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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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state of emergency. >> a serious threat to a huge swath of the east coast. >> tropical storm hermine powering across southern georgia. millions of residents preparing for the worst. >> referring to his plan on immigration as a softening. >> we do it in a very humane thy uninformed. >> hillary clinton is going to do nothing for the african-american worker.
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>> this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he's choking on because his foot's in his mouth along with his spoon. >> hello, everyone, i'm john berman. we do have breaking news. a brand-new update on the path and strength of tropical storm hermine. 22 million people under watch or warning all along the east coast, georgia, south carolina, getting pounded right now. in just a moment, we're going to check in with cnn's brian todd in charleston, south carolina, where the winds and waves are picking up, moving our camera all over the place right now. but first we have brand-new information on the forecast from the national hurricane center. chad myers here with that. >> the biggest thing i see is the forward speed has picked up. that's good news to spread the rain out quicker. because if you stall the storm, it just rains for days.
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so we're still seeing winds at 50 miles per hour. last time it was 60. so we're down 10. good news. it does go off shore just as expected very close to cape hatteras. and then that's the problem. it stops. it's the stopping problem that we're worried about. now, brand-new tropical storm watches even for long island and connecticut. because as this storm sits over the gulf stream, which is very warm water, john, 85 degrees, it could regain strength. as it sits there for three solid days, the waves will get insane. the waves may be 15 to 30 feet out here in the ocean and crashing on shore from atlantic city to wildwood to rohoboth and ocean city, maryland, all the way down even toward the tidewater. here's sunday, 1:00. here's the storm on one of the computer models well off shore but blowing waves, blowing wind on shore, eroding those beaches that took the pounding in sandy. now put it ahead another eight
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hours it doesn't move, the winds pick up, but it doesn't move. atlantic city gusting to 60. still not on shore so still not making that turn to the left like sandy did. but if you push water and waves and wind on shore for long enough, you will erode the beaches and you'll still get a storm surge maybe unlike sandy's but you'll still get a surge. the rainfall forecast, about 6 inches. that's different than earlier when some of these numbers were pushing 2 feet. that's because the storm has now picked up speed. 18-mile-per-hour forward speed is a good thing. >> just to be clear, the watches and warnings extended all the way up to new york and long island and connecticut as well. how many days do you talk about the storm being stalled in the ocean and any any sign where it might head after that? >> we talked to dr. nab this morning. he said, this thing hangs out for five days, what does it mean? he said, we hope it only hangs out for five days.
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we hope it's gone by day six and it just pushes water on shore into the bays, up the hudson, up into wilmington, up into the chop tank, the chesapeake, the bays that could funnel water as the water continues to get pushed there. it's a wind storm surge. it's like when you push -- you can get a storm surge on lake erie. if you push the water so long with a same straight wind, you can get a lot of water in buffalo and not much water in toledo. if you push that water this way for long enough, you're going to pile the water up along the shore and make your own storm surge even without a landfall. >> this could be a storm surge problem along a big chunk of the east coast for a long, long time. chad myers, thanks so much. keep us posted. now, i want to go where the storm is. brian todd in charleston, south carolina. we can see the wind and the waves starting to get a little bit dicey there, brian, what are you seeing? >> john, it is getting a little dicey. the brunt of the storm is coming
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in the next couple of hours. the storm surge here already kicking up along the seawall here along east bay street. here's one of the problems that city officials have been telling us about all morning. you see some of these people coming out here along the seawall. people just taking their morning walks and curiosity seekers wanting to be out in this weather. not so bad right now. but it is going to get very bad in the next couple of hours. we've had some rain bands around here and there are more coming as we know. the storm surge here really starting to kick up along the seawall. our photo journalist can pan to my right, your left, as we see the white caps coming off the harbor here on to the seawall. and call leal, if you can take a shot over to your left, it's a little more intense on that part of the seawall here. this is a city that isn't used to this kind of thing. there's a lot of flooding here. they've had swift water rescues here in the last few months when there's been flooding. so they do know what they're doing. but they're also warning residents right now you've got to take this storm seriously.
