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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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high i'm briana keeler, it is 1:00 p.m. in washington. wherever you are watching around the world thank you so much for joining us. we begin with breaking news, the latest development in the wake of trump's campaign is revu-- reshuffling. he was cheered as he visited greenwood, louisiana.
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>> we knew you would be here for us. glad you arnen't playing golf. >> donald trump. mr. trump. mr. trump. here. mr. trump. mr. trump. thank you. thank you. mr. trump. mr. trump. mr. trump. >> joining us from washington. the trump campaign announced in a statement that paul manafort submitted his resignation and the campaign accepted it, what more do we know about how this unfolded? >> reporter: in light of this staff shaken up this week, it
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was very clear that paul manafort quite frankly was not on this new trump train as it was leaving the station on this new direction that the trump campaign is trying to go. his role had been sidelined in recent weeks and he once had an influential voice within the campaign but that had been diminished in recent weeks in light to have shifting power die in -- dynamics taking place, he announced that he was becoming a distraction for the campaign, and since he was brought in on the campaign in the spring he was trying to pressure donald trump to be more presidential, reassure more established republicans that he could be the republican they wanted him to
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be, read off teleprompters and things, so this resignation and feeling that he was being pushed out is an acknowledgment that they were sort of veering off a course or that approach was not working a really dramatic and hard few weeks for the trump campaign. >> what about russian forces in the campaign and really the political party there, he's been under investigation for this, for possible cash payments, there's no record he got that money, but still something we've been reading reports about. him getting these headlines, was that part of this? >> reporter: definitely seems to be in large part of this because quite frankly it was another layer in an already complex few weeks for the campaign that they feel they needed to deal with with all the scrutiny and added pressure. they put out their -- trump's son to explain paul manafort's
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departure and he used the word distraction. here is more of what he had to say. >> i think my father didn't want to be distracted by whatever things that paul was dealing with. paul was amazing and he helped us get through the primary process, helped us get through the convention and did a great job with the delegates and now you look at kellie anne and some of the other people coming in and they're absolutely fantastic and are going to be the ones that bring us through november 8th and the victory and again i don't think my father wanted the distraction looming over the campaign an quite frankly all the distractions hillary clinton is dealing with right now. >> reporter: that looming really caught my ear right now. no campaign wants to be in a position of explaining than a position of power, and attention on a staffer rather than the
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candidate. >> thank you for that report. while hillary clinton's team has been in place for months this is the third major shakeup for donald trump in months the first you had corey lewandowski ousted in june, he's now a cnn commentator, before we get do that i just want to ask losing one of your top campaign staf r staffers 81 days away this is a sign that a campaign is struggling. >> first thank you for having me, second the campaign has continued to to build his team loyal to him and embraced the fact that he has been authentic and wants to change d.c. and it is about the name on his door, having that comfort level with
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people closest to him and making sure they're allowing him to b running the type of campaign and strategy and i think that's the most important thing right now. >> you said you're not sure this is the last shakeup for the campaign. what did you mean by that? >> well, no, what i think is you brought in kellyanne conway to manage the campaign, she's known donald trump 15 years, bring in steve bannon, what you're going to see is additions to the team, see the team continue to grow, senior people coming on board people who have been loyal to mr. trump and known him for a long period of time will be coming on in the last 80 days to make sure he has the best team and geared up for victory. >> today donald trump and mike pence well sooereceived certainy
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supporters there but going there saying look, we are responding acknowledging something that they're trying to put out a face of being presidential and reactive to this tragedy. why have this resignation sucking up all of the oxygen on a day where this is really the only image that politically speaking that donald trump should want out there? >> i think eric said it very clearly, his father does not want the distraction or potential distraction of more stories coming about paul manafort or any relationships or ties he has taking place overseas so thing this on a friday in the summer is unfortunate, it couples same day that manafort is going to be -- is there ever a good time? the answer is no, this story ends today an they can move on. >> your relationship with paul
