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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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blitzer in the situation room. see you sunday. have a great weekend. happening now 140 character assassination, donald trump unleashing a predawn twitter tirade stepping up his attack on former miss universe linking her to a sex tape. hillary clinton calling it unhinged even for trump. trump concedes mexicans calling him racist. new polls showing clinton on sturdy grounds after her victory in the first presidential debate. shooting video, police in elcajon, california about to release videos of a shooting of
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an unarmed black man that has the community on edge. we're standing by. i'm wolf blitzer you're in the situation room. ♪ hillary clinton and donald trump are campaigning in crucial battle ground states today, clinton in florida trump in michigan. but the battle is also fought over the internet. in the wee hours of the morning at 3:00 a.m. trump blasted what he called media lies and in the 5:00 hour continued his feud with former misuniverse he called disgusting saying clinton was contributed by her. was coned by her. clinton saying what kind of man stays up all night. they are under scoring they can't keep him on message but
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the campaign today attacking clinton. threatening to cut into his support of women. clinton has victory in four key battle ground states. another distraction, today video has been released of trump's testimony in connection of two lawsuits of connecting mexicans as rapists, were planned, and harmed his business interest. we have new developments in the investigation of the deadly train wreck in new jersey. i'll speak with former white house council and our analysts and guests have full coverage of today's top stories. let's begin with donald trump whose overnight twitter tantrum shows how the campaign is side tracked with his feud with a
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former beauty queen. we're on the trail with trump in michigan. so jim, how badly is trump hurting himself? >> donald trump is digging in his heels with his battle against alicia machado while top campaign sur gat insist they're just punching back. they're also keeping the controversiry going. >> when it comes to his battle with former miss universe, alicia machado, he called her miss piggy for gaining weight. gop nominee lashed out at the path ant winner in a series of bomb aftic tweets middle of the night. with this to say --
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trump campaign offers no proof machado appeared in a sex tape but says he's just firing back. >> she's not a very credible witness you might say. >> clinton campaignist poked at trump on twitter. saying this -- machado insists her past is not relevant, admitting to cnn. >> everybody has a past and i'm no, a saint girl but that's not the point now. >> in a statement she says trump's latest attacks are cheap lies with bad intentions, adding he insists of demoralizing women through his hateful campaign. this is one of his most frightful characteristics. trump is also ripping into the clinton's past marital problems.
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>> the clintons are the sordid past, we will be the bright and clean future. >> racing hypocrisy of trump on his third marriage. >> you're not worried about your past history. >> no, not at all i have a very good history. >> he was furious tweeting -- but trump has claimed to rely on anonymous sources too, tweeting in 2012 an extremely credible source has called my office and said barack obama's birth certificate is a fraud. for the first time in its history u.s.a. today offered this opinion -- declaring trump unfit for presidency. and after that trump slamming the post saying the trump foundation was never certified
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to solicit donations. >> trump's real annual audit may have found violations of law which we've found along the way this year. >> now as for the battle with alicia machado the trump campaign is pointing to former miss wisconsin where trump was comforting her in the hospital more than a decade ago. clearly they would like to move on past this controversiry. as one advisor told me that would be an understand statement. >> we will hear what donald trump has to say about all of this coming up. thank you very much. for hillary clinton, donald trump's tweet storm may be good fortune one more thing to side track his campaign. new polls show her gaining in edge in key battleground states. we have more. so what is hillary clinton saying? >> well, wolf, she does not right now have to address any of
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her own vulnerabilities that please the clinton campaign. they're more than happy to keep talking about alicia machado a story line they think resonates with women and hispanic voters and one senior clinton aid said they are capitalizing on this that donald trump can't seem to avoid going down a rabbit hole. [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary clinton taunting donald trump after he went on an early morning twitter tie rarad. >> i mean really, who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? why does he do things like that? >> i mean his latest twitter melt down is unhinged, even for him. >> clinton is campaigning today in florida home to 29 electoral
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votes. >> there are 39 days between now and november 8th. just 39 days left in the most important election in our lifetimes. we have to make every single day count. >> the race there has been tight. but clinton's debate performance is giving her a bump in the polls leading trump in florida by four points largely due to her advantage in the decisive i-4 corridor between tampa and north orlando. she's ahead by seven points in michigan and new hampshire in nevada up six. clinton hopes the next debate will be a 1-2 punch as they even as they bring up clinton infidelilitys. >> clinton is not responding. >> he can say whatever he wants
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to say as we well know. >> and she's still focussing on this. >> i alone can fix it. >> one of donald trump's key convention themes. >> i alone can fix it. i alone -- well we've learned that that's his way. one person getting supreme power and exercising it ruthlessly. that's why he admires dictators like vladimir putin so much. >> and when you look at these states that hillary clinton is getting a bump in the poll that's were conducted after the debate, wolf, you see she's also getting help from her friend. she has bernie sander soon going to be campaigning in michigan. was in new hampshire with her earlier this week. and elizabeth warren going to nevada this week. >> she clearly needs their help and they're big, big supporters. thank you very much. let's bring in hillary clinton supporter thanks for coming in. >> thank you wolf.
