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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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said planes and that was a first for hillary clinton who is now traveling with a press pool on her 737 starting today. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. >> have you missed us? >> i've been just waiting for this moment. no, really, i'll come back and talk to you more formally but i wanted to welcome you on to the plane. >> trump says he didn't know about the debut of the clinton press plane, however, he did say he, too, will allow reporters on his plane but not necessarily everyday. trump also talked about the presidential debates which are just three weeks away. >> i think i'm preparing somewhat like i prepared for the other debates. i think i'm preparing -- you know, i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates according to the polls, the online polls they did after the debates. and i think i'm doing the same thing.
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>> are you doing a lot of prep work? >> i'm doing some. i've seen people do so much prep work that when they get out there, they can't speak. i've seen that. >> is someone playing hillary in your -- >> no, no. i haven't done that. >> do you plan to have mock sessions where someone does? >> i hadn't planned on it. i never did it before. >> and you're definitely going to do all three of these debates? >> as of this moment, yeah. >> what could cause you to change your mind? you say "as of this moment." what could cause you to change your mind? >> hurricanes, natural disaster. i expect to do all three. >> only an act of god? >> no, i look forward to the debates. i think it's an important element of what we're doing. i think we have an on ligation to do the debates. i did them with the other cases,
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we had i guess 11 debates. i look forward to the debates. >> they came out with the moderators. are you happy with those? >> i like them, i respect the moderators. >> so let's talk to sara murray following the trump campaign and dan mare a on hillary clinton's plane when she spoke with those reporters. you're at this event where we're waiting to hear her and her running mate speak. dan, take me inside the moment where we saw hillary clinton step beyond the curtains. what did that feel like to the traveling press? >> it was interesting. we've spent 17 months covering her campaign, no press plane, we flew either commercial or on another plane. and she made her way back to the press pen, the press makes up the last section of the plane 4, 2 seats in all.
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there's a section for secret service, a section for her aides, and secretary clinton and her top aides in what would be called first class. she told u.s. somewhat sarcastically she was happy to have us here. she's giving up a very nice plane to get on an equally nice plane, a boeing 737 that is about 14 years old. it used to fly for air berlin, made in the united states and it was painted and retrofitted in roswell, new mexico and texas as well. she said she'd have a formal -- take formal questions, we're expecting that later today but it's interesting because she has been standoffish with the press and the plane makes that more difficult. we'll be on her plane seeing her more regularly so as you said, this is your t sprint to election day. we're hoping that also means more access, more questions to secretary clinton. >> i hear you 275ish days and counting since her last formal news conference. stand by, dan. sara, let me bring you in.
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we see trump talking to press on his plane although he said he had no idea hillary clinton would be doing that with her new plane today. he made a stop at a place called goody's. can you tell us about his day? >> amazing how this works. one candidate talks to the press and then suddenly another candidate talks to the press. i'm sure it was a total coincidence. donald trump's day looks more like a traditional candidate. he held a round table with union leaders, stopped by a local diner in ohio and later this afternoon we're expecting him to visit a fair that's one of the largest fares in ohio and remember this is a guy that when he jumped into the race a little bit over a year ago he didn't do retail politics, he didn't shake hands, talk to voters and so you're seeing a large evolution of the candidate. one thing donald trump isn't doing is one thing hillary clinton has started which is lessing the press travel with him on a regular basis on the campaign plane and the press has a low approval rating. we understand most people don't care about our problems but
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there is value to being on the plane with a candidate. you see what they are like with their running mate, how they interact with topped the visors and you can also see their reaction when big major news events are happening so there's value in all of that and we're supposed to be the eyes and ears for regular voters who don't see that day in and day out. >> the sprint is on. it's a good thing to be close to the candidates you are covering. dan merica, sara murray, thank you for this -- what is it? two more months or so. we're watching and wait fog hear from hillary clinton in cleveland. now to the bigger conversation. with me cnn political director david chalian and police political correspondent dana bash. i think it's worth, david chalian, underscoring, dan said it and i remember hearing hillary clinton saying on the plane to the traveling press are you ready to run? this is the -- right? this is the final crucial race to the finish. >> this is it, we've got nine weeks to go. there's been a lot of setup and
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look where we are. we're kind of where we were before the conventions, before the summer of controversies, before each candidate was able to have that unfiltered pitch to voters or somewhat unfiltered pitch to voters from their conventions and here we are in a really tight race and this is where you turn on the turbo engines because you have these debates, they will help form opinions and people start voting in just three weeks. early voting begins so when you talk about the sprint you have to remember this isn't just to november 8. lots and lots of votes will get banked at the end of the month. >> i am also fascinated in the conversations candidates have had with how much that will happen between now and november 8 and both of you have been on planes like this. i want to hear your color on what this is like for the press but also let me play a snippet. this is a part of the conversation, someone had a question about immigration, being confused.
