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  CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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quick reminder, everything that has happened tonight is happening less than two days before theal debate. anderson moderates along with martha rad a littl martha raddatz. krn tonight with don lemon starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> our breaking news, the monster political storm rocking donald trump's campaign. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lem lemon. for a candidate struggling with female voters, a candidate whose second debate against hillary clinton is in just two days. the news could hardly be worse. donald trump caught on tape bragging about being able to forcibly grope women because he's, quote, a star. his language, raw, and obscene, just imagine anybody much less a presidential candidate talking this way about your mother, your wife, your daughter, or you.
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>> when you're a star they let do you it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the -- do anything. >> that is just one moment from the tape published today by the "washington post." extraordinary audio from 2005. donald trump in a lewd conversation with billy bush who was then an access hollywood host. the language throughout is obscene and repugnent, but it's important for to you hear it for yourself. >> she's still very beautiful. >> i'm moved on her. she was down on palm beach. i moved on her and i failed. i did [ bleep ] she was married. and i moved on her very heavily. i took her out fruurniture shopping. i'll show you where they have some nice furniture. i moved on her like a bitch but
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i couldn't get there and she's now got the phony tist and everything. whoa, the donald has scored. >> my man. wait, wait, you gotta look at me. >> that is very funny. >> maybe it's a different one. >> better not be the publicist. yeah, that's her with the gold. i've got to use some tick attacks just in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attract said to beautiful e-- i just start kissing them. you can do whatever you want. you can do anything. >> look at those legs. >> it looks good. >> come on, shorty. >> nice legs, huh? get out of the way, huh. go ahead. >> it's always good if you don't fall out of the bus like ford.
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gerald ford, remember? >> down below. pull the handle. >> hello. how are you? hi. >> hi, mr. trump. >> nice to meet you. you know billy bush? >> nice to see you. how are you doing? >> i'm doing very well, thank you. >> are you ready to be a soap star? >> we're ready. >> how about a little hug for the donald and. >> just a little hug, absolutely. >> melania said this was okay. here we go. >> excellent. you've got a nice costar here. >> yes, absolutely. >> come on, billy, don't be shy. >> as soon as a beautiful woman shows up. >> get out of here. i'm sorry, come here. >> let the little guy in here. >> yeah, let the little guy in. how do you feel now? >> it's hard to walk next to a guy like this. >> yeah, you get in the middle. >> that's better. >> if you had to choose honestly between one of us, me or the donald? >> that's complication. >> serious, if you had to take
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one of us. >> i'd have to take the fifth. i'll take both. >> which way? >> make a right. >> here we go. i'm going to leave you here. you're finished? >> you're my man. i'm going to go do our show. >> you want to reset? >> okay. >> donald trump issuing a statement saying quote this was -- he said this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended, unquote, and speaker paul ryan putting out this statement, he says, quote, i'm sickened by what i heard today. women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. i hope their trump treat this is situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests. in the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow's event in wisconsin.
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donald trump says he'll be too busy with debate prep and will send mike pence in his place. let's discuss now. cnn's bryan stelter, gloria borger, dana bash, and following the campaign trail from day one in the final stretch now, this is a huge bombshell. it drops today. what are you hearing from inside the trump campaign? >> well, don, it's hard to imagine how donald trump recovers from all of this. he has been tefloned, he has defied gravity throughout the course of this campaign. starting from the very beginning when he described mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, when he called johnny manziel -- john mccain, not a war hero, but this episode, where he was caught on tape making these obscene and lewd comments about women, it feels like this is it, and i talked to a senior trump advisor earlier this evening, who said you know
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it's pretty tough, for donald trump to survive, something like this, i think what happened with paul ryan, and donald trump, this event they were supposed to have tomorrow, together in wisconsin, the fact that that is no longer happening or that paul ryan is going to be there, but donald trump is not, i talked to a well-placed gop source who said paul ryan basically asked donald trump not to come tomorrow. i think that underlines and magnifies just how bad this has gotten. these are very serious times for donald trump. he says he's going to be in debate prep tomorrow, but he's going to have to do more than prepare for this debate. he has to prepare to make some kind of statement to the country about how deeply sorry he is for offending women in this fashion, or i think that's it, it's over. >> yeah. >> dana you have been getting information all night from your sources. what are you hear something. >> there's still 'to donald trump's point, what donald trump will do.
