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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we're not going to back down. and remember this, it's a rigged election. because you have phony people coming up with phony allegations with no witnesses whatsoever. ending up from 20 years ago, 30 years ago. how about this crazy woman on the airplane? okay? can anybody believe that one? how about this. after 15 minutes, we don't know each other, after 15 minutes, she said well, that was too much and i decided. 15 a minutes? with the ladies in this place, it would be one second and it will be smack. >> i want to bring in phil, who's in maine. so, phil, do we expect to hear the same dialogue we just heard or is this a different audience, different information? >> i think the short answer is yes. we expect to hear the same time of tone, tenor, the same type
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after attack mentality we've seen from donald trump over the last couple of day, an adviser made this point. we don't know what he's going to say going into these rallies. that's the point the campaign is at now. that includes this strange attack on hillary clinton at his last rally. take a listen. >> athletes. they make them take a drug test. right? i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do i think we should, why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior because i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. and at the end, it was like, take me down. she could barely reach her car. so i think we should take a drug test. any way, i'm willing to do it. >> so, that is obviously a new
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line of attack on the fitness of hillary clinton up to this point. but i think it's worth noting as i said, advisers don't know what donald trump's going to say when he gets to the stage. donald trump has reached the point in this campaign where he's going to say what he wants to say, when he wants to say it. whether that has a negative impact on the poll, a negative impact on his ability to win in swing states, to win in battlegrounds. he doesn't care anymore. he believes that message is what got him to this point and that's how he's going to close out this campaign. >> meantime, what are his supporters saying? >> i think the interesting point is when you go to his rallies and i've heard this repeatedly even in the wake of the hot mike tape, of sexual assault we've seeb over the course of the last couple of days, his supporters don't waiver. they believe in donald trump. take a listen to one we just spoke with. >> i trust him.
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i believe him. and i really feel in my heart he's gotten the attention of a lot of people that the rest of the world doesn't even know that we exist. >> fred, it's something you hear over and over again. they're not put off by what's happened over the last week. a lot of them say we hear that talk a lot in our normal lives and even those who are offended said it's bigger than those comments. we want to stick with donald trump. i will say, one of the disconcerting elements i've heard when you talk to trump supporters, the idea of the quote unquote rigged election that you heard in the lead up to this. that you've heard over the last couple of days. is the theory that a lot of them subscribe to. that's problematic going forward, something that a lot of establishment republicans i've talked to are very concerned about from here on out. i think that's an issue you're going to hear donald trump continue to talk about going forward, even though there's no truth to it. >> thank you so much in bangor,
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maine. joining us now to talk more about this, cnn's senior political ammist and senior editor of the atlantic, ron brownstein and washington correspond, jay newton small. jay, let me xwin with you. so, you know, polls have shown donald trump you know, popularity has split particularly after that access hollywood videotape was revealed. so, is there a feeling now from trump and his campaign that going after the accusers will help bring some of those numbers up or is it simply trying to get the last word on the topic? >> well i think there's a diversion between his campaign an donald trump. i think if you saw during this week for example kellyanne conway was yelling at her candidate from the back of an auditorium saying stick to the issues. and trying to keep him focused on message rather than kind of diverting off into these character attacks or divert off
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u into talking about this whole sort of uproar and really, the more that donald trump can stick to issue, especially going into this next debate, looking at immigration or trade, that's where he needs to be. the more he goes on these twitter tirades and attacks women, calling them liars and unattractive, that's not going to do him any good, especially when the people you need to drive out are female voters. he's got the male voter, certainly the white male vote e but they've been targeting up into the the first, female white voters and that demographic is not going to him. the there's a poll this week, the atlantic had, that had donald trump and hkds tied amongst noncollege educated white female voters. that usually goes to republicans by 20 percentage points and the fact he's losing these, these tirades are not going to help. >> that brings up an interesting
