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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  August 14, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. we're following breaking news in milwaukee. police pleading for calm after an angry crowd turned violence. >> police didn't say why the suspect was first confronted, but said he had a, quote, lengthy arrest record and was carrying ining stolen gun. in the hours that followed, at least four businesses and a car were all set on fire. >> a police officer was send to a hospital after being hit in
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the heed with a brick. at a news conference, the mayor pleaded with parents to keep their kids at home. >> if you're a mother who is watching this right now and your young son or daughter is not home and you think they're in this area, get them home right now. get them home right now. if you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears and get them home. >> what have we learned, ryan? >> reporter: right now we're outside the police department. we've seen light police activity all night long, police officers and firefighters were working over time as they were trying to deal with all the fires around the city. we've been told police spotted a suspicious vehicle. they tried to pull it over. once the car was stopped, one male ran east, one male ran
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west. one of the men had a handgun and that he shot toward that individual. that's a 23-year-old man who was shot once in the chest and once in the arm. we're told that individual died. we're told the police officer had a body camera. that has not been released. as the neighbors started to hear about the shooting, they became very upset. they set fires to several locations. they did attack that one car. they also threw a brick through a window that injured an officer. for several hours there were people around this milwaukee area that were setting fires to businesses as late as last night around 1:30 last night. they were still trying to make sure to put out some of these flames. we talked to the victim's family, who was very upset about
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what happened after the shooting. >> right now you got a city riot going on because once again the police have failed to protect us. they failed to be here for the people like they sworn in to do. and us as a community, we're not going to protect ourselves. but if we don't have anyone to protect us, then this is what you get. >> reporter: obviously we've heard some of this sort of talk before in other cities. one of the things we want to stress here is they do say the officer had a body camera and it was functioning during the shooting, the officer reporting the man running away had a handgun in his hand when he told the suspect to drop the gun. there were people in the community who came out who were very upset and they were dealing with this other night. you heard the mayor's impags
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impassioned plea to get young people off the streets. everything has returned to normal so far. but obviously serve will beever assessing the damage this morning. >> let's get to cnn law enforcement specialist cedric alexander. the fact that this officer was wearing a body camera and that it was on, in light of the protests overnight and in the sake of transparency do you think that footage will be released at some point? >> certainly i'm sure it will be released at some point. that piece of technology will certainly reveal whatever it captured during the beginning, middle or end of that particular confrontation. but that will become a very very
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important piece in this ongoing investigation. >> what about the fact that police are not revealing what officially started this whole thing, why they stopped the suspect, why the suspect may have been running from them? when might that come out. >> at this point, this is still very early in the investigation. i think it would be only fair to themselves and to the community to gather as much information as they can that's credible up to this point in order to share it with the community. and that takes a little bit of time to do. but what's going to be very important here is that they gather information, share wit that local community and the rest of the community as well too so that everyone gets a better sense of what occurred. so the more information that's revealed, when it's appropriate, is going to be very important, i thi think, as we move forward.
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>> the milwaukee journal sentinel call this neighborhood a powder keg. how do you proceed knowing that you have a neighborhood that is so capable of what we saw overnight with the fires and attacks against police? >> there are a number of challenging neighborhoods across this country and milwaukee has its and most other city dies do. i think it's important that the leadership of that city with the mayor and the chief is going to be an important piece in terms of sharing information, getting information out to the rest of the community. oftentimes people who live in those communities, they're there not necessarily because they want to be, but because they
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have to be. and they do want to be protected by their police, they want to be supported by their police and they realize there's a bad element in their communities. as other agencies across this country reach out to the mayor, begin to have a conversation. hopefully they've already invested in each other long before this event took place. >> the pictures coming in as people can see here are really disturbing. for all of those folks there, i'm sure for the whole community as well. cedric, do stick around with us. we have another story we'd love to get your thoughts on as well. >> in a new york city community, a local imam and his sister were
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killed in saturday in broad daylight. >> they were just walking, wearing religious attire. >> reporter: new york city police confirming that a queens imam and his neighbor were both gunned down leaving a mosque on saturday afternoon. a man approached them from behind, shooting both in the head. investigators at the scene still trying to figure out what happened, say they are looking at surveillance video that shows a man with a gun running from the scene. no arrests have been made. witnesses are being interviewed. there's nothing that prelimin y preliminarily indicates the two men were targeted. as this investigation begins, you can see that the local community has gathered. news of the shooting garnered a
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significant reaction from the community here. obviously it's a very scary thing to think that a local religious leader could be gunned down in the street in broad daylight and there are many concerns of those in this community who have gathered, calling for justice. some people told me the local imam was beloved here. he was a very nice guy, very well known in the community, had kids, frequented the local stores. obviously that showing of support here in queens as the investigation continues to try and figure out what happened. >> cedric alexander back with us by phone. police are saying at this point that it doesn't look to be a hate crime. this early in the game and because there is no suspect and because there is no motive, is it hasty to make an assessment
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or do you think they know more than they're releasing at this point? >> nypd is a very though rrough experienced police department department. but i think throughout the course of the day and in the next number of hours they'll be able to gather a lot more information that they'll be able to share. one thing about superintendent, he's very forthright and community focused. i'm certain without a doubt they're going to reveal as much information as they can to the public based on what they know without jeopardizing that case and that ongoing investigation. i'm quite sure for many imams in that community and muslim leaders across the country, this is going to come as certainly
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disturbing to them this morning and create some pause, i'm quite sure. but i'm more than confident that nypd will get to the bottom of this investigation before very long. >> the police have said that the two didn't seem targeted, no money was reportedly taken from either. help us understand where the investigation goes from here. >> what they would do -- and i'm quite sure they've already done it -- they're going to gather any witness statements. a lot of people probably out and about at that time of morning at the break of day. it's also a community which probably you're going to find a number of business cameras throughout that community. they'll bring all that evidence together along with any other
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intel they may be operating from that we may not be privy to. donald trump unleashing a new attack on the media in the wake of another report that his campaign is in a dire position. why trump says he's not running against hillary clinton anymore. plus, look at this. turn and look at the screen. this is a dramatic rescue out of louisiana. you see this car here sinking amid the deadly flooding that's wreaking havoc on this part of the state. he just pulled her through the roof of that car. we've got more of this coming up.
