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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, i'm kate boldu bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the breaking news, anarchy within the republican party and donald trump's twitter account. right now, trump has spent the last few hours, last few minutes, raging, not against the democratic nominee but against
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the senior elected republican in the country, house speaker paul ryan, on twitter, moments ago, trump wrote, it's so nice the shackles have been taken often me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. that came just after trump called ryan weak, ineffective and disloyal for declaring he can no longer defend trump and he slammed ryan and other republican leaders for what he calls zero support. >> let the record show after the first debate donald trump went on a tweet storm against a former miss universe. after the second debate, it was paul ryan. at least this time, he waited until after dawn and he didn't mention a sex tape so there is that. let's start our coverage with cnn senior political reporter manu raju. where should we begin? >> well, this party is in self-preservation mode, kate and john, and it's really every man, woman and child for themselves. the republican party is just looking to really hang on to congress right now. a lot of republican officials that i talk to here in
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washington really believe that the white house is probably out of reach right now and they only can manage salvaging the majority of the house and the senate and they'll take that. in order to keep the house majority, they need -- republicans need to prevent democrats from taking up 30 seats. on the senate side, it's a 54/56 majority so republicans need to keep their losses down to about four seats. if hillary clinton were to win the white house. so that is where their focus is right now. they say they maybe can do that by separating themselves from the top of the ticket. of course that's very hard particularly if this does become a wave election. now, amid this fight, donald trump, as you mentioned, firing back. take to twitter. just a few minutes ago saying this. disloyal r ps are far more difficult than crooked hillary. they don't know how to win. i will tell them.
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so that is how donald trump is going after his party in a lot of ways, saying, running the campaign he ran to propel them to the nomination. but it's a lot different. in a general election, we need to pick up more support. paul ryan for his part is not trying to get into a tit-for-tat with donald trump saying he's not going to defend him. this is what a spokesman said just a few minutes ago right now. paul ryan is focusing this next month on defeating democrats and all republicans running for office should probably do the same. that's from brendan buck who's a ryan spokesman. taking a little bit of a swipe at donald trump for turning his ier against fellow republicans. paul ryan is still endorsing and voting for donald trump. we'll see if he actually revokes that endorsement. nonetheless, they're all running
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their own races right now. >> and depending on which tweet you read from donald trump this morning, he either cares about paul ryan's support or doesn't, depending on which one you read, depending on which hour he tweets. as a civil war reignites it appears, some republicans are picking sides, while others seem to be working overtime to keep the peace. >> joining us now is the chair of the ohio republican party. he sent a warning to members the rnc and spoke to donald trump himself about the party's infighting. i don't know if you had the pleasure of being on twitter the last few minutes but donald trump certainly has and he's tweeting about republicans right now, you know, manu just read one of them. let me read you another, with the exception cheating bernie out of the nomination, the dems have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the republicans. your reaction to donald trump's twitter rage this morning. >> well, i spoke with him yesterday, as you mentioned, and i'm going to speak with him
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again probably later today. and i'm going to reinforce with him right now we're in a different phase of this campaign. what he has done in the past to make himself separate from the politicians, make himself an outsider, was certainly effective in getting him the nomination, getting him as far as he has, which is is extremely impressive. but we begin voting in ohio tomorrow. we're in a much different phase of the campaign now where he has to separate himself from hillary clinton. help has to make sure voters understand he would be better equipped to handle the job of president than she would. his fight is with them. excuse me, his fight is not with them. his fight is with hillary clinton. that's the message he's going to continue to embrace. i spoke with him about this yesterday. i'm going to speak with him about it again. that's where he needs to focus his fire right now. >> matt, if you spoke to him yesterday, he did not get the message. i mean, if you look at just what he is saying just this morning. he says republicans, disroyloya
