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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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skri kri, we're not going to let people take our jobs anymore. we're not going to let our jobs go to other countries anymore. there will be retribution, there will be a price to pay. we are going to renegotiate the horrible nafta trade deal, probably the worst deal ever made in terms of trade. it is the top of the hour. you're watching "cnn tonight." we're listening to donald trump give a campaign speech in everett, washington and finding out he'll be meeting with the mexican president tomorrow and giving a speech tomorrow in arizona, donald trump speaking, making an appeal to african-americans right now. let's listen in.
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>> thank you. the destruction that nafta started will be finished off if the transpacific partnership is approved. it is a disaster, a disaster for our country, a disaster for our workers. we don't let it happen. we cannot let it happen.
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these are very, very quiet protesters, i will say. i will say one thing, when bernie sanders had his protesters out, they had a lot more energy. much better. they were much better. they felt it a little bit deeper in the heart. but that's just the beginning of what we're going to do for the american worker. on taxes, we're going to provide massive tax relief to all working people and lower the tax rate on small business from 35% to 15%. low and middle income parents will also be able to fully deduct the average cost of child
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care from their taxes, a very important thing. on horrible, horrible regulations, which are taking over our country, i'm going to direct every agency and department head in my government to identify all needless and job killing regulations and they will be removed. we will have a temporary moratorium on new regulations to allow our economy to grow. our economy is a disaster. to allow our economy to grow. economic growth for last quarter has been revised downward to 1.1%, a number that you can't even imagine, just so you know, if china goes to 7% or 8%, it's almost like a national
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catastrophe. and what they do is they devalue their currency and they do lots of other things and they suck more blood out of our country and we allow them to do it, folks. and they get back on track and we keep going down. not any longer. and believe me, we have the cards, they don't. we have the cards. we have all the cards. meanwhile, our trade deficit in goods with the world is now nearly $800 billion. think of that. almost $800 billion trade deficit for the year. you really say to yourself who negotiates these deals? i know, i know. political hacks. no longer. we will further bring back our
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jobs by unleashing an american energy revolution, lifting restrictions on oil and coal and natural gas and all sources of american energy. this will create millions of jobs and lower the price of energy and your electric bill and every other bill for the american household. we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> okay. donald trump speaking tonight in everett, washington. talking about what he's going to do tomorrow and he's going to lay out his immigration plan, just now saying he's going to be securing the border. >> tomorrow night in arizona, big speech on immigration. we'll be talking about that,
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arizona, tomorrow night. >> i just want to listen for a second. >> the seattle area recently experienced the largest number of heroin-related deaths in 20 years. >> so donald trump saying he's going to give his speech tomorrow night in arizona. before that he's going to meet with the mexican president. pretty big deal he's announcing meeting with the mexican president. this is a pretty big deal. give us some context. >> huge deal. he's now comparing the narrative again. he's taking a big leap by going down to mexico. there is some peril in it but i think for his supporters it is going to help fuel them to look at donald trump, his willingness to cross the border and meet face to face with somebody who he says is going to help pay for
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a wall at the same time that the president says is not going to happen. this is a huge development, we're 70 days out right now. i don't think we've seen this certainly in our lifetime and donald trump is now again controlling the narrative. >> and lahnee chen, it's also a risky move as well? >> foreign trips are always filled with potential potholes. that's why they're planned over the corse of monthurse of month this is how donald trump has run his campaign so far so we shouldn't be surprised he's stepping out in faith in doing this. part of this is probably to address what some perceive is the commander in chief deficit. >> corey lewandowski, you said usually trips like this are planned much more farther in advance than this. but this is a shift in the way this campaign is being run and,
