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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn, thank you for being with me. we're waiting, watching for donald trump to speak in henderson, las vegas. the republican nominee for president today hailing his running mate's performance at the vice presidential debate. >> i was very proud last night to watch governor mike pence. he won but he won on the issues. he won on somebody somebody said he won on style but style doesn't matter, the issues, the policy matters and he's getting tremendous reviews from me and everybody. >> that praise comes just four days before donald trump himself and hillary clinton face off yet
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again. it's a town hall format debate. it's four days away in st. louis. donald trump will be using the campaign trail to actually help him prepare. we've learned this new hampshire town hall event tomorrow will be sort of a debate dry run, if you will, for the republican nominee. meantime, we also know hillary clinton's campaign chairman said the town hall setting will be ideal for his candidate. >> well, look, i think hillary did a lot of town hall debates during -- and a lot of town halls during the course of the primaries and into the general so she's very used to the format. she likes it. she likes answering questions from individual citizens. she listens hard and relates to people and that's a format that donald trump isn't as used to. >> let's go to senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. on the clinton prep. tell me more as far as what she's doing ahead of st. louis. >> it almost sounded like john
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podesta was raising the zacks and expectations for his candidate right there. he said she's done a lot of the town hall type debates and, in fact, she has. one advisor told me she's been preparing for this for years in a sense of taking questions, listening to voters. so that's one of the reasons why she's preparing in a different way from donald trump. she is at her home in washington spending most of the day with advisors. her team preparing for issues that didn't come up in the first debate and she's planning on spending tomorrow, friday and throughout the weekend before the show down in st. louis on sunday preparing. she's not scheduled to have another campaign event al after the debate so that's how seriously her campaign is taking this. >> they are essentially just reprising the practice regimen she did after that first debate and she was happy with the
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outcome of that. democrats, of course, across the country were as well so they're hoping she repeats that sunday in st. louis. so no far malpractice in terms of town hall meetings, just going through trump's record with her aides but john podesta says she's been doing this for years. she has, donald trump doing it as a practice tomorrow. let's talk about what this could look like when it counts on sunday. dana bash is with me, cnn's chief political correspondent. julie pace, chief white house correspondent for the associated press as well as a contributor to cnn's "inside politics." ladies, nice to have both of you on. >> hi, brooke. >> dana, let's begin with the intel you've been getting. the word i saw was scrimmage. i know donald trump has been learning from someone who is excellent at this forum, chris christie. what do we know who about tomorrow? >> that's the term a source used with me to describe what donald trump is going to do tomorrow. he changed his schedule. he's still going to the state of
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new hampshire which is an important battleground state but he's doing something so familiar to anybody who's even thought about politics and that is an intimate town hall. i'm told he's going to do this in event in sandown new hampshire where his friend chris christie started his campaign. it's going to be like -- they're going to try to make it as much like the town hall on sunday as possible. jeff was talking about the fact that hillary clinton has done lots of town halls. most candidates when you get to this point are comfortable and familiar with the town hall setting. especially those who have had to go through new hampshire to get to the nomination process. donald trump is just not his thing. he has rallies in front of tens of thousands of people sometimes. he doesn't do the intimate setting with q&a so that's why they've decided to do this.
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have in the a way he can try to practice because, again, unlike hillary clinton, he is not doing the traditional debate prep. he's not going to have the mock debates and everything that you usually have and mike pence had before his debate last night. >> so julie, we've heard from dana and jeff about how the two candidates are preparing ahead of sunday, can you explain how a town hall format is so totally different, for better or worse, depending on the candidate and his or her experiences, the intimacy, the speaking directly to voters instead of giving side eye to one of -- to your opponent. how is this more challenging? >> it's unbelievably more challenging and more difficult. the only thing that's basically the same as the first debate and the third debate is that you have a large television audience and your opponent is there. >> that's about it. >> yeah, that's it, that's all that's the same. you're taking questions from real voters.
