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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i just cannot support donald trump. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. moments ago president barack obama injected his famous "yes we can" to help hillary clinton's campaign speaking in philadelph philadelphia. this is his first solo campaign appearance stumping for the democratic candidate in the key battleground state of pennsylvania, a state he noted clinton won. he said clinton whooped him but he was able to win it in novembe
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november. >> when we see folks talking about transparency, you want to debate transparency? you've got one candidate in this race who's released decades worth of her tax returns. [ applause [ applause ] the other candidate is the first in decades who refuses to release any at all. [ boos ] you want to debate foundations and charities? one candidate's family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. [ applause ] the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot more tall painting of himself. [ laughter ]
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heed that taste not to go for the ten-foot version. [ laughter ] you want to debate who's more fit to be our president? one candidates who's traveled to more countries than every secretary of state ever has has more qualifications than pretty much anyone who's ever run for this job and the other who isn't fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad and be its commander in chief. as things become so partisan, our standards for what's normal have changed. >> michelle kosinski, a lot of
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echoes of '80 and '12, yes, we can, don't boo, vote. trying to get everyone out there, get folks enthusiastic especially millennials who didn't vote last go around. >> you know what's interesting? often you could say looking at campaign events that they might all kind of sound the same after a while and even election to election that it's a lot of the same kinds of concepts. but president obama even acknowledged this election has been so different and here we are at the foot of the art museum steps made famous in the movie "rocky" and he came out swinging and harder than we expected so he's not only fighting for hillary clinton, which is what we expected this to be, but he's swinging against donald trump and hard. using words like "crazy. he said "you often hear crazy things during an election year but this year has been more crazy." he's used phrases like "reality show" and said you can't judge
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the presidency on a curve and that when you run for president you have to know what you're talking about. he also named donald trump. that's something we haven't seen him do in every appearance. when you look at the only other campaign appearance he's done, that one he was alongside hillary clinton in charlotte, that was more positive and less critical talking about how qualified she is, how he feels she is the most qualified candidate ever man or woman sand the only qualified candidate but this was an opportunity for him to hit donald trump, so making the case that he is not qualified to be president, i think this is what we can expect to see more of, especially when he gets on the campaign trail in earnest next month. he kind of throws it all in there. he wants to look at his record, talk about how hillary clinton is a continuation of the progress that has been made but now he's made it clear he will hit donald trump and he'll attack him national guard these
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situations. brooke? >> michelle kosinski, thank you very much. he talked working class, the positive economy news and he vented a bit about the media so let's talk about all of the above. i have david chalian, political commentator bill press on the left, ts.e. cupp, a republican, who doesn't support mr. trump and cnn commentator hilary rosen, a clinton supporter. great to see all of you. and before i get to my partisans, david chalian, we listen to every word of the president, what jumped out at you most. >> i think what you played is what i found the most interesting bit. he was very well versed in that walk story on the trump foundation over the weekend. he was very well versed in the commander-in-chief forum we saw on nbc last week when he was
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talking about trump not being pressed on his stated pre-iraq war opposition which is counterfactual from what he told howard stern so what jumped out to me was the president is keenly aware of the campaign developments and is watching the campaign coverage pretty closely over the last week, this guy is dialled into this race because clearly it is his legacy that is on the line here that is one reason he feels so invested in hillary clinton and the other as we've seen over the last couple months, he is somewhat alarmed at trump's candidacy and those were clearly present on the stump today. >> he mentioned the "t" word being transparency. kayly, i want to come to you, if you flicked on the headline was like the least transparent election of all time. you had hillary clinton with anderson saying "i've given my medical records, i'm giving more this week, i've given my tax returns for a decade plus."
