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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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jeanne moos, cnn, new york. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "cnn newsroom," sex, money and presidential politics. >> the clintons -- >> no topic off-limits. >> he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know. >> but what about his past? >> i have a very good history. >> also an ugly fight with beauty queens. >> the most beautiful women in the world and we are made to feel like fat. kind of worthless. >> she's not alone. trump targets a former miss universe in an early morning twitter tirade. plus, rush hour horror. >> it just didn't slow down. it didn't brake. >> two questions this morning. what went wrong and could it have been avoided? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom."
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. blitzing the battlegrounds. next hour, hillary clinton hits florida and donald trump visits michigan later this afternoon. overnight, trump fires off vicious new tweets against a former miss universe who was supporting hillary clinton. here's trump's latest swipe. quote, did crooked hillary help disgusting and in parentheses check out the sex tape and past, you know, did hillary help alicia m become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate and quote, using her as a paragon of virtue shows crooked hillary uses bad judgment. she was set up by a con. the next debate is nine days away and the election itself now just 39 days away. from all indications, the restraint that trump boasted about just a few days ago is long gone. cnn's m.j. lee is in fort piece for a clinton speech next hour and chris fraitz is following the latest from donald trump.
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let's start with you. >> reporter: trump has been on a twitter tirade this morning against hillary clinton and former miss universe, alicia machado saying that clinton was duped by machado and accusing clinton of floating her as an angel without checking her past. now, trump also called machado disgusting and falsely alleged she was in a sex tape and that clinton may have helped her become a citizen. all of this twitter storm is coming as trump's hinting at bringing up bill clinton's infidelities next time trump faces off with hillary clinton on the debate stage. >> he can run his campaign however he chooses. i'm not going to comment on how he runs his campaign. you will be able to see we have two more debates, what he says and what i say. >> do you think maybe your past marital history is also fair game? >> i guess. they can do but it's a lot different than his, that i can tell you. we have a situation where we have a president who was a disaster and he was ultimately impeached over it in a sense for
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lying. we'll see whether or not we discuss it. >> reporter: you're not worried about your past history at all? >> no, not at all. i have a very good history. >> reporter: also this morning, new polls done after the debate show clinton leading trump in three battleground states, in michigan and new hampshire. clinton's leading trump by seven points, 42% to 35%. in that all-important swing state of florida, clinton is edging trump by four points, 46% to 42% in the sunshine state. so clinton seeing some good news on the heels of her debate performance on monday night. >> all right. reporting live from washington. next hour, hillary clinton holds an event in florida, one of the most prized of the battleground states and will deploy a weapon against trump that could resonate deeply with hundreds of thousands of voters there. m.j. lee is in fort piece where clinton will address supporters shortly. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we can really tell that this campaign is nearing the home stretch just based on how packed
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clinton's schedule is. yesterday clinton and her traveling press corps left new york in the morning, flew to iowa, stopped in chicago, then landed here in florida shortly after midnight. today she has a very packed schedule as well. she has two campaign events followed by a fund-raiser before she flies back to new york. it is not a surprise she is spending so much time in this critical state of florida. it is a big state with a big chunk of electoral votes that are up for grabs. winning this state means that the candidate gets a lot closer to reaching that 270 magic number and the campaign also announced this morning that president obama will be campaigning for hillary clinton in miami next week. now, as a part of this flurry of campaigning, the clinton campaign is really bringing out the big guns, leaning on big name democrats to campaign on behalf of clinton and really help humanize the democratic nominee. one of those people of course is vice president joe biden. take a listen to what he said and how he described hillary clinton as the candidate last night on jimmy fallon.
