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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 20, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. hi, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin right here in the city where just a short while ago, donald trump hosts a roundtable with hispanic supporters of his campaign. the meeting held inside trump tower, one of the biggest plays that he has made yet for the hispanic vote. it's a group that he certainly struggles with. he's polling right now around 20% among latino voters. that's in a survey taking this month. this meeting is also the first time that we have seen trump alongside his two new campan heads, steve bannon and kellyanne conway. the two were brought on to get trump back on track can keep him on message and frankly on his
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teleprompter, but today brought another provocative comment from the candidate. >> i say it again. what do you have to lose? look, what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> all right, this is the second time we have seen trump made a play for african-american voters this week. he may do that again tonight when he speaks in just a few hours. we should note, the number that trump cited in that, what you just heard, that black youth unemployment rate is misleading, according to cnn's reality check team. the labor department says that number is 18.7%. the unemployment rate for black youth, that's far below trump's number, still double the unemployment rate for white youth in this country. let's talk to our political panel. with me now, washington correspondent for the new
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yorker, ryan lizza, amy kremer is also with me, she supports donald trump, and democratic strategist and former dnc spokesperson holly shulman is with us. nice to have you all here. thank you so much. amy, let's begin with you. look, trump is polling at 1% among african-americans. hillary clinton has 91%. that's an nbc/"wall street journal" poll. look, he made a huge push last night in michigan for the black vote. do you think he will make that pitch tonight, and how does he do it most effectively to try to at least get the 1% a lot higher? >> well, i think the good news is that there is room for improvement. he can't go anywhere but up. i think he has to ask for the vote. and that's, i think, what he has started doing this week. when you look at what has happened under this administration when there are more living in poverty, more african-americans living in poverty, when the median income has fallen, when the number of
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african-americans has increased almost 58% to over 11 million on food stamps, what he's saying is, you know, look. it's time for change. the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. and if we live with a hillary clinton administration, this is going to be four more years of the same failed policies of barack obama. i think he is going to point that out. >> amy, there's no question that minorities, especially blacks and hispanics in this country fared worse in terms of job losses, poverty, et cetera, during the great recession. however, it's important to point out that when you look at black teenagers between 16 and 24, their unemployment rate has dropped by more than half under the obama administration, from the high point during the administration to now. >> right. but poppy, what he said was last night when he said what the hell do you have to lose? i think that can be said for all americans. it's equivalent, to i think what
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president reagan said when he said are you better off now than you were four years ago? and are you? every american should be looking at all of these candidates and looking at their policies and listening to the things they say, and a vote is a very personal thing. just because you have always voted democrat or you have always voted republican doesn't mean that you have to continue to vote that way. you don't have to tell anybody how you vote. it's very personal, just because your friend's family or whoever, it's about what is best for you and your family, if you're head of household. what is best for your family? that's how these decisions need to be made. >> i wouldn't say the tone is exactly a shining city on the hill tone from trump right now, but brian, i digress. let me talk to you. when you talk about this pitch that we heard from donald trump last night, saying what the hell do you have to lose, do you think, though, that's the most effective play that he can make for african-americans? or is it talking down to a block
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of voters? >> well, look, this is not the first time that a republican has tried to figure out how they can do -- the republican party can do a little better among african-american voters. donald trump is not entering this debate for the first time. republicans have been strategists have been talking about this and the party has been thinking about this for a very long time. and you know, you talk to most republican strategists and they have some ideas about how to approach this community, which obviously they haven't done so well with in recent years. and most of those strategists would not recommend the way that donald trump did this. for one, the first thing you want to do when you're talking to any audience is go to their leadership, go to the policy professionals and say what is it that your community cares about and how can we find some common ground. two, you might want to go and speak before an african-american audience if you're appealing for their votes. his speeches recently are before overwhelmingly white audiences.