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why don't we know more about donald trump? >> i think we know a lot about donald trump. he's been the most accessible candidate in political history giving interviews to friendly news stations, unfriendly news stations. he's been very transparent. >> an interview is an interview and we're grateful but it's not medical records or tax returns or proof of an audit to get tax returns. >> you're not required by law to release your tax returns like wise you're not required to release your medical records, what you are required to release and preserve are documents within the realm of the federal government, the federal records act requires that and it's hard for the clinton administration or future hoping to be clinton administration to make a transparency argument when they took hammers to blackberries, when they used a software process to bleach e-mails that they were to preserve. >> valid concern and an issue on her trustworthiness but i'm looking at your case. >> when you can't defend your attack -- and this's what kayleigh is doing. hillary clinton and bill clinton released their tax returns for
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2015 which means they've released their tax returns for the last 39 years. and from donald trump big fat zero. i have a big question -- why is donald trump spending so much time praising vladimir putin? does he have some hotel deal in moscow? we don't know because he won't release his tax return. you want transparency, see the tax return. which mike pence did for his returns. >> exactly right and we haven't seen that from donald trump. >> this is why i am where i am supporting neither candidate. it's a race to the bottom. >> you're not alone. >> when it comes to transparency and when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. it's apples and oranges on this issue. maybe he wins on this one, maybe she wins but these are two would have the least-liked candidates we've ever had run for president. they's a reason why. they might not be comparable, i
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happen to think they're not but there's a reason why only 10% of the american electorate nominated these two people to be their nominees and i think a lot of people sitting at home are watching someone like president obama do a great job. he's very charming, very good at campaigning but making fun of donald trump and thinking this is serious. both of these candidates are terrible. who am i going to vote for? you're not taking this candidate seriously. a lot of people have given hillary clinton a ride, a free pass for too long. so there are a lot of frustrated people like me with nowhere to go. >> go ahead hilary rosen on the free pass. i hear you moaning. >> i don't think anyone thinks hillary clinton has gotten a free pass, if anything i think people are trying to make equivalent to arguments like we just heard kayleigh do about their personal activities over
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the years but here's the interesting thing because i hear my friend s.e's frustration in her voice which is one of my other favorite lines of president obama this year was when he gave a speech recently and said "now some people might want to pick something off the menu but we got fish or we got steak, you have to pick one, you have to engage." that's why his argument today about this is -- democracy is not a spectator sport, you have to get into the arena, you have to understand the stakes that are in play here and figure out what is going to matter the most. so if you're for not raising the minimum wage, if you don't care about the progress and decisions the supreme court have made, if you worry about health care you're going to be for hillary clinton. donald trump has promised to bring people backwards on the economy, on progressive issues, on legal and equal rights so it's fish or steak, that's what we have. elections are about choices.
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>> on the economy when you listen to these two different candidates as we have from months and months they paint two very different pictures of america but david chalian it's worth pointing out the facts we got from the u.s. census bureau, this is something the president touted as he said change would come and it's positive news for him and the pro serb y'all third term if there were to be a president hillary clinton that the median income in the u.s. is up. you have to numbers on the screen. how will this play for the democrats? >> so you see the trend that it had been trending up, right? what you see there, that line. now it's at a level where, you know, it was higher, it's the fastest we've seen it climb is with the statistic. my question is are people feeling that? we've talked about whether or not these economic statistics we've seen, month-to-month unemployment rate, what have
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you, yet we know there is a ton of economic strife in the country and people aren't necessarily feeling it. now that the median income is on the rise, are people feeling that in a way? i don't think we have that answer but that is the potential for a electoral impact. >> on david's point, that's exactly right. there was a moment during president obama's campaign rally where he said $2 national gas, thanks, obama. and it's a cute line and i think a lot of people appreciate $2 glass but it's also glib when i don't think everyone feels the effect of an improving economy and i think obviously in hillary clinton and donald trump people are frustrated. >> more than two-thirds of americans think we're on the wrong track. a fox news poll said 60% of people feel like they here in a recession. so david's question is the salient one. for every good economic indicator i can point to a bad one. >> i think of trump going to ohio or talking about his past, his successes and how he says he will bring jobs and improve the
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economy because not everyone feels that way. >> a lot of people -- legitimately feel left behind. they feel left out that's what fuelled bernie sanders supporters and donald trump supporters but i think this indicator we saw is significant because for a couple of years we've been saying look at these positive job numbers but wages are still down. now we see still jobs increasing every month and now the wages are starting to lift. that word is getting out there. >> not pre-2007 levels. this is the slowest recover we've had in history. >> this is the highest that we've mean? the last -- since the bush recession of 2008. take credit for it. >> i'll ask you to stick around. i have so much more. coming up next, one of the people who set up hillary clinton's private e-mail server was a no show. his partner did testify. here what he said, plus you know it's 2016 when dr. oz will be hosting donald trump to talk about the candidate's medical
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results on television. we've got all that for you. you're watching cnn's special live coverage.