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. as many reports emerge that his campaign is floundering behind the scenes, donald trump is digging in and continuing his attack on the media. watch. >> these people are so dishonest, the media. and it's a constant hit on trump. people are saying what is it? no matter what you do, no matter how good it is, they make it a hit. >> trump's top staffers are
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trying to get the candidate back on message, with plans to detail the trump strategy to take on isis. >> reporter: donald trump on saturday stumping where few republican nominees have ever gone, right here in the state of connecticut, a deep blue state of course. of course this all comes as donald trump is lagging in a series of recent polls in key battleground states. trump was right here in connecticut and he wasn't exactly focusing on his campaign message. much of his time he spent focused on railing against the media. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton, i'm running against the crooked media. but these are the most dishonest people. the good news is i love -- you know, i put down failing at "new york times." the newspaper is going to hell.
3:18 am
crooked cnn. cnn is so disgusting. cnn. look, their camera just shut off. their camera just went off. that's funny. i got to know all the cameras, all those red lights on. >> reporter: donald trump also suggested that he might even revoke the credentials of the "new york times" which on saturday reported that his campaign is struggling to get donald trump back on track. all of this came on saturday, just after governor mike pence of indiana, donald trump's republican running mate, of course, said that he was planning on releasing his tax returns before election day. donald trump, of course, has said that he will not release his tax returns as long as he is under audit. his tax returns are under audit since 2009, making it highly unlikely that he'll release those before election day. >> let's talk about this, the latest on both sides of the presidential race. we have with us a. scott boldin,
3:19 am
a hillary clinton sporter and the dha and scottie nell hughes. for the man who is lauded as understanding the media better than any other kacandidate whats the strategy for trump and his campaign here? >> the media feels like they're job right now is to check politicians. and it is. but you also understand, the people right now feel like it's their job to fact check the media. and if you are a trump supporter, you feel like it's not necessarily that you're not fact checking our candidate, it's just that you're not spending the same time fact checking the other candidate. whether it's true or false, the
3:20 am
actual feelings are something that need to be recognized. if you're a media outlet right now and you want to have a large piece of the republican party, this is probably something you should not be ignoring. whether you agree with it or not, you should recognize that there's some reason why these folks like the media have turned and are unfairly covering mr. trump. >> what you said there is not new. guys, let's ready the sound bite about the "new york times." what donald trump said yesterday in connecticut is in some respect -- let's play what he said about the times. >> the newspaper is going to hell. they've got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad, i mean, lack of talent. but it's going to hell. so i think maybe what we'll do,
3:21 am
maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. maybe we'll do that. >> so that in large part is revoking the credentials of those outlets with which you disagree that have been critical. that's not an empty threat because the campaign has company it before. he called reporters the lowest form of life. he said he'd like to open up liable laws to be able to sue the media. if your job is to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and a free press is guaranteed in the constitution. >> that depends. he's just modeling off the obama administration. >> what is is happening here? >> they pulled the daily callers a couple of years ago when one of the daily callers questioned barack obama. certain outlets were never given
3:22 am
white house press credentials. it's extremely hard for those conservative news outlets. it's not like someone can walk up with a press badge and walk into a press conference with the president and ask questions. this is nothing new. you' you either report fairly or you get the consequence. >> donald trump's criticisms are often of a editorials which are opinion pieces. hillary clinton has obviously a problem from the perspective of many in the media as well. she's not held a news conference in 2016. and we're now getting to mid august. >> she just had a press conference, essentially the press conference with the nabj.
3:23 am
>> that was a convention and there were tickets sold to attend the convention. >> that's up to her and her campaign. she clearly has given access to the media. let me talk about the hypocrisy of donald trump. this is the individual who wants to be president of the united states. we're not talking about gran any credenti -- granting credentials. he's taking credentials away from the media. here's the other thing and the most important thing, all the press is doing, cnn and "new york times," he puts his words into play. it's his words. even in privacy, his advisors are leaking what's going on inside the campaign. is the press not to report that? are we going to have a police state where if you don't write good things about donald trump
3:24 am
or agree with him or his spo supporters, your credentials get pulled and he says more negative things about you. he's 10 to 15 points down. >> let me bring it back to the question i asked you. why is hillary clinton refusing to -- or reluctant, it appears, to hold a news conference in all of this year? >> listen, that's her press strategy. she has not been inaccessible to the press. you can disagree with whether she should have daily press conferences. >> the question is why. >> i can't speak for the campaign. she's not only not attacked the press, but she's been accessible to the press through one on one interviews. she did the nabj interview. and she will continue to be accessible to the press. we're in a general election.