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republicans this don't know how to win. i will teach them. where do you get any confidence he's going to hear your message and take your advice? >> i certainly don't pretend i'm the only person speaking with him. or that he even would listen to me. as a leader in the party, i feel it's my responsibility. we have an open line of communication. we've spoken and met with each other many times. i'm going to call him again and have another conversation with him as we had discussed doing yesterday. because i feel like this is something he needs to hear. whether he chooses to act on it or not is something different. but i'm going to definitely continue to talk to him about this because, again, our fight is with the democrats now. our fight is with hillary clinton. the american people need to see our candidate has a better vision and better understanding of how to do that job then hillary clinton who we all look at and see she's a liar, she's done things that are probably criminal and she's unfit for
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that office. and this is an election a republican should win this year. so that kind of messaging is what we need to focus on. he's got 28 days now to bring it home. but, again, voting in ohio starts tomorrow. so people are going to be making up their minds. the notion that -- the notion that we don't know how to win in ohio, we've won elections as republicans here pretty consistently for the last 25 years. i myself have run seven campaigns, five of them statewide, and won them all -- >> matt, that's your message. and that's the republican party official message. the idea is to beat hillary clinton. again, that doesn't seem to be his message now. he's going off on paul ryan and other republicans. there's a lot that's been written about you. your wife won't let you put a trump lawn sign outside your house right now. you haven't come out and vocally endorsed donald trump just yet. do these tweets that you're seeing from him this morning,
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does this make you more or less likely to give him your backing? >> i want nothing more than to have a republican in the white house this year. and i want nothing less than to see hillary clinton be successful. i'm going to do everything i can in the last 28 days to make sure that's the case. i told mr. trump the very first time we spoke, he called me and we had a very long conversation the first time we spoke. i told him, i will always be honest with you. whether it's good, bad or indifferent. i'm going to tell you the truth. and so every now and then, i've got to call him and we've got to have a conversation that's a little bit unpleasant -- >> right, you haven't endorsed him, as you well said, as you said a couple times now, people in ohio start voting tomorrow. whether p when a when are you going to make your decision?
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>> when i made those comments, i wasn't sure who i was going to vote for, there were at least some rumors out there there was the possibility he might withdraw from the ticket. i asked him, is that -- are you going to do that, is that something you are planning to do? are you going to withdraw from the ticket? he told me absolutely not. i asked him to go out and give the performance of his life in the debate that night. when i talked to him yesterday, i told him this guy doesn't shrink from the biggest of moments. he obviously had a terrific debate performance. and helped keep his campaign going. and now we need to move into the next fatz which is not fighting with republicans again like we were doing back around the convention. we need to get to the phase where we were making our cation and our closing argument with voters who once they fill out their absentee ballot and send it in, there's no going back. and having them second guess what they may have done. the voting starts now. the messaging is very clear now. it has to be clear and crisp. that's the phase of the campaign we're in. >> do you think donald trump is
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going to win? >> i still think there's a chance he can. we were really going to have to focus the message and bring it home over the next four weeks in order for there to be a chance. there's no question this is an uphill climb right now. >> you need to actually improve to have a chance? >> yes, that's right. >> can he win ohio? >> yes, of course he can win ohio -- >> is he going to win ohio? >> over the course of the last many weeks, showed that he was ahead here. there haven't been any polls that i've seen that shows that's changed. we'll see if that's the case. we're going to have some fresh numbers internally this week. i told mr. trump yesterday i would share those with him. so now the question is can we get the campaign back on the right track so he can carry ohio, so he can carry this message. he's connected with a lot of people around the state that candidly republicans have had a difficult time connecting with.