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november 8. it's officially less than two months to go. there are still serious questions on the campaign trail for both hillary clinton and donald trump and it comes down to transparency. for donald trump it's his taxes, his medical records, his foundation. for hillary clinton it's her health, what her campaign decides to release and when and some questions on her foundation and the e-mails. back in the headlines today, the e-mails because this issue is front and center again in congress, let's go to cnn's senior political reporter manu raju on the hill for us. house republicans not happy with how the hearing went today starting with -- talk to me, ma manu, about the no show. >> that's right, brian pagliano, one of two clinton aides who helped set up that private e-mail server in 2009 didn't show up at the hearing today even though he was subpoenaed by the house oversight and government reform committee to show up and testify. this is the second time he has invoked his fifth amendment rights not to discuss anything
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about what happened here but this is the first time he didn't show up and house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz, the republican of utah, was furious about this. he said that it's not optional. that people who are subpoena have had to show up and the committee would look at "all options" in its recourse in going after mr. pagliano. now democrats say the reason why he didn't show up according to mr. pagliano's lawyer is that they believe it's a partisan witch-hunt and they believe it serves no legislative purpose and they say the agreement that mr. pagliano reached with the fbi for limited immunity gives him protection in not to show up. one person who did show up was justin cooper, another clinton aide who set up the private e-mail server, he didn't give republicans much except for this, he admitted he didn't have a security clearance when setting up the private e-mail server. as we know, republicans have criticized clinton for passing on classified marked e-mails
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that were not secure so certa certainly more fodder for republicans as they try to keep the issue alive. >> manu raju on the hill for us, we'll talk money now. the super pac aligned with house speaker paul ryan has taken in a record-breaking haul this election season. the reason, republican donors who normally focus their cash at the top of the ticket are worried about donald trump at the top and want to make sure speaker ryan hangs on to his gavel so they're sending their money to what they hope will be a republican firewall i believe was the word used. joining us, a. b. stoddard from real clear politics. let me go to paul ryan and making sure the republicans hang on to the majority. are there worries that the republicans coming forward doing that would then support donald trump? what's your read on this? >> well, people who are worried about the senate races and trying to preserve the senate majority for republicans and
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trying to actively search the country for the resources to fund these campaigns are not certain what the turnout model will be in terms of whether trump voters turn out for these candidates, whether some democrats vote for clinton and independent voters vote for those republicans, each state is different as you know. in ohio rob portman is running way ahead of his democratic challenger. governor kasich is not a big friend of donald trump's and his republican machine has really actively been working to help rob portman who also has just one a really, really terrific campaign focusing on issuesover importance to ohioans and not national issues and trying to avoid the national debate. in pennsylvania, pat toomey was helped in the polls by donald trump, now not so much. so things can change so much between hillary and donald trump and that it's hard to say what
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will happen on election day, whether it will be ticket splitting but the really endangered republicans are feeling better than they were weeks ago. >> let's move on to a tv star, maybe not the one you're thinking of. dr. oz, we say this tongue in cheek, kayleigh, you can laugh, too. >> i smiled. >> the fact that we know donald trump is releasing medical records or something with dr. oz on tv. dr. oz was on fox news radio. let's hear what he said. >> what if there's embarrassing things on there? >> i bet he won't release them. >> it will be his decision? >> the metaphor for me is the doctor's office, the studio, so i won't ask him questions he doesn't want to have answered and i don't want to talk about anybody else, we won't talk about secretary clinton for sure and just a moment to talk about things outside the health purview. [ laughter ] >> kayleigh, to you first.
