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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that does it for us, thanks for watching. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. melania trump stands by her man. you just heard her with anderson, and we have a lot more to talk about. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. melania trump breaking her silence in her first interview since the release of that tape. >> i wonder if they even knew that the mike was on. because they were kind of a boy talk. and he was lead on like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> hillary clinton has a lead over donald trump in our new poll in the battleground states of north carolina and nevada. she's four points behind in ohio. and with just two days to go until the final presidential debate, trump doubles down blaming the media at his rally in green bay tonight.
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>> they take a story with absolutely nothing that didn't exist, and they put it front page news because they want to poison the minds of the voters. >> sarah murray is out on the campaign trail, let's get to her you're covering trump tonight, what's he telling supporters? >> he kept up his claims that the election is rigged. we repeatedly asked him for proof about what he's talking about, he gave the crowd a little more of an inkling of why he believes this. >> they even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths. and believe me there's a lot going on. you hear these people, they say, there's nothing going on. people who have died 10 years ago are still voting. illegal immigrants are still voting. where are the streetsmarts of some of these politicians? >> the references he's making there, the idea of noncitizens voting, people who have passed
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away showing up to vote. there are instances of voter fraud, we're talking about huge elections that occur in the united states. it's important that our viewers who understand that people who have looked at elections have studied elections through course of time have not found widespread systemic voter fraud. there's a loyola law school professor who looked into this and found 31 plausible instances of voter impersonation out of more than a billion ballots cast. the idea that there's systemic voter fraud wide spreed in the united states. >> it's billion with a b. that's a difference. >> let's talk about melania trump now. she was out tonight making the case for her husband and saying she doesn't believe any of the accusers who have said trump attacked them sexually or groped them. let's listen.
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>> i said to my husband, that the language is inappropriate. it's not acceptable. and i was surprised. because that is not the man that i know. and as you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on. it was only a mike. and i wonder if they even knew that the mike was on. because they were kind of a boy talk. and he was lead on like -- egg on from from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> it's been over a week since the access hollywood tape. is she too late, sarah? >> i think we've certainly seen a lot of damage caused by this already, and it's not just the tape, it's the fact that we have nine women who have accused
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donald trump of sexual misconduct. melania trump is the best possible messenger that donald trump could hope for. to come out there and say i believe my husband, i trust my husband, i don't recognize this kind of behavior or talk from him. but i do think in a lot of ways the damage has been done with some voters, there are some voters who will hear his voice on that tape. who will see the women, who have made the allegations against him and say, i can't believe anything else beyond this point. there are some people who will be undecided. and maybe what melania trump said will sway them. i think if you look at some of the battleground people and certainly the national numbers, you are seeing a huge fallout for donald trump. particularly among women. >> how many days left? >> all right, sarah, thank you very much. i appreciate it. bring in mark preston, mark mckinnon, who is the cocreator of show's the circus, inside
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the greatest political show on earth. and krysta anderson, a columnist for the washington examiner. hopefully we'll get larry to join us in a bit. donald trump is doing everything -- first of all, before we go there, of course they didn't think the microphones were on, right? >> yes i thought, why is she saying it, they never would have said it if they didn't think the microphones were on. he's doing everything he can to convince voters there's collusion between the media and clinton campaign. >> my husband is kind and a gentleman and he would never do that. that -- everything was organization organized and put together to hurt him. to hurt his candidacy. >> organized by -- >> the competition. >> the media, clintons? >> yes. >> you think they're working
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together? >> yes, of course. >> it's a vast left wing media conspiracy, does that hold water in. >> two problems with that, one is, it wreaks of complaining and it sounds like you're losing. it sounds like a losing team complaining about the refs on the field. they have a strategic opportunity on wikileaks. why aren't they talking about that 24 hours a day. why aren't they talking about the million dollar gift, the birthday present. there's a huge harvest of message opportunities in the wikileaks material. and i don't understand why they're not talking about that 24/7. >> i don't understand either, and i hate when people come on and immediately pivot. if i was a campaign surrogate, just to say, i'm giving this -- if someone asked me about it, i would say, okay, yeah, blah blah blah blah blah, but wikileaks, right? >> that's my point about melania, i think it's fine, you want to make sure the family is on board, and the spouse is okay with what went down. in politics we talk about turn the page, man, turn the page. i think effectively,
