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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> reporter: morton says he hopes the american public will come to believe him and ideally forgive him. i 3457b8g imagine only people will say, he was a voice for hate and violence. why should we believe him, that he's changed? >> i will have to prove myself and deal with the questions that come as they dpochlt i have an enormous amount of guilt and cre get. this is a ways to make some amends to some degree. >> reporter: have you forgiven yourself? >> i think, yes. i have seen things that people have done and to know that i once sort of sympathized and supported that view, it sickens me. >> reporter: elizabeth coen, cnn, washington. >> thanks for watching. wolf starts now. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer.
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it's 1:00 p.m. in walk. 8:00 p.m. in istanbul, turkey. where jeff you are watching. thanks very much for joining us. we are inside 70 days until the u.s. presidential election, less than a month away from the first presidential debate. hillary clinton spoke about the debate during a fund raiser last night saying se doesn't know which donald trump will show up at that debate. meanwhile, donald trump is headed west to washington state. he may be previewing his immigration speech, which is scheduled for tomorrow in arizona. our senior correspondent jeff zeleny is watching the clinton campaign. something donald trump tweeted this earlier, a little tease for his big speech tomorrow from day one. i said that i was going to build a great wall on the southern bordered, and much more, stop illegal immigration. watch wednesday! all right. so what do we know? what do we know about the speech that he's going to be dlef
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delivering tomorrow? >> reporter: washington, he has been giving a speech and i expect him to dumb down on what he has been doing as you mentioned in that tweet and on the campaign trail in recent days reminding his supporters to come out to see him that, yes, he intends to build this wall on the u.s.-mexico border. up with of the core principles of his primary company. but i have to say, going into tomorrow's speech, it's very clear that there are a lot of questions that still remain. the biggest what are his plans for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. i was in des moines, i, what he tipped his happened a bit that he might be moving toward prioritizing and focusing on criminals here in the country illegally, then the big question is what to do with the rest. so very clear, there is some shifting going on a. lot of questions going into tomorrow's speech. >> jeff, hillary clinton is not
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directly on the campaign trail. she is doing a lot of fund raising, including one last night. how much time and energy is she spending on debate preparation? >> washington, she is ratching up for debate preparation. she has had the mornings off. i am told she is reading briefing books each at the hamptons on a somewhat of a summer vacation. she is zeroing in on donald trump and she is baching a lot of trump tv, if you will. some of the highlights from debates he had earlier in this republican primary season. she is studying intensively t. campaign is seeking a lot of advice here t. campaign's chief strategist told cnn's "new day" chris cuomo, exactly what she is looking at. >> what donald trump had in the primaries is a different ball of wax entirely. he had a free far all with ache, if 90 minutes, he spoke 12 minutes. i don't think he can
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go-to--to-toe with her. i think he will be very aggressive. i don't think he can go toe to toe on suspense. i think we will see hyper toef top rhetoric from him that we've seen. that's who he s. i don't think he can control himself. >> wolf, at a fundraiser lat night, hillary clinton was actually soliciting advice from dofors, asking them how she should approach donald trump. many are from new york. they know him very well. but, wolf, i cannot think of a presidential candidate if modern history that debated more than hillary clinton. she lad 28 debates in 2008. senate debates in 2000 and 2006 and of course her primary debates with bernie sanders this time around. with all of those experience, a lot of teachable moments this is a different time with donald trump, of course, a different candidate. >> certainly is. as you know, hillary clinton and other democrats are really going
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after donald trump for supposedly being a friend of some of the fringe hate groups out there right now. but now he's publicly distancing himself from, for example, david duke down in louisiana. what is the trump catch saying about all of this? >> the trump campaign is moving to distance themselves and disavow david duke's support. david duke a former kkk leader. he is running for a senate in louisiana along with 24 hour other people on the ballot. he came out with a robo-call in louisiana, where david duke basically tries to tie himself to the trump campaign. here's a small part of that robo-call. >> i want massive immigration stopped now. we'll be outnumbered and outvoted in our own nation. it's happening! it's time to stand up for donald trump for president and vote for me, david duke, for u.s. senate. >> reporter: >> a paper statement saying mr. trump continues to denounce mr.
