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  CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 6, 2016 11:15am-11:42am PDT

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tmplths dueling events happening right now. donald trump sitting down for that town hall on national security, the right side, we're waiting for hillary clinton to speak momentarily. let's go first to donald trump. >> -- not even believable when you hear 22 people a day. 22 people a day. these are numbers that you wouldn't even think are believable. and a lot of it is because the fact that they can't get better. they have no service whatsoever. it's been really, really badly handled. one of the things i've done, we allow when that wait is so long and so horrible -- sometimes, by the way, a simple procedure or simple prescription, just a very simple thing can make a person's life wonderful health wise. and they can't see the doctor. they can't get to see the doctor. and we have a plan where if you have a wait, you're going to leave, you're going to go across the street or down the road or a few miles away, you're going to see a doctor, a really good doctor. you're going to get taken care
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of. 100%. or you're going to go and you're going to go to a local hospital, whether it's public or private. you're going to get taken care of and your government is going to pay your bill and you're going to be all set. it's going to be very good. very simple. >> that's a promise. that's great. should have been done a long time ago. and along that line specifically -- because you've talked about this with female veterans. i think this is just -- very, very important because of the size -- scale of the number of females that we now have in our military serving as volunteers. talk a little bit about what you have described as how you would take care of them. >> sure. the female veterans have been like the forgotten people. i think it started because it was obviously a while ago. there were far fewer. and they haven't increased that capacity and now you have tremendous numbers of female vets. and we are going to do procedures that they've never done and we are going to help the female veteran.
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they have not been helped. they've really been left behind, even more so than our male veterans. they've been left behind. it is just not going to happen. we are going to straighten it out. we are going to give them also the right, if things are not being done right, they're going to have the right to go to a local doctor or physician or a local hospital. and again, whether it is public or private. whichever one is most convenient and whichever one is better, frankly, and they're going to get themselves taken care of, whether it's male or female. and that's so important. and the other issue that's so important is mental health. because the mental health problem is such a massive, massive problem in the va. that's something we're going to devote a tremendous amount of time to. it's not just amount of money. the money they're spending is tremendous. it is a huge amount of money that they're currently spending. through there are people that are incompetent in the va.
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and they have people that are stealing. you've seen that. if you look the a phoenix and what's gone on in phoenix, they can't even fire the people. they found people that are stealing and very dishonest, they can't even get rid of them. all of that is going to change. the va, you are going to be so proud of what you have. we're going to take it and you will be so proud of what you have. believe me. >> yeah. just to highlight, one of the things that you have talked about is accountability of the people that are serving our veterans in the veterans administration and the veterans administration system, the whole system. i think that for all of us, accountability is probably something not just in the veterans administration but in government as a whole. so we're going to switch topics a little bit and talk about some of the refugee policies now that we see bubbling under neath us here coming in to this country. some of the challenges that we face. what do you think of hillary clinton's current refugee
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policies and how do they differ from your own? >> look, she's a disaster in so many different ways, folks. disaster. i don't even really think she believes it herself. she was brought so far left, she was brought so far left by bernie and the group. i think we're going to get a lot of the bernie people because of trade, if you want to know the truth. a lot of the bernie people are coming with us. because the one thing he was right about is the fact that our country's being ripped off like never before on these trade deals that are disasters. nafta has been a disaster for the united states. it's destroyed our country. and that's one thing he got right and a lot of people liked him because of trade, more so than anything else. but when it comes to immigration, first of all, she thinks that everything is, more or less, fine. she wants to allow 650% increase
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over and above what obama's allowing to come in from syria and the middle east. 650%. and he's already allowing thousands and thousands of people in. we don't know where they're coming from. you people know because we're military people. we don't know where they're coming from. you see the damage that one person can do. you just have to look anywhere. you see the damage that whether it's orlando or whether it's two people that just got married or they're married and they're from san bernardino, you see in san bernardino they're getting thrown a party -- a shower party or a baby party, and then a short while ago they go and they kill 14 people in the group. look, we got problems, folks. we have to figure it out. if we don't figure it out, we have to be careful and vigilant and strong. she wants to allow a 550% increase. it was very interesting. i was saying she wants to allow
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500% more come in from that region. the press said i was wrong. i said what's the real number? 550%. so that time, it was true. >> you're close. >> you low-balled it. >> as long as they can prove you wrong, they're happy. but 550% increase of people coming from syria and that part of the world. we can't do it. i want to build safe havens. we'll have other people build them, by the way. we'll have other people fund them. we'll lead the charge. but barack obama has doubled during his fairly short period of years. he's doubled our national debt. doubled it. it's going to be close to $20 trillion when he leaves. $20 trillion. so we have to get rid of at least a good portion of that so we're going to have other people. we're going to have the gulf states pay for this because we're going to build safe havens. we all have big hearts. we just can't allow these people into our country until we find
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out what's going on. we can't do it. we can't do it. >> i think also, as you have said, they impact our health care system. they impact all the other costs so it is very, very important. >> by the way, you have illegal immigrants -- i hate to say that in this room because we have a lot of vets in the room. you have illegal immigrants that she wants and he wants treated better than veterans. you have these people are treated better than people that are in this room. you know it. they are treated better than veterans. let me tell you folks, they've got their priorities mixed up. it's going it change. by the way, mayor rudy giuliani of new york. what a great man. stand up. stand up, rudy.