3:25 am
we have debates coming up of course if donald trump agrees to the debates. but her relationship with the press is far more direct and sensitive in respect to the first amendment than donald trump is. >> hold on. we've got to take a quick break. both of you are coming back after the break. scott, you said there that hillary clinton will likely have one. her campaign and supporters have been saying that for most of this year. we're going to talk about donald trump and clinton. stick around. plus, we want to get you to the latest in louisiana. i mean, this video is unbelievable. the deadly floods here stranded residents. a woman going down in her convertible. this man jumps in, rips open the
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welcome back. we continue our conversation. scott, with the cnn reporting this week of several fbi field offices suggesting to the doj that there should be an investigation into the relationship between the clinton foundation -- or there should have been and the secretary of
3:30 am
state, hillary clinton, during her time in office. and the decision not to investigate, though. as we're getting this from pennsylvania governor about the future of the clinton foundation. he essentially says it will have to shut down if she's elected. i definitely think if she wins the presidency, they have to disband it. i know it will be hard for president clinton because he cares very deeply about what the foundation has done. it will be impossible to keep the foundation open without at least the appearance of a problem. what's your view on that suggestion? >> a couple things. one, as a former prosecutor, fbi and the doj can converse on several issues on a daily basis. and i don't think the report was that the fbi was recommending than investigation, that they were discussing a possible investigation. and this is pretty direct and
3:31 am
pretty consistent with what they do on a regular basis. they look at all kinds of issues. secondly with regard to the former governor, i wouldn't go so far. as you know, most presidents who go into office either put those interests into a behind trust or here there may have to be greater separation if she wins and there are legal mechanisms for doing so. that being said, the clinton foundation does incredible work on poverty and world wide issues and is an asset to the u.s. government as they use nonprofits and other nonprofits around the country to assist in addressing these world issues. no, i don't think you have to shut it down. they may shut it down, but not necessarily. it's a valuable asset to the united states. >> asset to the u.s. government. you heard it right there. of course they're going to have to shut down, the campaign is over. they're all going to be a part of the administration.
3:32 am
if it's a nonprofit we don't necessarily need ties to the u.s. government in order to help people world wide. there's lots of nonprofits that have no grants that actually do private fund-raising from the people to do their good works around the world. i agree with ed rendell. i think he would have to shut it down. i think all of the staff will be gone because the campaign will be over. it has been kind of the campaign for hillary clinton for the last eight years. >> let me read for you what the "new york times" is reporting this morning about troubles within the trump campaign. i'm sure you've read it. and for people at home who have not read it, i'm going to read a short passage. people around mr. trump and his operation say they're not ready to abandon hope of a turn-around. but he's in a dire predicament. republicans say because he's uncomfortable in the role of a candidate, disoriented by the
3:33 am
cross currents. while in front of the curtain we're hearing raeince priebus nw introducing donald trump at events. we saw that in pennsylvania. donald trump says everything is fine, but there is a continuing drum beat from sources behind the curtain saying that this campaign is in trouble. >> well, like oz, these sources from behind the curtain need to come forward. yesterday was a great day for the campaign. down in florida they had a meeting for the top heads of the rnc. they decided they're going to open 25 field offices. you can't get to the white house if you're donald trump without going through the sunshine state. the secretary of state is already reporting the republicans have registered more to vote than the democrats.
3:34 am
florida right now, they had a great meeting yesterday and everything is moving forward. the polls are virtually tied there. >> i don't know if the polls are virtually tied there. the latest polls show that hillary clinton is ahead across the board. >> i'm talking about florida. you've got hillary clinton herself spending $20 million in florida. >> you're talking about the money that hillary clinton is spending on ads. donald trump isn't spending money on ads. not a dime thus far. it made sense during the primary, right. he was consistently at the top of the polls, he was winning state after state. but he's behind in every national poll and the battleground states. why is this campaign holding back from national advertising or targeted state by state advertising? >> well because -- and that's
3:35 am
what speaks volumes. the hillary clinton is scared when donald trump does start buying ads. we have a grassroots movements that are very alive on social media and we have enthusiasm. those are two characteristics that are nonexistent within in hillary clinton camp. once trump makes that decision, i guarantee you'll see some changing in the polls. >> it's a pretty flawed movement. he's in connecticut when he's behind in florida and every other swing state. it's great that they're opening offices but we're 85 days out. hillary clinton has been there. the reason she's on the ground game and winning is because she's been there basically. >> thank you both. donald trump's campaign chairman paul manafort will be answering similar questions, joining jake tapper on 'state of the union" later this morning on
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thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us. calm now has been restored, but it comes after violent protests in milwaukee after a deadly police shooting. several buildings, police cars set affair. the violence erupted after an officer killed a man. police say that he had a handgun and fled after a traffic stop. >> this stop took place because two officers who were there to make sure that there is order in this neighborhood and they felt there was suspicious activity going on. as it turned out the gun was a stolen gun. the officer didn't know it at the time but there were 23 rounds in that gun. 23 rounds in the gun that that officer was staring at. and i want to make sure that we
3:41 am
don't lose any police officers in this community either. that's something that has to be a concern as we stand here tonight. >> well, the reason for the traffic stop, that's not yet been released by officers, but we are told the officer was wearing a body camera. >> in queens, new york, police are stepping up patrols at mosques follow thing execution style shooting of an imam and his assistant. this happened yesterday in broad daylight. investigators say both men were shot in the head at point-blank range as they were walking down the street. the suspect is still at large and the motive is unknown. turning to politics, once again trump used his campaign rally to go after the media. he attacked cnn and the "new york times" claiming he's no longer running against, as he calls her, crooked hillary. instead he's running against the crooked media. >> brian stelter joining us now. is he giving specifics, brian,
3:42 am
about what his beef is with the media? >> you know, generally speaking, he talks about bias in the coverage, that there's too much coverage of his campaign and too much negative coverage of his campaign and not enough of hillary clinton's campaign. that's what i've heard from his aides as well, especially in recent days as trump has amped up this attack. we know he's been running this sort of anti-media campaign ever since he entered the race. but it does seem to be taking on a whole new level. he was lashing out at the "new york times." the story goes into detail about the erratic campaign. he fired back on twitter calling the newspaper fiction and saying it had non-existent anonymous sources. the media is not on the ballot in november, but trump might wish that it was.