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particularly on our news cycles as we experience them now, that's over. people have made up their mind about that stuff. at least the trump campaign should move on maybe not the clinton campaign. if i were the campaign, i would get off that. >> stand by, i want to bring in larry sabado. the director for center for politics at university of virginia. there he is. i was hoping you would be able to join us, does this -- they said the strategy, this is what i'm hearing from political experts, the strategy is to suppress the votes on the democratic side. to say it's all rigged and over with, doesn't he risk depressing votes on his own side, larry? >> the idea is obviously that the trump supporters, his base will turn out rain or shine, no matter what the issues are, and there's some truth to that, i think what they're not calculating is that the democrats have done an extraordinary job of organization in the key battleground states. already we can see with early
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voting, absentee voting and so on, they're banking their votes, turning out their votes, there's no reason to think that's going to change between now and november 8th. >> four new national polls out today, two over the weekend, this is cbs news/new york times has clinton up 9 points. mon nout university poll, clinton is up by 12 points. abc poll, clinton up 12 points. nbc news wall street journal polls, it gives clinton an 11 point lead. i mean if you are looking at these polls, if they're accurate, that's devastating for trump, can he turn it around? >> i think it's extremely difficult. i think it has been for a long time. i have to tell you, since march when we started projecting the electoral college in this race we have never even for an hour had hillary clinton below 270 electoral votes. it's gotten consistently worse since the first debate. you look at the polling
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averages, essentially she's up seven, eight points, maybe it goes down a couple, maybe it goes up a couple, the truth is, that kind of margin is enough for a very large electoral college victory. one that may even include states that we're not considering right now. >> are you saying this would be a landslide? or has the potential? >> i wouldn't call it a land slide. a landslide in the electoral college is different than the landslide in the popular vote. a relatively small margin of the popular vote can produce plus 300 electoral college vote or even plus 350 electoral votes. things just -- they look very very good for her, how good, we'll have to see how things go. >> mark, let's talk about these polls. the battleground state polls show a rough road ahead for trump as well.
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cnn poll shows clinton ahead two points. clinton is ahead in nevada by two points, north carolina ahead by one point. in ohio, trump is ahead by 4. ohio is good news for trump, but the other two are republican territory in the clinton column? right? and it's in the clinton column. >> yeah, no doubt. baseline right now, if the election were to be held today, we have hillary clinton at 272, she wins. donald trump is at 196. follow me here, donald trump has to win north carolina. donald trump has to win ohio. donald trump has to win florida, which other polling shows he's trailing down there. that still doesn't get him to 272, he then needs to win a big democratic state, whether that's virginia, michigan or pennsylvania. those are all right now pretty strong with hillary clinton, or he has to win nevada where i stand root now in las vegas, or wisconsin and colorado. two more democratic states, to say that the path is difficult
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for donald trump would be underselling it. at this point it's a narrow path, he needs to start getting his numbers up and talk about wikileaks, change the conversation away from all these sexual harassment allegations. >> hillary clinton is up eight points in colorado, four points in florida, six points in pennsylvania. dead heat in ohio. 45% for both where has the trend been in those states and can trump capture them with three weeks left? >> ohio has always been trump's likeliest big prize. the poll has been neck and neck, whenever you see these battleground state polls come out, ohio, ohio, ohio is the place where donald trump is most likely to pick off a big state. it's not enough i would throw iowa into the mix as another state donald trump has as a must win. i think colorado and pennsylvania are unlikely for him. his most likely path is something like holding on to
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every last state that mitt romney won. he can't lose north carolina, georgia, arizona. some of these states that have come into question in recent months. and then he needs to win iowa, florida, including perhaps one of those congressional districts in maine where you have all the state's electoral votes not going one way or another. and a state like new hampshire, which increasingly also looks like it might not be on the table for donald trump. his path to 270 is very hard. you have to find 64 electoral votes in states in order to put trump over the finish line. the trend lines haven't been great for him. a lot of voters have dug into their camps, red voters are voting red, blue are voting blue. the democratic operation to turn out their votes is strong. donald trump needs to remind
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republican voters, he may be a bad guy, but he's our guy. remind them what being our guy means. remind them of the issues, where he agrees with these voters, because he needs to turn out republican voters in really big numbers. >> donald trump is calling mitt romney a choker, but if i'm mistaken, wasn't mitt romney doing better at this point than donald trump is? we'll talk about that when we come back.
