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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 24, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, breaking news. under attack. explosions and gunfire send students running for cover as they storm the american embassy in kabul. u.s. troops are advising local forces they thak work to accountant for american citizens. >> buried in rubble, destroying ancient villages and killing 12 people. rescuers are in a race to find survivors. moving stone by stone as aftershocks pose dangerous new threats. and donald trump steps up his attack on the clinton foundation. but trump may have to play defense as our new poll shows hillary clinton gaining ground in two crucial states. i'm brianna keiler, you're in
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"the situation room." explosions and gunfire send students running. one person is dead. close to two dozen wounded. terrorists are holed up in at least one building. diplomats are working at the scene. in italy, a desperate effort to find survivors in the ruins of village overed in rubble from the earthquake. donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck in north carolina, a crucial battleground state while trump holds a slim lead in arizona
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which tends to lean republican. they are critical to donald trump's chances in november. as he hints about a stance, trump is stepping up attacks on clinton saying he "sold favors and access" through the foundation. i will speak to our analysts and guests and bring full coverage of the top stories. we start with the bloody attack on the american university in kabul, afghanistan. what are you learning? >> u.s. officials are crambscrag to see if any americans were killed in the attack. an afghan and 21 wounded were in a local hospital. an attack without warning, reportedly with an explosion and gunfire. one witness says he was waiting for a class to begin when there was an norm explosion near the
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entrance. the witness says he saw some people injured by broken glass, others wounded by bullets. >> after the explosion, we heard gunfire and i lost my nerve. we have an emergency exit and we got out of the university that way. >> a professor who has a son and daughter in the u.s. says there was black smoke, the lights went out, and everyone was running and shouting. attackers got into at least one building. >> my cousins, relatives, and friends have been stuck in classrooms when the attack happened. one of my family members say they were drinking red bulls and looking at maps and tossing hand grenades. >> more gunshots were heard. >> we're told at this hour
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insurgents are still on campus there in kabul tonight. an interior ministry spokesman says searching the campus for the attackers was set to begin, but it is still not clear yet if the police gained the upper hand or not. people are still trapped in the buildings and at least inside some buildings american officials say a few u.s. personnel are involved in responding to the attack in kabul, but they're only acting as advisors. >> thank you for that report. let's bring in global affairs correspondent, elise lavet. what are you hearing? >> first of all, as brian said, it's an ongoing situation. we don't feel it is a target against americans, there are not a lot of americans studying is there. it is an important symbol, but it is mostly afghan students.
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there are some u.s. faculty that could be trapped inside and the u.s. embassy is trying to find that out. all the faculty of the embassy have been accounted four. >> there was an american and australian professor that were abducted, where abouts unknown, from about a week or so ago. so the question is who is responsible for this. >> sources are saying they don't know yet, but all indications point to the taliban. you have a kidnapping from about two weeks ago. there was a rash of kidnappings and bombings. 100 afghan officials have come out of the university, a lot of women have studied there, so officials are saying this is a perfect target for the taliban. they are targeting the future of
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afghanistan and the important partnership with the u.s. >> thank you for your report. let's turn now to the breaking news out of italy where at least 120 people are dead following a pa massive earthquake there. it is fraught with danger now. our senior international correspondent is joining us now from the heart of the devastation in italy. give us the latest. i am here in the epicenter of where the health care happened. the search for survivors is still going. they have very heavy equipment to kwut u cut through some of the rocks and the buildings and there is only shells of the buildings left. they believe they might still be able to save people here. >> townsend: has been -- it has
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been a tragic and devastating day here. >> time is running out and scening like this throughout central italy. a woman, trapped, covered in chunks of concrete. >> rescue workers and search dogs are combing through rubble looking for anyone still alive. making access to the hardest hit areas more difficult. the epicenter of the 6.2 magnitude quake was just outside of amatrice. >> the house was trembling and shaking, it got more and more inteps. there was clinking, thundering,
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a rumble. it was like someone had a bu bulldozer under the house and tried to knock it down. >> i grabbed my wife's hand, and we tried to make our way out. as we got out, we saw all of the people outside. there was shouting and crying. >> the initial quake was followed by a 5.5 magnitude aftershock about an hour later. racing against time and night fall, rescue teams with mobile medical units performing triage on the spot to be transported to hospitals. >> even though the rescue workers are still working around the clock, more often than not they are not successful. we were there twice when they
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pulled dead bodies from buildings. the other thing that people deal with, because they're so scared of the aftershocks, they say they're not going in any buildings. they will spend the night outside fearing there could be more earthquakes in the region. >> aftershocks almost as strong as the initial earthquake as well, fred. we also have breaking news in politics. our latest polls show donald trump and hillary clinton running even in north carolina and donald trump leading in arizona. today he is escalating attacks on clinton saying she sold favors and access via the clinton foundation. let's go to phil mattingly. what is the clinton campaign saying about this? >> this is supposed to be the quiet period today. the calm before the storm, if you will. hillary clinton trading public
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events for fundraisers. they say the campaign is engo engulfed in a fire storm. >> tonight hillary clinton's campaign is firing back as pressure grows over pay to play allegations at the clinton foundation. >> i don't think it is fair, i think it is a misrepresentation of the data. >> the ap analysis is colluded meetings with -- >> her campaign is also defending the purpose and the benefits of the foundation's work. >> if any american voter is troubled by the idea that the clintons want to continue to
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work to solve the aides crisis on the side, then don't vote for her. >> the ap found no evidence of clinton doing anything unethical. many of the people she met with were leaders. they were honored by and met with republican and democratic leaders. donald trump is continuing to push for a special prosecutor to investigate the matter. >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a staled leader in a third-world country. she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. >> the clinton campaign also getting an unwelcome surprise. the disclosure of hillary clinton and david petraeus as lax threats.
