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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the years. >> can we just listen for three seconds? >> this way. >> we're going to leave it here. let's continue this. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> thanks, brooke. a brand-new poll shows if you don't like either major party presidential candidate you're far from alone. but it if you like them both, well you might be the only one in the world. "the lead" starts right now. so what the plan with 70 days until election day? donald trump supporters, waiting to see what if anything changed in his tough-talking immigration policy. adios carlos danger. took more straw than exists in all of kansas to break this camel's back. but apparently it broke. top hillary clinton aide houma an deen announcing she is
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leaving anthony weiner. donald trump suggesting this is a national security issue. and take standing by taking a seat. 49er quarterback colin kaepernick's decision to ignore the national anthem in protest. what one gold star mother of an american hero thinks of that decision. >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the lead. today national poll from monmouth university found something unprecedented in recent presidential politics. one-third of you voters out there don't like either major party presidential candidate. the poll found no voters who had favorable opinions about both hillary clinton and donald trump. which leaves the president bl debate as the biggest opportunity for either candidate to win over new supporters. donald trump meeting with advisers as he prepares for that first debate next month. but he is also still hammering out key aspects of his trade mark policy proposal on illegal
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immigration. out of debate last november, you might remember when trump planned to report all undocumented immigrants was called a silly argument. a nonadult argument. trump's response was quote, we have no choice. we have no choice. jim acosta joins me now. and jim it sounds in fact mr. trump now thinks we have a close. >> i think that's right, jake. i'm told we will be learning more about donald trump's immigration plan. when he lays out policy on this issue later this week. he has that speech on wednesday in phoenix and senior trump adviser says yes gop's nominee determination to build a wall on the southern border is as firm as of. what to do about the undocumented though, that is another matter. >> donald trump may be signalling his latest shift on immigration, moving toward the idea of prior advertising deportation to target criminals in way from removing all undocumented right away. >> all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million people
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or more or less that are here illegally. on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> in what may be major departure from his controversial call for a depor pags force that trump issues during the primaries, senior campaign adviser said the gop nominee will announce in a speech later this week that he will secure the border first. and suggests that the conversation on what to do the millions of undocumented should quote come years from now. as for trump's proposal it build a wall on the u.s./mexico border -- >> we will build a great wall on the border. >> don't bet on any cracks adding it'll be an unpenetratable barrier. consistent with the promises just in the last week. >> it'll be as beautiful as wall can be. >> we will build the wall 100% and mexico will be paying for the wall. >> in an interview on cnn's state of the union, trump's
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running mate, pence told jack tapper it is a work in progress but there is no path to legalization op trump's plan. >> he will stand in the principles that underpinned his commitment to end illegal immigration in this country. >> in mount's america the middle crash kbets crushed. >> trailing hillary clinton if the polls trump is reffing up spending on new ads aimed at winning back middle class voters. >> but trump still capable of stepping on his own message take his tweets on the killing of relative of pro basketball star dwap wade. trump saw the crime as vindication at his route reach to minorities. juch as what i've been saying, african-americans voting trump. hours later tweeting condolences to wade and his family. >> expressing his condolences
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and he says and he reminds everybody he has been trying to make the case that the increase in random crime and senseless murders, the poverty, the joblessness, and the homelessness and some of our major cities is unacceptable to all of us. >> trump campaign will continue to reach out to minority voters with the speech schedule for detroit and they are confident the immigration speech will settle any jitters among supporters and top adviser says the address will reflect what i calls the consensus of conservatives nationwide. jake, after all the confusion over the last couple of weeks, that's what they needed this morning. >> all right. jim acosta, thanks so much. for the second time i will warn parents that you might want to mute for a minute or so. since this next politics story, i'm talking slow so you can mute it, involved yet another man in the public eye who is proud of his crotch. and expressing so in a very public way. hillary clinton's campaign today facing a new and disturbing distraction involving her top