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two days to go until the final presidential debate, three weeks until election day. and the national polls are going, hillary clinton's way. kristen, i want to get this off the table quickly, donald trump is calling mitt romney a choke artist, how is he doing in the polling compared to mitt romney at this point in the campaign? >> mitt romney was down by maybe 2 or 3 points. people thought going into election day, if you were just looking at the national polls, that things could have the potential to be pretty close. there were lots of folks posting photos from romney rallies in places like colorado, where he was packing red rocks saying, look, something's going on out there that the polls aren't measuring. mitt romney's going to surprise everyone. sure enough, on election day, it wasn't a surprise, if he had been looking at the state polling, showing obama had been ahead.
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the story is even bleaker for donald trump. there are odds that he will just hold the states mitt romney held is coming into question with states like north carolina now having slightly more diverse populations, lots of younger voters, being a state that is on the bubble for republicans, whoever our nominee is this year, should not be in jeopardy of losing any republican states against a weaker candidate than barack obama in hillary clinton. >> mark, so in the four national polls i showed you, the trend is clear. clinton has gained a lot of support since the previous polls were taken, since the tape has come out, all of the controversy. is she going to. i hate to say this, is she going to let the clock run out. >> i think what the clinton campaign has done smartly, is not take anything for granted. then you run like you're 20 points down all the time. >> she's not playing it safe? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is also where the
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money and the investment in state operations and turnout is going to make a big difference. >> hers is much more. >> look at ohio, the reason he's doing well there he talks about trade, jobs and change. that's what he should be talking about. >> end of story. >> end of story. >> i want to put this up. i want to look at cnn's electoral college map. hillary clinton would have 272 electoral votes without winning florida, north carolina or ohio. or nevada. if that stays the way it is right now, what are we talking about? you didn't call it a landslide, but would you call it a blowout? >> well, i'd call it an easy win. just to keep my vocabulary simple. i'll call it an easy win. we're not -- i think someone else mentioned arizona, we need to focus on states like arizona, at best for trump, that is currently tied.
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arizona. so he has problems in a lot of places, i don't think in the end he'll lose utah, it's incredible that utah is tied. he's leading by a little in alaska, four or five points in missouri, six points in texas. huh? this is a republican nominee for president? he has problems a lot bigger than just carrying mitt romney's states from 2012. >> let's talk a little more about strategy, mark preston. the final debate is two days away. these are the final days of the campaign. does that change the direction of the race this debate? >> i think it's very hard to make predictions in this campaign. we've all made predictions and they've all been wrong. all of us. we've all been blindsided by donald trump. >> not me. >> you are always right. we always know that. the trend lines are going so hard against donald
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trump, he would literally have to hit grand slams every time he gets up at bat. which is not inconceivable. i mean, it could happen. however, donald trump, when he goes on to that debate stage, he needs to talk about the issues, he needs to try to call into question hillary clinton's character, if we see it over the last few weeks all of these allegations of sexual misconduct have eaten away at donald's character. specifically with undecided voters and specific sclee -- specifically with women. when donald trump takes the debate stage here, he needs to talk about how he's going to be a better president. also why hillary clinton has made bad errors in judgment when she was secretary of state. and try to pin that on her. i mean, look, if he has to go in and continue to defend himself against these sexual harassment allegations, it's a losing cause for him. >> mark, this is your show, it's called the circus, inside the greatest political show on earth. i think that's a very appropriate name. it took on the wow scene before the second debate, let's listen.