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>> nobody's perfect. everybody, you know, wants the ideal candidate. by the way, i learned how to become the ideal candidate. announce you're not running for president. >> reporter: now, here in fort pierce, clinton will be talking about the theme of national service but we will be listening to see whether she responds to the twitter rant that trump released earlier this morning about former miss universe alicia machado. not clear whether clinton will directly address this issue in her speech but we will keep you posted on that. of course, this is an issue that clinton believes is a winning issue for her and helps to paint trump as someone who doesn't speak well for women and cannot win the support of the majority of women across this country. carol? >> m.j. lee reporting live for us this morning, thank you. the newspaper, "usa today" , did something it has never done in its 34-year history. it has taken sides in a
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presidential election that's not quite accurate. the paper actually says vote for anyone but trump. calling trump unfit for the presidency and the reasons why are brutal. "usa today" says trump is erratic, traffics in prejudice, is a serial liar, speaks recklessly. his business career is checkered. you get the drift. let's talk about that. i want to bring in rebecca berg from real clear politics and cnn political analyst and david louder, washington bureau chief for the "los angeles times." so rebecca, "usa today" first time in its 34-year history and it says awful things about donald trump. >> it did. but the question really is do any of these newspaper endorsements or unendorsements matter, right? this is an election cycle where institutions are less respected and less valued by voters than at any point in maybe modern political history, and to this point, i don't think one major newspaper has actually endorsed
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donald trump in the general election, yet he's doing just as well in the polls it would seem as he would be if these newspapers had come out and supported him. so it doesn't really seem to be making a difference at least among his supporters. and you know, at the same time there's also this issue of newspapers like "usa today" and other institutions not coming out in full-throated support of hillary clinton necessarily as the alternative to donald trump. so when you have these undecided voters weighing what to do and unhappy with both candidates this isn't necessarily pushing them toward her. >> david, you are a newspaper guy. there's an interesting article in the "new york times" that these newspapers that said vote anyone but trump who have endorsed hillary clinton have paid a price, especially the more conservative ones like the newspaper in arizona and the "dallas morning news." they have actually lost subscribers because of it. >> people feel very passionately about their candidates. as you know. and it's right, some of the
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newspapers have paid a price. rebecca's right, newspaper endorsements don't usually have a huge impact on vote. it does seem what is moving voters, however, is the kind of thing we have seen this week, the attacks that trump has been making on alicia machado, for example, in that new hampshire poll that chris talked about earlier, clinton's winning women in new hampshire by 24 points. a full one-third of the republican women in new hampshire say that trump is not fit to be president. so those arguments seem to be cutting through even though newspaper endorsements maybe are not. >> interesting. let's talk about the female vote. i'm just trying to figure out why donald trump tweeted these things about alicia machado this morning. he brought up this supposed sex tape and what he's talking about is alicia machado appeared on a spanish reality tv show and she's underneath the covers with a man and they are having sex,
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but frankly, like who cares. the climate we live in, you know, as a woman you can do anything you want with your body. she didn't do anything illegal and wrong is in the eyes of the beholder so why even go there? >> it's completely perplexing, carol, with less than 40 days to go until election day, we have the republican nominee basically giving new life to this story that we have been talking about all week which appears to be damaging his reputation among women, in particular, and this is a group that donald trump is struggling with to begin with. his campaign seemed to be hoping they could change the subject. you had all of his campaign surrogates out there this week talking about the clintons' history with women, trying to move this conversation in a different direction, now donald trump is just bringing it right back to where it was during the debate and for the rest of this week. there's no good reason for him to be talking about this for 40 days to go. this is not the message he wants
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to be driving. >> here's the thing. i interviewed the former miss wisconsin, she's terminally ill. i interviewed her this morning, and she had lovely things to say about donald trump. she said donald trump supports her in her hour of need, he writes to her. she said he's a great guy. so why instead of attacking alicia machado wouldn't you bring up melissa young? >> well, i think what we are seeing is something that really we have seen throughout the campaign. trump is going to be trump. he doesn't back down. if he fools heeels he's been at he attacks back. it's the way he is. it's gotten him this far and i think he's convinced if he keeps doing what he's doing, it's going to work for him. maybe it will, maybe it won't. but i think it's pretty clear this is the only way he knows how to campaign and he's not going to change for the next 40 days. >> so let's talk about his stance on the iraq war. as you well know, donald trump insists that he was always against the iraq war even though
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we have this sound from him on the howard stern show from 2002 saying he was for the war. well, yesterday howard stern himself came out and talked about that on his radio show. let's listen. >> trump was on our show years ago and said yeah, you know, he was kind of for the iraq war, us going into iraq. >> yeah. >> he was saying he really wasn't for it. so they were forced to mention my name. yeah. it's cool. good promotion. >> so rebecca, how can donald trump possibly continue to say that he was never, ever, ever for the iraq war? >> as we have seen with donald trump on other issues as well as with this issue, he just doesn't seem to care if what he is saying now doesn't necessarily gel with what he's said in the past. he seems to think if he can say something enough times and loud enough, that it will become its own sort of truth because it's the most recent thing we've
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heard and he keeps saying it over and over again. he doesn't tend to care about addressing these inconsistencies or apologizing for past misstatements or admitting that he changed his mind. he just kind of blazes ahead and doesn't really care to correct the record or care if he's inconsistent with what he's said in the past. it's up to us in the press i think to point out these inconsistencies as they arise. i think we have been doing that but it becomes difficult because there are so many. >> a lot of people frankly distrust the press so it's difficult for even us. i have to leave it there. thank you both. still to come in the "newsroom" rebuilding obama's winning coalition. hillary clinton needs it to win. can surrogates like michelle obama give her the boost she needs to win?