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do not venture out in the next 24 hours unless you absolutely have to. there's going to be ponding along some of these roads. there's going to be a lot of gullies and deep ruts in the roads where people think they can pass and they can't pass. they've handed out about 3,000 sandbags all over town and some of these people here crossing east bay street to kind of come up on the seawall. again, people preparing for this. but, you know, right now they may not have is the best sense of how dangerous this is going to get in the next couple of hours, john, so they are washing people, you have got to take this seriously, stay inside. >> all right, we will keep our eye on it, brian todd, thank you so much, in charleston. they're in for some rain to be sure. also some wind coming up in just a little bit. thanks, brian. let's move on to politics. donald trump trying to clean up his immigration message. he has lost support of several of his latino advisers after his immigration speech in phoenix which reaffirmed many of his stances including a pledge to deny any path to legal status
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for undocumented immigrants now in the u.s. it does seem, though, whether donald trump is softening or hardening his stance depends on who he was talking to, and on what day it is. >> there certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we want people -- we have some great people in this country. i don't think it's a softening. >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be deported. >> i think it's a hardening actually. >> but 11 million -- there's going to be a path to legalization, is that right? >> you know it's a process. you can't take 11 at one time and say boom, you're gone. >> there's softening. look, we do it in a very humane way and we're going to see with people in the country. obviously, i want to get the gang members out, the drug peddlers out, and then we're going to make a decision at a later date once everything is stabilized. i think you'll see there's really quite a bit of softening. >> so softening, hardening, softening. that last softening was from last night. that's our most recent position right now.
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our panel. hilary rosen, democratic strategist. the executive director of progress texas, hillary clinton supporter. paris denard is a donald trump supporter. andre bauer, former lieutenant governor of south carolina. who moments ago was saying that's where my house is. and hoping it doesn't rain too hard there as tropical storm hermine hits. paris, i want to start with you, is it a hardening, is it a softening, which is it? >> i think what you see is mr. trump being consistent on the fundamentals of his immigration plan, which is building the wall, ending sanctuary cities and doing all he can to reform, fix this illegal immigration policy. look, it was a good thing for him to go to mexico to show great diplomacy and show he is able to be presidential and it showed great leadership and courage to face people who have been sort of youred adversary make him your friend and colleague. if he becomes president, these are the types of things he's going to do. his message is resonating with the american people especially
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those like myself who have lived and are from arizona, lived along that border, understand the particular issues that go on every single day when we do not address this illegal immigration problem. so if his message and the way he's articulating his plan might be softening or maybe appealing to more people, but the fundamentals of his plan are just as hard and strong. mr. trump is going to be strong on fixing this illegal immigration system. >> you're taking this both softer and harder stance. i have been asking people this who say donald trump's trip to mexico was presidential, what exactly was presidential about it? what's the bar there to appear presidential? was it just to go and stand next to the mexican president as some people have said? >> the bar is this is what you do when you're president of the united states. you have to go to rallies, attend different events and go to foreign countries and meet with people who are heads of state. the interesting thing is secretary of state clinton, who was secretary of state for a few years under the obama administration, received the same invitation and opted not to
8:10 am
go down there. mr. trump accepted the invitation, went down there. and they knew his immigration plan. he knew his stances on this. and he went there and he did what presidents do. they meet with foreign dignitaries. they lay out their plan. then they go back home and articulate the message and are champions for this country. yes, the bar is set and he set it strongly. >> andre bauer. paris just said the mexicans knew donald trump's immigration plan. the question is do the american people now know. donald trump seems to suggest maybe they don't. he had to go apparently try to clean up at least some of the messaging from the immigration speech. he said a lot of people don't quite understand it. part of the reason they don't understand it, is because we had 15,000 people there yesterday and they were going wild. that's donald trump admitting that maybe people didn't get the message he was trying to send and that message he sent last night is that there is a softening he claims in his immigration stance. >> i don't question there's a softening. when he was in the primary, he
8:11 am
was dug in where he was at. but i think he's surrounded himself with folks who say some of this isn't quite feasible. there's certain things he fundamentally believes in without any question. building the wall. deporting criminals, drug dealers, people that aren't at least adding to our society in a piv way. people who are definitely detriments who have been a problem there and now they're a problem here. >> part of his advisory panel quit yesterday. do you agree with donald trump that people aren't understanding his message? >> one of them i did a panel with yesterday. he said, look, there's absolutely no way i'm voting for hillary clinton. as we talk back and forth, i said i hope he'll get you back in. he didn't act like he was opposed to that. so i hope he'll sit down with some of the leadership or sit down with mr. trump himself and they'll work out whatever small problems they have because he's clearly more aligned with mr. trump than he is with secretary clinton. >> edward espinoza, there was an adviser to donald trump.