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they say it has since been removed. meanwhile, the clinton cam papa is trying to be shifted back to donald trump. >> a doctor whose on credentials are bogus, refuses to release his tax returns. >> the late summer swing that aides say brought in tens of millions of dollars. all as she prepares to hit trump back. tv ads. >> donald trump says he will make america great again while he is taking the shirts right off of our backs.
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it has been a fruitful endeavor. aides saying in the last three days, she picked up $20 million. the trump campaign is convinced they have a line of attack that works. and frankly, one that is frustrating a lot of democrats. the clinton campaign saying they're going to fight back hard. they don't believe the story is real at all and they will see the push back ahead in the days ahead. . >> joining me now is chris k coonz. i want to ask you because you're a member of the foreign relations committee, i want to see what you're learning about this attack today, are you getting any sense of who could be behind this?
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>> i have not gotten any briefing like that on the attack in kabul. i will be asking for a briefing soon. we'll all be troubled by this and our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved in is a reminder of the challenges we face around the world as we try to fight groups around the world that support terrorism. >> now i want to ask you act hillary clinton, the clinton foundation, and the issue they have fighting back attacks from trump. bill clinton said he would step off of the board. you will see corporate and foreign donors not be able to take part. why not sooner. you look at some of the work that the clinton foundation does, no doubt it is good when
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it comes to hiv, aids, many people suffering around the country and they have a responsibility to the programs they're doing and to the american people while she was in a position of the u.s. government, and possiblyly will be dwen. why do this at this point and why not do more if she becomes president. >> what is going on here is that donald trump is slumping in the polls. something that the clinton foundation that has been widely recognized by republicans and democrats alike as being very effective and making a huge different around the world. i have gotten to see in person the remarkable -- >> why not stop taking those donations now, or before now?
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>> frankly, why should they have to stop or slow down their positive work for human till? neither bill or hillary take a salary from the foundation. >> you think a sitle president should be able to have a foundation where foreign governments can donate tens of millions of dollars and that that doesn't present some form of conflict of interest? >> i respect fact that the clintons are going above and beyond to take active steps, but the initialtive has done tremendous things. and the work of the clinton foundation brought med additions
2:18 pm
to 11 people people around the world. when senator bob dole of kansas ran for president, no one asked about the red cross that his wife was running at the time. there was no questions asked about conflicts of interest. i think this is part of a long running double standard. the meetings referenced in the ap had an impact on the state department or on her conduct of foreign policy. >> there has not been, but i want to ask about the appeara e appearance. stay with me, we'll get to it after the break.
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we're back now with democratic senator chris koonz. so we were talking in part about this report from the ap, it stays during the time she was secretary of state, half of the people outside of government that she met with were donors to the foundation. there was many meetings with those folks, and there is no indication that she personally profited from this. you're saying there is a double standard. at the same time, you can't argument this is not affecting now people, voters with b may be
2:24 pm
perceiving hillary clinton and how she does business with her family foundation. you must understand that what this really comes down to is a double standard aside, if this makes voters uncomfortable, isn't it incumbent on hillary clinton to have taken measures? >> that is right. and that is why the trump campaign is pushing forward these claims and allegations. equally and importantly, the conflict of interest, the very real conflict of interest in donald trump's network of hundreds of millions of obligatio obligations. >> i hear you, but we're talking about secretary clinton. this is a real issue for her,
2:25 pm
something she has to deal with. >> and that's why they have taken pro active steps and made commitments, former president clinton and secretary clinton, about how they will change. they will have their last conference this september. they're not having conferences going forward. and they're changing the structure from whom that will accept contributions, the work they do, i think it is unfortunate they have to do this, but i think they are taking strong steps to make sure there is no appearance of impropriety. >> should she have done this soon sner. >> because this is being raised as a double standard -- >> senator, i understand you're saying a tragic step to take because of the work they have done, what you mention they are doing now which is something they could have done sooner.
2:26 pm
they also have a responsibility to those in all of this. >> they do terrific work. i have seen the impact on the ground in africa. the ways they have been able to mobilize corporate and individual contributions and partnerships to help people in some of the toughest parts of the world. and i just want to emphasize one more time. there is no evidence they benefitted from this. >> they allowed there to be an appearance. aside from republicans saying there is an issue, they allowed there to be an appearance, and this is not something -- this is did not just pop up yesterday. it has been coming down the pike for years, reported on years ago, as something that would be an issue for hillary clinton if she were to run for president. >> that is right, and my hope is that folks will give her credit for being as transparent and
2:27 pm
forth coming with releasing her taxes as they are on donald trump for releasing his taxes for a single year. there are things coming, if you run for president, like close str str scrutiny. this is a charitable foundation that does good work. and trump still doesn't come clean, on the campaign trail he talks tough, but we don't know what steps he would take as president to unwind profitable organizations like he has. >> thank you for joining us here on "the situation room." coming up, trump is reaching out to minority voters. can he turn the numbers around?