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i don't know anyone who would tell you the last two weeks or the last week and a half has gone particularly well -- >> so to go back to the previous question -- >> matt, unless he changes, you're saying there is no chance? >> well, the trajectory right now doesn't look good. there was a poll out yesterday that has us down 14 points nationally. we need to make sure -- he breathed life back in the campaign with his debate performance on sunday. there's no question about that. i asked him specifically would there be any other embarrassing allegation that come out, like the ones that came out on friday. he told me no. he said absolutely not. and so i'm take him at his word. if we can avoid those kinds of things and get back on a message that help us win and helps us reinforce what ohioans do not like about hillary clinton. ohioans see hillary clinton as the ultimate beltway insider in a change election. again, this is an election we
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should win this year and should have won. so we can get back on track, we don't have a lot of time to do it, but we certainly don't have any more time to be wasting time on side shows and waste another week here or there talking about things that don't help us win this election. >> we're out of time but, i mean, to your point, he told you there weren't any more embarrassing things out there but then last night he told people at a ramally if there is a release of more tapes of him saying inappropriate things, then he's going to go after hillary clinton even more and bill clinton even more. so it doesn't seem that donald trump is completely dispelling the possibility that there's more embarrassing stuff out there, maybe a topic of conversation with him later today. >> i asked him the question point blank and he gave me an answer and i'm going to take him at his word. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate your time. thank you. >> all right, let's bring in cnn chief political correspondent
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dana bash and errol lewis, political anchor at time cable warner news. this is anincrediblyimportant state for donald trump. he cannot win the white house realistically without winning ohio. no republican has. he just said basically unless donald trump changes, there's no chance he wins. >> that was such a tellinglevel. it was well done and it was revealing with regard to what he said. that was one of them. but the other was what the role of state party chairs like matt burgess need to do, figure out how to marry two conflicting interests. that's what's going on right now. that's the headline of this morning. if you look at the tweet, one of the many tweets he sent out in the past couple of hours, but the most telling i think was they don't know how to win, i will tell them. i think what he's really saying
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is if i'm going down, you're going down with me. and i've been texting and in communication with republicans this morning, who are worried that what he's doing is he's taking, for lack of a better way to say it, it the breitbart strategy, the former head of breitbart is now running his campaign, to just go at it against the establishment. and what that means in practical terms could mean in practical terms is messages being sent to the base that don't support these down ballot tickets. you're already seeing some of those suggestions creeping into the tweets and other messages from surrogates and others. that is an absolute war. it's not just a battle. it is a war. it will basically mean that this party could completely crumble at the election. now, we'll see what happens, but that certainly looks like the kind of fight that donald trump is now setting up this morning.
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again, against his own party. >> right. >> not against hillary clinton, the one on the ballot against him now. >> that's what he said in the interview, he acknowledged the campaign is not on track now, because he's aiming his fire at the wrong people. matt bp ur ge ss is part of that, aiming his fire within rather than to hillary clinton. as matt said over and over again, ohioans start voting tomorrow. >> tomorrow is election day. if the folks in trump tower didn't get that message, they should be fired for malpractice. tomorrow is election day in ohio for all intents and purposes. for them to be fighting in this way. you know, i think we all understood, because we've been reporting this for months, there's a serious rift, differences in philosophy, differences in tone and temperment, within the republican party. if they could just wait 29 days
8:16 am
to kick off that fight and have that fight. and see what the election returns show. and then sort of go at it. they'd be in a much better position than they are now. every news cycle is precious. every day is precious. you talk to senior trump officials as i have. you asked them, gee, what are you really worried about? they say we may just run out of time. >> you see that matt burgess would be more than happy to have that fight 29 days from now. >> we get a sense of the turmoil. we were just getting to get a sense of the turmoil within trump world itself over the last few days. new jersey governor chris cykr t christie, he was hosting a sports talk radio show today, and he sort of talked about his views of donald trump's apology process friday into saturday and beyond. listen to what chris christie said this morning. >> do you think the apology was enough? >> i didn't think it was.
8:17 am
on friday or saturday. and i told him that. i would have done it much differently. but, you know, i do think he's sorry and i do think he's embarrassed by it. no question in my mind about it. i was there when he found out about it. there's no question in my mind he's embarrassed by it. i think he should have been much more direct and more focused on just saying i'm sorry and only i'm sorry. >> he tries to sugarcoat it a little bit but only a tiny little bit, dana. >> not much. >> direct criticism from christie about how donald trump said he was sorry. >> so revealing about what went on that night when you were on the air. sort of trying to hospital tt t and figure out what's going on all night. now we know, christie, one of the reasons the trump inner circle likes to keep him close, he's the guy who can kind of deliver the bad medicine to trump and he will listen. he's not afraid to tell it like it is to him. that's with regard to political
8:18 am
advice. and trump wasn't listening to him. and he be just said for the first time that he did not like the way that donald trump responded. not just apologizing, but he didn't say this, but this is obviously what trump ended up doing, going after bill clinton. that explains why chris christie canceled on jack tapper sunday morning, didn't go to the debate. it just shows how different his reaction was. he was not comfortable at all and receded to rudy giuliani who's also kind of been there in the mix leading the charge. he helped lead this, you know, stunt to have these four women who are accusers of bill clinton, who say that hillary clinton was involved. when i say stunt, never mind the event beforehand, but try to get them to sit in the family box, which the commission says that's not going to happen. what a different take that each of these men had in terms of how to handle donald trump.
