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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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vladimir putin is a stronger president in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> vladimir putin is an aggress aggressor. >> he is very much a leader. >> violating the sovereignty of other countries. >> unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country. >> he says great things about me. i'm going to say great things about him. >> it is scary. >> hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. from russia with love or is it to russia with love. donald trump and vladimir putin's mutual admiration society anewed last night and put national security in the spotlight. today hillary clinton will meet with national security experts
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in new york. this as her campaign is touting 110 now retired generals and admirals backing her. >> mean while, donald trump is taking his remarkable embrace of vladimir putin to russian owned air waves, declaring the russian leader is probably not meddling in the u.s. election, contrary to what u.s. intelligence conversation, contrary to what republican house speaker paul ryan says. >> i don't know -- i mean, i've been hearing about it. i've been reading about it. i think it's probably unlikely. i think maybe -- maybe the democrats are putting that out. who knows. but i think that it's pretty unlikely. but, you know, who knows. i hope that if they are doing something, i hope that somebody's going to find out so they can end it. because that would not be appropriate at all. >> so the trump campaign now claims they did not know this interview was airing on a
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kremlin-owned television network. they say they thought it was just a pod cost done as a favor for donald trump's friend larry king. cnn washington correspondent jeff zeleny here with the very latest, jeff. >> good morning, guys. we've seen a lot of blurred lines in this campaign. this is without a doubt a remarkable break from the traditions of american politics here now. so many republicans alarmed, democrats outraged, with trump's embrace of vladimir putin and raising questions about american foreign policy on russia today, as you said. hillary clinton is leading charge the in this criticism. yesterday on the campaign trail in charlotte, this is what she said. >> that is not just unpatriotic. it's not just insulting to the office and the man who holds the office. it is scary. it is dangerous. >> with north korea now in the news as well today, real events
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in real time are suddenly injecting themselves into this presidential campaign. certainly with the 15-year anniversary of 9/11 on sunday. hillary clinton is now going to be at ground zero we're told. presidential campaigns at this moment become real events and we're seeing how candidates are reacting to them. >> both candidates off the trail on sunday, september 11th. hillary clinton as of now, we just learned she's going to go for the ceremony. not in a political capacity, just to be part of the ceremony or take part in the ceremony. stick around. we have a lot to discuss. joining us now, cnn political commentator christine quinn, a hillary clinton supporter and vice chair of the new york state democratic party. carol higby, donald trump supporter. alex burns, cnn political analyst and national political reporter for "the new york times." so carl, you heard jeff talk about how some republicans are alarmed by the language that donald trump is using about vladimir putin. one of those republicans is south carolina senator lindsey graham. let me read you. it's pretty dramatic.
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other than destroying democraciness own country, having opposition people killed, and being the ben effecter of the butcher of damascus, he's a good guy. talking about vladimir putin right there. your reaction to senator graham? >> i think trump was clear. he doesn't support the type of government. he doesn't support how putin is doing things. he says clearly he has been being a good leader. imagine who's going to get a better response from putin. someone who said hey, look, i don't agree with you on everything but you're doing a good job in your own right. >> why make the comparison? why do you want to compliment anyone if this is the type of person he is? can't you say in two different sentences i don't like the leadership of donald -- i don't like the leadership of barack obama and you don't have to say anything about russia? >> russia's a huge power out there that we want to get along with somehow, some way. donald trump is billion that relationship for when he's president. >> i don't think i've -- i don't know, maybe i missed it, but has
