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tv   New Day  CNN  October 11, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> reporter: it can tick faster for all of us. the question is is there another shoe to drop or another videotape that may that is one of the many reasons why the house speaker, paul ryan, did a conference call with his rank and file yesterday morning and said every man for him or herself. and i know what i just did there, but let's keep going. he said that he cannot defend him anymore, cannot defend donald trump. he cannot and will not campaign with him, he never did. he had one appearance scheduled and canceled it. this whole thing did not sit well with the republican nominee. not only did he put a tweet out directly going after paul ryan, he actually went on the stump and not so southeru subtly atta. take a listen. >> you have people that can't fix a budget but then they start talking about their nominee, but
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they can't fix the budget. isn't it really sad that we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? >> reporter: now, that is kind of vintage donald trump in that he really went after paul ryan where it hurts him the most. yes, he is the house speaker, but there's nothing he wants to do more than balance the budget. he's a policy wong before politician. the fact, alisyn and chris, that we are at this point about a month before election day and you have barbs being traded between the republican nominee and the republican house speaker is nothing short of stunning. >> paul ryan thought that not getting appropriations bills through was his biggest problem. now he's got the big dog coming down on him. dana, stay with us. let's bring in cnn politics executive editor mark preston and cnn political analyst and t the daily beast washington chief jackie kucinich.
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john mccain steps away from nobody and no fight, also sounding off on this. let's listen to what he said in the midst of his own re-election fight. >> when mr. trump attacks women and demeans the women in our nation and in our society, that is a point where i just have to part company. it's not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. he won the nomination fair and square. i have daughters. i have friends. i have so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded and demeaneded in that fashion. >> all right. john mccain, certainly as politicians go, straight shooter. what does his words -- what do they mean about what's going on right now in this final sprint to the finish and the concern about down ballot and where to be with trump within that party?
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>> you know, i think this goes beyond the self-destruction of the republican party. this is somebody, donald trump being that somebody, who in some ways is like lighting himself on fire and trying to take the whole party down with him. either they're going to be with him or they're not going to be with him. that's why paul ryan we saw yesterday provide just a little bit of room for those who want to stay with trump to stay with trump by not revoking his endorsement of him but basically telling everybody, you know, run if you want to run, go shelter in place, as i was told last week by a gop strategist. that's what they're telling their candidates. bottom line is, in many cases if you tie yourself to donald trump, you're not going to win in november. >> what does this mean for the next 28 days? is there any way to predict what effect this will be? >> it's hard to say, but it's interesting when you look back to 2012, it was not uncommon for mitt romney to be doing rallies with these candidates, for them to be surrounding them. you will not see that.
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especially in places like ohio. i can't imagine pat toomey, really, appearing with him. i can't imagine a lot of these very vulnerable senators, even the ones who haven't gone full retaking their endorsement. so we're looking at a very different and unprecedented dynamic right now. >> down to 32 detectors. let's put it up on the screen. 32 known gop defectors. we won't go through all of their names. >> depending on which side of the party you're on, the top party of that banner is either heroes of wanted. how do you see the state of play? >> that's absolutely true. jackie talked about 2012. let's go back to 2008 when john mccain was the republican nominee. he was surrounded by his brethren, pushing to try to get elected to the white house. obviously it didn't go his way, but now he's just trying to get re-elected to the senate. let me tell you the flip side to your point, chris, of the wanted
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part of that equation. even though it looks like this is something that obviously he had to do to get re-elected to the senate and get democrats and wavering republicans on board, there are people who are worried in john mccain's world, just to keep him as an example, and he's not alone, that he could have hurt himself because there are people in the base, particularly in a state like arizona, who say, really, john mccain? you're not going to stick with our guy? we're not going to vote for you. >> you know what's an interesting point, david gregory brought this up last night. there's been a lot of talk about where's the loyalty to trump. where's the loyalty from trump to the party? he's not shown one bit of loyalty to the republican party. as the republican nominee, you would expect that to happen. >> what does that mean? what would that look like if he were to show it to the party? >> one day he wouldn't say, oh, i don't like reince priebus and they don't like me. >> he called the leadership a
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bunch of hypocrites. >> last night he said again the system is rigged. let's see what happens on election night. if he loses, will he say the system is rigged. >> what's interesting, jackie, is i have republican friends who are asking the same questions, but they're coming from opposite points of view. some are never trump republicans and some are only trump republicans. i want to the know where all these people stand. i want to know. everybody says you can't shelter in place. you either own trump or you reject trump. but there will be an accounting. do you believe that? >> yeah, i do. particularly we'll be looking at -- trump has to work with a lot of these people. if he does become president, we'll see who he wants to work with. we'll see if someone wants a cabinet position. they're not going to get it if they were anti-trump. there will be an after -- if trump loses, you have to imagine the republicans, where they stood in this whole debate. it's going to matter. it'll matter for the re-elections. i imagine it'll matter down the line. >> panel, stick around. we have many more questions for you.
