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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i'm brooke baldwin. happy friday. thanks for being with me this afternoon. two stories we are watching closely. first up -- millions in the path of tropical storm hermine as it is barreling up the east coast. a lot of you, labor day plans. you are keeping close eye on this, as are we. we'll get you to that in just a moment. also any moment now, heads up -- donald trump is holding a roundtable with african-american leaders in philadelphia as is he getting criticism on his words
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about race, police. we are looking out for that. but first, breaking news in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. cnn has obtained the report that the fbi had sent to the department of justice recommending no charges be brought against hillary clinton. from this report we expect to be able to learn why clinton wasn't charged in connection with use of her private e-mail server as secretary of state. and we can also talk about the fbi's notes on the answers that hillary clinton gave. you remember this meeting in july only lasted about three and a half hours. let's go to he have been perez. he and his justice team have been tasked with flipping through all these many, many pages. first of all, it is the notes, evan? can you be specific about what you have learned so far? >> that's right, brooke. these were the fbi agent's notes that summarized essentially what hillary clinton said in answer to questions from the fbi during that interview over the fourth of july weekend.
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what you come away from is she doesn't recall a whole lot of things. she's asked repeatedly about the procedures that she was told about and handling of classified information, and sensitive government information, and repeatedly she says that she could not recall being told or instructed how to handle these very sensitive documents, these very sensitive pieces of information. and why she set up the personal server, she said it was for convenience as she has said publicly. she also says that it was definitely not to avoid the freedom of information act or the federal records act. there is a lot in here in which we see the fbi asking her about specific e-mails, brooke. we see a little bit about why this entire controversy came about. there's discussion repeatedly in these e-mails about the cia drone program which is a covert program should never be discussed on any unclassified e-mail system. this has been a long-term
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battle, fight, inside the government between the cia and the state department. the cia doesn't really want the state department really weighing in on how it carries out these strikes. what you see here is a repeated discussion with the fbi, secretary clinton answering questions about these particular e-mails. there is one in particular around 2011, 2012, christmas time when a lot of state officials are away for christmas holidays and they are discussing a planned drone strike by the cia. this is the e-mail that, frankly, has caused more trouble for her than anything else. they proceed to discuss it. turns out the drone strike is never carried out. the fbi director has said that nobody died as a result of these discussions. but it is a serious violation of the way you're supposed to handle these types of matters. i'll tell you the other thing you might get -- come away from here is this repeated discussion about hackers and whether or not there was any evidence that people got in to the private server.
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i can tell you the fbi decided to look through everything it could and could not find any proof that hackers got in. but, it said that it could not definitively say that it did not happen. brooke? >> okay. okay. two notes there. i know you will continue flipping through that, evan perez, thank you so much for now on that. let's get the bigger picture now on how the clinton e-mail report will impact the race for the white house and the debate news today and so much more. with me now, democratic strategist crystal ball who is supporting hillary clinton. republican strategist kathy taylor, trump supporter. also with me, cnn political commentator lanie chen, public policy director for mitt romney. i'll get to my ladies in pink here in a second on the debate news today. but lannie, as we're still going through the notes from the fbi here on hillary clinton and her testimony, bottom line again, no charges being brought against her. what are we like 67, 68 days
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away and we're still talking about it? >> yeah. brooke, that's really the big problem for the clinton campaign. this has become this sort of drip, drip, drip narrative and every day there seems to be some new piece of news. i think they would much rather not be talking about this. they'd rather be on message talking about whatever their campaign is focused on. this is not good for the clinton campaign. it also reminds people that the clintons operate by a different set of rules than everybody else. that always bothers people. i think that's been her biggest weakness in this election cycle is being perceived as untrustworthy and out of touch. >> let me move on, crystal first to you. we heard about these debate moderators today. when you look specifically at donald trump, he's kind of made it his thing to fight with the media, to throw the media under the bus. what will he be like on the stage? >> oh, my gosh. it is a cast of phenomenal journalists.
