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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we'll have special coverage all day long. thank you very much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" with berman and bouldan starts now. i have great respect for women. i have tremendous respect for women. >> my husband is real. he's raw. he tells it as it is. >> we should take a drug test. >> i have two boys at home. i have my young son and i have my husband. >> pressured the fbi to declassify an e-mail. >> this is felony corruption. >> the state department offered a quid pro quo to the fbi. >> there was no quid pro quo. >> fires raging overnight with isis militants attacking iraqi tanks. >> the number of suicide car bombs directed at iraqi security forces. >> 1.2 million people potentially caught in the cross fire.
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hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. exactly three weeks until election day, one day until the big debate today. just moments from now, hillary clinton will be heading off to las vegas ahead of tomorrow's third and final presidential face-off. that will also make it five days since hillary clinton has been off the trail studying up. >> no one told me there would be math. >> sorry, especially coming from me. new topic to the debate curriculum. newly released fbi documents revealing a top state department official tried unconvincingly to convince the fbi to declassify an e-mail from clinton's private server. according to fbi interview notes, those conversations were seen to include a quid pro quo, at least according to fbi officials. the fbi and state department both deny that claim. we'll speak with fbi spokesman john kirby in a moment. >> four new national polls have hillary clinton ahead, holding anywhere from a four-point lead, which is not so big, to a
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12-point lead, which is wicked big. >> technical. >> the whole thing is rigged, the press, the polls and the polling places -- the claim without any real evidence, but all likely to be part of the debate tomorrow in las vegas, so let's go to cnn's brianna keilar live in white plains, new york, where secretary clinton is about to depart for las vegas, brianna. >> hi there, john and kate. we are going to be departing here in a matter of minutes to go to las vegas, the site of the third and final debate showdown with hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary clinton has been spending the last few days preparing in earnest for this final debate. something that she has gotten criticism from donald trump for, for overpreparing. but it's certainly a strategy her campaign feels has been working for her in these forums. now, while donald trump is going to have to deal for the first time in a debate with more accusers who say that he globed them or forcibly kissed them, that may be an issue that comes
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up. for hillary clinton, it may be some of these e-mails, some of these hacked e-mails that we had not heard about at the last debate from her campaign co-chair john podesta. also these fbi interview notes. you had an fbi official in these notes saying that basically they thought a state department official who was there after hillary clinton had left the state department but had worked under hillary clinton this is undersecretary kennedy, that he was trying to help minimize the damage from hillary clinton's e-mail. one fbi official said that he was asking for the fbi to look at an e-mail that had been classified as secret and considered downgrading it and that there was a trade being made for that. help with personnel. getting fbi personnel in foreign countries where they hadn't been allowed. now, another fbi official said yes there was this request to downgrade or to take a look at this e-mail and potentially downgrade it.
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there also was a personnel issue brought up by the fbi, not by the state department. you have the state department pushing back on this. the fbi saying, look, in the end, nothing was downgraded. no classification was changed on this e-mail. but it still fields ineeds into this criticism from republicans who question fbi director comey deciding not to charge clinton. he did say she was reckless in her e-mail practices but ultimately decided not to charge clinton. the question, is this going to matter to voters? does this feed into their perceptions about hillary clinton and those around her and how they operate? or is this going to have an effect? we're going to see in this debate. >> brianna, great to see you. thank you so much. looks like maybe hillary clinton is arriving to her plane right behind beyawn thubebrianna, per timing. was it a quid pro quo? was a favor requested or offered? the back and forth between state and fbi officials over declassifying an e-mail from clinton's private e-mail server. let's get to the source. state department spokesman john kirby joining us now.
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thank you so much for joining us. >> happy to be with you. >> thank you. so you say it was not a quid pro quo, why not? >> because the facts don't bear that out, kate. we looked at this. the fbi looked at this. there were two conversations happening, you know, simultaneous. yes, we did, pat kennedy did ask the fbi to reconsider classifying this particular e-mail. he wanted a better understanding quite frankly of why they wanted it to be secret. we didn't think it needed to be. we lost that argument, the state department, i'm sorry, the fbi won and the document ended up being classified secret. at the same time, yes, the fbi did consult with pat in the context, you know, of multiple conversations. it did talk about wanting some more authorities and some more slots in places like iraq. ultimately, we decided that that wasn't warranted and they didn't get those extra slots. but these were two separate issues discussed in parallel. there was no quid pro quo. there was no bargain. there was not even a bargain suggested or hinted at either side.