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meanwhile, donald trump threatening to retaliate against the clintons if more tapes about him are released. this as a new national poll shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead after trump's tapegate. joe johns is live in detroit with more. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. there's been a lot of rhetoric in this campaign, but i think now we can say it's showing signs of becoming increasingly bitter. we have that threat of retaliation from donald trump. the hillary clinton campaign accusing trump of trying to intimidate his opponent. we also have trump acknowledging that there may be other inflammatory tapes of him that exist. he says if they are released, he will attack even harder with hillary clinton trying to keep the focus on the 2005 tape released over the weekend showing him making crude comments about women. listen. >> if they want to release more
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tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> he just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. well, i'll tell you what. women and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly. >> reporter: the hillary clinton campaign is showing signs of becoming increasingly confident with the latest polls out, that "wall street journal" poll that shows her up by 11 points. but one thing is clear. the campaign continues to say, as they have said throughout the campaign, they don't want to become overconfident and that they do believe by the time we get to november, this will still be a close election. back to you. >> well, it is certainly still up for grabs. doesn't matter what any poll says. this is tight. they've been moving all over the place. joe johns, thank you very much.
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so the state of play we're talking about this morning. donald trump is threatening to turn this into one of the most ugly races in presidential history ever. too late. he's already done that. the question is, what else can he do with his veiled threat to go deeper on bill and hillary clinton? next. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities.
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if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them, folks. >> that was donald trump threatening to retaliate against the clintons if more videotapes of him surface like that of the 2005 tape where he was bragging about groping women. we are joined again by our panel. mark preston and jackie kucinich. let's first go to the national poll that's come out. this is interesting because it is post-tape. it's after voters saw the tape, but it's before the debate. this is an nbc poll. she has a double-digit lead here. 46% to his 35% in a four-way race. can you give us some context.
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28 days before past elections, has there ever been a candidate who's made it back from that kind of deficit? >> i don't think so. in fact, what we're seeing right now is obviously she's going in the right direction, he's going in the wrong direction. if you look at those numbers, 35%, i don't think we've ever seen him drop that low. he usually hovers around 40%, 41%, which means after that tape, assuming that poll captured it correctly, that not only, you know -- not only did he not gain any support, obviously, but he lost core support. that's critical right now. he needed to build on. now he's starting to erode underneath his foundation a little bit. that's a bad place to be. >> do you want to ask the fly from the debate a question? >> chris booked him. >> or i say that because it keeps landing on me. it never goes near alisyn, which raises another very damaging prospect for me. the truth hurts. so the poll is only as good as its cross tabs. the cnn audience is
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sophisticated. you know what that means. which numbers within which group of demographics went which way. we're going to want to digest that later. but it's not the best thing in the world to have a big lead as you get towards the finish line. i'll tell you why. it sounds counterintuitive. but it's about motivating your base to get out and vote. the obama people couldn't talk enough in the last cycle about how it was pretty close near the end. you got to come out and vote. clinton, i think, is probably looking at it that way as well. >> absolutely. it's one of these reasons you see the e-mails. the fundraising e-mails you get from both parties. it's almost the end, they're catching up, they're going to win. they do want people to get out there. they don't want to think she's safe. they don't want to think she's so far ahead that they don't need to stand up and be counted. donald trump has the, okay, guys, we're against the wall. hillary clinton needs to create the same thing. >> let's talk about some audio that has surfaced of bill
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clinton from 1996 where he supported the defense of marriage act. let me play the audio, then we can talk about it. >> president clinton wants a complete ban on late-term abortions, except when the mother's life is in danger and faces severe health risk, such as the inability to have another child. the president signed the defense of marriage act, supports school uniforms to teach our children discipline. his crime bill expanded the death penalty for drug kingpins. bob dole opposed him and is resorting to untrue, negative attac attacks. >> so this was a radio ad that aired on christian radio stations where he's touting his support for the defense of marriage act. does this in some way come back to bite hillary clinton in terms of her support or her late support for same-sex marriage?