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point. is this you know, donald trump, we've heard him say days ago, that he is unshackled. the shackles are off. is this donald trump going it alone, particularly when in his messaging, he says this election is being rigged. you know by the media. you know, and pushing false and unsubstantiated charges, and yougt right lies in order to elect crooked hillary. is he saying forget it, i'm going to do my own thing. there really is no camp. this is just donald trump. >> no, i don't really see it that way. certainly, he is unbound. there's no question he is going further and making more inflammatory accusations than we've probably ever heard from a presidential candidate in either party, but i don't see it as something as him completely slipping the tether of the campaign. if you lock at the written, the prepared remarks that he gave the other day, where he essentially talked about an international globalist conspiracy that is out there to
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deny him the election and to basically as he said, impoverish working americans, that was not something he ad libbed. that was written by the campaign and reflects the same calculation. by any conventional measure, what donald trump is doing doesn't make sense if you look at what most call the swing voters. many college educated white voters. underperforming nominee and who frankly, will hear this as not only unshackled, but unhinged. i think this points to the trump campaign and the candidate are banking on mobilizing nonvoters, the most disaffected, alienuated blue collar shares of the electorate that are likely to believe the kind of arguments he's making. that's where they're putting their chips. gl and so, i have to make a correction based on something you said. you said it was kellyanne conway who said stick to the script, but now, i understand that it's not, it was not kellyanne conway, but someone from the camp, but not her. instead, a supporter of donald
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trump. in fact, not even someone within the campaign, so just that correction based on something you said. >> i took that from twitter, kellyanne conway was the one who tweeted out. journalists heard someone yell stay on message and kellyanne conway tweeted actually, that was me. so, that's where i got that from. >> we're being told that was a joke. not true. so, we'll stay away from that until we get that straight, but it looks like we are seeing donald trump just four days away from the last presidential campaign and so, jay, is it your feeling that he is going to stick with the kind of messaging that we are seeing at this event whether it's in portsmouth, new hampshire today or upcoming in bangor, maine? >> certainly, this seems to be the messaging that he has been sticking with for the past few weeks. when he's on message, it is the message of trade, the message of jobs. it is the message of
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immigration. and these are the points where he does really well against hillary clinton. that and the fact that the electorate doesn't want a professional sort of politics to lead the country at this moment. and so, i think we're going to see him talk about that. that is you know, when you listen to his speeches, main points he brings up, but then the points that get a lot of attention is when he does these little tirades, he attacks folks for attacking him. that's always the way he's been. he always punches back. i wouldn't be surprised p if he continues to punch back because that's donald trump. he's also stated, i will always punch back. >> going to leave it there. good to see you. we're going to see you again, however, not saying a total good-bye. yus bye for now. short commercial break. also coming up, hillary clinton supporter, bill richard sorng reaks to leaked clinton campaign e-mails that the camp has yet to substantiate. but bill richardson himself has
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the clinton campaign is trying to lover from a series of leaks of private hacked e-mails. in some of the e-mails, at least one, clinton campaign chairman disparages bill richardson, the fomer new mexico governor, who alserved in bill clinton's cabinet. he mentions richardson, needy latinos and one easy call. he goes on to write, quote, bill richardson is still on tv a lot, especially on uni vision and telemundo. there's a word i won't repeat. it was worth getting him in a good place, end quote. so, the campaign won't confirm
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or deny the e-mails and cnn has not independently verified them either. earlier, i spoke with bill richardson and asked for his reaction. >> well, i don't consider the comments john made disparaging. he's been a friend for 30 years, a colleague, we worked together. when i was in the clinton cabinet. he was chief of staff. you know, it's political talk. you know, all politicians, most politicians are are needy. they have egos. what onwas trying to do was get me and the clintons back together. there was a breach. over seven years when i, after i got out of the presidential race, i endorsed president obama. needless to say, the clintons weren happy, so he was pry iing to ge it because back together. he used those terms the persuade the clintons to make a call to me. hillary clinton did call me. i did meet with former president clinton. we dealt with the breach. you know, we're supporting them
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very strongly. we dealt with that breach and that was what podesto with was trying to do as a good campaign manager. i'm not upset at all. >> do you feel like it sends a message to people who perhaps may not be as intimately familiar with politics. that something can be said in a negative light, but then that same person might be used to help benefit a campaign or someone else in the political arena? >> no, i don't think so. you know, the world is so scrutinized now. we have e-mail. we have facebook. we have twitter. everybody knows everything. no. these, this, if you want to say locker room truck, locker room talk, as trump said he was doing, which he wasn't, this will political locker room talk.