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they are all certainly up to the task. i think this is what makes it really hard to prepare for a debate with donald trump. you have no idea. he will no idea what he is going to do when he shows up there, frankly. i think he is such a gut player and will just do what he wants to do. one of the challenges for the moderators here, donald trump is a guy who politifact has rated 70% of his statements false, mostly false or pants on fire. so it is going to be hard for them to fact check him in real time which i think is really important without also appearing like they're biased. but that's going to be an important service because he comes out with all these statements that range from totally ridiculous to sort of shades of truth, and it is important to keep him honest which something the moderators and hillary clinton obviously will have to do. it is going to be fun. >> it will be fun. september 26th. respond to that as a trump supporter. >> i'll respond to it as a conservative because i haven't backed a specific candidate. i am a loyal conservative. let me respond to it that way
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which is, first off, hillary clinton is hardly the torchbearer of honesty and ethics when we talk about having their facts straight. we've seen that all day long every day, to lanhee's drip, drip, drip of the e-mails. the moderators are an excellent cast of characters, for sure. but if you are a conservative, a republican, wherever you fall in that spectrum that's right of hillary, then you have to look at some of the connections. martha raddatz did have obama attend her wedding. anderson did have ties to the clinton foundation. if you are a republican, you are looking at that cast of characters and saying, that might be a little more tilted towards this mainstream media, for whatever that term is worth. that's just something to keep in mind. i think as far as trump goes, we've seen a pretty big change in trump over the last couple of weeks since kellyanne conway has come in, steve bannon. you've seen much more use of the teleprompter, much more prepared remarks. he certainly did seem presidential in mexico and his
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remarks afterward were wildly heralded afterward -- >> as what? is. >> as being substantive. one of the most substantive speeches any candidate has given throughout this campaign for sure and -- >> what's really funny to me. >> let me finish. her remarks on immigration have been. so you have to look at the path and see if this continues. >> what's really funny to me is this continued assertion of donald trump looked presidential in mexico. i mean that is such a low bar that we're impressed that this man, who could be the next president of the united states -- >> what's the alternative? >> -- and not yell or insult -- >> if expectations are low, lanhee, let me bring you in. if the bar is lower, expectations are lower, that would behoove mr. trump. >> yeah. look, debates are a lot about setting up expectations. you're going to hear b.e.t. sides talking about how brilliant the other side's candidate is as a debater. they're going to say donald trump has a lot of expertise on tv.
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hillary clinton's done like 186 debates. so both sides are going to be trying to set expectations. i think that that's just part of the game. focus on the moderators in my mind is misplaced because at the end of the day they've picked the people who are going to moderate these debates. you've got to operate within that context. just focus on the substance. i think for the trump campaign, the important thing that they do now is get it straight on what the clinton record is and that they're ready for that debate going in. clinton has to avoid appearing aloof and disconnected from reality. that's got to be the focus. not the moderators. >> let's move away from the debates -- again, september 26th. money, money, money. $143 million last month. hillary clinton. that's a record. it is ard record. the money is huge but her unfavorability records, which obviously are the clinton campaign doesn't like us pointing out. now, she's right on par with
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trump's. why? >> i think part of the problem here is people are very disgusted with washington and they see someone who's been there for a long time. so there is an instinct to always think the worst of her. of course that's exacerbated by the fact that republicans keep attacking her by everything they possibly can. >> she's also wrapping her arms around the notion of the third term obama. if you're saying that's being lumped in with washington -- >> right. and his favorability ratings are good right now. >> are awesome. >> but she's seen as part of the system and people don't like the system. frankly, if the republicans had a better candidate this year they might be in a strong position to beat her. when people look at things like her e-mail practices, they don't like it. she's apologized for it. they see it ss something like a cold sore. not something you want. they look at donald trump and white nationalism and cozying up to russia and seems to be completely oblivious and ignorant of the world and they say that guy's ebola. the fact that her favorability ratings are low, yes, but she is still significantly up in the
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polls. she can communicate with this money about what a danger to the public donald trump is. >> let me bring this up now. don't know if you've seen vladimir putin's comments. he was talking a little bit about the dnc hack and he was of course saying that was not us, as many fingers pointed in their direction. he also weighed in on the presidential election. they're both using shock tactics, quoting putin, each in their own way, both being hillary clinton and donald trump. i don't think they're setting the best example, says vladimir putin. says they're both being short-sided and playing the anti-russian card. did you ever think you would see vladimir putin slam the candidates? >> you focus on home. krystal is right, these are two of the most unfavorable candidates we've ever had in a presidential campaign in the history of this country, that's for sure. but at the same time, they are neck and neck right now and that's pretty amazing when you
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look at money raised -- >> she's significantly ahead. >> only a point or two. rather than calling them bad disease names, let's look at the facts. we're going to have 1 of these 2 people as leader of the free nation. which one are we going to choose. when you look at the money raised and money spent on the clinton side, vis-a-vis the trump side, and yet the fact that they are still so close it raises questions about the message he has and how it is reverberating with the people. what will happen on the day of the vote? who knows. but it is impossible to say that she is ahead at this point. >> that's not what the polls say. >> lanhee? >> i think the big challenge here is that they both have high negatives. one of them is going to have to win this. what you would worry about for clinton is if the trustworthiness continues to be an issue for her. she is going to have a really tough time closing the deal at the end of the day, i think.