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here was trump on the plane. >> we're con newsed. a lot of republican plans have talked about letting people have a legal status, just to live here, work here, people who lived here for a long time and contribute to society -- >> we're going to make that decision into the future, okay? good question. i'm glad you asked me. that decision will be made. >> "that decision will be made." do you feel less confused, dana bash? >> [laughter]. no, i don't. but that's the point. the point is that he's punting about he's doing so pretty overtly on the question of what to do with the undocumented immigrants currently in this country who are sculpt standing members of society who aren't the criminals or the bad ones who donald trump has talked about and made clear he'll kick out of the country. he's trying to make it very
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clear to people who want to hear a more tolerant donald trump that he is that guy but also not anger conservatives who voted for him thinking he's going to kick everybody out. for people who are die hard on the question of whether anybody who came here illegally should be allowed to stay, they will consider anything even remotely close to maybe as potentially donald trump going for amnesty. the question we've been asking for so long, does it matter for those people? where are they going to go? they won't vote for anybody but trump at this point so i think that's clearly part of the calculation that trump is making in punting on that question. >> and intentionally perhaps keeping it murky thus trying to have it both ways and as we talk immigration of someone who said on -- sat on that bipartisan gang of eight, someone donald trump has been picking fights with in arizona, i'm talking
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about senator jeff flake, someone who says no, i'm not voting for donald trump, i don't like how he's been talking about immigration. but what does donald trump, david, what does he have to gain by needling this arizona senator? >> i can't figure out what he has to gain. i don't think there's much. if you look at when donald trump brought in new campaign management, kellyanne conway, his new campaign manager for a few weeks, made note of the fact you don't see him going after and doing personal attacks anymore on twitter yet he couldn't resist this needling, jeff flake got you should his skin. this is the kind of stuff that some of the trump critics have been warning against temperamentally with him. but when he has picked fights with republicans it has not worked in his favor so i think if he has the right people in his ear maybe this won't last long like it did with paul ryan or not endorsing john mccain.
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i think it got to him, he tweeted -- we'll have to see if this is a fight he wants to sustain because your question is a good one, brooke. i don't think picking a fight with an incumbent republican senator does much for him. >> brooke, this is the kind of thing that drives the republican party chair crazy. because his whole job is to keep the party together, to make donald trump understand that there are republicans who are going to disagree with him and going to disagree with him openly for lots of reasons but one of them is because that's important for them to do politically for their constituency. jeff flake might have lots of reasons for doing this. maybe for him it's his personal view of donald trump and his position on immigration but this is the kind of thing that as reince priebus and the rnc have been trying to kind of get donald trump back on track successfully for the most part
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this just makes him nuts. >> sorry, i was listening to you but i also -- who is the "he" here? i'm talking to my executive producer. trump is at a fair in canfield, ohio, shall we just listen for a second. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, unbelievable reception, we're going to bring jobs back to ohio. we're going to bring jobs back to our country. we're not going to make these horrible trade deals anymore. we'll bring our jobs back. thank you, everybody. i love you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] incredible. what an incredible group. thank you, everybody. >> how about that? i just wanted to make sure we heard. dana, forgive me, i was hanging on your every word till the very last second r second. >> that's okay, i finished my point. >> but just quickly and then i'll let you all go.