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as trump lashes out. after a pattern of insults and attacks, can he win them over. jim acosta is digging into that. trump is shifting his tone. is it going to work? >> i think that is the question. a senior advisor says the campaign is looking forward, not
2:33 pm
back, in it's outreach to minority voters. something the candidate sums up as "what do you have to lose"? >> he is in single digits with african-americans, and trailing badly with latinos. >> you have been talking a lot about hispanics and african-americans. >> i'm doing really great with minority voters. >> trump is making the case to take advantage of minority voters. >> i will make sure when you walk down the street in your inner city or where ever you are, you will not be shot. >> he is teasing ahead to a new and softer policy on illegal immigration. a change that could appeal to not just latinos, but more voting blocks. >> there can certain i will be a softenning. we're not looking to hurt
2:34 pm
people. >> mike pence could not describe what the updated policy will include. >> individuals that excited crimes in this country will go very quickly to be processed through a justice system and out of this country. beyond that, i think just stay tuned. >> still, the shift in tone is note able as he appears to test out a new theory with muslims. >> christians, jews, catholics, muslims, everybody, you have to get out and vote. >> at the same time, he is continuing to pound hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> hillary clinton created an illegal private e-mail server,
2:35 pm
deliberately, willfully, and with premeditation. >> surrogates say clinton and trump should fully disclose their health records. >> you need a lot of stamina and the ability to process a lot of information quickly. we want to make sure both candidates meet those qualifications. >> even if the trump family is still dead against releasing the g.o.p.'s tax returns. >> you have a bunch of people that know nothing about taxes coming up with assumptions on things they know nothing about. why on earth is donald trump campaigning in mississippi? a deep red state where a victory should come handily. it is another campaign stop that has republicans back in
2:36 pm
washington scratching their heads, but he is holding a fundraiser here in jackson later this evening, but he will be raising some money. >> yeah, jim acosta in mississippi. thank you very much. let's bring in dana bash, mark preston. first i need a quick break and we will be talking in just a moment. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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we're back now with our political experts. i want to talk to you about the clinton foundation. there is increased criticism that we're seeing about this. all of the people supporting her are saying it does good work, that is a double standard. isn't the point that this is becoming a problem for hillary clinton and aside from the actions the foundation is taking they need to do more? >> the foundation did amazing work around the world. great work here in the united states, but it does come down to the question of, do the clintons believe they follow a different set of rules than the rest of america and the rest of society. there is a belief that that is true. and fact of the matter is etven though the foundation because do good work, this is a problem we
2:42 pm
have been talking about for three days now. donald trump did not give that immigration speech. people criticized him for that. but it was a great decision. >> you remember hillary clinton stayed quiet for about a week after the convention while donald trump hung himself making mistake after make. she is doing well, but anything can happen in the next 75 days. i think she should be cognizant of that. keeping the foundation going, keeping the questioning raised, looks terrible for her. >> and the campaign seems to be worried about this having legs here. >> clearly just the fact that the foundation moved late last week to try to step the controversy by saying well, if she is president, then the
2:43 pm
foundation won't take donations from foreign entities. that really just seems to have made things worse when it comes to questions. i was pressing her campaign manager about it, why it was okay to take them when she was the country's chief diplomat, and why not just do it now? their answer is that it takes time for the foundation to unwind some of these donors with some of these donors that have long standing relationships but okay, you can standard to unwind it right now and i think it can help address the fact that some of the lines are blurred.
2:44 pm
>> i think people look at this, the e-mails, the thought is is this what a clinton white house is going to hook like? >> if you're donald trump and you're seeing this, that is exactly what they're arguing. this is precisely the kind of washington, everyone crashing each other's back, kind of situation that donald trump has successfully beaten his republican opponents in the primary using and they believe the clinton foundation playing into this theme. it is not able personal blame.
2:45 pm
in many ways, it doesn't matter when it comes to the concept of foreign entities. >> okay, dana bash, mark preston, thank you to all of you. and coming up, a close call. a high speed maneuver near an american warship. more on what officials are calling unsafe and unprofessional. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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u. this is cnn breaking news. >> iranian revolutionary guard vessels have carried out what the u.s. navy is calling a high-speed intercept of an american destroyer. there's some pretty unbelievable pictures of what happened. >> that's right. this is unbelievable. this happened yesterday. we're talking about the guided missile destroyer. they were doing what the military is calling a routine transit through the strait of hormuz when four iranian navy vessels come close, we're talking 300 yards. you can see the video where they're speeding in. all four of these vessels, revolutionary guard corps coming
2:51 pm
in. >> they tried to attempt radio communications on 12 separate communications. no iranian response. look at this rate of speed. look how quickly they're coming in to this u.s. destroyer. finally, they alter course as they come in 300 yards. we're talking about three football fields. you can imagine how the u.s. forces aboard are seeing this be. >> i know you'll come back with more on this. this isn't the first time we've seen iran just kind of unbelievable like this. it's not as if whoever is driving those vessels just came up with this on their own. that's not the expectation. >> it was a target of opportunity. this was a routine transit in the strait of hormuz. we've seen incidents like this before.
2:52 pm
just last month there was the u.s.s. norleans. >> we'll have you back with more. the iraqi army is beginning a major push to overtake isis in the key city of mosul. the battle threaten to worsen the crisis. >> reporter: the heat is thick and the sand is heavy. children's hair lighter than it should be. their faces caked in dirt. nearly impossible to clean if there was water. inside this tent is a mother and her baby who is one of the cases that's really struggling here.
2:53 pm
the baby is nine months old, he has diarrhea and is listless. the only water they have from a well is making everyone sick. it's been more than a month they got here after walking for hours. she clutches a photo of her dead son killed by isis two years ago for being in the iraqi special forces. >> he's dead and they took everything. this is the martyr's daughter. >> reporter: people are thirsty. food is lentils and beans twice a day. the iraqi government would be helping but this attempt to preposition shelter and humanitarian aid is providing no relief.
