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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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phenomenal piece of journalism. thank you as us for coming on and sharing what you have done. >> thank you all for being with me. we'll send it to washington now for "the lead" with jake tapper starting right now. thank you, a top isis terrorist is dead. breaking news isis says that a key leader the public face is dead. >> more racial charges, a key trump backer now apologizing for bringing black face into the race. >> plus he sat out the olympic games at the height of racial tensions in the '60s. now kareem abdul jabbar is here to back up colin kaepernick's
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decision to sit down during the national anthem. >> we'll start with this breaking nude and our world lead. a senior leader of the terrorist group whom officials say is regularly sighted by lone wolf terrorist attacks and the man who is the most moneypublic face of the group is now dead. let's goat nick peyton walsh. you called this a seismic moment in the fight against the terrorist group. >> this is certainly the most public voice they have. this is the man you often heard in audio messages. he master minded the slick and gruesome public pr machine that
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put out the high definition videos of murders that attracted recruits. remember the obamaer bin laden idea he said do whatever you fancy doing, go along with your plans and we can claim that later on making the odd fringe lance operations more. >> adrian: -- one for the news agency and another statement too from isis on their master head that says he is dead he died while inspecting military operations near aleppo. that is where turkey has don a recent military incushion. we don't have comment from the pentagon pentagon but isis is in a pad
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place. a key public figure missing. >> thank you so much. let's bring in paul. they once called him a specially designed global terrorist. there was a $5 million bounty on his head. it must be a pretty big blow assuming it is true? >> it is a huge blow they wanted to get him more than any other isis operatives. he was an overall charge of their external operations division. the unit that orchestrated and launched the paris and brussels attacks and other attacks internationally. someone considered very very dangerous from an operational point of view. as nick was pointing out,
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someone that put out calls for attacks worldwide and it helped inspire attacks on both sides of the atlantic. so some justice for those in paris, brussels and we have seen deadly isis inspired terrorism locations. the fear now is that isis will retaliate. the operatives they recruit for the international attacks ultimately they report up to al add adnani. there is a lot of concern of isis operatives here and present and ordered to launch attacks. >> we don't know how al adnani
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die died but it was a hint that it was coalition forces. >> yeah it could have been russians they have been launching airstrikes in that particular area. we will have to wait and see. it may have been that the coalition got lucky here. in his point of view he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was skilled. if there was a u.s. role in this we can expect some answers on this very very shortly. this would perhaps be the biggest breakthrough yet for the war on isis. >> thank you paul kruickshank. both candidates finding now that when they make attempts to do good those attempts are used as examples of how they are up to up to no good.
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frins, hillary clinton being told to cut off the ties with the clinton foundation. on the other said donald trump's reaching out to african-americans. one african-american surrogate for the campaign apologizing for tweeting a cartoon of hillary clinton in black face. the trump campaign trying to push forward to his big immigration speech. >> he has plenty of competition when it comes to his own comments. his surrogates and staffers creating more headaching for the campaign. >> never we will allow her to step back into the -- >> a popular warm up act, pastor mark burp who's has a passionate voice and a knack for ribbing
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hillary clinton. >> she belongs in jail. >> hours after he tweeted this cartoon of clinton in black face, an image offensive to african-americans, he apologized apologized. >> my mess an i stand by. the message is that i believe that the democratic party has been using the black vote. that black voting block. >> pastor burns tweet another obstacle at trump's efforts to woo african-american voters. >> i think he surrenders the ability to discuss the issues. buzz feed discovered this ceo of steve bannon using a derogatory word for lesbians on a conservative radio show.
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>> they would have husbands they would have children they would love their children. they would not be a bunch of dykes that came from the seven sisters schools up in new england. >> and they unearthed this video of kellyanne conway talking about women in the military. >> i want the best prepared military regardless of gender. if physical fitness, if we were fizz as strong as men, there would be no rape we could fight them off. unless massive immigration is stopped now, we will be outnumbered and out voted in our own nation.
