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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  September 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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university. it could be an explosive event. 9:00 p.m. eastern is when it starts. stay tuned for the 18 premier of anthony bourdain, "parts unknown".
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♪ ♪
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>> do you smell that? motor bike exhaust, fish sauce, incense. the far away smell of something. is that pork grilling over charcoal? vietnam. it could be noplace else.
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listen to it. there is no other way to see this city, ho notice, than from a motor bike or scooter. to do otherwise would be to miss it all. it is one of the great pleasures of my life to join the river of people rushing through the streets.
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>> vietnam. it grabs you and doesn't let you go. once you love it, you love it forever. i have been coming here since 2000. the first time i had been to this part of the world and it held a special place in my heart and imagination since. i keep coming back. i have to. vietnam has changed since the last time i was here. it is changing every day. but some things for now anyway remain the same. important things.
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like this stuff. >> that's going to be good. >> the first meal in hanoi and something they do better than anywhere else. >> i'm officially in hanoi now. magic. >> the spicy wonderful broth with tomatoes and herb and noodles and fresh snails. >> look at those beauties. come to me. little love muscle. >> hanoi, capital city of vietnam. 7.5 million people live here. in the winter it is chilly and damp and in the summer, hot, humid and subtropical. the buildings are french, but the heart and soul is always, always vietnamese.
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coming here as tourists for the first time, especially veterans of the car are shocked by how friendly it is. people are genuinely happy to see you. this is hanoi's old quarter, but it is looking less and less old these days. >> it's the irish-czech themed club next door. >> vietnam is a young country. almost half of vietnamese are under 30. fewer every year remember what they call here, the american war. though there are still a lot of conflicted feelings back home, for most vietnamese the war is a distraction, not even a memory. it is a poor nation and the standard of living improved a lot with the communist economic
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policies. more and more foreign tourists every year, western chains are everywhere. and president obama is visiting for the first time, taking another step on the long path towards normalizing relations between the two countries. >> that is good. hot. i hit that chili hard. >> nice to meet you. such a pleasure. >> and we have here ready to go. >> we going to put it in a glass
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or a bottle? >> how would you do it? >> put it in the glass. in vietnam, particularly in the north, approximate would be improper for a woman to drink from the bottle. >> i'm glad i know this. >> tao is an eisenhower fellow and scholar. she helps strengthen the bonds between vietnam and the u.s. >> today we drove to the outskirts of hanoi. tall buildings and people moving from the country to the city. mark jacobs and prada. this is a young country. >> a young nation. they like to eat kentucky fried chicken and spend time on the internet. >> the history of our country is a history of war. >> 1,000 years under the chinese and 80 years under the french. and then the japanese came in and when the americans left hanoi in 1975, we got involved with cambodians.
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we only have peace since 1989. just in a matter of a few decades, the entire population will have no war experience. that's a great thing. >> what are we eating today? >> we are going to have rice rolls. >> like crab. >> inside. and mushroom. >> you dip it in and there you have it. >> that's very good. everything we do internationally someone refers back to the vietnam experience. let's not do that again. >> i find it interesting that the people who had perhaps the most were among the first to
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reach out. i think the john mccain story is particularly interesting because here's a guy who had an atrocious experience here in prison and has been among the most vocal supporters of normalizing relations. >> it took several trips so he could see the different light. it's no longer a war. it's a country with people. >> have you been out with returning veterans? >> yes. all the time. >> they often want to go to the area they serve. >> yes. >> do they often meet with the people they fought? >> yes. >> b-52 pilots. they unloaded their bombs. >> yes. >> what is that like? >> extremely emotional.
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and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums >> hanoi in the morning. thousands of motor bikes. people and the things they carry coming out to work and set up
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shop and the sound of commerce. of a wildly free market economy and a system that is decidedly not. ♪ >> when i first came here, it was tai chi at dawn. that's still here. there is also this. >> great to see you. >> nice to see you too. she is my zumba instructor. >> no zumba for me. breakfast though sounds good. >> how often do you think the
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average person cooks or eats out? >> for dinner, that's the only meal that everybody can be together. for other meals, we eat out. >> i meet my friend on the edge of the old quarter. >> this is my favorite restaurant. >> the name comes from the ownership, this lady, known for the free and frank way she communicates. >> i hear she yells at people. >> yes. foreign . >> if you go to a hotel and order, can i have these?