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>> thank you all. happy labor day weekend. we'll be here monday. tune in. coming up next as we talk more politics and what trump is up to this weekend, we'll talk live to that bishop in detroit who will be interviewing mr. trump tomorrow. if you are looking at "the new york times" lately, they are reporting trump's campaign has scripted his answers for him. how does the pastor feel about that? does he know that? we'll talk to him live. also ahead, michele bachmann says if hillary clinton wins the white house, she says this is america's last election. hear why. and he is the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. today he walks free after serving three months behind bars. we'll take you to the protests. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic,
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump is doing something
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today, something that some of his critics have said he should have done long before now if he's serious about reaching out to black voters. right now he is in philadelphia meeting with african-american community leaders at a public charter school. but not everyone is welcoming mr. trump with open arms here. local reports indicate activists with the black lives matter movement plan to protest just outside that meeting. sara murray is just outside trump tower here today in new york. as far as philadelphia goes, sara, let's start -- with the roundtable, tell me about the meeting. >> reporter: well, brooke, this is part of what the trump campaign, what his advisors have really touted as an effort to win over minority voters. we know donald trump's poll numbers with hispanic voters, african-american voters are not very high. so today he is going to philadelphia. we expect him to meet with just over a dozen religious leaders, community leaders, members of the business community. he's actually doing this at a charter school. it will be interesting to see if
11:19 am
they focus on education, if they focus on other issues. but brooke, you are absolutely right, one area of backlash for donald trump as he tries to do this is there is a belief among some that at the's just now doing this in less than 90 days until the election, that if you really want to make inroads with minority communities, that's something you need to begin earlier. we have seen the republican national convention, for instance, in the wake of 2012, they really tried to expand the way they do hispanic outreach. i think there has been some frustration in trying to work with this republican nominee and to see this is an issue i's only taken up with three months to election day. >> we'll stay on top of that issue. tomorrow mr. trump travels to detroit, heads to a black church. he is scheduled to do a sit-down interview, a taped sit-down interview, then attend services at greater faith ministries. joining me by phone is the pastor of that church, bishop wayne jackson. also president and ceo of the impact network. this is the only
11:20 am
african-american founded and operated national christian tv network. it reaches 50 million homes, according to its website. bishop jackson, i know you are a busy man. thank you for taking the time today. >> well, brooke, thank you for having me on. certainly has been very, very, very busy around here with the secret service and all the things that are going on. they've taken over. it's just -- something that we never experienced before. but again, i want to make -- i want to get the facts straight because there's been a lot of things going on out there. >> let's do that. let's do that. let's talk in facts. that's how we roll here at cnn. let's begin with this. we know that you are sitting down with mr. trump tomorrow and as i know you would do on occasion for anyone running for president. just to be clear, you submitted, bishop, you submitted the questions that you have from mr. trump to his campaign ahead of time.