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what do we know on facts and how this is working and when we get to see this. do we know anything? >> i don't know anything that's not public but he will release the latest results of his physical and that comes down to getting the numbers and ensuring he's healthy. >> why dr. oz? >> why does hillary clinton sit down with late night comedians? he's a well known figure that donald trump can get his message and deliver what he wants to deliver, he's healthy, up for the job and the right person. >> maybe he'll release his tax returns on jim cramer's "mad money" or something. we can laugh about this and it's funny and it's a perfect marriage, dr. oz and donald trump. dr. oz has also been discredited as an actual doctor but it's a very serious issue the health of both of these candidates and that's why you've seen the
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scrutiny of hillary clinton and her stone walling is so incredibly offensive to a lot of people and donald trump having his doctor scribble off a note and saying he's going to be the healthiest president ever. and they're not taking it seriously. they're both aging, it's not inappropriate to ask if they can handle the gruellingness of this job and i don't think either of them have been willing. >> i agree both candidate should release every detail of their medical records to us, we deserve to know. two, hillary clinton has released more than donald trump and will release more. three, why dr. oz? because it's a scam. we're not going to learn anything. the next time i go to my doctor for a checkup i'm going to give him a list of question that he's allowed to ask but don't you ask anything that's not on the list. >> we have no reason to question donald trump's health. no reason. he's going to release -- >> what do you mean no reason? he's a doctor, he has every reason. >> he's allowed to do an
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interview with dr. oz just like hillary clinton is allowed to go on late night tv and laugh about her e-mail scandal. >> you go to a doctor and give the list of questions -- >> he went to a doctor this week. >> go to this doctor tomorrow and give him a set of questions that they're the only ones he's allowed to ask. >> you don't know they've given him a list of question. >> we just heard dr. oz say -- >> we have no proof. >> he used the metaphor of the doctor's office. >> he's allowed to have this photo-op and he's allowed to do this publicity stunt but it's not the stand in for sharing all of his complete medical records. >> hilary rosen, let me hear from you and then we have to go. do you think -- obviously we wish and donald trump is included in this, wishing hillary clinton well, but are you worried her being away for a day, two days, three days could hurt her politically? >> look, 10 million americans a week catch knew mepneumonia, i think people begrudge her a
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couple day's rest. i'm going to disagree with the original premise which is that the issues of this campaign are about health records and transparency and tax returns. tax returns i think matter because it says will donald trump scam middle-class voters the way we think he's scammed the irs or not? i think what this election is going to end up being about and what i hope we're going to see in the debates is how does this actually affect everyday americans who i think we have the candidates we're, you know, they are as healthy as they're going to be and i don't have any doubt that either one of them will be healthy enough to be president. what i do have doubts is is what kind of presidents they'll be and we would all do well to spend more time talking about what they'll do for the american people instead of how we'll create as many gotcha moments.
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>> he has not scammed the irs. he's paid within the bounds of the law, voters know that. >> a. b., let me end with this. >> prove it, kayleigh, you can't prove it. >> my question is, s.e hit on this, going back to president obama full circle when somebody shouted in philadelphia "$2 a gallon for gas." and he said "thanks, obama." [ laughter ] then he touted health care, touted under this administration gays can serve in the military. s.e called it glib. how did you hear that? >> well, obama's approval numbers have crept into space we couldn't imagine a year and a half ago. in 2014 obama couldn't help democrats campaign for reelection in the midterm elections and he's now by some polls well over 50% but even at 58% but sort of around 52% 5, 4%
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approval. so and so i think he's in his final days making this lap, victory lap and taking credit for things as he tries to work to elect hillary clinton and he's hoping it's going to help her obviously with some people who are sort of undecided, definitely will oppose trump but don't know if they'll turn out for hillary to tell them things are better than they sound. no trump supporter will ever listen to a word he says. they all think the country is on a terrible track. but he's hoping there are some independents left or centrist lean either way voters who are skeptical of hillary but maybe they won't come around on election day and he can convince them things are good enough and she can continue what he's done. >> all right. a. b. and hilary, kayleigh, bill and s.e, thank you. coming up next, hillary clinton is not backing off her comments that at least some of donald trump's supporters are
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racist, sexist and xenophobic. my next guest says he has proof in his inbox. stay here. kayleigh cure cancer million? far off. liver disease treatment. that by voting yes on prop 61 - costs. dollars pass. don't let that happen. it - because one day it migh
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kayleigh. critics have called out hillary clinton for being politically incorrect but she wasn't wrong, they say, when she described half of donald trump's supporters as belonging in a basket of deplorables. trump's campaign demanded a full apology from the former secretary of state and my next guest says there's no way to quantify how many trump supporters fit this deplorable description but he says he knows they're out there because he has
12:34 pm
heard from them personally. he is henry gomez, politics writer for henry, thank you so much for being with me. we all read your piece this morning. so listen, we all know being a journalist -- i don't get pretty tweets and comments on my instagram so i feel you but you said in what the last year that you have -- it's been horrendous, the comments you've been getting, why? >> thanks for having me. it's intensified. i've been reporting and writing for 15 years and my name appears with all of my stories but i've noticed an uptick covering the presidential campaign, covering donald trump and the e-mails that i'm getting, the tweets i'm getting are taking on a tone -- they're parroting a lot of donald trump's greatest hits, i've had people tell me i should be on the other side of the wall. i had a reader tell me i should
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be disqualified from covering the election because of my ethnicity which mirrors what donald trump said about the judge with the university case. and a lot of them admit they are trump supporters and they are using his language and borrowing from the same things he's saying. >> and you think this is because your last name is gomez? >> it's out there on my byline and they have no way of knowing this other than my last name. i am of mexican heritage, i'm also of italian, german, and irish heritage but it's gomez that appears in the paper and the e-mails and tweets emphasize the last name, they emphasize gomez, they say i should go back, mean dog back to mexico. so is it true i have ancestors from mexico, i'm proud of that fact. but that's the thing readers are fixing on. >> which makes it a challenge,
12:36 pm
as you described in your piece, of covering this election. let me quote you. "it strikes me that trump whether he means to or not has foster add hostile moment in his politics when his supporters feel entitled to racially denigrate others, sadly, simply being a gomez is enough to make you a target." last question, henry. how do you think this election has changed race relations in america? >> well, i think you nailed it right there, his supporters may have felt this way all along but because of the things donald trump is saying they feel empowered and emboldened to say this out loud or attack somebody. it's not just reporters, it's others, i feel that's different. i covered the election four years ago and never received this level of vitriol from my readers. that's the one thing that has changed this year and i wonder if it's something we'll see for years to come in presidential politics. >> from journalist to journalist, i'm sorry but keep
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covering this election. harry gomez with coming up next, the top editor of the "new york times" says he would be willing to go to jail if he could get his hand on donald trump's taxes and publish them. hear why next.