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>> this is beyond beyond -- donald trump has got women who have alleged sexual abuses from bill clinton in the press conference minutes before the debate. he has put his finger on the nuclear button and pressed it. >> it takes a lot to surprise me. it takes a ton to shock me. that event was shocking. >> it's interesting, because i know what happened, i know the results, but i am glued to the television watching your show. any moments like this or worse you think could happen at this next debate? >> we never know, that's what's so fascinating about this election. the one thing we do know is how unpredictable donald trump is, what an entertainer and theatrical guy is. what he did rolling out those clinton women moments before the press conference, shocked everyone. you heard a collective gasp. there's no mercy rule in
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presidential elections. not like football where they call it off because someone's way ahead. donald trump is likely to do something dramatic and he knows he's down. who knows what will happen in this next one. >> he has nothing to lose at this point. >> he's a dangerous man. >> if it's rigged -- what if he wins, is it still rigged? i mean, right, everyone. if he wins -- >> by him talking about a rigged election, suggests where he thinks the election is going. in effect he's saying game's over. >> it's dangerous for the country. when we come back, melania says her husband is real, raw, and tells it like it is, what was he like behind closed doors on the apprentice, i'm going to talk to someone who was there. incredible bladder protection in a pad this thin, i didn't...
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melania trump tells anderson
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cooper she and donald knew tapes from his past could be used against him. listen. >> it's very hard, especially for him, when he decided to run for presidency, because he did so many stuff in his life. he was on so many tapes, so many shows, and we knew that, that tapes will come out, people will want to go against him. but my husband is real, he's raw. he tells it as it is. >> here to discuss penn gillette magician, best selling author and contestant on donald trump's "celebrity apprentice." also jack kingston, a senior adviser to the trump campaign. thank you for coming on. melania trump spoke with my colleague anderson cooper today, you saw part of the interview there, she said her husband was egged on by billy bush into saying the lewd comments we heard on that tape.
11:29 pm
the remarks were just boy talk. what do you think? >> well, it's not the kind of boy talk i enjoy. i mean, i'm certainly very comfortable with obscenity and shocking things, it's a part of art, i'm a big freedom of speech guy, it's just not my sensibility. i don't think he had to be egged on very much. i mean, i was on the room in celebrity apprentice, which i think donald trump was wonderful at. he is fabulous at reality television. he knows how to do shock. i've been on stern many times myself. i think he does all of that just perfectly. but when you're dealing with the idea of consent. that changes it, it's not the obscenity that bothers me, it's not the lust that bothers me, it's the -- knowing he can do whatever he wants. i mean, that's just not the way i was brought up, and not something that seems proper to me. egging him on never seemed necessary. i certainly can't quote
11:30 pm
anything, this is very, very serious and i would make a mistake, it would just be my memory. there was stuff that was said in the boardroom set that was certainly in line with what we heard on the billy bush tape. >> congressman, to you now. donald trump is consistently telling us how he alone can stand up to world leaders and dictators like putin. he was led astray by billy bush, that's according do melania. that he was led on by a much younger person, and he is supposedly the adult in the room at 59 years old. >> don, i don't think that billy bush was pulling him into a -- maybe a statement of policy as much as melania is saying some boy talk. i know we don't necessarily agree with it being just boy talk. i found the comments very disturbing. but at the same time, and maybe following what penn has just said, i do think there's a certain amount of flippancy
11:31 pm
banter that may go on with some of this television culture, i don't know. i should be asking penn and not speculating, i think there's a certain amount of smack talk that goes on which ends in the bus or in the golf course or locker room, wherever. i don't think there was any strategic planning or intent outlined in it, i think it was just really irresponsible conversation, and who would know better than his wife. his wife is the one who would really suffer the humiliation, she's gone out there now publicly on cnn and says, i did not approve of it, i did not like it, i spoke to my husband about it. >> but she's -- congressman, not to cut you off. she's standing by her man, which is sort of what they're using against hillary clinton on the other side, for staying with the former president even though he has these allegations against him. >> well, yes, but i do think
11:32 pm
it's proper for her to do what she's done. she's come out, took on anderson, and as you know, anderson, just like you, you can be a tough person when it comes to questions, she went and stood up on -- >> what's the difference then? isn't it the same thing? >> i can't imagine -- can you imagine another move? is there anything else she could have done? what other possibility is there than the way she acted? she's kind of in deep enough. >> quite honestly she didn't have to do the interview. she came out and did the interview, she didn't have to do that. >> i don't know if she has another move. once you're there as the spouse of a candidate. it seems like there's a lot of pressure on you to do pretty much what you're told. >> there are a lot of spouses men and women who take a pass and say, dear, you go out and do that, i'm going to minimize my role.