11:21 am
yes? >> yes. and i had an interview with "the new york times" on tuesday and i've been very open to the press because i feel that, you know, honesty is the best way and i don't work any other way because i always talk about integrity. she asked the question have you submitted the request es to the trump campaign. i said yes. she said why did you do it? i said it didn't appear to be anything bad because i have done things down through the years, and, for instance, i've given even invocations for events, vice president biden was here couple years ago and i was called to do the invocation and they wanted to know before what i was going to say. so i had to send my prayer, written down prayer, to the white house to get it cleared. so -- >> sure. >> -- it wasn't anything that was underhanded. mr. trump, neither his campaign, is trying to change what i was
11:22 am
going to say or whatever. it's just something that we just thought was he getting prepped for the interview. >> sure. i understand. i'm all for transparency as well. i think the part that people are raising their eyebrows at, you mentioned "the new york times." so someone leaked -- this isn't about your questions necessarily. this is about these leaked answers. apparently the trump campaign in talking to some folks and black republicans, really preparing to answer your questions. the fact that they, according to the "times," are scripted. have you heard about this? what's your response to that? >> well, yeah, i heard about it. "new york times" reporter did tell me that was coming out. but i didn't see any problems with it because, again, dh is not something that's unusual. it is done all the time. if a person is going to be interviewed, you at least need to know what kind of questions are going to come before you. and let's say, for instance, that people had prepped him. we will still have on the record
11:23 am
what he committed to. i want people to understand. whatever he committed to in my questions are very, very strong. my questions -- what are we going to do about unarmed black males being shot? we stand by our police agencies. we love police. all black african-americans, all african-americans, that's law abiding, we are not afraid of the police. we encourage them, we pray for them. but we have questionable shootings. when you see people laying -- lying on the ground -- >> no, these are all -- they're great questions. but you can understand how some critics are coming forward. as a man of faith, right, you speak from your heart. critics are coming forward and thinking if you're sit being in front of someone who wants to be the next commander in chief, should he not be speaking from his heart as well instead of having word for word scripted answers. i'm just telling you what some folks are wondering. >> well, brooke, we fixed that. i have new questions. >> you do have new questions.
11:24 am
>> hmm? >> you do have new questions. >> i do have new questions, yes. and nobody seen these questions but me, myself and a couple people who are close to me. some of these questions came from prominent black ministers around the country. i mean they're over thousands and thousands of people. so these questions are not being seen by anyone. and mr. trump, neither did his -- first of all, i have never spoken to mr. trump. i have never met mr. trump. i don't know mr. trump, only by what i see on television. when his exampcamp reached out two months ago to sit down and interview him, because he wants to come into the black community to share what his policies will be. if we don't sit down and dialogue, then we don't know. you just can't get up and say, well, what the "h" you have to lose? we need -- we need promises that's going to be real.
11:25 am
and you only can make it happen when you sit down and have a dialogue with someone, a communication with someone. and i'm encouraging him. this is not the end of the matter. i'm encouraging him to go to people like great men we have in our country, like mark moreelle. mark morial, the urban league. we have black colleges. i'm encouraging him to sit down with these individuals -- >> you are. let me ask you -- let me just jump in because you are naming these people. one of the questions is in addition to the sit-down with you, will he be attending services? will he be addressing members of your congregation, bishop? >> he -- this is the way it's going to be. this is what's been decided on by me. i'm the pastor. and his executive staff. that we will do an interview in
11:26 am
the morning. that interview would not be touched by trump's camp or anybody associated with him. >> so they wouldn't have any fingerprint on the edit. they wouldn't greenlight the final edit. >> no. i wouldn't do it. brooke, i wouldn't do it because i feel like it is unfair. >> yes, sir. >> i'm a democrat by register. if you go in my office, you know what you're going to see? you will see a picture of obama. you will see a picture of mr. clinton. al gore. all democrats. and i'm not -- i'm not a sellout or trying to be something that i'm not. we want answers. we're tired. if it's democrat or if if it's republicans. we need help and we need somebody that's going to be in that office that's not going to give us more broken promises. i don't care who it is. so let's get it on the record. we got so many people that tell us, hey, it's going to be better or whatever. we need to know. >> bishop -- i appreciate that.