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aide. today huma abedin said she is separating from her husband, former democratic congressman, anthony weiner. after screen shots of his sexting splashed all over new york post. one showing him in bed with his underwear, man parts visible with disturbingly the couple's young child sleeping by his side. now these are the same types of photos minus the child that sank his career in congress, potentially hurt his chances of becoming new york mayor and now of course divert clinton campaign as it fields questions about clinton's top aide. now joining me live in new york, miguel, whether or not someone can be easily blackmailed is not something that national security officials take lightly and it's possibly relevant here. >> well that is part of the problem. that is certainly what donald trump is saying here. look, if you have security clearance or are applying for security clearance, being black mailed is concern. there is no evidence it happened
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here. but now another serial sexting scandal from anthony weiner taking a front seat in presidential politics. >> anthony weiner caught in yet another sexting scandal. disgraced congressman, husband to powerful hillary clinton adviser huma abedin, humiliated again, this time on the front page of the new york post. this time not just a photo on the front page the selfie he sent to a woman not his wife shows him in hisunder wear this time with his child beside him. the post reporting that picture sent by 40-something divorce out west in the midst of a sexual conversation with the caption, someone just climb need my bed. according to the post, weiner and the woman exchanging messages going back to january of last year. the disturbing image seized upon by donald trump who used it to continue questioning hillary clinton's judgment saying i only
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worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told. it's just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. for some, the story about the husband of the current vice chair of hillary clinton's presidential campaign and previously her chief of staff at the state department, is a potential question of national security for others just a cheap tabloid story. but for huma abedin, it was apparently the last straw. in a statement, abedin said i made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i are devoted to do the best for our son who is light of our live. she also asked for privacy. weiner was caught for a second
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time sexting with women under the alias carlos danger. human. >> i love him, i believe in him and as i said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> but today separated their marriage dissolving even before the public announcement of a close friend telling cnn that couple has been separated for months and recently she hadn't even been wearing her wedding ring. >> thanks, guyes. >> anthony weiner resigned from congress in 2011 after accidentally tweeting to the entire world a sexually explicit photo intended to be a direct message to a 21-year-old woman. after days of denials and mounting pressure to resign, he finally fessed up. >> to be clear, the picture is of me and i sent it. >> after another humiliating round of sexting went public, weiner finally deleted his twitter account.
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>> now as hard as it is to believe this appears to have happened again we have reached out to anthony weiner himself. he has not gotten back to anybody at cnn's as far as we know. he did speak a little bit to the new york post when they were working on this story saying he had this relationship with this woman for some time. he considered their conversations private. also said that nothing was inappropriate so that may be a question as to whether or not he knows the line of appropriateness. we haven't heard anything so far from the clinton campaign responding to mr. trump's statement. jake? >> miguel is in new york. thank you. let's bring in jeff zeleny who is live in the hamptons in new york where hillary clinton is fund-raising today. jeff, you are learning more about the more recent relationship between huma abedin and anthony weiner. >> i am. i'm told by friends close to the couple that they indeed had been heading apart that for the last several months or so they were essentially estranged. but huma abedin, i'm told, did not know anything about this
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specific photograph until this weekend. she learn bed it this weekend presumely after the new york post was seeking comment on this. anthony weiner was here in tht hamptons spending some time as the end of summer approaches here during big clinton fund-raising swing. he left abruptly after this was discovered and he went back into the city here jake. but we have not seen from huma abedin at all. she was at hillary clinton's side yesterday as she went from fund-raising event to fund-raising event. she has not been seen today at her fund-raising event. this is certainly a difficult personal situation for her and jake there is no one closer inside the campaign to hillary clinton than huma abedin. she can be sure this is a distraction internally as well. >> and jeff, what was her reaction, if you know, to that disturbing photograph that had their child in it. >> it was described to me as furious and sickened.
