creep off the streets. >> one guy they actually caught, he was highlighted in your first episode this season. >> christopher pots, looking for him for four years. police say when he was severely intoxicated, here's a guy with ten traffic violations, duis, reckless violation. parents let him use a car and he kills a wonderful young man named william angel and cripples an afghan soldier vet and he cuts his ankle bracelet off. they don't put him in jail, they let him go home with an ankle bracelet. he cuts off the ankle bracelet
8:54 am
and he's been at large for three years. because of the u.s. marshals, their great work, this family who never gave up, their parents have a murdered son just like i am and interpol who puts my cases on their red list, the spanish police caught him in a bus stop this week. great capture. he needs to get his butt back here. >> great capture. >> you can catch "the hunt" this sunday night 9:00. donald trump said it multiple times to multiple people. now donald trump said he was being sarcastic when he repeatedly claimed president obama founded isis. coming up, team trump tries to clear the air. introducing new olay eyes.
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finally this hour, helping the homeless. many organizations provide food, shelter, even medical supplies, but what about their clothes? this week's cnn hero couldn't find any group helping with that so he and a friend turned a van into australia's first mobile laundromat to help. >> most people take for granted putting a fresh clean set of clothes on. for someone who is sleeping around and who really doesn't have access to washing and drying their clothes, something that's continually overlooked. >> oren travels every day to nine cities in australia. next stop, united states. you can watch the story at while you're there nominate someone who should be a 2016 cnn hero. thank you so much for joining us at this hour. big news just in we were just talking about. we didn't talk about much. big marist poll putting hillary
9:00 am
clinton over donald trump. >> if you can put together a map with donald trump winning the presidency without north carolina, call us. >> legal view with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we're going o begin with breaking news in the presidential campaign. hillary clinton has just released her 2015 tax returns as promised after repeatedly challenging her opponent, donald trump, to do the very same thing. still waiting on that. joining me now from washington, our chief political corresponde correspondent, dana bash. here in new york, our business correspondent alison kosik who knows her way around a tax form. what are the highlights from a big release, alison? >> right now i'm going through the release but the e


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