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he ever criticized vladimir putin for his crackdowns on the press, for the russian takeover of crcrimea? >> saying i don't agree with the way he runs his government but i think he's a great leader in his style. >> in what universe -- are we missing something? in what universe does this help donald trump? >> well, i think like a lot of things donald trump does, it's not clear there's any immediate political benefit to him to behave like this but he does tend to see the world in a binary between strength and weakness and a binary between people who are nice to hip and people who are not nice to him so viewed through that lens vladimir putin is clearly a strong leader and clearly nice to donald trump so this is where you land. to be clear, to what carl just said, donald trump didn't say he disagrees with the way putin is running his country. he said they have a different system. i don't necessarily love the system. he's clearly been a very effective leader. what i know has offended a lot of republicans, especially
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people who have been harshly critical of barack obama's approach to russia and hillary clinton's handling of russia as secretary of state, they see putin as disastrous for his country, who has presided over the collapse of his country's economy and his country's moral standing in the world. >> christine, you're eager to get in here. >> we're talking about here, vladimir putin, is a dictator, a brutal dictator who has oppressed his own people. so, look, if you want to have a conversation at some point with the president and talk strategically from a military perspective or can you work with somebody on this and that, that may or may not be appropriate given who you're talking about at what time. to say a person who is a dictator, wouho has shut down t free press, who oppressed his people, has killed opposition, is one of the worst oppressors of the lgbq community out there,
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seems to imply the donald trump does not know the definition of dictator. in america, we do not herald people who oppress their citizens relentlessly. >> i'm so flat yglad you said t because why is hillary clinton receiving donations from the clinton foundation from oppressive regimes like you're talking about? >> -- hillary clinton campaign -- >> oh, they're closely tied. >> but just stick on the question. stick on the question. >> well, that's the typical trump pivot. >> that's the typical hillary clinton pivot when she doesn't want to talk about something, welcome to presidential politics. >> how can the trump campaign stand up and say it's a good thing and double down on praising a dictator? and let's talk about -- >> would you use another term other than strong leader? because strong leader -- >> you were a navy s.e.a.l. --
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>> yeah -- >> i don't see you -- >> i have respect for putin. >> respect in what way? >> he stands up for what he thinks is right. >> everything you disagree with. he doesn't stand up. he kills people if they don't adegree with him. >> putin has a very tight rein on his people and his country. i don't agree with his type of government. >> because he's a dictator. dictators do by definition. >> -- leading the charge on this criticism. at the very same time, we're hearing from her campaign they want to make a pivot to be more positive. how does that work? >> they want to do both. presidential campaigns are often about doing both things. they want to be positive because he likability is still really low. she's going to be giving a series of speeches starting next weekend. other speeches about national service and other things. talking about what she would do and less of what donald trump, why he would be bad, that she's still going to keep calling him
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out because that is the way both of these candidates have decided to win is by disqualifying the other person. it's a question of judgment. the commander in chief audition that's been going on all week and all campaign and now will be going on anew with north korea, a threat, and it is a question of judgment. she's trying to show republicans out there the who, you know, may be resistant to him that he is not -- he does not have the judgment and putin is the latest example here of why -- >> can i ask you, because i'm a little hazy on what's happening today. today she's meeting with a bunch of people, national security leaders -- >> bipartisan. >> well, bipartisan, most of whom have supported her, but what's the idea here? >> she's trying, again, to show that she is presidential and she has a bipartisan group of people around her. david petraeus is one of the people. michael chertoff, the homeland security secretary in the bush administration, will be at the meeting as well. she will, i assume, be talking about this vladimir putin episode like she did yesterday
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and north korea. she's trying to show she has the chops already to be the commander in chief. and donald trump does not. but interestingly, we'll be hearing from donald trump again today as well. and he so far has embraced putin and we usually don't see him walk things back. but he may. we'll just have to see what he says. >> on the subject of walking things back. >> on the subject of walking things back. here is the latest. one of the latest attacks from clinton. she was at an event talking about her faith. she brought up donald trump pushing the birther conspiracy. listen to this. >> we are facing a candidate with a long history of racial discrimination in his business. who traffics in toxic conspiracy theories like the lie that president obama is not a true american.