11:16 am
that happens all the time. you know, in campaigns that are very intense, a lot of pressure, you know, podesto is trying to put together a campaign. he's also an issues guy. did great work on climate change. that's how i saw him recently in obama white house. so, this did not offend me and i don't think it offended latinos. hillary clinton has a very good record with latinos. on jobs, on education. trump is his own worst enemy with latino voter, so again, i don't think there's any damage. and it shows that this is the way politics is. >> so, you don't believe this will undermine the clinton campaign, it won't undermine your commitment to hillary clinton or your working and friendly relationship with john podesto. >> no, not at all. john and i have been in touch. i am supporting hillary clinton. i've contributed to her. i've done three events for her.
11:17 am
i'm not an insider. obviously. but i wanteded to win and so, this doesn't diminish my very strong support for her candidacy and i'll continue speaking out. as i'm doing now. i'm not bothered at all. a lot of other people. especially some of the media are bothered more than anybody else. >> there are a lot of distractions in the pursuit to the white house. you were the energy secretary under the clinton white house and i wonder, you know, your relationship with the clintons and your experience with clintons. do you feel like her husband, bill clinton, an his missteps, comments about o obama care or donald trump on talking about the allegations and the relationships that bill clinton has had. if all of this is a distraction, if this is undermining hillary clinton, if it hurts her in a
11:18 am
big way, not just from her opponent, but from her own husband? >> well, i think the reality is that bill clinton is a very popular politician. in this country. when he left office after all those allegations, he was still over 60% favorable and he's been judged a very good president, strong economy. so, first of all, i think he's an asset. the country dealt with those alleged infidelitieinfidelities. there was an impeachment. that's overwith. especially compared to some of the allegations against trump, which seem to be real. i'm not going to get, his own comments, the lewd comments he made to billy bush. that's strong stuff. so i don't think, i think what trump is trying to do is
11:19 am
distract from hi own problems and my view is that he realizes that this election is probably gone for him. >> tomorrow on state of the union, jake tapper sits down with nancy pelosi to talk about the latest e-mail hack at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. be right back. ♪
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welcome back. so, isis is now telling its wounded fighters they can get out of mosul as iraqi forces prepare for a major retake of a city. the city has been in isis hands for the last two years and is the terror group's last stronghold inside iraq. ben, how close are iraqi forces to move ng on that city? >> it appears that the day of reckoning for isis is mosul, iraq's second largest city, is perhaps only days away. iraq has mustered tens of thousands of troops as well as kurdish forces. there are american forces in the theatre as well. parra military units seem b to be all primed nor this offensive and many with mosul are getting the message. we're hearing from sources inside the city that there are isis fighters who are starting
11:24 am
to panic. apparently, expressing concern that perhaps maybe they can take advantage of an amnesty offered by the iraqi government. others are simply getting out of town. we heard from sources inside mosul today, that six buses full of men as well as women and children left the city. and that 14 isis members apparently who were fleeing without permission were executed includie inine ining two leader them. we understand isis has released prisoner, people being held for minor offenses like not cutting their beards properly, wearing clothes not approved by isis. smoking cigarettes. they've been leased from prison to build tunnels and trenches around the city, so the city is bracing for this onslaugt, which
11:25 am
could happen anytime. >> thank you so much from near mosul. >> all right, back to politics and the race for the white house. donald trump refusing to back down despite facing multiple accusations about his behavior towards women. none of the accusers filing formal complaints. straight ahead, the legal ram ififications trump could face. this as we wait for him to speak live in bangor maine. we'll be right back.