2:54 pm
pee people are making a run for their lives along different point. this group, three sisters in law saw the opportunity when the kurdish pushed forward. there's also potentially a very joyous moment because two of these women were pregnant when isis arrived when their husbands had to flee and very shortly their littlest children are about to meet their father for the first time. they don't want us to follow them to film that. making it out does not mean an end to the hardships people continue to endure. we're not able to provide them with the kind of services that they need because we don't have the land. >> reporter: there's the issue of funding. 284 million was allocated during a flash appeal last month. the money has not yet been
2:55 pm
released. already established camps have exceeded their maximum capacity. the camp has mushroomed to five times the size it was in may. even with the expansions under construction, it's barely enough for the current backlog and the offensive has not yet begun in mosul itself. >> we have a rough estimate. it can be anywhere between a million and up to a million and a half of people coming out of corridor from mosul. we're incredibly concerned and trying our best. >> reporter: a catastrophe because we know this is coming. preparing should be as big a priority as preparing for the battle itself. we're following two breaking
2:56 pm
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iranian military shift comes close to a u.s. warship. we have video of the incident and incredible new details. campus attack. students trapped and fires burning. u.s. military personnel responding to a deadly and uncertain situation. uncharitable. donald trump escalates his
3:01 pm
bashing as hillary clinton campaign's defend's the organization's good works and says he's seizing on an utterly flawed report. united states condemn north korea for firing a submarine missile. king jung-un may be closer than ever on his threat to attack american targets. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. i'm brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room." we're following breaking news. officials believe terrorists are still on campus and at large in the attack and siege at the american university in afghanistan. the gunman opening fire and detonated explosives. one witness telling cnn some students were trapped. one person is dead and 21
3:02 pm
injured. also breaking the death toll from the powerful fuful earthq up to 132 and it's expected to keep climbing with aftershocks still posing a threat. communities are devastated and one mayor says his town is no more. here in the united states donald trump is accusing hillary clinton of actions that are criminal and totally calculated. speaking in florida, trump is ramping up his attacks on the clinton foundation. republicans are seizing on a report claiming that more than half of the people outside of the u.s. government who spoke or met with clinton as secretary were donors to the foundation. the clinton campaign is firing back. they say the report relies on utterly flawed data and her allies are denying allegations of pay to play politics. republican congressmen and donald trump supporting is standing by with us.
3:03 pm
iranian warship coming within a few yards of a navy ship. tell us more. >> we're talking about the u.s. guided missile destroyer. the u.s.s. niche. you see four iranian vessels coming dangerously close we understand that the guided destroyer tried to, on 12 separate occasions tried to reach out to the iranian vessels to tell them to stop, but here they are just speeding. so close. we understand just 300 yards. that's dangerously close call. you can see they're coming through with like real warp speed despite these warnings
3:04 pm
that they are in the area and should stand out. >> communications. you see their shooting off flairs. it's pretty obvious to the iranian boats there what's going on and it's not okay with the warship there. i want to ask you about the american university in afghanistan. i know that you've been following this. this is ongoing. >> we understand that the afghan national forces are still on the scene. they are trying to clear the area. we understand there could still be explosives there. there are people trapped inside. students, faculty. the u.s. embassy tells us their personnel are accounted for but u.s. personnel doesn't work in this university but american teachers do. the embassy is trying to comb through lists. many are trying to see if there's americans inside.
3:05 pm
there's a few military advisors on the scene working with the afghan national forces. the afghans really have the lead here. >> thank you so much. now to the earthquake, devastation in italy. rescue efforts are continuing through the night. >> reporter: tonight, a desperate search. >> thundering sort of rumble. it felt like someone put a bulldozer on the house to knock it down. >> reporter: rescue workers and residents using everything to pull people from the rumble. the strong and shallow quake left the city in ruins and caused many of the ancient buildings to rumble. the mayor said quote, town is no
3:06 pm
more. >> the important thing is to stay calm. police officers are on their way now. >> reporter: these frantic scenes playing out repeatedly before time runs out. >> they found two person alive in the building that collapsed. >> reporter: cnn correspondent was nearing the end of a facebook live when the building collapsed directly behind her. no one is allowed to sleep tonight. >> by sheer luck, i have no idea how i survived just like many others. many others did not. >> reporter: more than a thousands people have been displaced because of the quake. he was on top of a hill that collapsed. >> i can't go around with clothes. they gave me these shoes so at least i'm not barefoot.
3:07 pm
we can't move around here. i heard people asking for help. people calling out asking for help. in this condition, what could i do. italy's prime minister vowing to spare no effort in the critical window where lives could still be saved. >> it's a time we're in shock but it's a moment for action with my heart and hand, i'd like to say to italians, italy knows how to react and what to do. >> reporter: pope francis expressing great sorrow. he sent a team of six to aid in the search and rescue effort. new polling shows donald trump and hillary clinton are neck in neck in north carolina.