3:43 am
he is only running against hillary clinton. when he's talking about us, he's not talking about her. >> that is true. let me ask you broadly here, what is the larger strategy? we talk often about how donald trump is lauded has someone who understands the media better than any other candidate. do we know why he's going to aggressively against the media. >> i think there's something else going on as well. when you're at trump's rallies, the reporters in the press pen say the crowd goes wild when he attacks the press. when he criticized the press, you hear the crowd booing in agreement. there were chants of "lock them up," meaning lock the reporters u
3:44 am
up. certainly we know from polls that journalists are not trusted very well. we're almost as low as congress in some of the approval polls. however there's not that kind of venom and animosity toward journalists more broadly that you might see at trump's rallies. he might be mistaking the reaction he gets from his crowds with the broader public. coming up, michael phelps ends his olympic career with another gold medal. but he was not the only american making waves in the pool. that's coming up. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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you've got to feel for the people and what they're dealing with in louisiana. rescue crews are rushing to save them from rising flood waters. take a look at your screen here. this is remarkable. this car sinking in baton rouge. you saw her arms come up for just a second. he broke through the roof and pulls her out of that car with seconds to spare. look at this, even get to her dog. see that little white floating -- that is her dog. the coast guard is using helicopters as well to save dozens of people. that's amazing to see and good to see the way that people are coming together to help each other. just a few of more than a thousand rescues across louisiana so far, a thousand. this of course obviously one of the shots from the helicopter.
3:49 am
boris sanchez is joining us. we hear the governor is planning to tour some of the hardest hit areas today. what are you seeing, boris? >> reporter: that number is staggering, more than a thousand r rescues. when you think about it, it's really incredible that officials have been able to get to so many people. so many roads are closed and so many towns are cut off. more than 100 roads and highways across the state are shut down. it's really easy to get yourself caught in a precarious situation. we were driving, heading to baton rouge. as soon as we were driving in the darkness, we were almost submerged in the water. we had to start backing out. this highway is essentially cut off. we saw several people in larger cars make it through, but eventually they had to head back, because on the other side
3:50 am
of this bridge there were more road close yours. there's a lot of people stopped behind us right now, unable to head west, where the storm is moving, baton rouge. hopefully as the sun rises, we'll get a clearer picture of just how extensive the damage was and what needs to be done to move forward. >> if people are really c cognizant of what's going on, that just makes that 1,000 figure that much more impact full. stay safe there, you and the crew. michael phelps ends his olympic career in a most fitting way by racing to another gold medal. we'll take a look at his golden good-bye. stop... clicking around and start saving at book direct... and get the lowest price online
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michael phelps says he means it this time that his olympic career is over. >> endorsements aren't, i'm sure. after this olympics. >> it was a little bittersweet watching last night. a little sad because we may never see an athlete as amazing as fell phelps ever again. picking up his 23rd gold medal last night. at 31 years old, phelps defied the odds at these olympics, dominating what is is a young
3:55 am
person's sport. the most decorated olympian of all time. it was pretty clear this was his last lap in the olympic pool. >> i'm just ready for something different. my swimming career might be over, but i have the future ahead of me to kind of turn the page and start whatever i want. it's not tend of he end of a ca. it's the beginning of a new journey. >> team usa reaches 1,000 gold medals in summer games. the women's relay team beat australia to the wall by almost two seconds. team usa got 24 golds. in second place is china. simone biles expecting to add to the american gold rush later today. she's looking for her third gold medal of the games as she's going to take part in the individual events which begin
3:56 am
today. biles a favorite to win today's vault final. she did not qualify for the uneven bars. madison kocian had the best qualifying score, making her the fam favorite to win that. looks like the olympic officials have given up on trying to clean the green water. they're actually going to drain the more than one million gallons out of the pool. the diving pool is being treated with chemicals. the divers actually say that the green water helps them. they say it gives them a little contrast when they're flipping through the air. they can tell where the pool is compared to the blood sky. >> if that's the biggest problem they have in rio after everything that was anticipated, have at it. in milwaukee, as we said this morning, on edge following a deadly police shooting,
3:57 am
multiple buildings and police cars set on fire. the violence erupted after police killed a man armed with a handgun. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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4:01 am
what happened. he said that there was a traffic stop and they got out of the car, these two male individuals. they started running. a 23-year-old was shot. the mayor says later it was found that that gentleman was indeed armed. he died at the scene. >> now, in the hours that followed the shooting, tempered flared. at least four businesses, a car set on fire. a police officer was sent to the hospital after being hit in the head with a brick. >> cnn correspondent ryan young live outside the milwaukee police department for us. what are you hearing? >> reporter: look, the first thing that we should stress here is according to police this man was armed when he was running away from officers. an officer tried to pull over a car they deemed suspicious. so men went running in different directions. the officer followed behind one
4:02 am
man who apparently was carrying a gun. he told that man to drop the weapon. when he didn't, he fired two shoots, hitting him in the chest and the arm. the officer was wearing a body hopefully we'll get to see that foota footage. soon after on twitter and facebook people started twee ee out what happened. residents here were talking about this all night long. they were upset to see these images. people were very upset, trying to figure out exactly why the movement was happening. we heard from community members they were tired of police action in the neighborhood. we heard police officers say they were trying to quell the violence in that neighborhood. you can hear the frustration in residents' voices.