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eight women are accusing donald trump of unwanted sexual conduct. some coming on live television. he just grabbed my ass. >> his hand started going up my skirt. >> quick hug and kiss on the lips. i was shocked, what was that. >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me aggressively and placed his hand
11:29 am
on my breast. >> so, that last accuser was summer who are appeared on season five of the apprentice. the trump campaign is -- from a man claiming to be her cousin. this is what trump said last hour. >> the cousin of one of these people, very close to him, wrote a a letter that what she said is a lie. that she was a huge fan of donald trump. that she invited donald trump to a restaurant to have dinner. which by the way, i didn't go to. didn't even know who the heck we're talking about here. but these allegations have been many of them already proven so false. >> held a news corn frens with renoined attorney, gloria allred. none of these women have filed formal complaints or lawsuits. talk more with philip holloway. that's this young woman, who was
11:30 am
with gloria allred. is there a presumgts they are move ng the direction of a case against donald trump? >> well, ironically, because they have now caused donald trump to have to come out an say these things are not true, he's called them liar, he's ironly, opened up an avenue for relief they may not have had. assuming their claims are true, we don't know if they are or not. but if their claims are true and donald trump has falsely accused them of being liars, then they could ironically now bring him to court on a theory of defamation, slander and liable. just like he's threatening to do. >> even if this was an appearance just to reveal her accusations, but they didn't and hadn't cobbled together a legal case, he may have opened the door to one because he's called her a liar. he's called the number of of the women who have come forward now
11:31 am
eight, their phony allegations. so, to be able to do that. wouldn't that mean knew that thiz stories were phony? how would he sue? >> for donald trump to sue "the new york times" or any media ogs, he's going to have no not only show these publications were false, which is hard to prove a negative. assuming they weren't true. it's difficult to prove they weren't true. if that were the case, if he can get past that, he's got to show his reputation was damaged. well, there's an argument to be made his reputation woreally wouldn't be that much more damaged in light of the hot mike tape that we heard. thempb then they've got to prove malice. that "the new york times" knew it was publicizing something they knew it wasn't true and
11:32 am
acted with reckless disregard. that's going to be difficult to show. on top of that, litigation would open up a pandora's box of who knows what in terms of litigation, discovery. they would be getting into donald trump's background. his taxes. his business. his personal life. >> threatening potentially. you don't see he would want to embark on that. >> i don't see where donald trump wants "the new york times" and its team of good lawyers and journalists digging through his personal affairs through the discovery process that inevitably would flow from this type of litigation. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. all right. coming up next, your money. your vote, poppy harlow takes us inside pennsylvania to find out why voter there is deem the economy the number one issue. this election. that's next.
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11:37 am
pennsylvania where trump hoped to pick up the working class vote, clinton is leading up nine points over trump in a four-way race. so, cnn's poppy harlow traveled to pennsylvania to speak with voters as part of a special report called your money, your vote. >> beth hamilton is a rarity here. a woman in the democratic stronghold of montgomery county, pennsylvania. supporting donald trump. you're really concerned about the economy. >> i am. i think so many manufacturing jobs have left. >> do you think there's really any way that those jobs are actually coming back given globalization, given free trade, given technological advances? >> i'd like to believe that there is potential to just sit back and say all the jobs are going to leave because it's cheaper to make something in china or mexico and not even try and do something to try and keep
11:38 am
some of those jobs. i think that's foolish. >> donald trump has put this state in play with his appeal to white working class voters like here in burks county. we met hamid at his shop. a muslim from pakistan, he immigrated here in 1988. when we spoke in late september, his vote came down to one thing. >> jobs, jobs and jobs. go five miles in either direction, you have shut down plants. >> he told us donald trump is the candidate who can bring those jobs. >> he's a smart man. i'm taking a leap of faith. >> that was then. now, he's more hesitant to take that leap. after the 2005 video of donald trump bragging about groping women surfaced. he questions how he could explain a vote for trump to his 9-year-old daughter, so now, he's undecided. >> if you look at today's newspaper, you'll see the paper
11:39 am
plant got shut down. >> this is a paper plant closing. >> more jobs leaving. >> we went to find that plant. so, this is the plant that's closing. the manager here told us 31 jobs are being cut and these are good paying jobs. >> it's one of the few left in the county. >> they gave us the notice two weeks ago that they are shutting the facility down at the end of the year. i started there when i was is the, so i've been there for 37 years. >> bill has been a machine operator at the paper factory for nearly four decades. lisa had been working second shift here for 14 years. in many respects, they're the quintessential voter donald trump had been courting. blue collar and their jobs are disappearing. >> the trade agreements, i fully believe that is the reason many jobs are leaving. >> but your jobs, for example, aren't necessarily going to mexico or china. right?