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getting donald trump's tax returns into print, the top editor of the "new york times" said he's risk his own freedom. dean kay says he'll publish a story on donald trump's taxes if they were leaked or hacked even if it meant he would have to do
12:42 pm
jail time. trump says he will release his tax returns when the irs audit is complete even though experts say there there's no reason to keep a secret and he's offered up no proof there is an audit. this is what the campaign manager said on new day. >> will donald trump release anything from the irs proving he's under audit. >> i don't know. why. in other words -- are you calling him a liar? >> we're taking his words for it. >> are you calling him a liar? >> let's talk to margaret sullivan, the columnist for the "washington post." margaret, mice to have you back. it wasn't just the "new york times" editor agreeing on that, it was your associate editor bob woodward agreeing yes jail time would be worth it for the transparency. why is this important? >> well, the trump tax returns would tell us a lot of things. first of all, it's important to make the point that this is a strong tradition in presidential campaigns that candidates release their tax returns going
12:43 pm
back to richard nixon. donald trump is the first one who hasn't done that. secondly, the business about it being under audit as you said, bro brooke, that is immaterial. you can release your tax returns when they're under audit, that's a red herring. i think they would tell us a number of things. first of all they would tell us how much he gives to charity and that's a question that has surfaced in this campaign. my colleague david farenthold at the "washington post" has been doing interesting work. >> he's been doing great work into trump's charitable giving. that's one thing that will come out. the other thing it would answer for us is how much does he pay in taxes. what check has he written to the u.s. treasury? and he has -- trump has bragged or said, at least, that he tries very hard to keep his tax rate
12:44 pm
as low as possible and we fight find he's paying a very, very small amount of tax. i think that's of great interest to american citizens as is is charitable giving. >> as is medical records as well as a media columnist i'm sure you'll be watching dr. oz with closer scrutiny as we know donald trump has chosen that as the medium from which to, i guess, tell the world if he's healthy or not. we'll be watching. margaret sullivan with the "washington post," thank you so much. >> thanks, brooke. >> you got it. up next, the independent candidate in this whole presidential race, evan mcmullan, will join me live from utah. we'll talk about the transparency and the basket of deplorables comments and his chances. stay with me. i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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aye. >> a new report out just today showing that last year across every age, every race in america incomes rose and the poverty rate fell. >> that was president obama talking a bit ago there in
12:49 pm
philadelphia touting his economic achievements as he stumped solo by the way, first time he did this for hillary clinton today making enthusiastic pitch hearing choruses of "fired up and ready to go" and "yes we can" there in front of a crowd there in philly. donald trump today also on the offensive taking shots at secretary clinton for calling half of his supporters deplorables. both campaigns calling on their rivals to be more transparent so with me now evan mcmullan, former cia officer, republican congressional official, also an independent candidate >> hi, brooke. great to be with you. >> straight up. is this the least transparent election you've ever seen? >> well, it has to be one of them. no doubt about it. it's unbelievable that donald trump won't release his tax returns. i don't think he's going to before the election. i think that should be a requirement, absolutely.