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david duke or individual with a maemg of hate. there is no place for this in the republican party or our kentucky we have no only in of these calls or related activities, but strongly condemn and disavow. of course the trump campaign received a lot of criticism in the past that they haven't been quick enough to distance themselves from david duke when he made statements like this. certainly this robo-call goes one step farther. the trump campaign very sensitive at this moment to not give any sort of opening for democrats to attack them. >> thank you very much. donald trump supporters now apologizing for sending a tweet showing a cartoon of hillary clinton in lack face t. pastor mark purposes says he stands by his message that hillary clinton and the democrats take african marine voters for granted. on cnn's "new day," he says he's sorry for the method he used to convey that message. >> for me the last thpg i want to do is draw attention away
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from mr. trump's policy. that message was a divisive message. once i discovered howdy vicive this was, this is not the campaign talking. this is not someone in my ears saying you need to take this down or this is mark burns all by himself, who truly loves people. i love this country. i believe in donald trump for president. >> let's bring in our chief correspondentsch these issues of race and racism keep bubbling around in this campaign. >> they do, wolf. i think it probably started with the donald trump's excepts about this american judge of mexican dissent and then donald trump telling african-americans, what have you got to lose? vote for me. i think we sort of descended into is this pit of racial politics culminating in what you
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just saw and donald trump is trailing significantly with african-american voters. >> and the problem for the trump campaign is that this follows such a familiar pattern. >> that he tries to do something that's unique and strategic in his campaign, as you said, he's fought doing well at all t. latest national poll had him at 2%. if all fairness, republicans tend to not do well with african-americans, but that's the whole point of his message, democrats take you for granted. so on, soft. what i meant by the pattern is then somebody, usually donald trump. in this case, it was up with of his top surrogates coming out, putting that image up on twitter of hillary clinton if black face. it took him the pastor you know a good i don't know almost 24 hours to do what he did this morning, which is apologize. he was on another network yesterday with an african-american host, not only sticking by it, but questioning
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who her ancestors were. >> >> this, i think this is a broader issue. i don't think it only hurts with african-american voters. i think it hurts with viet voters who are, perhaps, undecided, particularly white suburban women, white women saying, look, i don't want to vote for somebody that i believe is even potentially a race-baiter in anyway shape or form. there is a few poll out if pennsylvania today, which shows that donald trump is up with white voters in that state by 9. mitt romney was up one white voters -- won white voters by 15 points in pennsylvania. >> in this new poll, a new monmouth university pom, i don't have all, it has hillary clinton up by 8.over donald trump. you see 48%. the 40%, but among minorities, we're talking about
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african-americans, hispanic, asian voters. hillary clinton's lead is massive. 90% say they will vote for hillary clinton. 5% of the minorities say they will vote for donald trump. that's a formid-able advantage there. >> it is. i was looking back at the data to the pre obama years, obviously, fought obviously, but we should note that with the first black president, first black candidate, african-americans went out big time for him. prior to that, the average that democrats got was about 85%, so it's not that far off from what democrats generally get. but i think gloria's point is dead on. it's not. it wouldn't be such a deficit dem graphic ally when it comes to voters, if donald trump were not suffering with some of the more traditional white voters that he is right now. >> he is doing well with white working class voters or those
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with degrees is there so many days until the election, less than a month until that first presidential debate, dploer gloria, who is come income to help these candidates? >> well the "new york times" first reported this morning that trump's co-author of his book "the art of the deem," tony schwartz who has been a donald trump critic says he regretted co-authoring the book. the campaign has reached out to not necessarily to try and help them in debate prep pause this is somebody who knew donald trump well in the mid-''80s after all, but it's really about how to kind of get under trump's skin, how to disarm him. how to deal with him and you know kind of what gets his goat, so that if hillary clinton wants to get him going, so she can show maybe he doesn't have the right temperament to be president. that's what they're reaching out
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on him. >> i want to mention something separate from that issue t. world got to see what we see behind the scenes here with i is just the kind of ironman wolf blitzer is. >> oh, yeah. >> on jimmy kimmel last night. watch this. >> oh. >> neff in my wildest imagination did i believe it would become some big deal. i have a pickle jar here if you want to. >> you are more pressing tan me. >> here we go. here it is. wolf blitzer. >> oh no. oh, there was a pop. >> we saw, i saw what you were doing remember you were going for the pop have i don't know if the audience could hear it. i heard the pop. it clearly is audible. >> i listened to it with my head phones on the pop is quite loud. >> you can come of to my house and open those jars for me. >> again, are you the ironman.