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those are the exact words that were described to me by people familiar with her reaction it this, jake, she of course knows what her husband has done over these last five years and more, but involving their son, jordan, 5-year-old, i'm told she was furious and sickened. jake? >> jeff zeleny, thank you so much. >> the question of course, how much will all of this have on the campaign if anything? that's next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information
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significantly. katrina pierson, mary katherineham and steve mcman. let me just get this out of the way. huma abedin and anthony weiner, whom announcing separation officially after this photograph which disturbingly included a picture of their son with him in this sexting picture. that presence of the kid makes it more troubling than -- and not fun aye. >> no. we have gone a step further from like compulsive sexual behavior to disturbing sexual behavior. my heart is with this child for one and this family situation that is blowing up. i also think when it comes to the political part of this that i think there is a very good argument to be made that huma and hillary are a danger to national security without carlos danger at all. but i think donald trump will probably bring this up a couple times. >> let's get to you katrina. donald trump using the scandal to question hillary clinton's judgment to say that weiner
1:18 pm
might have learned of information through his wife. there is no evidence he might have learned anything classified. >> no. which is exactly why he asked the question. huma abedin is one of the individuals that played a dual role at the state department at the clinton foundation. and we all know now that classified information was recklessly and carelessly handled. he just asked the question. who knows what he learn end who he told if he did learn something. >> steve, is this a vulnerability for secretary clinton when it comes to her judgment, when it comes to national secure snit. >> it has nothing to do with her judgment. can you question huma's judgment in staying for the third time but this couple is growing apart a personal tragedy staying together for the sake of her child and just an untenable situation right now. >> do you think it will have any affect on her polls. >> i don't think so. huma abedin san aide, an central figure in the campaign in the sense that her judgment and her choices in her personal life
1:19 pm
will affect the country. >> katrina -- >> go ahead. >> never a clearer case for delete your account. now we have it. >> let me ask you, buzz feed obtained a recording of a robo call from former klan leader david duke running for senator in louisiana. let's play a clip of that. >> unless massive immigration is stopped now to be outnumbered and outvoted in our own nation it is happening. time to stand up and vote for donald trump for president and vote for me, david duke, for u.s. senate. >> does that bother the trump campaign to have david duke saying vote for trump and vote for me? >> well, absolutely disturbing. the trump campaign has no knowledge of the campaign that david duke is running and we have disavowed david duke and don't condone any activity he is doing. >> what do you think, mary katherine? do you think they need to tell them to take it down. >> i think in past it has taken longer for donald trump to reputate the likes of david duke
1:20 pm
than i would have liked. i'm glad to hear this now. being active is great. there is this part where donald trump has to take responsibility for -- even if you look at his twitter account, which is three quarters of his campaign apparatus, retweeting of alt-right white nationalist types, i that i is problematic. and he will probably reach them tomorrow with this immigration speech and that might turn off those like duke. >> ads in colorado and virginia and to battle ground state -- >> are they still battle ground states, really? a huge lead. >> and she has stopped advertising there. that's pli question, do you think they should consider if he is on the air there? >> i think they should keep running as many ads as they can in blue states and democrats carried six out of the last six elections. and some purple states for hillary clinton by 10, 12, 15 point to the point where the campaign that attacks the
1:21 pm
supporter are off the air. it is clear what is going on in a lot of the state and it is not moving in donald trump's direction. moving pretty quickly in the other. >> katrina, early voting starts late next month. do you think mr. trump waited too long to make decisions about immigration policy. to start running ad? what do you think? >> no, not at all. after labor day is when everyone pays attention. he is closing the gap. i think now is the perfect time for mr. trump to get out there and give voters a reason to support him over hillary clinton. >> and mary katherine, your response, this morning donald trump had more to say on the violence in chicago. inner city crime is reaching record levels. african-americans will vote for donald trump because they know i will stop the slaughter going on. my fact check found there has been small spike in some crimes in some cities but murder rates on the overall long-range decline. one murder is too much,
1:22 pm
obviously. is this an effective campaign use. >> i think that's the question. the answer is no. it is hard to think of something more tone deaf than the tweet over the weekend about the murder that happened in chicago about dwyane wade's dusin. i don't think it reaches those voters. but i'm not sure it even reassures republican voters that hey i'm doing my thing and trying to reach these people. which is what some of them want reassurance of because as i said, of the elevation of the al alt-right in the past. they get the feeling of, what is he doing here. >> real quick, we weep talking about the statistics in the cities but here is the thing. when you look at baltimore, look at milwaukee, communities don't set their communities on fire because they feel like they are being represented. mr. trump is simply saying, give me a chance. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. this newly wed american mormon is gun-toting and the family says charges are ridiculous, trumped up and are
1:23 pm
fighting to get him released to jail and back to the united states. we will bring you their story next.
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go long.
