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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> that's exactly right. i want to thank our panelists. time for "cnn tonight" with don lemon.
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a possible meeting with mexico's president. what do you know about that? >> it's like the apprentice. >> what we've been told -- we confirmed that donald trump's campaign is currently considering going down to mexico city tomorrow and meeting with the president down there.
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this was an invitation extended by the president of mexico a week ago to hillary clinton as well as donald trump and there is some talk now within the trump campaign that this would be a good leadoff. >> very quick turn around. they will take a while. so the while is set up so how can they set this pup. >> what are you hearing if
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anything about this? >> the passports are clearly an issue, don. one of the key issues and i think mark kind of laid out the outlines of it. but the trump campaign has made no secret. >> we're talking to trump advisers. there were serious internal deliberations on this. not everybody inside the trump campaign is thrilled about this idea. but it is one that they are very strongly considering right now. one i'm told donald trump is personally leaning towards but also the key component here is what donald trump has talked about, the key components of his campaign are what president pena and nieto -- there's a
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logistical issue all of these things are in the works right now as we try to figure these out. >> you've been covering the clinton campaign, this is from enrique nieto. there is no confirmation of meetings at this point. any word on plans that the hillary clinton campaign plans to make the same trip if these trips are indeed going to happen? >> there has been a discussion about should hillary clinton take a foreign trip as a presidential candidate or not. and as recently as the last several days or so, her advisers are leaning no because she has the foreign policy experience. of course she was secretary of state and her time is in the senate as well in the armed services committee, she knows the world, the world leaders know her. so until this moment, no, she's not.
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if donald trump would indeed go to mexico, would she follow at some point? >> we have by pinging back and forth on this immigration policy for the last ten days or so. this would really be the cherry on top of all of this. i'm not sure how his base would react to that. it would be perhaps a sister soso soja-like moment. so she certainly could be lured into it. >> this could be -- to both of you and mark, this could be a really awkward conversation seeing how donald trump launched his campaign. let's take a look back. >> they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems
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with us. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists and some, i assume, are good people. >> he said this could be a really awkward conversation. >> it could. >> you and i have had this consideration, the three of us have had this conversation at this table. donald trump in person is very likable, right? he's very conversational. it will be interesting to see if these two men actually sit across each other and how the conversation ensues. his supporters are probably going to be supportive of him. he does risk stepping on his message tomorrow night, he does risk the idea of the mexican president coming out right after this meeting, assuming he kgoes as he's taking off saying we're not going to pay for that wall and everything is all guff. donald trump is then going to phoenix -- >> there's been a one-way
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conversation about the mexican government, what they're going to do. if he makes this a two of way conversation -- >> it may seem like a negotiation. >> they're going to say we're not paying for the wall. that is going to inject a bit of reality here into what has simply been a campaign promise. that can be one of the reasons that we'll see if this comes off at the end of the day. yes, they're talking about it right now. >> what could he say new at this -- what could come out of this meeting? i know that's a broad -- >> you really want to put me on that spot. as jeff said, we can't make predictions. >> let's assume that he does go. it is under serious consideration. there is a good chance that it does happen. do you think that donald trump is going to come out and have a very good meeting. i think know matter what happens, that's exactly what's going to come out of it. however, the mexican president has now been interjected into the conversation with him and
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that in itself is dangerous. >> this is a continuation of a shift in donald trump's campaign where they are being open and being more presidential, this is definitely a part of stephen bannon's imprint on this and kellyanne conway's imprint on this. >> you took the worlds out of my mouth. it's all about optics as well. so certainly a turn in this campaign. jeff, i just want to get to you quickly. is donald trump running behind -- bill, is donald trump running behind? >> yes, he's a couple minutes behind. he's in town. he's having a fund-raiser first. what's going to be really interesting, what's starting to trickle out to the crowd, is he going to mention it all right now. it's probably not, these negotiations are still under way but he is a little bit behind right now. >> i want to get to manu raju
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right now. you've been following joe kernen in arizona, debar wasserman schultz in arizona. what do you have for us now? >> don, actually, the florida senate race did not turn out to be that competitive here in that primary. marco rubio winning with 70% of the vote. remember when marco rubio dropped out of the presidential race out of losing this state by nearly 20 points to donald trump. he said he was going to retire, he was going to be done with the senate but instead he was lobbied aggressively by republican leaders mitch mcconnell on down, urging him to get into this race because they believe he was the one person who could win and save the senate seat and as a result of all the other republican challengers dropped out of this race. now, rubio just speaking to supporters here had a chance to talk about what he called a, quote, unusual way he got back
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into the senate race. >> it's been an unusual road back here with you tonight. as you know, after my race ended in march for the presidency, i was prepared to become a private citizen and i was not prepared just to be so but i was excited what that meant to republicans here in the state to over 70% of them have returned me for their nominee for the united states state senate. >> now, in about 70 days the people of florida will choose and they will have a clear choice to make. poll tex are at its best when it's about clear choices. >> that choice is going to be between him and patrick murphy, the democratic docongressman wh won his primary. he would not actually commit to serving the senate for a full six-year term if he is reelected. debbie wasserman schultz wins
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her primary. folks believe she did not treat bernie sanders fairly in the democratic primary. we expect him to win that race. it will be interesting to see how tight of a margin that is. the polls show things very close with him and his democratic challenger, don. >> there is a lot to cover tonight. there is breaking news. when we come back, we're going to cover that, donald trump's potential trip to mexico and his big immigration speech tomorrow. can he convince votes are he's not flip-flopping on his signature issue. >> "cnn tonight" brought to you by otezla. introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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back now, donald trump preparing to deliver his big immigration speech tomorrow and he may meet first with mexico's president. back with me now, mark preston. joining us now, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski, who is still receiving severance from the campaign, angela rye, lahnee chen, former policy director for mitt romney. guess who my first question is going to. >> lahnee. >> i know you know.