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whether it's a television situation or opening a pick him jar. >> thanks very, very much. coming up, it's primary day in florida. where marco rubio is working to keep a senate seat of an unsuccessful presidential run. will he stick around for his full term will he run for president in 2020? more news on the:t e-mail front. the fbi couldn't release its report on the investigation as soon as tomorrow. we have new details. cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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>> there are some key congressional primary votes today. if arizona, senator john mccain is seeking a sixth term in the u.s. senate, but first must win his primary battle against former state senator kelly ward. florida voters will be deciding three important races. marco rubio once said he was done with the senate, has done an about face and is trying to be elected. he has to beat the businessman for the gop nomination. on the democratic side there is a nasty campaign going on between two congressmen, patrick murphy and alan grayson and a
10:18 am
key house race, incumbent debbie wasserman schultz is fighting tim canova, backed by bernie sanders, the florida race with rubio might just be the most important. manu raju explains. >> reporter: maarco rubio used to be donald trump's harshest critic. now rubio is in today's senate primary. he is giving the xop presidential nominee a lukewarm embrace. rubio is opened to campaigning alongside with trump. he won't take the gop nominee to task for calling hillary clinton a bigot. >> democrats have been calling the republicans bigots for a long time. >> hillary has a lot of problemsch she's corrupt, she's dishonest. i do think the policies she stands for harm minority community, absolutely. >> far from calling her a bigot? >> you have to ask other campaigns about the terms they
10:19 am
use. i can tell you i don't want hillary clinton to be our president. >> reporter: after ending his presidential bid, rub request decided to run for re-election after the gop lobbied him to brake his pledge to leave the senate. he won't be making any more pledges, not even to serve out his full six-year term if he wins this november. >> can you commit to voters here in florida, you will serve the spire six years if you are elected? >> no one can make that commitment. you don't know what your future will hold personally or politically. i can commit, if i am runing to be a u.s. senator, i am fully prepared to be the u.s. senate to be the last office i hold. >> reporter: republicans need trump to stay competitive with clinton in battleground states like florida. that means republicans like rubio node to court supporters, as well as independents who may be turned off by the gop nom fee. polls now show rubio edgeing his likely democratic opponent,
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congressman patrick murphy. >> florida cannot accept a liberal in the senate. >> reporter: rubio has done battle with trump. >> he said a lot of things about trump in the primary you you have not taken back. a sham artist. >> right now the primary is of t. voters chose a nominee. i did disagree with donald on a number of things. i disagree with hillary on etching. >> you said he was too erratic. >> i said the primary is over. >> how can you spourt somebody -- >> how can patrick murphy support hillary clinton? >> reporter: murphy is facing alan grayson in today's primary, says he trusts hillary clinton saying post-voters show the opposite. >> you trust her 1 is 00%? >> yes, i do. >> what issues do you disagree with her on? 1234r her support of the iraq war early on. >> murphy is eager to tie rub
10:21 am
quo to trump. >> a lot of people were shocked about the support that marco rubio has given donald trump. donald trump is perhaps the post-racist bigoted person to ever make it this far. >> reporter: yet rubio's primary challenger says gop voters are frustrated the senators have not tightened enough. >> i don't respect the guy. >> reporter: trump is slated to give a major immigration speech wednesday, despite their contrasting view, rubio holds his punches. >> do you hope he reverses his pupchs to deport 11 million? >> i said it's not a realistic approach. >> is it realistic to build a wall? >> not across the entire border, key sectors, absolutely. >> zupg mexico will pay for it? >> mexico is not going to pay for it. that's our national security interest. >> donald trump rhetoric? >> you'll have more rhetoric on
10:22 am
this issue. >> panu, is rubio secures the nomination, how do his chances look in november? >> reporter: pretty good, actually. this is why. republican leaders were aggressively lobbying marco rubio to change his mind. they viewed him as the one candidate that can win. this state is so vast to run in. it costs $5 million for tiegd state wide. marco rubio has widespread fame rec nivenlgs when you look at pom, he is up by 5, by 8 in some polls. >> that is giving republicans confidence. donald trump is the big x-factor. the fear that donald trump starts to lose by a big mar j into hillary clinton by eight points, nine point, ten points, it will be very hard for marco rubio to win. that's what we are seeing national lip. that's one reason republicans feed donald trump to stay competitive in the battle ground
10:23 am
states. >> important point, thanks very much, excellent report, as usual. this coming into cnn right now, anonymous force, the department of agriculture to close down six offices across the united states. the department is now working with the fbi and other law enforcement agencies to try and determine how serious these threats are. for now, as they close specific offices in colorado, connecticut, maryland and forth carolina. there are also two offices shut down in west virginia. the threats were directed at personnel and the facilities. the department says those six officers will remain closed until further notice. up next the democratic leader in the u.s. senate, harry reid asking to investigate russian livings to what he calls quote government tampering in the u.s. presidential election. we have details. stay with us. ake, into one you'll never forget.