11:27 am
but will he -- beyond sitting down with you and having an open dialogue, will he be addressing your congregation? >> no, he's not going to address -- >> no, he's not. will he be sitting in the service? will he be sitting in the service? >> yeah, he's sitting in the service. >> how do you think the congregation is going to receive him? >> well, we'll talk love in our congregation. if you are somebody -- let me back up. if jesus was the president of great faith ministries, would he tell us to keep away homosexuals? would he tell us to keep away drug addicts? would he tell to us keep away those who have no money? would he tell us not to let donald trump in the church? >> no. >> no. >> jesus welcomed all of us. and i'll tell you how he is going to be received. i teach my people, love is the way and the course to go. and if i could be a broker of love, to help bring this racial -- or be a component, should i say, of love -- and that's where i'm coming from, the position of love. i'm not coming from the position
11:28 am
oh, you call me a racist, you a racist and you this and that. no, that's not going to work. and mr. trump will get an embrace from people. because that's the way the congregation has been taught. they've been taught love your neighbor as yourself. >> bishop jackson, you got a big day ahead of you, sir. i appreciate you taking the time with me. let's have a chat again on monday, if you're around. i'll be here. i'd love to see how this goes. good luck, sir. i appreciate it. >> okay. brooke, give me one promise -- tell me you're going to pray for me and i'll feel better. >> done, bishop. done. bishop jackson, all my best. thank you so much. >> thank you. my goodness. coming up next, millions -- millions in the path of tropical storm hermine as it is barreling up east coast. we will take you live to where it is hitting and look at where it is going next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know
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talk about this tropical storm, hermine, and the warning to more than 30 million people up and down the east coast. just because hermine is no longer a hurricane, do not be fooled. this is still a very, very dangerous storm. you are looking at pictures here. this is savannah, georgia. shelters there are being prepped right now in the case people in the lower lying areas have to evacuate. in florida more than 100,000 people lost power in the tallahassee area alone. high winds, downed trees across the state and also here on the coast of georgia.
11:34 am
these guys surfing the waves just in time for labor day. by the way, new york has been closing beaches ahead of sunday, possibly monday as well. here is the city's mayor. >> the number one concern in terms of safety is rip tides right now. i want people to understand this is a very unusual situation. according to the national weather service, we could see some of the most intense rip tides literally in 10 or 15 years. these could be some of the strongest and most dangerous rip tides. the phrase used by the weather service in the briefing i was just on is -- extremely dangerous rip tides. >> that's new york. let's talk south carolina. my colleague brian todd is there in charleston. looks cool and calm now, brian. tell me more about conditions and what people are saying. >> reporter: well, brooke, we just had a significant rain band come through here, very heavy rain a moment ago.
11:35 am
wind has kicked up. brunt of the storm is starting to move across the charleston area. i heard an official talk about rip tide. this is what they are worried about here. storm surge here in charleston smacking up against the seawall. some of the storm system out more toward the harbor and the ocean. now one thing we're told also, this is a city of high bridges. as the wind kicks up now, brooke, around the charleston area officials are worried that some motorists will go up on those high bridges, still try to drive around where it may not be safe. that's one worry here. another one is of course these are low lying streets. they can get flooded very easily and they will get flooded at some point. they handed out 3,000, 4,000 sandbags last night and this morning and they're giving out more now. these are very low-lying streets and they will get flooded. you can feel the wind around me
11:36 am
kicking up here along the charleston harbor here in the peninsula. >> we'll stay in touch, brian todd. we'll stay in touch. thank you. try to stay dry. . just in to cnn here, we have video of donald trump's meeting with the african-american leaders around the roundtable in philadelphia. one day before his highly anticipated visit to detroit. we'll hear what has been said. stay tuned. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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2012 republican presidential candidate and former congresswoman michele bachmann just issued a dire warning. she said if hillary clinton wins this election, that this will be
11:41 am
"the last election" for her party. here she was. >> it is a math problem of demographics and a changing united states. and if you look at the numbers of people who vote and who lives in the country and who barack obama and hillary clinton want to bring in to the country, this is the last election when we even have a chance to vote for somebody who will stand up for godly moral principles. this is it. all the never-trumpers, the establishment republicans that are out there saying, well, we'll just take our chances and four years from now we'll have a better candidate. then we can take the white house. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. hillary clinton will ensure it won't happen because she's going to change the demographics of the united states so that no republican will ever win again. >> so that no republican will ever win again. mark preston, cnn politics
11:42 am
executive editor. is that fair? >> yes and no. so, let's just pick apart her statement. what she's saying in some ways is true, but she is certainly overstating it. let's just talk about where we are right now and why democrats are perhaps better positioned as we're moving forward. right now we are looking at urban centers which tend to be democratic. they're growing. rural areas are losing population. they tend to be more republican. you are also seeing a decrease in the number of non-educated white voters participating in elections, reliablebly republican voters. statement you are looking at college educated white voters starting to go towards democrats. they are still as republican but they are not as dam napt in the republican party to attracting these voters. at the same time you see an increase in the hispanic population. we saw 71% of hispanics vote for barack obama in 2012. the asian population which is growing by leaps and bounds voted for barack obama at 73%.