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jack tapper. our world lead today. already challenging war against isis facing yet another obstacle. two u.s. allies whom one would think might be focussing on the demolition of isis are instead now battling each other. along the turkey/syria border in the middle east after all as it said the enemies of my enemies are my enemies. in this case it is the turks versus the kurds. thick black smoke, clouds, hanging over the key border town
1:28 pm
in syria today. turkey helped syrian rebels push out isis. targeting u.s.-backed kurdish forces in ruthless air strikes. let's bring in cnn international correspondent nick payton walsh. nick, does this hurt the war against ice nis a big way? >> potentially u.s. policy hanging. we had a glimmer of hope in the u.s. hours and they have come forward and ask the the kurds to pull back over the border and asked them to respect the euphrates river. they say they think that aforce be happening. and then the kurds moving heat of away from the kurdish and syrian rebels backing moving south away from that town you mentioned. now also the pentagon are asking the turks and the syrian rebels to slow that advance. but it is very premessy about w is what and where.
1:29 pm
and killing 25 kurdish militants and we have seen a turkish soldier killed on an take on tanks. and it seems calmer now in the pentagon are trying to get both allies to stay off each other but as turkey opened a new chapter in this war here, it is not a short term prospect and we all ne how they feel about the kurds. their president saying we are going after all threat, kurdish or isis along that border. this could be a very open-ended chapter in a yet already exhausting war, jake. >> on the subject of the topic in that war, isis, the group remains relentless. claiming responsibility for two recent deadly terrorist takes. and what are they? >> ghastly wars that haven't mentioned in this previous conversation, an take on a wedding party, thought to be dominantly shia. and in yemen a war we ever talk
1:30 pm
about that continues to rage here and an attack on military recruits if the port city there perhaps killing a as many as 60. this is the routine of terror isis give to the world and they seem to be on the back foot now in syria but it is that distraction we are talking about with the fight between the turks and kurds that could cause a mess in the final chapter, jake. >> nick payton walsh, thank you. he says he is taking a stance. and her son lost his life in the war in afghanistan. gold star mother talking about colin kaepernick's sit down, next. stop...
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welcome back to the lead. i'm jake tapper.
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our sports lead now, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick defending his decision to sit down during the national anthem. he hopes it will call attention to discrimination and oppression of the black community. >> this is because i'm seeing things happen it people that don't have a voice. people that don't have a platform to talk and have their voices heard and effect change. so i'm in a position where i can do that. and i'm going to do that for people that can't. >> several fans responded by burning his jersey in protest. >> you should never play another down in the nfl again. move to canada. >> kaepernick said he will continue to sit during the spar spangled banner going forward. playing the national anthem is said to have started in the 1918 series to honor world war i veterans. perhaps it is not surprising that many military families
1:36 pm
reacted strongly to kaepernick's decision. a mother who lost her son in an ied attack in afghanistan in 2010, mrs. johnson wrote a strongly worded face back post that has gotten a lot of attention. and joining me is terry johnson. first of all, most importantly, we are so, so sorry for your loss and we honor your son, sergeant joseph johnson, and his service and the sacrifice that you and your family have given to this country. this is a show that tries to give voice to veterans and their families. >> thank you. >> so you have a very emotional and maybe visceral reaction it kaepernick's reaction. tell us about it. >> when i read that he said he couldn't stand for a flag that didn't have pride in, right away my heart kind of stopped and i lost my breath because the flag
1:37 pm
that i see is the flag that draped my son's casket in honor. and i see the flag that was handed to my husband and i with deep respect from a grateful nation. when i look at the flag, i see the best of us. >> i can certainly understand your strong feelings about this. i tweeted out your statement yesterday. i heard a lot of support from a lot of people, also some respectful, respectful disagreement. one of the push-backs was this motion that your son, a hero, died in no small way for the right of free speech. which is a right that's tested when it comes to unpopular opinions. in other words some of these people were saying that colin kaepernick was in some ways the embodiment of the freedoms for which your son so bravely and selflessly and risked his life.
1:38 pm
can you see why some people might see it that way? >> i can understand that. and we do have freedom of speech. that is a right. wisdom of speech is a responsibility. >> so kaepernick said he has no intention of dishonoring you or any other family wloes have lost loved ones fighting for this country. specifically his explanation for the nfl, to the nfl network that he stayed seated during the anthem is because quote i won't stand up and show pride in a plag that owe presses black people and people of color. to me this is bigger than football. one of the push backs i got on twitter is that there are other grieving moms out there and while their sons were not heroes like your son fighting in a far off land, they are also grieving moms because their sons were innocently and wrongly killed by law enforcement.
