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tv   New Day  CNN  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> we have to defeat isis. that is my highest counterterrorism goal. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. >> this is a serious business. you have to know what you're talking about. >> i think i would have a very, very good relationship with putin. he has been a leader far more than our president has been a lead z leader. >> colin powell's e-mails have been released. >> it the utmost respect for colin powell. >> he used a personal computer hooked up to a private phone line. >> as i have said repeatedly, it was a mistake to have a personal account. >>announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, welcome to your "new day," it is thursday, september 8th, 8:00 in the east. hillary clinton, donald trump, facing tough questions from veterans, active duty troops, and their families.
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clinton saying her steadiness makes her the best choice. trump tried to take clinton and the rest of the current administration's judgment to task. president obama meanwhile striking back at donald trump, speaking from laos this morning. the president repeated his feeling that trump is not qualified to be president. to begin our coverage with sun l -- >> reporter: what really turned into a small preview of how they could potentially handle themselves, their first real faceoff which will come later this month, both trying to gain the upper hand on the big question, who is ready to be commander in chief. donald trump drumming up more controversy. >> the man has strong control over a country. >> praising vladimir putin while trashing our president. >> standing by his statement,
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claiming he knows more about isis than the generals do. >> under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it is embarrassing for our country. >> but giving no details on his plan to defeat isis. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. >> hillary clinton making clear her plan to fight isis will not include ground troops. >> we've got to do it with air power. we've got to do it with much more support for the arabs and kirds who will fight on the ground. we're not putting ground troops into syria. i view force as a last resort. not a first choice. >> clinton, getting grilled over her use of a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state and her vote to go to war with iraq. >> classified material has a
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header, which says top secret, secret, confidential. nothing, and i would -- i will repeat this and this is verified in the report by the department of justice. none of the e-mails sent or received by me had such a header. i think that the decision to go to war in iraq was a mistake. we must learn what led us down that path. so that it never happens again. i think i'm in the best possible position to be able to understand that, and prevent it. i'm asking to be judged on the totality of my record. >> later, trump repeating his false claim that he opposed the iraq war from the start. >> i've always said shouldn't be there. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish it was -- i wish the first time it was done
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correct leave. >> and declaring the u.s. should have stolen oil from iraq. >> but if we're going to get out, take the oil. if we would have taken the oil, you wouldn't have isis. used to be to the victor belong the spoils. >> and sparking outrage for defending his controversial 2013 tweet that suggests sexual assault in the military as a result of women serving alongside men. >> it is a correct tweet. many people think that's absolutely correct. you have reported and the gentlemen can tell you, you have the report of rape and nobody gets prosecuted. there are no consequence. >> also drawing criticism, nbc news, matt lauer, aggressively questioning clinton. >> wait, let me -- this is an important issue. i know we're in on tv. we don't have a lot of time. >> i want to get to a lot of requests. >> i will talk quickly. >> and not fact checking trump's claims. >> a was totally against the war in iraq, almost as bad was barack obama got out. that was a disaster.