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>> john, how then do you explain the fact if you read the "washington post" and "new york times" two fbi officials left those conversations with the impression that there was a quid pro quo? one says the state department offered. the other says the fbi did. the fact is, there were two officials there who say one was discussed. >> the fbi's the one who raised the issue of resources and manning slots. we did raise the issue of the classification of this e-mail. i can't speak to what those officials came away from believing out of those conversations. what i can tell you for a fact is we looked at this, the fbi looked at this and i encouraged you to go look at the fbi's statement on this which is very strong and neither of us, both institutions, have come to the conclusion that there was any bargain suggested or offered or pursued. we have a normal interagency process of discussion over the classification of this e-mail traffic and after, you know, 55,000 pages that we made public, obviously, there were
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interagency debates and discussions. we didn't agree with everybody about whether an e-mail should be classify and we weren't bashful about making that case and having that argument. we didn't win every one. certainly didn't win this one. but that's the way the process is supposed to work. >> john, top republicans now, espe especially in the house, they're calling for undersecretary pat kennedy to be removed. did he do anything wrong? >> no, he did exactly what he is supposed to do. working under the law of the land, which is the freedom of information act, he had a responsibility to the american public to not release anything that was too sensitive and to do it if we were going to redact it, to do it appropriately. we felt in this particular e-mail a proper redaction was what we call a b-7, a law enforcement redaction. they disagreed and thought this particular piece of the e-mail should be classified secret. they won the argument. it was thus classified secret. but that's his job. as we were working through this. to have those kind of
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discussions. no, there was no wrongdoing. he's been a loyal public servant going on four decades now. he's a very dedicated diplomat here at the state department. he has the full trust and confidence of secretary kerry. >> john kirby, thank you for being with us. let's talk about this a little bit more. joining us, paul begala, senior adviser for the pro clinton super pac priorities usa. alice stewart, a republican strategist, former communicat n communications director for ted cruz. errol lewis. and jackie kucinich, washington bureau chief of the daily beast. he says nothing to see here, you buy that? >> no, clearly, that's what he's supposed to say. he threw the fbi under the bus. there was a quid pro quo here. clearly goes to show further evidence of what the fbi has indicated, that there was careless disregard for classified information. as paul ryan said, she has shown that she has not -- doesn't know
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how to handle classified information and, as we've seen -- this comes on the heels of the earlier e-mails that have come out about the clinton foundation and the state department. and what tends to happen is it becomes so much, the volume is so much. i think voters kind of tune it out. it turns into a molehill out of a mountain of evidence that we need to see more about hillary clinton's e-mails. because we've seen a conflict of interest and a pay for play with the state department. >> a lot -- this is like becoming a long menu here. let's stick to the state department. you say there was a quid pro o quo. do you have proof? we have heard two officials said there was, kirby and, you know, the fbi say no. what's your proof? >> as you indicated, two of the fbi officials left thinking there was going to be what they requested was going to happen. simply the fact there is an environment within the state department and the fbi for this type of quid pro quo to even be asked. i think that's a great concern. >> regardless, no fault, nothing
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changed with the classification. john kirby, the fbi, they are on the same page, denying a quid pro quo happened. regardless, politics and governing, whatever's going on there, two very different things. here we go again. >> right. >> but i'm saying this is more conversation about how hillary clinton, the suggestion is hillary clinton and the people around her play by a different set of rules. >> she's long gone from the state department. somehow she's controlling a career diplomat and a career law enforcement intelligence agent and darn you, donald trump, curses donald trump, he has unpacked a conspiracy. the fbi is in on it and the state department is in on it. cnn, obviously, the crooked media, is in on it. these guys, we're all going to have a big meeting at the mass sonic temple at noon eastern so darn you, donald trump, you discovered -- he began a campaign -- >> paul, serious -- >> john kirby's having to speak out about it now -- >> to curb this -- >> john kirby's having to speak
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out about it -- >> -- nutty conspiracy theories -- >> these are documents -- >> these are notes from the fbi -- >> yes, and the fbi says there was no wrongdoing and the state department says there's no wrongdoing. nobody says there's any wrongdoing except trump and being he's right because he's a conspiracy genius -- >> stop whispering, people can't hear whispering on tv. >> we can't just move on after that performance, errol, jackie, do you care to weigh in? >> there are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around in this election. this is not one of them. i think you're absolutely right, kate that this does remind people of the e-mails, this does remind people about what james comey said about how hillary clinton handled classified information. and that's not good for the clinton campaign to have that reminder. >> let's talk a little bit about donald trump. donald trump was in green bay last night. he gave a speech. did not mention paul ryan -- >> did not, in green bay. >> afterwards interviewed by