11:33 pm
and so i see what you're saying, i don't think she had to do this interview. >> that's what i'm saying. she didn't have to do the interview. some spouses will just say, i'm not going out there. penn, you did two seasons on the apprentice. some have spoken out about done's behavior on show. what was your experience with him on the show? >> once again, i don't trust my memory, i don't have notes. he would go in the boardroom set. it's not actually a boardroom. on the set, for sometimes two 1/2 hours at the end of these sessions, he would pontiff -- pontificate and carry on. they would pull out two or three minutes to use in the show. we saw a lot of what he's like when 12 tv cameras are on him. it's not as private as it was with billy, it was with knowledge there were cameras on, which kind of cuts both ways,
11:34 pm
one is, he knows it's being recorded. the other is, he's performing. it's show business. and i found -- and i tend to be a little sensitive of this, i found some of the ways he used his power in sexual discussions to be a little distasteful to me, and i found the -- some of the racial things he said to be a little distasteful to me. once again, who am i? i'm a middle aged white guy. >> how so, explain that, there have been rumors about that, what do you mean about the racial things, like what? >> i mean, just the way he would address african-american candidates and so on, was not the way i would, but i'm not the one to speak to that, because i'm a middle aged white guy, i'm kind of not the one to have that -- i tend to be a little sensitive to that, and certain stuff made me uncomfortable, but then again, made me uncomfortable in a show business situation where someone is performing. it's a very difficult thing. i'm talking both sides. >> okay. >> in one sense it's damning because he knew he was public. in another sense it's almost forgivable because he was
11:35 pm
performing. it's almost like doing stand up. >> if you can respond quickly, melania trump and when i introduced the video of the interview saying they thought the tapes were going to come out. they knew quite well they could come out. shouldn't one think about that if they're going to run for president? >> they should. but i do want -- i'm going to close quickly. i do think what penn is saying, a lot of show business goes into this that's not exactly statement of policy or beliefs, some of that is talk that goes with the territory. the other thing that melania said tonight that was very very important is, this is not the man i know. this is not representative of my husband, i think that's where the american people need to focus is that this is not the donald trump that he was 10 years ago or 11 years ago or in that context. this is a guy that wants to bring change to washington, and he wants to take on the status quo, and build the economy back and rebuild our national -- our
11:36 pm
foreign policy, so i think that -- >> you wanted to focus on policy. i get that. why are you holding four fingers up, penn? >> it was four years ago, not 10. the celebrity apprentice stuff he was doing was much of more recent. >> you're not talking about the bus scene. i wish i had more time with you, people say you are who you are in your unguarded moments rather than your guarded moments. that's when you really show yourself. it's a cliche for a reason. >> but don, that wasn't necessarily an unguarded moment. if i heard penn correctly, and the way i understand these shows is there's lots of discussion, lots of talk, and then they go back later and filter through it, and decide, well, what is it we want to put on the air, i think his shtick was being the obnoxious uber successful new york kind of pushy businessman. >> i got you. i've got to go. thank you both. >> there's no doubt occasionally you're trying to be shocking. >> thank you very much. when we come back, what voters think of melania
11:37 pm
trump. will her cnn interview change anyone's mind. this just in, wendy's announces a new swiss jr. bacon cheeseburger as an option with the 4 for $4 for a limited time. with 4 nuggets, fries and a drink for just $4 the swiss jr. bacon cheeseburger. now back to america.
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melania trump tells anderson cooper she's accepted her husband's apology for what he said on that tape. but have voters accepted it many michael nutter, former governor of philadelphia. cnn political commentator, a clinton supporter, good evening to all of you. betsy, you first. this is according to the washington post, 64% say that access hollywood tape made no difference to their vote.