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maybe i have these instead. i don't have lots of time for you. get out here. >> really? >> yeah. >> what's the specialty of the house? >> we know that's going to be good. >> you put up with the abuse for this glorious steaming bowl of rice noodles with spicy chilies with pig's knuckle and snout. it's the only item on the menu and it's good. >> to prepare this, you have to be careful because if you don't do it right, you would never be right. it makes your mouth itchy. >> interesting. >> wow, that's delicious. >> when people talk about it,
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they say spring rolls or pho. >> i'm easy. give me spicy noodles and pork and i'm happy every time. ♪ >> it's a maze of narrow streets
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and alley wis behind the old french cathedral. vendors set up stools and it's happy hour in hanoi. every doorway and every window, a slice of life. a story all its. lives lived, being lived, caught for a second, a moment, then gone.
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>> we must, we must. >> my oldest friend in vietnam from the beginning. >> many happy memories. we have been to saigon. >> he was the reminder from the ministry of foreign affairs. despite the responsibilities, wey became fast friends. this refers to the roadside joints where they consume freshly brewed draft beer. >> just like 3% or 4%. >> we need to drink a lot. >> yes.
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>> it was something luxurious and now it's for everything. it's not expensive. >> it's 40 or 45 sends. >> 45 cents a beer. >> yeah. >> i will have another. i can afford that. >> the country has changed so much. when i first came, it was motor bikes and now a lot of cars. money. people are making businesses. it's good. much, much tourism every year. people enjoy life more.
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>> search the globe and you will find no other place that looks remotely like this. this means where the dragon descends into the sea and where a great dragon charges from foreign invaders.
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war is a constant theme with mythology and history. the chinese and the french and the japanese and the americans and cambodians and again, the chinese. >> this is one of vietnam's most visited destinations. fortunately this time of year anyway, you don't have to go too far to lose yourself in the past. find a quiet place where you can still imagine the great dragon's tail thrashing and churning and
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kicking up the great rock. the chosen mode of transportation is an old french steamer. a big boat. and it's all mine. along with friends and crew, of course.
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>> i like this boat. we are living larger than last time. the boat was not this nice. >> all the modern conveniences and the charms of the past. it fits perfectly with my overromantic dilutions and in general, it does not suck. >> gin and tonic. traditional vietnam he's drink. not really. >> it's my first time trying this. >> you were five years old the last time i was here. >> you are 20 now.
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>> we came here for another show, what feels like a time ago. i got to meet his son, min who is grown up. >> pictures of you and him. >> change a little bit. over million people. >> every day. all of this is protected. you can't do anything on these rocks. >> no, no. >> this is 1900 of these rocks out here? >> 1,969. this is a good number. this is for fortune and forever. fortune forever. >> a drink or two on the top tech, check. now for the west of the day, try to do as little as possible.
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sunset and maybe some more drinks. what about dinner? >> one for you. >> thank you, sir. >> so, are we eating skid? >> 51s of skid. as many tons as possible. >> the majesty of the squid. at this time of year, the bright lights of the fishing boats are unmistakable. >> this is late in the evening. >> they say because of global warming, all the fish are dying, but the squid and cuttle fish population are increasing. it will be filled with plenty of quid. eating it every day.
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those are tender. the tentacles are the best. >> it's very hot. >> they are all nice. it turned on all. >> and sleep all day? it's got to be hot out there. sleeping in the day.
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a morning swim. a bowl of spicy noodles and a
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view. perfect. >> how many in the family? >> six. young couple. she was staying with relatives and they have no school in india. >> they used to be found in every sheltered cove or corner. as vietnam becomes a more popular deft in addition, authentic villages are starting to disappear. >> they have been relocating and helping to minimize the impact. >> the people, they are generally nice and willing to open their home. a lot of pearls go from vietnam
6:38 pm
and come from places like this. it takes over a year to grow each pearl and no guarantee an oyster will even yield one. >> water spinach, i think that's called? >> that's the most common vegetable for vietnamese people in the summertime. this is a prime piece of real estate. they lived here how long? >> 123578 years and this will be
6:39 pm
a big tuftist attraction. >> they are allowed to live here because they have been here so long? >> they are reaching them to move back because it's special for the children's education. >> they said they are happy to move, but they have been living here for many years and she is fishing.
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>> just another day in paradise. a tropical downpour in a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of hanoi. the lady selling vegetables and cigarettes has no idea what's about to happen.
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>> how are you liking vietnam? >> i love it. >> markets like these i grew up with in jakarta. these were the only markets available. you would buy pretty much everything in stalls like this. i wouldn't mind going in there and haggling and seeing what i can find. >> this country when i first arrived smelled like a country i would like. some countries smell good and i know they are going to be good. do you smell that? >> there are certain spices you can smell that you just don't smell back home. there are smells that aren't as appealing as well, but that's
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there is something magical about the snow. the minute you touchdown, it grabs you and captivates you and chances are, it holds you forever. i'm not the first to feel this way. there is no better place to entertain the leader of the free world than one of the classic, funky, family-run noodle shops. dinner and a beer costs about $6. i'm guessing the president doesn't get a lot of state dinners like this. >> how often do you get to sneak out for a beer?