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abc's tom llamas. listen. >> do you think he wants you to win? >> maybe not, because maybe he wants to run in four years or maybe he just doesn't know how to win. >> uh-oh, paul ryan's won nine straight elections in the state. he's speaker of the house. who needs whom more here? >> a very good question. we have to point out they did not carry wisconsin when he was on the ticket. so he's not the king of wisconsin. he's pretty good. >> crown prince. >> when it compaes to his own political interests. clearly donald trump needs paul ryan more than the reverse at this point. we see him trailing not just in wisconsin but in many other swing states. to the extent that the bottom is collapsing underneath the trump campaign. the evidence of that is the polls, you know, in the key swing states. paul ryan has walked away from the campaign. a lot of resources have walked out with him. so when you see the rnc maybe not doing quite so much for trump as he was expecting or he
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had bargained for or, frankly, he had asked for. it's a real serious problem. statements like we just saw are not going to help heal that breach. an example of trump as an outsider, which got him pretty good so far. it worked against him. you've got to talk to your fellow politicianings in a particular way if you don't want an all-out war three weeks before the election. >> it should be said while donald trump did not mention paul ryan during, when he was on stage, there was a lot of protesters in the crowd who were protesting paul ryan in the crowd amongst his supporters. let's talk about the debate. election law prohibits you giving advice to hillary clinton campaign. there is your caveat so you don't have to give it. there's your disclosure so you don't have to give it. but you can advise us. how would you advise hillary clinton to us? what should she focus on in the debate? >> actually, on voters and their needs. >> what do you mean now because -- >> my complaint on both sides, she can tell you donald trump is a horrible human being and i
8:14 am
know she believes that. trump will stand there and spin whatever nutty conspiracy theory he's going to come up with by tomorrow. somebody ought to talk about the voters. i'm betting on my gal hillary. in other words, it's so hard to do. it's easy for a guy like me to say you're standing next to a stark raving lunatic. it's hard to mention he's out of his mind and he wants nuclear weapons. but she has to. she has to pull back away from that enormous force field of trump and focus on voters. people are in pain in this country. people do want change. and she needs to outline what she's going to do to help middle class wages go up. to help moms pay for child care. to help families. there's a lot she's got in her policy arsenal that she needs to trot out and use in the debate and not simply just smash and attack. this is coming from a guy who, like, my whole life is attack policy. >> alice stewart, you think trump should do the same? >> clearly to agree with paul here, she -- i mean, i'm not the only one that will look at the fact that hillary did better
8:15 am
than donald in the first two debates and she did so by poking and provoking donald. this time, if i was her, i would focus, as paul said, on the issues. make her case to the american people. >> should donald trump do the same? >> donald trump should absolutely remind republicans he is the republican nominee. and remind people why he won the primary. he has won -- and i truly believe his policies on the economy and national security and health care and immigration are stronger than hers. he needs to make that case to the american people. they don't want to hear more about, you know, all these things that have distracted people for the past several weeks. >> or just say e-mail fbi and foundation over and over. >> and wikileaks. >> jackie, paul, alice, errol, i looked at the wrong person at the wrong time. >> thank you, all. >> i was really impressed -- >> that was a head fake but thank you all for being with us. all right, billy bush made me do it. no, not that. but melania trump says her
8:16 am
husband was egged on into what she called boy talk. what did she say when trump apoem juiapo apologized to her? >> live pictures of the rose garden at the white house. we'll be looking at president obama. he will be holding a news conference in a short time from now. sure to come up, this election. obama has not been one to hold back his feelings towards donald trump. what will the president have to say when he speaks to reporters this hour? we'll bring you his remarks live. [ male announcer ] at customink, you can create
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melania trump speaking out for the first time to cnn since the convention in july. also speak out for the first time since the release of that 2005 "access hollywood" tape where donald trump is heard bragging about groping women. she says he was egged on by billy bush and chalks it up to a conspiracy against her husband. listen. >> because they were kind of boy talk and he was lead on like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> you say the host billy bush was sort of egging him on?