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when is he going? what is he doing? >> i know that donald trump is in washington state right now, he's going to be in california tomorrow and then in arizona and he's going to be in ohio. >> is he going? >> that's probably an issue to address with the security guys. honestly, you've got a lead with her the president of mexico who wants to have the conversation with the two presidential candidates. there's an opportunity to talk very seriously about immigration reform. that opportunity is with donald trump right now and whether that meeting takes place today or in the future is clearly going to be important to have it. >> sounds like he's saying yes. >> on the positive side, i try to do this once a week. on the positive side i think it's really important to note this could be an opportunity for donald trump to change the narrative, when he slid down the escalator and said mexicans are rapists and drug dealers -- >> and some are good people he said. >> thank you, corey.
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but he still said rapists and drug dealers. and what a time to do it, 70 days left in the campaign when he needs brown voters. i think it's a smart tactical move -- >> and it's also a risky move. >> the problem is he's going to go to mexico and the president is going to say whatever the president wants to say about his immigration policy. and these trips are hard to plan. i helped plan governor romney's trip in 2012 when he went to england and to poland and to israel. and he took months to plan. even then it was a trip that had some hiccups. it would be a miracle to plan it in three, four case. >> can we talk quickly about logistics -- he needs the media there, right? >> you want to get as much press attention as you can, as possible, and you have a
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national press corps where you have to assume that most of them don't have passports so they won't be able to travel with him. at some point there will have to be some time with -- there would have to be some kind of pool of reporters just to cover this meeting in addition to whatever reporters that americans news organizations have in mexico. in addition to that, you have a whole secret service situation where you're putting a candidate on the ground in a city, that is dangerous. you have to figure out driving routes, flying routes, security around the airport. i have to tell you, the secret service when they do foreign trips at least three weeks in advance, they sent people out just to look at what roads they were going to drive and constantly looking at how to move somebody around the city. so it is a logistical challenge. >> is that part of the conversation -- your phone is beeping. >> the u.s. secret service will make sure every precaution is in place if he decides to go. that being said, i think that
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we're learning about this tonight from a news account but this has clearly been in the works for at least three or four days that we know of. so the real question is what normally takes a politician multiple weeks to do donald trump gets done in three or four days. there's the difference. >> i would think -- go ahead. >> just an trrg comment that donald trump could -- i'll let it go. >> it's interesting, the press corps, honestly, i always have my passport with me. >> i was just thinking that. >> mark said the press corps may not have their press pass. >> i always have mine with me. >> a new monmouth poll on pennsylvania, an eight-point lead for hillary clinton over
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donald trump. and heading into labor day in pennsylvania, a 10-point lead hillary clinton over donald trump. >> that poll indicates he's has to continue to do additional outreach in pennsylvania, no question. the step of him going to detroit to talk to the african-american community is an important one. you'll see his opportunity to expand that base, particularly if you look at the last two elections where you had a democratic african-american on the top of the ticket and you had mitt romney and john mccain who underperformed if that particular demographic. >> how so the opportunity to perform? >> i think what he's talking about specifically is, look, every city wants to have safety. if you look at the last four years or five years in the
7:21 pm
cities of chicago where more people have died on the streets of chicago than have in afghanistan from 2001 to 2015, you have to make sure our cities are safe. the primary job is to make sure the american public is safe. i think when the police work with the communities, they bring victims -- they bring killers to justice and we saw this week with duane wade's cousin. the police worked with the community and they found the perpetrator of the horrific crime of the poor woman walking down the street. >> and there are other victims. so this is one issue that they're counting on. i don't know if it's a big enough issue to win over as many voters as they want to win over in the trump campaign. you did this with mitt romney. what's your advice? can this be done. >> it can be done. they have to frame security broadly. it can't be about criminal justice issues narrowly. it has to be for the united states, in our communities and they have to figure out a way to