8:19 am
>> all right. it is still ongoing. dana bash, errol lewis, thank you. the man who brought you trump's reality show is now breaking it is silence about whether some videos could be soon released. >> plus, if the shackles are now off donald trump, he has now rejoined the call that has become so familiar at his rallies, to put those shackles on hillary clinton. the latest episode of that.
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breaking news right now. in the other half of this access hollywood scandal obviously surrounding donald trump, billy bush, the host of the 9:00 hour to this point of the "today" show, who was also heard on the tape, on the videotape with donald trump, we have news regarding his future right now. senior media correspondent and host of reliable sources, brian stelter. >> the internal review at nbc news is really focused in on billy bush. we know he was suspended on sunday night. but now the network's trying to figure out what exactly happened here.
8:24 am
when exactly did billy bush remember this tape existed? there was a report overnight in the "new york post" that actually he was bragging about the existence of this tape back in august when he was at the rio olympics. if that's true, that was august, it's now october, the question will be, why didn't he tell his nbc news colleagues about the tape sooner? >> internal review, are people saying there's a chance he'll come back or is it unlikely? >> might be the slightest of the chances. every person i've spoken with believes he will not be back on the "today" show. that puts in sharp relieve the difference with what happens with bush and trump. what would happen in a business if an employ ooyee was caught o camera doing this, nbc is showing it, by suspending him and launching this review. trump continuing to fight. what both these men have in common is they're both entertainers. i feel like trump is continuing to put on a show with his tweets, with his rallies, whereas bush is silent, he's on the bench.
8:25 am
>> any idea how long the internal rh internal review will go on here? >> this is oftentimes a pretext for contractually to have someone leave. >> quick question on mark burnett, creator and owner of the apprentice. some question whether or not there would be more tapes released. we haven't seen any. but is burnett, what does burnett say about the possibility we'll see -- >> he says he's not allowed to release any tapes, nor is the production company mgm that now owns the rights. they say they are legally prohibited from releasing any tapes. i think what gop sources are worried about though is this idea there could be some sorts of video fragments out there even more embarrassing than what came out last week. notice what trump said yesterday on the trail. he said if they release more tapes, i'll talk more about bill
8:26 am
clinton's past. i'm not sure who he means by they. but clearly trump bracing or fearing more tapes so the show goes on. >> no telling' different story as we've learned to republican leaders, saying that he believes there is no embarrassing tape that could be coming out. so we will see. brian, thank you very much. a lot going on with that. coming up for us, he says the donald trump campaign just fired him for holding a protest against the republican national committee. does donald trump's now former virginia campaign chair feel betrayed? he's now speaking out, he'll join us live. plus, has any candidate ever won an election while being down 11 points a month before election day? we will look at the map. that's coming up. henry winkler d i'm here to tell homeowners that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet
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what is going to happen today? >> if they want to release more tapes, i'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton. >> donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. >> both campaigns bracing for new attacks, maybe some new bombshells. >> wikileaks. i love wikileaks. >> we now know who donald trump is but the real question for us is who are we. >> we are going to get a special prosecutor to figure this deal out. she's a liar. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> okay, there was all that, plus the breaking news, the civil war within the republican
8:32 am
party escalating this morning. donald trump or as he might call himself unshackled donald trump now, seemed to go nuclear on his own party. unloading a series of tweets in which he called house speaker paul ryan weak and ineffective and blasting republicans for being disloyal and they say he says far more difficult than hillary clinton. >> joining us now, errol lewis, alex burn, national political reporter for "the new york times," carl higby is here. simone sand eaers is here as we hillary clinton supporter who also worked for the bernie sanders campaign. guys, great to see you on such a slow day. alex if you're paul ryan, you wake up, you're scanning through twitter what goes through your mind? >> if paul ryan didn't expect this from donald trump, he must have been kidding himself. trump has counterattacked against virtually everybody who has criticized him in this campaign. >> but like this?