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>> people talk about you and commander in chief and not just secretary clinton, but your republican opponents and wonder about your temperament. >> and afterwards, both sides slammed the other over their performance, rnc chair specifically calling out clinton for in his words, being angry and defensive the entire time. tweeting out that she had no smile, and was uncomfortable, upset that she was caught wrongly sending secrets. the clinton campaign shooting back, saying that's what taking the office of the president seriously looks like. both sides here really trying to gain advantage over who has the right temperament. >> hard to smile when talking about isis. thank you very much. sunlen. donald trump praising putin again, and getting major push back on his comments on sexual assault in the military. what are the top generals saying? barbara starr is working her sources. good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. they're not talking about it, but believe me, they're
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listening to every word, saying he deserves to be commander in chief, key points, the u.s. military should take the oil from iraq, he spoke about that old cliché to the victor goes the spoil. you might consider that is a war crime. that's not something the u.s. military is going to do. he talked about sexual assault. a tweet he had made several months back. that implied sexual assault in the military may be a result of women being in the service, of course, which had been in the u.s. military for -- since the beginning of this country. that's something female service members as well as men may be looking at very closely, his view on sexual assault. about vladimir putin, he praised putin, he praised his leadership. u.s. military officials will tell you that they are watching the russian support the bombing campaign against aleppo where
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hundreds of men, women and children, civilians have been killed at the behest of the russian military and the assad military that putin supports. that's putin's current military leadership, but it is the question of rubble. u.s. generals being reduced to rubble. not a lot of explanation by donald trump what he meant about that. that is something that has to be considered that he may need to explain even further. alisyn, chris. >> well, barbara, to be true, we'll hear a lot of clean up this morning, probably right now. let's discuss this with boris epstein, and david brock, founder of the pro hillary clinton super pac, correct the record. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> let's start with you. let me get from each of you a concise statement where you believe your candidate in your case, hillary clinton, made the better case for herself as commander in chief last night? >> well, i think because the specificity of the plans she laid out.
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she laid out a very specific plan for what she is going to do on isis. trump claimed he had a secret plan. he wouldn't give any information about it. i think there is -- it is obvious why groups like isis are cheering on donald trump. she had a record on veterans affairs that go back to her service. he had nothing to offer veterans but platitudes. he trashed john mccain. >> that's not true. >> wait a second. >> and finally, i mean, this issue of who could be tougher on russia, i think it is now settled where we saw that, we saw praise for putin, which showed unprepared bs, and ignorance. we don't know why he is praising putin, because he won't release his tax returns, won't tell us who his foreign in havevestors >> that's david's point.
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what is your rebuttal. >> bill clinton made $500,000 for a speech in moscow. putin called bill clinton and thanked him personally. there are pictures of the two of them together. hillary clinton attempted a failed reset with russia and she failed. she says she failed, no one else allowed to try. let's go back to the whole event. hillary clinton was completely unlikable. she lied off the bat. everyone knows that she she ordered her staff to strip the e-mails of the headers which make them classified. she did that. the e-mails weren't classified. >> where is there proof she ordered the staff? >> 2011, i'm glad to give them to you, she said take the security e-mails, make them unsecured, take off the headers. >> how do you deal with that? >> last night, in the first nine questions, eight were about the e-mails. i faulted him for that. i think she gave very clear, i think her best answers, because
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the fbi is complete and she can do that. so i understand that critics don't accept the fbi investigation, as being solid, good and competent. but all of this was looked at. and no wrongdoing was found. the case was closed. >> actually not all of it was looked at. what wasn't looked at was the 17,500 e-mails that have come out. the new information we're getting, the state department broke black aboberries with ham. >> those two points, e-mails have come out after she said she turned them all over, and two, the nature of how they destroyed devic devices. >> the fbi is not investigating. she turned over everything she had, okay. >> what does that mean? no she didn't. >> yes, she did. >> that's a lie. >> she turned over everything in her possession. >> you can't keep saying that. that's not true. >> does the 17,500 mean she didn't turn everything over?
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>> no, she didn't. she turned every over. >> where are those e-mails? >> they weren't in her possession. >> all this e-mail, even from her personal e-mail account, because it was going to people who were using state department e-mail addresses was archived. >> that doesn't matter. >> hold on one second. hold on. >> this hammer issue. >> go to that, and i want to move on. >> sure. the fbi looked at it. it is not a new fact. they found no wrongdoing. again, people -- >> they're not going to jail. >> they did an investigation for months. they looked at it and found no wrongdoing. >> benchmark to be president is not to stay out of jail. the bench mark is to follow the laws and regulations. >> she did. >> she failed to do so. she admitted failing to do so. i would do it differently, she admitted to that. but the key here is this. being secretary of state was her tryout tryout. she was a terrible secretary of
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state. iran had secret deals, terrible on russia, middle east. she said no americans died in libya. benghazi is in libya. we had an ambassador murdered. for all her knowledge, she was terrible on the facts last night. she was talking about iraq, no americans in iraq. 5,000 iraq right now. >> i got you. i asked you why he did a better job. >> i'm about to tell you. >> i did. i gave you an opportunity. >> you cut me off. >> you decided to go after his points. >> now i'm going to ask you a little accountability question. >> okay. >> there is zero proof, boris, that your candidate was against the iraq war when it was being -- >> that's incorrect. >> when it was being considered and argued. or shortly thereafter. we have looked for months, we've asked the campaign. they offer nothing. will you own that is true? >> no, absolutely not. there is an interview with neil cavuto? >> what did he say?