3:17 am
>> no, but it just goes to show you where we were back then and where we are now. it wasn't just bill clinton. it was almost every democratic leader in the senate, including the senate majority leader at the time. obviously this was terrible, and this was something that the gay community really struggled with a lot, continuing to support the democratic party at that time. they've since reconciled that. where they are now is where they want to be, obviously. while there should be some concern about why they flipped and why we were at that position, it's probably not going to hurt them. >> they play with the word evol evolve. you say that was horrible. wasn't horrible then and it's not horrible now if you have a certain set of values about what marriage means. it's a reflection of the clinton's move of the democratic party to the center. that was what they did then to move the party to be more
3:18 am
effective. hillary clinton, you could argue, is doing the same thing now. she's taking the positions to make her more effective. isn't that what politics? >> to an extent. if you're someone that really hated doma, look at the alternative. the republican platform isn't for same-sex marriage. >> you talk about a guy picking a position. donald trump always said he didn't really care about anything like that. now he's got to take it because he wants to be the gop nominee. >> exactly. that's another reason to mark's point that i don't think it's going to hurt her. >> jackie, mark, thank you. all right. a state of emergency we have to tell you about in north carolina. there's epic flooding from hurricane matthew sending thousands of people to shelters. their communities are under water. look at the picture on your screen. we'll get a live report next.
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hurricane matthew is not over. do not forget your brothers and sisters in north carolina. there is terrible flooding there. rivers are spilling over their banks. communities are under water. thousands of people are now in shelters. cnn's stephanie elam is live in hard hit tarboro, north carolina. the rule of thumb is, as you're
3:23 am
learning there first hand, more than three days in water, walls need to be rebuilt. they're looking at a week and a half down there. >> reporter: it's very rough here, chris. what you don't realize is when you take a look at the damage that has happened, north carolina didn't get a direct hit from hurricane matthew, yet it is feeling the pain because of so much water that has drenched this state. it has run off into the creeks, into the canals, and into the rivers. it is now forcing people out of their homes. take a look behind me here, where you can see this is a canal that feeds into the tar river. you can see that there are buildings already under water, and this water continues to rise right now. this is an area that's already seen massive damage here from hurricane floyd in 1999. many of these communities just never have recovered from that. so this is another hard hit. across the river, or across this body of water here, is princeville. that town is basically in a basin. mandatory evacuations throughout this part of north carolina,ing in edgecomb county, and other parts as they're dealing with huge numbers of people who have
3:24 am
been evacuated. another concern for a lot of people is what this will mean for the election, especially in states like florida and north carolina. in florida, the democrats sueded to get voter registration extended. they got it for one more day, until wednesday at 5:00 p.m. that's going against what the governor wanted. taking a look at here in north carolina, they continue to assess the situation based on all of the storm ravaged areas. as for now, things will remain the same. they're looking at friday being the end of voter registration there. alisyn and chris? >> so many ramifications of what happened there this weekend, stephanie. thanks so much for the reporting. all right. on to something lighter. the san francisco giants stormed back to beat the cubs in extra innings that dragged into the early morning hours. coy wire has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> this game lasted until almost 3:00 in the morning. took it to the bottom of the 13th inning to end it. totally worth the wait for giants fans. joe panic delivered the giants' first walkoff winner in
3:25 am
postseason elimination game history since 1911 world series. this was a double off the wall in right center field. brandon crawford would saunter on in for the game winner. the cubs still lead this series 2-1. they need just one more win to advance to that national league championship series. but if the giants found some magic, tonight we shall see. monday night football action. buccaneers, panthers. cam newton out. rough season for bucs kicker rober roberto aguayo, but he delivers. it's all good. tampa bay, the 17-14 win. after reaching the super bowl last season, carolina drops to 1-4. since 1990, teams with that record have just a 6% chance of making the playoff.