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they're often telling you details about their lives, problems they have and they're seeking real answers and then you add on top of that just the choreography of the stage. you're talking to the voter, you have a moderator who might interjec interject. >> body language. >> that's something the candidates have to practice to feel comfortable about it and if you don't you do leave yourself vulnerable to one of the big things that the public will be watching. >> so what about -- you know, looking ahead but also thinking of last night in the take aways from the vice presidential debate at longwood university and how pence had been praised. is. kaine has been called him -- you know, overcaffeinated kaine, he was there on substance but not style. dana, what are you hearing about how trump felt and his take aways. >> you played the soundbite.
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he thought mike pence won. privately there is rumblings about the fact that pence was a master deflector. but he didn't defend the person who put him there to inth degree. he did just the opposite. tried to move around and side step the ways tim kaine tried to press him. so the reality is that mike pence as you said, brook, did quite well with regard to keeping calm. he performed well. he had the presidential look but not necessarily the person who's going to tell the voters, yes, everything donald trump says is great and wonderful because that's not necessarily the way to get voters on trump's side at this point. it's more about reassuring voters. but honestly tomorrow probably
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even the next day as everybody really turns towards sunday's debate this will probably be a distant memory. >> before it is, though, julie, one moment from the debate that's getting extra scrutiny after the fourth time in the debate tim kaine brought up trump's mexican immigrant rapist comment, pence pounced. here was pence. >> when donald trump says women should be punished or mexicans are rapists and criminals or john mccain is not a hero he is showing you who he is. >> senator, you've whipped out that mexican thing again. >> julie, julie, julie. what does trump learn from this debate? >> well, i think that one thing he should learn both from the pence moment there and his own first debate is that any line that you say on that debate stage can be taken and used against you if you splice it up
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and don't put context around it and pence left himself vulnerable. he had been making that similar point throughout the debate about tim kaine using prepared lines and trying to attack trump on things he said previously but by using that phrase he wiped everything he said on that topic away and i think we're going to -- we've already seen democrats using that. we'll continue to see them hammering that message with hispanic voters. that is not going to go over well. >> like verbal jujitsu. i'm glad it's not me. dana bash and julie pace, thank you ladies so much. we'll talk, of course, throughout the week ahead of sunday. after a week of gary johnson gaffes, his running mate making a big revelation about his future on the trail and over the waning four weeks. how might that impact the race and specifically the republican and democratic nominees? also ahead, breaking news, we're getting word an nsa contractor is being accused of stealing
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let's talk about this hurricane, we know mandatory evacuations in two southern states is now officially under way as this now deadly hurricane matthew is making its way towards the united states. right now this powerful category 3 hurricane is headed straight for the bahamas. it toppled parts of cuba earlier today after devastating haiti. at least seven people are dead. this hurricane could slam the east coast of florida over the course of the next 48 hours. we're talking georgia, florida, the carolinas under states of emergency.