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the campaign said there is no place for this in the republican party or the country. but democrats count near trump's plans like a great wall on the southern boarderer stirring up racial tensions. >> i can choose a path here to try to modify you, i never took him seriously on this. >> now trump will be walking a tight rope. move too far to the right, risk losing middle class voters but a change in the immigration plans could erode the base. we tried to talk to the campaign to get a comment on what they say in this about this piece and we got no response. some conservatives are saying that hillary clinton is
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welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper there are critical democratic and republican primaries under way in florida and arizona right now. former dnc chairman debbie wasserman shultz is hoping to win. also in florida, senator marco rubio. and in arizona, john mccain trying to fight off a challenge from kelly ward who raised the issue of his age. mr. mccain turned 80 yesterday. former republican governor of arizona, jan brewer is joining me. thank you for being here as always. >> thank you for having me on jake. >> senator mccain who you have endorsed and marco rubio, facing primary challenges today. they both face potentially tough
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races in november. there are republicans in arizona and elsewhere worried that trump could potentially cost republicans the senate. is that a concern you have at all? >> my advice to john mccain is continue what he has done for our great state for 30 years. he is a warrior. he will win today overwhelmingly and in november he will beat his opponent overwhelmingly also. i think people are concerned about security and jobs and opportunity. and john will help us get that done. and he will work he will work with mr. trump, but he will also stand his ground. that is what a the country needs. they need them to understand the security situation, the tax
1:16 pm
situation, that is what donald trump is all about, making a difference. >> did it bother you when trump said he didn't think john mccain was a war hero? >> i was disappointed. john mccain is definitely a war hero. >> former new york city mayor rudy giuliani defended raising questions about hillary clinton's health. saying it was a public service letting people know. are the kooky videos online now "acceptable evidence" for campaigns in everybody can make a video that looks like they're doing anything. >> absolutely it is irritating
1:17 pm
frustrating, and one wants to believe what they read is always right, but believe half of what you see and half of what you read i guess. people have to do their research. with the different today, it is out of control. for most people we know what they stand for. that is what we have to pay attention to based on their record and what they say directly to us. >> should people stop trafficking going to web videos to find these skeers earrings about hillary clinton's health. >> we know she had issues with her health. she has hyperthyroidism. he doesn't have energy she is taking a lot of vacations. she needs to come forward. has not had a press conference
1:18 pm
for 260 days? what's going on. >> i don't think there is anything normal about the way mr. trump is running the campaign either. do you have any idea what he will say, one way or the other, about whether or not he will use a deportation force to remove the undocumented immigrants? it has been a real point of confusion. >> well, he wants to change the way things have been handled. mr. trump will stay his ground. they are going to get rid of sanctuary cities. i'm looking forward to hearing how she going to establish all of that.
1:19 pm
>> if he backs away from the deportation force, and the promise to remove the immigrants. >> you know, i have no idea. know that it will be better than what hillary clinton suggested. we need our borders secured. and he said they're going to go back and get in line and come back. that is what we want. we all believe in the rule of law. >> jan brewer thank you so much governor. >> when voters go to the polls, they will be comparing hillary clinton to donald trump. then poisoned by ledad. the government knew about it before telling residents.
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welcome back to "the lead." the fbi said form they could release the potential national security repercussions. this comes as we learn how she is preparing for the upcoming debates. the steam consulting with psychology experts to help her get in trump's head and try to help her bait trump into making mistakes on stage.
1:25 pm
they are also utilizing tony schwartz. >> he is one of the people in new york that knows trump well. that first debate on september 27th. there is no shortage of advice in their brooklyn headquarters. >> more energy tonight, i like that. >> she has a beautiful face i think she is a beautiful woman. >> preparing for her first debate with trump now less than a month away. >> when guy toe to toe with donald trump, which i'm looking toward to doing -- >> the fbi is set to pull back the sir tin as soon as wednesday
1:26 pm
for how she handled private information on her e-mail server. from her senate debate to her run ins with barack obama. >> you're likable enough hillary. >> trump is a rival all his own. >> cnn learned that clinton is taking these steps. seeking advice from people that have known trump for years. asking about his policy personality, and politics and applicants from gop debates, particularly exchanges like this. >> you're a lot of fun up here tonight, i have to tell you. >> donald relax.
1:27 pm
>> joel benson said clinton is preparing for a rawucous debate. >> i think we will see hyper rhetoric from him. hillary clinton's close aid, huma abedin leaving her husband after another sexting episode. >> he is uncontrollable. a sick person. >> and trump seizing on a "new york times" editorial. in a statement, trump said it was a "devastating rebuke of hillary clinton's poor judgment and broken compass. >> no doubt questions about the foundation will remain and be travel in their debate.