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we have the transcript. >> he is against the war. >> he did not say that. >> there is an "esquire" article. >> in 2004. let me tell you why it is a sensitivity. if you went there and covered that, if you know the stories of the men and women who died over there fighting the war, the idea of being cavalier about what you were for and against matters. clinton screwed up, she owns it. it was a mistake. maybe on bad information. there is no proof. if you don't own it, you set a table for yourself. >> you're playing a clip of the howard stern show, which is a comedy show, you heard him say, well, you know -- >> you think he was making a joke? >> no, he wasn't making a joke. he was a businessman. he wasn't a politician. what he said was he maybe -- on ca cavuto, you asked me a question, let me answer. >> that was the question. >> on donald trump last night -- >> that was the question you answered.
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>> he was more presidential. he was absolutely more likeable and more believable. he was someone that the american people can see as president. that's why he won the polls coming out of the forum last night. >> all right, so that's your answer on that. you should check the cavuto online. there will be no mug for you. i'm offering a "new day" mug for anybody who proves he is against the war. you're not going to win it. colin powell, the e-mail comes out, they're celebrates because they believe it shows that colin powell did advise hillary clinton, did suggest that he used his own computer, did suggest there was a bur raeaucr that she needed it avoid. how does that avoid transparency? >> it does two things. first of all, she has been accused of lying about this. the advice she got from colin powell for years by the
5:15 am
republicans. clearly, she wasn't lying. two, i think it does go to a question of a double standard. i think when hillary does something, it is suspect. it is wrong. it is unethical. and the same behavior from her predecessor is just fine. >> well argued. >> hold on. colin powell did not use a private server. she did. >> he used a private computer. he used -- >> but not a private server. >> but you are -- >> this segment, if people want to review the record, we don't have to go through it all right now, this has been used as something that didn't happen, that she was lying about, and now the e-mail is out there and people can judge for themselves, because it obviously existed. >> colin powell said it was a long time after she started using the server. >> we don't know that to be true. david and boris, thank you. president obama criticizing donald trump on the world stage, suggesting that trump has not done his homework on foreign policy.
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well, this morning, president obama slamming donald trump during this news conference in laos. here is what he said when asked about trump's foreign policy. >> i don't think the guy is qualified to be president of the united states. and every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed.
5:20 am
i think the most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow-up and ask questions about what appear to be either contradictory or uninformed or out right whacky ideas. there is this process that seems to take place over the course of the election season where somehow behavior that in normal times, we would consider completely unacceptable and outrageous becomes normalized. and people start thinking that we should be graded on a curve. but i can tell you from the interactions that i've had over the last eight or nine days with foreign leaders that this is
5:21 am
serious business. you actually have to know what you're talking about, and you have to have done your homework. and when you speak, it should actually reflect thought out policy that you can implement. and i have confidence that if in fact people just listen to what he has to say and look at his track record or lack thereof, they'll make a good decision. >> why did the president make it about the election. because it came right after we were dealing with this big forum last night, the first time the voters and in fact, the world have gotten to see hillary clinton and donald trump fielding the same types of questions from the same audience. joining us this morning to give us the world's view of the 2016 u.s. election, a big task, bau christiane can handle it.