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if he doesn't even respect all americans, how can he serve all americans? >> so carl, this morning kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager, says that donald trump believes president obama is born in the united states. also rudy giuliani said the very same. why hasn't donald trump said it? do you think he needs to? >> literally have no comment on the birther conspiracy. >> do you think he was born in america, president obama? >> you know what, probably. >> probably? >> yeah. >> probably? >> yeah, probably. >> why probably? you've seen his birth certificate. what do you mean probably? >> probably. >> why are you -- >> i'm not going to put any effort into the fact that barack obama was born out of the country. i just don't care at this point. >> you really don't believe the president of the united states, the office to which you served and swore allegiance, that man -- >> no, i swore allegiance to america. >> but he is your commander in chief. i don't know which president you
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served under. they are the commander in chief. you do not believe the present president of the united states, at the end of his second term, duly elected -- >> that's why i don't care, because it's the end of his second term. >> you don't believe he was born in america? >> carl, it keeps going because people continue to have doubts. that's why it's still out there. >> and trump won't answer the quote. >> so it doesn't matter now. he's at the end of his second term. >> it does matter. >> you know why else it does matter -- >> he spent a ton of money doing it, if he wants -- >> once a birth certificate is produced, to deny, to refuse to accept he was born in america, which he has not acknowledged to this day as far as i know, it is a statement. you covered the trump campaign aggressively. kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, said president obama was born in america. mike pence says it. what gives? >> i'm old enough to remember that paul manafort said donald
8:13 am
trump is going to be a very different candidate. >> you're a very old man. >> old as the hills. that immigration speech we heard from three different advisers. ultimately the only person who speaks for donald trump is donald trump. clearly the campaign wants to move into this direction. i don't know why donald trump hasn't come out and cleared it up himself. it is kind of a mystery. i do think the notion that it's irrelevant at this point for a lot of voter it s, especially f the black voters who donald trump purports to want to court right now this is seen as a grievous disrespect to an historic president so not addressing that head on is really puzzling. >> which is why hillary clinton raised it last night in kansas city. it was at a national convention of the baptist church. she was raising it for a reason, to remind african-american voters there that donald trump has questioned this. it is one of the reasons that donald trump 's support among african-americans has fallen. >> what if trump comes out and
8:14 am
says i made a mistake, i now believe he was born in the united states. is the clinton campaign prepared for that? >> maybe then and only then will we all stop talking about it. average voters i don't think care as much about it. it is puzzling why he still hasn't taken this step. >> kellyanne conway said this. this election is not going to turn on the birther question. guys, we have to -- >> the birther question really shows how slow his african-american outreach is. if you were really concerned about bringing in african-americans and making them part of your coalition, why would you stand by a patent he incorrect -- in my opinion, racist statement? >> his campaign says he's not standing by that statement but he just isn't talking about it anymore. promise the questions will continue though. guys, thanks. disturbing revelations about the terrorist attacks in paris. getting word up to 40 suspects
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all right, north korea is claiming to have successfully tested a nuclear device. this is the fifth since its program began. north korea says this is its largest one yet. >> the news is sending a new wave of concern across the globe on really what the hermit country might be up to and up to next. let's bring in cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr, gordon chang, the author of "nuclear showdown. north korea takes on the world" and also a columnist with the daily beast. barbara, lay out what happened here. >> well the north koreans are saying they tested a nuclear warhead. if they are telling the truth, it just doesn't get more serious, because this is the critical component they need, a miniaturized nuclear warhead, to put on a missile, to put on a launcher, that would be able some day to attack the united states, let alone japan and south korea. we are seeing reaction across
8:20 am
the pacific. we are seeing a very interesting reaction from the white house. a short time ago, a statement, a very lengthy detailed statement from president obama. i just want to read one part of it, where he says the commitment to provide extended deterrents guaranteed by the full spectrum of u.s. defense capabilities is going to be maintained. the full spectrum of u.s. defense capabilities. my sorurces are telling me this morning that means what you call strategic deterrents and strategic deterrents means the president is signaling don't forget the u.s. also has nuclear weapons that north korea would be deterred, they would not be allowed to have this kind of program. >> so this is a serious move, serious escalation in the program if it's true and a serious response from the united states. so big picture here, you know, what next? >> well, i think what we need to do, first of all, is tighten sarngss becau sanctions becausee