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rudy. whoa. do we love -- what he did, he took a city that was a disaster. he took new york city and i made it great. think of it. made it great again. right? made it great again. rudy, great to see you. eric trump's wife, laura, is here. and she's done a fantastic job. laura's been working very hard, in particular in north carolina, but helping also with virginia. we have some people in virginia, they have been amazing. hopefully we get everybody registered because we have to win. virginia is a very important state. we have to win virginia. >> so speaking of disasters, the iran nuclear deal. and iran has -- we're talking about putting nukes into the hands of an ayatollah that says
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death to america, death to israel, and they continue to fire ballistic missiles all the time in violation of this deal. but iran has engaged in growing hostilities, has increasingly shown it continues to have nuclear ambitions, and as president, what are you going to do about iran? >> first of all, if you look at the policies of hillary clinton, and barack obama, they have created what will be a world power. they're talking about a regional power. this can be a world power. they have become rich. they have become powerful. the deal is one of the worst negotiated deals of any kind that i've ever seen if you look at it. you study it. we give them $150 billion. how about the $400 million in cash that we gave them flown in? obviously for hostages. that was the big lie, also, just like obamacare was a big lie. this was a big lie. 400 -- think of it -- $400
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million in cash and they kept the hostages. remember? it had nothing to do with the hostages but the hostages weren't allowed to leave the airport until such time. whoever heard of $400 million in cash -- different denominations, different countries. they want all different money from different countries. who even has the power to authorize something like this? so what we've done is created a monster. we've created in three years, four years, if you look at -- if you take a look at iran from four, five years ago, they were done, they had the sanctioned, they were being choked to death. they were absolutely dying. they weren't even going to be much of a threat. they didn't have anything going and now they're going to be a power. we've made them a power. one, they're highly threatening to the state of israel. they are so bad for israel. obama has been so bad for israel. but they are a great threat and they are a threat to us.
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they're going to have nuclear weapons and this path in my opinion is going to be a quicker path to nuclear weapons. the deal is grossly incompetent. then i don't know if you saw the other day, we have the little boats going out and they're making all sorts of horrible gestures. then learn the gestures, i xwes th guess they studied the united states and they gave those kind of gestures to our sailor and our captain on the boats. boy, i bet those guys wanted to blow them out of the water. i'll bet you. i'll bet you they wanted to blow them. and so you see these four little boats circle be, circling, going around taunting, taunting, it's like they've been emboldened. we've made such a great deal for them and they now feel power. remember the sailors, the ten sailors, who were a little bit off? they were in the water? so instead of saying, hey, you're on our water, please go over there, they humiliated our
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country. they humiliated those ten people and this -- the only reason we got them back -- of course you would have gotten them back very fast if i was president, that i can tell you. but the only reason -- the only reason we got them back was the payment the following day was due. a lot of the money the following day was due. and stupid they're not. and they wanted to get that. but just think of what's gn on. here we are, we made this deal. we made them a power. and we also happen to have given them iraq because iraq -- i always say, iraq and iran were very similar militarily. they fight, fight, fight, then they'd rest. they'd fight, fight, fight, then saddam hussein would do the gas. and somebody else would do something else. and they'd rest. we knocked out the one. a lot of people don't realize that iraq has some of the greatest oil reserves anywhere in the world. and so iran is going to get whatever isis doesn't already have. probably take that, too, by the
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way. what we've done to create a major, major power through really stupid leaders -- stupidity -- is just shocking. it is one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen. john kerry is a terrible negotiator. but somebody but don't forget, this was a deal that crooked hillary clinton wanted. she wanted this deal. this was a very important deal and she wanted that deal. most people don't even get it. most people say, yeah, i understand. we get this -- we get nothing. this was a deal at the highest level of incompetence. the deal with iran. it was at the highest level of incompetence. we'll solve that problem if i get the chance, believe me. and if i get the chance, you'll be very happy. you'll be very happy.