11:40 am
>> well, they have to compete in the world market. >> nina paper told us this plant quote operated at well below full capacity, resulting in a noncompetitive cost structure, despite the good effort of the roughly 30 employees there, the company is vowing to help its workers try to find jobs. possibly at other sites in other states. >> donald trump says he will throw out what he calls bad trade afwreemts and he will save jobs like yours and bring your jobs back. sure he will. >> i don't think so. i don't believe he can come through with those promises. he's a business man. i don't know if that's necessarily what we need to lead the country. >> both lisa and bill say clints has their vote. >> she's going to get my vote. i'm just, you know, you don't feel super confident in either of them maybe, but you know, i just really, i have no faith in
11:41 am
donald trump at all. none. he's reality tv and i just don't trust that. >> and poppy harlow joins us now. it's so great to hear the candor of people paying very close attention to this election. >> they are. and you know, fred, they're talking about the issues and i think they wish they'd hear more of the candidates talking about. jobs, b jobs, jobs. and the economy and the voters that we talked to are clearly very divided on who they think would be the best president for their personal economy. we've heard so much from the candidates, so much as you know from the pundits, so it was refreshing to get there out there and hear from the voerts. i want to note, this series was filmed over the past few months before that 2005 access hollywood tape of donald trump surfaced, so we called back all of the trump supporters aross the three states we traveled through to ask if they were still standing by him after his remarks, nearly every single one with the exception of just a few are standing by trump and still planning to vote for him.
11:42 am
>> wow. so ohio, one of those other of the three states you mentioned you visited, and that, too, is a state that always matters in the presidential election, but now, you know, it's neck and neck there, too. >> i mean, it's really neck and neck. the late e polling out this week shows 42% for trump. 41% for clinton in ohio and we saw that. when we visited part of cleveland that is very, very solidly blue, mitt romney didn't get a single vote in this area. in cleveland where we went. saw the support for clinton there. then traveled 200 miles south to pike county, ohio, which is the opposite. it used to be solidly blue and is now leaning more red and in the last election, romney won pike county by only a single vote. we just saw the divide within this critical state that you know u, no republican has won
11:43 am
the white house without winning ohio since well, no one, no candidates won ohio since 1960, exactly, so it talks to the significance of it tr sure. >> that's why these next 24 days, so critical. you can see much more of poppy's swing state road trip. your money, your vote, airing tonight, 7:30 p.m. eastern time. all right, still ahead. we'll talk more about those battleground states and the road to 270.
11:44 am
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this week, hillary clinton put some distance between herself and donald trump in key swing states. fresh polls taken after the tapes surfaced revealed clinton is leading new hampshire, pennsylvania and north carolina. trump closed upshot in virginia, pulling all resources out of the sate, a signal he's seeding the state to clinton. let's bring in ron brownstein and contributor for time magazine, jay newton small. ron, to you first. is that a pretty sizable signal, donald trump's camp would close up shop in virginia and say wee not going to win this one? >> very revealing not only about virginia, but the overall recon figure ing of the map we're seeing. the coalition that's
11:48 am
consolidating against donald trump in record numbers is centered on minority voters and college educated white voter, particularly women. and in states where that's a dominant demographic combination, it's tough for trump. if you look across the sun belt, virginia and colorado with both states that were liablely republican in the '90s. out of reach for trump because of the large presence of college educated whites. north carolina and florida, the same problem to a lesser ek tent. conversely, he is the most competitive in the rust belt states, where the strongest supporters are a significant piece of the overall pie. that's ohio and iowa. the last state, the tipping point, is pennsylvania. it's hard for donald trump to get to 270 without pennsylvania and there, the key factor again is in that white population, more of those college educated white voters combined with a big
11:49 am
minority presence makes it tough. down 600,000 or more votes and there are just not enough people in the state despite the big crowds he's getting. >> so, jay, clinton, you know, gaining on trump and some of the battleground states. in indiana, mike pence's home state. how does she keep the momentum going into this final stretch because all along through this campaign for both side, it's been said neither candidate can afford to take anything for granted. >> clinton's campaign, clinton's strategy at this point seems to be to step out of the way of the train wreck and let him sort of damage himself. she does, she is, she has been incredibly good at needling him. in the first debate, bringing up miss june euna verse, which kept him off message for at least a week after that. that's been her strategy because he just cannot resist, he can't take a punch without wanting to
11:50 am
punch back sork the more they find people to punch at him, the more they get others to tack him, he spends his time spinning his wheels. she hasn't been pushing herself to the forefront in any way. and she's benefitted from the fact so many of her chairman's leaked e-mails and the wikileaks that have been going op, which could have been potentially danielling in any other campaign, have really kind of gone under the radar, given all of the sort of grind over donald trump. exactly. >> so, ron, mike pence was confronted about it. asked about it, particularly, the recent attacks. this is what pence had to say. >> paul ryan is my friend. and but honestly, i'd like to see republican leaders supporting the republican nominee for president of the united states. aisle supporting all the republican nominees in this fall's lech, but what's
11:51 am
encouraging to me is despite the fact that some republicans who have decided to go a different direction, the overwhelming majority of leaders, the overwhelming majority of republicans are standing with donald trump as the next president of the united states. >> unclear whether paul ryan is really standing with donald trump. so, you know, how does this resognate not just within the party, but among the electorate? >> short answer is we are seeing more division at the leadership level of the republican party over a presidential nominee than at any point in the party's history. i don't think 1964 with goldwater isn't comparable. even 1912 when roosevelt bolted the party over the renomination of taft. even after that, you are seeing a higher percentage of republican senator, governors, other republican leerds saying they're not going to vote for the nominee. never seen anything like george h.w. bush making it known he's voting for the other party's nominee. how much this effects republican voters is another question.