4:03 am
>> i never thought i would see my own city in a state of unrest to potential riot. i just never thought i would see it. we're standing here and speaking with you, just heard gunshots maybe two to three blocks away. i feel like the bulk of the large incidents are over for the evening, but i definitely do not feel that this is over. >> reporter: now, the fire turned through the night. you also talked about that officer that was injured when someone threw a brick through that glass. there was also an alderman who talked about some of the simmering tensions going on here in milwaukee. >> something has to be done here in milwaukee, wisconsin, to address these issues. the black people of milwaukee are tired. they're tired of living under this oppression. this is their existence. this is their life. this is the life of their children. now, what has happened tonight may have not been right.
4:04 am
i'm not justifying that but no one can deny the fact that there's problems, racial problems here in milwaukee, wisconsin, that have to be closely not examined but rectified. >> reporter: you can see the combination, how the story lines blur. you have people who obviously want police help in those neighborhoods where there's been violence. and you have an officer who says he was chasing someone who had a gun and says he ordered that man to drop the gun. when he didn't, he opened fire. and then you have the tension in the community where they believe something happened there that wasn't right and they reacted with violence last night. firefighters and police officers who worked extra shifts overnight are finally starting to come into their stations now. >> the destruction is something to see. thank you so much. we appreciate it.
4:05 am
let's talk to cnn law enforcement analyst set drug alexander. let's talk first of all about the body camera. this has been the focus for a lot of police departments to have them. we know in this case he did have one. in the effort of transspare sp would assume they'll make this public at some point. how long do you think that might take? >> hopefully, soon. a lot is going to be incumbent on the initial investigation. that's going to become a real critical piece in this investigation from the beginning, the middle and the end to determine what that body camera was able to capture during this incident. >> as we heard from the frustrations of that community, not just the people who live there and are frustrated from the violence, but from the pastor who was saying we have some real racial problems here. even if they hear that this
4:06 am
man -- or even if the body camera shows that a gun was drawn and he was shot and it was justified, how do you bring these people together? >> clearly if we just go based on the information we know now, where you have a subject with a gun, he was ordered to shtop, h was shot and killed by police. but yet the community continues to protest and do what we saw last night, that's an indication to me there were certainly some issues between police and government that are not squared away very well. >> we talk about communities needing to be better acquainted with their police departments. the mayor said i know this area really well. there are a lot of really good people in this area who can't stand the violence. how do you do that? look at what happened last night, four buildings on fire, a
4:07 am
car on fire and a police officer in the hospital. >> my guess is that community, like many communities across this country that are challenged, they're going to be challenged by poor economics, they're going to be challenged with bad education, they're going to be challenged with lack of jobs. all of this plays into that part. when you have an altercation with the police and no matter who's right or wrong in this particular incident, the police end up merely becoming the target by merely responding to a social problem which they did not create. so i applaud the mayor for getting out to talk to the media right away. that's important. but what's going to be really important going forward is to share as much information as they can with that community to keep them abreast of what's going on. >> what happens from this point on, particularly with that police officer who fired the shot that killed the suspect?
4:08 am
>> typically what happens, they're placed on administrative leave pending investigation. and they will have an internal investigation which would be administrative in nature that will look to make sure that their procedures and policies were followed. and that will be followed then by a criminal investigation, which they work parallel to each other but separate from each other. so we're going to see over the next number of hours in the next number of days what information they feel comfortable to release to the public. but i think it's going to be important to get out as much of that video -- as long as it does not jeopardize the integrity of that investigation, it will be important to get out as much as they can. >> what would jeopardize it? what wou >> i don't know. here again, it all depends. each and every shooting is very different. and the witness statements, the
4:09 am
time it occurred, the incident, how it occurred, how it's being reported, it's just a variety of information that has to go into making a decision as to when it's appropriate. and that is something that the police don't make by themselves. that's something they oftentimes do with the help of their local district attorney. because if a case that requires prosecution or if it's a case that supports the police officer's account of what happened, we want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly in this case. so that information, that video, i'm quite sure will probably come out shortly. but that is for that community to determine. and in the meantime, the leadership in that community, the mayor and the police chief have to communicate as much information and stay as connected to that community as much as possible. >> we see the aftermath here of that burned out gas station there. >> absolutely.