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>> today we know hillary clinton spoke with alicia machado on the campaign trail. do you anticipate alicia machado actually going out with hillary on the campaign trail? would that be smart? >> i don't know. i think hillary clinton is still going to focus on issues that americans care about. the machado incident is simply emblem attic of donald trump's alienation of latino voters and women. and i think hillary clinton will talk about issues and solutions that americans care about. >> we are looking at live coverage of donald trump we'll get to that but in the meantime, let's talk about the polls. she got a little bump following the debate with donald trump this week but she's still struggling in several key areas, especially among millenials, the young people out there who were
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bernie sander supporters. how does she get those on board? >> the most important thing for millenials is to ask themselves whether donald trump's two or three supreme court justice appointments that will change millennial lives. women will be criminals if they have abortions. obamacare will be ended. the citizen united issue were key to their support for bernie sanders that decision will remain if donald trump gets support at the end of the day a vote for third party candidate is a vote for donald trump. >> she's ahead in florida which is a key battleground state. she has 46%, trump has 42%. gary johnson 7%.
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the green party 1%. if it's close in florida you remember what happened in 2000 when ralph nader got more than 90,000 votes and al gore lost by more than 500 votes she could be in trouble if they go for gary johnson. >> make no mistake gary johnson can elect for any millennial to cast a vote for donald trump, casting a vote for the next 20 years for a supreme court that over turns the very libertarian principles that johnson stachb s stands for that the government shouldn't tell a man or woman what to do in the bedroom. that's the supreme court criminalizing the decision donald trump wants. >> how much trouble does she have for sanders supporters who may vote otherwise because of the bitter battles with sanders
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that a lot of us will remember. >> we're down to 1 out of 10 sanders voters not for hillary clinton. in the 80s or low 90s. secondly elizabeth warren on the most progressive democratic platform in history will at the end of the day get bernie sanders voters. >> i want you to stay with us. we're watching a rally in michigan with donald trump i want to hear what donald trump has to say about the miss universe controversy that has erupted. oh. well, i'm heading back to my room. (announcer) want to wake up at super bowl 51? super bowl! (announcer) enter courtyard's super bowl sleepover contest at for your chance to win.
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let's listen in. >> can't let them take your car industry out. or your industry out of your state any longer. not gonna happen. [ cheers and applause ] i'm going to fight so hard for all of you and i'm going to bring back the jobs that have been stripped away from you and from our country. [ cheers and applause ] in 39 days, 39 days -- can you imagine -- this started off, we're a long ways away, and some people didn't give us a good chance. they said mr. trump, the other day one of the biggest people in that business, the very dishonest press business, they said, mr. trump, when you started off, you have to tell me the truth, did you really think you'd be here? i said what the hell do you think i'm doing this for?
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right? [ cheers and applause ] no we expected to be here. and we're all here together. it's a movement. believe me we're all here together. we're going to take our country back. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to win the state of michigan. we're going to win the white house. and it's going to be an awfully good november 8th. that evening is going to be a celebration. we're going to take on the special interests. the lobbyists. the powerful politicians that have stolen your jobs through tleft and incompetence. they're stolen your wealth. they've taken your middle class. we're going to take on the arrogant corrupt corporate media that have enabled the global theft of american prosperity.