8:12 am
marco gutierrez is the founder of latinos for trump who did an interview last night. he's very supportive of trump and his immigration positions still. he essentially said you need to stop the inflow of illegal immigration into the united states and this is why he said we should. >> we have a problem. the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. my culture is a very dominant culture. it's imposing and it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks every corner. >> to be clear, that's not donald trump saying that, that was someone who supports donald trump. but, edward, your reaction? >> well, first of all, i think if you ask america to pick between taco trucks and starbucks on every corner, coffee is not going to win. second of all, i think culture of the latino culture is one of hard work and one of the american dream. i think this particular spokesperson greatly
8:13 am
mischaracterized the latino culture. i think it's one that is also mischaracterized by the entire donald trump campaign. look, this whole week this whole exercise -- go ahead. >> no, you go ahead. >> this whole exercise of going to mexico, it's only presidential if you talk about hard issues. he didn't do that. when he came back from mexico, president nieto actually had words to chastise trump for things he said when he got back. that is not presidential. donald trump is not consistent. he's not authentic. he's not disciplined on these messages. these messages aren't softening, they're just catering to certain audiences. whatever his message was yesterday is different than it was today, probably going to be different than what it is tomorrow. >> hilary rosen there is going to be a calendar release. the associated press, which has been trying to get to secretary of state clinton's calendar, he schedule, while she was secretary, they're going to get it and it's going to be before the election day.
8:14 am
there will also be e-mails released before election day, we know. we will also get the transcript or the notes the fbi agents took in their interview with her. that's a lot. again, the phrase people use is the drip, drip, drip. that's a lot of new information coming out that various people have tried not to make public. the state department initially wanted to delay it past the election. is this the type of thing that could get in the way of the clinton campaign getting its message out? >> look, the fact is this, that hillary clinton has been a successful secretary of state. yesterday, her campaign said, please, release all of the schedules, we want everything out there so people can see this in context. she was an accomplished diplomat. unlike donald trump who went to mexico, said one thing to the president, came back and said another thing to his red meat-loving crowd in arizona. hillary clinton knows you cannot do that when you're commander in
8:15 am
chief, when you are a successful diplomat. they've called for as much transparency as possible. and i think that we're going to find when we see hillary clinton's schedule as secretary of state she was hard working, she met with a lot of people, and she accomplished the diplomat diplomatic reputation/restoration that president obama asked her to do. >> i have time for one more question. next week, hillary clinton starts to travel with the press in a plane. it's an important thing for the press to be able to, you know, travel with the presidential candidates, get the access at all ties. doesn't that seem like a good time maybe to hold a news conference? it's been an awfully long time since she's done that. >> 270 days. >> it has been a long time. i think with the advent of social media, she's able to communicate directly with her audience as clearly as possible as opposed to donald trump -- >> -- asking her to communicate
8:16 am
with us on social media, we want her to answer questions in person. >> i understand. i'm getting to that. i think it would be a good chance. i think there will be opportunities as we get in the homestretch of the campaign. so i think the press will have a good relationship with clinton as we go into the homestretch here and that we can expect to see better conversations down the road. >> you can do the news conference on the plane as soon as monday. hilary rosen, andre, hope your house does okay. all right, this just in. the debate moderators have been revealed. will the campaigns be happy? plus, a little bit of a kerr fluffle here after a carefully scripted interview leaked. someone is going to interview trump this weekend sent questions to the campaign. the campaign came up with answers. we've seen both side. what do you make of it? plus, colin kaepernick with a new twist in his national anthem protest. this type, he's not alone. some players, even some veterans
8:17 am
are supporting the quarterback.