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>> just to remind people, iran -- just to remind everybody, iran is still designated by the united states state department as the leading state sponsor of terrorism and we've put them on a path to a nuclear weapon. pretty amazing what we've done. staying in the same region because this is something all of us who have served in the armed forces the last 15 years have been a part of. fighting al qaeda in iraq, now fighting isis. isis continues to expand their operations. they have this caliphate they've established in syria and parts of iraq and they have launched attacks throughout the west. i think the latest count was somewhere between 22 and 25 countries that they have launched attacks, and in the last probably two to three months. that's resulted in somewhere between 7,000 to 10,000 casualties around the world. just a stunning display of capability by isis. what is your response to isis?
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what do you believe we should be doing? >> first of all, it wouldn't have started if we had proper leadership because what happe d happened, we vunt have beshouldn in iraq but we shouldn't have gotten out of iraq the way we did. literally announcing we are going to leave by a certain date? the enemy couldn't believe it. actually, a lot of people thought it was a little bit of deception because they wouldn't believe anybody would say it. turned out to be true. we should have left a small force relatively small force as much as i didn't want to be there, we should have left a small force and really isis just evolved out of all of the turmoil, all of the weakness, all of the stupidity of decisions from hillary clinton, from barack obama. and isis started off in a small area. now i read the other day they are in 28 different states or nations. 28. think of it. so they're spreading rapidly. a report came out where they were told within the government
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that they want to try and minimize isis an minimize. but the fact is they know it's actually gotten very much out of control. we have to do something about -- we can't allow the chopping of o of heads, the drowning of people in steel cages, the viciousness, the violence. we have to knock out isis, we have to knock them out good. we have to get countries that are affected by isis. lot of people say as an example, russia, hillary likes to play tough with russia. putin looks at her and he laughs. he laughs. putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. that would be easy. just look at her decisions. look how bad her decisions have been. virtually every decision she's made has been a loser. but wouldn't it be nice honestly? because russia -- russia doesn't like isis any better than we do. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia
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and you could knock them out together? wouldn't that be a good thing as opposed to tough talk? she tries to do the tough talk. then she leaves. i watched it yesterday on the airplane. talking tough about russia. then she turned around and sat down which wasn't even played on the national media. wasn't even played. we have to get along with people. we have to get along with certain nations. very importantly. because it would be awfully good to have russia and others with us on major attacks on isis. >> and to stay on isis a little bit, because i think this is an important topic and it is certainly one of the national security threats that our country faces today. you have described at times different components of a strategy. military, cyber, financial and ideological. can you just expand on those four a little bit? >> well, that's it. cyber is becoming so big today.
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it is becoming something that a number of years ago, short number of years ago wasn't even a word. now the cyber is so big. you look at what they're doing with the internet, how they're taking recruiting people through the internet and part of it is the psychology because so many people think they're winning. there's a whole big thing. even today's psychology, cnn came out with a big poll today that trump is winning. that's good psychology. good psychology. i know that for a fact because people that didn't call me yesterday are calling me today. that's the why life works. i thank the state of virginia. so many places have been really incredible. so i thank you so much. but cyber has been very, very important and it's becoming more and more important as you look. a lot of it does have to do with
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ideology and psychology and lots of other things. we're in a different world today than we were in 20 years ago and 30 years ago. one of the biggest problems, one of the reasons we have to knock them out is because the weaponry is so powerful today. in the old days you could have said, they have rifles, we have rifles. they have uniforms, we have uniforms. this is a whole different war. weaponry is so powerful and we have to beat them over there. we're allowing people to come over here. think of it. you're military people. we are allowing people to come over here. i used to watch the migration and i'd see people with cell phones. i say where do they get cell phones? some of those people had very horrible things on their cell phones including the isis flag. you say what are we doing? what are we doing? we're allowing people to come here and we don't know do they turn on us? are a small percentage of them is bad? because if a small percentage of
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them is bad, that's not acceptable. that's not acceptable. we can't take the risk. just a small percentage can do such damage so we can't take the risk. so, general, the bottom line is we have to get very tough and we have to get very smart or we're not going to have much of a country left, i can tell you that right now. >> good. so staying in the same region of the world because there's so much going on and it is just unraveling in front of our eyes. this really has to do with syria. there's been a bunch of different discussion about what to do with assad. do you support regime change in syria? >> look, we have a problem. it's called isis. isis is fighting syria. now we've built up iran to be a big power. iran is on the side of assad, syria. russia is on the side of assad. syria. so we build these people up. we created this strong power in
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iran which seriously, folks, you know better than anybody, four years ago they were dying, they were gasping for air. all we had to do is let them sit for a little longer, in fact double up your sanctions. you could have really negotiated a deal. how kerry never left that deal was incredible. everybody knew it was bad. they're dancing on the streets all over iran and literally they're all celebrating, shouting "death to america," "the dumb americans." what they're saying is incredible. they're saying "death to israel." this is the in middle of a negotiation. if i had a negotiation that, i would say let's check this negotiation. something is not going well. he never left the table once. if he would have left that table and said i'm sorry, you guys, first of all we should have gotten our hostages back before we started the negotiation. okay? 100%.