1:39 pm
if one of them were here and said to you, hey, kaepernick wasn't standing up against your son, he was standing up for my son, what would you say to that? >> my response would be that, yes, you have the right to sit down. sitting down is something that is easy to do. but standing up and stepping forward is something that is hard to do. and what i would like to see is if you really see oppression when you look at the flag, then make it your mission to be proud of it. do something. make a difference. so that when you look at that flag, you show pride and you feel hope and possibilities. we have it within ourselves to do that. and he has such a large reach that if he -- if he wanted to truly make a difference and
1:40 pm
truly be proud, he could do that. >> do you think it's fair if he were to respond by saying that this is what he's doing to try to make a difference? obviously it is nothing like what you're son did. but that this is his way of trying to spark a debate and spark discussion and improve the country? >> in improving the country, i think that's a great mission. positive words, positive actions, result in positive words and positive actions. so instead of saying what's wrong and telling us how everything is oppressive, i agree that we have a lot of work to do. but let's try to do it in a positive manner. support each other. >> terry johnson, thank you so
1:41 pm
much. as always, our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your family and our deepest condolences on the loss of joseph. >> thank you. he's an american who traveled to venezuela to get married. but now he is sitting in a venezuelan jail accused of possibly being a terrorist. that story, next. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. choose one of six favorites plus family bua large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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buried, what we call stories that don't get enough attention, locked up in jail and what one u.s. official is calling trumped up charges. on june 11, a mormon missionary travelled to venezuela to get married. they planned to come back home to the united states with her two daughters and start a life together. but days after their wedding while waiting for visas to travel to the u.s. according to the "miami herald," police came to their door and conducted door to door searches. joshua began filming police on his mobile phone which police did not like. a witness told the herald brought a bag into the department and claimed to discover weapons inside the bag.
1:46 pm
now joshua holt faces changes not only involving the weapons but also espionage. there was a press conference accusing the american being tied to a political assassination and referring to him as the grinningo. venezuela las a frosty relationship with the united states who has sanctioned the united states for numerous human rights cases. and visiting him in jail as recently as august 16th and the u.s. is asking for a fair trial. let's go to lori holtz, the jailed american's mother. lori, josh, i imagine, if you talk to him, he says he was framed? >> yes. there is no way that he did anything they are accusing him of. he actually did not film anything. he was actually in bed when it all happened.
1:47 pm
he could hear guns going off. children screaming. you know, women screaming. and they went out to look out the window and saw hundreds of national guard breaking into houses us hp he was afraid. they came into the house the first time, they hit him on the foot and told him to go out and wanted to talk to him to see why he was there. he told them why he was there. they then let him go back into the apartment. 45 minutes later, came back with five police officers, stormed in, took him immediately, took his cell phone, started searching it. they took him out to a truck, had him kneeling, they kept hitting him. they kept calling him a gringo. some of the police officers were saying, why do we have him?