8:21 am
>> yes. my husband is kind and he's a gentleman and he would never do that but everything was organized and put together to hurt him, to hurt his candidacy. >> organized by -- >> the opposition, yes. >> media, clinton? >> media, clinton, yes. >> you think they're working together? >> yes, of course. >> all right, with us now, cnn senior political analyst david gergen former adviser to nixon, ford, reagan and clinton. and ron nerring, former spokesman for ted cruz's presidential canal pampaign and supporter of trump. on balance, having listened to mrs. trump there, was it smart to have her do this? after a lot of this controversy, you know, had heated up and then started to die off a little bit. >> i think they should have put her up earlier but on her behalf, i would say she was warm
8:22 am
enough. i think she was appealing in and of herself. so you have to give her points for that. what did strike me is her saying he was egged on by billy. she would have been better off to say he's a changed man. and to say it was boys talk. he's a 60-year-old corporate executive. they're running him as, you know, one of the smartest, wisest men in america. he engaged in boys talk? that to me doesn't fit together. so i felt overall it was a good appearance but the headline that came out of it was not good for her. >> emily, you are no fan of donald trump, there's a huge headline there. what did melania trump do for donald trump do you think in this interview? >> well, i think not much. it was a good attempt. it was too little, too late. if their attempt is to make her relatable, that's the idea of putting the candidate's wyche out there, right, to defend him, to say here's the back door, you
8:23 am
may think he's this thing, but he's really this loving father. that's the idea, putting the candidate's wife out. i don't think she pulled through on that. i think she came across as not relatable. i think it only fed to the american impression of her overall. and she backed up this idea that -- not only that it's boy talk but that it's a left-wing conspiracy. i think that really just plays to his base. that does not move the middle which is what he needs to attraction to win anyway. >> that's where donald trump himself is playing, trump last night spoke to tom llamas of abc news and asked him about the charges that have come forward, woman after woman saying donald trump approached them, touched them, groped them or did something to them, inappropriate ways. listen to how donald trump responded. >> have you crossinged the line with women? >> i don't think so. i have tremendous respect for women. these people came up maybe for a little fame or maybe for some
8:24 am
other reason or maybe because they're part of the clinton campaign. >> so this is what he has been saying. the question now, as we approach this final debate tomorrow is what he will say or should say tomorrow night on that stage in las vegas. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think donald trump needs a dynamic moment in this campaign that's going to change the trajectory. when you are saying the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing louder is not the right strategy. i'm going to, you know, contradict some of the other talking heads we've seen on tv. i think donald trump needs to own up to who he's been in the past. he needs to talk about the past and a lot the things he said was all a part of that. now he's 70 years old. moving forward at this stageness life. he's decided he wants to do something different. he wants to do something bigger. that's why he's running for president. now he's going to, you know, demonstrate what it takes to be in a leadership zone. and then he should go on to connect with the american people and the issues that matter to them that motivate them, that they're concerned about, and
8:25 am
concurrently disqualify hillary clinton for the office. and there's plenty of ammunition to focus on, to focus on that with. that's the strategy that i would advice from not only the debate but going forward in the campaign. with how he chooses to do that, we'll wind up seeing. he has to own what he's done in order to move past it. >> owning up to it, though, that kind gets close to an apology. he did apologize. owning up to it, though, going after that apology. >> he apologized for "access hollywood." >> since then, sent a very different message. we talked about the debate in the last segment, emily. when it comes to this in the debate, we heard both paul begala and alice stewart say they need to talk about the issues. this is an issue. this isn't maybe the issues that they were talking about. how does hillary clinton handle this issue when it comes up in the debate? because we know that the moment she goes there, he counters with
8:26 am
bill clinton. >> it's certainly not something she's unprepared for. i think it's very clear what he's going to be bringing up. i think she has the right strategy on this. to double down on this is core to who he is. this is not just about any individual instance that comes up. he denied it to anderson cooper during the last debate, saying it was just words, i don't act on these instances. we'll now seen he does -- >> he was accused, he denied it. >> he was accused so, so i think that needs to come up. what we've seen how he deals in tough situations now, these aren't the toughest, these aren't dealing with nuclear crisis. like this isn't dealing with war, the economy. this goes to him just being a little bit challenged in his bravado, and he freaks out. and he can't handle it. so i think that is what she needs to do. >> she needs to wait and let chris wallace raise the question. he's a tough questioner, we all know that. he's going to get there.
