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  Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 19, 2016 2:06pm-2:44pm PDT

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trump is speaking to reporters, talking about louisiana, let's listen. >> woe mourn for the lives lost, and we pleng our help, confident, and support to every last person in need. to the people of lose, we are with you and we will always be with you. in my vision, i saw not only the suffering of our people but also their strength, courage, and unbeatable spirit. their spirit will overcome. we have a lot to overcome in our country especially the fact that our jobs are being taken away from us and going to ore lather
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lands, and it is especially happening right here in michigan. it is an amazing spirit that we will need to rebuild our country. it is that strength that we're going to need to create a new american future, our children so much deserve. in this new inform this new future, millions of workers on the side looips will lines will to the work force. if i'm president, that will never happen, believe me. thank you talking to you, playing you, but believe me, you know the answer. i have to say that i have been talking about michigan and the
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car industry and how the businesses and plans have been ripped out of your land, and i have been doing it for four years to the people of michigan. other people started talking about it last week. they're not going to do anything about it. crumbling loe ining roads, bride will replace the infrastructure our country needs and deserves. families strapped in wellfair will be provided with jobs and opportunity. children stuck in failing government schools will be able to attend the school of their choice. government will become lean, effective, responsible, and honest.
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our boarder will be protected and our children will be safe. very, very safe. and we will build the wall, don't worry about it. we will build the wall. [ crowd chanting "build the wall" ] law and orderer will be restored and the poorest places in our country will know safety and peace again. american values and cultures
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will be cherished and celebrated once again. but to achieve this new american future, we must break free from the bitter failures of the past, and reject the same insiders telling us the same old lies over and over and over again. no group in america has been more harmed by hillary clintons policies than african-americans no group. no group. if hillary clinton's goal was to inflict pain on the african-american community, she could not have done a better job. it is a disgrace.
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tonight i'm asking for the vote of every single african-american citizen in this country who wants to see a better future. the inner cities of our country have been run by the democratic party for more than 50 years. they're policies have produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools, and broken homes. it's time to hold democratic politicians accountable for what they have done to these communities. at what point do we say enough? at what point do we say enough?
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it is time to hold failed leaders accountable for their results, not just their empty words over and over again. look at what the democratic party has done to the city, as an example, and there are many others, of detroit. 40% of detroit's residents, 40%, live in poverty. half of all detroit residents do not work and cannot work and can't get a job. detroit tops the list of most dangerous cities in terms of violent crime, number one. this is the legacy of the democratic politicians who have
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run this city. this is the result of the policy agenda embraced by crooked hillary clinton. 33,000 e-mails gone. the only way to change results is to change leadership. we can never fix our problems by relying on the same politicians who created our problems in the
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first place. a new future requires brand new leadership. look at how much african-american communities are suffering from democratic control. what do you have to lose by trying something new like trump? what do you have to lose? i say it again, what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no
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jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose? and at the end of four years, i guarantee youly g i will get ov 95% of the african-american vote, i promise you. becausely produce. i will produce for the inner cities, and i will produce for the african-americans. and i democrats, the democrats will not produce, and all they have done is taken advantage of your vote. that is all they have done. once the election is over, they go back to their palaces in washington. and they do nothing for you.
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one thing we know for churn is if you keep voting for the same people, you will keep getting exactly the same result. my administration will go to work for you as no one has ever done before. we will work. we will bring back jobs. we will work. by contrast, the one thing every item in hillary clinton's agenda has in kmond is that it tacommo and opportunities away from african-american workers. it takes jobs away from all workers, your companies are leaving michigan. it is leaving every state of the
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union. and they're going wherever but here. hillary clinton supports open borders which means many things, but that means people pour in and take your jobs. whether you like to admit it or not. you have to get your children into good schools, you do that through competition. her plan to raise taxes on small business and every, $1.3 trillion tax increase, where as i'm cutting taxes very substantially for business and the middle class.
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her opposition to american mrnl. and her recommendation to giving jobs away to many, many others. only as voters, not as human beings worthy of a better future. hillary clinton would rather provide a job to a refugee from overseas than to give that job to unemployed african-american youth that are becoming refugees. it's time to get back to work. that includes an all-out effort to help young african-americans
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get the jobs they deserve. hillary clinton's plan brings in an estimates 620,000 refugees in her first term and a life-time benefit cost of some $400 billion to our country according to the immigration summary. hillary clinton wants to be america's angela merkel. by the way, for the price to support one refugee, we could support 12 in the middle east or say syria. the improved refugee screening standards i proposes will save
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countless billions of dollars. it's called extreme vetting. we will invest a portion of the money saved in a jobs prm. the african-american community gave so much to this country. they fought and died in every war since the revolution. they lifted up the conscious of our nation in the long march towards civil rights. they sacrificed so much for the national good. yet nearly four in ten african-american children still live in abover city and 58% as, i said, of young african-americans are not working. they cannot find a job. we must do better as a country. i refuse to believe that the future must be like the past.