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those are two things that surprise me. the third thing is, he has a very, very simplistic view about how african-americans are living in the united states. he seems to think that all african-americans based on that quote that you played are poor, living in crime-ridden areas, unemployed, and that's obviously not true. there are unique problems in the african-american community, but he's just got the tone and a little bit off i would say. >> holly, as a clinton supporter, i want you to listen to this. >> the inner cities of our country have been run by the democratic party for more than 50 years. their policies have produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools, and broken homes. it's time to hold democratic politicians accountable for what they have done to these
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communities. at what point do we say enough? >> so, as a democrat, as the clinton supporter, holly, to that, does he have a point? do you think your party has done enough for african-americans struggling in this country? >> when he asked what people could lose by voting for him, it's exactly the wrong question. what people are looking for is solutions to their problems. and donald trump simply doesn't have any. >> so my question to you was about your candidate and your party. have they done enough? >> of course. there's obviously more work to do in this country, but we have supported and put into place policies the have helped raise the minimum wage in this country, who have helped put paid family leave programs like in philadelphia that we're seeing that will help all communities including communities of color. >> donald trump wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $10. >> depends on which day you ask him that question because some days he opposes them all together. i don't trust his opinion there,
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but also members of congress have voted multiple times in the republican party to oppose raises of the minimum wage. when you look at equal pay, where the democrats have supported equal pay laws to improve the pay gap, which is a problem that communities of color even have a wider gap. and so i think that when you're looking at solutions, when you're asking what are the solutions? donald trump can talk until he's blue in the face about reaching out to communities of color, but until he has actual policies that are going to help, i'm really not sure it's going to help his campaign. >> amy, let's talk about the optics of last night. he gave this speech in diamonddale michigan, which is right outside lancing. it is 93% white, according to census. our producers who were there said the audience was almost all white. he could have gone to detroit, could have gone to lancing five minutes down the road, much more diverse. not the first time he did that this week. also when he spoke in new hampshire, he spoke in a city that is less than 1% black. why does he keep doing this? and do you think he should
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change the audience? >> well, poppy, i am not part of the campaign. i'm not involved in the decision making process. >> right, but you're a supporter. what would your advice be? >> this is the thing. these events are not thrown together at the last minute, so i don't know how long they have had these events planned. but it is possible they have had the events planned and he's changing what he's talking about, his speeches. and i think that that is okay. i mean, at some point, he has to start reaching out. i think that if he can go to the inner cities, if he can go to the black churches, by all means, he should. look, i, as a female, and as a woman, and as a minority, i mean, it is an insult to me to think that, and it's offensive to think that i would vote for hillary clinton just because i'm a woman and because she's a woman. and i think democrats and republicans, no vote should be taken for granted. these candidates need to go out and work for the votes and ask for the votes. you know what. if it's what he's been doing is not working and now he's got a
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shakeup in his campaign or the changes, i think that's a good thing. >> i think -- >> let's see what is going to work. if he goes out and asks for it, that's good. it doesn't matter where he is. he's speaking to the world because of technology. >> because of cnn, right? because we aired it. let's talk about it. this comes on the heels of these poll numbers where he's really struggling in key battleground states. this comes on the heels of a number of headlines this week that said donald trump cannot win this election if he wins every single white working class vote in this country. by the way, he's struggling with white college-educated voters right now. ryan, to you, i want to play this moment from back in february when trump was on with our jake tapper. >> there are these groups and individuals endorsing you. would you just say unequivocally, you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. i would have to look. if you would send me a list of
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the groups, i will do research on them and certainly i would disavow if i thought there was something wrong. but you may -- >> the ku klux klan -- >> it would be very unfair, so give me a list of the groups. >> i'm talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here. >> i don't know -- honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i have ever met him. i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him. don't know anything about him. >> that was the exchange about kkk grand wizard david duke. i should note, trump came out later, as you know, disavowed david duke. how does he push for african-american voters in the face of something like that? >> yeah, i mean, that's -- it's sort of unprecedented in modern politics where a politician at that level to hear the word kkk and not just instantly be okay with condemning it. so it's been, you know, he's got a very, very blemished record when it comes to the african-american community. then i think he's going to have to do a lot to go to that community and explain, you know,
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in his early days in the real estate world in new york, why did the federal government penalize him for discriminatory housing? there was a famous ad in new york that he took out that a lot of people in the black community find, found offensive. five teenagers convicted of a crime they didn't commit, and he called for the death penalty. a big controversy, had all sorts of -- >> they were exonerated in 2014. >> you know the list of these things. and i'm sure holly and hillary clinton's campaign is going to press that list and run ads in the black community to remind those voters of this history. that's a lot of backage to overcome in that community. and when his pitch is to go to a white, all-white rally and say, you know, you're living in misery. you have nothing to lose, vote for me, i just -- it doesn't sound to me like the most sophisticated strategy in the world. >> ryan, amy, holly, much more
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ahead with you. thank you for joining us. got to get a break in, but we have a lot ahead this hour. to louisiana we will go. flood-ravaged louisiana still coping with the worst natural e disaster in this country since superstorm sandy. more rain continuing to fall and what it means for the families waiting to try to see if they even have a home left. >> also, a warning to pregnant women, do not go to parts of miami beach. how zika is keeping people away. and later, a wildfire is engulfing everything in its path, including a historic route 66 landmark frequented by the likes of clint eastwood and elvis presley. cnn takes you there live, next. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card.