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president obama warning everyone to be ready. >> this is a serious storm. it has already hit haiti with devastating effect. it is now in the process of moving through the bahamas. because it's not going to be hitting enough land it is going to be building strength on its way to florida. we anticipate that by tomorrow morning it will already begin to have significant effect in florida. >> let's go to south carolina, stephanie elam is live in charleston where those voluntary evacuations just began moments ago. are you seeing any traffic changes, steph? >> well, yeah, you can see a lack of traffic at this point, brooke. look at i-26, you can see heading -- the lanes underneath me, those are the lanes heading westbound out of the city. you see that's what's getting backed up and on the other side there's no traffic because they are going to switch directions
12:17 pm
here shortly and we will see all traffic coming on i-26 only heading president bush on both the eastbound and westbound sides. it will only be heading out of the city. they want to make it clear that they don't want people coming into the city. you see the technical color here from the police officers. that's because people are trying to figure out their way on to the exits and they are not playing. they are stopping everybody saying "don't try to come down these exits, you have to leave the city." governor haley is saying he wants people to leave because if you stay you put first responders in jeopardy. mandatory evacuations are in effect for charleston and buford counties in south carolina. they've held off on two northern counties. they'll make the call thursday
12:18 pm
morning. at this point they want people to continue to leave the city and make sure they're safe and their loved ones are safe as well, brooke. >> this is the reel deal. stephanie elam, thank you so much. let me pivot to donald trump. here he is, henderson, nevada. >> that's my first so-called choice, that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. [ cheers and applause ] he was cool, he was smart, he was meant to be doing what he's doing and we are, very, very proud of governor mike pence. thank you, mike pence. i'd argue mike had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates, i believe that, too. and last night america also got to look first hand at my
12:19 pm
judgment and that was judgment. you need judgment for people, for deals. we don't do deals like the iran deal. we don't do deals like that anymore folks. [ boos ] . we don't do deals like that. $1.7 billion in cash. we're in las vegas. when you hear $1.7 billion, i think this whole stage would be filled up to the roof. who ever heard of things like what's going on? unbelievable. well, make laid out big and bold solutions for america. his opponent talked only of small and petty distractions. hillary clinton has been there for 330 years and hasn't fixed any. she goes around, we'll do this, we'll do that, we'll do this, all these things, it's wonderful. the problem is why didn't she do them? in fact, she's just made things worse. she failed in upstate new york
12:20 pm
as a senator, promising to create in order to get elected 200,000 jobs but manufacturing is down more than 40% and the jobs have left. just the opposite. she failed overseas producing only death and zrux. she unleashed isis, destabilized iraq, syria, libya and put iran on to the path of nuclear weapons in less than ten years now. they will have nuclear weapons. one of the dumbest deals ever made. whether it's countries or any kind of a deal you can think of, one of the dumbest deals ever made. at home hillary clinton failed latinos and african-americans producing only more poverty in the inner cities and you see that. wherever you go to the inner cities -- >> all right, trump's praise for
12:21 pm
mike pence, look at the polling, cnn's polling on last night's vp debate, his running mate governor mike pence won. four days away until mr. trump has hi next opportunity against hillary clinton if he learns anything, we're talking about the art of deflection and not taking the bait. mike pence didn't do as much. we'll see how it goes sunday in st. louis. meantime, the most powerful democrat and republican in the nation teaming up with the former first lady and president to ask you to do one thing in four weeks. here you go. >> there's nothing more important than to vote. lots of people lived and die sod that you could do that. >> get out and vote. >> vote. >> vote. >> vote. bring your friends, bring your mama, bring your daddy, get it done. >> vote. vote, vote. >> hearing your voice is the most important thing. >> stay involved in the political life of our country. >> tell your friends to vote and then vote and then tell your
12:22 pm
friend's friends to vote. >> every election is important but believe me this one is really, really important. >> we have a responsibility. >> this is your country. own it. >> vote. >> vote. >> vote. >> it's your right. you can do it. >> don't let anybody stop you. >> and it is imperfect and it is frustrating at times but it is still super important that you do it. >> go and do it. vote. >> our future depends upon you casting a ballot. >> if you're inspired by "hamilton," if you're inspired by our founders understand the system of government they designed only works if you participate. >> see you at the polls. inspired by the hit broadway musical "hamilton." psa, just debuted on the "tonight show." and the man who directed it, alex horowitz, filmed it while working on a media documentary called "hamilton's america." such a score to get to talk to you today. thank you for being on. >> thank you for having me on.
12:23 pm
>> i saw "hamilton" when it was in the public theater and i told everyone about it and everyone was like "wait, they're rapping about what?" so you're buddies from lin back from your wesleyan college days and fast forward to this psa, we'll talk about the documentary in a moment. how did this get out the vote come about for you? >> the documentary is the back story for the psa. while we were in the room and doing interviews for the film, i thought we're talking to heavy hitters here, i shouldn't waste the opportunity. so at the end of every interview we asked people in their own words to say what they wanted to say about voting and cut it into that. >> what has your experience been talking to some of these folks who are very famous and well known and maybe some who aren't. it's a -- how do we call this election, something we haven't seen in a long time.