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little over three weeks away, we just learned the moderators. cnn's anderson cooper, nbc's lester holt, abc's martha raddatz and chris wallace from fox news. they will handle the three presidential face-offs. cbs' elaine quijano will moderate the vice presidential debate. the first debate is on september 26th, long island new york. lester holts, the moderator there. the second one, anderson cooper and martha raddatz. chris wallace will do the third and final presidential debate. that's october 19th. that one in las vegas, nevada. what does this mean for the campaigns? joined now by the pre-eminent republican debate coach on earth, brett o'donnell, president of o'donnell and associates. brett, thanks so much for being with us. how much do the moderators matter? >> they matter tremendously. moderators will have the job of trying to appear impartial while at the same time trying to push the candidates and get them to
8:22 am
answer questions rather than stick to prescripted talking points. so moderators are tremendously important in presidential debates. >> how much do -- in debate prep, brett, how much do you prepare for the specific moderator? >> tremendous amount. we will do research on everything that moderator has said, written. anything that they've done. in fact, we had found material that gwen ifill had written about president obama headed into the vice presidential debate with sarah palin and had used that to try and make sure that we push the moderators to be fair and impartial in the debates. >> i have ever reason to believe these moderators, and i know most of them, they will be fair and impartial. they are good and they will press as they are supposed to do. let's talk a little news. you've been in the papers. "the washington post" did a story where it talked about donald trump's debate press or in some cases the lack of prep.
8:23 am
coming to you and asked for help. are you currently advising on debate prep? >> i am not. they had reached out but i'm not advising them right now. >> do you think they need help? >> well, i think that they need to be doing the preparation necessary to get ready for a formidable challenger. hillary clinton is doing formal debate prep. i think that, you know, i don't have any inside information. but they should be doing practice debates. they should be going through various scenarios that he can encounter in the debates in order to prepare him for every eventuality that he could encounter in the debates. >> some of the press reports say he's loathe to do mock debates. i'm not sure if i believe that because i think they may be trying to set the bar low. but if it is true, would that be campaign malpractice, not to do mock debates heading up into a presidential debate? >> well, i believe so. because, you know, it's akin to
8:24 am
a quarterback sitting around and talking about the plays they want to run rather than practicing those plays before a game. you can talk about them but until you actually stand on your feet and practice then, it's very, very, very different. >> now, the flip side is the clinton campaign and what they're doing right now. there's a story in politico just this morning where the headline is essentially hillary's plan is to destroy trump and rehabilitate her image. is that setting the bar too high? i mean, the clinton campaign is going in saying we're going to do all these things. >> i think that's an extremely high bar for her. her image is badly damaged. and i'm not sure that it's reparable at this point. i think most people think what they're going to think about hillary clinton and they're not really going to be able to move that very much. i think they have to get on offense about -- with donald trump. but trying to do both of those things is very difficult because when you're on offense, you
8:25 am
drive up your own negatives as well. because you usually come off looking a little mean and aggressive. so i think they have to be very, very careful in how they execute that strategy. >> you get the sense the clinton team wants a few good men moments, you know, you can't handle the truth. do you think it's risky for them to go to some kind of knockout? >> i do actually because when you lead with your jaw so much, then you can get hit pretty hard. so you open yourself up to counterpunches. so i think that both of them have the challenge of appearing to be presidential. and trying to improve their image some. but both of them really have to prove that the other person is less acceptable. that should be their main strategy. >> all right, brett o'donnell, i will take your advice when i next do a presidential debate. thanks so much for being with us, i appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> all right, a loud chorus of boos as colin kaepernick really
8:26 am
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san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick walked out on to the field last night and this is what he heard. [ booing ] those of course are boos for the 49ers quarterback. but he continued his protest.
8:31 am
this was a game actually that honored military service members. kaepernick, not alone in his protest. as the anthem played, another player, eric reid, joined him on one knee. former nfl player and army veteran nate boyer stood next to kaepernick to show his support. his refusal to stand for the anthem, he says, is not anti-american. >> i think it's a misunderstanding, you know, the media painted this as andy american, anti-men and women of the military, and that's not the case at all. you know, i realize that men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put theirselves in harm way for my freedom of speech and my freedoms in this country and my freedom to take a seat or take a knee. >> all right, my next guest, retired arm rangy rory fanning
8:32 am
supports colin kaepernick. he tweeted out this picture, veterans for kaepernick was the top trending hash tag on twitter. rory fanning now joining us live. thanks so much for being with us. after you held up that sign in support after kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem, what was the response? >> i thought it was going to be worse than it was, possibly being thrown out of the game, but none of that happened. i was the only person who was standing but there was surprisingly little pushback. >> you said even before kaepernick began his protest that you even as a former army ranger, you were having a hard type standing during the national anthem, why? >> i signed up to go fight for freedom and democracy. what i saw when i was in afghanistan is that we're doing anything but. we are -- we've killed 1 million people since 9/11. the vast majority being
8:33 am
civilians. i came home to see that we have the largest prison population in the history of the world. only stalin's russia comes close. the nsa monitors every single e-mail and phone call. and, you know, we choose to bail out wall street bankers as oppose to have free education. think anybody who puts their hand over their heart and claim that it is is lying to themselves. i think kaepernick is choosing not to lie to himself or the people who actually fought to make sure this is a free country. >> just one point, i don't think the nsa monitors every e-mail and foe caphone call but i unde your concern about nsa surveillance. your protest goes far beyond kaepernick. you seem to have grievances that go far beyond that. >> yeah, i mean, i want to live in a free country.