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available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. the worst flooding disaster since superstorm sandy has drawn the spotlight of the presidential race. we're talking about that horrific flooding going on for a week now in louisiana. donald trump and mike pence toured the damage in baton rouge yesterday. the gop candidates met with flood victims, faith leaders and members of the national guard. they gave out supplies to many people in lead. president obama has been criticized by some for not cutting his vacation short to visit louisiana. the white house did announce yesterday the president will go to the flood zone on tuesday. think about these numbers for a moment. louisiana has received nearly l trillion gallons of rainfall in just a week. 13 people have died in the floods. tens of thousands have been removed from their homes. damages, at least, at least reaching $30 million if not far, far more. our national correspondent is with me from ascension parish.
12:18 pm
you have 40,000 homes that have been damaged at least. many will not be recovered. you have only 12% of folks who live there that have flood insurance. what are they saying to you about going home, seeing if they have a home, how they rebuild? >> you know, that leanp will happen as soon as these waters continue to recede. and of course, when some of that rain continues to move on. just a few moments ago, there was one of those downpours that really does add insult to injury, when people have to deal with this, yes, there are some neighborhoods north of where we are that have dried out, if you can almost call them the lucky ones, if you will, because they're actually able to go inside their homes and assess the damage, see if there's anything they can actually salvage. then you have those that are still dealing with these scenes here, not able to make it in their homes quite yet, including one woman that we met on this very spot a short while ago named ellie steven. just down the road, she actually
12:19 pm
raised her family there. however, she has had to wait -- she continues to wait to actually go inside and find out what's left of her home. i talked to her a little while ago. that smile that she worked so hard to keep on her face, it did leave for just a few moments as she faced reality that it may be a while before she makes it back into her home. standing here, you're so close, but yet you can't go yet. >> i can't go. i was trying, really, to see if i could go today to really see what the damages are. but the water is still there. you know, and might not be able to go in today as well. >> emotionally, how is it being so close and not being able to go. how is that for you? >> well -- that's what i didn't want to do. it's going to be okay. >> it's going to be okay. that is her message to not only
12:20 pm
the rest of her community, her neighbors, but also the rest of the country as people continue to pick up the pieces. there is no shortage of hope here, but there is a need for supplies. cleaning supplies, water, food, one national guardsman told me that the demand for food and water, those kinds of things, is just as great as what we saw in hurricane katrina. >> absolutely. i'll point people to it in a moment, but again, we have ways you can help. >> donald trump and mike pence came yesterday, handed out supplies. they had been warned by the governor don't just come for a photo op. help us. hillary clinton hasn't gone. she has called the governor and offered assistance. the president will go on tuesday. what's the sense down there from folks? do they care about the politics of it? do they want the president there? what are they saying? >> yeah, it's a good question. you'll find mixed reaction. there are some individuals including the governor who fear some of the visits could remove some of these resources. anytime you have to secure a
12:21 pm
presidential candidate or the prdz himself, yes, there is a diversion of some of these resources. then you have others who have told me they welcome any opportunity to share more of their stories and anywhere the president goes, the spotlight does follow him. it's an opportunity for the rest of the world to see what people are dealing with seven days after the first rains started to fall. >> all right, thank you so much. we appreciate it. live in baton rouge for us. for ways you can help the victims of the flooding, as we just said, go to again, c nrx >> coming up, the cdc is sounding the alarm on zika, telling pregnant women not to travel in parts of miami beach after local transmission of the disease was confirmed there. our senior medical correspondent is live with me next from miami. stay with us. t-mobile's coverage is unstoppable. we doubled our lte coverage. and, with extended range lte, it reaches farther than ever.