3:08 pm
donald trump has a five-point edge in arizona. that's a state that traditionally leans republican. these new snapshots coming as the clinton campaign is trying to deflect sharp new attacks. >> those really revolve around the clinton foundation and access was given to those who contributed money to the foundation. the clinton campaign calls this report grossly unfair and inaccurate. just a few moments ago, former president bill clinton weighed in on this for the first time talk about the humanitarian work the foundation has done around the globe. he did knowledge the foundation, quote, will have to do more if she's elected president. tonight hillary clinton back on defense. the clinton foundation in donald trump's cross hairs. >> hillary clinton is desperate to cover up her crimes. >> reporter: clinton is raising
3:09 pm
millions on star studded california swing. after the campaign swing for a third straight day, this time with apple ceo tim cook. trump is having a field day with an associated press report reviewing clinton's calendar during part of her time at the state department. it found more than half of her non-government visitors gave money to the clinton charitable foundation. clinton aides say the figures are not true. she's not commented but her team is mounting a full throated defense of the foundation's work. >> hillary clinton and her family had a foundation. it's charitable. >> charitable organizations that are doing work and the fact they would be used as weapons is absurd. >> it's one of the most massive misrepresentations you can see from the data. >> reporter: chief strategist telling cnn that trump
3:10 pm
suggestions of pay for play are false noting that trump also gave money to the foundation known for its humanitarian work around the globe. >> donald trump gave $100,000 to the foundation. it's a big donation. what has he paying for play? >> reporter: it's hardly the quiet august clinton was hoping for. a poll shows clinton and trump are neck and neck in north carolina, a once republican state emerging as a top battleground. trump is leading in arizona. long a gop stronghold but only by five points. raising the prospect clinton could expand the map but those efforts maybe be undercut by a new round of headlines. >> friends of clinton tell cnn the campaign was taken off guard but leaving the campaign controversy was hard. bill and hillary clinton have long believed the good works of the foundation out weigh any
3:11 pm
appearances of conflict. clinton is hoping to turn the page in a speech thursday blasting trump far beyond questioning his temperament. aides say she will highlight against trump and the out right conservative movement often associated with white nationalism. >> trump's products have been made in 12 other countries. >> donald trump says he'll make america great while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. >> reporter: at this as the pentagon confirms they used clinton's picture in a slide show of people who have threatened national security like edward snowden and david petraeus who pleaded guilty to sharing classified documents. the army says the slide show has been taken down. back to that associated press report which donald trump has seized on what he calls pay for play. the report found in evidence of any unethical behavior. many of the people she met with were leaders of group who meet with republicans and democrats.
3:12 pm
it did show blurred lines. it's creating head winds for her campaign that had been on a roll since the democratic convention last month. she's trying to move forward giving that speech in nvr nv tomorrow. she'll receive her first classified intelligence briefing saturday in new york. >> thank you so much. we're standing by for a donald trump rally in mississippi tonight as he unleashes in attacks on his c opponent and continues to reboot. >> reporter: earlier today donald trump did try out some new zingers against hillary clinton continuing to go after her saying she used the state department and clinton foundation to grant political favors to some of her donors. he also tried out a couple new lines to help win a larger share of the minority vote. donald trump is keeping up the
3:13 pm
drum beat of criticism against hillary clinton. accusing her of using the state department and her family foundation as political piggy banks. >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country. she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. >> reporter: campaigning in the pivotal battleground state of florida today. >> as you know florida is my second home. >> reporter: trump tailoring criticism to help win over more african-american and latino voters. >> hillary clinton would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant to an unemployed hispanic citizen, an unemployed african-american citizen or even to a veteran. >> reporter: part of the campaign's pledge to improve outreach to minorities and push back against that some say he's racist. >> african-americans are tired of being used by these phony
3:14 pm
politicians. >> reporter: even ben carson says it's a tough sell. >> he fully recognizes that he's probably not going to get the majority, anywhere near the majority of the african-american votes because of tradition. >> reporter: trump's pitched minorities come as speculation swirls about whether he will tweak his immigration policy. for now he's at least tweaking his tone, saying he's open to a softer approach to undocumented immigrants without criminal records. >> there can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. >> reporter: amid all of this, both candidates are fielding questions about the the sparse information they provided on the state of their health. carson is calling on both to be more transparent. >> this is a 24/7 job. you're going to have to have a lot of stamina and the ability to process a lot of information quickly. we want to make sure that both candidates meet those qualifications. trump surrogate, rudy giuliani,
3:15 pm
continues to question clinton's health. >> you don't see the problem with questioning the health based on no fact. >> what do you mean? there were rather bizarre things that the time her head started shaking in the middle of an interview and the time she got off the stage for some period of time during a debate. that isn't based on no facts. those do those facts mean she's seriously ill? i don't know. >> reporter: even though rudy giuliani admitted that those instances are hardly proof there's something wrong with hillary clinton, he is still calling for her to release more complete medical records. he says if she does that, donald trump will do the same. >> thank you. we're joined now by congressman duncan hunter of california. he's a donald trump supporter and a member of the armed services committee. thanks so much for giving us your time today. i want to talk politics with you. first, i want to talk to you
3:16 pm
about what we're seeing going on in iran. you're a member of the house armed services committee. we just seen this video. it's really pretty unbelievable when you look at it. these are iranian vessels coming within 300 yards of a u.s. destroyer despite the fact they are making it pretty clear this is an unwelcome advance with flairs and 12 times trying to communicate on radio that they should leave. what do you know about this? >> this isn't the first time, obvio obviously. we know that iran is the biggest sponsor of state terrorism in the world. they're just messing with us. if i were america's enemy and i wanted to test what america would do and how would we react, this is how i would do it. they are probing, messing with us and showing that they can do what they want and there's not going to be retaliation from the americans.