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>> harry reid, the senate democrating leader is now raising a serious red flag over potential threats russia could hack the u.s. presidential election. now he's asking the fbi to investigate. our chief correspondent jim scuitto is reading this letter, watching what's going on. it's startling what the senate minority leader is saying. >> no, this is an enormously potentially dangerous thing for the u.s. electorate harry reid will be briefed on the intelligence what we know, the fbi, cnn, breach is discovered in the illinois and election systems, two key states affecting the records of
10:29 am
hundreds of thousands of voters. the fbi is investigating. no evidence at this point they changed any of that data. just the fact that it was a target and they gained access raises questions about potential influence on the election. whether or not you change results, just to show doubt about the results could be potentially damaging, particularly at a time when you have a major candidate whose support speaks act the legitimacy of the election. this sper jelks into foreign races is straight out of the soviet playbook. >> read the first sentence of this letter harry reid wrote to james comey the fbi director. >> i have recently become concerned the threat of the russian government,tachering in our presidential election is more extensive tan widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results. >> you are speaking specifically about this. this is the first time, hackers,
10:30 am
believed to be russian. investigators say it was a foreign actor. if earlier foreign comments, they mention russia. we've seen other examples of this right that aren't specific to election record. have you the dnc source to issue, which is two election records or results. it has an effect. it was tremendously damaging. so this would take it to a new level t. fact that the senate minority leader is saying that is a reflection of how they are taking this. >> an unrelated matter. the fbi tomorrow could be releasing its reports on hillary clinton's e-mail? >> this report the fbi commit submitted when it did not recommend charges against her. presumably in here is all the data and automatic comments they've collected. it's 30 pages long.
10:31 am
they're going to release the 302. this is with hillary clinton, took part in that investigation. that's about 12 pages. so bottom line, the fbi did not recommend charges. will you have more than 40 papers of documentations here, comments to be poured over by the press and others. it's certainly going to raise more questions about what they found in the investigation. >> certainly will. >> that could come out as early as tomorrow. thank you very, very much. up next, donald trump is touting what he calls the major speech on immigration, tomorrow night. so will voters get the answers on the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants here in the united states? hour panel standing by to weigh i
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if. donald trump is out on the campaign trail in washington state today. the on the eve of his big speech on immigration. trump's conflicting positions occasionally have created some serious confusion of what his policies are. let's bring in our panel to discuss what we could expect to see from him tomorrow. he's under a lot of pressure, david, to deliver a speech once and for all, explaining what he wants to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> more pressure after the last couple weeks ought fought being crystal clear on that. that's more media pressure than i think will be pressure from the voters. i think donald trump is not terribly off base when he says voters this year are fought interested in a bunch of white pain, his core supporters want to know more than anything, he is not moving off what he
10:37 am
campaigned on in the fall. >> that will be an important point he will want to hit. it seems clear, if you are listening to a strategist, that they may much on the 11 million undocumented and he's going to hit border security and say border security first. then we will see. this is what he told anderson cooper. then we will see. that is different what he said. he will have to square that circle. >> if he doesn't explain precisely, he will build a wall, mexico will pay for it. if he doesn't say precisely what happens, he knows the criminals the dpang member the rapists, they will be kicked out on day one, if he doesn't explain what happens to the millions of others here in the occupation, will that be acceptable? >> i don't think it should be acceptable to people. immigration is one of the major issues at stake in this cupt right now. americans agree on that, i think it's important to remember what happened to these 11 million people is not a side issue in this debate.
10:38 am
this is actually a central piece that you can't just say, secure the border, we'll figure this out after. that's not actually an immigration policy. >> it's got to be a little more specific, right? >> i don't think he has to. i think he will have to split the difference. everything we seen come out of the campaign in the last week first half, they don't have an explanation, he is being tugged if two different directions. i think he can say, we will get rid of the bad dudes the krims the rapists, leave the other children opened for another day. we will see, we will talk about i want. that's trump's m-o on a lot of pales. we will talk to congress. that's a part of his appeal, his take. he has to win so far. this is the central issue for him. and the campaign, we'll see if he can get it again. >> if you get rid of the krims, do you allow the others to stay? no math from legal staal status? that's the status quo. he got if saying the status quo was unacceptable.