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this is the county that's so importa important. explain the context of why he's here. >> this is one of the critical county in ohio. this is where the play for white working class voters that donald trump believes will be his success here this is where he believes he can upend the advantage that existed before for other democratic politicians but here against hillary clinton make the case against her with this white working class not college educated crowd of voters. so it's exactly this kind of community, you have to note here, brook, we're seeing donald trump do something we don't see a lot of. we normally see him at rallies. >> he's in the middle of everyone. >> he's politicking in the middle of the fair, this is a different kind of image turning that corner for the fall campaign. to keep this up, this is how you
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woo voters, get local news coverage and put yourself in position to show yourself understanding the flight of the voters you're seeking. >> and to circle back to the beginning of this conversation, brooke, you have donald trump doing the most typical thing a candidate can do which is walk around a state fair and shake hands, he's not doing it for long but he's doing it. >> long enough. >> different from what we've seen and him and hillary clinton having members of the press corps on their plane, i feel like i'm for a plit second here covering a traditional presidential campaign. >> what's going on? >> it won't last. >> i don't know what to do with myself. >> wow. dana and david thank you, i would agree with you and i feel such the page turning and nine weeks to go, ladies and gentlemen, nine weeks to go. just ahead, president obama has weighed in on this whole nfl quarterback refusing to stand up during the national anthem
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upsetting a lot of conservatives. we'll let you know what the president has said from china, also he's asked whether russia is trying to hack the u.s. election and the president sbrierngds about what america is capable of. also stunning new cnn reporting that isis planned for the terror attacks? paris to be far worse. and we have new details about a mysterious operative linked to the terror cell. so much happening on this monday. we'll be right back. . ing new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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some breaking developments today out of the g20 summit, russian president vladimir putin telling reporters to deal with the u.s. to quote/unquote ease tensions in syria could come in days. this after a 90-minute meeting with president obama who said the discussion was candid, blunt, business like. obama seemed to have a more cautious take on whether a deal could be reached. >> we have had productive conversations about what a real cessation of hostilities would look like that would allow the
12:19 pm
eyes and russia to focus on common enemies like isil and nusra. but given the gaps of trust that exist that's a tough negotiatio negotiation. >> on that last note, knowing putin said "days" that's a mighty confident statement. >> yeah, look, what president putin is doing here and what we've heard over the days running up to the g20 was russians putting forward a more positive spin saying it was close, it was possible the united states, we heard from president obama, secretary kerry had been more cautious on this. the russians have created the optics where they're in the driving seat, this is up to time if they deliver the sort of terms and conditions that the united states can agree to for some kind of cessation of hostilities and the reality is
12:20 pm
if we look at what russia has done since the peace talks for syria started in geneva back in january, those talks keep having to go on hold because russia continues along with bashar al assad forces to try to surround that city, take control of the rebel areas and guess what? we're still in the same place, stop start/stop start on the talks. just yesterday once again russian forces along with president bashar al assad's forces surrounded rebels in the city of aleppo and here president putin is saying a deal is around the conner. he's putting himself in the position of being on the world stage saying aunt deal, deal with me on other issues, ukraine is one of those issues, he wants sanctions lift there had, economic sanctions for innovating and annexing crimea. >> there have been concerns of a hack, a potential russian hack on the u.s. elections in some
12:21 pm
weeks we know the president waded into that. let me just play what president obama said. >> what we can not do is have a situation there which suddenly this becomes the wild wild west where countries that have significant cyber capacity start engaging in competition, unhealthy competition or conflict through these means when i think wisely we put in place some norms when it comes to using other weapons. >> just wanted to play president obama's response to that as well. nic robertson thank you for joining me from london. up next on cnn, we have obtained documents from inside the investigation into the paris attacks from lastfall. what we have learned about the suspected terrorists who were stopped before they could take part. also more than a dozen musician are teaming up tonight to raise
12:22 pm
money for the tens of thousands who have lost everything in the recent flooding in louisiana. randy jackson who will co-host tonight's louisiana rising concert will join me live on cnn concert will join me live on cnn in just a moment.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental
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i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. it has been nearly a month since a major flooding disaster in parts of louisiana just totally underwater. waters were so high and the force was so strong they were able to push over a semi truck. the governor says at least $8.7 billion in damages are left behind. just look at this. look at that. now a grammy award winning
12:27 pm
record producer is planning a benefit show for the victims still struggling to pick up the pieces. the telethon will provide relief to families affected by the flooding, especially to children. that's happening tonight. with a preview i have the man behind this concert, co-host randy jackson. nice to see you. >> hello, brooke, how are you? thanks for having me. >> i am all right. i tell you, i tip my hat to you and also harry connick, jr., and this entire cost of musicians and production folks and everyone. but for you, randy, on a personal note, you're a baton rouge boy born there. i'm a baton rouge boy. >> is everyone okay? >> yeah, everyone's doing fine, thank god. i'm a baton rouge boy, harry is from new orleans so we thought we'd come here to help. there have been a lot of people reaching out. the american red cross is doing amazing things and some of the first responders.