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so the zika virus, you have probably heard by now, it's hitting one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. we're talking about miami beach. the cdc advising pregnant women to avoid areas of miami beach where they found the virus, also to consider postponing all nonessential visits to all of miami-dade county. this after health officials reported new cases of nontravel related zika in florida. that means local mosquitoes, not
12:26 pm
people who flew in and got it somewhere else. we know a total of 36 locally transmitted zika cases have been reported in the case. elizabeth cohen is in miami beach. look, when i heard that, first of all, i thought, wow. i mean, so many people go to miami. huge tourist destination. the fact that it is there and will likely spread is one thing. but something that confused me is why they're only saying areas of miami beach. because if this is from mosquitoes, are the mosquitoes really just contained to one part? >> well, actually, what's interesting, poppy, is it's not so much the mosquitoes we're concerned about. it's the combination of mosquitoes and people. for zika to spread locally has it has here, mosquito has to bite someone with zika and then has to go and bite someone else. so these mosquitoes, they don't fly too, too far. they maybe go a couple miles. the problem is that people go very far. the concern is that someone with zika might go to an area. to your point, yes, i completely
12:27 pm
hear what you're saying. that's why many people are saying we're expecting this could spread even farther than it's already spread. >> and i think the question also, elizabeth, one of the -- i was reading about some of the people who contracted it in miami. one of them already came up here to where i am in new york. what's the say this isn't just a ripple effect and there are multiple cases of zika in georgia, new york in minnesota, california? what's your outlook on that? >> right. so we live in a highly mobile society, especially here, because as you pointed out, this such a big tourist destination. what's important to remember is south florida is really sort of ground zero for zika in the continental united states. are there mosquitoes in new york that could spread zika? yeah, there are, but not as many as south florida. actually, someone going up to a colder climate, it's less of a threat. >> and finally, for pregnant women, women hearing this and
12:28 pm
they're pregnant and thinking i was there last weekend, what do they do? >> right, so if a woman was here in miami last weekend or a couple weekends ago or whatever, and then they go back home and want to start a family, it's not really a worry because what authorities tell me is our immune system gets rid of zika pretty easily. you go home, wait maybe a month and you're fine to get pregnant. it's that actually is a relat e relatively easy issue to resolve. >> but women who are pregnant should obviously see their health provider, right? >> right. exactly. so if you are pregnant and you were visiting here in miami, you would definitely want to tell your doctor, i was in the area they have described as a zika zone, and they would want to keep an eye on you. absolutely. >> all right, elizabeth cohen live for us in miami. thank you so much. coming up next, back to politics. donald trump making a play for african-american voters in a big way. did you hear him last night?
12:29 pm
here's the thing, though. is he missing out on another group that could be crucial come november? our numbers show trump trailing in a key voting block that mitt romney easily won. next.
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than we are unalike. we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. ♪ trump is polling well with white working class men. his edge with them has been slipping in recent days. when it comes to female voters, african-americans, hispanics, trump needs to do a whole lot better. what about college educated white voters? that should be a shoo-in for the republican voter. mitt romney carried college educated voters in 2012 by 12 poi points. trump needs to shore up that block and quickly if he wants to win in november. john king explains. >> make some magic. this is 2012.