12:24 pm
i'm hearing people say "i don't like either of them so i don't want to vote." that's a common refrain and i have heard a lot from historians who've reminded us that elections have always been volatile and ugly with plenty of mudslinging. in the election of 1800 there was a group of federalists who started publishing false obituaries of the news of thomas jefferson's death so there's a lot of ugliness in political history. this may be unique in any living person's memory, that's certainly true i think but the great thing about what lin created with "hamilton" is that there's a lot that has nothing do with politics and has to do with governance. there's a slight difference there. so we were talking to people about the latter and they were happy to talk about history, about common values and one of those common values is voting.
12:25 pm
>> tell me a little bit more about the documentary around in doing so the first time you heard the demo, the song "alexander hamilton." you remember that? >> yeah, lin played me an early demo. what can you say? my reaction was the same as everyone's. wow. i had never heard anyone dramatize history like that. quite so effectively. made it quite so timeless and contemporary and i said look i don't know where you're going with, and neither did lin, but i want to make a film about it so the conceit of the film is really lunn telling alexander hamilton's history. it's not a behind-the-scenes or making of documentary. there's the making of that but it's more about history seen through the lens of lin and the interviewees you see in the psa. >> final question. can you give me a good behind-the-scenes story in talking to all these incredible people that you have in this
12:26 pm
piece of film? give me something? >> well, we filmed with president obama in the white house. i got to interview president bush for about 40 minutes and just a few moments of that make it into the film so, yeah, here i was talking to a former president and several treasury secretaries about 2008, the bailout, we were always in the context of alexander hamilton and the government we started but it was amazing to be talking to these people about what is essentially a "great performances" documentary for pbs. where else do you talk to politicians like that about a musical? >> totally. i love watching the footage of lin. sitting in the apartment composing aaron burr's story. congratulations, thank you so much for joining me and make sure to check out the extended trailer for his documentary hamilton's america on youtube. it airs october 21, 9:00 p.m. on pbs. coming up next, we have this
12:27 pm
breaking story, this nsa contractor who worked for the same company as edward snowden now charged with stealing top-secret information. hear what his lawyer has to say.
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we're going go straight to the white house. president obama is about to issue a statement specifically on the paris agreement. this historic global agreement on climate change. >> today is a historic day in the fight to protect our planet for future generations. ten months ago in paris i said before the world that we needed a strong global agreement to reduce carbon pollution and to set the world on a low-carbon course. the result was the paris agreement. last month the united states and china -- the world's two largest economies and largest emitters -- formally joined that agreement together. and today the world has officially crossed the threshold for the paris agreement to take effect. today, the world meets the moment and if we follow through on the commitments that this
12:31 pm
paris agreement embodies, history may well judge it as a turning point for our planet. of course it took a long time to reach this day. one of the reasons i ran for this office was to make america a leader in this mission and over the past eight years we've done just that. in 2009, we salvaged a chaotic climate summit in copenhagen, establishing the principle that all nations have a role to play in combatting climate change and at home we led by example with historic investments in growing industries like wind and solar that create add steady stream of new jobs. we set the first-ever nationwide standards to element the amount of carbon pollution power plants can dump into the air our children breathe. from the cars and truck wes drive to the homes and businesses in which we live and work we've changed fundamentally the way we consume energy. now, keep in mind the skeptics
12:32 pm
said the actions would kill jobs and instead we saw, even as we were bringing down these carbon levels, the longest streak of job creation in american history. we drove economic output to new highs and carbon pollution to lowest levels in two decades. we continue to lead by example with our historic joint announcement with china two years ago where we put forward more ambitious climate targets and that achievement encouraged dozens of other countries to set more ambitious climate targets of their own and that paved the way for our success in parris. the idea no nation, not even one as powerful as our's, can solve this challenge alone. all of just to solve it toget r together. now, the paris agreement alone will not solve the climate crisis. even if we meet every target embodied in the agreement we'll only get to part of where we
12:33 pm
need to go but make no mistake this agreement will help delay or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change. it will help other nations ratchet down their dangerous carbon emissions over time and set bolder targets as technology advances, all under a strong system of transparency that allows each nation to evaluate the progress of all other nations. by sending a signal that this is going to be our future, a clean energy future, it opens up the floodgates for businesses and scientists and engineers to unleash high tech low carbon investment and innovation at a scale we've never seen before. so this gives us the best possible shot to save the one planet we've got. i know diplomacy can be easy and progress on the world stage can be slow but together with steady persistent effort, with strong principled american leadership, with optimism and faith and hope