7:22 pm
personalize it. i think that's something traditionally that republicans have not done. >> is it right they appear to be personalizing it now as an african-american issue? >> that to me -- that's not the approach i would necessarily take. i think that the basic point they're trying to make is that progressive policies have failed communities of color, which is a fine point to make. but when it starts to veer into these o other angles, it's also problematic. >> i keep referencing this when i keep thinking about flint michigan, who is continuing to plead with the republican governor for help. i think we have republican governor and mayors all over this country. you have to begin to look at root causes of these issues and it's one that donald trump is particularly allergic to because he use it in exactly the
7:23 pm
opposite way. we can continue to deny that it exists but it's a fact it is at the root of wage disparities, in corporate board rooms, its at the top of the fortune 500. minimum wage, you can go down the list. >> i think most people in the country who don't deal in politics would think that this issue, the issue of safety, the issue of race is a bipartisan issue that everyone needs to to deal with but probably a smart political angle that -- our conversation continues on the other side of this break. we'll be right back. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean.
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welcome back. rudy giuliani is speaking. according to our reporter, phil mattingly, donald trump is
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running a bit behind. he may me with mexico's president tomorrow. and donald trump will speak soon in everett. we'll leave that little picture up for you. can we talk about debate, angela. he's supposedly the man who co-authored "the art of the deal" with donald trump. this is going to be a debate none other for hillary clinton. >> absolutely. she's a seasoned debater, one that we know through the 2008 election, who was handing barack obama her hand. the problem is she's never defeated five people in one and that's donald trump. that guy goes on so many tangents, you can't keep up. my recommendation to the campaign would be little lithuan literally let five people play donald trump.
7:29 pm
>> i've had to deal with this with the surrogates. i'm joking. what do you want to see from hillary clinton? >> there was a moment at the convention where she during her nomination speech was talking about donald trump saying he knew more than the generals and she said, no, donald, you don't. and it was this epic moment for hillary clinton because she loosened up and she just kind of gave it to the american people real. i think she needs to have a lot of those moments and that need to be -- you not qualified, you don't know more than the general, you don't have your basic talking points together. i don't think she needs to belittle him but she needs to make it clear -- >> she needs to walk a fine line. here's what i hear, lonnie, i
7:30 pm
want to direct this to you, that he needs to be more presidential and pull back. they would like her to be, as the kids say, more swag and to own what she has. >> she has to be more conversational. he has to be more presidential. i think that's the challenge. we can make all of these assumptions about what's going to happen in this debate and this is going to be one of the most unpredictable things we've seen. for trump, the imperative is clear. he has to demonstrate i think some understanding of public policies and he's also got to -- he needs to be able to prosecute her on the facts, otherwise he loses the credibility. >> but debates are about little moments sometimes, unscripted that you can't predict. >> they're about body language. if you go back through all the
7:31 pm
debates, hillary clinton is very good about turning to her opponent and staring at them straight on. it's something that i don't think donald trump likes necessarily. donald trump likes to turn and stare directly at his opponent. >> the first george bush looking at his watch or sign saying i won't belittle my opponent, ronald reagan, i don't want to exploit my opponent's youth and inexperience. it's about little moments you can exploit like that. we're hearing he doesn't look traditional debate, mock debate. >> i don't know what traditional mock debate looks like, if that means standing behind the podium for two hours and debating someone who is not your
7:32 pm
opponent, that didn't work for the 16 others in the field. but donald trump is also engaging and witty and he understands the importance of that one liner. if it's little marco or lying ted when he branded these individuals during the campaign and brought these issues up during the debates, i think what you'll see is donald trump being prepared to put hillary on the defensive on her record with the clinton found as, as well as her record -- >> we'll hear about donald trump going to meet with the mexican president and what are his plans to build a wall and his plans for this country. we'll be right back.
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following breaking news, there is donald trump about to give a campaign rally there. and it is confirmed now from donald trump's official twitter feed, i have accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto.
