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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. 7:00 eastern here in new york. i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with us. you're live in the cnn newsroom. we begin with another tumultuous day in the run for the white house. another woman has come forward accusing donald trump of making unwanted sexual advances. this brings the total number of accusers to nine. all claiming trump either kissed or groped them without their consent. we'll have more on that in a moment. donald trump doubling down on claims this election success rigged warning supporters at two separate rallies today that the media is out to sabotage his campaign.
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>> the election is being rigged by the media pushing false accusations and outright lies in an effort to elect kpin president. but we're going to stop it. we are not going to back down. house speaker paul ryan said he's still endorsing but no longer defending trump rejects that notion that the race is fixed. he said quote the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with indegrit. trump also suggested this about his opponent. >> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i think. i think we should -- why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior because i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up at
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the beginning and at the end it was like oh, take me down. she could barely reach her car. so, i think we should take a drug test. anyway, i'm willing to do it. >> hillary clinton's camp not responding to that at least not yet but trump's baseless allegations may not be her biggest concern right now because wikileaks in the last hour has released stolen echb males including what they say are the long awaited transcript of speeches she gave at events held by goldman sachs. now to the latest sexual misconduct claims against donald trump. kathy heller said the event took place 20 years ago at mar-a-lago. jessica you were on the phone with her for quite a long time. >> reporter: katy heller is 63 years old now. told me it was in the late 1990s when she was at mar-a-lago at a
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brunch. she said donald trump grabbed her and then kissed her without permission at that brunch. kathy heller reported this to "the guardian" and cnn is work to further corroborate her story. when she talked to me on the phone she said it was quite startling. she gave me this quote. he grabbed me, i was standing and i had heels on and i almost fell back. he pulled me towards him, he was very strong and she continued he gave me an open-mouthed kiss. kathy heller tells me she was there with her family, with her husband as well. this was a public gathering for the members there at mar-a-lago. it was a mother's day brunch. she had many people around her. she tells me her husband saw all of this happened but for all of these years she said it was somewhat of a family joke. but when those "access hollywood" tapes came out last friday and then after donald trump's denials at the debate on sunday kathy heller along with many of these other women said she no choice but to come
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forward and speak out. >> she spoke out and we heard a number of women saying i came forward to back up the claims of the others. the trump campaign is respond tonight to this latest accusation. what are they saying? >> reporter: all day long donald trump and his team they have been fighting back furiously. we saw donald trump tweet about it, we saw him address this as baseless, false and fabricated allegations. as to this kathy heller claim we heard from the campaign late today and here's what they said. jason miller the senior communications adviser he said this. the media has gone too far in making the false accusation. there's no way that something like this would have happened in a public place on mother's day at mr. trump's resort. it would have been the talk of palm beach for the past two decades. the reality is this, for the media to wheel out a politically motivated democratic activist
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with a legal dispute against this same resort owned by mr. trump. it does a disservice to the public and anyone covering this story should be embarrassed for elevating this bogus claim. i talked to kathy heller. she said yes she's a hillary clinton supporter. has donated to her campaign. as far as that legal dispute that the campaign references in that statement kathy heller tells me this is a dispute that's been running for at least a decade. her family said they are owed money from mar-a-lago relating back to initiation fees. it's been a long running dispute. she claims none of those factored into her decision. she saw other women coming forward. saw the trump denials and wanted to tell her story. >> something you hear consistently from these women but important context and background. thank you for the reporting. it is october as you know. both campaigns dealing with october surprises. it could derail the candidates.
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. welcome back. sorry about that. coughed a little bit. as donald trump fights claims of unwanted sexual advances, many women voters are rethinking
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their support of his campaign. and that could cost trump some key battleground states. our john king takes a look at new poll numbers which shows where the controversy has hurt trump the most. >> 25 days out when we fill in this red and blue. let's look at the national numbers. this is a brand new fox poll. 45-38, ten points for the third-party candidate, seven-point lead nationally for hillary clinton, two points a week ago. hillary clinton moving there. battleground state polls. north carolina, wisconsin, new hampshire clooin leading. trump in ohio plus one. that's donald trump's best state the state of ohio. what's driving this? let's take a closer look at this fox news data here. all this controversy about forcing itself on women is driving this. among women 45 and older donald trump now down 12 points.