3:26 am
powerful moment. the atlanta hawks and defending nba champion cavaliers bowing their heads, standing arm in arm ahead of their preseason game in the first ever unity game. the purpose of this message was not just to set aside differences but to celebrate them, help bring people together. the hawks organization played videos of players from both teams speaking out about what unity means to them. chris, athletes using their platforms to create positive change in the communities. we're seeing it more and more, buddy. >> we talk about it all the time. the need for it, done the right way in this case. always a pleasure, coy. and saunter, quality word. quality word. all right. donald trump taking a beating in the polls after taking a beating on the. does he have a path to victory? there's a lot of math on this. professor ron brownstein makes it oh, so easy next.
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a new national poll taken after the release of that vulgar tape with trump's comments on it, well, they show clinton with a double-digit lead. swing state polls also looking good for clinton. so what is trump's path to victory? let's bring in ron brownstein, cnn's senior political analyst and senior editor of "the atlantic." we're going to be doing some math. here are the latest polls we've just been talking about. this is "the wall street journal"/nbc poll. it shows clinton with a double-digit lead. that's in a four-way race. it is also reflective of the poll from your outfit, "the atlantic," where she is at 39%, he's at -- sorry, 49%, he's at 38%. that's in a two-way race. ron, give us some context here of what this means 28 days
3:32 am
before the election. >> well, it's a huge hurdle. it's a huge hole that donald trump is now in. it's especially important, alisyn, but it essentially reconfirms where we have been. donald trump throughout has struggled to get past 42% of the vote. he has been closest when hillary clinton has come down to his level, but there are very few polls really since he effectively clinched the nomination in may that have showed him winning more than 42%. he's established passionate support among many white voters who feel economically and cultural marginalized, particularly blue collar, nonurban, evangelical christian voters. but he's facing historic levels of resistance from minority voters, overwhelming resistance from millenial voters. what's happened in these latest polls is you see the noncollege white women who have largely be with him where he's been leading
3:33 am
by double digits. they're moving toward the exits, at least temporarily, in the aftermath of this video. that's what's pushed him down from the low 40s into the mid-30s where you're talking about republicans really looking at panic. >> so ron, let's look at the real numbers here. of course, the electoral vote counts. let me pull that up. the road to 270. this is how the math is looking today. it looks like a lot of red, of course, on the map, but it doesn't get him there to 270. at the moment, clinton is at 272. if you look at the blue states. trump is at 196. up for grabs are these yellow states. let's tick through a cup of these. here's how she's doing in pennsylvania. he's at 49% to his 37%. let's look at all-important north carolina. she's at 45% to his 39. now let's look at some that are sort of obviously in the focus
3:34 am
because we need to look at ohio. that is within the margin of error. what do you see there, ron? >> right. so the most straight forward path to 270 -- first of all, for donald trump, there's no path to 270 if you're behind double digits in national polling. there's no chance of reaching it there. it obviously has to be a more competitive race. it's worth noting that only once since the turn of the 20th century have we had a divergence, the loser of the popular vote, win the electoral college. that was george w. bush in 2000. the most straight forward path for donald trump, assuming he can make the national race more competitive again, which is tough. there really isn't a precedent. if he can make it more competitive, the most straight forward path is to hold all of the 206 electoral college votes that mitt romney won, which includes north carolina. the one on that list that's the most in danger. add to it three mega states, ohio, florida, and pennsylvania. in ohio, he has been very competitive because the state is dominated by the blue collar white voters where he has been strongest. florida has been tougher because it is more diverse, and he is
3:35 am
hemorrhaging support among the growing hispanic population, particularly the puerto rican population. and pennsylvania, really, is the toughest of all because it is there where you have the modern democratic coalition of minority voters and socially liberal whites, both philadelphia and the suburbs of philadelphia where he's facing an enormous deficit. he's losing college educated white women in pennsylvania by over 30 points and college educated white men by 16 points. those are unprecedented and insurmountable numbers. if he can't make pennsylvania competitive and it doesn't appear he can, he has to try to cobble it together with a combination of states like nevada, iowa, new hampshire, maybe wisconsin, where there's more of that blue collar white presence. again, if those noncollege white women are bailing ship also, all of those become problematic as well. >> okay, ron. thanks so much for breaking down all the numbers for us. great to see you this morning. let's get over to chris. >> all right. there's this new report that claims donald trump is being fed
3:36 am
russian propaganda and is repeating it at his political rallies. can this be true? we're going to talk to the "newsweek" writer who broke the story and you decide.