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a tleheft that is had left behi scrumabling roads, schools, bridges. we have the greatest people in the military we're going to rebuild our military. this is when we need it. [ cheers and applause ] it's time, by the way, to rebuild detroit. we're going to rebuild detroit. [ cheers and applause ] it's time to rebuild michigan and we're not letting them take your jobs out of michigan any longer. [ cheers and applause ] and it's time to rebuild the united states of america. we're going to do it, our country is going to be greater than ever before. we're twoing to be the smart we're going to be the smart country again. [ cheers and applause ] hillary clinton has made a
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living raking in donations from special interests that have raided our factories and ripped the jobs right out of michigan and every other state. that's how she gets rich. by taking your jobs and your money away from you and away from your state. [ chanting "lock her up" ]. >> that's why hillary clinton, if she ever got the chance, would 100% approve the transpacific partnership. the deal she lied about the
2:22 pm
other night when i said she called it the gold standard. she said no, guess what she called it the gold standard and lester holt didn't correct her. i wonder why. the transpacific partnership will economically devastate michigan, new hampshire, north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and so many other states all across this country. it will be devastating also for ohio. hillary clinton's donors want the tpp and their wish will be her command. that's what it is. these special interests pay her for speeches. and she's not a good speaker. not a good speaker. they pay her a lot of money. you know, we have thousands of people here today. there are thousands and thousands of people outside trying to get in.
2:23 pm
thousands. [ cheers and applause ] and their coming. and in fact, i was going to ask you, should we hold it up for couple hours, let everyone pour in. you know, they're all checked. the answer is no. right. thank you. no they'll get in. they pay her foundation. they pay her husband. in return they get your jobs. like i've been saying all week, when it comes to hillary clinton all you have to do is remember these words, follow the money. [ cheers and applause ] that's become very popular. i will say. hillary clinton preys to push tpp on 45 separate occasions. her close associate and confident govern terry mccalla
2:24 pm
said she'd pass it, don't worry. her husband talks it up. everyone knows she's for it because she doesn't believe in protecting american jobs or american sovereignty. she doesn't believe it. hillary clinton only believes in protecting her special interests and her donors. of the 262 companies that lobbied for the passage of tpp, 82 or nearly 1 in 3, donated between 21 and $67 million to the clinton foundation. nine companies have lobbied for the passage of tpp paid hillary clinton $2.7 million for paid speeches. who would want to hear hillary clinton speak and pay her 200,
2:25 pm
300, 400, $500,000? who? you think so? you know, so we're going to have 20,000 people here, easy, including outside much more than that. in she came here if she came here tomorrow and got 500 people, seriously, i think it would be a shock, right. it would be a shock. 3 tpp member countries gave between 6 and $15 million, think of that. at least four lobbyists who are actively lobbying for tpp passage have race raised more than $800,000 for her campaign. on november 8th we are going to end clinton corporation. end clinton corruption. we've had enough. and we're going to do something
2:26 pm
that has been a long, long time in coming. we are going to puts america first. we are going to put america first! hillary clinton is an insider fighting only for herself and her donors. i'm an outsider fighting for you. we have a movement, like they've never seen in this country before. [ cheers and applause ] the corrupt media, which is totally corrupt, these people back there, totally corrupt. working along with it's political establishment and the establishment is panicking because they know this is
2:27 pm
awfully tough to stop, what's happening right now, folks. awfully tough. [ cheers and applause ] the news anchors, and the donors and lobbyists who are used to getting their way ra trying to do everything they can to help crooked hillary clinton and to cling to their power and their prestige and their money. the arrogant political class doesn't believe in protecting jobs and wages for americans. you know, we have many people in the audience and all over the country that made more money in real wages, 18 and 20 years ago, than they are making now. and now because of obamacare and other reasons they're being forced to work two jobs, sometimes three jobs.
2:28 pm
so they're getting older. they're working harder. and they're being paid less. not good. the only thing i can say is that i'm getting older and i'm working harder also, okay. so i'm putting myself in your category. [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting "u.s.a." ] >> all right we're going to continue to monitor donald trump at this event in michigan outside of detroit. let's take a quick break. full analysis. much more reaction when we come back. new bikes aren't selling guys...
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donald trump under fire right now for a 3:00 a.m. tweet storm attacking a former miss universe who said he made comments toward her calling her disgusting and directing people to search for an alleged sex tape. let's get analysis now. it's almost as if hillary clinton baited donald trump and he fell into that trap. >> yeah and then some. i would say. not only did he fall into it. but how many days later are we still talking about alicia machado that he got up in the early morning hours and continued to tweet about her. i think we would all agree there's not a political person we know who would advise a
2:34 pm
candidate to get up in the middle of the night and start tweeting about a former miss universe and a sex tape and continue to call her disgusting, et cetera, et cetera, when by the way you're running behind with women voters. it's probably not a great idea. >> so why is he doing this? >> because he's donald trump. that's gist an honest answer. he can't help himself. which is exactly why hillary clinton baited him the way she did. they started with the gold star family. the cons and he went completely off the rails at going after them. and this is the same kind of deal. he feels personally insulted and personally his brand and character and he can't help himself. not only did she bait him once he got there she kind of locked him in a cage and has been poking a stick at him ever since. >> he locked himself in. >> that's true.