12:28 pm
this is the worst u.s. disaster since superstorm sandy. over $20 billion in damage. it's unbelievable. >> but to see the damage on tv as we're doing, as we're rolling pictures, that's one thing but to be there and see this in person with your own two eyes, have you had a chance? tell me what you've seen. >> it's amazing what has happened. i can't believe it. and today -- i'm hear todre tod we're doing the benefit show tonight and it's raining still. the relief here is interesting. i've never seen anything like in the a long time. >> tell me what you have all ahead of tonight, who is playing, why is this so important for you? >> it's important for me because it's important to give back to the proud state of louisiana, a place that i grew up and still calm home, so does harry. we have a lot of people showing
12:29 pm
up tonight. governor john bel edwards is here. harry and i are co-hosting. we have eli manning, britney spears, matthew mcconaughey, ellen degeneres, john goodman, aaron neville performing, better than ezra. a lot of great louisiana support. >> and just -- you know as people are tuning in, this is about, what? music is this great unifier and people can tune in, lift up the good people of baton rouge and hopefully help them out a little bit. >> hopefully donate to the american red cross disaster relief fund. we're trying to do everything we can to help the proud people of this state. >> where we k we find it? s where the concert on tv tonight? >> the concert is 7:00 to 9:00 central time, over 100 stations and also you can stream it live over the internet. >> randy jackson, thank you so much for your time. good luck tonight with the concert. >> thank you, brooke.
12:30 pm
coming up, hillary clinton just started speaking in ohio and she actually notably had a horrible coughing fit. she turned around and said she's allergic to donald trump. we'll dip in live.
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as it is labor day, that signifies sort of this final stretch, we have nine weeks to go until election day and you know where both of the candidates are today? the battleground state of ohio. we just saw donald trump pressing the flesh, good old retail politics at a their canfield, ohio. we also saw both hillary
12:35 pm
clinton, she's now on a plane with traveling press. that started today so it happened that on the same day both candidates are talking to reporters that's a good thing. let's dip in, hillary clinton with her running mate tim kaine are speaking in front of a crowd in cleveland. >> donald trump's track record when it comes to hard-working men and women -- i know, i'm allergic to it, too, but you have to look at his record. there may be people you know who are thinking about voting for him and you know friends don't let friends vote for trump. here's what you can tell them, among many things, he hired a union-busting firm to break up an organizing campaign at his hotel in las vegas. he built his career on refusing to pay workers, plummers, painters, glass installer, marble installer, people who did
12:36 pm
work for him then he refused to pay them. he stiffed small businesses like my dad. my dad and tim's dad had small businesses that gave us a good middle-class life. i'm so grateful my father never got a contract from donald trump. my dad worked hard, he printed drapery fabrics and i would go help him sometimes and there would be a long table in his print plant and the fabric would be rolled out then the silkscreens laid down then you'd pour the paint in, then you take the squeegee and push it across the screen, lift it up, go all the way down then go to the second table all the way back. when he finished he'd load those drapery fabrics in his car and he would have delivered them. i don't know what would have happened to my family if he had done a big job thinking it was a good deal for trump and he get there is and the trump people say "we are not going to pay
12:37 pm
you." then after harassing maybe they say "okay, we'll pay you 30 cents on the dollar." he's driven hard-working people into bankruptcy and taken six bankruptcies himself. now here in ohio you know very much that a president makes decisions that affect people's lives and livelihoods. well millions of jobs were on the line in the auto industry president obama made the right decision to save the auto industry. [ applause ] i know we've got some uaw members here. [ cheers and applause ] i was proud to support him then, i'm even prouder now that the auto industry just had its best year ever. think how differently things could have turned out. i know this is hard to imagine if it had been donald trump in
12:38 pm
the oval office. last year remember this -- remember this -- last year he said it didn't matter whether or not we saved the auto industry. either way would have been acceptable. he said we could have just let it go. never mind the 850,000 people in ohio and millions more across the country whose jobs and paychecks were tied to the auto industry. now what else could we expect from someone whose most famous words are "you're fired"? >> let me say it again. nine weeks till election day, three weeks to the first presidential debate. coming up next, president obama weighs in on a colin kaepernick protest. see how he says the 49ers quarterback could have maybe made his point a bit better. plus, two of the stars of the tony award winning "color purple" sat down with me to talk
12:39 pm
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today as he was in china the president of the united states was asked to weigh in about this whole controversy involving 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and his protest, his not standing during the national anthem. >> my understanding is he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. there's a long history of sports figures doing so but i don't doubt his sincerity based on what i've heard. i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. and if nothing else what he's done is generated more afrgs around topics that need to be talked about.