11:43 am
so really what it comes down to is this basic number. back in 2012, mitt romney, 89% of his voters were white. 56% barack obama's voters were white. barack obama's coalition is much broader. >> do you think she would have said this if trump weren't the nominee? >> i don't know. she said one thing -- who they want to bring in to the country, meaning -- dog whistle saying that barack obama and hillary clinton want to try to bring in hispanics because they want to grow their coalition and perhaps strengthen their party. i think that's a braj tidge too by michele bachmann. >> we've just turned around some video of the roundtable, african-american leaders, donald trump in philadelphia. that's been happening. here are the pictures. what's the political play here? >> couple things. one, he certainly making annest, if not a lumcy effort, to try to reach out to the african-american community. the fact of the matter is, 93% of african-americans voted for
11:44 am
barack obama back in 2012. republicans have never done well with african-americans. they're not going to do well. however, this outreach is really a play to try to get independents and republicans who don't like to hear donald trump's divisive rhetoric. when donald trump is making these efforts, it is not so much to try to woo black voters over, although he is trying in some case to chip away a little bit. it is really to try to get those white voters that are on the fence about supporting him. >> mark preston, thank you very much. appreciate you. coming up next, he is the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. today you see him walking free. serving all of three months behind bars. we'll take you to the protests and talk about this next. before taking his team to state for the first time...
11:45 am
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brock turner is a free man today after serving just three months of a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the former stanford swimmer was silent. you see him here as he was opening that door and walking to
11:49 am
his car which was waiting for him. barricades separating him from reporters who you know were shouting questions. this case drew national attention after the victim's heart-wrenchingic packet statement was shared all over the internet. critics say his six-month jail sentence for three felony convictions for sexual assault was just too lenient. local sheriff said this guy belongs in prison. >> i've been a critic of the law. the law should be state prison for people who commit this kind of crime and that's -- what i think we really, really need to push. the system had a flaw in it and i'm hoping that the governor signs the legislation. >> let's go to ashleigh banfield there live in san jose, sort of now famously read that victim letter live here on cnn. i see protesters behind you. what's the response been like? >> reporter: yes. pretty amazing actually. hi, brooke.