1:48 pm
what did he do? and they just said gringo. and the other officer would say, oh, okay. and that happened several times that morning. he was finally taken to the jail. when he was at the jail, he still kept asking them, what did i do? what did i do wrong? am i in trouble? and the two officers that took him to the jail said that you're not in trouble. you'll be okay. don't worry. we are your friend. they stopped. bought him an empanada and took him to jail. when he got to the jail, they saw his phone, it was plug need a machine and they were looking for he didn't know what at the time. he saw his wife being brought in. she was in handcuffs as well and crying and begging him to not hate her and not to leave her and that they had brought in after he had been taken away, they brought in a bag, black
1:49 pm
bag, she was following them around and they were looking through the apartment building. and watched them put the grenade into josh's suitcase. as well as the mk -- the m-4 and ak-47, put those into the closet, take pictures of it. they have taken his life away. and all he did was go to venezuela to marry this woman e fell in love with. and just wanted to live happy and come home and be a family. >> congresswoman, love, what is the venezuelan government saying? and do you think he is held just because he is an american in the wrong south american country at the wrong time? >> the biggest issue that we have is that the venezuelan government is becoming increasingly, having a reputation for doing this, not just to their own people but natural american citizens also. arresting people on trumped up charges. they have over 100 people
1:50 pm
detained today on political crimes and prosecuted over 2,000 people and speaking to other members of congress who have had experience with the venezuelan government and speaking to the state department, writing a letter to the state department, on july 22nd we just got a response back from legislative affairs, united states state department saying they were very concerned about his health. they visited him twice. they are concerned about his health and the fact he is held without any due process. at all. it is just, all of saud he is taken off into jail and this is a personal constituent of mine. this is a personal issue for me. and i think that we need to do as much as we possibly can to make sure we are let first of all-americans know that venezuela is not a place to go and two, that we need to do everything we can to demand that he gets home. we have written a letter to secretary john kerry, demanding that he ask the venezuelan
1:51 pm
government for a release of joshua holt. >> lori, other families of hostages abroad claim the obama administration did not help them enough. has the state department been responsive? >> you know, we just got the letter back. i wrote this letter -- >> can i ask lori that? i'm sorry, congresswoman. >> no, that's perfectly fine. >> have they been responsive to you, lori? >> no, i don't feel like they have. right now i just need president obama said last year, that he was going to do better with these cases. with, you know, americans held hostage. i need him to step up and do that. >> what more do you need him to do? >> i want him to get my son out. sooner than later. >> all right, lori holt. >> i haven't heard from -- >> i go ahead. >> i haven't heard from anybody as far as the state department, anybody in washington, the white
1:52 pm
house, no one. and i've written numerous letters, e-mails, i just need them to work harder than what they are doing. >> all right. we will stay on top of this, have you back and make sure that obama administration hears you from one way or another. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. >> pr producers to young franken stein, blazing sealeds, willie wonka and the chocolate factory. today remembering a hollywood legend. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> president obama today joining and paying tribute to mexican music icon juan gabriel. the 66-year-old died sunday of natural causes. his final performance, sold out
1:57 pm
concert in santa monica, try night. in his 45-year career, gabriel sold more than 100 million records. in a statement president obama called him one of the greats. our con dodolences to his famil and fanes. we also learned that the brilliantly talented and funny gene wilder has died. a man who could go from zero to hysterical in a split second or just get bad. >> what are you doing? >> getting bad. better get bad, gene, better get bad. bad, they don't mess with you. yeah. >> hey, holmes. get down. >> hey. >> that was wilder with the great richard prior in the film classic "stir crazy." he add long and shaky relationship but built on last. in his film young frankenstein
1:58 pm
and others, also best known as the man who brought willy wonka out of a children's book and on to the big screen. he made willy wonka so sarcastic and loveable. sarah, how could wilder die? >> we are hearing from his family, his cousin has sent out a statement saying it was alzheimer's, complications from alzheimer's that took his life. he battled nonhodgkins lymphoma. he started to beat it, went into remission, then it came back. he did something that ended up saving his life. he was given just a few months to live but then he got stem cell therapy. something unusual back in that day. it ended up helping cure him. he survived that but ended up being taken by alzheimer's. also we should remember his wife of five years, the comedic genius, gilda radner. she died of ovarian cancer in
1:59 pm
1989. ten years before he was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma. my absolute favorite was "stir crazy." i'm so happy you played that. but most folks our age remember him as willy wonka. >> and the tributes are starting to pour in for him. >> they are. and the first person out of box was his good friend, and his coworker, really, the guy that helped bring him from broadway to the silver screen and that was mel brooks. here is what mel brooks said. tweeting it out for the world to see. now retweeted. gene wilder one of the truly great talent of our time, blessed every film we did with his magic and blessed me with his friendship. showing how tight the two were and how important that relationship was for all of us. >> another classic, "blazing saddles." sarah, thank you. too many to name. thanks so much for joining us. >> true. >> be sure to follow me on base book and twitter.
2:00 pm
can you tweet the show at the lead cnn. we read them. now i turn you over to one wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. >> mapping now, separation anxiety, top clinton aide huma abedin. her husband, anthony weiner, caught up in another sexting scandal. donald trump saying hillary clinton was irresponsible. and will trump break free of the embrace of white supremacists. doctors notes after donald trump doctors say he took just five minutes to write a brief endorsement of the candidate's health. saying he and clinton should meet the