3:17 pm
>> now to politics because we heard that donald trump, this was his words. he could be softening his position on immigration. he was to give a speech tomorrow. that's been pushed off indefinitely. what is he talki ining about? does this include a softening on deportation or his entire to bui -- desire to build a wall? >> i'm down here on the mexican border. he's talking about deporting people. he's not talking about the border fence. we separate those when i speak about it the same was as donald trump is, we talk about building the border fence. you have to plug the leaks on the boat before you can start fixing it. you have to secure the border, number one. even if you deport people, especially the bad people, they will come back across. we with talk about deportations. that's what i think he's talking about. it's going to be extremely difficult to deport millions of
3:18 pm
people that are not criminals. we had to deport the criminals first, the gang members first. there's tens of thousands of them just in california's jail system. >> he was talking mass deportation. is he changing on that? >> can you literally do mass deportations? the answer is no. >> people argue it's impossible. >> the answer is no. you can deport the worst people. the people that are criminals. the people that are here in our jails. you can deport them easily. you can deport people that get duis over and over. you have to build the border fence first. you have to build the trump wall, as he calls it. here in san diego we have the double border fence. he's not softening there. he's not softening there on building the border fence and deporting the worst of the worst people. i think he understands it's going to be more than a one-year
3:19 pm
process to make sure you have to be in this country, you have to be legal. for him to get stuff done especially with the senate, you're going to have marco rubio and john mccain. to do immigration reform. >> you're saying he's looking at people who maybe are not going to be as far to the right on immigration, so he is acknowledging some sort of reality? i'm trying to pin you down. they've not been specific. >> i don't know what he's thinking, but he's going to have to face the reality. there's probably a few hundred thousands, if not in the millions, criminals that are illegal aliens from all different countries throughout the world. deport them first. secure the border so people cannot come here illegally then we can sift through the people
3:20 pm
here illegally and fast track those that have been in line that share our values and culture. >> how is that not a softening of mass deportations? by definition isn't saying we're going after the bad guys and other people undocumented, that by definition is a softening. >> no. because in order for him to do mass deportations you'll have to have what we call in congress, immigration reform. like comprehensive immigration reform. in order for him to do that you'll have to work with the agriculture industry and all types of different industries to see who do we need in this country and the high-tech injury. you're talking about more high skilled people that are here illegally on visas. those are one of the types of people that he'll hold firm on are people that overstayed their visa. you can go after those folks but you have to have priority. it will have to go through congress and the house and
3:21 pm
senate. he should prioritize what is the most important thing that he can do when it comes to making sure that we put america first and build the border fence and make sure that the bad people that are here leave first. i think as president, you have to prioritize. if you try to do everything, you'll end up doing nothing. >> stick with me. we have a lot more to talk about including some new poll numbers that show an interesting pretty. we'll be right back. now that we've added adjustable base, my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. change your sleep, change your life... change to tempur-pedic. now thru september 11th, upgrade and save on select tempur-pedic mattresses and adjustable bases. upgradalways has to belect twho sat your desk? phone now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is.
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abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. we're back with a donald trump supporter. donald trump is getting ready to speak in mississippi tonight. i want to talk to you about something that donald trump has been making a bit of an agenda
3:26 pm
item for himself and that's reaching out to african-american voters. he has a rally shortly in jackson, mississippi. he's going to meet tomorrow with african-american and hispanic fellows at the rnc leadership initiative. he had a message that struck a lot of people as harsh saying what the hell do you have to lose. is that the best way to court african-american support? >> i don't know. i don't know what his mind set is when he says things like that. >> would you say that if you were trying to court black voters, is that what you would say? >> if you're traveling throughout the entire nation and seeing what's happening in ferguson, baltimore, d.c. even with all the problems and the inner cities busting at the seams with the war on police from the african-american community in these cities, those are all democrat cities. just about every single one of
3:27 pm
these cities with the high murder rate from chicago, detroit, los angeles, these are all democrat run cities. he's saying how can it be worse than what you have now than a busting at the seams and war against police in a lot of these places. that's how he says it. i probably wouldn't articulate it like that and probably a lot wouldn't. how has the democrat machine, how is the first black president of united states, how have they helped you? >> we believe in less governments, less hand outs but more opportunity. that's how i took it. >> why is he going only to white areas or recently he has? he's in jackson, mississippi. we've seen him, has he really launched this effort to talk to
3:28 pm
african-american voters. he goes to places that are almost 90%, some almost completely white. why is he doing that? >> i don't think he needs to explain why he's not going to a black enough place to speak about the african-american community. i think that's a press thing. if you look where i speak at, i probably haven't spoken to a predominantly african-american community either. he hasn't done it. >> you're in -- >> he's speaking where he's speaking at. >> you're in san diego. i'm assuming in san diego where you have a large hispanic american population. you have gone places where you're not talking -- you're not in a community that is 91 or 97% white if you're talking about those issues. >> sure. that's probably true. i'm a republican.
3:29 pm
i don't see gender. i don't see race. i speak to whoever is there. trump is probably the same way. i don't think he treats one place differently than another place and i don't think his speech, unlike, hillary clintons will change depending on what the color of people are that he's speaking to. i think he has the same message whether you're black, white, brown or whatever. his message is the same and it's one of more opportunity. >> he's not resonating but does he need to do. >> he makes a connection. i've never ran for president. i don't have any predominant ll african-americans in my district. he reaches more people. if he speaks to more people where he's more supported.
3:30 pm
we're going to try to make things better by giving you more opportunity as opposed to what's been happening and you have the massive break up of the families. you've seen this. the inner cities in this country are busting at the seams. you've been reporting on it all the time. how does trump get afternoon that? it's either me and a different way or more of the same with hillary clinton. i don't think where he says that at matters so much as what he is saying. >> i want to draw your attention to some polls that we have out today. some cnn polls. we took a look add arizona and north carolina. what we're seeing in arizona is that donald trump is up about five points when you're looking at a four-way race. gary johnson doing pretty well there at 12%, considering. you look at north carolina, hillary clinton is up one point. that's a pretty important state for donald trump to win.