12:44 pm
>> the president acknowledged how some members of the military might feel slighted by kaepernick's protest. kaepernick himself has been refusing to stand for the national anthem he says to protest police brutality specifically against african-americans. what he's done has sparked plenty of praise and criticism as well from the likes of nfl executives, from police unions and a number of fans who have taken to burn his jersey. despite this controversy he ignited here, sales of kaepernick's jersey has increased. his team is standing by him revealing kaepernick will be on the 49ers roster for the upcoming football season. in a political year that has seenl race as a central theme, "color purple" delivers a message that has never been more relevant, i had the privilege of sitting down to stars of the broadway show, tony award winning actress cynthia ariivo and danielle brooks from "orange
12:45 pm
is the new black." they talked about race and finding one's voice. >> if you'd have told me about 10, 15 years ago that i would be starring in with my name outside a theater and my face outside a theater in new york city i would have told you you were crazy. ♪ i'm gonna take a deep breath, gonna hold my head up ♪ gonna put my shoulders back and look you straight in the eye ♪ >> every time i step on the stage i feel like there's a huge responsibility to women, children, people going through any form of abuse. those people i feel need a voic voice.
12:46 pm
>> celie is beaten down, she is raped repeatedly, she thinks she lost her sister forever and in the end here she is on this stage and she's making pants. >> she's making her pants, she's got her own business, she's finding her feet, she's able in the end to see that she alone is enough. >> celie, which was whoopi in the movie. >> i'm poor, black, i may even be ugly, but dear god, i'm here. i'm here. >> did she dare give cynthia erivo advice? >> she came to see the show and i met her and it was a wonderful surreal moment. i remember what she said, she said "that smile, you've got that smile. you've got it, it's yours, this
12:47 pm
celie is yours." and she sent beautiful roses and there's a note that she sent that she said "thank you for making celie shine." ♪ where do we come from ♪ you got to leave mister >> what does it feel like to be out on that stage eight times a week? >> oh, man, it's great. >> it's a dream. >> it is a dream. >> do you feel that? >> oh, i know it, i live it. "the color purple" is the first broadway show that i had ever saw and to now ten, 11 years being on a stage every night and get to inspire and challenge myself is great. ♪ girl, you too good for that man, let me take you up ♪ >> it's about abuse, it's about the south, it's about blackness, it's about women finding their voices. is there anything in playing
12:48 pm
sofia that you've taken away yourself? >> specifically singing "hell no" every night is what gets me. ♪ hell, hell, hell, hell, hell no ♪ >> all of us are sitting in the audience and we hear you sing "hell no" and we're like "hell yes!" what is it like on that stage? >> it's so empowering. you get to inspire women and men to say no to whatever they're dealing with. it might not be abuse. it might be self-doubt, insecurities, fears. >> you may be saying "hell no" but i watch orange is the new black and tasty has this theme of bad-assedness, i imagine there's a piece of you that you bring to both of these women. >> the difference with tasty, she says in season one, she says i don't think anyone is going to take me seriously. and that's the difference. with sofia, she knows it, she
12:49 pm
don't care, okay? but with tasty she's still dealing with feeling like she's enough. >> everyone i know is poor, in jail, or gone. don't nobody ask about how my day went. >> i want to read you a quote from president obama who was speaking at the howard university commencement. "be confident in your blackness, there is no one way to be black, there's no straight jacket, no constraints, no litmus test for authenticity." >> i think that's beautiful what obama said. i'm so grateful to have a black president to speak on behalf of our blackness and helping us to realize that. i think it's so important we show that we're so much more than one dimensional. so much more than three dimensional. that's what i love about being in "orange is the new black" because i get to work with not one, two, three, four, but over five black women. and then hispanic and white and old and young and transgender.