2:35 pm
yeah. so, you know, he was just speaking, you showed some of it, so far he seems to be doing what he's supposed to be doing according to every single person on his team which is stay on issues that resonate, trade and so forth and don't go there. >> he's reading from a teleprompter in this sense. >> teleprompter trump is the best trump. look at the debate we started with teleprompter trump and then twitter trump and then rally trump and when he wasn't on message that's when things went hey wire. i bet they wish they could roll those teleprompters on the debate stage so maybe co have a start to finish coherent performance. >> what do they say, stop, stop, stop. >> there's only 39 days left until election day. >> that's right there's not a
2:36 pm
whole lot of time to make up, i think for him, where he is at. because you're looking at the polls now. especially things have really tightened up. but we're looking at the polls now where you've had a chance to factor in her debate performance and you're seeing what people think. she's up in michigan and up in nevada and you outside the margin of error leading in florida. and we're still talking about alicia machado. so her campaign is thrilled about this. let's be clear. she is a candidate who has vulnerabilities and no one is talking about them because of what trump is talking about. because he's distracting from that. instead of any of the things he says he wishes would have been brought up in the debate, instead you have the clinton campaign saying is this the guy you want with the nuclear codes, the guy you want your daughters listening to as he talks about a woman this way. to great effect it allows her to skate by. >> he had made a lot of progress, this campaign had in
2:37 pm
ten days leading up to the debate. if you look back where he was with judge kurl or responding to the cons that's exactly what he's doing now with alicia machado but his campaign had succeeded to a degree to contain the bear and putting him on prompter and having him talk about issues, having him attack hillary clinton, it just where he wanted to on issues like the clinton foundation and the e-mails, et cetera, and now it's kind of unwound itself. because when he gets attacked he's not listening to anybody, really. other than his own ego here. and he has to fight back. that's exactly what you're seeing. >> it worked for him in the republican primaries because when rubio or bush or cruz or any of the other republican candidates went after him he just unloaded in a brutal way and it worked. >> that's right and he still has all those people unless something crazy happens he still
2:38 pm
has all those people who will go out and vote for him. he needs to get beyond that base. he needs to get more than the people who vote forward him in the primaries and that's the challenge. my understanding is that in the 24 or 48 hours after the debate when some people were trying to gently say to him privately, you went to far, you didn't do what you were supposed to do, his response was but my base loves it, and the rhetoric to him was you got those people. you need to get the pursuedable voters. >> everyone stand by we have much more information coming in. also police in california about to release a videotape of a police officer shooting of an unarmed african-american man. we'll have that videotape once it is released. much more right after this. you both have a perfect driving record.
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new video today, a shooting of an unarmed black man we will bring you that video once it comes in. we are following hillary clinton strong performance this week. may be winning over new supporters. let's take a look at the polls, four key states. florida for example, we'll put it up on the screen, these are all polls taken since the debate. clinton up four in florida, nevada. take a look at this. nevada, she's up six in nevada. in michigan that's where trump is speaking now. she's up seven. in michigan and new hampshire another key state she's up seven in new hampshire right now. these polls all done since the debate. good news from her. >> you're seeing a bit of a bump because of her performance.
2:44 pm
she did much better. the poll 2 to 1 people thought he is had won that obviously includes quite a few republicans who thought the same thing. you saw after the convention hillary clinton was doing well. she popped up after her convention and then you heard over and over the campaign saying well, we've come down to earth and they were trying to say that's where it's expected to be so it was troublesome. they are looking at this and hope it keeps up. the other thing so important she has another debate coming up. she's hoping for a 1-2 punch with that. >> she has two more debates and a vice presidential debate next and people will be waching that. >> sure they will. the clinton campaign heading into the vice president debate is happy where they are. if they didn't get a balance out of this debate then would have been in real trouble.