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checking top stories for you at 16 minutes past, a first grader fighting for his life in a hospital after being shot on a
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south carolina play ground this week. the shooter allegedly killed his father before wounding a teacher and two students at the elementary school. the teacher and the other student were treated and released. the family of jacob hall, who was shot in the leg, says he's facing a tough fight. >> he is fighting every day, every moment, to survive. and he will survive. he's a strong-willed son. >> hall was put on life support yesterday after blood loss caused a brain injury. tulsa police officer betty shelby is in court this morning, expected to enter a plea in the shooting death of terence crutcher two weeks ago. she was charged with manslaughter after shooting the unarmed black man in the middle of the street after his car stalled. protesters at a charlotte city council meeting calling for the mayor and police chief to step down. it was the first time they met since protests erupted over the death of keith scott. he was shot by police after they say he threatened them with a gun. at times the meeting was highly charged and emotional. especially when a young girl
7:18 am
stepped forward to deliver a message to city leaders. >> we are black people and we shouldn't have to feel like this. we shouldn't have to protest because of you all treating us wrong. >> later she talked with cnn and said it's hard not to be hurt by recent headlines. >> if i see videos of people like getting shot by police, it's like sometimes i want to cry but i'm like no, i don't want to cry, just don't cry, but sometimes i want to because it's hurtful. >> the mayor of charlotte called for more community dialogue but did not step down. officials recovering a major clue hours ago into figuring out why a packed commuter train crashed in new jersey, killing a woman and injuring more than 100 people. the ntsb now recovered the train's event recorder from the wreckage. that's a device similar to the airplane's black box. cnn's brynn gingras live at the scene with more for you.
7:19 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here's some good news. the ntsb says they will take a look at that black box, download its data here on scene, not bring it back to washington, d.c. so certainly try to expedite this investigation process. that's just one piece of evidence that they have so far collected from the scene. they hope later today, this afternoon, at the earliest, to get into the front of the train that crashed yesterday morning during the morning commute and on that part of the train, that's where the conductor and engineer, rather, sits and they hope to get some video evidence, four cameras, two on the outside of the train and two actually at the control panel. they haven't been able to get to that just yet because of all that debris remember that fell on top of the train as it rammed through that station. some more evidence that they are hoping to get today, they hope to talk to the train's engineer. if you remember, he was pulled out unconscious from the train but has been released from the hospital. was too heavily medicated yesterday. that's why they haven't been able to talk to him but they hope to get that interview done
7:20 am
today as well as talk to two other crew members who were on the train at the time of this crash. certainly scary experience for the people that were still on board or that were on board. we are still hearing stories from them even today. two people talked to "new day" this morning. >> people were being thrown everywhere. people were hitting their heads on either the doors or people's shoulders, elbows or shoulders and on the opening to the door frame. >> folks were just piling up in front of us. a woman right in front of me had her legs caught in between the two, the door and her body was on my side so fortunately we were able to get her up. another woman had a bad knee injury. couple folks immediately in front of me had some gashes. a gentleman was trying to help people, he was like am i bleeding, am i bleeding. we were just like yes but he was really helpful in keeping folks calm. >> reporter: incredible rescue and survival stories coming from this crash scene. 114 people injured, going to area hospitals yesterday.