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it is 10:06 on the east coast, but there are still lots of reporters outside of trump tower. more importantly, there are lots of trump aides inside trump nto youy, presumably with him, how to respond to this crisis and whether do so tonight. all indications would be we would hear from donald trump in some way, shape, or form this evening, but it is getting pretty late, so if he does so, presumably, it would have to be pretty quickly. then the question is, he doesn't say anything tonight, will he say something tomorrow, while he is going to be huddled in debate prep with chris christie, reince priebus, who will be no doubt working with him incredibly hard to try to find ways to address this in the debate. it still is really hard to believe though that first time he's going to address this, aside from that two-sentence statement, is in front of tens
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of millions of people. >> at the debate. >> sitting across from his female opponent to president. it's just hard to wrap your mind about that, and people who are close to him, i know are trying to convince him of that, and trying to figure out the best way to avoid that. >> gloria, i have to and you, how much does an apology really matter right now? we used to say too little too late. is this too much too late? >> well, he did one version of it earlier, which was not an apolo apology. it was "sorry if i offended anyone" and thought it was kind of locker room banter and then said nothing worse than anything bill clinton has ever said. i think for his supporters, i think he owes them an apology and because there are people who are sticking with him and i think something more heartfelt as kailey mackanayey would
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appreciate, it would make his supporters happier. in the larger term, i don't know whether it would make that much of a difference to undecided voters, to women voters, because there's pattern here. it was a week and a half ago we were talking about alicia machado. there is something that -- that this tape goes beyond. it goes beyond the kind of calling women names, to this question of predatory behavior. >> yeah. >> and -- and i think that it's a tipping point for a lot of republicans who are coming out and criticizing trump's language, but still not saying that they're going to change their minds and -- and refuse to endorse him. and i think that's kind of tipping point here, and then the republicans i've been communicating tonight there's a lot of conversation, like what good would it do?
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he can't drop out or if he dropped out, what would happen? i mean there are all these kinds of, you know, conversations going on. >> gloria, let me read -- and i would just go around the horn here and get everyone's opinion. let's read a statement from rnc, reince priebus. he said no woman should ever described in these terms and senator john mccain saying there are no excuses for donald trump's offensive and demeaning comments. no woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior and he bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences and there are other statements. but let me bring in david to crime in really quickly. to david's point, a lot of people are saying, his statements are rep henceable, a and none of them are completely denouncing him. he still has support at many levels here, david. >> which is why, don, this is a
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twofold bomb shelly slate twofold bombshell how they have to be able to try and move beyond it to get through these final days of the campaign and try to turn this thing around. there's also the bombshell inside the republican party about what they are doing with this nominee, who could very well start bringing down folks underneath the ticket. i think the two statements you read are pretty telling. john mccain, i think went a little bit further there saying that the burden is his, and he is going to have to suffer the consequences. a clear i understandication thee consequences, whereas reince priebus left himself to questions he's going to have to answer, which is okay if your nominee has a history of saying something like this and you've just described this as completely unacceptable, what does that say about your support for this nominee? and so that is the extra step that reince priebuss of the world, the paul ryans of the world, those who have locked
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arms with the republican nominee going forward, they're going to have to answer the questions, as well. >> what about the utah governor, tweeting out, gary aber, are saying donald trump's statements are beyonddespicable. while i cannot vote for hillary clinton, i will not vote for trump. again not supporting hillary clinton, but not voting for trump. what does he do? >> let's just look at this really from 50,000 feet downwards, right? the bottom line is most people -- or she say many people in the republican party never wanted donald trump as their nominee. yes, he did win the primary. yes, he got a record number of votes, but he's had problems with it and unable to get the support of establishment republicans who have been around for a long time, and all the problems i've had with activists, and leaders in states such as florida, and iowa, and new hampshire, and south
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carolina, they all said the same thing to me, are you surprised? we all knew about this. it's disgusting, it's terrible, but we've always known about this. but then a couple of them said to me, i'm still voting for him and i said but why? if you're so disgusted by this, they said it comes down to the supreme court for me. it comes down to the supreme court. there's going to be one, two, three picks perhaps on the supreme court in the next term. and for them, they see that as a greater good that they need to deal with. but make no mistake about it at this point, donald trump's campaign, i think, is literally coming to an end in the sense that he has caused so much havoc, so many ways for the republican party, he has inflicted so many wounds upon himself, is that this is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. when you are talking about it's okay to sexual assault a woman, it's not just about women voters, it's about fathers, it's about sons, right? >> exactly. >> it's about the fact that you have a daughter, it's at this