12:33 pm
four-point win nationally in the popular vote for president obama but a thumping over mitt romney in the electoral college. if you're donald trump, you not only need to change some of the blue states red, you need to change the dynamics of the election. one thing you cannot do is underperform mitt romney with key constituencies. one of the big changes in the campaign, one of the reasons we know donald trump is in a ditch because if you look at this constituency here, this is back to election day 2012. white college grads, mitt romney with a 14-point lead over barack obama. now, republicans always win the white vote. but mitt romney had a huge lead over barack obama among white college grads. a critical constituency. you find a lot in the key suburbs who tend to decide swing states. big edge for mitt romney, one thing that makes this campaign interesting and donald trump's challenge even greater in the final weeks. hillary clinton leads. this is our national cnn/orc poll. an 11-point lead among white
12:34 pm
college educated grads. this is one of the reasons hillary clinton is winning in many of the big swing states, because of that same dynamic. again, let's go back. the state of north carolina, mitt romney won north carolina in 2012. it was a big deal when obama won in 2008. it's one of the states romney got back in 2012, and he won it by winning nearly 60/40. they're big in the raleigh durham research triangle, very important to win in a competitive state like north carolina, and clinton with a lead right now. a seven-point lead. mitt romney won by 60/40. the democrat has a lead now among this constituency. you cannot win north carolina if you're getting crushed in this electorate. that was north carolina. a state he must win. it's very similar in a state like virginia, a state that donald trump might have to win. tim kaine, hillary clinton's running mate, is from there. she's had a consistent lead in
12:35 pm
virginia. she has a lead in north carolina. she has a similar pretty comfortable lead in colorado. what do these states have in common? a very important constituency is college-educated whites. part of the growing population in the suburbs, the research areas, the high-tech areas of all these swing states. a republican constituency in 2012. it has been a republican constituency traditionally. leaning clinton's way now. if donald trump can't change that, hillary clinton will win the election. >> that's a headache that no one wants right now in terms of not winning a group you need to win, right? ryan lizza is back with me. why is he not doing better with this group? >> well, there are a number of positions he's taken that this traditionally republican group is not that enthusiastic about, right? whether it's his talk on economics and trade, this is a group frankly in those states like colorado, virginia, and north carolina.
12:36 pm
this is a group of winners when we talk about the global economy and we talk about international trade deals, right? these are groups that have actually done well because of globalization. that's one thing. this is a group, you know, more educated voters who frankly are not pleased with the rhetoric that is coming from trump that is alienating to non-white voters. there's one argument about trump's outreach to black voters this week that is he's not so much looking for the votes of african-americans bu s but he's trying to prove to college-educated republicans who were turned off by this that he's not racist. frankly, we saw that with george w. bush in 2000. a lot of talk about how this is not -- it's called a bank shot strategy. you're not actually trying to appeal to the group you're talking to. you're trying to appeal to another group that likes the fact you're reaching out to that group. >> if that's the case, that would explain why he's made these speeches in front of almost wholly while audiences.
12:37 pm
some of the people you bring up, look at dan ackerson, the former ceo of general motors, a republican who has come out against trump this week. or meg whitman, a republican who is now backing clinton. those are what you're talking about, college educated white voters, business leaders. >> absolutely. and this is a constituency that if trump is the future of the republican party, and he's -- trumpism and these types of the coalition that he is tapping into, this is a big change if the democratic party becomes more of the party of college-educated independents who lean republican but are open to the democrats. that's a big change. already, the democratic party has an advantage in the presidential race because of the electoral map, and because of nonwhite voters, asian americans and hispanics, two of the fastest growing groups.