3:37 am
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at a campaign rally in pennsylvania monday, donald trump tried to use e-mails from the latest wikileaks document dump against hillary clinton. >> one important point has been universally acknowledged by the nine previous reports about benghazi. the attack was almost certainly preventable. if the gop wants to raise that as a talking point against her, it is legitimate. in other words, he's now admitting that they could have done something about benghazi. this just came out a little while ago. >> but our next guest says those remarks are not from the clinton confidant sidney blumenthal and that russia is behind trump's mix-up. here to explain is senior writer for "newsweek" kurt eichenwald.
3:41 am
how do you know blumenthal wasn't behind that quote? >> because i wrote it. what's amazing here, sidney blumenthal sent an e-mail to john podesta that attached an article that i wrote. and it is impossible to look at the blumenthal e-mail and not realize that this 10,000 words that follows are from "newsweek." they say "newsweek time and again. deep in the article are those two sentences that the russian government, through a russian news agency, published as an article saying this was the october surprise and it shows that even hillary clinton's, you know, close allies knew that she could have stopped benghazi. >> so what's the assertion? is the assertion that not that he misread the e-mail that came out in the wikileaks, your
3:42 am
assertion is that somehow donald trump got ahold of russian propaganda outside of the wikileaks dump and was using that? >> there are two possibilities. one is that both the russians and donald trump were tricked into believing a manipulated e-mail, or the russians manipulated it and donald trump fell for it. but there's -- if you look at the e-mail, it's impossible to come away believing that that e-mail, that the part that was just quoted, came from sidney blumenthal. >> i think we have it. >> my name is in it. >> right. >> i read it. i've seen. >> i think we have it, to just prove the point, to show the viewers. up there, you see it comes from sidney blumenthal, if you have your magnifying glass. then it's just copying and pasting your article there. >> it says a comprehensive guide
3:43 am
to one of america's worst political outrages. then has your name in all caps. >> and if you go down, it says "ne "newsweek," subscribe to "newsweek." it's impossible to confuse this. >> your point is this online news service, sputnik, state-owned in russia, did confuse it and after that donald trump confused it. so connect the dots. what do you think happened? >> he thinks they manipulated it. >> what i'm saying is it's impossible to have confused that, to have dug that deeply into that article, which in fact was very critical of the republican campaign on benghazi. to dig that deeply into that article, to grab two sentences and to say, sidney blumenthal said this, you know, there's no way that any individual is that
3:44 am
stupid. >> but kurt, here's the only problem with the theory. essentially, you will leave people with the impression that donald trump is somehow being motivated by the russians. is that what you want people to think, that he's some kind of secret agent for the kgb? >> no. what i am saying is that there are some very serious issues here that need to be answered. one is, how did donald trump end up citing a false document or falsely citing a document on stage attributing it to sidney blumenthal when no rational person could have done that. >> well, there's your explanation right there. >> then you have the issue that the russian government news act si did the exact same thing hours earlier. again, i think there are only two options -- well, three. one is that they both have the same source of information. one is that trump followed up on
3:45 am
what was on the russian news agency report and believed it, or the third one is the most astonishing coincidence of all time. >> and either way, you say that this is terrifying. what do you mean? >> well, you have a terrifying question, which is, you know, here's information that's being put out in russia that is propaganda, that is false, and then hours later donald trump is putting out that same false information that has been put out by the russian news agency. so you really are left with a, what is happening here? again, if donald trump is willing to read something he just pulls off of any place and declare it as fact, that really raises some severe questions about his judgment, about what he considers to be real or not.
3:46 am
so we have so many different problems here. did it come from the russians, did it come from a third party, or did they just pull it off -- you know, did they just make it up themselves? >> welcome to the election of 2016. >> kurt eichenwald, thank you for sharing that. >> thanks for having me. so "entertainment tonight" host nancy o'dell is the target of what donald trump referred to as his locker room talk on that bus. now she is responding to trump's lewd comments about her. her message for the audience, next. it takes hard work, dedication and hours of practice for a drum line to perfect its routine. rocket mortgage by quicken loans is just as precise... but it only requires a few minutes of your time. now, you can securely share your financial information with the push of a button, giving you an accurate and custom mortgage solution without missing a beat. [drum line sfx: rocket] quicken loans. proud supporter of college athletics.