11:42 pm
given those numbers, do you think melania trump's interview tonight made a difference? >> she was very articulate in expressing what voters already like about her husband. this was the line that i thought really captured it, she said, he talks from the heart. he doesn't lie. he says it like it is. >> does that make a difference? >> in other words, he is the anti-hillary. it clearly makes a huge difference. i would guess that that's his number one quality appealing to voters across this country that they know what they see is what they get. it's not the private trump and the public trump. it's not the constantly lying trump, he tells it like it is. >> bkarry, do you think it's going to make a difference to voters how they view melania trump? we haven't heard much from her since the convention and the speech. >> i don't anticipate this moving the needle whatsoever.
11:43 pm
i think already people are hard and fast on who they support. i did think melania trump, she did reinforce what we already know about donald trump, that he is who he says he is. we have to take that for what it's worth. when he tells you in private that he commits sexual assault, it's a likelihood that when people come out and say donald trump sexually assaulted me, it comes with some veracity. i'm not sure it did anything today. i was happy to see her, one of the things i won't do which many trump supporters do do, i will not get in the bedroom of donald and melania trump. i'm sure he's apologized and i hope they have a happy and healthy marriage. >> when you are married, everyone apologizes. >> i'm starting to learn that, too, betsy. >> it's better not to do it. gina, i want you to listen to mike pence yesterday. >> we will absolutely accept the results of the election. look, the american people will speak in an election that will
11:44 pm
culminate on november 8th, the american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. that's where the sense of a rigged election goes here. >> this is a whole rigged election thing. at that same interview. at the same time as the interview is going, trump was in the middle of a tweet storm sowing doubt about the legitimacy of the 2016 race. the election is being rigged by the distorted and dishonest crooked hillary. and also at many many polling places, sad. are trump and pence on the same page about anything? >> i think they are on the same page. i think this is -- this election is definitely going to be about diligence. there's a lot at stake. mr. trump has taken on the entire establishment. not just in the democratic party, but also in the gop and also much of the media who we all know doesn't like him very well. there's a lot for him to defend. i myself am originally from st. louis, i can tell you we know
11:45 pm
there was fraud going on in st. louis. many many people were in fact arrested for it, so it's something that all voters should be aware of, and i don't think that -- i think mr. trump would be irresponsible to say we weren't going to have poll watchers and things like that, for example, i'm glad he's ahead of this. >> it's not a perfect system. to effect a presidential outcome, the way that it's being framed at least by donald trump is that it's overwhelming, and again, this is justin leavitt, a professor in los angeles, studies fraud allegations. found that 31 incidents of voter fraud across the nation since 2000, out of more than 1 billion with a b, ballots cast. michael nutter -- go ahead, betsy. >> i'd like to weigh-in on this. >> hold on. go ahead, betsy.
11:46 pm
>> clearly, compared with many nations around the world, we have a very legitimate electoral system. but even the new york city election commissioner weighed in last week, commenting on how much voter fraud there is in new york. i've seen it here, because i've run for office here, polling places where the machines don't arrive until noon, for example. it happens. and the pugh foundation, which is definitely nonpartisan, has looked into this and found two things that remind us we always have to be vigilant. one is, that one out of every -- >> i don't disagree with you. that's a different argument than saying it's rigged. yes, everyone wants people to be vigilant. mayor, before you weigh-in, this is donald trump talking specifically about philadelphia where you used to be the mayor. here it is. >> philadelphia is one that's mentioned, i think romney got no votes and mccain got no votes, i mean no votes. philadelphia is certainly one, you look at what's going on in chicago, you look at what's
11:47 pm
going on in st. louis, and many other cities. there's tremendous voter fraud. and how republican leadership doesn't see that is beyond me. >> giuliani made similar statements, tremendous voter fraud, what do you think? >> it's complete nonsense. i'm quite sure that mr. mccain and mr. romney got some votes in philadelphia. but philadelphia is a very heavily democratic city. to make blanket statements about philadelphia or other cities across the country is really just ignorant and shows the novice that mr. trump is. he's acting like he's discovered this idea that candidates would have poll watchers. we've had poll watchers by both parties for virtually all candidates for decades. he has no idea what he is talking about. this is a further insult and attack, whether it's philadelphia or innercities, as if black people just cheat in the voting process. he doesn't understand that the federal government does not run
11:48 pm
the voting process. the campaigns don't run the voting process. these are neighborhood people, many of whom are volunteers working that 13, 14 hours a day from start to finish, to make sure that the process runs smoothly. i do the same thing as a ward leader out in my own neighborhood. and so again, he has no idea what he's talking about. there is not this massive conspiracy, he has self-inflicted wounds on himself, with all the nonsense that's been going on for the last few weeks in the unending stabbing of himself in the neck and then complains that somehow he's bleeding. >> listen, we're going to talk about strategy -- >> he didn't say anything about a conspiracy, okay? >> trust me, i'll let you get to it. we're going to talk about his strategy. someone should take a drug test. and if we have time, we'll get to snl as well.