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manafort it's fair to say to say you're not besties, but describe your relationship now, have you talked to him today recently here in the last few days? >> i haven't talked to paul but i can tell you because i've been there. i've been there where you put your heart around soul into something for a long period of time and now you're not part of it anymore and it's tough and humbling because i know how much time an effort he's taken away from his family, children and wife to be part of this campaign and it's a very hard thing to do so and in that regard i understand because it's really tough, with that being said it should never be about a staffer but about the candidate. >> and this idea of let donald trump be donald trump because when you left the campaign it was seen as a rebuke of let trump be trump strad ji
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direct -- strategy and now the course direction is to go back toward that, does that way in some way in your mind redeem yours as campaign manager? >> mine has been very simple, you have the best candidate, best raw political talent this nation has seen in 100 years, he came from nowhere, republican nominee for the yooitunited sta he has had the finger on the american pulse for dozens of years and just decided to get into this race and his message has resonated with the blue collar people they are fed up with the people in washington. i think it authenticates how authentic he is, and his team understand also understands that. >> i want to show you something
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you retweeted not long after this news of paul manafort came out. i want says lewandowski is winning so much even he may get tired of winning. it's not bit of a jump, it's a bit of a celebration or perhaps a sense of redemption for you. >> let me say i'll never get tired of winning, this is something we talked a lot about in the campaign, he said we're going to win so much you will get tired of it. i want to see donald trump win and see him win the president of the united states, i think it's fair to say the last three or four weeks of this campaign have not gone well, they have missed opportunity to go after hillary when they shouldn't have, i want the campaign back on message. this week for the campaign has been a phenomenal one. he's been on message, very clear, very articulate. you heard a speech last night
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that is widely praised. in a good way, that's what i think. >> are you talking to the campaign about perhaps rejoining. >> as you know i work for cnn and look i would be a distraction to that campaign, you know that and i know that and i'm very happy to participate through cnn and talk about what i think the campaign is doing right and wrong in the trump campaign and clinton campaign so i'm very happy doing what i'm doing. >> by your admission looking back these last three or four weeks haven't been very good for your loss, down in the battle states do you think that was him or where do you place the responsibility as they try to adjust? >> well, a couple ofl thi thing
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putting him in states that aren't traditionally battleground states, i also think if you look at the lack of a field team in a state like florida only one office up an running, that is not on the candidate. that is on the staff responsibility to get a get out and vote program. theres some blame clearly at the staff level because that should have been going on and i think what you see now is see donald trump clearly focused. his message is good, strong, articulate. this is going to be a very, very good week for the trump week. you don't have to win every week, you have to win every day. he is winning every day now. >> those are live pictures coming to you of donald trump. he is in saint lamonte, louisiana, by his said mike pence his running mate.
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he is visiting flood victims, tens of thousands of people who have been put out of their homes because of flooding and are now involved in cleanup in this historic flood area. pardon me i want to correct myself. santa mmo santamon, that's where he is in louisiana, all of this happening, and you see donald trump passing out supplies along with mike pence, this all happening as donald trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort resigning following a major shakeup in his campaign. we're going to keep looking at these pictures as we talk about this news with paul manafort swept in a few months ago as an agent of change. now he is out, right, out of the campaign, just days after a new campaign structure put in place.
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we have david chalian here with me. i want to get your reaction to what we just heard from corey lewandows lewandowski, he said if he were doing this he would not have donald trump in places like connecticut or wisconsin accept wisconsin he sort of has been struggling in certain parpt-- p of the state. >> i think it has been a little illusive, i don't know that they have written it off yet. where they are concentrating their dollars which is always the best place to look is florida, ohio, north carolina, pennsylvania. that's the states that are seeing the first campaign ad of the cycle starting today. >> so with paul manafort gone, the campaign saying this is not a shakeup are, it's an
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expansion. >> it is more true not today. >> we see what's going on, so with that in mind, how is this not just a turnback to where the campaign was when corey lewandowski and unbridled donald trump that struggled to gain voters. >> i try not to look at these as binary, that he's just trying to focus on more moderate voters, i think he is focused on winning the election and to do that he feels a lot of different notes have to be played, right? he needs to every day take the case to hillary clinton and bringing on steve bannon with supporting the cash stuff and taking on hillary with breitbart, that's what he wants to be playing and also notes like in charlotte, north carolina and clearly kellyanne