3:31 pm
she's clearly making a play for that and seems to be doing well. let me ask you this and i've asked this of other donald trump supporters. why is he in mississippi? why are he in these places that are not decisive in november. a lot of people say he's taking his message everywhere. does he have that luxury when he's down in the polls? >> you'll probably never have me on the show again asking about polls. i give the polls no substance. i don't believe a word of it. if you look at the likely voters and the people who voted for trump, they're not considered likely voters. they're not included this any of these polls and i remember the four years ago all the polls said mitt romney was going to win and we saw how that turned out. >> to be clear, republican polls. republican polls said that mitt romney was going to be doing better. >> okay. >> that's what happened. it was the republican internals and the democratic internals had it where it should be.
3:32 pm
i remember talking to convinced republicans that did not mesh with what we were seeing publicly. we'll leave it there. >> on where he's speaking, i don't care where he speaks at. i don't see my big move behind where he speaks. everything that we think should be strategized out. he speaks where he plans to speak. he goes where he wants to go. if he wants to go to mississippi, he'll speak in mississippi. >> we'll see if that works out. thank you so much for giving us your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> just ahead, hillary clinton is holding private big money fund raisers. should she be responding to him? a new missile launch by north korea drives up concerns that kim jung-un's weapon
3:33 pm
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we're following breaking news in the presidential race. new cnn polls show that donald trump and hillary clinton are tied in the battleground state of north carolina. trump has a five-point edge in arizona. that's a state that leans republican. let's talk about this race now
3:38 pm
as cnn washington correspondent jeff and cnn political analyst gloria borger. gloria, we see hillary clinton. she hasn't been out since this attack has really ballooned up on the clinton foundation. so much scrutiny she's been under. is the campaign doing what they should right now? >> it's kind of surprising to me that they haven't had a strategy kind of well in place to deal with the clinton foundation, which hay hthey had to know wha going to come up. their strategy is clear which is you have the surrogates coming out. you have the campaign spokes people coming out very strongly against the ap story. you know, you go on the offensive about it and you attack about it. they haven't had their candidate
3:39 pm
out there and i think that could turn into a real problem for them because she's got to answer questions directly about this. the worst thing i think can happen to you in a campaign is when you have events that confirm an already existing narrative and the already existing narrative that was out there and being pushed quite successfully, i would argue, by the trump campaign in the last week or so is that the clintons are careless about these conflict of interest issues. this is something that hillary clinton has to, herself, debunk personally and she can start counter attacking on that with donald trump who contributed to the clinton foundation. she can also make the argument that the clinton foundation does a lot of good work. she was meeting with individuals
3:40 pm
she would have met with any way. she needs to start pushing that herself, not just with her surrogates. >> i guess her biggest surrogate, bill clinton has just weighed in on this. let's listen. >> we're trying to do good things. there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving live, i don't know what it is. the people who gave the money knew exactly what they were doing. i have nothing to say about it. i'm really proud. i'm proud of what they've done. >> we're hearing this. you hear surrogates and from bill clinton, the foundation does good work. we know that. there's millions of people who are getting hiv/aids medication at a very discounted price, otherwise that wouldn't be receiving this across the world. no one disputes that. there's other issues here. that good work isn't the point. >> that's what creates this conflict and this appearance of a conflict.
3:41 pm
he went onto say, we need to put more safeguards in place if elected. the reason is if you make a mistake, you have no one to appeal to. i thought was interesting because when you're secretary of state, they could appeal to the white house. we know the obama white house was so concerned about this back in january of '09, and now it turns out they had reason to believe. gloria is right, she'll have to address this. so many democrats are shaking their heads tonight wondering why didn't they dispatch with this long ago. they knew this was an appearance of a conflict and bill and hillary clinton just don't either recognize it or don't want to say that this thing that they set up that does good work, yes, has some issues. >> do you think by not handling this as cleanly as they could have while she was secretary of state that they basically shot themselves this the foot for being able to have this really
3:42 pm
do work all while she's president. >> they've opened the door to all this criticism and they opened it even wider by sort of trying to work the rest. whether they make the argument that the foundation does good work or complaining about the aps reporting on this instead of coming before the american people and saying this is how we want to address the problem. it's working the refs. they work the campaign when it comes to something like voter fraud. voters want to see candidates talk to them about the issue, not complain about the coverage. >> ron, i know you have something to say. i have to get in a quick break. we have much more to talk about in politics. we'll be back in a moment.