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we should have said very nicely, with respect, sorry, folks, until you do it, and then you leave the room -- because they're going to say, no. we're not giving you hostages back. say don't worry about it. you get up, you leave. you get back to your plane, you double up the sanctions. they will call you before you arrive back in washington or wherever you're going, turn the plane around in mid-air, your hostages are coming back. not $400 million in cash that we have to give. believe me. and it's 100%. it's not like 99%. it's 100%. you leave, you say very nicely, i always tell my -- the story of my father who was a very good negotiator. he taught me so much. and he'd say, are you listening to this, ivanka? but he'd say, son, he thought i was too tough with things. right? he'd say, son, take the lumps out. you ever hear this story? take the lumps out. just nice ands, nice and easy.
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just relax, take the lumps out. in the old days i would have said we're not giving you anything. i would have made the room very angry. now i just say, sorry, we owe $20 trillion. we don't have the money. we can't do it. we can't do it. we don't. by the way, how do we pay them? we keep the $150 billion. but with the hostages you say we have to have it book. look, our people want the hostages. your people don't care. the people probably didn't even know what they did because they played up the hostages because that's a sign of the big brave iran. so what happens is you say we have to have the hostages back. they will say no. you leave the room and you double up the sanctions. within 48 hours you'll have your hostages back. believe me. but they didn't do that. kerry never walked. only time he walked is when he entered a bicycle rice. can you believe this guy? 73 years old. true. he fell off his bicycle and he broke his leg and he was out of
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the negotiation for three or four weeks. and they probably did better in the negotiation when he wasn't there. that's the only time that he left. he should have left the negotiation and doubled up the sanctions and get what he wanted. that deal is a disaster for us. it is a shorter road to nuclear weapons and it is an incompetently negotiated deal. so these are the things that we're stuck with, folks. but we will fix them. >> great. and staying in the sort of wider trans region, this is another important aspect because it is a place where members of isis now come in to europe, they come in to the united states, and this really has to do with libya. so since 2011 with the removal of gadhafi, libya has turned into a safe haven for isis, also a shipment point for some of these refugees leaving and coming in to europe and the united states. what would you do in libya to defeat isis and just talk a
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little bit about your commander in chief philosophy for how you would deal with this? >> it's more of the same. just another place they've taken over. this was a hillary clinton deal. we could have done a minor attack. he was begging. he wanted to make a deal. he wanted to do whatever. and this was just gadhafi was so strong on wanting to -- because he knew what was going to happen. but she was unyielding. and, frankly, it's a total disaster, libya, right now. you know they have among the finest quality oils anywhere in the world? their oil is so valuable, so good. and you know who's got a lot of that oil right now? isis. isis has it. so we knock them out and isis now is all over libya and they've taken over the oil. remember, i've been saying this for years, folks. keep the oil. shouldn't have been there. if you get out, keep the oil. and we should have kept the oil. and we didn't. we didn't keep the oil anywhere.
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we got out. we spent -- i've been saying $2 trillion for years. i know one thing, it's now i'm hearing $4 trillion. you look at what we've spent, $4 trilli trillion to $5 trillion in the middle east and we have less than what we had 15 years ago. it is a total disaster, on top of which you have the migration which is destroying europe. look at what happened to merkel the other day in the election. i knew that was going to happen. germany is a disaster now. france is a disaster. i have friends, they love the city of lights. right? i said to one of my friends the other day, so, how was paris this summer? he always goes -- he says i don't go there anymore. he said it is not the same place. it is a totally -- that's not paris anymore. we're destroying our planet. we're destroying what's going on. we're destroying ourselves. we're going to pull away from this here. we've been listening to donald trump in a setting, veterans
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there, virginia beach, virginia. strong city for our u.s. military there being asked questions with regard to national security. you've heard him -- actually we're goi