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point where donald trump right now, i don't know how he turns around. >> listen, everyone, jeb bush coming out, mitt romney, john kasich saying basically you're saying, mark, you know, hitting on married women, saying i have daughters, grandchildren, nieces. i don't understand that. and also , i wonder why those stabments st establishments, why the representatives. i remember why he's going to appoint the people, and we'll discuss that -- let's discuss that in the next block. i want to go to bryan stelterer right now, because the news is the tape. this is happening because of the tape. >> right. >> what do we know, bryan, about how this came to light? >> this was unearthed in the access hollywood archives this week. the producers went and found it. they were working on their own story, but somehow it got leaked to the "washington post." one theory is nbc's access hollywood was not going to air it until next week, perhaps
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after the debate, so perhaps inside someone wanted to be seen. they are embarrassed by this leak and they're embarrassed by billy bush. do you know who i feel sorry for? i feel sorry for the women being talked about, like nancy odell, who donald trump was talking about and most of all i feel sorry for parents who are watching for their 10-year-old boil, boy, or 10-year-old girl, i don't know about you, but my parents tried to shield them from these words. you can't shield them when it's a presidential nominee, in the same way, when bill clinton was engaging in sex acts in the white house. that was a -- >> there was no excuse for it. i don't understand -- >> this is kind of similar. >> i don't understand what the excuse is, the bill clinton excuse. first of all, if you think bill clinton is such a terrible person, why you playing golf with him? your you playing bill clinton as an excuse because he paid a heavy price and there is no excuse for what bill clinton did, even democrats have said that, so i don't understand the
7:16 pm
bill clinton excuse here. >> it's revealing trump tried to go there right away in his statement, that he said he apologizes if anyone is offended. >> the b-word was in there, the p-word is in there, and talking about women, you know, in that way, talking about breasts and so on and so forth. there's so much that is offensive to women in this particular tape. >> and to many men and normally we wouldn't air these tapes but when it's a presidential nominee, we have to. even the "new york times" tonight, printing these words. you have to publish it. and one more thought, there's probably tapes and that's the other issue here. >> listen, i -- that is a big question. are there more tapes, and more -- because i actually spoke to someone in "access hollywood" that is there's so much on the editing room floor, like this, in the archives that could come out, is this what people are saying around the -- the dinner table? let's look at this. this is wolf blitzer earlier with corey lewandowski.
7:17 pm
>> i think what this comes down to, clearly this is not how women should be spoken about. we're not talking about a sunday school teacher. what we know about donald trump, this is 12 years ago. the private conversation obviously is troubling but we want a lead who are is going to lead america and you know what is that rough sometimes? it is. is this defensible? absolutely not, but he's still the person that's going to lead our country forward and we should be thinking about what that true leadership looking like with the rest of the world. >> at one point he said gloria this is how people talk around the dinner table. i've never heard anyone speak that way around the dinner table. >> not at my dinner table, i'll tell you that. you can't belittle what donald trump -- or minimize what donald trump said in that tape and you know different people are going to hear it different obviously. but, women are going to hear it one way, i think, and you know,
7:18 pm
i think this is -- you know, this is the discussion right now. this evening among republicans, and maybe at the dinner table. i was talking to one republican strategist earlier, who heard this in the car with her daughter, listening to it on the radio, is a littsatellite radiol today humiliating and said i can't -- i can't even describe to you what that was like. this is someone from the republican party. >> yeah. >> and don can i just add to that? >> yeah. >> what we have on the bottom of our screen is correct, trump on video making vulgar comments about women. why this is striking such a nerve across both genders i should say -- or all genders is because comments are just part of it. to me, all of these statements
7:19 pm
by republican leader tonight, all of them, the one that i think was most striking and telling was by kathy mcmori rogers, the highest ranking elected in congress. >> we have it. she said it's never appropriate to condone unwanted sexual advances or violence against women. mr. trump must realize that it has no place in public or in private conversations today or in the past. >> exactly. unwanted sexual advances against women. it's not just about comments, it's about suggesting actions not just untraoward, but illega >> we've got to get to a break. i know some people are brushing this off saying this is locker room conversation. that may happen in a locker room, but most people are not running to be the leader of the free world. what makes republicans think that using comments like this, that someone is going to stand up for women's rights? we're going to discuss that
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we're back with my panel now. mark preston, you mentioned the supreme court. what makes republicans think
7:24 pm
he's going to stand by women's rights nominate the right people for the supreme court, when he's flip-flopped on so many things and when you hear he says on this tape about women? >> well, a couple things. one is he's actually submitted lists of names of jurors that he would put on the supreme court, and they feel comfortable that he will turn to those names. but secondly, i think a lot of people think that donald trump doesn't care about the supreme court, meaning since he has no vested interest in it personally, specifically when it comes to abortion rights because he's flip-flopped on that, they think that he'll put somebody on the court that they trust. what they will say, as well, is they know that hillary clinton will put people on the court, that they do not want to see on the court, and that causes them great, great fear. having said that, don, i still don't think there are enough republicans in social conservative republicans who are going to look at these comments and say i'm going to come up for donald trump. there's nothing exciting them now to come out for donald trump. again, this is just another