8:21 am
not as strict as they could be. enforce what we already have on the books. there's a new sanctions act this year as well as the treasury department on june 1 declared north korea a primary money laundering concern. that means we can go after chinese banks that help the weapons program. we can go after chinese entities which have been providing north korea with uranium hexo fluoride and other components of their nuclear program. >> if it is china, where does the u.s. move next on this do you think, barbara, what are you hearing from your sources, if it's as much of an issue that china needs to really start applying pressure? >> right, i mean, everybody talks sanctions. that doesn't seem to be detearing kim jong-un, the leader of north korea. the typical response by the pentagon would be to send ships, airplanes, as a show of force deterrent. is that going to stop kim jong-un? not likely. i always say, in the last couple
8:22 am
of months, what u.s. intelligence is noticing is they -- the north -- is really on an aggressive weapons research and test program. they are testing time and time again and they are being successful. >> is there anyone who has any idea what kim jong-un really wants? does he want to attack the west? to barbara's point, has he ever backed down from anything? >> the chinese know what he wants because one of the more senior north korea nuclear envoys showed up in beijing for talks. of course, on friday, they set off this nuke. the north koreans wouldn't have done that if they thought the chinese would impose real costs on them so there must have been discussions about what the north was going to do. so the chinese obviously know. and what we need to do is start looking at china in a very different light. not as a possible restraint on north korea but as actually somebody that's complicit in all of this. >> the most immediate, what is
8:23 am
the u.s. wanting for? are they looking for more tests, you know, in coming days? is there a concern of that? because this blindsided everybody. >> there's a lot of concern about it. i ink this the real issue for the u.s. perhaps and for the white house is when does north korea cross that line of being able to put all the parts together, a launcher, possibly a mobile launcher that's very hard to track, a missile, and a miniaturized nuclear warhead on the front of that missile. you put all that together. difficult for u.s. intelligence to track. it really cannot be allowed for stability in the region and for u.s. security to let them be able -- >> how are you going to have -- >> of course how much pressure are you willing to put on china, i'm sure what gordon is saying is correct, how much pressure will they put on the chinese regime. barbara starr, thank you. brand-new this morning, isis said to be ratcheting up terror plots. hear the reason why and how dozens of suspects involved in the paris attacks may still be at large. plus, how do republicans feel about donald trump and his
8:24 am
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first on cnn, european officials say 30 to 40 isis terrorists who helped support the paris attacks last september are still at large. >> let's bring in cnn senior international correspondent clarissa ward. what can you tell us about this? >> this should come as no
8:29 am
surprise to many of us. combing through tens of thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the european investigation. i've spoken to several sources inside belgium primarily who say 30 to 40 people who were directly involved in the network that facilitated the paris attacks are still at large. and so the question becomes how is this possible and what does this mean? and a deeper look into how these netwo networks reveal, essentially gives you a better idea of why this is a challenge for security services. isis is quite sophisticated in how it handles or manages its networks. and that means only a very small core group of people know the full picture, know the entire attack as it is planned. all other people who are brought in are brought in essentially on a need to know basis. so they might know something
8:30 am
that they have just been instructed to try to find some ak-47s or just been instructed to find a safe house for a brother who is visiting from syria. they don't necessarily have the full picture. they don't necessarily know the full scope and that makes it very difficult for security services when they're trying to drill down on these networks when they're trying to prosecute people for their involvement with these networks to gather the evidence to prove you actually were categorically involved with this attack and you knew what this attack was going to look like. the other thing we're seeing, the more we look into this is that european security services are just stretched so thin. and estimated 10,000 europeans have gone to syria and iraq to fight, many of then with isis, a lot of them are now coming back to europe and on top of that you have this new threat which are isis-inspired attacks. all of it putting a very bleak
8:31 am
picture together for european security services. >> bleak to say the very least. but important to get reporting out. clarissa, great to hear from you, thank you. donald trump praising russian president vladimir putin again and again. coming up, cnn's manu raju asked republicans on capitol hill if they agree with the man at the top of the ticket. >> one has to be careful to let flattery influence how you feel about someone. ♪ it's peyton. ♪ it's peyton on sunday mornings. ♪ e-man! what up, peyt. you know i have directv nfl sunday ticket. i get every game, every sunday. all in hd. yeah. i know that. so you wanna come over? i'll make nachos! i can't right now man. i'm playing. oh yeah. alright. i'll pencil you in for tuesday. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket included at no extra charge. only on directv.