8:27 am
but you would go there, right, you would do that as a moderator. he'll go there. and then she can come in after trump. i want to go back to what ron said. i think he offered the best strategy we've heard from anybody on the trump side. he ought to be whispering in the candidate's ear. this should not be "i never did any of these things." it rather should be a defense of i've done some things when i was younger that were stupid but i'm now 70 years old -- >> the problem is he's accused of sexual assault in some these instances -- >> no, i understand that -- >> this isn't young and foolish. >> this is different than bush dancing on a bar -- >> this is like when i was old, i'm still irresponsible. but no, i'm just trying to make the point when he goes out and says i never did any of this and then you have 11 women or 15 women, whatever the number's going to wind up being, contradicting him, he looks like he's lying. he's far better off to say i did some things that were bad. i've moved on.
8:28 am
and, you know, i think campaign ought to move on to the issues. >> everybody agrees with you. let's talk about election fraud. marco rubio, senator from florida, says that the election is not being rigged. i hope donald trump stops saying that. are you on team marco rubio here or team donald trump? >> i don't think the american election is rigged. do think american democracy has its own faults and problems like every other democracy on the planet does. the most unfortunate thing when donald trump goes out and tries to say the election is rigged, he's telling his strongest supporters that the election outcome has been predetermineled so don't bother to show up and volunteer. instead, he needs to tell every one of his supporters to go out, volen teern with the local county or district republican party, be a part of walking precincts, making phone calls, and poll watching on election day to the extent they're helping to identify republicans that haven't voted and helping to ensure they're contacted. that would be the single bet thing he can do in the context
8:29 am
of saying the election is close, some of these polls are very competitive in these battleground states. that would be the far and away better strategy for him. >> so right now, put ron nehring in team rubio on that one. great to see you, thanks, you guys. what do a first lady, a first daughter and a primary first runner up have in common? all trying to turn a red state blue for the first time in deca decades. what are the chances or is it all just a big show? >> plus, president obama, about to hold a news conference. you'll get live pictures there from the rose garden. looks like he's getting close right there. will he get asked questions about this election? what new does he have to say about donald trump? we'll bring you those remarks live.
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8:33 am
presidential history. but this is an unconventional campaign. with that it seeps tdgn. with that it seeps t s with that it seeps teems the cl campaign is con step platemplai calling an audible? number one, play it safe, number two, run up the score or number three focus on down ballot races, specifically the senate. joining us, cnn chief political correspondent, host of "inside politics," john king. i understand there's some overlap within these three groups. let's treat them as distinction categories. why you you play it safe and what would that look like? >> because you're not sure of these polls. even the obama mccain race when you knew it was a big democratic year, it was closer than that. the becoobama/romney race was t on this day in 2012. that's a blowout if you think of the polarized politics in this country. do you believe those numbers? do you think there's a secret vote out there? do you focus on blocking him? win pennsylvania, win florida or
8:34 am
north carolina or both and donald trump could not be president. if you just do that, look at that map, just do that, defend the light blue states, try to get one or two of those toss-up states, boom, you're safe, you're president. if you're the campaign manager, that's your first priority. number one, get through the debate tomorrow night and then see what the polling looks like. >> seems logical, a win is a win. then why is -- what is the argument then for running up the score? running up the score, the electoral vote score, and where do you focus? >> to send a double whammy message. rigged election, i just won arizona. rigged election, i just won georgia. one or two of those ruby red states. hillary clinton can win one of those, two of those, really hard for donald trump to say the election is rigged if conservative states repudiate donald trump. number two, it's a governing message. she can sit down with mcconnell and ryan, whether they're in the leadership or the republicans are in the minority and we'll get to that. but she can sit down with the republicans in washington and
8:35 am