5:22 am
christiane a.mmanpour. put it in context of how dealing with the international leadership in what is happening with our election. >> look, no secret and we've reported endlessly about this, the rest of the world, particularly u.s. allies, to an extent some of the adversaries as well are looking closely at the election. they don't see sort of a match of equals, if you like. they don't see it on the one hand. they don't see it as a typical u.s. election cycle, where you have two equals are facing off against each other. they see one person who they know, whether they agree with u.s. policy or not, they have seen hillary clinton on the int international stage most recently as the secretary of state, directly dealing with foreign policy, and they know to an extent to a great extent how she would conduct foreign policy. all they have from donald trump is words and actually from their
5:23 am
perspective, a rapidly and constantly changing set of words that seem to get thrown into a tumble dryer and coming in all which way, depending on which way or what time of the week those questions are asked. whether it is about constantly flip flopping immigration policy, and lately, as you heard yesterday in that forum about isis. people are saying well hang on a second. first he said that he had a brilliant isis plan to defeat this terrorist organization. and then he said he would, you know, task his generals with coming out with such a plan in 30 days. the bottom line is, people don't really know, and overseas, they are alarmed, because as president obama said, it is incredibly serious business. particularly, what is happening with russia right now. >> and christiane, what about what happened today in laos when the president spoke and the u.s. president on an international stage criticized a u.s. presidential candidate? just historically, that often doesn't happen. >> well, look, there is
5:24 am
traditionally the idea when you go beyond the borders, you tend to, you know, not potentially do those things. but presidents have been asked in the past for their take on an election. again, this is not just another election. one thing we're being told over here by historians, by world leaders, by all the people for instance who i engage with on a nightly basis on my program around the world, they're saying this is not just another election and can't be treated as just another election with what they consider a false give la e equivalence. so people are very, very concerned about, for instance, their relations with the united states, should donald trump be elected. and that presumably is what president obama is referring to. he said over the past however many days, he is not only dealt with difficult and often intractable international
5:25 am
issues, but he is over and over again from his counter parts their concerns, their questions, their worries, about what will happen. just a for instance, yet again, donald trump talking about a transaction nal relationship with long-standing allies. he mentioned again, japan and south korea and saudi and germany, implying these people do not put up their share of a financial contribution or political or military contribution to bilateral and multilateral issues. feeling that the united states should only have a relationship with these people if they contribute financially more to the u.s. purse. of course, that is not the way bilateral or multilateral relations work. >> let's get your take on something that just happened here. as you probably know, gary johnson, former governor of new mexico was on tv this morning and asked about aleppo. here is what happened.
5:26 am
>> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo. >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it. got it. with regard to syria, i do think that it is a mess. >> how do you see this for gary johnson? he is relevant in some polls as high as 10%. >> well, look, tragically, the syria war, aleppo, foreign policy in general not been a big part of the u.s. presidential election. to be frank, they very rarely talk about foreign policy. this is to the detriment of the united states and the presidential race and to the people of the united states, because you can see as we have that foreign policy tends to dominant most presidents agenda, whether they want it or not,
5:27 am
whether they campaign on foreign policy or not. it is a fact of life. so that kind of, i mean, look, what can you call it. he said he didn't know, he didn't know. he is admitting he didn't know. this is a war in its sixth year that currently the united states is trying to get a cease-fire and today, between secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister, they meant to start tomorrow, they have delayed it, this is front and center for anybody who is paying any attention to the biggest disaster, the biggest crisis that is on the international stage right now bargain ter national terrorism. it emanates from this crisis as we know. this is the kind of thing that gives the rest of the world great pause, and so if gary johnson says that, and then if donald trump makes all sorts of differing statements about syria, about isis, about what he would and wouldn't do about
5:28 am
russia. and by the way, this is crucial. donald trump has constantly and again, did last night, praise vladimir putin. this is a leader of a country that currently has an adversarial, at the very least, an adversarial relationship with the united states. and you know, i spoke to ash carter yesterday who said that you know, he was doing the wrong thing in syria, not the right thing. this is vladimir putin he was talking about. >> christiane, great to get your reporting and insight. thanks so much. donald trump, hillary clinton, talking national security to a group of vets, active duty members and their families. what appealed most to our nation's heros? we have a panel of veterans to talk about their reaction to the commander in chief forum. there they are. thank you for your service, we'll be with you next.