7:25 pm
straw on the back of the camel that's breaking at this time in his campaign. >> david, i want to and you this, people are coming out. rob ingstram said trump should step down immediately tonight yielding to governor pence as a gop nominee. there's talk about -- sorry, he's with the chamber of commerce, and there's talk about that donald trump should step down and how donald trump would do it if republicans would want to remove him. is that even a possibility at this point? >> i think it's hard to do that and we're not there. listen. we really have to separate some things out. a lot of the comments we're discussing from establishment types, they've been in the never-trump camp for quite sometime. jeb bush slamming donald trump is smnot something new because these latest comments. what we need to be looking at in
7:26 pm
terms of assessing the political impact on trump's candidacy, is where is he going to add a single vote at this point? mark made a good point. he may egredepress enthuse yafi supporters, though it's clear he's not lose anything core supporters, because where is he adding a single vote? because don we were coming with this already on defense, already on the ropes after a disastrous ten days of a bad debate and alicia machado. he had to come back and this was going to be his proving ground and now, this just rips the floor out from underneath him. so we -- paying attention so much to the establishment republicans who are the never-trump folks, they were never with him. but watch if anyone else is coming around to him, because it's hard to imagine how a voter now comes around to him. >> jim acosta -- i'm sorry, gloria, i'll get you in -- but jim i want to ask you, how does he focus now? less than 48 hours, how does he focus -- this is a huge issue. i'm sure it's a distraction, his
7:27 pm
people are talking to him about it. >> absolutely. >> and hes that not only has to deal with this, but the debate coming up. how does he focus? >> i think if he does not get this out of the way before the beginning of this debate on sunday he's going to have to come out with some kind of statement at the onset of that debate explaining himself and apologizing and don it's interesting, i think at this point of the campaign, the only thing that might be able to save donald trump and maybe there's no saving him at this point, at least give him the chance to finish this out and some kind of respectable way, is for donald trump to do the most un-donald trump thing imaginable, and that is to offer a real, sincere apology, something we have not seen throughout the course of this campaign. initially, when we got the statement from donald trump that had the words i apologize in it, we all thought, wow, this is news. donald trump never used the words "i apologize" before, but it's couched in half-hearted way
7:28 pm
and hung on bill clinton, it's not really -- he has to do something he's never done before. >> the private conversation that has taken place, bill clinton has tasaid far worse to me on t golf course. i apologize if someone is offended. gloria, he's what i have to say. i come from a single mom, all sisters. i look at the surrogates and their faces say one thing and their words say another, one be trays the other. how do women -- how do they make excuses or -- i shouldn't say that. i take that back. how do they defend this, gloria? >> i was listening tonight, toil c to kailey mca nananey, and she clearly upset at what she said, so was scottie hughes. they believe both really upset about it. i think that -- that the way
7:29 pm
they believe that a heart-felt apology would be good, and would be enough, and for trump supporters, that might be enough. but the problem that donald trump has is, not only is there history here, as there was with the birther movement by the way, that you couldn't erase history with one sentence for the birther movement. there is a history here of name-calling. alicia machado, et cetera, et cetera. david was talking about he has to add supporters and i was talking to republican strategist, who was pro-trump late today, and he said to me, look, we've been bleeding independence, we were trying to get up there a little bit with married suburban women, and they feel they had some opportunity there, and he felt that this on slot would kill all of that. so, apology or no apology, people see enough of this and
7:30 pm
they start deciding and it's hard to undecide, you know, a month out from the election. >> dana i want you to respond, but this is a quinnipiac poll, because gloria mentioned the independence, about how he's losing independents. trump was leading, but today's poll, clinton is losing 46% to 32%. >> independents were a place he was seeing a slide in his numbers, and hillary clinton was saying a little bit more enthusiasm, and donald trump's reaction, the way he attacked miss universe for a week afterwards, but on that point, don, the frame with which you asked these questions, i'm the son of a single mother and i have sisters, you are a man like many, many others across the country, sitting at home, thinking the same thing. it's not just about women, it's
7:31 pm
about anybody who is related to a woman or cares about a woman. let me just give you one quick example how this is really hitting a nerve. i got an unsolicited e-mail from terry gainer, a former senate sergeant at arms. he was there during the democratic majority, but he still is not a political guy. he's a law enforcement guy. and he said he wanted me to use on the record that he seeing this as appalling because he is a father of accomplished daughters. he's a grandfather of granddaughters, and he doesn't know how anybody can explain it to them. that i think tells you everything you need to know and how this is transcending politics and it hits a nerve throughout the country. >> thank you, panel. bryan, sorry i didn't get you more. bryan will be back. >> we'll be back. >> to talk about the tale of the tape and how this is playings in media. thank you, panel. a campaign in crisis mode. donald trump's team is responding to the fallout from his commends.