7:37 pm
donald trump expected to meet with the president of mexico tomorrow. there is donald trump speaking in everett, washington -- i'm sorry, to meet with him, not to give a speech from there but meeting with him. but let's listen to -- well, he's going to take a bit. i have my panel here with me. corey, what's he going to say? >> he's going to talk about four important things tonight. number one, he's going to reiterate the need to build a wall. it's going to be a physical barrier. number two, he's going to talk about the e-verification system, he's going to talk about ending sanctuary cities and these are the basic parameters of the immigration plans. >> i just think it's important on the felons point because it continues to come up.
7:38 pm
>> i've got to speak to him now. we set the record for attendance tonight so i just want to thank you so much. so they're going to be pouring in as we speak, unless you'd like me to come back in a half an hour and we'll start. no? all right. i want to thank susan hutchinson who is in the audience someplace. susan, she's done a great job. brian danzel. brian is over there someplace. i want to thank don benton,
7:39 pm
senator benton. he's been amazing. he said you should come here. we'll fill that place up so fast, he was right. and doug eriksson, senator doug ericsson so i want to thank all of them. amazing, they've done an amazing job. we are going to work very hard over the next 70 days and we're going to win the state and we're going to win the white house. we are going to take back the white house. you know a republican would never come to the state of washington and you know on television they said i wonder why he's going to the state of washington because you know what, republicans don't win it but we're going to win it. that's why i'm here. that's why i'm here.
7:40 pm
and this love affair began about three monies ago when i came up here and we had record crowds, two events, massive, massive crowds. i said why don't the republicans win that state? i think we're going to win washington state. so that's the story. that's why i'm here. that's why i'm here. i don't know if you saw it but poll numbers came in today that are phenomenal. we're leading in florida, we're leading in north carolina. we're leading on a national basis. we're doing really well, folks. it's all coming together. when you see crowds like this, people fully understand why. i will tell you. thank you. so we are going to have a great victory for the people, people.
7:41 pm
remember. for the people. it's going to be a victory for every citizen whose voice has not been heard and that's a lot of people. it will be a win for the voters, not the pundits, not the journalists. not the lobbyists, not the global special interests that take care of these politicians and get whatever they want and they're the ones that are funding my opponent's campaign. millions and millions and millions of dollars and they have total control over crooked hillary clinton, believe me. total control. this is going to be your victory, it's going to be your
7:42 pm
victory, it's going to be your victory. we're going to create the new american future, our children so dre desperately deserve. in this new future, millions of workers on the sidelines will be returned to the workforce. they've been taken out of the -- they are going to return and they're going to return quickly, believe me. crumbling roads and bridges and airports will be replaced with the infrastructure our country needs and deserves, our infrastructure is going to hell. frankly, i hate to say it, our country is going to hell and we're not going to let it happen.
7:43 pm
families trapped in welfare will be provided with jobs and opportunity. government will become lean and mean, except -- except it will have a big fat beautiful heart. we will have an effective government, a responsible and honest government for a change. our border will be protected. our children will be safe. people don't talk about the inner cities but i'm talking about the inner cities.
7:44 pm
they don't talk about the inner cities. the democrats have taken advantage of african-americans. they take their vote, they win the election and then they say see you in four years, thanks a lot. not me. we will rebuild our inner cities and provide safety and peace to all of our citizens. american values in culture will be cherished and celebrated once again. but to achieve this future we must break free from the bitter failures of the past of which there have been many and reject the same insiders telling us the same old lies. because they're lies. and i know these people well, believe me. one area where honesty is badly
7:45 pm
needed is on the subject of economic and living conditions for african-american citizens in the united states.