2:45 pm
there's eleven states polls and she's gone up in all of them. nationally that's about a 3-5 point edge she has. now she has to hang on to it. it's clear trump will go on the attack. we'll see what kind of attack it is. if it's personal i think it could be problematic. >> you just saw him go on attack against hillary clinton. follow the money. we're going to end clinton corruption. all of a sudden crowd starts chanting lock her up. that's going to be his message. >> sure. absolutely the "lock her up" part is more controversial and tried to tampap down on at that convention. but the point, he was going after the issue that helps him in a place like michigan, trade, and more important corruption, the allegations of corruption
2:46 pm
feed the question of do we want someone named clinton whose family has been in washington, part of the problem. the places he did well and scored points at the beginning of the debate. the question though that is still unanswered is how and is donald trump going to change his ways in terms of preparing for the next debate. as of, you know, earlier today, i was told there weren't even any plans yet to figure out the new way to do debate prep. nothing on the books yet. >> yeah he's got to get that act together at least according to all advisors he has that i've spoken to. he really needs some practice. >> exactly. where we saw him most flawed even when he attacked hillary clinton on e-mails he would go back to himself something he's having trouble with like tax returns. not like holt asked about miss universe, hillary brought it up. that's what you do.
2:47 pm
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authorities in new jersey are releasing new details about a fatal train crash in hoboken. they're trying to figure out what went wrong and why the train apparently failed to slow down as it approached the terminal. brian, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: wolf, just moments ago, the ntsb said it's collected blood and urine samples from the engineer of the train, thomas gallagher. we have new information tonight on the man who drove that train and some of the challenges that investigators are facing trying to collect clues from the train's equivalent of black boxes. >> holy crap.
2:52 pm
>> reporter: tonight, investigators are looking at the train's event recorders to help explain what caused the fatal crash. there were two recorders on board. one on the front of the train in the cab, which has yet to be recovered due to extensive damage, and another in the locomotive, now in the nts b's hands and being examined on site. >> the ntsb is working with the manufacturer of the recorder to perform a download. >> reporter: investigators say there were outward facing recorders on both ends of the train, and questions why this train and others like it weren't equipped with positive train control, a braking system designed to control speed in emergency situations. >> the ntsb has been recommending this for 40 years, so we'll look at that, we will look at whether there is positive train control installed, and all of the
2:53 pm
aspects related to that before we come to any conclusions. >> reporter: packed with passengers, the train came into the station too fast, crashed into a bumper and went airborne, killing a woman waiting on the platform, and injuring more than 100 others. the training's engineer, 48-year-old thomas gallagher, was treated and released from the hospital. he hasn't yet spoken to investigators. he's been with new jersey transit for 29 years. could some sort of medical energy have incapacitated him? investigator also look at, and whether alcohol or drugs could have been a factor. the investigation could lead them to look into his personal life. >> it's a shame. you know, it's really going to probably put his, you know, his life and his family's life into a spin. >> reporter: albert gill says he worked with gallagher a couple of times. whats with he like compared to other engineers? >> he just wanted to get the job
2:54 pm
done, go out, you know, there was no friction like i'm an engineer, even though you're in charge of the train, the conductor is always in charge of the train, there was no like ego issue with him. >> reporter: gallagher's wife was under police escort. the next door neighbor says gallagh gallagher was working his dream job. >> he said he loved dreams and always wanted to be an engineer. >> reporter: jones says gallagher has two young daughters and describes them as wonderful neighbors. what would you say to thomas right now if you could see him? >> i would hug him. and say we're here for you. >> reporter: a bit of irony tonight. thomas gallagher's father said that during his long career with new jersey transit, his son had
2:55 pm
done some work as an accident investigator. wolf? >> the ntsb is having a hard time getting to the damaged front door to collect that other event recorder, is that right? >> reporter: that's right. just moments ago they told reporters that they still haven't been able to fully access that car, because the canopy is still on top of the train. they say it may be another day or two before they can get in there, but there's no perishable evidence in that car. >> thanks for ha update. coming up, donald trump steps up his attack on a former miss universe. hillary clinton calls it unhinged, even for trump. plus, video from a deadly officer involved shooting of an unarmed black man in california. we'll bring you the details. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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happening now.
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early morning meltdown. donald trump throws an overnight tantrum on twitter, lashing out at 3:00 a.m., then at 5:00 a.m., calling a former beauty queen disgusting, alleging she made a sex tape. no slight too small. trump tells critics at least they know he's awake and ready to answer that 3:00 a.m. call. they're saying he fell into a trap set by hillary clinton, and just keeps making things worse. police in el cajon, california are about to release video of the shooting of an unarmed brake man. students have been sent home from schools. how will the community react? delay over. air force one can't take off. president obama comes to the top of the stairs. who is he yelling at to hurry up? none other than bill clinton. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."


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