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again, as mark said, this is an enormous deal that he's doing this. >> it is, obviously. and to your point any time you have the opportunity as a candidate for the presidency, it shows your gravitas, your ability to work across the aisle and across the political world that if you're elected president, you're going to have those relationships in place obviously. the relationship with mexico as a trading partner is very important, donald trump has made it important to -- as he looks forward to the next 70 days in the election ten weeks from tonight heeshs s's setting the groundwork with the mexican president. >> at least we know that's what he's hoping. the challenges are that his rhetoric hasn't matched some diplomatic effort reaching across the border requiring some
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strong partnership. it flies in the face of that. the way he's talked about immigran immigrants, calling them illegals and drug dealers and rapists, you talked about the felons and the convicts and the number of people -- it's a constant talking point of the campaign, the number of people who have been released. we forget often in this country that immigration is a criminal issue, not a civil people. so people released from ice detention, they've paid their dues and debt to society and it flies in the face where there's another struggle, once a criminal, always a criminal and we need to get them out of here. >> what he did say if you are a convicted felon and you're here
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illegally, if you are convicted of murder, those people in the country illegally, that ends, you are no longer being interned in a u.s. prison system, you're going to be sent back to your country and that's the way it's going to work. >> ryan, mark preston said donald trump is controlling the narrati narrative. does it matter who gets there first? >> i think whether it's good for the trump campaign depends on the outcome, right? i mean, he has basically turned the president of mexico into an adversary. he has said that this guy is good, that enrique pena nieto is going to pay for our ground war. what did he get out of the mi
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meeting? this isn't a traditional meeting where you shake hands and say hello and have a cup of tea. he's saying this person is going to pay for a wall that's going to cost tens of millions of dollars and he's going to seize remittances that they send back to his country. well, the press is going to ask the president of mexico so what do you think of this border wall idea? are you willing to pay for it? the president of mexico right now has an approval rating in the low 20s. donald trump is not a popular person in mexico for obvious reasons. do you think that the president of mexico tomorrow is going to miss an opportunity to confront donald trump when he's dealing with scandals at home and low popularity? so, i mean, maybe donald trump is the secret genius and this is
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a very smart trip but it seems like it has high, high -- high risk involved here. on the other hand, getting into a fight with the president of the mexico might not be the worst thing for donald trump. >> that's where i'm going. let me pose this to you and the panel. this is the statement from the mexican president. it says last friday the president sent invitations to both candidates, which were well received by both of the team campaigns. this is a mexican president. now donald trump has confirmed that he is going. why would he send this? why would he send invitations to both candidates if indeed, you know, he's got low -- he's got a low approval rating? >> he has his own issues back home. you want to show your voters and
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consisten consiste constituents that you're working on this. even if donald trump goes down there and he does come back and the mexican president says the meeting was a joke and we'll never pay for the wall, donald trump could perhaps turn that around and be rah, rah, rah, america first, america first and that could help his campaign. >> i need to get to phil mattingly. donald trump is still speaking. how is this message going over at this rally? >> reporter: he's been pretty consistent tonight, don. he mentioned obviously the immigration speech. but for the most part it's been a very consistent, on message speech, staying very close to the prepared script that we got. i will say, don, over the course of the last 35 or 40 minutes,
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word did start to strtrickle ouo the audience. a lot of raised eyebrows and what it might mean going forward. there is a lot of focus on what tomorrow night's speech might be about immigration. definitely looking forward, his supporters are very focused on what he'll have to say tomorrow in arizona. >> thank you very much. just quickly -- i would assume this would be in lieu of the arizona announcement that, he would do it from there but he's going to do it from arizona. >> he's still going to make the speech in arizona. what he's also going to do obviously is recap that speech, the conversation that he had with the president of mexico at the time. it will continue to drive the narrative going into what is traditionally a quiet labor day weekend, all the news will be focused on donald trump again. >> the trip south of the border tonight. it is a bold move but when voters buy it? no one speed...