11:52 am
donald trump had been doing well until this latest round of revelations holding together the republican base, where it's really hurting him is with those independent republican leaning voters. those college educated white voerts. every republican nominee in the history of polling back to 1952 has won those voters in every poll now, hillary clinton at worse is even and almost always is ahead and i believe it is among those voters that you will see the real impact of these signals from so many conservative leaders saying it is so kay to depart from your usual. that's what makes virginia and colorado so tough. philadelphia so tough. pennsylvania so tough. if he can't compete in these suburban counties, you combine that with the minoritylation, there's not enough others for trump to mobilize. >> is he talking to independent when he says the system is rigged? >> he's trying to talk to independents. i mean, i think i would disagree
11:53 am
slightly with ron here, i think the dem grakt graphic is not particularly college educated. more on women's votes and i've written a book about it. he was looking really to expand the noncollege educated white women's vote and that's a demographic he spent much of august and september going after. he caught up in the polls, based off of real surges. the fact he's losing them is is very worrisome to the party and i think looking down ballot, it's something that is hurting particularly in the senate, where six of the ten races that are swing race, you have female democratic candidates on those ballots who are just tieing those comments that donald trump makes about windchillwomen to their male opponents across the board, septembexcept for new ha, where there are two females. it is hurting independent women, whether they're college educated or not. >> thank you so much to both. appreciate it. and a reminder, donald trump is holdinging a rally in bangor,
11:54 am
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a youtube star talks about finding his authentic self after opening up about his battle with depression. >> the best family -- >> yusef is not easily discouraged. >> i went to the dean of my department at san jose state university and told her i was going to create a youtube channel. she told me it was going to worst decision for my acting career. >> but it wasn't. zwl i started it in 2011. sfl zbl he set out to make people laugh. >> how do qulou send text? >> i will re-enact what it was like to live in a middle east earn household. >> he was struggling. >> i became aware of my depression in college. i was unhappy with what i looked like. i was living with depression and bipolar. one day, i dsdsed to be completely open. it was the best decision i made. >> it took rehab, a 90-day
11:59 am
weight loss program and then finlding what he called his authentic self. >> no one else was going to be able to hear me. >> now, he has more than 12 million youtube fans. and his acting career, he's gka jump-start with a role in tyler perry's next movie. >> my goal is to be noticed and to be seen by hollywood. just because you have a mental disorder, it does not mean you're limited in life. >> dr. sanjay gupta reporting. thanks for being with me i'll be back tomorrow. much more ahead with poppy harlow in the news room. thank you so much for being with us, we begin with politics
12:00 pm
and the number of women coming forward to accuse donald trump of unwanted sexual advances has grown. a total of now eight women claim that donald trump touched them inappropriately. some say he forcibly kissed them. others say he groped their breasts and other private areas. >> he then asked me to sit next to him. he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> trump denies these accounts. this is the accusations that prompted trump earlier today to make these remarks. >> how about this crazy woman on the airplane? okay. can anybody believe that one? how about this. after 15 minutes, we don't know each other. after 15 minutes, she said, well, that was too much. 15 a minutes. with the ladie


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