11:49 pm
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ma . back now with the panel. have a lot to get to. gina, you were saying? you were making a point? >> well, just that i think that, you know, for example where i vote, we vote -- we voted in someone's garage, don.
11:53 pm
i am not making this up. we put our ballots in a cardboard box. i asked the election officers there, i said, what will you do with these votes, where do you take them, does someone pick them up? they had no idea. just my own anecdotal experience, i'm sure mr. trump is hearing it on the campaign trail and that's why he wants to be proactive and it is responsible thing for candidate to do. >> is that the first time i ever voted? must be the first time you ever voted. but let me just state this. what donald trump is doing is more than just a chuckle or a laughable matter because out of all of the statements that he's made this is one that truly goes to the heart of our democracy. listen, the brennan center at the new york school of law, they did a deep dive on this and said it is a 4-ten thousandth of a% to have voter fraud.
11:54 pm
you are more likely to be struck by lightning. they would stop doing voter id, stop elderly people from voting. >> we know what is going on here. >> let's -- okay -- >> when you have an entire campaign that has colluded, right, with government agencies and has colluded with the media, you can't put anything past them. i think that's where he is coming from on this. >> the fbi and the justice department for example. >> you don't understand. >> it could go on. >> -- run the elections. >> let's say this. what evidence do you have there's collusion with the media? that there's all of this collusion you are talking about, gina? >> i would like to point it out. >> well, certainly the wikileaks. >> yes. >> which hilary clinton hasn't in any way come out and answered any questions about. she hasn't denied it. we saw melania trump answering the allegations against her husband, none of which have been proven, many of which have been disputed conclusively, and yet we still don't have anything from hillary for her own voters
11:55 pm
to say, hey, none of this stuff is true. she hasn't even denied it is true, and that goes the same for the james o'keefe tapes relosed and the foyette collusion that took place. why sh why isn't she defending? >> earlier it was demonstrated there were times when the clinton campaign was allowed to review "new york times" stories before they were published to vet and edit -- >> that's how the media works. >> that is not how the media works. i have been a politician -- >> no, no. >> it is ridiculous. >> this is absurd. bless your heart, both of you, because this is patently absurd. you talked about the fact somehow donald trump had allegations that are unproven. no, melania trump was on camera today trying to deal with his own comments that came out of his mouth. we weren't even at the allegations. we were at the point where he
11:56 pm
simply said -- >> comments is no sexual abuse. >> -- he likes to sexually assault people. for someone to say they want to grab you in that way -- >> you cannot be serious. >> -- is beyond the pale. >> that's sexual assault, is it not? it is sexual assault, is it not? did i miss something. >> he's not denying he wasn't on the bus. >> words are not sexual assault. what is sexual assault is what hilary clinton did to the women that her husband absolutely, factually -- >> hilary clinton sexually assaulted the women? >> hilary clinton committed sexual assault? >> pays $800,000 to malign the women by hiring a private investigator to dig up bad stuff on these women. why is that not some sort of assault on women, tell me? >> because, gina, a lot of this was looked into and proven not to be true. >> a little 12-year-old -- >> because there's no evidence of what you are talking b you guys are embarrassing yourself
11:57 pm
tonight. >> it was on tape. i hired it myself. >> here are the facts. donald trump lied about the central park five. prorch. he lied about president obama and where he was born, proved. he is lying about voter fraud. the only time donald trump is not lying is when his lips are not moving. he's a liar. >> all right. >> plain and simple. >> okay. i got to go. >> that's the description you usually applied to mrs. clinton. >> thank you very much. when we come back, much more on melania trump's interview with anderson cooper. she is standing by herman, but is she winning voters for donald trump?
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