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can make meals legendary. because pure tastes better. voters in florida given at least one more day to register to vote because of last week's hurricane. a federal judge granting the 24-hour extension. the governor was against it. the state's democratic party then had to file a lawsuit requesting extra time for last-minute signups, believing many voters were affected by hurricane matthew, which is reasonable. the order goes against the state republican governor, as i said, rick scott, because he said no. he thought today's deadline was sufficient. strike averted. chicago public schools will be open today after a tentative agreement between the teacher's union and the school district. the new contract could extend through 2019. it still needs final approval from the union's rank and file. flags are flying at half staff in vermont in honor of
3:51 am
five high school students killed in a wrong-way crash. investigators say the friends were driving home after a concert, and they were hit by a vehicle traveling on the wrong side of the highway. the driver, who has a criminal history in two states, is in critical condition and could be formally charged this week. >> my gosh. samsung is stopping production of its galaxy note 7. it says the devices, including the replacements, are still a fire risk. samsung asking all carriers to suspend sales and telling users to shut the device off immediately if you currently own one. last week a replacement phone caught fire on a plane, leading to an evacuation. an investigation into that problem is under way. >> and i thought my kid's phone was just really hot because she uses it all the time. >> that's a design flaw. donald trump isn't the only person affected by the release of this controversial tape from "access hollywood" in 2005. the "today" show has suspended host billy bush.
3:52 am
the women they were discussing in that video are now speaking out. let's discuss this with cnn's senior media correspondent and host of "reliable sources" brian stelter, and cnn contributor and author of "the war for late night," bill carter. so we have a clip of nancy o'dell, who was really the primary target of what was being said on tape by trump and bush. let's hear her response. >> by now, i'm sure that most of you have heard the audiotape, which became national news and part of the presidential race. my name was mentioned, and unfortunately, the release of it has thrown me in the middle of the political arena. i released a statement on saturday, and i truly mean what i said. there is no room for objectification of women, or anyone for that matter, not even in the locker room. >> lousy situation for o'dell, but she dealt with it. and now hopefully she gets to move on. so what is going on in the state of play, brian, of the fallout from the video? >> well, billy bush is on the
3:53 am
bench, and it seems like he'll be on the bench for quite a while. nbc's looking into this in more detail now, making sure there aren't other tapes, trying to figure out when billy bush knew about this tape, and trying to figure out whether he can viably come back to the "today" show. i think the answer is no. staffers of the show say he will not be back. >> and female staffers really spoke out against him coming on. >> but -- basically, he said he's ashamed and embarrassed. he put out a statement immediately. he said he played along. he played along. sometimes when a guest comes on, you curry favor with the guest, and you play along. why is he being so -- >> he played along in a way that's, at least to a lot of people, seems kind of revolting. he's laughing, he's snickering, pointing out this woman's legs. he called for the hug, which i think really put it over the line. it's like, let's set up a thing where you're actually touching the guy after he said, you know, i go in for the kiss, i grab people. it seemed like he was enabling the situation.
3:54 am
>> but is it weird -- is this nbc showing that it has to drop the hammer because of what's happened with, you know, fill in the blank, other anchors they've had? >> i think there's some of that, yeah. >> but it's a little weird. you have one guy running for the president of the united states. another guy who's not even on the main "today" show. he's on the entertainment version later on. he's paying the big price. >> there's election context to all of this because this happened a month before the election with a nation that really is on edge about this election. i think that is partly why nbc is reacting the way it did. if this tape had come out a year ago, i don't think we see the same kind of reactions. >> they're pushing the narrative this guy is a journalist. >> and that he might replace matt lauer. >> that was the idea. >> that rumor was certainly out there. that really blew that up, clearly. >> so you know, there are also rumors that another shoe is going to drop and there might be other vulgar tapes and maybe there were some outtakes from "the apprentice" when donald trump was hosting it.