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8:36 am
russia. trump's running mate mike pence calling it inarguably that the russian president is a stronger leader than president obama. >> but a lot of republicans uncomfortable with their party's embrace of the russian leader. our manu raju set out to get reaction on capitol hill. >> i tried to get a good cross-section of republican lawmakers, people who are up for re-election like john mccain of arizona, people who don't like donald trump like lindsey graham of south carolina, and people supportive of donald trump, like bob corker of tennessee. >> i think, you know, one has to be careful to let flattery influence how you feel about someone. we obviously have tremendous differences in our two country's national interests. there are things we should be aligned with them on like the fight against terrorism. but, you know, he's been fairly ruthless.
8:37 am
>> trump is making the mistake with the thinking trump is a good leader. >> what do you think about trump praising putin? >> i don't have comments. i've been busy with the defense authorization bill and that's been the focus of all my attention and i did not -- >> but you obviously have been very critical of putin. >> i'm sorry? >> you've obviously been critical of putin. >> of course i have been. he's a murderer and a thug. >> now, a lot of those members like john mccain would not criticize donald trump but they do want to criticize vladimir putin. it just shows the difficult position a lot of these members are in as they struggle with some of the comments from their party's nominee. >> you're a nice guy, john mccain did not seep eager e see talk to you. >> saved by the elevator. >> all right, excellent reporting, manu, very interesting to hear those voices. right now, hillary clinton, she's expecting to meet with national security experts later
8:38 am
today. she made that announcement about this bipartisan meeting after she and donald trump sat down in that national security forum. >> i'm convening a meeting of bipartisan national security leaders and experts, including former secretaries of homeland security, michael chertoff and janet napolitano, general john allen, former acting director of the cia michael morrell and former nato former supreme allied commander and others. >> and others. donald trump touting his list of endorsements amorningth the military national security military as well. let's talk about it. cnn political commentator bill preston. cnn reporter nia mallika henderson. and joseph borelli, donald trump supporter. hillary clinton saying it's up
8:39 am
to 110 for her in terms of military endorsements. donald trump, his number i believe is at 88, around 88. but despite all of this, the one thing i feel like we've heard the entire campaign is that endorsements have met bunk. is it different in this area? >> you know, i think it's different because for hillary clinton, you have folks who are republicans coming out and supporting hillary clinton. these are people who sometimes served in the bush administration, in the reagan administration, in either bush administration. so that is the new part i think that we've seen here. will it make any difference in terms of what actual voters do when they decide to go into that polling booth? we'll have to see. we do know that donald trump has had some problems consolidating republicans around him. i mean, we just saw manu talk to republicans who should be all in for a nominee and obviously they have some reservations about how some of his remarks around
8:40 am
putin. i think today we'll see hillary clinton sit down with the group of foreign policy experts, national security experts. the key there is it's bipartisan, right. she has an ad also that is hitting the air waves in florida and ohio that also is striking this tone about bipartisanship. so again this is really in some ways directioned at republicans who have reservations about donald trump particularly on the issue of national security and foreign policy. >> bill preston, you're a recovering bernie sanders supporter now. yes hillary clinton is meeting with this bipartisan group of people. yes, she touts support from past administration officials. but these are not people i imagine a lot of bernie sanders supporters agree with. i mean, a lot of neoconservatives for instance, which is a four-letter word to some in the sanders camp there. does hillary clinton risk turning off some of the left here? >> no, i don't think so, here's why. i agree with nia mallika that
8:41 am