3:43 pm
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3:47 pm
we're back now with our political team. as donald trump and his team escalate the attacks, i wonder, ron, what you think about this. it's been donald trump stealing bad headlines for hillary clinton by saying something on twitter. we're seeing it's hillary clinton getting this negative focus. has she done herself a disservice by not shutting this down? >> i think donald trump has shown more discipline and focus in the last several days. he's not been lighting himself
3:48 pm
on fire with new controversies every day and he's allowed the focus to shift back to her and this kind of endless series of ethical questions. the clinton foundation does a lot of good work. if you think about it in the broad scheme of thing, on the causes the clintons care about, nothing could be a victory in the presidential race and if she's elected, she's a president that will be coming in with a substantial portion of the country doubting her honesty and integrity. that's why i doubt the answer they put forward is the end point of the discussion of what's going to happen to the clinton foundation if she wins and maybe even before november. just the inherent difficulty of truly establishing bright lines between an constitution that's in the name of the sitting president, founded by the spouse of the sitting president and the ageneral djegenda is very diffi. i got to guess the clinton team
3:49 pm
will be reconsidering this as they go and if they win, reconsidering it a lot. >> donald trump, jeff, was given this opportunity by sean hannity. he almost teed up foundation and said take a whack and donald trump didn't. we know that donald trump don e donated between a hundred grand and 250 grand. here is what she said about that. >> he gave money. >> sure because they do good i don't recollect. l -- work. >> he wasn't paying to play? >> he wasn't. >> are they undercutting their own argument? >> sort of. a lot of donald trump supporters may never know he gave money to them. he used to be a democrat. he's undercutting but he's arguing louder the call for a special investigation, whatever. i'm surprised the clinton campaign or super pac has not reminded some voters about his donation. i expect that to be coming in
3:50 pm
the days ahead. >> you think that will be coming? >> i wouldn't be surprised to see it coming. i think he's undercutting his own argument. back in the republican primary bedebates, i'm a businessman. it's not wearing as well now that we're in the thick he's hosting this roundtable tomorrow with black voters, hispanics and gop activists. what is he hoping to get out of this? >> a sense of voters and all voters especially in swing states that he is friendly toward minority communities and friendly toward minority voters and he's making an effort to reach these voters and the problem is meeting with republican interns or activists in his conference room is not the same as saying i will go speak to the naacp and i will speak to a black church. yes, it will help him on the margins and this is not what he has to do to change with voters
3:51 pm
of colors. >> he's going to places that are predominantly white and, look, the naacp will not be the normal audience for him and he's not going to get the reception that hillary clinton did and she spoke to the vfw which is not her cup of tea and that might be the opportunity for him in a more controlled environment to make a pitch. >> no doubt about it. each if he was heckled or booed and he loves affirmation and that's why he does the big rallies across the country. he likes affirmation. he does not want any confrontation. >> i'm, unfortunately, going to have to leave it there, gloria. so sorry. gloria borger, jeff zeleny. >> chilling new threats from north korea after his regime launches a ballistic missile from a submarine, kim jong-un warns the u.s. mainland is now warns the u.s. mainland is now within striking distance. hite. i'm glad you called.
3:52 pm
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we have breaking news out of north korea. moments ago kim jong-un boasting about a provocative new missile test. he says his country is bolstering its nuclear attack capability hour by hour and our brian todd has just been looking at this new statement. what are you looking at, brian? >> just moments ago kim jong-un declared this test successful and this was brought on by the u.s. nuclear threat and u.s. blackmail and said america is now within his striking range. north korean media said kim supervised the launch. tonight officials from washington to seoul are calling this a very dangerous development. tonight, the undersea threat to the u.s. and its allies from kim
3:57 pm
jong-un is greater than its ever been. south korean and u.s. military officials say north korea just test fired a ballistic missile fired from a submarine that traveled about 300 miles, further than any missile kim has ever fired from a sub. it landed in the sea of japan, inside japan's zone for identifying threats from the air. >> this system is now an imminent threat. north korea could soon integrate a nuclear warhead on to this ballistic missile. >> reporter: this new satellite photo from the group 38 north shows the submarine at a dock with a crane over it just 48 hours before the test. japan calls this launch reckless. u.s. officials call it provocative. analysts say tonight north korea is now capable of striking anywhere inside south korea with a ballistic missile fired from a sub. some 25,000 u.s. troops are also based on the peninsula, but the threat doesn't end there. experts believe kim's regime are
3:58 pm
trying to build bigger, quieter submarines that could travel further and go undetected. >> they could potentially within the next decade develop submarines transiting the pacific ocean within range sufficient to launch missile strikes against the united states. >> reporter: it was a few months ago that one of kim's submarine launched tests was thought by experts to have been staged with missiles fired from an underwater barge, not a submari submarine. tonight, experts say kim is just a couple of years away from having a fully operational sub launched missile program. >> when he gets that capability. how does that change his behavior and calculation from the united states? >> they feel more emboldened for providing actual attacks and tactical level against south korea feeling they have immunity from any kind of u.s. response. >> the sub missile test comes as troops conduct exercise wes their south korean allies. analysts say kim's always believed these drills are practice for taking him out and
3:59 pm
targeting his nuclear program. he's responded by being brazenly aggressi aggressive. >> with kim jong-un, we don't know as much about him as his father. we are uncertain if he understands the concept of red lines. >> how could the u.s. and its allies counter the new submarine missile threat from kim jong-un? one military general tells us that the allies will have to put more spyplanes in the air and more ships and underwater sensors throughout the pacific ocean to detect the subs, and it could be difficult, expensive and could provoke china and russia into being more aggressive in the pacific. >> we are understanding how much more aggressive he is than his father, right? >> the center for strategic and international studies has all of the missile tests and found that kim averages about nine tests a year of major weapons systems, of nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles like this one and the like. his father, kim jong-il he averaged fewer than three of those tests a year.
4:00 pm
this young man, much more aggressive. >> very interesting. brian todd, thank you so much for that report. i'm brianna keilar. thank you so much for watching. erin burnett "out front" with jim sciutto starts right now. "out front" next, trump tells black voters if he's elected president, quote, you're not going to be shocket. is that a winning message? bill clinton breaks the silence surrounding the clinton foundationdation. the u.s. guided missile destroyer, all of it caught on tape. let's go "out front." >> good evening. i'm jim sciutto in tonight for erin burnett and out front tonight, vote for me and you're not going to be shot. that's the case that donald trump is making tonight to black te


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