3:55 am
what do we know about the status of whether or not there are other tapes? >> we know other staffers that used to work on the show that said trump would make sexist and inappropriate comments behind the scenes. talking about camera women, contestants. there could be transcripts and there could be tapes, but this content is very hard to obtain. this is old video locked away in a vault. mark burnett, the producer of the show, came out last night and said, i don't have the right or the ability to release this material. >> there's a complication in this. he said there's a contractual situation that prevents it. what i understand now is there was no contractual obligation because he was a co-owner, but whatever his settlement was when he left nbc, there could have been something -- >> anti-disparagement. >> exactly. >> that wouldn't be unusual. it's not unusual. you have the how much does this matter. we have this new poll where trump took a hit. it's unusual for there to be a yawning gap between candidates at this point in an election. however, a lot of his supporters don't buy it.
3:56 am
they think it's tarring him unfairly, unfair standard, especially compared to the clintons. and we're starting to get a taste of this being turned back on the media. we have a clip of what was done with some of the trump supporters with cnn reporters at one of his rallies. take a look. >> and this crooked media. you talk about crooked hillary, they're worse than she is. >> now, i get why people criticize the media. often it is with good reason. i grew up most of my life not liking the media. but i think this is very high on the list of irresponsible things the guy has done. katy tur at nbc had to be walked to her damn car by the secret service because of what came out of his face. he doesn't think about the implications to anybody other than himself. have you ever heard of anybody in politics, let alone a presidential nominee, doing anything like this? >> this is much, much worse than what we've seen in the past. it's one thing for candidates to
3:57 am
criticize the press, say they're getti getting bad coverage, but donald trump is routinely lying to his supporters about the media, in little ways and big ways. that has damaging effects for the viewers who are watching and more importantly for the voters who support him because they're being misled. >> and there's a mob mentality now at stake. these people are yelling and shouting and threatening reporters in a way i've never seen. >> that's right. they go over to the press pen. there's the large issue of obviously denigrating the press, but then there's the individual aspect of people going to the press. the press are penned in. yelling at them, making vulgar gestures at them. >> i dealt with that at the rnc. i get the passion. but a politician has a responsibility. you shape the passion of people. i don't mean to call supporters sheep. i respect people who want to back politicians. trust me. but he makes them angry. then instead of saying things to you, they want to do things to
3:58 am
you. i'm telling you, something is going to happen. something is going to happen. >> he needs to help bring the temperature down. instead, he keeps raising the temperature by lying to them. >> his whole defense now is to stir his base. i think this is playing into that as well. >> what we're seeing is denialism as well. he's been citing these online surveys that say he won the debate. they're unscientific. if you don't believe me, you can believe fox, you can believe lots of media outlets. >> it started as a joke. i used to joke, trump is going to get me arrested some day. somebody is going to say something, and i'm going to wind up getting arrested. now it's not a joke anymore. i got to walk around with camerota 24/7. >> i protect him. >> what's your take? tweet us @newday. also post your comment on >> i look forward to reading it. >> there's a lot of news. a brand new poll that shows potential fallout for donald trump. let's get to it. without the media, hillary
3:59 am
clinton couldn't be elected dogcatcher. >> he wants to talk about what we've been doing the last 30 years, bring it on. >> oh, this is a bad one. needs wall street money in order to successfully run her campaign. okay. so what else is new? >> donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. >> i worry about the future of the republican party. >> it is a troubling situation. >> i meant what i said. >> isn't it too bad we don't have stronger leadership? >> he is an equal opportunity insulter if there ever was one. good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. up first, the nation's top republican, paul ryan, says he can no longer defend the party's nominee. he's going to focus instead, he says, on protecting the gop's majority in the house and senate. >> republicans seem to be closer to civil war than we have seen since the trump effect took
4:00 am
hold. and it comes at the same time that trump's numbers are dropping in the latest poll. just as he ramps up attacks against the clintons. any ceonnection? certainly a lot at stake. eight days remaining until the final debate. election day exactly four weeks away. cnn has all the news. let's begin with cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash. good morning, dana. >> good morning, chris. forget about the attacks on the clintons, the republican nominee used precious campaign time on stump in the crucial state of pennsylvania to go after the republican house speaker. let's listen. >> you have people that can't fix a budget, but then they start talking about their nominee. but they can't fix the budget. isn't it really sad that we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? >> so what's going on here, trump is furious that the house speaker paul ryan held a conference call with his rank and file and told them he will no longer be defending trump and he wants every one of


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