the people who have come out and said -- the national security types have come out and supported hillary clinton are very impressive, bipartisan, senior people, several of them former members of the joint chiefs. here's why say what i said about bernie sanders supporters. we have shifted from the primary to the general. in the primary, trump and sanders made a lot of the trade issues. now we're getting into i'd say really serious stuff. we're talking about nothing more important than national security. when you take a look at these two people, i think it's pretty clear, particularly with his continued praise of vladimir putin and his obvious doesn't have a clue what to do about isis, doesn't have a plan, that people are seeing when it comes to the most important job as president, one of these people is qualified and one is not. i think we have found donald trump's achilles heel. >> councilman what do you say when you see the attempted
8:42 am
interviews manu did on capitol hill, literally running away from manu because they don't want to answer this question, what donald trump says on important national security issues like i like vladimir putin more than i like president obama. >> maybe he's more personable, i have no idea. compare that to hillary clinton with her own russian reset. when she was actually in the -- >> but republicans are -- just how republicans -- >> she tried the same thing, only she didn't say nice things personally about vladimir putin, but she tried to reset our relationship with russia and she did fail. i want to talk about, you talk about bipartisan support -- >> no, to the point of republicans, john mccain, bob corker. bob corker was -- >> on the vp list. >> on the vp list. and they cannot -- they will not answer the question because, let's be honest, why wouldn't they answer the question, they don't agree with what he is saying. i mean, that's not great when you're looking at september. >> not everyone's growing oing e
8:43 am
on every issue. i'm very confident corker and mccain are very supportive of donald trump. that said, i want to speak to the group of people he mentioned, there's a bipartisan support of generals and everything. nbc polled people who watched the forum and 60% went with donald trump. in the past, polls of military personnel, and some other outlets, they say donald trump is a better commander in chief than would be hillary clinton, so i think we should be fair, when we talk about the higher ranks, be fair about talking about veterans. when you see her laugh off questions about the va situation. >> bill press, i want to -- >> on the poll, he split. he leads on who would do better on terrorism. she still leads on -- >> the polls of just military -- >> he was talking about veterans there. >> hey, john. >> go ahead, bill. >> yeah, let me also say, there's a big difference, and bob corker pointed that out, between dealing with russia on important issues, whether it's
8:44 am
syria, whether it's climate change or whether it's ukraine, and dealing with them, then praising him as a stronger leader and saying i actually prefer putin's leadership, i mean -- >> right, and -- failed at that -- >> if donald trump were doing business in russia today, he'd be dead, vladimir putin doesn't allow businessmen to get rich on their own. >> nia, we don't know how much business donald trump is doing with russia right now because he hasn't seen his tax returns, we haven't seen his tax returns. it's possible those tax returns could show some kind of revenue stream or some kind of dealings with russia, yes? >> yeah. >> i think that's right. in the republicans i talked to today and texted with, i put the question, the put in question t then, they all think it's nonsensical, it's bizarre, makes no sense, and it is. it's hard to see what sort of political game he has in this sort of cozying up to putin and praising him in a way we've never seen before from any
8:45 am
presidential candidate. i mean, if you flash back to 2012, mitt romney said he was the biggest geopolitical threat. it's a really different thing i think we've seen from donald trump here. i think it could cost him in some of these battleground states. because there are voters there who have tied to eastern european countries and central european countries as well who don't take too kindly to putin and some of the things he's done in that region. could have some consequences for voters like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan. >> i will walk down memory lane, democrats ridiculed mitt romney for that statement. >> relentless. >> have not apologized. bill, nia, joe, thank you for being with us. all right, he is pulling the highest among the other party candidates right now, but gary johnson this morning trying to recover from really what was one of the biggest gaffes. we're going to speak live with a different person running in a
8:46 am
different party to see whether he thinks he can capitalize on this gary johnson moment.