12:50 pm
he is clearly hiding something. why else would he not release them. his excuse that he is being audited and therefore can't release them is simply untrue. there is no reason why he couldn't still release them now. he is clearly hiding something. the question is what. >> you know, you're not the only one who has questioned that, though of course he would say he is not. he is being audited. still no proof of that. the president said hillary clinton has been subjected to more scrutiny and krcriticism. do you see a double standard between clinton and trump on medical records and taxes? >> i don't know if i see a double standard. i simply believe that all of us who are running for president will have to release our medical records, our full medical records, and our tax returns -- >> you don't think it's more than this? more criticism and more on her? >> oh, i don't -- i don't know who is receiving more. i just think everyone needs
12:51 pm
to -- everyone needs to release their tax returns and health records, and they're not being transparent. you know, what i am more concerned about, frankly, is what's been in the news for the past 24 hours about -- about the deplorable statement, which i think was unfortunate. what's even more concerning than that is that donald trump's campaign continues to be fueled by a racist movement in this country, and you saw pence talking today at a press conference there -- >> let me stop you right there. that's where i wanted to go next. in case the people watching haven't seen it yet. this is donald trump's running mate on with wolf and following up talking about how he couldn't say "deplorable." >> i'm not really sure why the media keeps dropping david duke's name. donald trump has announced david duke repeatedly. we don't want his support or the support of people who think like him. >> you call him a deplorable. >> i am not in the name-calling
12:52 pm
business, wolf. >> millions of americans know and frankly you all know, hillary clinton wasn't talking about that bad man. she was talking about people all across this country who are coming out in record numbers to stand by donald trump and to stand with him and his vision to make america great again. >> evan, what do you -- just on mike pence, what do you think of mike pence? he says he is not in the name-calling business. but look at who is at the top of your ticket, the president of the name-calling club. what do you think of him now? >> right. look, a leader in this country should never miss an opportunity to condemn someone like david duke. a grand wizard or whatever he was in the kkk. leaders can't miss those opportunities. and for pence to avoid saying that david duke is deplorable or, more importantly, renouncing the support that the trump/pence
12:53 pm
campaign is receiving from a racist movement known as the alt-right movement in the united states. this is something that both of them need to condemn. this is a campaign that has attracted the support of racists because donald trump's rhetoric has been bigoted. and they're not supporting him for no reason. this is a serious, serious problem. and it's one of many that donald trump offers, i believe. >> all right. evan mcmullin, thank you for coming back. we'll talk again. good luck. >> thank you. next on cnn, edward snowden. he is asking president obama for a pardon days before a new oliver stone film about his massive nsa leak is set to premiere. hear from oliver stone himself, next. your insurance company
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. former nsa contractor edward
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snowden is asking president obama to pardon him. this all comes this week where the new snowden movie hits theaters. cnn's christiane amanpour last hour talked to the director. oliver stone. >> do you think he'll get a pardon? does he really think he will? >> well, i think he deserves one, and i hope he does, but the odds are long with mr. obama. the two central truths that emerged from the movie in my opinion are the fact is that the united states government developed and deployed a massive global surveillance system without democratic consent. and it was one person who revealed that. that was mr. snowden. and he did so with conviction and with love country. >> i want to just quickly ask you about the u.s. election and
12:59 pm
russia. what do you make, for instance, of donald trump inviting the russians to hack into whatever servers in the united states and try, quote-unquote to find hillary clinton's missing e-mails. you remember when he said that. >> yeah. >> what do you make of russia in this election, including russia being accused and suspected of hacking into the american political system and potentially subverting the election process in the united states? >> i think it's a great fiction and it serves a purpose to disguise what's really going on. the intelligence experts that i have talked to have indicated to me that it's probably an inside job. and what's very important -- >> an inside job from where? >> from the democrats, from somebody who has worked at the committee. >> hacking themselves? >> or from somebody who knows about it. >> i'm telling you i can't go into all that information.
1:00 pm
but the point is haven't we missed the contents of what's been revealed? >> cnn's last reporting is that top u.s. intelligence officials are confident russia is behind those hacks. i am brooke baldwin here in new york, thank you so much for being with me. we'll send it to washington right now. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. right now hillary clinton must be thinking thanks, obama. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump's running mate, mike pence, facing bipartisan criticism today for refusing to use the word "deplorable." it's a word hillary clinton used to describe millions of trump voters, but he would not touch it. as hillary clinton takes a sick day today, president obama stepping up, rallying an enthusiastic crowd, but it's one in a traditionally very blue state. why start there? plus, show of force. the u.s. bringing out the big guns in a warning to kim jong un after what could be north korea's most powerful nuke test yet. what is is the next move?


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