7:21 am
i actually just got an update from a nearby hospital that handles the trauma incidents and only 13 people remain in the hospital. most of them should be discharged even today. so that's some good news. of course, though, we have that one death, the woman, 34-year-old who was standing on the platform at the time of this crash. it's very sad to hear about her death and we are hearing also she was a mother. carol? >> brynn gingras reporting live, thank you. coming up in the "newsroom" donald trump goes on an early morning twitter tirade taking aim at the media and the former miss universe. i will talk to one of his senior advisers next. [ male announcer ] at customink, you can create custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. donald trump up early this morning, unleashing on twitter and it's not just the former miss universe taking hits but of course, the media, too. trump tweeting last hour quote, remember don't believe sources said by the very dishonest media. if they don't name the sources, the sources do not exist. cnn's brian stelter has more on this. good morning. >> good morning. that's just not true. you and i both know it. it's worth telling the viewers at home about how anonymous sourcing really works. often we do have to gather information using anonymous sources. sometimes in the clinton campaign and sometimes in the trump campaign. normally it's a relationship you strike with a source, you say can i use your name and they say no, can i use you as an anonymous source, a source familiar with the matter, they say yes, then we report the information on the air. in a case like this, trump is really trying to delegitimize the press by saying don't believe anything you read if it's not attributed to a person by name. here's another one of his tweets from this morning. this is about 3:20 a.m. this
7:27 am
morning. clearly he was upset by recent news stories saying that there's tension inside the campaign so he wrote this, saying any time you see a story about me or my campaign saying sources said, do not believe it. there are no sources, they are just made up lies. that was one of his comments this morning. you shared the other one as well. it's another example of trump trying to sow distrust in the press but i have got text messages right here from trump aides who were seeking anonymity in order to share information and lots of other reporters have the same thing. >> some of the unnamed sources from within the trump campaign want ted to share good information, too, right? >> that's right. if they can't speak on the record using their name, they insist on anonymity but it can sometimes be simple things like is the meeting currently happening or has the meeting wrapped up yet. the reality is, anonymous sources are the backbone, a backbone of journalism whether or not we like it and trump is wrong to say they are made up. we don't make up our sources. >> i would venture to say when a good news story is written about mr. trump he cites that news story as absolutely true. >> he sure does.
7:28 am
that's why we should all be skeptical when we see some of his comments. >> with me to talk about this and more is senior trump adviser, sarah huckabee sanders. hi, sarah. >> good morning. >> good morning. there's so much to talk about this morning. mr. trump went on this twitter tirade this morning. he was up at, what, 3:00 a.m. and tweeting consistently until now, actually. he just tweeted out something moments ago. so your thoughts, because some of these tweets in some people's minds are out there and of course, we all thought that mr. trump was being advised to be more disciplined. >> look, i think any time donald trump is attacked, he's going to counter attack and that's exactly what has happened here. hillary clinton and a lot of people in the media are coming after him and he's going to respond. >> but what about these tweets about alicia machado, saying hey, go on the internet and
7:29 am
there's this sex tape out there i want you to watch on alicia machado and she's just a con artist and hillary clinton is using -- why do that? why go there? >> look, again, donald trump has been viciously attacked time and time again. he's had more money spent against him than any politician or any person running for office probably in the history of campaigning and -- >> so alicia machado in your mind deserves this? alicia machado deserves this? >> i think the american people deserve better than hillary clinton. i think if anybody -- >> i'm talking about alicia machado. does alicia machado deserve this? because the sex tape that donald trump was talking about came from a spanish reality tv show and she's underneath the covers. it's not a sex tape. >> again, i think what america deserves is a president who will stand up and talk about the economy, talk about national security. let's not forget -- >> your candidate, your
7:30 am
candidate is keeping this story alive. your candidate is keeping this story alive by tweeting about this. why not just let it go? >> he's just responding to an attack. look, hillary clinton brought this issue up because her record is so dismal, is full of failure. she spent 30 years in government. she has nothing to show for it. >> why doesn't he talk about that? >> we have been talking about that but unfortunately, the media would rather talk about this. i would love for you and i to be sitting here talking about the economy, talking about national security, talking about things that are going to make our country better but instead, every time i come on the air these are the types of topics that we talk about. we don't talk about the issues. we don't talk about the difference of these two candidates -- >> your candidate was up at 3:00 a.m. tweeting out these things, these false allegations against this woman. so he's the one keeping this in the news. and i just want to ask you about something else. i interviewed miss wisconsin. she loves donald trump.