7:46 pm
thank you. and thank you to law enforcement and our police. thank you. millions of african-americans in this country have succeeded greatly and their contributions to every area of our life and they have done so much. and now throughout history we should celebrate and cherish that success. but, but, this includes tremendous, tremendous and amazing achievements in arts, science sports, music, business, et cetera. it includes millions of african-american entrepreneurs, innovators and the millions of african-american workers in our middle class. but, but we must also talk about those who have been left behind. the million suffering in
7:47 pm
disastrous conditions, in so many of our inner cities and neighborhoods afflicted by total poverty, drugs and horrible, horrible violence that we watch every single night, every single night you turn on the news and you see the violence and it's horrible. no group in america has been more harmed by hillary clinton's policies and the policies of democrats who have run our inner cities for literally 50, 70, 80, 90, even 100 years. nobody has been hurt more than african-americans. there is no better evidence of the fact that hillary clinton's immigration policy, which brings in illegal immigrants -- well,
7:48 pm
is that a true statement. it brings in illegal immigrants and refugees to take jobs from our hard working african-american and hispanic citizens and they want those jobs. instead of providing free health care and jobs to millions of refugees from around the world that we have no idea even where they come from, we should rebuild our inner cities and provide jobs to struggling americans that have been struggling for years and years. >> tonight i'm asking for the vote of every african-american and hispanic citizen in this country who wants to see a better future, who want to see
7:49 pm
real positive change. the inner cities of our country have been run by the democratic machine for so long. these democratic policies, the policies of hillary clinton --
7:50 pm
these democratic policies, the policies of hillary clinton, have produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools, broken homes and rising crime and it's only getting worse. they don't care about you. remember that. they don't care about you. they want your vote and they don't care. they've used you for decades and decades and decades, and they will continue to use you. nearly four in ten african-american children live in poverty. think of that. four in ten are living in poverty. this includes 45% of children under the page of 6. 58% of african-american youth are not working. meanwhile another 2 million his panic americans have been added to the ranks of those in poverty
7:51 pm
since 2009. not a long time ago. in detroit, half of all its residents do not work. half. in milwaukee where i just left, almost four in ten african-american men between the ages of 24 and 54 do not have a job. here in the state of washington, 65% of latino children and 60% of african-american children live in low-income households. chicago just had the most violent month in 20 years, more than 2,800 people have been shot in chicago since just the beginning of the year. you look at war-torn countries are safer than living in our
7:52 pm
inner cities by a lot. it's not even close. it breaks everybody's heart. we cannot let this violence continue. we can't let it happen. it will and it must be ended. under a trump administration, it will indeed end. it will be my priority to work with communities, local police, specific and federal law enforcement to dismantle the gangs and to liberate our citizens from violence and poverty and fear. i will appoint the best judges
7:53 pm
and prosecutors and federal investigators who will make this their personal mission and so many people want to do that. there is one thing which can no longer be denied. if you keep voting for the same people, you will keep getting the same horrible results. remember that. and hillary clinton has been doing this stuff for 35 years and nothing's happened. just remember, nothing's happened. to those suffering i say what do you have to lose by voting for donald trump?
7:54 pm
i will fix it. i will fix it. i will fight for you as no one ever has before. they don't pifight for you. they don't fight for you. let me also tell you what you have to gain -- jobs, opportunity, security, safety, great education and many other things. many, many other things. thank you. this means very much and just so much to me. i believe every child in this country in detroit, in baltimore, in chicago has the right to live out there lives in safety and in peace.
7:55 pm
in the wall street journal today, heather mcdonald of manhattan and the manhattan institute just wrote an important article about the soaring crime and it is soaring like you've never seen before in our inner cities and the responsibility of democratic politicians for creating this horrible problem. big article, highly, highly respected person. the article is called "black lives matter to donald trump." true. true. she writes that mr. trump's call to restore law and order recognizes the right of inner city residents to enjoy the same freedom from fear that the rest of america now really takes for granted. freedom from violence is one of
7:56 pm
the greatest civil rights of our time. so, too, is the issue of school choice. what a difference it will make. what a difference it will make. we will fight for the right of parents to send their kids to the school that they believe gives their kids the best shot at success. i will not accept and neither will you a future and with children -- and think of this, children of color, any color in this country are not fully included in the american dream. our whole country loses when we leave millions and talented
7:57 pm
aspiring americans on the sideline, which is happening all of the time. we want to give everyone a chance to contribute their full talents to our economy and to the greatness of our country. remember, and most people don't know this, the republican party is the -- right? you know what i'm going to say. right? the republican party is the party of abraham lincoln. not bad. no bad. it's also the party of freedom, equality and opportunity. people have forgotten for so long. it is the democratic party that is the party of slavery, the party of jim crow and the party of opposition.
7:58 pm
by the way, is there anyplace better to be than a trump rally, right? anypla anyplace? nothing makes me more honored and proud than to be the nominee of abraham lincoln's republican party and we're going to do a job. our party will fight to bring hope to every forgotten stretch of this country. once again we will be one
7:59 pm
american nation, one american nation. we will be one united people, and we will have one really great future again, believe me. and a great future will be built on these three critical words, jobs, jobs, jobs. this will include a complete revitalization of our manufacturing sector, which has been absolutely so badly hurt by hillary clinton's policies, so badly hurt, devastated. we're bringing jobs back to our
8:00 pm
skri kri, we're not going to let people take our jobs anymore. we're not going to let our jobs go to other countries anymore. there will be retribution, there will be a price to pay. we are going to renegotiate the horrible nafta trade deal, probably the worst deal ever made in terms of trade. it is the top of the hour. you're watching "cnn tonight." we're listening to donald trump give a campaign speech in everett, washington and finding out he'll be meeting with the mexican president tomorrow and giving a speech tomorrow in arizona, donald trump speaking, making an appeal to african-americans right now. let's listen in.


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