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among suburban women down 10 points. white women with college degrees down seven points. with republican women down six points. if these numbers hold up that means you can't win colorado because you lose the denver suburbs. ohio gets tougher because of cleveland. in pennsylvania a state some think are critical, if you can't win the philadelphia suburbs you can't win statewide. main importance of those suburbs. john king, thank you. you can see john every sunday morning 8:30 eastern time. john king "inside politics" on cnn. quick break. we're back in a moment. from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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. welcome back. it is october. both campaigns are dealing with their own so-called october surprises. for trump the women coming forward with their accusations against him. for clinton it's her hacked emails with transcripts of what we've now seen tonight are what wikileaks says are her paid speeches to those wall street banks three of them to goldman sachs. let's discuss the cnn commentary and former mitt romney policy director. he is, i should note not voting for either trump or clinton. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with trump. we're starting to get these
4:17 pm
post-debate, post-"access hollywood" tapes in from the key battleground states. clinton is winning in new hampshire. she's up by six there. up by four in north carolina. and she's down by one in ohio. how would you, lonnie, assess donald trump's path to 270 electoral votes right now? >> very narrow, poppy. he's got very few ways to get there. clearly i think he's going to have to do well in ohio and the polling there actually has been decent for him even in the wake of the "access hollywood" tape as you noted. the other key state they have to keep an eye on is pennsylvania and there the numbers have been kind of all over the map, although recently at least the trend has been a moderately pro clinton. so the pathway is quite narrow even if he does well in some of those swing states he needs some combination probably of pennsylvania, florida and ohio to get to 270 electoral votes. it's a narrow path indeed. >> you're saying he has to
4:18 pm
basically win two of those three states. >> that's right. >> ohio, florida. he's down by nine in pennsylvania right now. how does he get there? how does he turn this bus around especially when it's the female voters that's so important. he's down 19 points with women across the board and he's down ten points in a week among suburban female voters. >> the theory of the case for the trump campaign has always been that there are enough sort of middle class, lower middle class white voters particularly in the western part of pennsylvania, we'll just take pennsylvania as an example to offset any kind of problems he might have, let's say in suburban philadelphia. the challenge is at this point given what you've told us and you mentioned this already about how he's doing amongst women, it's just difficult for him to coble together enough voters in the western part of the state to overcome any deficit he'll run up in the philadelphia suburbs. it becomes a question of
4:19 pm
numbers. there may not be enough voters out there that's sheympathic to get him across finish line. >> his campaign has bet on that demographic. let's listen to some sounds. he said in thursday in his speech refuting an account of a magazine writer who did a story about trump and melania on their first wedding anniversary. that writer came forward and said trump made inappropriate advances towards her, shoved her against the wall. the trump campaign refuts this. here's how trump addressed it specifically. >> think of it. she's doing this story on melania who is pregnant at the time. and donald trump our one year anniversary. and she said i made inappropriate advances. and by the way, the area was a public area. people all over the place.
4:20 pm
take a look. you take a look. look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. >> i mean lonnie he's clearly talking about her looks. when you're down so far with women and you've gone through what he did in the primary by saying about carly fiorina and the back leash to that what's behind the strategy? >> you might give him the benefit of the doubt if it was a one off remark. there was the carly fiorina incident. there were these repeated insinuations that the women that came forward are not attractive noufb assaulted. clearly this is not the strategy to get support among women. there's a group of republican self-identified republican female voters that will remain with trump and they will remain with him through hell or high water. the question is how will he expand his base of support?