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back now with breaking news. there's donald trump speaking in everett, washington tonight, announcing he's going to be meeting with the mexican president tomorrow and later delivering his speech on immigration. let's talk about that with my panel. and if we need to, we'll get to phil mattingly, who is at that rally this evening. mark, the president sat down with cnn's own fareed zakaria, and he asked him about mexico as
8:19 pm
president and trump's wall. let listen to it. >> donald trump's main policy proposal, the one he began his campaign with, is that he intends to build a wall between the united states and mexico along the border and he intends to get mexico to pay for it. >> there's a way to help mexico build a wall but any decisions inside the united states is a decision of its government. >> but under no circumstances would mexico pay for that wall? >> there is no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. no way. >> it was interesting how he said that, "there's no way mexico can pay for a wall like that." is that almost leaving the door open for some kind of discussion with donald trump if donald trump is elected president? that discussion tomorrow, to be a fly on the wall would be amazing, right, for this discussion, but this president of mexico also compared donald
8:20 pm
trump to mussolini and hitler in a mexican newspaper back in the spring. so as much as we focus on donald trump, you know, throwing derogatory terms at the mexican president or mexicans, they're throwing it back at him. >> are we in store for a possible showdown tomorrow? >> knowing donald trump the way i do, i think when he has an opportunity to meet with someone on a one-on-one basis, he's very engaging. i think he needs to understand what the mexican government's priorities are. what you're going to see tomorrow after he meets with the mexican president, he's going to outline exactly what his wall is going to look like and the priority of his first hundred days of a trump administration. immigration reform is his absolute first priority, he's never wavered from that. >> i think the one thing that we forget is this wall attempt has
8:21 pm
happened before. there was a secure border initiative under george w. bush. wasn't the big, beautiful wall with the nice door in it, but it was a combination, hard infrastructure and electronic wall and it was an epic fail, so much so that the current president, barack obama, had to pull the project. so i just wonder what legitimate basis a wall could even be built, never mind what the president offered. just like -- forget the talking points like logistically how is this going to happen? what engineers has he talked to? there's been a cnn special or at least coverage on it. >> cnn did a whole story of how the wall can be built. if you look at my twitter feed, it's done very candidly, cnn went down and did a story on how the wall can be build. >> the story was a traditional wall in the way that donald trump initially espoused or said that he was going to do it was
8:22 pm
not possible at all. number one, there a number ranch owners there, unless he's going to do eminent domain with their properties, it is not flat, the topograp topography, it wouldn't happen. now it has been revised that there would be some kind of electronic wall, i guess hearing the reality of it. >> this is the interesting thing about it is that the immigration policy from the trump campaigns that changedoned shifted and there have been elements that have evolved, so to speak. but wouldn't it be interesting if the goal here was to change how the campaign or how trump is going to deal with the 11 million people who are here illegally. wouldn't a meeting with mexico be an interesting point from which to depart if there were to be some change in policy, to say, look, i sat down with the president of mexico and we talked about the fact that we need to deal with the 11 million people in the united states illegally in the following way, x, y, z, which is different from the deportation force some months ago.
8:23 pm
>> ryan -- >> are you kidding me? that would be like ronald reagan visiting moscow and coming back and saying, you know, they had some dideas over there about communism that we might want to try here in the united states. there's no way that donald trump is going to get immigration policy from the president of mexico. >> people are going back the other way. >> immigration has been flat or declining for years now. it's not -- it's not at peak levels the way it was ten years ago. that's been a basic fact. just to get back to the discussion about whether the wall can be built or not, i think the consensus of people who have looked at this that a wall stretching 2,000 miles along the border was impossible to build.
8:24 pm
the last time a wall like that was built was the great wall of china, which took hundreds of years and used slave labor. a wall trump has described cannot be built. the people he said are that are going to pay for it are not going to pay for it. the danger of this trip puts a spotlight on those two facts with him going and meeting with a president of mexico, who has compared him to hitler and mussolini and said emphatically his policy can't happen, i wonder what's going to happen when he leaves mexico and if the evening says i'm still going to build that wall and mexico is going to pay for it, even though the president disagrees with me on that. >> i don't think you'll get anyone in the trump campaign or anyone to agree it's physically impossible to build a wall. >> with technology, with drones, there is a way to police the
8:25 pm
border. >> but technically that's not a wall. >> that's not a wall. >> it's not a wall. >> i'll give you that. but let me cue off one thing lahnee said. if we look at the polls today and we heard donald trump say, listen, we got great polls today. right now if donald trump if the election is today, donald trump loses. he could say they're going to pay for the wall or not pay for the wall, but had a good discussion -- >> he needs a game changer right now, to use an overused word. this could be could be the game changer. >> he needs to come away from something. >> he's a master to of
8:26 pm
manipulating the -- >> it not going to match matter what the mexican president says either. there will be two versions of this. >> go ahead, ryan. i was just going to say the question after the meeting will be that you have said you are such a great negotiators that you will change the mexican's mind about this. what promises did you get from the mexican president. i'd be really surprised if after that meeting the next can it sounds like a trap to me, that donald trump is going into a trap set by an unpopular president down there. >> that was the reason i said to lahnee earlier and even to you, corey, that, you know, there is -- this could backfire considering the way it goes. but what prommeses? do you think he'll get promises?