8:33 am
>> he went off on paul ryan, john mccain, kelly ayotte back in august, simply as retaliation for their not having endorsed him enthusiastically, though they had endorsed him at that point. for a lot of republicans, the concern now is not just is he going to go at paul ryan like this and the sort of embarrassing distracting public way, but when he's campaigning around the country, what is he going to be saying about the senators, members of congress, those states who badly need to hold the republican base together if they're going to win re-election. >> in new hampshire, nevada, you know, florida, states with senate races where he will be traveling and may be speaking. carl higby, you were a donald trump supporter. >> yes. >> you want him to win. >> yes. >> how does this help him win? >> the problem is here, people are upset with people like paul ryan. look, this said, we'd love to have paul ryan on our side but in 17 years, he's passed a law for naming a post office, an increased tax on hunting arrows and something else less significant. >> how does this help -- it's a simple question, how does this help donald trump win? >> because he's further setting
8:34 am
himself apart from a party that people are not happy with. we'd love to have paul ryan on our side and actually start getting some stuff done. the fact is he's not jumping on board. the american people overwhelmingly have said we like donald trump, we want him to be our candidate so get behind him. we need paul ryan to help us out. >> you need paul ryan to help you out. that's the thing. you need him, you don't need him. which one is it? because this is not how you win him back over. >> well, the thing is, measure not winning him over anyway. hopefully we can shame him into getting on or we can set ourses so far apart that the people say you know what the establishment is really screwed up here and it drives more support to donald trump. >> shaming him, the idea is shame him to get on board? >> i think so, really trying to put him in place, saying you don't own this party. the people own this party. >> simone, democrat -- >> i'd not heard of that strategy -- >> what's the play for democrats right now? >> we just need to set back and let the republicans, you know, spontaneously self-combust
8:35 am
because they are literally tearing themselves apart. this is a civil war. this is a fight for the soul of the republican party. and the democrats, we know who we are, it's republicans who are trying to figure out who they are. this is absolutely unprecedented. for the republican nominee and his surrogates to be out there saying we have to shame the speaker of the house, the leader of our conference and the house into getting on board, really putting in jeopardy the republicans in the house and the senate. the senate i think is already far gone. if paul ryan wants to stave off whatever he can, save his seats in the house, i think him and donald trump need to get it together. democrats, we are all on board over here. >> a smart man earlier in the show said this is one of those fights, if you're talking about for the heart and soul of the republican party. why couldn't they find a way. i mean, you got reince priebus who's still with him. why not find a way to have this fight 29 days from now? >> or behind closed doors and just be -- i mean, look, bernie
8:36 am
and hillary had a huge rift but it's been very apparent that bernie is on board and then behind closed doors hillary had her rift with him. but the fact is they appear together. we need to do the same as republicans. >> hillary clinton also didn't have a really scandalous tape come out in the middle of all of it. >> her entire career in politics has been scandalous. >> no, but is the blame being pointed at the correct person here? that's what we heard from matt borges of the ohio republican party, don't blame us from speaking out and not just blankly saying we're with you. you're the one who created this mess. >> right, i don't condone those comments. the fact of the matter is, he's running for president and he's going to be a strong leader and i really hope that paul ryan gets back on board because it will be really nice to have the entire republican party. >> wait, he's not running for president, he's not running for pope, he's running for president. the president of the united states should be a role model. you shouldn't have to excuse your children from the room when the president of the united
8:37 am
states comes into the room to speak. so it's absolutely ridiculous and, i mean, kudos to those republicans who decided to -- i can't say that on national television, but decided to stand up and have a spine and stand up against donald trump. >> you can say pretty much almost anything at this point. >> errol, hillary clinton on her schedule today has an event in florida with al gore. if she decided she wants to campaign for the next few days. she's going on stage with al gore today. what's the play here? >> i imagine just because of who he is now in the democratic party that this is a way of saying, and i'd be shocked if she doesn't say something about climate change. it didn't get asked in either of the first two debates. this happened in the vice presidential debate too. my twitter feed goes crazy. wlaels the question about climate change. this is something they either promised to bernie sanders and his followers when she worked out whatever deal.