10:39 am
to your point, duping, he clearly is going to have to come up with some ability to show he's solving a problem, even if he's fought going to have a massive deportation stance? >> i think if you step pack from the policy of this you look at donald trump as a presidential candidate, one of the things that has been so appealing to so many people is this idea that he is the person that will tell it like it is. he understands it is cfl. it doesn't matter. he will tell you the truth. he won't lie to you. that's essentially what he's saying on the campaign trail. for his supporters, it's not just the policy, it's the promise he made to them that he is different than every other politician that's heard from. >> make no mistake t. checkpoint campaign will make their own deportation. they won't go on the flip-floper charge, which is what can you do. they changed their position. members of congress say donald trump wants to go into grocery store, schools, your home and have a deportation force, that itself the message.
10:40 am
no what's what he tries to whitewash, they will say, no. >> i assume a big dhuchg on immigration tomorrow night will be going after hillary clinton, because her views on the 11 million undocumented immigrants here in the united states are totally different than his views. >> he will try to paint her as sort of for full amnesty by administrative action. >> fought just the path to legalization, a pathway to citizenship. >> which she is for. >> that would be portraying her position correctly. fact, she's tried to move to barack obama's left throughout much of this campaign on deportation and other pieces of immigration policy. he is going to go after her. he is going to be very tough on e-verify, other enforcem measures that he can do now as president to try to firm up the law and order piece of this again the places to get.will be on deportation. i don't expect him spending a lot of time on i. i think you are right. i think he is going to try to build a when as he is doing with
10:41 am
african person voters between hillary clinton and hispanic voters. an incredibly uphill climb. >> he is going to try to make the case that she is basically willing to let all these people stay here in the occupation. >> he is exaggerating about her policy, she is for open borders, letting people flow through without restriction. which is not the case. it is true she is for a pretty robust policy that would allow many people here ill locally to stay. she has promised. if she can't get that done through congress, she will go further with executive action than obama. that drives gop lawmakers crazy. >> how do you think struch dealing with this endorsem from david duke? >> he put out a statement clearly saying, adisavow it. i have nothing to do with it. this is not something that's a part of the republican party t. problem was you had these instances pop up that didn't
10:42 am
quash earlier, that a perception began to boil that embraced these outsiders, white supremacists, white national sift iists. i think kelly anne conway waned him in. shooting out the statements quicker now. he's done damage months ago. i think a lot of people aren't quite convinced. >> here's hillary clinton at a fund raiser, speaking ability this last night. . >> she thinks she's has an issue here. >> she does. if you look at what david duke is do figure louisiana. he had robo-calls going out, when he's asking voters to vote explicitly for him and donald trump. so trump pay try to work away f from this in the next months. as long as david duke is wrappings his arms around him.
10:43 am
i think it will be a challenge, something the clinton campaign will latch on to for sure. >> thank you. all right. guy, coming up, a record number of migrants, 6530 hours rescued at sea. among them newborn twins. what happened to them and where they'll go next right after this. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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>> the numbers are astounding. the images are truly heart breaking. the italian coast guard tells cnn some 6500 migrants were pulled from the waters of the mediterranean sea in just of 30 hours. among those rescued the five-day-old infant a peering out after a blank et. he and a twin brother were born prematurely. all were transferred by medevac for treatment in italy. many were families across affect, simply trying to reach
10:48 am
europe, ended up strand off the coast of libya. let's go to our senior correspondent ben wedeman who is joining us now live from rome. ben what happens to these people once they reach italy? >> well, first of all, they're met by medical workers who immediately do a quebec check-up. they give them water, oftentimes they are traveling without each shoes. so they're given flip-flops him then they are bussed to reception centers where they are given a proper people and they are registered. the question is, what happens after that? most mike grants and refugees who arrive in italy don't actually want to say is that here. they know the chances of employment aren't very good. that the prospects are much better in northern europe, in france, in germany, in the uk so they move on. they try not to be officially
10:49 am
registered in italy, because according to eu regulation, refugees and minute ago dprapts must stay in the country where they are registered. many will try to get out of the reception centres and make their way, however that is, forth. wolf. >> what can you tell us about the condition of those twins, those five-day-old twins that were born prematurely? >> well, we understand that they are now in a hospital in pamermo in sicily. they were sufficienting from malnutrition and hypothermia. they are doing much better according to a doctor we spoke to at that hospital. now they were born prematurely five or six days ago. clearly, they basically got open the boat. they were rescued from very soon after being born.