12:38 pm
if they add a big chunk of college-aged formerly republicans, that is disaster for the republican party. >> i mean, ron brownstein of the atlantic put it this way, that really struck me. 13 million votes or so in the primaries, what he got. the path from that to the 70 million plus he needs to win the general is as ron put it, lined with college-educated voters, millennials, people of color, unmarried women, secular voters, and this is such a key c component. we're still 80 days out and he's got a completely new campaign staff. kellyanne conway, she's incredibly good at what she does and incredibly good at fund-raising with some of the big money donors. can he turn it around? >> i think it's tough, frankly. there are three big moment in a campaign where everyone pays attention and it really helps define the candidate and the campaign. the first is your pick of your vice president. and that roll-out did not go so well for trump. the second is your convention. and just by the data, we know that convention was not a
12:39 pm
success. more people said they do not want to support trump after the convention than said they were convinced to support him. that's 0 for 2 in the two biggest moments you have. the next thing is the debates. i believe there are two things that can turb it around for trump. the debates, there are four of those. three at the presidential level, two at the vice presidential level, and the other thing is some dramatic outside event that none of us is expected that comes along and shakes up the campaign. outside of that, it's really, really hard for him to change the numbers among these key groups. so i would look to the debates as the big game changer for him, if he's going to do it. >> who is going to be watching the debates? >> it's going to be massive. i mean, the ratings for those debates -- >> i know. >> the biggest in history. you have to expect. >> we'll be all over it. we know trump, kellyanne conway said trump is starting debate prep this weekend. i would love to be a fly on the wall for either of the candidates. >> i want to know who is playing hillary clinton in those. >> she wouldn't tell us when we
12:40 pm
asked. thanks so much. coming up, it was an icon of route 66 since 1952, even elvis presley ate a hamburger in this tiny roadside diner. next, how a ferocious wildfire took away this piece of california history. you're live in the cnn newsroom. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. [electronic sound effects]
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12:44 pm
burned some 37,000 acres so far in southern california. fire officials there say it's about 68% contained right now. nearly 100 homes have been destroyed. businesses have been lost as well, including a local restaurant just off route 66 that is a legendary piece of americana. >> the wine rack and a lot of other stuff, an old gum ball machine over there. >> cecil stevens, longtime owner of the summit inn can't believe the blue cut fire torched his life's work. >> makes me sick in my stomach. it's awful because i know every button in that restaurant that was there, every light switch, every pipe. after 50 years you had to repair half of that stuff. >> that's right, a half century of owning a favorite hangout on route 66. he bought the summit inn and restaurant friday the 13th in 1966. shut down the motel and focused on food and the history of the fables route from chicago to the pacific ocean. cecil and his wife of 41 years
12:45 pm
debbie became the mom and pop of a nostalgia stop for classic car crazed patrons, route 66 wishpers even locers obsessed with both. >> many times i would sit at the bar right there having coffee when it was snowing and said i'm not going to work. >> smoldering tales of these ashes have it that celebrities rolled in, too, including elvis presley. the king reportedly saw his jukebox didn't offer a single one of his records. >> he kind of stood back and kicked the jukebox lightly and said, maybe next time i come in here you'll have one of my records on. and you can believe when i came back, i went out and got a record right away. it was on the jukebox. >> music serenaded generations of people who pulled off the road to eat everything from ostrich burgers to banana splits to the popular hillbilly burger. what's a hillbilly burger? >> it was sourdough bread with hamburger and lettuce, tomato, onion. it was really good. delicious. >> a meal. a meal in itself. >> it was huge. >> the kitchen is now a pile of
12:46 pm
charred heartbreak, but perhaps a good omen, the summit inn sign still stands and the new owners tell cnn they plan to rebuild and try to recapture every charming inch of cecil stevens' american treasure. cnn, california. >> we'll go there when they rebuild. now to this week's cnn hero. a man using his love of horses for healing. harry swimmer was set to retire when he met a girl with cerebral palsy. she inspired him so much, he decided to transform his farm to a therapy camp for children with special needs. >> horses are very special animals. people just don't realize it. what do you say now? >> walk on. >> that's my girl. >> we had a child on a horse who had a seizure, and that horse stopped dead in his tracks, when nobody else noticed it, the horse caught it first. (vo) maybe it was here,
12:47 pm
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yeah. chase. so you can.