8:38 am
so florida, which just got hit with storms, extreme weather. we know it's a place where people care about in a very practical sense. we also know florida is the place where the clinton campaign hopes to deal the death stoke to donald trump. lots of analysis to suggest there's no path of victory to him. >> alex, how many young voters know of al gore or know how persuasive is al gore going to be. >> i think to a great degree gore is known by young peeople s "the inconvenient truth" guy. he's the guy with the documentary film about climate change who then won the nobel prize. to the extent it's about climate issues, i think that's relevant. gore is this living "scared straight" story about third party voting. if there's anybody in a position to say look, take it from me, your quote/unquote principaled vote for a protest candidate on left can have disastrous consequences. gore's a pretty good person to make that case.
8:39 am
>> in florida. >> in florida of all places. it may be less relevant now because we're no longer looking at least for the moment at a close election. >> all right, guys, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. spirited discussion. coming up, you're fired. trump's campaign drops one of its own over a protest outside the republican national committee. does the former virginia campaign share still support trump after being let go? we're going to talk to him next. trump says the shackle are also off. lashing out at his own party once again. what does that do to the map? the 270 to actually get him to a victory? we crunch the numbers. we're great at math. we'll be right back. with a crust made chfrom scratche and mixes crisp vegetables with all white meat chicken, and bakes it to perfection. because making the perfect dinner isn't easy as pie but finding someone to enjoy it with sure is. marie callender's. it's time to savor. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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donald trump has taken the gloves off, lit them on fire and thrown them out the window. i'm talking about not against hillary clinton, against his own party now. and then there's this. the trump campaign fired its own virginia chairman for organizing a protest against the committee outside committee's headquarters. >> joining us is the form erm virginia chair of the trump campaign, corey stewart. thank you for being with us. why did you protest outside the rnc? >> because the rnc and actually it's the establishment element within the rnc, it's not the whole thing. establishment republicans are undermining the trump cap pampa. they're diverting resources away from the trump campaign to congressional candidates. look, if that continues, we're going to lose virginia, we're going to lose other states. i just wanted to shake the establishment into doing the right thing. i knew i was risking my job. they warned me i was going to lose my job. it was the right thing to do.
8:45 am
>> corey, you weren't fired by the republican national committee, you were fired by the campaign. david bossy, the campaign manager, told you to stop. >> well, there are elements reason the campaign who came on board in september and some earlier than that that are really a part of the republican establishment. don't necessarily think they have mr. trump's interests in mind. but, look, it's not about me, it's about the campaign. and trying to get the resources necessary from the rnc to win this election come november 8th. >> do you feel betrayed by the trump campaign? >> not at all. they warned me, if you proceed with this, we're going to terminate you. i said that's fine. i'm trying to do the right thing. i wanted to call attention to the fact that without more resources to states like virginia that are critical must-win states for the trump campaign, we're going to lose the race for the white house. >> corey, do you think people like david, like kellyanne
8:46 am
conway, you do not think they have donald trump's best interest at heart? >> i'm not going to name specific names. there are a couple people which frankly i don't think they do have mr. trump's best interest at heart. but look, the real issue here is that you can't win a state like virginia unless you've got an ad program, an ad campaign. we haven't seen any resources on the ground in a competitive state like virginia. we've seen almost nothing, in fact, we've seen very little, even in terms of flyers and handouts and signs and other collateral. it's just been a real shame honestly. >> as things stand right now, is donald trump going to win next month? >> well, if things don't change, it's going to be very difficult. we've got to pour more resources into states like virginia and here's the thing. the republican establishment wants to put the resources into the senate races around the country. not necessarily into mr. trump's campaign. virginia doesn't have a senate
8:47 am