12:34 pm
we're proving that is it is possible and i want to embarrass my senior advisor brian dietz standing right over there because he worked tirelessly to make this deal possible. he and john kerry, gina mccarthy at the epa, everybody on their teams have done an extraordinary job to get us to this point and america should be as proud of them as i am of them. i also want to thank the people of every nation that has moved quickly to bring the paris agreement into force. i encourage folks who have not yet submitted their documentation to enter into this agreement to do so as soon as possible and in the coming days let's help finish additional agreements to limit aviation emissions, to phase down dangerous use of hydro there are no r-- hydro fluor carbons. all that will help build a world that's more prosperous and free than the one that was left for
12:35 pm
us. that's our most important make, to make sure our kids and grand kids have at least as beautiful a planet and hopefully even more beautiful than the one that we have and today i'm more comfort that we can get the job done so thank you very much, everybody. >> so this is a huge deal for the president. this issue, climate change, a legacy issue for him as his months in office are waning. he's talking about the paris agreement. this is a global agreement, there december of 2015 almost 200 nations agreed on this but it didn't go into effect until last month when the world's two biggest economies, the united states and china, said okay, we'll sign up thus throwing the paris agreement into effect. the purpose is to decrease our carbon footprint on the world. decrease carbon pollution. we have michelle kosinski
12:36 pm
standing by on this legacy issue for the president. also interesting when i think climate change, you think al gore as well. al gore the latest surrogate to be put out for the democrats for hillary clinton ahead of the election. >> that's right. this issue has lots of tentacles in other problems in other things the president has been trying to deal with. you heard him use this issue to talk about job growth, talk about how economic output has increased in the country even as the government has been working to reduce carbon emissions. that's not the say the president hasn't had a rocky road. the supreme court issued a stay on his attempts to reduce emissions from power plants. some of these policies are extremely controversial. there have been multiple lawsuits surrounding the president's attempts to reduce emissions in different industries in america but there was a day where he wanted to tout the accomplishment, that his a historic day and this marks the point at which there
12:37 pm
are 55 countries signed up representing 55% of global emissions and the numbers are staggering. when you think about last month the headline was that the u.s. and china formally joined the paris climate agreement. they together represent 40% of global emissions. they're the biggest polluters on this planet so the president is proud of this day. he wanted to thank the people involved in this. a month from now we will see this officially come into effect. one of the biggest criticisms of the paris climate agreement is that its points are not legally binding so that's the question moving forward. will every abide by what they signed on to? >> michelle kosinski, thank you so much for us at the white house. speaking of climate, there is a hurricane barrelling towards the united states. we've shown you pictures of official evacuations, both mandatory and voluntary that are
12:38 pm
under way in this 3:00 eastern hour in the united states. just trivia, hurricane wilma was the last category three storm to hit the coast of south florida. it was back in 2005, 11 years ago this month. let's go right to the mayor of miami beach, phillip levine. whoo's happening? >> miami and miami beach won't be hit. the actual beaches will be closed and we'll be doing everything within our power to make sure tourists are educated because these models can change and we hope that doesn't happen but right now our thoughts are with everyone in the state of
12:39 pm
florida is because we are stronger together. our thoughts where with people in haiti and cuba because they were very affected by this storm. >> the cone of uncertainty, it could change in a moment's notice. i was talking to a producer on my team, he republicans hurricane andrew. he's from miami. what's different this go around? >> well, there's more technology as far as modeling between then and now but we have activated our emergency teams, we're working with the county. as you know, brooke, one of the things we've been hit with in miami beach is sea level rise. we've raised streets, put in pumps, they're not geared towards hurricanes, more for sea level rise but we hope they help because one of our big issues with miami beach is flooding. and congratulations to president obama, the people of miami are happy the paris accord has been
12:40 pm
signed because we know it's necessary in cities like ours. >> mayor levine, thank you so much from miami beach, florida, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next here, former president clinton walking back his comments that obamacare is, as he called it, the craziest thing in the world. moments ago donald trump seized on those comments in a rally near las vegas. hear what he just said coming up. people always say let's just get a sandwich or something. you don't just learn how to drive...