4:10 am
>> thank you. let's take you to queens, new york. police there are stepping up patrols at mosques after the execution-style slay iings of i imam and his assistant. they were shot at point-blank range while walking down the street. police have released this major of the suspect. the georgia bureau of investigation says officer tim smith was killed last night in the city of eastman, 130 miles southeast of atlanta. he was responding to a call about a suspicious person. investigators say the officer got out of his car to approach the person when he was fatally shot. take a look at your screen right now. this is a dramatic rescue out of louisiana. that's a car submerged in that
4:11 am
water. this gentleman was able to pull her up and out of that water through the sunroof. there is a fight, many like these, to save others stranded in the water there. also, donald trump says he's got bigger fish to fry than hillary clinton. watch. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm running against. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy
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and i make dog chow in denver, (vcolorado.e's nick one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector. i trust dog chow to keep khloe healthy because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. the standards that we follow are top notch. i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day. as donald trump campaigns in the deep blue state of connecticut, it seems the media is in his target zone, firing back at the newest reports that paint a dark picture of his campaign. >> these people are so dishonest, the media. and it's a constant hit on trump. people are saying what is it, no
4:15 am
matter what you do, no matter how good it is, they make it a hit. >> trump's top staffers are trying to get their candidate back on message, we're told, with plans to unveil the strategy to take on isis. >> reporter: donald trump on saturday stumping where few republican nominees have ever gone, right here in connecticut, a deep blue state, of course. this all comes as donald trump is lagging in a series of recent polls in key battleground states. instead of spending his time in those states, on saturday donald trump was right here in connecticut. he wasn't exactly focusing on his campaign message. much of his time he spent focused railing against the media. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the courtroom crooked media. these are the most dishonest
4:16 am
people. you know, i put down failing at "new york times." the newspaper's going to hell. crooked cnn. cnn is so disgusting. cnn. oh, look, their camera just shut off. their camera just went off. that's funny. i got to know all the cameras, all those red lights on. >> reporter: donald trump also suggested that he might even revoke the credentials of the "new york times" which on saturday reported that his campaign is struggling to get donald trump back on track. all of this came on saturday just after governor mike pence of indiana, donald trump's republican running mate, of course, said that he was planning on releasing his tax returns before election day. trump, of course, has said that he will not release his tax returns as long as he is under audit. his tax returns are under audit since 2009, making it highly unlikely that he'll release
4:17 am
those before election day. >> let's talk about the latest on both sides of the presidential race. scottie nell hughes is back with us. good morning angela and good morning again scottie. i want to get to donald trump and his speech on isis in a moment that's happening on monday. but i want to stay with this rally in connecticut first. donald trump has this new approach and we're seeing a pattern here talking about the sadness of losing again. let's watch that and then we'll talk. >> can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time and lost? i will never, ever forgive the people of connecticut. i will never forgive the people of florida and pennsylvania and
4:18 am
ohio. but i love them anyway. we'll see. i think we're going to do very well. >> we get that some of that is a joke. it's not that he'll never forgive the people there, but he is repeatedly now talking about losing. he talked about on cnbc he'll take a long vacation if he loses, he talked about the only way he could lose is if they, whoever they are, cheated in pennsylvania. why this repeated refrain? >> it's about conversation. donald trump is the guy you'd invite into your house and have him at your dinner table. that's like the general conversation. donald trump does not put this big barrier between he the politician and the people he's talking to. that's why you're seeing crowds like you saw in connecticut. people so excited to see him because he has a conversation with each one of them in the room.
4:19 am
i think they leave there feeling like they just interacted one on one with mr. trump. his conversations are very casual. they're not like your typical politician. he just talks to them like he would be talking to you and i. that's a good thing, it's new. it's refreshing in politics. >> i don't think that this is what people want, at least right now. the polling is demonstrating that's not what folks want. i think that donald trump is -- you said he may be joking. i don't know his intentions. as he said on his twitter this week, the media can't figure him out. rates challenged cnn can't figure him out. so here we are on cnn try to figure him out. i think the reason we can't figure him out is he can't figure himself out. he changes his tune not day by day but minute by minute. this man can be baited by the
4:20 am
tweet. it is what it is. >> let's talk about isis. donald trump will be speaking tomorrow, making an address on his approach to fighting isis. there have been in the past during this campaign, going back to october and coming to august now, there have been some inconsistencies in trump's approach, at least rhetorically toward isis. watch. >> everybody that's touched the middle east, they've gotten bogged down. we've spent now -- we've spent 2 trillion in iraq, probably a trillion in afghanistan. we're destroying our country. we really have no choice. we have to knock out isis. we have to knock the hell out of them. we have to get rid of it and then we have to come back here and rebuild our country which is falling apart. i would listen to the generals but i'm hearing numbers of 20 to 30,000. >> many things i'd like you to touch on.
4:21 am
in discussion of staying out of the fight in the middle east against isis and taking 20 to 30,000 in. he said he'd listen to the generals but he also said quite famously that he knows more than the generals in his approach to isis. what are we going to see from trump as he introduces this plan tomorrow? >> that's the great thing about campaign season, is you get to learn about the candidate. when he started talking about isis last fall, we were coming out of san bernardino. tomorrow you're going to see further clarification of one of his policies, things that we've seen. originally back in the fall he laid out things for the economy, for isis, for trade. now you're seeing him go even more in depth, unlike hillary clinton who continues to have these generic i'm going to do this, i'm going to do this. >> policy priorities. >> angela, my turn. >> go for it. say something. >> i am talking.
4:22 am
and you have yet to actually see hillary go into specifics. we have yet to see her answer, do you agree with the withdrawal and how we've handled isis and terrorism world wide. would you change anything about what you did in benghazi or who actually handled the stand down or did not handle the stand down. there's a lot of questions right now that hillary clinton has yet to answer and has yet to clarify within her own policy points. if you've liked how isis and terrorism has been handled the last eight years, then hillary clinton is your candidate. if you want change and want to take care of them, donald trump's your choice. >> thank you so much. we're going to let you answer that and respond in just a moment. i'm anne howard and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life.
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4:26 am
welcome back. continuing our conversation with cnn political commentators. we left off discussing donald trump delivering an address on isis tomorrow. angela, let me come to you. i'll preface this question with this, that donald trump throughout the last several months at least of the general election, after, even before the conventions has consistently shown in polls to have a strength when it comes to handling terrorism and the economy. so what's your response to what we heard from scottie, that there are no policy proposal specifics coming from clinton and the nation trusts him. >> there are no specifics coming from hillary clinton, that's
4:27 am
laughable. what i will say because your initial question was about donald trump and how he plans to take on isis, one way we know is not effective is to say that the commander in chief currently in office and his former secretary of state are the founders of isis. >> he now says it's sarcastic. >> what does sarcasm really mean? when you go to the fact their the presidential candidate, you can no longer afford that level of sarcasm. it's actually dangerous. that's why you saw 50 national security professionals, a former trade representative, a former in congress say this man is actually very dangerous. i would love to see him pivot to an isis strategy that's rooted in fact, that's not based on making akizaticcusations that a true.