8:34 am
and this is not a free country. we had 1,200 police murders last year. we had 1,200 police murders last year with zero convictions. you know, tell freddie gray's parents this is a free country when not one person was indicted for his murder. tell alten sterling's parents this a free country. it's not. >> look, let me -- you're getting into a debate over freedom of democracy. let me ask one question first. colin kaepernick also, we saw the socks that colin kaepernick had been wearing with the pictures of pigs as policemen. how is that not doing some of the things colin kaepernick is protesting against, grouping all police officers as pigs, which is a slur, that's a derogatory slur indicting all police officers, isn't it? >> we live in a country that has the largest prison population in the history of the world. 1,200 people were killed by the police last year and we want to
8:35 am
talk about socks but yes, the people who killed freddie gray -- >> wait, hold on, we're not arguing about socks. we have talked about colin kaepernick stood up for and his right to do so. we have talked about the issues that you are protesting against. colin caller nick has put himself in the middle of this discussion about policing right now and he was wearing those socks which are seen by many as offensive. the socks were part of the larger discussion here. it's not like we're having a sartorial discussion about fashion. >> people are looking for some kind of kumbaya moment here. this is about accountability. this is about justice. yes, the people who killed freddie gray and who weren't held accountable, the people who killed the 1,200 u.s. citizens and weren't held accountable, are pigs, and the people who are covering for they, to include the media and politicians, are pigs too. >> are all police pigs, rory? >> i think if you're supporting
8:36 am
this current police state, then you are on the wrong side of history and we really need to start pushing back against this. >> all right, rory fanning -- >> -- to include members of the media. >> thank you for coming on and airing your views, appreciate your time, sir. >> thanks for having me, i appreciate it. all right, a leaked transcript now. leaked questions. it's not really a transcript. it was questions that a pastor said he wanted to ask donald trump, the trump campaign coming up with the scripted answers. getting a lot of attention. we'll discuss. hmmmmmm.....
8:37 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. all right, donald trump heads to detroit tomorrow where he will meet with african-americans at a church inside that city. he will also sit down for an
8:41 am
interview. this is drawing a little bit of controversy. why? well, because the church sent donald trump, the trump campaign, some of the questions first and the trump campaign came up with possible answers and it all got leaked and printed in "the new york times." does that matter? we'll discuss. pastor james davis, new spirit revival center, a donald trump supporter. and our next guest, state democratic party. i want to start with you, with the latest facts on the ground, as they were. donald trump is having some trouble with the african-american community. the latest poll, hillary clinton's at 87% support. jill stein of the green party at 4%. gary johnson, libertarian, at 4%. donald trump in last place at 2%. why would that number change now? >> i believe that mr. trump's message is resonating and some of the polls again, we run into this all the time, even with our
8:42 am
own members and constituencies. and that people are somewhat afraid of the backlash of coming out in public support of mr. trump. i believe there's a bit of an undercurrent. now that he's come out and he's deliberately pointed his message in direction of african-americans or black people, they're starting to hear it. i believe that's the reason we have the hoopla now because he is going in a direct fashion in making these, his announcement to them that he's for us and he's for our communities. >> he has been speaking in a fairly direct fashion. he said things like, you know, what do you have to lose by votinging for me. he said among other things african-americans are walking down the street, they're getting shot. now, this transcript is back and forth. the proposed questions and answers that were leaked here. one of the questions that was going to be asked, we don't know if it will be, but perhaps by the preacher that's going to interview him this weekend, is, you know, people have seen you as a racist, why is this, and
8:43 am
how will you prove that you're not. his answer, or the answer his campaign proposed is the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. coming into a community is meaningless unless we can offer an alternative to the horrible progress inagenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in america. that answer is different than the "what have you got to lose," different than african-americans are walking down the street getting shot. do you think he's tempering his message? >> not at all. listen, donald trump going -- donald trump right now is appropriating a powerful symbol of economic and political justice in the african-american community by this -- what i would call laughable attempt at engagement. the fact of the matter is that previously he has thrown up every single black stereotype that you could muster to talk about engagement of the african-american community. with respect to, for example, some of his comments about violence. he hasn't talked about gun violence in communities of color