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the federal government announcing that an nsa contractor with top-secret security clearance has been arrested and charged with stealing highly-classified government secrets. evan perez, just correspondent with more on this. who is he and what do they think he stole? >> brooke, his name is harold mart martin, he's 51 years old, lives in the d.c. suburbs in maryland. he was working as a contractor for booz allen hamilton under contract working for the nsa. people we've been talking to say that one of the things he's accused of stealing are documents detailing some hacking tools, very sophisticated hacking tools that the nsa developed in order to help it break into computer systems
12:46 pm
belonging to foreign governments overseas. those documents we've seen posted on the internet a couple months ago for sale. it's not clear who that was offering for for sale but the belief is martin was responsible for stealing the documents. he was arrested back in august and when the fbi searched his home they found highly sensitive documents, some classified at the highest levels in his home as well as thumb drives containing sensitive information that again blnged to the nsa, the government has very limited information in this criminal complaint. we expect there will be a lot more in the coming weeks about this case, we did get a statement from a lawyer who's representing martin and he says in part "at this point these are mere allegations, we have not yet seen evidence. there's no evidence hall martin betrayed his country. we do know mr. martin loves his family and americas, he served
12:47 pm
his nation honorably in the u.s. navy as a lieutenant and devoted his entire career making america safe." he was a navy veteran before he started working for booz allen. it's notable booz allen is the same contractor that employed edward snowden who was responsible for one of the most damaging leaks of information from the u.s. government. >> evan perez, thank you for the update. stay on it for us, please, sir. meantime, donald trump has been speaking near las vegas. moments ago ripped into former president bill clinton after president clinton called obamacare crazy this week. we'll play it for you. i just wish it had been for a better reason. me, too, but the eulogy that frank's daughter gave was beautiful. i just feel bad knowing they struggled to pay for the funeral, especially without life insurance. i wish they would've let us help. but, it did make me think, though. about what?
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12:50 pm
obama's signature policy accomplishment, as the craziest thing in the world. >> we got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> to be clear, president clinton is trying to walk it back now, saying it's a great program, one that he, quote, strongly supported. he was saying that there are still areas that need a little work. however, moments ago in the swing state of nevada, donald trump seized upon bill clinton's comments. >> bill had a different view. he said, it's just a crazy system. and that's the way he said it. it's the craziest thing in the whole world. you know. they're always telling me, oh,
12:51 pm
if you say something just apologize. just apologize. i think that president obama should apologize for obamacare. >> joseph pirelli is with me. new york city councilman and bell press, cnn political commentator. bill press, you first. i mean, listen, this is awesome red meat for donald trump. he seized upon it yesterday. he is back on it again there. you heard the sound bite. listen, i know hillary clinton would say, obviously obamacare is great. elect me. i'll improve upon it. how much damage is done by the former president's comments? >> i don't think a lot of damage is done. i am amused by this because i think bill clinton is right, or was right. i mean, it is the craziest thing. i wrote a book about it called "buyers' remorse." obamacare leaves the insurance companies in charge. as long as that's the case we'll
12:52 pm
never really have universal health care. i thought bill clinton was channeling bernie sanders for a while. we go to single payor -- >> what about the next four weeks? this is something donald trump can take a run with. >> here is why i don't think he can. because -- that's why i don't think it will do much damage, right? because hillary clinton has been saying from the beginning don't junk obamacare, fix it. president obama says, there are parts of obamacare that have to be fixed. and that's what hillary's position always is. that is her position. and as opposed to donald trump, who has no plan whatsoever. he says we'll repeal obamacare and just leave everybody the way things used to be at the total mercy of the insurance company. it may have been politically incorrect but i don't think it will do any damage. >> joe, do you think bill is right? >> he is right and wrong. donald trump has a plan to repeal and replace obamacare and it mimics the house gop plan.