8:27 pm
>> to mark's point, if you look at the reuters tracking poll, that was released yesterday, 39% for hillary clinton, 39.1% for donald trump is what the reuters tracking poll showed yesterday. this race is a lot closer than hillary clinton thought it would be going into labor day, coming out of her very successful democratic convention. what this is is this is another reminder that donald trump was doubling down on his immigration plan. it keeps the base in place. it also goes and says, look, mexico is going to pay for it, we're going to find a way to make them pay for it. >> stand by. i know mark mentioned you were skeptical about it. what will mark preston say about it and it's a tracking poll, too, so it's different. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ courtyard, the official hotel and i got together to remind you
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we're back now with our breaking news. donald trump accepting an invitation to go to mexico city to meet privately with mexico's president. my panel is back with me. he was mention this is a national tracking poll. we're not talking about battleground states where he
8:32 pm
says it is neck and neck. so you were a little bit skeptical. why? >> i was showing my skeptical preston face? this race is no longer a national race. nor that it ever really was but at least our focus on the national part of it earlier on the election at least gave as you narrative about what people were thinking. it th this has come down to a couple states, pennsylvania, ohio, my colorado, that appears to be off the board, florida, north carolina. today he doesn't win the election. so it goes back to changing the narrative. barack obama won 95% of the black vote in 2008. barack obama won 93% of the black vote in 2012. mitt romney in 2012 lost the
8:33 pm
hispanic vote by 44 points. the closest republicans have ever gotten since 1980, george w. bush in 2004 came within 18 points. when we're talking about donald trump reaching out to americans and hispanics, it's really not so much he's reaching out to them to try to have them come to him in drovgs it is to try to get distaekt affected republicans to support him, to get the undecided white voters to vote for him and to chip away a little bit at the margin of victory. >> i do think he's trying to make a dent in black and brown communities. people will say the electorate has changed but it has not changed in donald trump's favor. it has changed against him with more black and brown voters being added to the voter rolls. >> ryan lizza, do you want to
8:34 pm
weigh in? >> the average of polls right now trump down 6 points. that average has shown a little bit of tightening. it's gone from about an eight or nine-point race to a six or seven-point race. hillary's bounce from the convention has dissipated just a little bit but it's not a dead even race as that one poll suggests. the demographics, the democrats and republicans have known about this for a long time. romney got 27% of the hispanic vote in 2012. trump is polling at around 20% and the hispanic vote will be a much larger part of the electorate this time. i agree with mark that a lot of his outreach to non-white communities is a little bit more
8:35 pm
to appealing to white college educated voters who are turned off because they think trump is intolerant to those communities. to coin a phrase what does he have to lose by trying to appeal to some of those communities, he's getting 1% or 2% in the black community right now. >> and, corey, the difference is instead of saying your community are horrible, you're going to be shot and that sort of thing, he's now saying african-americans have made contributions to society as war and will is a big part of the african-american that is doing very well, but -- and then he goes on. what do you have to say to ryan? >> ryan is exactly right. donald trump is getting 22% of the hispanic vote in the polls. it shows the voter registration by party in the battle state ground state of florida has trended better for the republicans right now.