7:32 pm
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this is our breaking news tonight, donald trump's campaign is in turmoil over vulgar comments about women. we have a more disturbing story, nick joins us by phone. let's talk about your column that you talked about tonight detailing an account of a woman claiming she was groped by donald trump at a maralago
7:36 pm
establishment. >> this was a couple from florida who had a small business and they wanted to partner with donald trump and they were really excited. he offered them a vision of growing their business and they were kind of thrilled and they allege that he stiffed them for payment but maybe more important, that he persistently went after the woman who was the long-time girlfriend of the -- of the other business partner and she describes their initial encounter as he name-dropped continuous continuously when he wasn't groping me and it went down from there. he took them to their maralago estate. he offered her a tour, and then she says that she -- that he -- that trump pulled her into ivanka's bedroom -- >> let me read your comments verbatim. you describe joe heart, into
7:37 pm
ivanka's declaration. the next thing i know, he's pushing me against the wall and his hands all over me with his hands all over me. he was trying to kiss me. i was freaking out. she was desperately protesting and finally managed to run out of the room and find the group again, she and i think it's houraney, left and rather stayed the night as they had intended. so what other events did she detail there? >> it goes on from there. she describes being in a very awkwa awkwa awkward position because on the one hand, she was horrified but definitely wanted to get this business deal with trump, so she -- she didn't go to the police, she -- she tried to remain cordial with him, and it continued. he kept inviting her for business meetings and then she -- as she recounts it, he would say, i'm tired, i need to lie down, come with me, and he'd
7:38 pm
pull her into his bedroom and then he would -- you know, he would jump her, essentially, and at one point, she says that as a defense mechanism, she through up, kind of the only thing to fend him off. and she doesn't assert he was violent. she says she was scared of -- that she might be raped and she describes it as a -- one incident at least as an attempted rape, but she doesn't assert that he was, you know, beating her or something, but she does say he was twice her weight, he was pinning her against the wall and trying to kiss her and just kind of wouldn't take no. >> and you -- you said -- and this is a quote, you said trump strongly denies these impro priits, he's denied this all along. there was a lawsuit, and a settlement with these claims. what happened legally? >> there was a breach of contract over their allegations he stiffed them as a business
7:39 pm
matter and she separately filed a sexual harassment and attempted rape lawsuit and as a condition of her settling the business lawsuit, she dropped the sexual harassment suit and trump did make a payment, which i understand was a little bit more than $100,000 to settle the breach of contract lawsuit. >> did she report this to the police, nick? >> no, she did not, and she explains that both that it was -- it was kind of a different time in the -- in the 1990s, that there was more of a sense then, that powerful men could get away with things like this and women were more intimidated to speak up and that beyond that, she was trying desperately to get a business deal and she saw her future in terms of making this deal with trump work and so she was trying to walk this very, very fine balance, that i think probably resinates frankly with a lot of
7:40 pm
women between trying to you know navigate her way through the business world, and not be groped and yet not offend a potential benefactor. >> hey, nicholas, did she later date donald trump? why would she, you know, do that given these allegations? >> so -- so after they settled this lawsuit, then he continued to pursue her to some degree. she ended up divorcing her husband and she says trump called her to come, and let him console her and i said if somebody you allege that is attempted rape, then why on earth would you go out with him and she says it was a combination of feeling flattered of it being a very vulnerable time in her life and frankly, she just lost her job and was
7:41 pm
thinking well maybe this guy actually can help me get ahead in the business world, and so they dated -- this is 1998, so this is five years after their -- after the earlier issues. they dated in 1998 in the summer and then she says that she -- that she -- she just found him unsupportive, she had just lost her brother, she was going through this wrenching divorce and instead of offering her emotional support, she says he, without asking her, made an appointment for her to get a bob job from a miami doctor, and i think that was the last straw. >> interesting. nicholas, kristof, thank you very much. i appreciate that. donald trump denied these allegations. i want to bring in attorney gloria alred, clinton supporter, cnn political commentator, scottie nell hughes,
7:42 pm