12:50 pm
we bleed the same. we hurt the same. we love the same. that's the most important thing to remember. ♪ look what god has done "the color purple" thank you for having us. coming up next, cnn profiles both presidential candidates and their children for the most in-depth documentaries on both hillary clinton and donald trump to date. stay with us for a sneak peek ahead of the big airing tonight. first, let's honor this week he's cnn hero, a woman in san diego who introduces kids to a possible career in science. they're from the city's poorest communities man have never, ever, ever seen the ocean. >> these are barnacles and they
12:51 pm
attach with their heads. you can learn mathematics all through the ocean. these are students through various communities. our students are pursuing them at unprecedented rates. >> to see how she does it, go to cnn nominations for 2016 close tonight. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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all right. big, big night here on cnn this evening. we are bringing you not just one, two special reports about presidential candidates here, the nominees, hillary clinton and donald trump. you will hear their personal
12:56 pm
stories from those who know them the very best. i'm joined by two ladies who have spent months and months and months, and shoutout to the documentary crew here on cnn, jen hyde and her team who put this together. gloria borger and pamela brown. so looking at you. so donald trump and hillary clinton, let's just get to a quick clip and then we can chat. this is don junior talking with his first job with his dad. >> my first job was as his dock attendant. it is nice and you're looking up boats and you're running around, making minimum wage and tips. >> two weeks later, the work got tougher. >> started going into some landscaping, utilizing heavy equipment. i'm 15 years old. i say, wait, i'm older. i'm working much harder. there's no long ear tip component. i remember going to him half way through summer saying, i'm
12:57 pm
working much harder and how come i'm only making minimum wage. he said, why would i pay you more than you're willing to work for? >> what was he like? what was the family like? >> devoted. totally devoted. what's surprising and i think those of white house covered political campaigns, families usually are there just to be surrogates and smile and go out on the stage and these adult children are involved in the campaign. ivanka's husband, jared kushner, is one running the campaign. they are sitting there making decisions with donald trump. they are the people he goes to. he has his campaign team, but i think they are the last people in the room with him very often when he is making decisions. and i think they were very involved in the vice presidential choice for example. and will continue to be involved in this campaign. in an extraordinary way. >> the family involved with donald trump. and if you were to win, what the
12:58 pm
role could be in the white house. >> exactly. >> and to you, i mean, listen, we all watched chelsea clinton grow up in front of our eyes. here she is talking to you about what it was like the first time she brought her boyfriend to the white house. >> to the white house. roll it. >> my father would intimidate them, as i think any father -- just you know, polite, sternly, standing there at the top of the stairs. they say, sheepishly, i'm here to take your daughter to dinner or movie or whatever we were doing. i think he loved that intimidation factor. >> what about your mom? >> well she knew about them already. i'm so close with my mom, she asked me and grilled me about anything and everything she felt she needed to know. >> i remember one boy she brought and he was going through the stage where he was wearing a baseball cap the whole time. and i finally told him, you have to take off your baseball cap.
12:59 pm
you're in the white house. we're going to have dinner and you cannot sit at the table with your baseball cap on. it was just being a regular mom. >> we're southern girls. >> my parents would have been like -- >> can't wear that baseball cap. >> no, no, no. >> interesting to see this side of hillary clinton through the lens of chelsea clinton. they have a similar relationship similar to the trump kids. she was born into the public spotlight. and she said, i can't remember a time when my mom wasn't being attacked. just remember what that must be like. but she was also a typical mom, made her clean her room, make her bed. and how they were with the boys. and those close in the circle say chelsea circle was the glue that kept hillary clinton and bill clinton together during the tough times in the white house. i asked hillary clinton what that was like after all these years, watching her daughter introduce her as the first fee mile presidential nominee at the
1:00 pm
convention. she said she could barely hold back tears when she walked on to the stage. it is incredible to see that personal relationship, mother and daughter. >> we will be watching starting at 8:00 tonight, 8:00. and 10:00 eastern here on cnn. essential hillary clinton, essential donald trump. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. the lead starts now. >> thank you, brooke. did donald trump hedge on giving legal status to undocumented immigrants? "the lead" starts now. breaking news, donald trump breaking with an immigration plo posal he laid out just last week and today he suggested we will have to wait until after the election to find out. cyber invasion, u.s. investigating russian hackers in a plan to mess with the presidential elections. president obama talks about stopping a wild west cyber war. plus, president obama met with a vulgar insult from a fellow head of state. an ally as he heads to