1:28 pm
trump also contributed money to the same foundation. last night, the campaign said we don't know what trump will show up. maybe he will be presidential. >> a respected political columnist with a message for americans. hick has her problems but you simply can't compare her to donald trump. ron rote that for "the atlantic atlantic," and he is joining me now. let me ask you, on one hand you say benghazi e-mail lies. on the other hand bigotry, bullyism narcissism sexism
1:29 pm
selfishness, all extremes unseen in presidential politics. you have been a tough critic of the clintons but you're saying it is not even close. >> like you, i'm a tough clinic on anyone that needs tough criticism. they are perhaps the most flaws and most disliked candidates we have had in modern american history. i just concluded for myself that her enormous lack of credibility is outweighed by his lack of temperament. >> does that mean you're voting for her? >> if it is a bianary choice it would have to be hillary clinton, but it's not. so then you get into aically
1:30 pm
cased thing, do you do a third party candidate? if you're doing that i'm one of those people that won't say you're throwing away a vote don't buy that. but be conscious of the fact i'll be living in michigan it is a potentially battleground state. i could be helping trump. i can't see him being president of this country. >> we just learned from the state department there could be 30 benghazi related e-mails she didn't turn over to the state department. it is just the latest story like this. what kind of administration do you think she will run? >> if a campaign is a test of a presidency which they are it will be secretive, lack of transparency transparency. the problem with the clintons
1:31 pm
they're so committed to their righteousness, they don't think the rules apply to them. they're up against a man that they don't think how do you do the kind of thing that's are promising. and that low trust number she has earned in the way that she handled benghazi. >> so you said she would have a dishonest and untransparent administration. it's a choice between two very bad candidates. he would punish energies. it would be lacking of any understanding of policy or
1:32 pm
interest in policy. and he is the remarkable thing, when you look at the list of things that have made people raise their eyebrows it is just one after another after another. >> it sounds like you're saying she is horrible but he is unthinkable. >> he is unthinkable. >> and you said you can't vote third party because in mitigating circumstances, voting third party could help him. >> if you're like me you don't think he can. >> craig: -- be president, how do you reflect that. i don't want to vote for either one of them but i will not do anything that helps donald trump. >> stay in tourt, i don't want you to stop writing your column.
1:33 pm
thank you so much. best of luck to you and say high to your family. with the election 70 days away cnn is looking at both of the mayor party candidates. the essential trump, the candidates from the major parties from those that know them best. that is right here on cnn. coming up poisoned and kept in the dark. their yards contaminated with toxic levels of lead. so why did it take two years to warn the people on this land? (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper.
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this is our buried lead stories we don't think are getting enough attention. a shocking revelation for 1,000 residents, forced to leave their homes because their soil is poisoned with lead and arsenic. more outrageous local officials, including some in the epa, have known about it for some time without alerting the public. rez dens and children were being poisoned exposing themselves to a lifelong physical damage. sheer what rosa flores found. >> she looks like a healthy 2-year-old but a poison is in her body. her lead levels were 6.6 times higher than the level set by the cdc. >> it was terrifying.
1:39 pm
>> chantell says she learned of her daughter's alarmed led blood levels last month from a letter from the indiana department of health. >> i just wanted to know why didn't anyone tell us sooner. why didn't they warn us? >> cnn asked the indiana health department. they say while they can't speak about specific cases, they maintain the responsibility of the local health department to convey test results to patients and follow up and if they communicate with patients, it's intended to supplement thehealth department. the letter saying the water is 66 times above the lead limit and the arsenic limit. look at the date on the test a
1:40 pm
year and a half ago. the inside of her house was tested recently and it is highly contaminated. >> we have contaminated furniture. our kids are barefoot on contaminated floors. >> her entire complex is contaminated. public epa documents show that the comeplex is where an old lead company once stood. signs went up in the area saying do not play in the dirt because when the epa tested this neighborhood at least one result came back more than 220 times above the lead limit, and more than 130 times above the arsenic limit set by the epa. >> the complex is now set for demolition according to city officials. cnn followed the paper trail to
1:41 pm
find out who dropped the ball. the epa, the state health department, or the city. cnn obtained documents where the east chicago mayor said they created a public health disaster in indiana because of their history of incomplete and ineffective work that failed in it's duty to protect health. >> the mayor would not talk to us on camera but cnn had this scathing letter. the mayor says region five received soil samples data in december of 2014 but did not share the data with the city until may 24th 2016. cnn made repeated requests to interview the region five administrator. those requests were denied. said in retro spect with spikes in the preliminary data we
1:42 pm
tlaelz with increased scrutiny of that initial data it could have triggered action to be taken sooner instead of having to wait until the data was fully assessed. the epa will institute a process to flag the need for immediate action. the state senator is determined to hold the responsible parties accountable. and says he needs the help of top brass in indiana, include ug the governor and vp candidate mike pence. >> i would like to see the governor come here. but i think that -- >> has the governor visited? >> not yet. >> what would you tell the people who knew that this area was contaminated? >> shame on you. >> we received a statement where the city is pointing the blame
1:43 pm
back at the state health department saying the state withdrew funding for lead testing in 2011 that led to cuts in the cuts in the local program and said the state department of health notified the city for the first time on august 25th 2016 that the tests were not in data base. >> as the mother in the story said shame on you. thank you so much appreciate it. >> one of the most accomplished nba players of all time standing up for colin kaepernick. >> and astronomers detecting a signal from another solar system. this week 50% off all backpacks.