7:31 am
she says he's helped her through her illness. she has a terminal illness. she gave an emotional wonderful interview about mr. trump. why doesn't he point that out instead of attacking alicia machado, why not say you know what, melissa young, look at her, she loves me, she admires me. why not point to her instead of maligning another woman's character? >> look, i think we should be highlighting her. she's got an incredible story to tell. she's somebody who knows donald trump very well. >> exactly. >> a woman he has helped and empowered but at the same time, he's been attacked, he's going to respond to that. hillary clinton wants to constantly use these sad distractions so that she doesn't have to talk about her own record. she has nothing to show for it and she's going to constantly use these distractions. the media allows her to do that by continuing to talk about it and that's where we are. i think it's really sad that we aren't talking about people like miss wisconsin and that we aren't talking about the
7:32 am
economy, we aren't talking -- >> i absolutely agree with you but again, your candidate tweeted all morning long about alicia machado, said she was a con artist, intimated she only got u.s. citizenship to help hillary clinton and brings up the notion of this sex tape that's out there. that's kind of vile, isn't it? >> donald trump is simply responding to attacks that have been made against him. he's made it very clear when he's attacked he is going to respond and that's what he's doing today. but again, i think the media can easily change the narrative of this race. let's talk about the things that americans care about. >> okay. let's talk about -- >> i have a 3-year-old -- >> let's talk about something else right now. let's talk about the iraq war. right? so donald trump has maintained that he was always against the iraq war, despite the fact that there was this interview from 2002 on the howard stern show. yesterday, howard stern himself came out and talked about this interview and said yeah, donald
7:33 am
trump did support the iraq war. let's listen. >> trump was on our show years ago and said yeah, you know, he was kind of for the iraq war, us going into iraq. >> yeah. >> he was saying he really wasn't for it. so they were forced to mention my name. yeah. it was cool. good promotion. >> okay. so will donald trump say he said on the howard stern show that he was kind of for the iraq war? >> donald trump has been one of the most outspoken critics of the iraq war, i think that he's been extremely clear in that for several years. >> that's not what i asked you. that's not what i asked you. because he keeps saying everyone is lying about what he said even though he's on tape saying it. this is just weird to me. >> look, i know that donald trump has been one of the most outspoken, we need more republicans that are willing to come out and say it was a
7:34 am
mistake. he's done that. he's pushed that issue. i think we need to move forward and figure out how we can fix those things. >> okay. so just one more issue i want to bring up. you know howard stern said that terrible thing about mr. trump possibly being a cocaine user because he was sniffing during the debate. that was completely wrong. howard dean, i'm sorry. he was on msnbc this morning and kind of sort of apologized. let's listen. >> i apologize for using innuendo. i don't think it's a good thing to do. i don't think it's the right thing to do. this entire campaign has been debased by innuendo. where was the mainstream media calling out innuendo 15 months ago when donald trump started running for president of the united states? that's what i want to know. do your job. >> see? even the democrats don't like the mainstream media, right? but is that an apology? >> i don't know why. they have been on their team this whole election cycle. >> i knew you were going to say that. is that enough of an apology for
7:35 am
your comfort level? from howard dean? >> look, i think howard dean is irrelevant in this race right now. i think what is relevant and the apology frankly i would like to hear is from hillary clinton. she offended me and millions of other americans when she called us deplorable and irredeemable. the only apology i think the mainstream media and that americans should be demanding today and every day until we get it is one from hillary clinton for one of the most offensive things that's ever been said in modern politics. >> you are going to advise mr. trump to bring that up in the next debate, i'm sure. >> absolutely. and every day until we get one. >> sarah huckabee sanders, thanks for being with me this morning. still ahead in the "newsroom" an unpress didn prep degree of fire power as thousands prepare for battle over aleppo. what role is the u.s. taking in this fight? it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack.