ana navarro. and this is billy bush, 2005. >> i'm going to use some tick attacks just in kiss i start kissing here. i'm automatically attracted to eye just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. we just kiss. and when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the -- you can do anything. >> so gloria, you have that and then you have the story by nicholas kristof, which i just heard. >> and so much more, don. well, my reaction is that donald trump is say -- presents a real and present danger both to the image and to the status and also to the condition and to the rights of women. this is not just about vulgar behavior. this is about harmful behavior. don f we' don, if we're talking about sex all harassment in the workplace, they would say is it severe or
7:43 pm
pervasive. this is about severe and pervasionive a pervasive and a pattern of conduct. we're talking about people on the "apprentice", and they allege mr. trump was talking about their breast size, ranchos palaverdes, here in southern california, where employees were not permitted to serve food in the restaurant because they weren't attractive enough, they were in fear of being retaliated against. this is very serious behavior, and anyone who decides to vote for trump is condoning it. and anyone who tries to justify it, or excuse it, or explain it away, is making more of as statement about themselves than they are even about donald trump. >> okay. let's and, because scottie, you're a supporter and i know you're in a tough position tonight on these shows to have to come on and -- i don't know if you necessarily defend these
7:44 pm
remarks but do you support him as a candidate. so why? >> well, i don't defend these remarks and i think all of the actions being alleged right now are hour and i believe they're evil and should not be happening in the workplace or anywhere personally or professionally, but i would have a lot more credibility of these don if they were brought out months instead of 32, 33 days before the election. this just shows how this is politically motivated. these information -- all of these stories, everything -- they didn't happiest. they didn't happen last week. these are stories that have been around, and just magically they're being used right now? i would put a lot more credibility in these women if they really were hurt, if they really were assaulted or as damaged by donald trump as they said if they would have gone to this prior -- months ago, weeks ago, and right now, at this stage in the game, republican party -- >> some of these things -- >> some of these things were filed before and they just, you know, now -- >> and they're just magically coming out. this story -- >> what about specifically to the audiotape and the video of him on "access hollywood"? >> this is a video that acce"ac
7:45 pm
hollywood" for them to think -- for us to believe they've had this for 11 years and magically on monday they came across it, i find that very hard to believe. i think this just shows the working between some media parts and the hillary clinton campaign. and i think your prior guests, your prior segment was right when they said this is all about disenfranchising. that shows how scared the hillary clinton camp is about the turnout on election day. >> it's not the actual -- it's not the actions or the alleged actions, it's the timing for you? >> like i said, i would put more credibility -- and even in the stories, this woman was supposedly sexually harassed, thrown down it's story that goes along with it, horrible, deplorable things, however, she dated him afterwards for whatever reason, whatever excuse she gives -- >> don? >> -- why would this not coming out -- >> i can answer that -- >> let me just say this. >> quickly, gloria. >> i challenge donald trump to release all of his employees
7:46 pm
from their nondisclosure clauses, which many of them have been required to sign, and you will see an avalanche, a tsunami of women who were coming out with similar experiences, they will allege, about having been the victims of donald trump, but -- and so i challenge to you do that. and by the way, there's no right time, there is no wrong time, it's always the right time to come out and -- and speak the truth if the women are speaking the truth, let them do it, and i think that donald trump should promise not to retaliate against them if they do. >> but gloria isn't there a reason why we have a statue of limitations and why there is a timing on this? you cannot negate the fact here we are 30 days out from a very important presidential election these stories are every day coming out and you have to start doubting the credibility some might be truf. i would have some this this is
7:47 pm
not such a political move 30 days before the election. >> there is no statue of limitations on stories. >> then why did they take him to court? >> because i woman can suffer and not either have the ability to take them to court, or be in fear of somebody who's rich and powerful and famous and as donald trump characterizes himself as a star. and what about not only our daughters who are listening to this, what about our sons? what kind of role model is this? are our sons going to that somehow it's okay to call women by the p-word, by the t-word, by the b-word? by every other world thd he use denigrate women? >> scottie hold on. that's not an allegation. we heard those words on tape. but i have to give ana a chance. she's been sitting apparently. i know you were -- i don't know if you want to talk about your reaction. do you want to respond to who they were just saying now?