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donald trump and hillary clinton fielding questions from veterans in their first major military focused town hall last night. here was one moment when u.s. air force veteran, pam campos
5:33 am
confronted clinton over her war stance. >> how do you respond to progressives like myself who have concerns that your hawkish foreign policy will continue? >> i view force as a last resort. not a first choice. i will do everything in my power to make sure that our men and women in the military are fully prepared for any challenge that they may have to face on our behalf. but i will also be as careful as i can in making the most significant decisions any president and commander in chief can make about sending our men and women into harms way. >> let's discuss all of this. let's bring in the panel of veterans. we have the air force veteran, pam campos. she is undecided on whom to vote for. we have u.s. marine corps veteran, and helicopter pilot
5:34 am
amber smith, she supports donald trump. she is the author the "danger close, my epic journey as a helicopter pilot in iraq and afghanistan." great to have with us. let's start with you, pam, about the exchange you had with hillary clinton. what did you think of her response to you? >> in short, it was a little disappointing. i felt like it was important because it was an opportunity there for her to be intentional and specific. i thought it was very interesting that she immediately jumped to iraq and syria and libya. >> what were you looking for her to say? >> there are other examples. i think it is easy to say yes, i made a mistake on a vote to send troops to iraq, but hindsight is 20/20. she could have spoken more about her plans. what is your plan to end this 15-year war that we're now in and lost many people. >> you were on the fence. did what you hear last night or that response sway you one way
5:35 am
or the other? >> i wish it had. it really didn't. i really have waited for secretary clinton to be much more intentional, much more specific really on what needs to be done really. and as i mentioned, i am a progressive. i think that i stand with a strong group of people that feel like we need a little bit more from secretary clinton in order to gain our vote. >> you support donald trump. what did you hear that impressed you? >> so i thought the forum last night was great. i thought the questions were the moderator were excellent. as well as from the audience as well. and i thought that donald trump came across strong. i thought he was being the donald trump that we've seen for the past couple of weeks. that was, you know, more on point in terms of messaging and policy. which was on the opposite side, i thought hillary clinton was very off her game. she came across as defensive and a little angry for still having to answer some of the questions for her past and her basically decision-making as secretary of
5:36 am
state. >> you support hillary clinton. what did you hear last night? >> i thought it was pretty clear that donald trump doesn't seem to have a plan or actually be listening to the issues that matter to veterans. one thing i heard from clinton was specific anecdotes of things that affected me and affected my peers. she talked at length about the problems of transferring medical records from the department of defense to the department of veterans affairs. which is something that all of us have struggled with. so the fact that she had specific examples of actual policies that impact our lives, where all donald trump had to give were platitudes and claiming to have a plan but not being able to deliver. >> donald trump did talk about the va and how he wanted to make that work better and that the wait times for veterans like yourselves has been way too long. he had a suggestion about how he would fix that. let's listen to that. >> people are dying online. they're dying, waiting, waiting to get to see a doctor. they're waiting five days and
5:37 am
six days. under a part of my plan, if they have that long wait, they walk outside, they go to the local doctor, they choose the doctor, they choose the hospital whether it is public or private, they get themselves better. >> privatize the health care for veterans. i mean, whether or not you like it, that's a plan. what's the problem with what you heard? >> here's the thing. what he just described already exists. it is called the choice program. the fact that he can't bring anything new to the table shows he lacks any ideas to help veterans like me. i republically don't believe he plan when he talked about how he wants to deal with isis. he has a secret plan and he needs the generals to make one for him. the leaders need to be replaced by his political lackeys. this is something i have a problem with and it shows that he is not actually engaging on these issues. it is all just about his personality. >> alisyn, back to the va issue,