6:47 pm
>> very rarely. first of all, i don't sneak out, period. once in a while, i will take michelle out on a date night. the problem is, part of enjoying a restaurant is sitting with other patrons and enjoying the atmosphere and too often we end up getting into one of the private rooms in the back. >> i'm glad i could help. >> absolutely. >> you are going to have to walk me through this. >> this is chopped. >> this is about as typical of a hanoi dish that there is. pork patties and pork belly. >> this is a broth of vinegar,
6:48 pm
sugar and vietnamese fermented fish sauce. >> chilies to taste. if you have an important state function afterwards, you may not want to. >> i'm going with this. >> we doll what's appropriate. >> vinegar and you hack off noodles and drop them in your bowl. >> that's not too elegant and you dip and stir and get ready for the loss of this. >> is it appropriate to pop one of the suckers in your mouth or do you think you should be more? >> slurping it totally acceptable. >> it takes skills to handle the sticky cold noodles. the president has those skills. >> this is killer. this is outstanding. this is really good. >> we share sentimentality about asian street food. >> one of my favorite meals of
6:49 pm
all time. there is an area between jakarta and bondo, another cityin indonesia. it's up through the mountains. you have these roadside restaurants overlooking the tea fields. there will be a river running through the restaurant itself. there will be these fish, carp that are running through. you pick the fish and they grab it for and you it's crispy and they serve it with a bed of rice and it's the simplest possible and nothing tasted so good. >> trickier question fought with perils. is ketchup on a hot dog ever acceptable? >> no. i mean that. let me put it this way. not acceptable past the age of 8. >> my daughter is 8 and she put ketchup on eggs the recollect day. i don't know what good parenting
6:50 pm
calls for. >> an intervention. you say that's not acceptable. i'm sorry. >> we seem to be turning inwards. we are talking about building a wall around our country and yet you have been reaching out to people who don't necessarily agree with us. gaza, iran, cuba. i wish the more americans had passports to see how people live. it seems useful and pleasurable and interesting at best. >> it confirms the basic truth that people everywhere are the sameful the same hopes and dreams and when you come to a place and see former american vietnam vets coming back. when you see somebody like a john kerry or john mccain, two very different people politically and temperamentally
6:51 pm
and who were able to bond in their experience of meeting with their former adversaries and you don't make peace with your friends. you make peace with your enemies. >> as a father of a young girl, is it all going to be okay? >> my daughter will be able to come here in five or ten years and have a bowl and the world will be a better place? >> progress is not a straight line. there will be moments that any given part of the world where things are terrible. but having said all that, i think things are going to work out. >> thank you so much. ♪
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ask your doctor about viagra single packs. ♪ >> the vast majority of this country don't remember.
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>> 15 years. >> i know you have to bring people over to the museum. the american art museum every time, right? >> yes. >> is it going to be a time when that's not going to have to be a stop. it won't be necessary. should people always remember? >> it's good to remember so we don't make the same mistake. some choose to be angry, but some chose to let go and it's call the peace inside themselves. that's up to the person. i think it's good that -- it's important that we know about history.
6:57 pm
and make sure it never happens again. i made a lot more veterans and surprisingly, a lot of them don't have any anger against their old enemies. that's amazing. that is amazing. i learned so much from that. >> for vietnamese, we had so
6:58 pm
many legends, but the majority related to our tradition of fighting against foreign inva r invaders to protect our country. over the last 20 years of my life, i have seen a lot of changes. and we know that there is a lot of shock. but everything needs time. we need to be patient. we can't rush. we really don't want another war. >> general william westmoreland who commanded forces here in the mid 80s famously said the oriental doesn't put the same high price on life as does a westerner. life is plentiful. life is cheap in the orient.
6:59 pm
it was an extraordinarily grotesque and wrong headed observation from a guy who if nothing else was expected to understand his enemy on the battlefield. he could not, it turned out, do even that. >> maybe, i hope, we are a little bit smarter now.
7:00 pm
>> just listen! don't get angry! i will come back when you're calm. >> this is a typical day for deputy medina. she works at the largest mental health institution in the united states. and all of her patients are inmates. >> have you been threatened? >> it's literally every day. >> no one wants a jail in their back yard. but the biggest one in the country happens to be in mine. >> all of the issues would be looked upon by anybody as staggering. >> the los angeles county jail is ground zero for the nation's toughest custody challenges. run down and


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