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and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. an estimated 10,000 syrian-led troops appear to be preparing for a major ground assault on aleppo. they are standing by ready to unleash what one officials describes as an unpre presprece degree of fire power to take back that city. that area has been bombed since the regime says a cease-fire was over. the u.s. is weighing what to do next. cnn's senior international correspondent nick paton-walsh has more. good morning. >> reporter: if you look at what's happening in eastern aleppo, the idea of diplomacy frankly sounds like a joke. the u.n. saying 96 children killed in the last week, 223
7:41 am
injured. activists saying seven dead in a barrel bomb normally fired by the regime landing in an area now being heavily fought over between rebels, as you say some of the 10,000 syrian-backed troops that seem to be amassing to move into that area and what frankly could be the darkest episode yet of a war that has already struggled to find a place in people's imaginations. it's been quite horrible so far. the major fear being of course the 300,000 civilians trapped in that area. they are under a deeply intense bombardment. here's just the scene of one little girl being pulled from the rubble recently. just one of the many deeply distressing moments, you hear constantly emerging from that area of aleppo. it will get worse. they are struggling for electricity and water. the bombardment is intense and it really brings to mind what
7:42 am
are the u.s. options here. the level of fire power being amassed by the syrians, and the russians, too, suggest this has been pretty much in preparation for quite some time. cynics might say at the same time in which moscow was talking to washington about diplomacy. john kerry, u.s. secretary of state, put all of his cards in the idea he and lavrov, his russian counterpart, could negotiate a way out of this. that fell apart and now it seems pretty clear damascus and moscow think they have a military solution at hand. u.s. officials talking potentially about sanctions, about better armaments for rebels that might be able to target russian and syrian aircraft that do a lot of the bombing but really, they have a limit here. the white house doesn't want to get into a clash with russia on the ground or commit heavy ground troops. moscow knows that. they know there's an election coming up and that has everyone's attention taken in washington for the time being. this really is the darkest moment i think syria has seen yet. >> nick paton-walsh reporting this morning, thank you. shimon peres, last of israel's founding fathers, was
7:43 am
laid to rest this morning. he was interred a short time ago. attending the funeral service dozens of dignitaries and world leaders including president obama. >> we gather here in the knowledge that shimon never saw his dream of peace fulfilled. chaotic time. going through a - threats are ever present. and yet he did not stop dreaming and he did not stop working. >> before the service, a poignant moment between current israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas, their handshake recalling the years shimon peres spent working for peace. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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donald trump says if elected president he would bring a bright and clean future to the
7:48 am
white house. mr. trump now hinting that he might bring up bill clinton's infidelities at the next debate. jeff zeleny has more. >> reporter: they are names from the past that could become new again. monica lewinsky, paula jones, juanita brodrick, gennifer flowers and more. donald trump is urging his supporters to revive them, to fight back against suggestions he's treated women poorly. >> the clintons are the sordid past we will be the very bright and clean future. >> reporter: the campaign talking points sent to allies obtained by cnn say mr. trump has never treated women the way hillary clinton and her husband did when they actively worked to destroy bill clinton's accusers. advisers to hillary clinton call it a mistake that will backfire and she brushed aside questions about it. >> he can say whatever he wants to say as we well know. we have seen it in real time over the last many months. and i'm going to keep running my
7:49 am
campaign. >> reporter: yet her campaign is hardly eager to revisit those old comments. >> i'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man. >> reporter: defending her husband and blaming his accusers like in this 1992 interview when she sharply dismissed gennifer flowers. >> if somebody is willing to pay you $130,000 or $170,000 to say something and you get your 15 minutes of fame and get your picture on the front page of every newspaper and you are some failed cabaret singer who doesn't even have much of a resume to fall back on. >> reporter: six years later, as the lewinsky scandal was brewing, clinton's infamous defense with those four words that still dog her. >> the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> reporter: the affair, of course, was true. the vast right wing conspiracy became a punch line for
7:50 am