7:48 pm
>> i don't want to respond to what they're talking about because i think a discussion and argument about the timing is frankly irrelevant, and i think that these women deserve more dignity than this. it is like with the bill cosby case, who cares what the timing of the allegations are. what matters is it happened. right now what i want to focus on is what the republican party is going to do and i want to tell you, look, i'm so happy that paul ryan did the right thing and canceled that event with donald trump tomorrow, but i would say to my friend, paul, whom i know, whom i know is a good son, a good husband, a good father, a decent man who cares deeply about women, who is a respectful man, if you can't stand on a stage next to this man, how you can support him? if you are sickened by his words how you can support him? and i thinks that the question that every republican who is condemning the words needs to and themselves today. it is not you've to condemn his words. it is absolutely necessary to
7:49 pm
withdraw support. it is necessary to tell donald trump, donald, you are fired. we cannot run the risk that a misogynist, that a sexist, that say man who is boasting about sexual predatory behavior, be president of the united states. ? he is not fit to represent republican values, or american values and this is way too serious for us not to take action and take action tonight. i'm reading all of these condemnations by ted cruz and by others, folks, stop pontifica pontificating. stop talking about what the right thing is, and do the right thing. look at your kansaconscious. look at your daughters while they sleep and ask yourself how i do explain this to these children? >> ana, scottie, and gloria, i have to take a break. we'll continue with the same panel right after this, we'll be right back.
7:50 pm
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we're back with our breaking news, and donald trump has made a statement on videotape. we're going to bring that to you in moments as soon as we get it. donald trump making a statement
7:54 pm
on videotape about these controversial comments that he made back in 2005 to "access hollywood" and we'll bring that to you, so stand by in just moments. back to my panel. scottie, i have to ask you this. this is donald trump's response. he says this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. so, i've heard him and others say bile l clinton is not runni for president. he's been impeached and paid a heavy price. there's no excuse for what bill clinton did and if he doesn't like bill clinton, why is he bringing bill clinton into the conversation? what does that have to do with the price of tea? >> i'm glad donald trump did make a video statement. glad he did that way instead of releasing twitter at 3:00 a.m.
7:55 pm
i'm very excited. but the reason he brought up bill clinton is there were 17 allegations of misconduct towards women hillary went on to basically defame. she did everything she could to hurt them, to ruin their reputation, to demonize them amongst their -- >> he said bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course. what does that have to -- >> a lot of men. i think that's very hypocriti l hypocritical -- >> a lot of men aren't running for president. >> i understand that. this was years ago when he was a celebrity, not running for president. the key is yes, donald trump may be vulgar, but hillary clinton is a two-faced liar and it's because of the women that like myself, my daughters, my sons, the men and women in my families, the reason i know why she can't be in the white house and republicans are not doing any service by taking donald trump out. it would just give to what hillary clinton wants. she's -- this just shows how scared she is that donald trump is actually possibly going to pose more of a threat and what
7:56 pm
she wants is donald trump to shoot -- to jump out because of a guaranteed win for her. >> we are awaiting that video statement from donald trump. we're going to bring it to you as soon as we get it. i want to thank my panel. everyone stand by. we'll be right back. have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪ i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. you're looking right now. this is trump tower in
8:00 pm
manhattan, donald trump's headquarters on fifth avenue. we're awaiting a new video statement from the candidate tonight. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. it's all about the bombshell, trump caught on tape in 2005, bragging to bully bush, about h his treatment of women, obscene, raw, repugnant. i want to start with cnn's dana bash, bryan preston, david swerdlick, kevin madden, and rebecca byrd. dana, i want to start with you. what do we know about this video statement trump has apparently made? >> not much except the fact that he did -- did make a statement that campaign intends to release fairly soon, this is according to a source familiar with this. presumably it