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. when hillary clinton squares up against her opponent donald trump in that first debate on september 25ing, she wants to make sure he has as little ammunition against her as possible. make no mistake the clinton
12:51 pm
campaign is in damage control from questions about the checkpoint foundation to e-mail scandals that she can't seem to shake, our i don't johns looks at the lingering question she is trying to clear up. >> former president bill clinton trying to avoid actual or appearances of conflict of interest and will resign if his wife in wins in november t. foundation taking an additional step saying they will also no longer accept foreign donations. >> the book by peter sweitzer "clinton cash" shows how they enriched their family at america's expense. she gets rich making you poor. >> reporter: the foundation has come under scrutiny for its close contact with the state department while hillary clinton was secretary. >> has hillary clinton apologized for turning the state department into a pay for play
12:52 pm
operations where favors are sold to the highest bidder. >> reporter: the clinton campaign denies any pay-to-play allegations. in fact the candidate has defended the foundation's work. >> we have so much that we are proud of and i will put that up against any of the innuendo and accusation coming from donald trump, because the work that has been done has garnereding a lathe ladies and appreciation from every corner of the world because it has been so far-sided, visionary and effective. >> reporter: but republicans jumped on the new announcement. the rnc releasing a statement saying if everything was above board while hillary clinton ran the state department as the clintons have said, then why change a thing? also of note, mr. clinton, who stopped getting paid speeches said thursday night, she'd keeptate way if she is elected t. clintons have announced $135 million combined in paid
12:53 pm
speeches since leaving in 2001. all this as details are converneing on mrs. clinton's e-mail server. she told the fbi it was colon powell, her predecessor who had advised her to use e-mails. it excepts a concert saying that at a 29 dinner party hosted by former secretary of state madeleine albright, powell recommended clinton use her own e-mail as he had done, except for classified communications he received by a computer. today powell said he had no recollection but did write clinton a memo regarding his use regarding a personal aol account saying at the time there was no equivalent system in the department. he used a secure state computer on his desk to manage classified information. of course, there are a couple big ditches between colon powell and hillary clinton's e-mail. powell enter the office in 2001 when e-mail wasn't as popular as
12:54 pm
the was in 2009 and powell never had his own private server. joe johns, cnn, walk. >> joe, thank you very much. coming up next, a story you need to see a. group of officers go above and yopd to make an incredibly special boy feel just that on his birthday.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
all right. now a heart warming story out of yucon, oklahoma this week. police there received an unusual call asking them to show up at an autistic boy's birthday party. our martin savage shows us how thesosis went beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: it began with an anonymous phone call to the police in yucon, oklahoma, saying something was wrong inside this home. >> so i drive by sort of canvassing the area. >> things look okay, but just in case, the captain approaches alone. a young woman answers. >> and shy has that look of oh my. >> the police are at my front door. >> reporter: she is already having a really bad day. plans for her son's birthday party are falling apart as parent after parent call to say their child isn't coming.
12:59 pm
>> i'd get, oh, i can't come. oh this came umm. oh this and this and this. >> reporter: tara believes it's because they feel uncomfortable around her three-year-old son brayden who has autism. now the police are at tara's door. but the officer's words change everything. >> i heard that there was a birthday party for brayden today. she starts to smile, she says, yes. and i asked her if we could participate. >> i was just speechless, speechless, yug would come out. >> reporter: yucon's finest had come to get the party started and more kept arriveling. >> we all went over there, we doubled the party. >> they lined the streets with their cars. >> what were the neighbors think something is this they were driving by very slowly. >> reporter: brayden's party went from zeros to heroes. >> just to see them intering a like that is truly, truly amazing.
1:00 pm
>> reporter: and for mom, the timing couldn't have been better. >> yes, it's been a really tough time. you know, you get backed into a wall. what else do you do? what else do you do? and any autistic mother or special needs student know that feeling. >> reporter: yucon's finest saved the party and the day, while proving police officers cannot only answer the call but occasionally also a prayer. martin savage, cnn, yucon, oklahom oklahoma. >> top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad are you with us. what stands between donald trump and the white house? minority voters. polling shows us he's got 1% of african-american voters on his side. 1%. but trump is betting between now and november 8th


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