4:28 am
it's time for him to dial that back. >> in a country where the economy, jobs and national security are at the top of the list of concerns, does hillary clinton need to articulate a plan that is dramatically different than what we're hearing from the president or something that is obviously that can be identified differently than what we've seen over the last several years? >> i don't think it's smart f-- obama has demonstrated very clearly that he knows how to handle foreign affairs and national security issues. this is the president who took out binladin.
4:29 am
>> donald trump laid out originally that he would go in and cut off their funding. he would seize their oil, seize their bank accounts. he would also make sure he goes and gets all of the u.s. equipment that somehow magically that they're using. there is a lot of solutions that mr. trump has put out there specifically. he's going to continue to clarify it. surrogates from hillary clinton have yet to really name how she's going to handle isis today and secure the american people. hence why you see that the strength and the leadership -- you might not like his tone or the things that he says, but hillary clinton's actions have actually caused people to be hurt. >> i've got to wrap it there. thank you both. we're going to talk too
4:30 am
coming up about mike pence. he is taking a different stance from donald trump. also the great michael phelps cements his legacy as the greatest olympian in history. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. wouldn't be sunday morning without you. >> let's get to these two developing stories this morning. the city of milwaukee first, returning to calm after a standoff between officers and a crowd there turned violent.
4:34 am
protesters were furious after police shot and killed a suspect during a foot chase. an investigation is happening right now. police have let's go to new york. police released this sketch of a man they believe shot and killed an imam and his ssistant. donald trump's running mate mike pence says he will release his tax returns before election day, even though donald trump will not. governor pence confirmed the news yesterday during a radio interview and teased that there's not going to be much to see. tom, good to see you today. pence says he's going to release these tax returns prior to the i electi election, that they're going to be a quick read, as he said. the first thing i think came to a lot of minds was, did trump
4:35 am
green light this? >> i think we've got that audio from wabc. >> i believe we're completing those forms right now as is appropriate under federal law. we'll be filing that. but i promise you, when my forms are filed and my tax returns are released, it's going to be a quick read, rita. >> that was very interesting right there. obviously diverging from what trump has been saying on this. he left himself a little bit of an exit. but his spokesman told us that these will be coming out before the election. so this really puts trump in a bind. here you have three people out of the four who are running, clinton, tim kaine, pence and trump now releasing their tax returns. this leaves trump as the odd man out. and it keeps the focus on him.
4:36 am
this is not what you want to be doing on a unified ticket. >> did trump give him the green light or -- >> what we do know from advisors is pence does have a lot of free rein in this. this does seem like the type of thing where they probably wanted to talk it out beforehand what they were going to do with this. i haven't gotten any indication that this was green lighted. >> we've spoken to ted cruz, jeb bush, scott walker. he's had meetings with john mccain, maybe even kelly ayotte. the thing pence has it seems that trump does not is the rapport with people. >> what he has is a long, deep relationship with a lot of these folks, members of house, his
4:37 am
colleagues, other governors, folks who trump ran against. there have been a lot of hurt feelings, obviously. these are key meetings that are happening. at this point the argument he's been making is you have a binary choice, hillary clinton or not. and when you lay it out that way, they seem to have some success. now, whether that holds afterwards remains to be seen. the campaign has held out steve king of iowa as a success story here coming around on trump. again, we'll have to see on that. but this is really one of the reasons pence was brought onto this ticket. trump was very clear he wanted someone who could reach out to capitol hill, reach out to the establishment in washington. pence has taken on that role and has been begin a lot of free rein to do that. back to the tax returns, that puts them two steps backwards. that's the kind of thing that
4:38 am
harms the ticket. a real balancing act going on here. >> no doubt about it. rescues happening this morning louisiana. dangerous flood levels are rising there. look at this video. we've shown it several times this morning. this car is going down. it's a convertible. a man rips open the roof, pulls a woman out, risks his own live to save hers. all of this amid the threat of another downpour. ♪ how do robots work? ♪ you need a team... ...working together... ♪ ...doing all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works.
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4:42 am
welcome back. new reports that donald trump's campaign is in serious trouble. after promising to stay on message, once again trump went off script with a slew of controversial comments during a saturday campaign rally. watch. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm running against. oh, you better elect me folks. i'll never speak to you again. can you imagine -- can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time and lost? i will never, ever forgive the people of connecticut. i will never -- >> jake tapper is joining us now. jake, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so you've got the trump
4:43 am
campaign chief paul manafort coming up this morning. what's the view in and around the campaign? is this salvageable? >> i certainly think it is salvageable. although certainly the campaign has been traveling on the wrong trajectory in terms of poll numbers. you can really see the issue by playing those clips. those are clips of donald trump having a great time in front of a rally with tens of thousands of his supporters. and that is a wonderful moment for mr. trump and his supporters, i'm sure. the issue is how is he going to be able to expand his appeal beyond his supporters. and that i think has been the rub. that, i think, has been the issue. people around donald trump, people on the campaign trying to convince him that he needs to go beyond his supporters and say things to bring people in. and right now and for the last few weeks since his convention, he has been doing the opposite. he has been saying things that
4:44 am
cause independent and swing voters to have concerns about him. now, if you look at the polls, hillary clinton is below 50% in most of the national polls and all the state by state polls. the problem is that donald trump is about eight or nine points behind her. so this is not an indication of clinton's strength so much as it is donald trump's weakness. >> let's talk about mike pence and the reporting we just got and the conversation about releasing his tax returns. something that's not clear here and hopefully you can clear this up or give us your perspective. tim kaine and hillary clinton released returns on fridays. so the tax return news cycle began on friday. why would governor pence wait another week, another two weeks and bring it back into another news cycle instead of release it on the same day?