4:21 pm
that's the face of the campaign he should be in expanding his support and that doesn't look that's happening. >> he has to do that to win. here's something could be focused on. he could be to concussion on this continued daily drop of stolen hacked emails from wikileaks on hillary clinton's campaign. they are releasing what trarns scripts of three of her paid speeches to wall street giant goldman sachs. her campaign in these emails is saying look the stolen emails and these hacks are sort of equivalent to watergate the scandal that brought down nixon. he could be focusing on these and say look folks look what she said to the big bankers. he's not. what's your assessment of how much of these wikileaks drops including the ones tonight of these wall street speeches hurts her? >> in an ordinary campaign this would be devastating. what it is, it's a representation of the private persona of hillary clinton versus the public persona of
4:22 pm
hillary clinton. and that's particularly troubling because it he wants away at her support among her own progressive base. it makes independents think she's dishonest. these kinds of things in a normal campaign would be devastating. instead donald trump is defending against all of these allegations instead of pressing forward. so in a normal campaign devastating. this campaign it's tough say. >> could be devastating. lonnie, thank you. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. ♪ eyes open? good. because it's here. cue the confetti. say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. xiidra is the first prescription eye drop solution approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye. so give your eye doctor a ring,
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. from ohio to pennsylvania to florida this election will come down to the key swing states and we know for many voters there it's about the economy, their jobs and their wallets are swing their vote. you've heard plenty from the candidates and frankly plenty from the pundits and from us the media. so what about the voter? i've been traveling through those key swing states hearing from them firsthand. their stories are next in a special cnn report you're money, your vote. of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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>> you've heard from the candidates. and the pundits. now it's time to hear from the
4:30 pm
voters. >> i think the democratic party is taking it for granted. the republican party is literally ignores us. >> i'm disgusted. >> very disappointing. >> we traveled to three critical swing states. florida, pennsylvania and ohio. to speak with the people who will be picking the next president of the united states. >> my vote is going to hillary clinton. to me she has her head on her shoulders. >> whose the aviationary. >> that's trump. >> were you as excited about hillary clinton as a candidate as you were. for barack obama. >> i'm more excited. >> he's a businessman. >> what do you know about donald trump's business history that gives you the confidence that he's a successful businessman. >> first of all, he had a television show. >> different cultures. different backgrounds. different economies. how much is your wallet impacting your decision? >> our plant was closed. >> i never filled out a resume, never done an interview.
4:31 pm
>> those jobs aren't coming back. >> one thing they want more than anything is a job. >> this is your money, your vote. i've been through this before. i've lost another job that i had for 17 years. >> there was nothing we could have done to save this job. >> reading, pennsylvania. famous for the once thriving reading railroad. which in its hey day hauled coal from the keystone state to the eastern seaboard. but reading is the fifth poorest city in america. almost 40% of the people here live below the poverty line. we met hameed at his bustling restaurant. >> "god bless america". >> a muslim from pakistan. he immigrated here in 1988. when we spoke with him in late september his vote came down for one thing. sfwhooits job, job, jobs.
4:32 pm
>> have you heard from donald trump how specifically he'll bring those manufacturing jobs back? >> he's a smart man. >> you're taking a leap of faith. >> that was then. now he's more hesitant to take that leap after the 2005 video of donald trump bragging about groping women surfaced. he questions how he could explain a vote for trump to his 9-year-old daughter. so now he's undecided. his restaurant is filled with passionate voters like these clinton volunteers. >> i think donald trump has done very well for donald trump. >> he's filed for bankruptcy over and over again. you can't do that with a nation. a nation is not a business. >> there are a lot of people who are suffering. >> evan immigrated to the united states from ecuador he was 18. he's an independent but this year he's volunteering for the local gop and voting for donald trump. >> there's a need for change because the kind of intelligence
4:33 pm
that's necessary at this point to come up with solutions to economic problems. >> look at today's reading newspaper you see the paper plant got shut down. more jobs leaving. >> we went to find that plant. so this is the plant that's close, the manager here told us 31 jobs are being cut and these are good paying jobs. $22 an hour is the salary for a union worker here. >> said good job. good paying job. one of the few left in this county. >> i started when i 19. i've been there for 37 years. >> bill has been a machine operator at the nina paper factory for nearly four decades. lisa has been working second shift here for 14 years. in many respects they are the quintessential vote are donald trump has been courting. blue collar and their jobs are disappearing. >> this has been our life forever. we don't know anything different. >> what has it meant to you for 14 years? >> it meant quality of life. not scraping by.
4:34 pm
the trade agreements i fully believe that's the reason many jobs are leaving. >> but your jobs, for example, aren't necessarily going to mexico or china. >> they have to compete in the world market. >> nina paper told us this plant operated at well below full capacity despite the good efforts of the roughly 30 employees there. the company is vowing to help its workers to try to find jobs possibly at other nina sites in other states. >> donald trump says he'll throw out what he calls bad trade agreements and he will save jobs like yours and bring your jobs back. >> sure he will. i don't think so. i don't believe he can come through with those promises. he's a businessman and i don't know that's necessarily what we need to lead the country. >> both lisa and bill say clinton has their vote. >> she's going to get my vote, you know. you don't feel super confident in either of them, maybe.