12:53 pm
>> what is that? >> this is aen issue that's a gift for republicans. what bill clinton said is fundamentally right. obamacare has been a disaster. americans have not forgotten the phrase if you like your doctor you can keep it. they've seen their premiums double since it's been enacted. this has driven independents away from the democratic party in 2010, 2012, 2014. now we'll see independents already breaking away from hillary clinton further move towards donald trump on this issue. i think it was a disastrous comment for bill clinton. >> brooke, first of all, let's remember the house has voted over 50 times to repeal obamacare and replace it with nothing. there is no house gop health care plan. that is -- >> it's on the website. >> that is a fact. second point is, hillary clinton has already said, the first thing to do to fix obamacare is to put a public plan option in it. one time president obama talked about that. it's not -- wouldn't be difficult to reduce the power of
12:54 pm
the insurance companies. that's what she has been talking about. >> let me ask. hang on. let me jump in. i think obamacare is a serious issue for the president, as is climate change. we saw him at the white house touting the paris agreement. i think climate change and i also sithink al gore. the hillary campaign are trying to appeal to millennials. putting al gore on the trail now. i suppose al gore is hip with the kids. >> i guess so. >> are you shaking in your boots, joe? >> i don't know if many millennials even remember al gore beyond maybe some of the documentaries he's done. barack obama is someone who is popular with millennials. if he can't get the job done with bringing this group of voters over to hillary clinton i'm not sure what al gore does. i think it's actually more perhaps about bill clinton becoming this liability that they need some other major surrogates like the former vice president. >> they had always planned to bring al gore in.
12:55 pm
millennials do -- they may not remember al gore. they do care about climate change. it is a very important issue to them. they do not believe, as donald trump says, it's only a hoax invented by the chinese government to help them compete with the united states on trade. they want to see the government take action. nobody speaks better to that issue, nobody is more authentic on that issue on al gore. >> buzz feed says he is the sexiest vp. >> gary johnson's running mate william weld. talks to "the boston globe," attacking trump. says it's priority numero uno. you switched allegiance from beloved bernie to hillary clinton. is this essentially william weld saying, i give up. i'm going to do everything i can to help hillary clinton get elected? >> there have been rumors weld would drop off the ticket because he didn't want to be part of a movement that might
12:56 pm
help elect donald trump. i wouldn't be surprised if it happens. i think it's a strong signal from william weld that a vote for gary johnson is a wasted vote. it's a vote for donald trump. don't do it. >> bill press. joe borelli. thank you very much. next you're about to hear from the man who played tim kaine in the mock debates with mike pence. don't miss the advice he gave to trump's running mate next.
12:57 pm
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a sign that trump might be taking the big rematch, debate number two, a bit more seriously. "the lead" starts now. donald trump scheduling something of a practice scrimmage for sunday's town hall
1:00 pm
battle here on cnn after his running mate played goalie for him all night long in the battle of the number twos. plus, a brand-new feature here on "the lead." digging deep into candidates' pasts and turning up tapes. this time from playboy. who could it be? deadly turn. hurricane matthew, a potentially catastrophic storm on a collision course with the u.s. and americans are stocking up and getting out. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. a big, big breaking news day. a powerful hurricane is right now barrelling towards millions here in the united states as fallout continues from the vice presidential nominees going to war on the debate stage last night. major news from in the fbi. a secret arrest finally revealed today. a contractor charged with stealing top secret information from the national secury