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conway is having an impact on that kind of language, so i don't think it is what is the real donald trump, i think what we are seeing is a candidate clearly as cory said clearly aware that the campaign was going south and is trying to turn the ship around and i think that requires multiple versions of donald trump with consistent messaging against hillary clinton an consistent messaging that can be seen as welcoming to more voters than he already has in his pole. >> i want to talk about these live pictures where donald trump and mike pence are visiting louisiana flood victims. we just got word that hillary clinton spoke with the governor. governor edwards, who had warnd about a photo op. i want to talk about the landscape of this, where some have said to the president hey,
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why aren't you coming to flood zone, he's at martha's vineyard. and then you have two candidates. >> this is not new that american politics that a big tragic thing takes place and politicians want to be there for support and learn what has happened on the ground, so i think what you're seeing that i'll leave the president aside for the moment but the two candidates, donald trump seizing this opportunity to get on the ground learn firsthand what went on there, you saw the picture,s, that's presidential campaign 101 there. >> it's sort of a picture that we don't normally see. >> exactly. it's like a new version of donald trump in a news e-57 lve like that, just talking to folks in the campaign, he really did want to get a sense of what was
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going on. for hillary clinton on the same day, saying i'm told the best way we can help is to get money to the red cross, she's now trying to fund raise and get some funds down there in a clear signal that said i'm not sure the best way is to be on the ground right now that very same democratic governor president obama said he would be a diversion of resources right now if he were to come on the ground which both parties have been somewhat concerned about in issues like this. clearly when an issue like this is in the news the candidates do want to seem in touch with the pain experiencing and i think we're seeing that on both sides. >> george bush made the wrong decision by not going to katrina, so it's a risky decision they make. david chalian thank you so much. up next a closer look of donald trump's tour of louisiana. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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after 5 years, it will be over $40,000. it really is worth a call to find out if a reverse mortgage can help you too. call one reverse mortgage now and ask for your free guide. it's a great place. i've had a great history with louisiana. they need a lot of help. what's happened here in incredible. nobody understands how bad it is. it's really incredible so i'm
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just here to help. thank you. thank you. >> that was donald trump in a different light than what we have seen him here visiting the flood zone in gonzalez, louisiana, he and his running mate mike pence are wrapping up this tour of the area, you have at least 13 people who have died. more than 40,000 homes have been damaged. trump landed at the airport in baton rouge this morning, he visited a church, met with volunteers from smartens purse and also toured a school damaged by floodwaters. let's get more. we have rosa flores joining us no from louisiana. you have been covering this tragedy and now covering donald trump's visit to this area. how have people been reacting to him? >> reporter: i'm here with sheriff jeff wylie, he was the official who briefed donald trump in a sense, sheriff tell
10:24 am
us about it. what did you tell donald trump? >> we had a few minutes with him. we were glad that he came. anything, anybody who can bring this story and thank you to cnn across the country and the world we want to avail ourselves to that. he was really nice to come here, we had fire, national guard, state agency, law enforcement in a room to where he could hear a little bit of the circumstances we were in and two of them one of them a faith based representative who is really engaged in service as well and both of their homes -- they're homeless and they're still working and still serving others so we wanted him to see this and the governor, vice president nominee and walk in and see 100 national guardsmen sleeping 24/7 next door because the stations are all washed out. >> reporter: we should point
10:25 am
this out this is sort of a makeshift fire station, because the fire stations in the area got water. because of the optics of donald trump visiting southern louisiana as a leader did he ask the right questions? >> well, he's not president yet. he asked the right questions, january 2nd this would be the one, we're happy he came but yes you ask the right questions and the right comments in five minutes, i will say yes. >> reporter: did he get -- >> just through the -- no, he did not, but the route he take from living tston here, that wa seriously devastated perhaps much worse than we were, he took that route and i think all the individuals he needed to be short of being in 5 feet of water -- you were here
10:26 am
yesterday, right? >> reporter: yes. >> no, i can't tell you that donald trump was in 5 feet of weighters, and in water but i will tell you he was very gracious and a good listener. >> reporter: thank you. >> thank you so much for carrying our message out. >> reporter: donald trump was here. he got briefed very quickly, he was able to over hear some of the officials and first responders were attending, but the main take away here were some of the details that we heard from the sheriff about what is happening here every single fire station in this area is completely flooded so donald trump had to come to a makeshift fire station to get this briefing. that just gives you a sense of the devastation in this area. >> certainly does. thank you for reporting for us in louisiana. up next, president obama