8:36 pm
they picked up over 200 new drat ls. republicans have more gains in that state when it comes to party registration. >> so that more independence are -- >> that has traditionally been the case where most people are no longer aligning with republicans or democrats. if you look at pennsylvania, north carolina and florida, three major states that are going to probably determine the outcome of this presidential election, republicans have done a good job of registering more party people in those states than the democrats have. >> you've done this before. is that enough? >> i don't know that it's going to be enough. part of -- presumably part of why we're having a discussion about immigration policy and part of the reason why there might be some pivot or change on policy is to make donald trump more appealing in a general election. challenge in doing so is you have all the stuff he's said previously. my sense is that will be much
8:37 pm
more difficult to overcome. the previous statements are going to get in the way of making progress on that issue. >> much more and that's the thing. i don't think his base really believes -- even if he were to say in a speech we're going to do something different, i don't think people that support donald trump really believe he'll do something different. they have read into him what they believe their preferred immigration policy is. border security and everify, those are republican standbys. those are things we've been talking about for decades. >> those are also a very crucial part of the senate bill 744 that could not get passed in the 2013, the gang of eight bill that marco rubio was bashed for and told he was the amnesty candidate as a result. >> where does this play -- go ahead, ryan. >> look, what he's learning is what everyone learn when is they look at the immigration problem.
8:38 pm
the most vexing problem is how you treat the 11 million people who came here at one point in their life illegally and you're basically either for, you know, the one time he called for deportation force to get everyone out or you're in favor of some kind, even if it's an extremely severe kind of amnesty. it's really sort of black and white when you boil it down like that. i think trump's big mistake was he got pushed into talking about this deportation force in interviews when if you look at his web site, it's really not there in his detailed policy plan on the trump webside but it's and that's the box he's trying to escape from. >> he's bossed himself in. but the interesting thing is -- i lost my train of thought here. when it comes to immigration is
8:39 pm
that his plan is very similar to the plan that barack obama has now, except he's saying he's going to do it more enjetically the way the plan is currently. so unless he makes a big pivot to add more things, it kind of the current plan that's already in place. >> and it not just the plan, these are the law that on the book. you heard donald trump trump jr.ier say you have to let ice do its job. these, again, are people who have served their time. the laws they want tone force are the things that the gang of eight were lifting up. they talked about border enforcement. these are all pieces of the legislation that were voted on in the senate and couldn't get passed to the house. >> does it matter that hillary clinton has more support from democrats in general and the democratic establishment because donald trump does not have the bulk of republican support, does
8:40 pm
that matter at all? how does that play into it? >> it matters that mitt romney won 92% of the republican vote and donald trump can only win 75% of it, that's a significant percentage of people. he needs the republican base to show up for him in the way they have traditionally shown up in the last few cycles. >> we do talk about how he's softening his stance. if you're a republican on the fence and you're seeing donald trump evolve on this issue, you're welcoming this. >> cnn projects john mccain has won his arizona primary, a race that's been called his political fight of his life. let's discuss. >> obviously a big win for john mccain, someone who constantly has to beat back the right wing, he's been very careful not to be
8:41 pm
critical of donald trump, at the same time that donald trump said he wasn't a war hero, said that he didn't do enough for vets, for the veterans. however, john mccain, the smart politician he is takes a step back, doesn't weigh in and says, listen, i'm going to back the nominee. >> you have debbie wasserman schultz -- does the establishment have the advantage here? >> my sense is that these are candidates who know their states. it's been john mccain understanding arizona. marco rubio has been in florida a lot working that state, he understands that state. that's what this is about more than the establishment striking back. i think this is really personalized. >> angela. >> these are incumbents who, again, they had challengers who weren't necessarily -- i know marco rubio had a challenge who
8:42 pm
poured millions of his own dollars in the race but -- >> ryan lizza? >> i would say one hinthing on mccain victory, there was a debate after that campaign after the incident with the khan family and donald trump over whether mccain should retract his endorsements of donald trump. the faction that won said you're in a relatively tough primary, wait until your primary is over, don't rock the boat. >> do you think that position will change? >> i don't know if you look so heroic if you do it now that the primary is over. i do think that politically if it's in his interest do it going into the general election, that you might see more of these republicans doing it now that they're past their primaries. >> corey, last word? >> i think in the state of arizona probably more so than
8:43 pm
any other state the issue of illegal immigration really hits home. it would have been really difficult for john mccain to come out and go after donald trump in a primary where he was having, quote, the fight of his life and taking a contrarian position on a hard-line stance. >> everyone will agree that john mccain is an american hero. >> absolutely. >> thank you, everyone. when we come right back, more on donald trump's trip south of the border. will his base buy all of this? ♪ [cheering] ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪
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donald trump changing the campaign conversation tonight as only he can with the surprise announcement that he will meet with the president of mexico tomorrow. i want to bring in cnn political analy analyst keersten powers who is a cnn contributor -- >> columnist.