8:44 am
even as he tweeted about dwyane wade relative's getting shot. instead, he wraps himself in the arms the nra. i don't see what engagement he's going to go to detroit and discuss because it will be just more of the -- more of the same like we saw with immigration, consistent flip-flop and -- >> pastor. >> if i can jump in. i believe that, again, what he's bringing up is that he is the antithesis of what's going on right now. the reason we have all this gun violence is liberal politics and liberal stance is what we've got for the last 50 years. now he's saying i'm the opposite of that, what do you have to lose. is our community a monolith? does everybody live in a stereotypical ghetto? no, that's not the case. he's addressing what you are addressing or what they're saying that needs to be addressed and that is gun violence and poverty and such and as a result, he has tempered his message to those problems. >> first of all, i think what we
8:45 am
also need -- what we need to acknowledge is the fact that hillary clinton, for example, has engaged communities of color. she's worked with members of the clergy to find ways to engage those communities in economic development. small business. and helping young african-americans and latinos transition from high school to college. that's what we need to be hearing from donald trump. as yet, we have not heard that. we have just heard more racial stereotyping. >> all right, guys. thank you so much for being with us. we are getting some breaking news. word of an explosion at a market in the philippines. multiple casualties, we're told, multiple casualties. crews now racing to the scene. we're getting more information. we're going to go to break. we'll bring it to you when we come back. but they're also kosh so, not just any beef goes into it. oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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so it was very, very challenging. >> still tough for her to talk part. pamela brown joins me now.
8:51 am
they say she is too scripted out, that we don't really get to see the real hillary clinton. you got to spend some time with her. what did she have to say. >> this was really a different side of hillary clinton that many people don't need to see. she was very open, engaging and special. nothing was off limits as you saw her talking about the difficult time after the monica broke. she talked about how difficult that time was. she talked about raising chelsea in the white house. she responded to everything, jon. at one moment testifies interesting.
8:52 am
8:53 am
trump children very involved in this campaign. >> hugely. not only are they his most effective surrogates, but they're running the campaign in many ways. ivan ka's husband that she spoke about is somebody who is very involved on a day-to-day level. >> it's an understatement. >> travels with the candidates. so you have the official campaign team, kelly conway, steve bannen, et cetera, which rotates, seems to be changing, but the family is the one constant. and that's what we learn about in this -- in this documentary, which is that his children are completely devoted to him through thick and through thin, even though they have had a
8:54 am
tough life. you know, they're ivan that trump's children, too. it was a tough divorce, which was the subject of tabloid fodder, which we talk about in this documentary. so this children did not have an easy payment growing up trump, but they remained devoted to their father. >> i loved her answer. i was too smart to bring a boy home. that's the kind of answer a person would give. jerry just obviously very involved in the trip to mexico as well, her husband. so the trump kids super involved. can't wait to see the special monday night. do not miss the cnn special, the essential hillary clinton and the essential donald trump. starting at 8:00 eastern. six months is now a free man. that is brock turner who walked out of jail a short time ago after serving half of his
8:55 am
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night. thank you all for joining us at this hour. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. this is cnn breaking news. hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it was just three hours ago in the dark that brock turner walked out of the main jail here adjacent to this location a free man after serving just three months of a six-month sentence for three felony counts of sexual assault here in this county. it all stems from that stanford rape case in which a young women read a 12-page letter talking of the damage that was done with her. it started up a firestorm about a judge that sentenced a young man because he thought it would be very difficult for him. so just


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