4:35 pm
but really i have no faith in donald trump at all. none. he's reality tv. and i just don't trust that. >> president obama won this critical pennsylvania county by nine points in 2008. but narrowly lost it to mitt romney in 2012. still obamacare helped him. >> there's a lot of people around here that don't have health insurance they can't afford it. >> but he's leaning towards donald trump this year. >> i hear all this thing about having a woman president. i don't know. i shown say that because i'm not really against women having any kind of job but i just feel that, you know, not really sure about having a woman in there. that's going to make me unpopular to say that. she's not a business person eritrea. you have a big contrast of a business person versus a politician. >> pennsylvania hasn't gone red
4:36 pm
since 1988. the key to winning here many say is philadelphia and its suburbs where a third of the voters are. but donald trump has put this state in play with his appeal to white working class voters like right here in berks county. can he make enough of a dent in neighboring montgomery county? it is wealthier, largely white collar and there are more college graduates. >> hillary is a much stronger candidate. whenever trump is talking about the economy he's talking about extreme tax cuts that don't make sense. >> adam and caroline, a doctor and a scientist know their taxes would increase under a president clinton. >> i'm willing to pay more to support whatever the plan of the country is. >> health care reform, family needs, all these issues, they help us as well. we should pay more. beth hamilton is a rarity here. a woman in the democratic stronghold of montgomery county, pennsylvania.
4:37 pm
supporting donald trump. >> are you a republican? >> i'm not a republican. i'm an independent. >> you're concerned about the economy? >> i am. i think so many manufacturing jobs have left. >> do you think there's really any way that those jobs are actually coming back given globalization, given free trade, given technological advances? >> i'd like to believe that there is potential to just sit back and say all the jobs are going to leave because it's cheaper to make something in china or mexico and not even try and do something to try and keep some of those jobs. i think that's foolish. >> one constant we heard here, yes, their vote is about their american dream. but it's even more about their children. >> my whole life is about my four kids. it is about what the opportunities they will have and
4:38 pm
how they will be able to marry, raise a family, get ahead. >> i think of my grandchildren. you know when they get older what are the younger people going to do. i was young it was easy you can go get a manufacturing job anywhere in this country. now where you go? >> do you think you've gotten to live the american dream? >> i'll let you know in 15 years when i retire how i made out. up next, we take you to battleground florida. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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4:42 pm
29 electoral votes. you heard the candidates courting retirees here. why? because florida has the greatest percentage of seniors of any state in the country. and seniors vote in big numbers. conway cafe in eastern orlando is where these men meet every thursday. ♪ >> we've been coming here for years. waitresses are really nice. >> what was once a reliably blue voting bloc. is nor. white seniors have been moving more and more to the right in the last decade. >> i cancelled the orlando newspaper because they slant the news a lot. >> they are all voting they say for donald trump. >> i think the economy needs some jump starting real bad. >> the worst thing about our country so divided now. it's not like it was before.
4:43 pm
>> i think we mostly feel it's not so much that we're real crazy about donald trump, but most of us want a change. >> and that's the common thread among many of the seniors we met in florida. there's a sense that the country is headed in the wrong direction. >> a lot of countries are nipping at our heels. >> we met these neighbors in sarasota. their dissatisfaction of what they see as the status quo runs deep. >> she's talked about increasing the amount of immigration. that's stunning that we would allow that many people to come in. that will ensure a liberal culture forever. >> who is the visionary? there's only one candidate that fits that role and that's trump. and >> we're coming out of this recession slower than we have previous recession. >> that's true. >> i would strongly disagree with the assumption we are
4:44 pm
better off now than seven or eight years ago. >> by all measures the u.s. economy has improved significantly in the last eight years. unemployment is half of what it was in 2009 and the stock market has almost tripled from its lows that same year but it's the national debt that really troubles these voters. >> i think it really kind of scares us that we're staring at $20 trillion in debt not knowing how our grandchildren will repay it. >> and i never ever could vote for hillary, so it will be trump. >> this trump volunteer calling attention to what she believes is hidden trump support. >> when you talk to women they are not out in the public telling you they are for trump. they are afraid. people are afraid in this era. why? because that's the politically correct nonsense. once they see the shirt or see me and start talking, they go i can tell anybody. >> but clinton has her own
4:45 pm
demographic growing support, puerto ricans. there are by some estimates 100,000 more puerto ricans in florida now than there were for the 2012 election. >> the most important thing besides that is education. education. they need it. >> we immediate miriam and elsie in kissimmee. >> lisa's family owns this restaurant. >> if we look at the recession about five, six years ago the economy is a lot better. >> but they are not enthusiastic about supporting clinton she will have a hard time overcoming the strong retiree support for trump here. >> being a woman it would be amazing, but, you know, coming with all these trust issues it's very disappointing.