8:48 pm
>> what do you think about the meeting with the president of mexico? >> we'll have to wait and see if they see things the same way. >> people were saying it could be a setup, who knows. i think toward the end everyone came to a consensus, what does he have to lose? >> he has nothing to lose. i think he should do it. it a great opportunity for him to look presidential. i'm sure that the president of mexico probably isn't going to see things quite the same way donald trump does. >> let's talk about the primaries, john mccain, marco rubio both winning their respective primaries. what do these results say about the effect on the down ballot races? >> well, i mean, both of these i think were expected. so i don't know how much we can read into it in terms of how it's going to ultimately affect the down ballot races, though the expectation is that donald
8:49 pm
trump is going to be a drag on those races. and so i don't have any reason to believe that that has changed. the only thing that would change it is if somehow he turns around his approval rating numbers and can become more popular among the general electorate, sort of broaden out from his base and not scare away more moderate and swing voters. >> so what happens to people like marco rubio and john mccain in the electorate now? >> i think there is a sense that maybe as people get closer to election day, they will ultimately decide to cut their losses with donald trump, but the other question with john mccain is has he been just beaten up a lot in this primary. how does that affect him in the general election. he's an incumbent. he's been around for a long
8:50 pm
time. i don't think he's seen as being in a lot of danger but let's talk about hillary clinton's e-mails. is it drip, drip, drip with hillary clinton's e-mail. it seems to be something new every day. if this keeps up, will it be harder for her to keep the momentum? >> well, look, her biggest problem is her trust numbers and they really started to take a nose dive when we first found out she had this server and these private e-mails and so at any time e-mails come in to the conversation, at any time there is new revelation about e-mails or new revelation that doesn't line up with what she said before. it reenforces the scenario with hillary clinton that she is not trust worthy and that is absolutely, hands down, her biggest problem. >> should she cut ties with the clinton foundation and how much should a candidate actually release about themselves, personal information, tax returns, on and on and on, more
8:51 pm
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campaign that i want to get your weigh in on in regards to donald trump meeting with the mexican president. it says what ultimately matter seas what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. is that accurate? >> i think that is definitely accurate. it doesn't mean he can't meet with the president of mexico and i think that he can, you know, he is welcome to do that but in terms of the election, the real question is what is donald trump's policy, exactly. it has been shifting so much in terms of whether or not he wants to, you know, essentially be deporting american families. >> speaking of the clinton campaign, the new york times editorial board called on hillary clinton to cut her ties with the foundation now. do you agree? >> you know, i think this is a tough one. ultimately i think it is probably the best thing to do because it has created too many problems for clinton in terms of her race. i think it is sad because the
8:56 pm
foundation does do so much good work and without the clintons attached to it, it will do less good work but it has gotten to the point where it is a liability for her and there are too many complicatnflicts of in. there were too many when she was secretary of state. >> i want you to weigh in how much information should a candidate release. hillary clinton says she will release her transcripts, donald trump, his tax returns, how much more should we hear from doctors. how much should a campaign release? >> okay. so, as a columnist, i want them to release everything. >> how much do voters need to know. >> i think voters need to know as much as they possibly can. there should be as much transparency as possible so that people are making informed decisions. if you're on a campaign, you don't want to release everything because things can be pored through and miss enter a plinte.
8:57 pm
john mccain had multiple cancer, and did it prove he was going to die? no. not necessarily. he is alive. >> do you need to know someone if, besides building a wall is how good a business person is, you would not would want to know that on tax returns. that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching. good night. what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy.
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