11:50 am
we've been here most of the morning from the moment brock turner actually walked out of the county jail behind us through the gauntlet of press. it was a cold, dark morning. it was 6:00 in the morning. only press there. but then throughout the day, i would say close to 200 protesters showed up to effectively make known what they feel about his release. three months of a six-month sentence. it is all within the legal parameters, good behave. overcrowding in the california jails. but the message here today is -- this is rape. this isn't an accident. this isn't drinking too much. this is rape and it has to be treated as such. so there have been a lot of messages. a lot of politicians were here. national, local. california politicians as well. a lot of survivors who showed up. of course this bill is sitting on jerry brown's signature that would essentially not make someone like brock turner be
11:51 am
eligible for the sentence he received. it would be incarceration and not like the county jail. it would be prison. not a probationary offense. likely brock turner is likely now with family members, possibly planning a flight back to dayton, ohio where he plans to serve out three years of probation and he will register as a sex offender within the next five day >> this is about the judge, who is biased, in cases of sex crimes and violence against women. but i think that it is also about the general message that these are serious crimes and they need to be taken seriously. the judge has treated these crimes like they are minor misdemeanors. of course, as we know from media stories, he's not the only judge that has done that. there have been cases, other cases, around the country of
11:52 am
athletes receiving very, very light sentences and probation. think that we are really at a turning point in our national conversation about sexual assault and also about domestic violence. these are serious felonies and we're not accepting less than justice going forward. >> please give our regards to emily doe, the survivor. she is a friend of yours. really remarkable words in her victim impact statement. she was courageous and faced the judge and her attacker and said what it was like to be a rape survivor. effectively it is her life sentence. going forward, there is this recall that is in the offing now. if it is going to happen. think back to governor grey davis. yes, it is a democratic system, and yes, that judge was elected. and, yes, he operated within his discretion. but that's also -- it lends itself to the discretion of voters as well. we'll watch and see what happens as well. >> you are so passionate about this. so glad you hopped a plane and were there for this day in san
11:53 am
jose. thank you so much. coming up next -- the fbi releasing notes from its interview with hillary clinton and its investigation into her private e-mail server. what we are now learning here publicly and the trump campaign's response. we got that moments ago. all of that for you. also ahead, keeping a very close eye on this tropical storm threatening the eastern coast of the united states through this labor day weekend. we'll tell you where it is hitting. we have a live reporting up. you're watching cnn. nutritional needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one.
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a heart-stopping 45 minutes off the coast of florida after a family's boat capsizes. the patients and one child find safety but their 2-year-old daughter is nowhere in sight. in cases like this , every secod
11:58 am
counts. officers rush to the scene and go beyond the call of duty to find her. >> reporter: it's friday night near cocoa beach, florida. brian bossert and his wife, tammy, are in trouble. police infrared video shows the parents stabbing on their capsized boat. minutes before, they accidentally hit a guidewire in the water causing the boat to flip. their 7-month-old baby charlotte is safe in mom's arms, but their nearly 2-year-old daughter, kennedy can kennedy, is in where in sight. >> i'm in the water. my boat crashed. >> reporter: lucky for the family, these three cocoa police department officers got the call. matthew rush is the first one on the scene. >> first thing goes through your mind is it's not going to be good. >> reporter: he strips his uniform, jumps from a pier into the water and heads to find the missing baby. he's joined by corporal allen worthy and sergeant michael
11:59 am
dilatore in the department's boat. >> we are looking. can't find anything. we're finding debris. >> reporter: officers make multiple dives searching for kennedy. >> i'm not expecting a good outcome. >> reporter: just when hope begins to fade -- >> i head right up to the boat. i listen for a second and i heard her make a noise. it was a whimper or soft cry. at that point i said she's under the boat. we've got her. >> reporter: officer rush dives in one more time. >> next thing i see is this child exploding up out of the water with the pressure being pulled up with the life jacket on. >> reporter: baby kennedy survives floating in an air pocket under the boat for 45 minutes. she escapes with only minor cuts and bruises. her parents call it a miracle. >> it's our world. these girls are our world. and we -- you know, without one of them, we just didn't know what we would do. you know? we can't thank them enough. >> it's what we do. another day at cocoa pd.
12:00 pm
>> reporter: nick valencia, cnn, cocoa, florida. hour two we begin with breaking news. thanks for being with me on this friday. ima brooke baldwin. new details from inside hillary clinton's closed-door meeting with the fbi. cnn now has obtained this report that the fbi sent on to the justice department recommending no charges be brought against hillary clinton during this investigation in to her private e-mail server. from this report, we expect to be able to learn why, first of all, why she wasn't charged in connection with her use of this private e-mail server when she was secretary of state, but it also contains the fbi's notes on the answers that clinton gave to them when they were questioning her. you remember this meeting in july only lasted about three and a half hours. let's begin with evan perez, our justice correspondent who's been combing through this report, him and our


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