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it won't be. our future is going to be a great future for everyone. for everyone. nan and in a trump administration, all workers will get priority for jobs in their own country. i want higher wages for african-americans, hispanic americans, and all americans. we want higher wages. many, many, workers in our country are making substantially less money today in real wages than they made 18 years ago. they're working two jobs instead of one. they're working harder as they get older and it is supposed to be the opposite. we're going to stop it, we're going to create great jobs, and we're going to get the wages up.
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hillary clinton is a throw back to an ugly past where politicians praised on our people for personal game. promises, promises, all talk, no action politicians. they talk, talk, talk, you vote them in with great fanfare, and then they do nothing. with trump, that is not going to happen. believe me. we must turn the page on yesterday. only a change in leadership can produce a change in outcomes, and we can't take, as a country four more years of obama. and that is what you get with hillary clinton but probably worse. in this new american future, american workers will always
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come first. america first, always comes first. this will include a complete revitalization of the michigan manufacturing sector. the michigan manufacturing sector is a disaster. it is a disaster. look at your notes, look at your stats, look at what is happening to your state. it is like taking candy away from a baby, and many people in this audience right now that think you have jobs. you're going to find out very soon that your company is leaving for mexico or some other place, and you're not going to have your job very long. if trump gettis in, those days are over, folks. those days are over.
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we will be bringing back our jobs to michigan. there will be a very big price to pay. for those companies that want to leave our land, go some place else, manufacture their goods, and sell them back with no retribution. it won't happen, there will be consequences. it won't happen, it will not happen. michigan lost more than one in four of their manufacturing jobs since nafta. as you know, nafta, one of the worst trade bills in history, maybe -- maybe the worst trade bill ever signed in the history of the world, not only in our country. it is emptied out michigan, it emptied out new england. it emptied out new york state, it emptied out so many of our
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great companies. they leave and they fire. we end up with devastation, unemployment, we end up with nothing. the bill was signed by bill clinton. supported by hillary clinton. right here in this community, you lost one in seven manufacturing jobs since bill clinton put china into the world trade portion. another hillary clinton backed deal, and he have be backing the transpacific partnership, tpp, if she is elected. just mark your words, just remember, you know it's going to happen, she considered it the gold standard. when she heard me talking about it, she said i can't win this one, so she went against it, he
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have go back immediately and you saw that when the governor of virginia, her friend, said that would happen. detroit lost more than one in three manufacturing jobs following the nafta and wto agreements that were supported very strongly by my opponent. no industry has been hurt more by hillary clinton's policies than the automobile industry, or as we call it the car industry. it has been a total disaster. according to the bureau of the labor of statistics, there was 285,000 auto workers in michigan. now that number is down to 160,000 and it will have be a lot lower because if you look at the massive plants being built
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right now in mexico, you can kiss these jobs goodbye, but not with me. in 2014, general motors wanted to double their plans in new mexico by 2018. then ford motor company wants to invest another 1.6 billion constructing an auto plant. they will become the car capital of the world very, very quickly and michigan will end up with empty buildings all over the place unless you elect donald trump president. the same month, fiat chrysler announced 1300 layoffs.
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the list goes on and on. we will meet with these companies and we will say it will not be easy for you to move your plant to mexico. to sell your cars through what will be a very strong border, and for you not to pay tax on those cars coming in, okay? and when we tell them there will be a substantial tax on the cars they make in mexico and other places, number one they're not going to move in the first place, and number two, if they do, our country will make one heck of a lot of money. but to save your jobs and do all of the things that i'm talking about, we have to win on november 8th.