5:38 am
that's continuing the false narrative out of the clinton camp we talk about privatezation. donald trump is not for privatezation of the veterans affairs, he is for choice. there a complete difference. >> what about -- >> that's different from choice. what about what alexander is saying, that is already exists? >> the choice program doesn't necessarily exist. the choice cards have gone out, but if you take the card into a doctor and say oh, i'm with the department of veterans -- i'm a veteran under the va, i'm going to use this as my so-called healthcare card, they're going to laugh in your face, because the va pays late, if they even pay these doctors. so most, if you look at like under a medicare program, most of them don't want to take those patients, because they're not getting paid on time. >> pam, was there anything that you heard donald trump say last night that would sway your vote one way or the other? >> if anything, it only pushed me further to believe that he is completely unfit to be commander in chief. >> what was the moment that made
5:39 am
you think he was unfit? >> i mean, his complete praise of putin was really appalling. as someone that has just recently gotten out and has active duty members still serving, in my view, it completely disqualifies him on the spot as our commandser in chief. >> that has stuck in the craw military people. >> i don't think he is praising putin. i think he'll be tough on putin. i think in terms of diplomacy and getting along with the adversaries, he realizes that you have to sometimes have those relationships with our adversaries. look at how obama has negotiated with iran. he is doing all sorts of deals with our enemy. >> but do you share the feeling of trump that putin is stronger than barack obama? >> well, no. putin is -- putin is not a
5:40 am
stronger leader than president obama. i don't agree with that at all. i think that was more of a personal back and forth. but no, come on. no comparison. >> so i think that rhetoric matters. if you're going to lead the free world, you need to be able to call out people who have tremendous human rights problems. who suppress dissent in their countries. >> like iran. >> well, donald trump went and cited popularity polls for vladimir putin. popularity polls that were by russian media. this is like saying the leader of north korea has a 100% popularity rating. this is ridiculous. the fact that's praising someone who is not only the enemy of the united states, but has an absolutely unacceptable record makes me very scared about what he would do if given access to the resources of the american military. >> panel, we have to leave it there. thank you all for your opinions and thank you for your service. great to have you. let's get to chris.
5:41 am
what a great perspective to get. alisyn, thank you for that. the e-mail controversy was a big deal last night for hillary clinton. it has been from day one of her campaign. now comes a big, new factor potentially, colin powell's email. this had been discussed, the gop and attackers of hillary clinton said it never happened. now you know what powell said to clinton. we'll discuss with carl bernstein, ahead. i'm anne howard and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012.
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donald trump and hillary clinton speaking at a commander in chief forum. trump praised putin and clinton said she never endangered using her e-mail. former secretary of state, colin powell and hillary clinton reveals he gave her tips on how to set up personal e-mail while secretary of state. this, as the head of the fbi adamantly -- firing at donald trump, southeast asian leaders in laos. trump is not qualified to be president and proves it
5:46 am
everyday. washington spirit megan rapino's plan to kneel before they took to the game. she continued taking a knee in solidarity with collin kaepernick. the iphone 7 unveiled its loaded with tons of features, longer battery life. as expected, no headphone jacks, but you can use apple's new wireless air buds, if you pay for them. due out september 16th. for more on the five things to know, you can go to for the latest. >> that's how they get you. you need the earbuds, and you've got to pay for them. last night was a big deal. you got to see both candidates standing on the same stage, but taking on the big issue of national security. before an audience that deserved respect and answers. there were some big moments.