4:45 am
>> it's interesting. it does seem to suggest that governor pence and donald trump -- governor pence has some degree of free rein to doing what he wants. you're right it does put donald trump to a degree in a tough spot. as tom said, now you have three of the four releasing their tax returns. we'll see what paul manafort, the campaign chairman for mr. trump, has to say about that. i'll have him on "state of the union" in just a few minutes. >> "state of the union" starts at 9:00 a.m. paul manafort joins jake tapper on "state of the union". meanwhile frightening situations in louisiana. more than a thousand people being rescued as flood waters are rising there. the state's governor warns there
4:46 am
are more problems on the way. boris sanchez has a look at the damage. >> reporter: that's right. the rain just starting to come down once again. we're getting a clearer look at the damage here. we'll give you some impressive video of rescues as soon as we come back. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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4:50 am
people from rising floodwaters. take a look at this. that's a car that's submerging in the water. you see that hand there? that gentleman was able to open a sunroof and pull that woman out! you see the little white dot that popped up as well? that's her dog. this was in baton rouge. the governor plans to hold a press conference later this morning to tour some of the areas. this as at least 18 parishes are declaring states of emergency. boris sanchez joining us. i know it was just raining where you are. talk to us about the streets and whether they're passable, even, at this point and what's to come. >> reporter: many of them are simply impassable. more than 100 highways and streets are shut down.
4:51 am
this road behind me is somewhat passable. larger vehicles like suvs and semi trucks have gotten across this bridge. i am not sure if you can make it out. but a short while after they pass we've seen many of them come back. as you go further down the road on highway 22 here, a lot of the roads further west are worse, in worse shape and are impassable down there. we know that more than a thousand rescues have taken place across the state, many of them on highways like this one. we actually found ourselves in a precarious situation this morning as it was dark and we were driving through here. we had to stop because we hadn't seen the water on the street. and immediately we got in reverse. several dozen cars are behind us right now waiting to see if they can eventually pass. i have talked to a couple people who were traveling through the state and unfortunately haven't been able to figure out a way through because so many of the roads are shut down. this has implications for
4:52 am
rescues because the roads are inundated. we've seen a lot of rescues specifically in baton rouge. it's about an hour west of us as you mentioned. the storm that has been pounding this region from florida's panhandle to alabama, mississippi and the brunt in louisiana is continuing to move west. the areas 50 miles west of us are now getting a lot of rain, but some of the bands are still hitting us here. as far as what's to come, we were expecting rain up until at least tomorrow midday to the afternoon. but, in areas that are already flooded and in areas where the water is currently going, currently moving, there still may be more rescues ahead. and certainly an expanded recovery effort to try to pick up from the devastating flooding. >> boris, the pictures we are looking at right now, you just feel for these families. boris sanchez, thank you so
4:53 am
much. think about that for a minute. even boris said they thought they could get through and they had to turn around. that gives you an idea of why there have been 1,000 rescues. people aren't necessarily doing the wrong thing. it's just hard to approximate what they're getting themselves into. >> unfortunately some people end up in the predicament such as the woman in the convert able who was rescued. moving on. michael phelps ending his olympic career with gold. we're live from rio with that and more. big night and big day ahead, cristina. >> reporter: absolutely, victor. it's a golden sunrise in rio and a golden good-bye from michael phelps who says he is bowing out of swimming after gold medal number 23. is it for good? we'll have all the latest here in rio. marco...! sì? polo!
4:54 am
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our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. . michael phelps says his swimming career this time is over, and he means it. how did he end it? how wells but with another gold medal. christina macfarlane is watching all of the action and looking ahead to what's happening today from rio. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, victor. yes. michael phelps has been the face of swimming for some two decades now. he is already the most decorated olympian ever, and last night he added to his legend. phelps picked up his fifth gold medal of the rio games by swimming the butterfly leg of the u.s. 4x100 meter medley
4:58 am
relay giving him an amazing 23 career gold medals. no other olympian has more than nine gold medals. after the race phelps made it pretty clear that he was going to be his last lap in the olympic pool. let's not forget london 2012, folks, where he retired and then he came back. not to be outdone, the ladies also made history in the pool saturday night by stealing the u -- sealing the 1,000th gold medal in the relay. putting the country on top as the only country to achieve the feat. they beat australia to the wall by almost two seconds. so, with the usa starting the competition back today, they'll have almost twice as many golds as the nearest competition and that is china. the world's fastest man is set to defend his gold medals and records in rio as he goes for the triple-triple starting later
4:59 am
dad. today. usain bolt. the big question, in what order? before that, the gymnast simone biles is expected to add to the american gold rush today. she is looking for her third gold medal of the games as the finals in the individual events kick off. biles is the favorite to win today's vault final but didn't qualify for the uneven bars which is also happening today. american madison kocian has the best marks in that which makes her the favorite. so much action today. it's going to be exciting. >> the u.s. hit an important milestone. 1,000! >> reporter: absolutely. we thought they were going to do it. they were some 30 medals off coming into these olympic games. it was just a matter of when, not whether it would happen. it was great to see the ladies do it last night. this usa team had the greatest number of ladies competing.
5:00 am
it was good to see them get it done. >> first country to hit 1,000 medals. christina macfarlane in rio. thank you so much. want to wish you a great sunday morning. make great memories. thanks for being with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. trump keeps talking, and the controversies keep coming. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. >> now some republicans want the party to put its money where his mouth isn't, on more winnable races. newly revealed e-mails raise more troubling questions about the clinton foundation's ties to the state department. >> a couple of very bad ones came out. and it's called pay for play. and some of these were really, really bad and illegal. the battle for blue-collar voters. >> there is a myth


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