race. therefore, they've removed the resources. without those resources, it's going to be very hard to win virginia. without virginia, it will be very hard to win nationwide. >> what role does donald trump have in this? donald trump, as we saw in tweets today, he doesn't seem to care much or if at all about down ballot races. >> well, look, his job is to win the presidency. that's our job, is to help him win the presidency. he's right to point out that paul ryan and mitt romney and other members of the republican establishment not only have they not been helpful but they've been condemning him. they've been piling on. right at the worst possible time. lack of support. and, you know, on november 8th, if we lose, we know exactly where the blame is. that is with the republican establishment who don't want him to win. >> it won't be because of donald trump? the blame won't be on donald trump? >> well, look, every candidate is going to have difficulties and challenges going forward. as a party, you've got to come around the candidate -- >> hey, corey, are you going to
8:48 am
hold the republican party accountable -- >> absolutely. >> -- in your minds? >> you know what, the whole purpose yesterday was to try to shame the republican establishment into supporting mr. trump. doing the right thing. and i'll tell you what, regardless of how this race turns out on november 8th, i personally am going to hold them accountable. there's going to be be a lot of people that will hold them accountable. the grassroots will be holding the republican elites accountable for the way things have gone over the past year. >> corey stewart, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> this is not what party unity looks like. >> no. >> coming up for us, while the civil war escalates within the gop -- >> you heard some of it right there. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton is leading double digits right now. if you are looking at those numbers and you are looking at those numbers in october, can you win against that? we're going to crunch the numbers. and now...i'm in bristol, inia. tennessee. on this side of the road
8:49 am
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learn more about the safeguards at all right. donald trump showing his mastery this morning with 140 characters, but another number he needs to worry about this morning. 270. >> as in the 270 votes on the
8:53 am
electoral map he needs to win the presidency. can he get there? right now especially while a civil war is raging within the gop. a list of senators defected from him amid the scandal. go to a smart man. cnn senior political analyst, ron brown. i've teased this a bunch. show ad mas and now leaning on you. the important caveats. it is october. this is important, and you are looking at an 11-point deficit for donald trump. smart people has said, no one has come back in a modern era from a four-point deficit in october. what do we do? >> 11 points is a lot and the same result of our atlantic public religion research ins site to poll out today extending through the debate, also had an 11-point advantage. it's possible that those that
8:54 am
elevated, extenuated deficit is a temporary troth driven by bad news in the cycle. underlying reality, virtually no polls, no national poll, since donald trump effectively clinched the nomination in may exceeding 42% of the vote. doing very well even in the latest polls among blue collar whites, but struggling among minorities and underperforming any nominee ever among college educated voters, as long as that's trute, ceiling low 40s. >> and leave that aside a moment. down 11%, what states don't even matter, because 11% is just too much. say he's not down 11%. say the race is lcloser. what's donald trump path here to 270? >> you're right. at 11 points, there is no it path. the prerequisite for having a path is having a much more
8:55 am
competitive national race. if there is a path, the most straightforward, holding all of the mitt romney states, 206 electoral college votes and the key holding north carolina, most vulnerable, adding ohio, has run well, dominated by blue collar voters, his most passionate supporters, florida and pennsylvania. the last two much more problematic. florida, because it's diverse, and pennsylvania because you have a larger proportion of the white vote among those college educated whites suffering the micro-koss kocos microcosm, as micropopulation of philadelphia to suburban whites outside of philadelphia. not enough blue collar in the places he's visiting to overcome that. >> needs to win florida and ohio. right now polls show him losing. this is florida. showing the difficulty now. ron brownstein, great to have you with us. >> duffel but still time. not much as all. much more on breaking news. donald trump lashing out. in the midst of a full-blown war
8:56 am
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your time today. already an interesting day. america votes four weeks from today and donald trump, maybe you haven't been following his twitter feed. tweeting up a storm feeling unshackled and guess what? the campaign could get even more nasty. >> if they want to release more tapes, saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton, doing inappropriate


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