10:50 am
we understand they are two boys. their mother is from ethiopia. beyond that, the hospital is being rather tight-lipped about their situation. but we know that people flee from that area because of that regime's system of mandatory open-ended military service. in fact, they make up the second-largest number of refugees reaching europe after syrians. >> let's hope those little boys are going to be okay. that would be really important. ben wedeman, thank you very much. up next, president obama is set to sit down with the president of turkey amid recent reports the country has launched a military offensive targeting u.s.-backed forces in syria. we'll go live to the region right after this.
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the united states is expressing frustration with some of its allies in the fight against isis. turkey is ramping up its cross-border military operations. in state-run media reports it has carried out air strikes against kurdish militant target in northern iraq. last week turkey began attacking kurdish forces inside syria. that's led to some tensions with the united states. turkey is a nato ally, but washington also backs the syrian kurds who are fighting alongside the u.s. against isis. the white house press secretary, josh ernest, spoke about this just in the past hour. >> the united states welcomes the overnight calm between the turkish military and other counter-isil forces in syria. the united states continues to encourage these moves as a way to prevent further hostilities and loss of life between all counter-isil forces operating in the area. we believe making decisions
10:56 am
about appropriate military actions, it is important to be focused on the shared goal of degrading, ultimately destroying, isil. >> our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is joining us now from turkey. president obama will meet with the turkish president, erdogan, on the sidelines, as it is called, at this week's group of 20 members meetings in china to discuss efforts against isis. what will that do, if anything, to ease the serious tension that has now emerged between these two nato allies? >> reporter: it is expractice ordinary, wolf. day by day we get an assurance that this will calm down but today the turkish foreign ministry saying it was unacceptable to the united states would lay out conditions for what turkey can do in what they refer to as "operation euphrates shield" to secure more
10:57 am
of that border. they've used a lot of turkey-friendly syrian rebels do the ground fighting for that. that itself came after a statement you heard yesterday from secretary of defense ash carter in which he said the turkish shouldn't be attacking america's allies in that area, the syrian kurds. obviously, as you know, turkey considers those syrian kurds who have been a very effective ground force for the united states in fighting isis, turkey considers them to be terrorists. there's also going to be a point in which turkey's agenda and the u.s. agenda in backing these kurds clash. now we have these nato members trying to soothe the situation. that's not been helped in the last hour or so by hearing from the turkish military that one of their tanks has been hit and three of their soldiers wounded. the military haven't said who is behind it as it could be isis or the kurds. it is unclear. still, we're about day or three since we first heard from the pentagon that they thought they could get the syrian kurds to pull east over the euphrates river out of the way of the
10:58 am
turkish. but it still hasn't happened and the rhetoric is still pretty heated, wolf. >> nick, where do the operations go from here? >> reporter: well, the turkish have had one pretty clear agenda -- they're moving west from jarablus. there is about 25 kilometers of border they still have to clear according for a map on state media. that's one objective. but there is absolutely no doubt they are moving south toward a key town called manbij. that had been cleared out by the kurds with a lot of american support. but the deal washington always said had been once isis had gone, the syrian kurds will pull out and move east and let sunni-arab locals take over the town again. that simply hasn't happened. the assurance is heard from the kurdish militia they might stay out of the way of the turkish but they don't appear to be sticking to the spirit of what joe biden said was "the american red line," really, get yourself on eastern side of the euphrates
10:59 am
river. that's constantly being heard from turkish officials the syrian kurds have to do that. that is not really what we are hearing or seeing in spirits from the kurds at this particular stage. it is a pretty substantial policy message. as long as this dispute goes on, they are all fighting isis. >> the turkish pre isish presid erdogan, is clearly in charge in the aftermath of that failed coup. >> reporter: absolutely. there was talk that maybe this operation had been long planned but the military went unfavor, now they're out of the way. what's important about president erdogan, he has made it quite clear he will go after the syrian kurds with the same ferocity he is going after isis. they control a lot of the border here, the syrian kurds, and the turkish mill hear may have a very large task ahead of them if they consider that area to be a threat to turkey. >> the absoluter eslaughter in
11:00 am
four continues now. i'll be back at 5 kw:00 "the situation room." for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. we begin with breaking news on cnn. just 24 hours before donald trump unveils his highly anticipated immigration plan, the one that surrogates seem to be having trouble clarifying, well, moments ago one of trump's own sons giving cnn a preview of what's to come as their father speaks in phoenix tomorrow. donald trump junior is denying that his father is softening on his original hard line stance when it comes to