4:46 pm
>> she's still undecided but won't vote for trump. >> we need in office somebody that's christ-like. someone that knows the valve christianity in a human being, and definitely need are one of them has shown me that they do have that. >> so what about cuban-americans, a group that makes up about 30% of eligible hispanic voters in florida? not long ago it was reliably red. >> you know cuba is a communist country. and i was telling the girls anything that goes to the left i have a problem with that. >> now it's a voting bloc that's moving more and more blue. miguel and his wife moved to the united states in the early '60s following the cuban revolution. >> i have a lot of reservations about both nominees. >> this year is a tough year. i'm having such a tough time.
4:47 pm
i have problem with trump in the sense of the filter here, if it's working, the way he has talked to people. the other with hillary i honestly don't trust her. >> if it wasn't for your fear of communism you would be a democrat because you believe in equal opportunity. >> maybe. i saw it in cuba. people didn't have incentive because the government was giving them everything. we have to live some part to help because there's always a need help. >> these two people right here are the biggest helpers that you ever want to meet. >> republicans help too. >> 97-year-old grandma maria has cast her ballot for many republican candidates over the years. but not this time.
4:48 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] florida with its changing demonstrate demographics remain in play. who can better play their hand here. up next we beige to you battleground ohio. or visit when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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prudential. bring your challenges.
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a lot of businesses have closed up. and people lost their jobs. low income, poverty, hurting for jobs. >> economic pain shared in one end of the buckeye state to the other. >> once they get in there, they thinking they got a good job, the next thing you know they getting cut. >> these voters come from different cities and circumstances but they all live in a state so critical no
4:52 pm
candidate has won the white house without winning ohio since 1960. >> i'm 49 years old. i've voted in every election since i was 18. i'm disgusted. >> in a state where unemployment is under 5% open more than 200,000 jobs have been added since 2012, there are still many people who feel left behind here. >> this neighborhood in cleveland ohio was one of the strongest for president obama in 2012. mitt romney did not get a single vote from people living in these homes. not one. people living here have been struggling economically for a long time and still are. the question is will they come out in droves for hillary clinton the way they did for president obama. >> hillary. >> hillary is the best candidate. >> that's a no-brainer. >> are you as excited about hillary clinton as a candidate as you were for barack obama? >> actually i'm more excited
4:53 pm
about it. >> she more so for low income people trying to build us up as far as jobs and education. >> ro wean that washington got a home here. >> it's peaceful and quiet. all the more reason to keep the country going in a positive direction. has it ups and downs but you're seeing the true american dream. and they will be crazy not to get out to vote for hillary. she's definitely the person. >> but there have been decades of economic despair here and there's a dwindling faith that politicians will help. >> i think the democratic platform is saying the same thing we've heard, they've been saying fb about the past 50 years. >> over and over since the war on poverty was declared. >> yes. >> jeff crosby used to be in gangs that landed him in prison. now he's working to keep kids from the same life he lived. >> i deal with kids, some of them have no hope. some kids have been shot before, some have shot people. it's one of the highest crime
4:54 pm
areas in cleveland. >> this is? >> yes. about ten gangs over here. what's up? how you been? good? the democratic party is taking us for granted. the republican party literally ignores us. except for trump. he is a polarizing figure. >> as for his vote he's undecided but decidedly against donald trump. >> i do not like how he talks about women. i think he's insensitive to our race and i think it's despicable what he said about disabled people. >> but he sees the problems many of his mentes face today as a product of the crime bill signed into law by then president bill clinton. >> a lot of people were incarcerated that didn't need to be incarcerated. >> many calling for change but they don't think trump can make their america great again. >> i don't trust donald. >> because he's goat money, that ain't everything. >> i'm willing to vote for a clown before donald trump. >> really?