5:47 am
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5:51 am
donald trump talked foreign policy and slammed each other as you heard. let's get more perspective on this as well as the e-mail situation from cnn political commentator, carl bernstein. he is the author of a "woman in charge, the live of hillary rodham clinton." cle let's start with the forum. what jumped out at you? >> that donald trump lies pathologically, that he is not a serious thinker, and that the big question for the press now is how do we stop projecting some kind of parody between these two candidates, because the great story here is disparity between the two in terms of seriousness, experience, and even truth telling. trump lies pathologically, no question hillary clinton is i say in my book has had a difficult relationship to the truth. but it is much more situational
5:52 am
lying. nothing add mir able, bmirable, be called on it. >> there was a development that did not come up last night, but there was a lot of scrutiny last night about clinton's e-mail situation. colin powell e-mail is released. we'll put it up on the screen as you know and you have written about, this was something as colored as untrue as a clinton lie, this never happened, powell didn't advise her. powell gave a mixed review of what he did. now we see this. people read it for themselves and it does seem that he suggesting that hey, be careful, they're going to be these rules, you have to be careful and i got 5r7bd them by not saying much and using -- not using systems that captured the data. does this change people's rec n reckoning of the e-mail controversy in your mind? >> no, but i think it helps her, because she has said i consulted with powell, he gave me this
5:53 am
advice. it doesn't make the use of a private server in her basement defensible. it is in defensible that in e endangered security. at the same time, it shows that powell looked for a run around of bureaucracy, but that's different. to congress, et cetera, by setting up an in accessible server in her basement. that said, she has to break this cycle about the server, about her truthfulness, and i would suggest that she open up, that she starts holding press conferences, release her medical records and spend an hour with the press, talking about her health. that she also release those texts of the speeches before goldman sachs, say as she did about foreign policy in her vote on the war, i've learned from my mistakes, the american people want me to be more open. here it is.
5:54 am
i'm starting right now in this campaign. i think there would be a tremendous turn around in terms of how she is perceived, particularly she wants to make an issue of the taxes of donald trump, let her release her speeches. >> hey, carl, this just in. we've just gotten some breaking political news that hillary clinton is holding a press conference at 9:15 this morning. she has been listening to you, just now. >> that's it. i'm in here ear. i'm in her ear. >> obviously, so she will be talking to reporters at 9:15 this morning. but in fairness, it is the third time this week that she has spoken to reporters. you know they were on her plane for the first time, and she did field about a dozen questions there. it sounds like she is opening up now. >> well, let her do it constantly. look, the best part of hillary clinton is when she shows her human side. and when she is spontaneous. let her try something new.
5:55 am
let her get past this guarded, privacy secretive sometimes d-- >> let's talk about this for a second. i do think it was put on display in a unique way last night. >> absolutely. last night. >> no matter what hillary clinton says about the e-mails, there are people who will not move off this reckoning of her as untrust worthy. you're mentor to the show. no matter how much you go at trump that are patently false, it does not change his basis of support. so when you talk about disparity, what do you mean? >> i mean that the job of the press is to show the records and lives of these two people. and that there is nothing comparable, for instance, the
5:56 am
constant lying of trump and hillary's lack of transparency on things. they're apples and oranges. there is a life of both of these people that needs to be examined constantly in terms of their service to other people. service to the country. service to children. let's look at records. you cannot pretend. the job of a reporters and anchors is to go for the best obtainable version of the truth. that's about context. we need context about these two peoples' lives, what they're saying, their campaigns, and when you do that, you see actually as obama said today, this is not a serious man. this is not a thoughtful person. this is more of the vein of sarah palin versus joe biden, that we are in unchartered presidential territory here with a nominee of a major party who doesn't know what the hell he is
5:57 am
talking about a good bit of the time. this is unprecedented. that's the story. >> carl bernstein, thanks so much. we'll have you back again soon. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> thanks for watching. carol costello picks up after this quick break. the gillette mach3 is precision-engineered to cut hair this tough. no wonder it has the world's number one selling blades. mach3, now as low as ten bucks. gillette. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities.
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