clinton's critics. >> would you now apologize for branding people as part of a vast right wing conspiracy? >> well, you know, tim, that was a very painful time for me, for my family, and for our country. it is something that i regret deeply that anyone had to go through. obviously i didn't mislead anyone. i didn't know the truth and there's a great deal of pain associated with that and my husband has certainly acknowledged that and made it clear that he did mislead the country as well as his family. >> reporter:'s a risky gamble for trump. many republicans are urging him to leave the clintons' sex scandals in the past. she's already leading women by a wide margin yet questions do still follow her like at this campaign event last year in new hampshire. >> secretary clinton, you recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed but would you say that
7:51 am
about juanita brodrick, kathleen whi wiley jones? should we believe them as well. >> i would say everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. >> reporter: as she prepares for her second debate she's ready for trump or a voter to raise these questions. not to cast blame for her husband's behavior but for her reaction to it. jeff zeleny, cnn, chicago. still to come, you might not know their names but you do know their story. up next, the wife of one of the deepwater horizon victims joins me to talk about the tragedy and the new movie hitting the big screen. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
7:53 am
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pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california. it's been called one of the worst disasters in u.s. history and the images are hard to forget. in 2010, 11 men were killed when
7:56 am
the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico. one of the men killed was jason anderson. he was a drilling supervisor and he was just 35 years old. in addition to his wife shelly he left behind two children. today his story and the story of his fellow oil workers comes out in theaters in a new movie starring mark wahlberg. >> are you seeing this? >> everybody off! >> what is that? >> with me now, jason anderson's wife, shelly. thank you so much for being with me. i can't imagine what it's like to even see the images we just showed our viewers from that movie. >> i can't see the images on my end but i have seen the movie, and i know the part that you were just at and it's a really
7:57 am
good movie, it's just very, very graphic and very emotional for us. it's so real. it's like we're reliving six and a half years ago all over again. it's just hard to hear. >> what emotions went through your mind as you were watching this film? >> oh, i was angry, i was scared, i kind of curled up into a ball. i was squeezing courtney's hand. i was scared to see it. it's hard to watch but it's very, very real. they did just a super job on the actors and the talent that's there and the behind the scenes with the graphics and everything that went into making this movie. it is so realistic that it is scary. you feel every part of the movie when you're sitting in there.
7:58 am
it's just hard. >> perfectly fine. i want to see this movie because i covered that story for weeks and weeks, and i think it's important that people are reminded what happened to those men on that rig, and i'm sure you feel the same way. >> we all feel exactly the same way. a lot of times, we were overshadowed, we felt overshadowed by the actual oil spill instead of the death of those 11 men that we lost. the children that were left behind, the wives, the mothers, the sisters and brothers that all lost somebody. we did feel a little overshadowed by trying to cap that well which needed to be done but also, we wanted to be recognized that somebody died, 11 people died and this movie does that. i really feel that the crew have really done their best to honor and we are very proud to be as part of this movie as we could
7:59 am
have been, it's an honor to see it on the screen. it's hard. we are glad. >> your husband jason sounds like such a wonderful guy. i have read that before he left for the job, he went over his will and he taught you things like how to change batteries on your motor home and he confided to his father that the deepwater horizon was having problems. he knew something like this might happen and he cared enough for you to prepare you just in case he was not there to carry on life with you. >> absolutely. he did some very strange things that last hitch home that i thought was very weird, but i paid attention to all of that as much as i could, and he also would never have done anything, he would never have told me anything to make me worry while he was out there on that rig. he would not have ever done that. i'm sure that he did confide in his father, into billy, and
8:00 am
billy wouldn't have shared that with me at all. it would have been nothing. jason would have never let me worry in that way. at all. >> well, look, thank you so much for being with me this morning. i think it's important for all of us to see that movie. thank you. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright and clean future. >> look, he can say whatever he wants to say. . >> donald trump hinting that he's considering bringing up bill clinton's infidelities. >> she was very nasty to me. >> he can run his campaign any way he chooses. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton scandals. >> people have to look carefully in making their


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