10:27 am
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donald trump gets a firsthand look of damage and destruction from flooding in louisiana the presidential candidate is touring the area along with his candidate mike pence. they met with volunteers affected by the flooding, for more on that i want to bring in
10:32 am
the former u.s. senator from louisiana. so you're watching these pictures and i think a lot of people have known something is going on in louisiana but maybe especially in your mind there hasn't been enough awareness of it across the country, does a visit by donald trump, is that helpful to raising awareness and money? >> i think it is. and i want to thank mr. trump for gcoming to louisiana. i think the governor's op about not coming is a good one, but this is far larger than people can appreciate on television and if you can see it from a drone's prospective and all down louisiana, livingston pairish, all the way over to kalkashu, this was a horrible rain event and louisiana drains about 40% of the entire united states so
10:33 am
even when the rain doesn't sit over us like this did when it's rains in minnesota or arkansas we get the water. it's both a blessing an a burden to have too much water an we have too much of it now and it is really a serious disaster and i hope secretary clinton will make her way down, i hope president obama will make a visit and we need all the attention and help we can get. >> hillary clinton did speak with governor edwards, democratic governor and i think one of the things you are hearing her and her supporters stress is she doesn't want to be a distraction while dealing with recoverly but at the same time you would like to see her come down and president obama is being criticized for not coming down. why does the risk of it being a bit of a photo op or being a bit of a distraction why is that out weighed by a benefit as someone from louisiana. >> let me first say homeland
10:34 am
security director jeh johnson was there and toured the area with democratic and republican leaders and also got a fuel briefing and one of the best -- has been on the ground so i'm confident that president obama's a-number one team has been there from the beginning and he will get there as soon as he can. there is a question of whether or not you should stop fir responders from feeding and working with the homeless, our government -- governor is doing a great job working with democratic and republican leaders and water done know if you're republican or democrat, water doesn't know if you're black or white or hispanic, we have wealthy neighborhoods
10:35 am
middle income neighborhoods and rural areas that are devastated an again, it is all of south louisiana so one thing i would say to donald trump i'm glad you same to assention, leave a donation, do you believe in a share, what do you think about mitigation, sheltering in place? these are policies that people are kind of looking forward to hear from everyone. >> do you think he is picking up on this insurance which is staggering when you hear how few people have for this kind of damage. >> yes, that would be a great thing for him to focus on and maybe make a statement on what he would do as president, we
10:36 am
have an inadequate system. they are too high to afford but you have to have them to be able to cover. the maps are not as accurate as they should be. we did get some relief before i left the senate. with a bunch of other people that worked. that would be a great thing for hillary clinton and donald trump to say we're sorry this happened an we're going to get a lot of relief but the big issue is how do we get you more flood insurance. please help, the red cross, st. bernard project, please, people can do everything to help because it is so much broader than you can even imagine and it's not new orleans which gets a lot of intention, but batton rou rouge, and lafayette and others they really need help.
10:37 am
>> we certainly appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> as we think of people in your state. if you want to know how to help the victims of the flooding log on to to find out how to help. well, two american swimmers are back home while ryan lochte is commentsing about what happened in rio. stay with us. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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feigen are back home. now that his teammates are home ryan locke says he feels he can reach out. nick paton walsh is with us. >> reporter: it's been less than a little bit of confusing, let's read what he had. first up. i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more candid and careful in how i described the events -- he's probably admitting some uncomfortable truths, again a slight tweak of his recollections, he goes on to say it's traumatic to be out with your friends in a foreign country and a language barrier and have a person point a gun at
10:43 am
you and demand money before letting you leave. there was urinating behind the spot meters away from the actual toilets, pulling off of signs, vulgar, what happened is were they as brazilian police said a pretty pleasant negotiation to hand over money for the damage they were as mr. lochte's representatives suggest were they actually held by gunpoint and demanded money? they seemed to have quite a big night out that night. but also if you're a brazilian looking at this the security guards, the four guards by description acting the way they did there may have caused them to reach for the firearms, they accept that -- were on display.