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i have liquids in my body!
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welcome back to "the lead." controversy when colin kaepernick refused to stand for
1:48 pm
the national anthem. >> maybe he should find a country that works better for him. let him try, it won't happen. today kareem abdul jabbar is pushing back. some people like to brag about our freedoms and then brand it as unpatriotic when you exercise the freedom to show dissatisfaction with the government's record. he is joining me now. author of the new book "writings on the wall" searching for a new equality beyond black and white. thank you for joining us. >> a pleasure to be here. >> in your op-ed. you referred to the athlete that
1:49 pm
stopped in the middle of his pole vault for the anthem. >> i think the best way for me to describe it is he is doing just what thomas jefferson should be done to speak out. jefferson said it was important to protect the speech of people you don't agree with not the ones you do agree with. freedom of speech is what helps make our country the greatest on earth. and we have to protect it for everybody. mr. kaepernick has issues he wants discussed. maybe people don't like his style or timing but he is trying to call attention to issues important to him. >> i don't think anyone is disputing he has the right to do it but is he doing it in the best way possible. i had the mother of a fallen soldier on the show yesterday. i want you to listen to how she
1:50 pm
responded to capkaepernick's refusal to honor the country and the flag. >> the flag i see is the flag that draped my son's casket in honor. and i see the flag handed to my husband and i with deep respect from a grateful nation. when i look at the flag i see the best of us. >> it seems like a lot of people in the military community -- not all, but are having a visceral reaction to what he did. what do you make of it? >> i understand their displeasure with his choice of venue. you can argue with him about that. but what he is doing, calling attention to something that is important to him, i think it is also equally important to him. at least. and you know the whole idea is
1:51 pm
to establish a dialogue. maybe he can, next time figure out a way to do it without stepping on so many toes. what she doing, using his position to call attention to something is i think something that we should respect even though we don't necessarily agree with his timing or tone. that is something for him to work out and hopefully he will work it out as a professional athlete. he has a great platform and i hope he puts it to good use. >> is there a better way he could do it do you think? >> i flow isknow there is a better way, a gold star mother knows better ways. maybe it is time for people like her to talk to mr. kaepernick i'm not condoning what he did, and i have only seen the still
1:52 pm
photographs of him sitting down. when we're at war, and people are dieing for that flag, i understand the sensitivity of people who paid such a heavy price for the patriotism. i understand where they're coming from. >> you write about other black athletes protesting similar issues. and you say, "what should horrify americans is that nearly 50 years later, athletes like muhammad ali and kaepernick are calling attention to the same inequities. clearly more progress needs to be made but i want to make sure i understand what you're saying correctly. are you suggesting you don't think any progress has been made
1:53 pm
in the last 50 years? >> no but over that period of time a lot of people have dies unnecessarily because of improper training for some of our police. and i think that that is what mr. mr. kaepernick is referring to there are two sides to this. i'm sure we can find common ground. that is where we should be headed with this. >> it is an honor to have you on the show thank you for being here. >> nice talking to you. >> coming up signs, scientists detecting a signal from a far, far away star. it might mean we're not alone or's cool as we think we are.
1:54 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." mark your calendars, about a week from now, apple will release a new generation iphone. in true apple fashion, the company is keeping things mysterious and vague. we could also get a sneak peek into the new operating systems as well as the new apple watch and mac book pro. they hope the products will bring in a lot of money since it may need to fork out about $15 billion in taxes from ireland. they got a sweetheart deal
1:59 pm
there, but under eu rules, ireland cannot give specifics to selected companies. and astronomers looking for evidence of extra terrestrial intelligence received what they say is a very strong signal detected by a russian telescope. they're now examining where they believe it came from. the sunlight star is around 94 light years away we're told with at least one planet. could it be a signal from aliens? probably not. researches point to potential technological interference but they say if it is aliens it indicates their civilization is way more advanced than ours.
2:00 pm
so you're telling me there is a chance? be sure you follow me on facebook and twitter or tweet the show @theleadcnn. happening now, breaking news terrorist take down. isis says a key leader has been killed in syria pl he called on followers to kill americans by whatever means possible. did a u.s. airstrike tame him out. will his death make a difference in the war against isis? >> not backing down. cnn jr. says his father's position on immigration is not softening at all. he will still push for the deportation of