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the destruction that nafta start ld be finished off if the transpacific partnership is approved. it will be almost -- nothing is as bad as nafta, but it will be almost as bad. we know from hillary's closest friend, she is planning to ram through tpp if elected. she called it, as i said, the gold standard. it's passage would be a disaster for michigan, in particular, for the car industry in particular. for the people of michigan. . i won't let it happen. according to the economic policy institute, the united states trade deficit with the proposed dpp member countries cost over
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one million manufacturing jobs in our country in 2015. by far the biggest loss was in motor vehicles and parks. michigan rapgs first for jobs lost as a share of state workforce due to trade deficit with tpp members. just imagine how many more automobile jobs will be lost if hillary gets her wish and approves tpp, it will not be pretty. that is why i have announced that we will withdrawal from the deal before that can ever, ever,
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ever happen. i have have previously laid out a detailed plan for trade reform, available on my website. it includes protections against car insurance ma anymorelation, and tarriffs against any country that cheats, and many of them do. my plan also includes a total renegotiation of nafta so our jobs can come back and if we can't make a much, much better deal they we have right now, we will walk i'm not in any way,
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shape, or form an isolationist. i don't believe in it, but we have to make great deals for our country. we're losing in our whole trade negotiation, over $800 billion a year nap is our trade deficit, who negotiates these trade deals. we want great trade deals and we will have them. but we want trade deals that work for america that create jobs and wealth for our country. that work for the american work er. we want to shrink our almost 800 billion trade deficit. we don't want to expand it, it
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has been expanding for years and years. you look at the charts up, up, up, and i say to myself so often, why don't they do something about it? the reason is we have political hacks as our negotiators. we have politicians as our negotiators. we have politicians controlled by people like hillary clinton by her donors, and they won't let her do what is right by for our workers and our country. we want to be leading the world in production. exports, and manufacturing. we want jobs to leave from other countries and come into our country for a change. another major issue in this race is foreign policy. hillary clinton has made one bad
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foreign policy decision after another. beginning with the support for going to war in iraq, and i opposed it had so strongly. nobody cared. i was a civilian, but i opposed it. i said you will have a total destable gags of tilization of east. it was such common sense and look what happened. her ten year as secretary of state may be regarded as the most disastrous in united states history. but she is totally without remorse. her failed decisions as secretary of state, unleashed isis on to the world. but has she apologized for the death and destruction she caused? no, look at the world before and
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aftershe was secretary of state. prehillary in the early 2009, iran was seeing a reduction in violence, libya was somewhat stable, syria was under control, the group we now know today, isis, was close to being extinguished. now take a look at what we have. fast forward to the present time. after hillary, here is what it looks like. iraq is in total chaos. syria in the midst of a disastrous civil war and a refugee crisis threatens europe and the united states where we're taking in thousands and thousands and thousands of people. isis has been unleashed untoe the entire world. iran, the world's top state
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sponsor of terrorism has been put on the path to nuclear weapons, was given $400 million in ransom payment cash where they just yesterday caught obama in yet another lie. very much like you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan, obama care, a total disaster if will be repealed. it will be replaced. hillary clinton is a legacy of death, destruction, and terrorism. america deserves a better legacy. all of you deserve a much, much, better future. i am the change agent.
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i am the change agent. i am your messenger and i said it many times, i'm nothing more than your messenger. a message of strong defense, take care of our vets, great education, get rid of our common core, great health care, get read of obama care, save our second amendment. which is under tremendous siege right now. hillary clinton is the defender of the status quo, or what we have. while our country lost badly under hillary clinton, she cashed in big time. our country was losing. our people were losing, but she
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is cashing in. bill clinton's speaking fees surged while hillary was secretary of state. he was paid almost $50 million for speeches during her tenure, an increase in 44% over the previous four years. by the way, things came out today that blow everything away today. then there was all of the money funneled into the clinton foundation from foreign governments and corporations. it was pay for play. yet hillary clinton, who is indifferent to the suffering she has caused, has no remorse at all. she offers no apologies. no apologies for releasing isis. no apologies for lying about her
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e-mails or about benghazi. the only way to learn the full depth of her public trumpgs is to read the 33,000 e-mails that she deleted. and the only way to get justice in this rigged system is to show up and vote on november 8th and vote big big big. and i will bring your jobs back. so are you ready to vote? and what about your future? is it going to be great? good, or terrible. great. so if you're ready to vote, for honest government and the honest
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government that you deserve, a trump administration will end the trump and restore integrity to government service. remember, i'm funding my campaign, spending tremendous amounts of money on running for office. raising money for the republican party and the republican national committee, which i think is doing a very good job, but i will tell you more about that on november 8th. i'll let you know if they do a good job or not. i think they're going to do a great job. no one will be above the law in a trump administration. the state department will work for the country, not for hillary clinton's donors. and i will work for you. ly work for no one else. i will work for you. i will never lie to you.
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ly never put any other interests before you, and i will never, ever, stop fighting for you. never. the government will work for the people again. that means weare onlygoing to admit individuals into our country who support our values and we're not going to finish visas where screening controls take place. and without it we cannot continue to have our government run like this. we'll also seek to join in partnership with any nation in a wishes to join us in defeating and destroying isis. at home, taxes will go down,
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especially for -- look, i mean, it's going down for a lot of people, for business they're going down, businesses are going to flourish, they're going to come pouring back, but taxes will go down especially for middle income americans. and small business rates will be lowered to 15% so we can put millions of new jobs into our pourist neighborhoods. as i said, obama care will be repealed and replaced. voters, not special interests, will be in charge, finally. we will going to bring our country together again, we have a divided country. it is totally divided. the division will be replaced
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with a future of total unity. we will love each other. we will have one county. everybody will work together. we are going to do it by emphasizing what we all have in common as americans if is time to break with the failures of the past and to fight for every last child in this county troy have a better future they deserve. in my administration, every american will be treated equally, protected equally. and honored equally. we will reject bigotry, hatred, and o proegs in all forms and seem a new future built on our common culture and centrals as one american people. this is the change that i'm promising to all of you.
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an honest government with low taxes. a thriving economy, and a just society for each and every american if is time to vote for a new american future. together we will make america we wealthy again, proud again, safe again, and we will make america great again. god bless you, thank you. thank you very much, michigan. thank you. donald trump