10:44 am
we're going to get to the bottom of what was happening and what was happening to two, mr. bence and mr. conger are back in miami now. it's mr. feigen we understand now we understand from his lawyer had to pay $11,000 to a charity here. but there's a silver lining because he's not just giving it to a wind, he's giving it to a judo training center, she won judo gold for brazil, idolized here in brazil, they are going to get $11,000 for the charity. it seems late coming up with this statement by lochte, still how frightened was he is the question, and you do see them reach for their wallets and
10:45 am
seemingly pass paper around but what a bad few days for the u.s. olympic team here. >> really just hijacking the narrative for all of the athletes there. thank you so much. up next, back to the race for the white house and we have dr. ben carson talking about donald trump's new campaign emphasis and hillary clinton's support among african-american voters. stay with us.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
white house. part of the strategy of the trump campaign is a new emphasis on reaching out to african-american voters. with 81 days until the election, a new poll shows he's got a big hole that he needs to climb out of. this is a mcclatchey/marist poll which shows donald trump only getting 2% of the african-american voters. last night trump really had a show of force. >> i'm grateful that we have opportunities to replace what we've had for seven and a half years, failed, failed, failed liberal policies, one after another, and it's time for
10:50 am
chan change. we are going to break the stigma that african-americans are not supporting donald trump. >> hillary clinton and the democratic party have taken african-american votes totally for granted. because the votes have been automatically there for them, there has been no reason for democrats to produce. and they haven't. >> let's bring in dr. ben carson. he is an advisor to donald trump and also a former 2016 republican presidential candidate. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. >> pleasure. >> so we were going to talk about donald trump's trying to appeal to african-american voters in just a moment. but first i want to talk to you about paul manafort resigning from his position in the campaign. i went back and looked at an interview that you gave
10:51 am
yesterday actually to a former co-worker of mine who is an anchor in green bay, wisconsin. you said to him that, we're moving forward here from this point. the trump campaign is going to be more about issues and less about personality. but that seemed to be what the paul manafort objective was. i think some people have looked at him bringing on steve bannon and they wonder if actually it is going to be more about personality. >> well, i think paul did a wonderful job. this is sort of like, you know, the olympics where you have a relay team, and you need to have a starter, you need to have your middle people and you need to have a finisher. cory lewandowski did an excellent job as a starter. paul manafort came in, he helped to manage the delegate situation which was really quite difficult, and also to repair relationships with the rnc. and now we need the closer.
10:52 am
we need finishers. that's what's happening. it's also recognize that paul man forewafort was having some personal issues that were kind of distracting. he wasn't interested in being a distraction at this point. fortunately, there's a lot of talent available and i think you're going to see it manifested. >> you've seen the polls. we put one up there just before pipt deucing you. why do you think donald trump is struggling to gain traction with african-american voters? i say that knowing that typically republicans -- it's not like people think republicans are going to best a democrat because this is a key demographic group for democrats, but he's polling at 2%. mitt romney got 6%. mccain got 4%. they still lost the election -- their elections in the end. but he's performing very poorly even compared to that. >> well, there's no question that there are those who have
10:53 am
tried to portray him as something that he is not. i've known donald trump, he's a very good guy. we've had multiple conversations about what to do for the people in our society who are downtrodden. he's extremely concerned about that. you're going to hear a lot coming out from school choice and voucher programs to understanding that we have an enormous number of people going into prison. we have 5% of the population of the world and 25% of the inmates. there is a problem there. a lot of it is at the front end where we have breakdown of families and structures and people are not really getting what they need. and then at the same time you have all these people going into prison and high recidivism rates because they go in with little education and skills. they come out with little education and skills, of course they're going to go back to doing what they did before. those are things we can help them rectify and help them get employment when they get out.
10:54 am
give them another opportunity to see that there is something different going on. then in terms of the economy, we've been talking about taking that $2.1 trillion overseas. bringing it back, repatriating that money and during a certain period of time, and making the stipulation that you don't have to pay taxes on it, but 10% of it has to be used for empowerment zones, infrastructure, and employment for people who are unemployed, underemployed, or on welfare. it would be the biggest stimulus program since fdr's new deal. and also it gets companies once again interested and thinking about investing in the people around them, which is something they used to do more before the government took over. these are the kinds of things that will resonate with people. and donald trump knows that he's probably not going to get a lot of those votes this time around. >> i guess, dr. carson, but if he has these ideas and he wants to tell african-american voters
10:55 am
he has ideas that are for them, i look at him today going to the flood zone saying, i'm trying to learn about what you are going through. when you were a candidate i spoke to you after you had gone and visited refugee following the refugee crisis, a desire to better understand what's going on. he declined to speak to the naacp, and when he was near milwaukee he spoke to -- he didn't speak to a crowd that was dealing with the violence in the area. instead, he spoke to a white crowd in a county that was 1.2% african-american. doesn't he need to go to these audiences? i have to tell you, i have about 20 skdz feconds for you to answ this if you could just tell me what you would like to see from him. >> that's a good point and it will be rectified. that's in the process of being taken care of and you will see that manifested quite vividly. >> all right. that is very interesting. we'll be looking to that. a promise there from dr. ben carson who is advising donald trump.
10:56 am
thank you, sir, for being on. we do appreciate it. that is it for me. the news continues now. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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you are watching cnn on this friday. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's get to the breaking news here. trump campaign chairman paul man senator is out. if you are keeping count, this marks the third change in leadership in recent months. wednesday, as we've been reporting, the team brought in a man by the name of steve bannon, breitbart news executive. we'll talk more about him in a second. meantime, donald trump himself is using the word we have not heard in his campaign speeches thus far, that word being "regret." de sometimes in the heat of