4:55 pm
>> yes, with a red nose. i do agree with republicans sometimes, but yo agree with nothing that donald trump stands for. >> but living in the same public housing here we meet james pierce who couldn't disagree more. >> i believe that hillary/obama is giving it all away so people can be lazy and let people with a job pay for it. >> you live in housing that is paid for by the government? >> yeah, but there's circumstances do that, why i'm there. i mean i'm trying to better myself. as soon as i can work and get on my feet, i'm not there anymore. >> and that brings us to the second part of the ohio chapter. 200 miles south. we're in pike county, ohio. and this place mat erps a lot. not for the number of votes here but because of what it represents. it used to be solidly blue but it's moving more and more red. in 2012 this was the closest county in the country. mitt romney won here by a single
4:56 pm
vote. just one vote. it's 96% white largely blue collar and unemployment here is high. these are exactly the voters donald trump has been speaking to. >> i'd say right now you're looking at a coin toss archlts coin toss among union workers who until now have been solidly blue. have you ever seen anything like that before? many here see donald trump as their best shot at getting ahead? >> he gets a lot of things that is amazing that he was telling us he can do for us. >> since 2000 ohio has lost nearly a third of its manufacturing jobs. >> donald trump, a businessman, i like that about him. >> if he can run a big trump plaza, he can run this big town and the whole united states. >> he's a businessman. >> what do you know about donald trump's business history that gives you the confidence that he is a successful businessman? >> first of all, he had a
4:57 pm
television show. >> at a local bar after work -- the three of you, you make a good living, you can support your family, right? >> yeah. >> you're among the lucky ones. >> absolutely. >> the quote unquote obama economy has worked for you. >> yes. >> well -- >> am i right? >> in a sense. >> yes. >> but i don't think it's worked for a lot of other people. a lot of medium income people. >> so you're voting for other people in. >> yeah, i'm voting to help the small guy. i still think i'm a small buy. but yeah, i mean, i haven't seen wages, you know, increase, jobs increase as much as what i thought everything would. >> we went for lunch at diner 23. krista shocky lives on government funded disability benefits and she plans on voting for trump. what do you like about donald trump the most? >> he's running against hillary. >> her friend cindy says this economy is not working for her. >> i go to a food bank.
4:58 pm
that's how bad it is. and sometimes i stay at her gnome the winter because i don't have heat. >> she plans to vote for trump. >> you're a lifelong democrat? >> yes. >> so you're voting for hillary this time around? >> no, i'm not. >> no. >> my dad was a coal miner. they put the coal miners out of work. >> that doesn't sit well here especially among union folks. >> you're angry at president obama. >> for what he's done to our business. >> donald trump is the one to bring the jobs back? >> donald trump is saying that. that's total propaganda. where is his merchandise made. are you telling me those are the best two candidates for the presidency of the united states? i don't buy that. >> we left ohio asking this question, why does economic pain from one town to the next push some people left and others right. >> they say money is the root of
4:59 pm
all evil but that's not true. the lack of money is the root of all evil. >> so what's the solution? >> people get out there and vote! >> it's your money, your vote. after the access hollywood video of trump surface, we called back the trump supporters we interviewed for this special. almost all said they still stood by trump. we noted the exceptions in our reporting. my thanks to tin credible producers on this product and reporters. cnn is traveling across the country and talking to voters in battleground states all in a partnership with instagram, facebook and ca technologies. we want the hear from you. what do you think about this election? post a photo on facebook and insta grabbing use the #myvote. thank you for being with me tonight. coming up next, a documentary you will not want to mess "all business, the essential donald
5:00 pm
trump." that is straight ahead. i'm poppy harlow in new york. glad you're with us. i will see you back here tomorrow night. good night. the following is a cnn special report. he's the most uncon veng nal candidate in modern history. >> i'm not using the lobbyist, i'm not using donors, i don't care. i'm really rich. >> an out cider. >> our politicians are stupid. >> he represents an earthquake in a box to washington, d.c. >> winning more primary votes than any republican ever. >> you've given me the honor to lead the republican party to


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