8:47 am
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60 days until the election. here's the state of the race in key 60 days until the election. florida, two candidates tied at 47%. two-person race in ohio. trump is at 46. hillary clinton, now, 45, tight, tight, tight. >> let's look at pennsylvania 48-43. north carolina, 47-43. this is a two-person race. here is the key. it is not a two-person race. there aren't just three candidates, not four. joining us right now a fifth candidate for president, evan mcmullen. an independent candidate for president. once a republican but not running as a republican. evan, thanks so much for joining us. you have been outspoken. that is an understanding over the last 24 hours. since donald trump on that commander in chief forum heaped
8:51 am
more praise on vladmir putin. you do not see it like he does, that vladmir putin is a strong leader. >> absolutely not, john. it is just so unfortunate that we find ourselves as a country debating whether vladmir putin is somebody who should be respected and admired by a leading party candidate for president. vladmir putin is one of the primary sources of instability in this world. the thought we would have a republican nominee who would be so in bed with putin is discouraging. any american president needs to understand what putin is really about. he is opposed to democracy, opposed to freedom and opposed to our interests. >> you have also said you think trump is being manipulated by president putin. where do you see that? >> well, kate, the evidence is clear in the way donald trump speaks about putin.
8:52 am
donald trump has never said a negative thing about putin. donald trump is dependant on russian investments from russian olagarks. he has appointed key members of his staff who have other financial ties to russia. this is absolutely out of control. i hear from some of my old intelligence friends that donald trump has been engaged in some activities in russia that vladmir putin may be using to blackmail trump. so there is a lot going on there that i don't think has come to light fully. the proof is in the pudding, as they say. you can see it in donald trump's actions. >> we don't have any proof that donald trump is being blackmailed, with all due respect to your friends and the community that are telling you that. that is not something we have seen directly here. let's be clear about that. if i can, let me ask you about
8:53 am
another independent candidate, libertarian candidate for president, gary johnson, who yesterday was on tv, asked about aleppo, the city in syria with so much of the refugee problem. his answer was, what is aleppo? is that moment disqualifying? >> i don't see gary johnson as a serious candidate. i think americans are realizing it. he has no knowledge of foreign policy. he spends his time advocating for legalized prostitution and for a drug culture here in america, rather than dealing with problems that are really big, like our economy and national security and government reform. gary johnston just is not a serious candidate. what we really need to be talking about is hillary clinton and donald trump. these are two terribly corrupt politicians. one that has very poor judgment and the other that doesn't know anything. going back to donald trump, the proof is in who he has appointed on his staff.
8:54 am
he has got general flynn, who is on the payroll of rtamerica, a russian cable network owned by the russian government and who has close ties to vladmir putin. he has other staffers, his former campaign manager and others. >> no longer. >> still, a strong advocate for donald trump. the proof is there. this is absolutely objectionable. an american president should never have these kind of warped views of a russian authoritarian like vladmir putin. >> how many states are you on the ballot now, evan? >> we are either on the ballot or registered as a write-in in 20 states and we are added more every week. >> great to see you. we'll continue to track the progress and where things go. thanks so much. coming up very soon, big moments on the campaign trail. donald trump speaking live from the valued voter summit and hillary clinton meeting with top level security experts.
8:55 am
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more than 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer. this week's cnn hero has helped thousands face down their fear with a life changing outdoor adventure. >> we see a lot of young adults feeling like they are the only ones dealing with anything they are dealing with. we want to get them together to help realize other people are going through the same stuff. from day one, these guys canned paddle on the straight line to the last day they are paddling class 3 white water. we start to see beautiful transformation. >> learn much more about how their journey unfolds and watch
9:00 am
the full story, cnn we're all watch can breaking news from capitol hill having to do with 9/11 victims. it is likely to face some backlash, serious backlash from the white house. let's go to monty roger, cnn political reporter. >> reporter: this bill would allow the 9/11 victims the right to sue saudi arabia, stiff opposition on the white house. it was concerned it would lead to a lot of lawsuits against americans overseas. it fell on deaf ears and passed by voice vote in the house and will override a presidential veto, a big, big rebuke to the white house. >> not the last we have heard of this. >> that's it for us. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield. this is "legal view." we're going


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