say i beat you on your turf, you have to do business with me. will they? that's a big question. but it gives her more of a moral argument that i won a sweeping victory, i won in republican areas, i didn't just win blue states, you need to pay attention. >> this is the third argument which is start to focus on some of the down ballot races. >> if you're in utah, there's no senate race. boy, what a message it would send if you could beat him. what a message it sends to the republicans. there's no competitive senate race there. you're not going to get john mccain in arizona. so why do you spend a lot of resources there? should you be thinking if you're hillary clinton, doesn't matter if i get 270 or 271. let's go to new hampshire a lot. try to keep the governor over the finish line. go to pennsylvania, a lot. get katie mcginty against pat toomey over the finish line. a lot of times in north carolina republicans have the edge in that senate race right now. do you pour resources into there. florida, i don't think you'll get marco rubio. but do you just focus on the
8:36 am
states where you're thinking i need 50 or 51 so that democrats or the chairman of those senate committees gives you a little bit of a message. >> hillary clinton getting ready to head off. she's in white plains, new york, getting ready to head off to nevada for the big debate. as we look at that, john, look, we're three weeks out from election day. like, where is the level of conversation? when do these decisions need to be made? where do you pour the resources? >> they're being debated all the time. remember, we're talk about the clinton campaign. so there are also democrat superpac decisions. where a superpac might think we're going to spend money to support hillary clinton. she's in good shape now. we're going to target these senate races. another calculation here, she's not campaigning as much. she's been often the trail for four days. she's been in debate prep. but the democrats have an advantage. they can decide hillary's going to focus on this state for the presidential race and sent in the president. the first lady is essentially the advance scout in arizona. she's going to go into arizona.
8:37 am
bernie sanders goes into arizona. then poll again. did we move the numbers? what are the voters looking for? so she has a deeper bench so they don't have to necessarily make one of these choices. they can use hillary clinton for play it safe and they can send the obamas and bill clinton and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren into these other states and try to play around it. they have a lot more pieces. trump has trump and mike pence. >> great to have you here. >> you know some stuff, thanks, buddy. so with hopes of turning a red state blue, hillary clinton is making a play for, john was talking about, traditionally red arizona. sending in big names to make a big splash. first lady michelle obama, chelsea clinton, bernie sanders, all heading to campaign in the state this week. >> joining us to discuss the chairman for the arizona republican party robert graham. mr. graham, welcome back. michelle obama coming to town on thursday. what's your message to the first lady? >> well, i'll tell you, she can be here and be entertaining but
8:38 am
she's not going to move the needle as relates to the outcome on november 8th. we're confident given the groundswell we have and the voter registration and other elements that support good campaigning that her visit will entertain people but it won't be something that will move the needle to a victory for hillary clinton. >> what are the chances hillary clinton wins arizona? >> you know, you think about that all the time because you want to do everything you can to protect your state. you take everything serious. but really three major points to consider. one, voter registration, the state of arizona, the republicans have 175 voter -- 175,000 voter advantage over the democrats with the largest voting bloc. we have 21 active field offices. we've done about 1 million live phone calls. we've got 12,000 volvolunteers. arizona's a red state because people engage in the base. it may be tied in the polls. but when you call into the households, you're seeing a very different outcome as it relates
8:39 am
to the support for trump versus hillary. >> "the new york times" reporting the spending in the next two weeks. they think there's a chance because of the growing latino population there. the mormon vote is significant in arizona. donald trump's having some problems there. so, you know, are there areas weakness you see, robert? >> the hispanic vote has always been large and significant. we have 31% of our population is hispanic. that's where we've been doing a lot of engagement. we've been reaching into these communities. because literally the democrats have taken the hispanic vote for granted. the republicans historically haven't been showing up in these hispanic communities because they believe that the democrats have the vote. so what i've done in this state with many volunteers is we've been in these communities participating in their events, being a part of their communities. we're now seeing the support coming back. jobs is a big, big issue for the hispanic population. and so they believe that trump really is the jobs president. they might not like him on other issues but right now it's about
8:40 am
providing for your family and that's where trump wins with a lot of hispanic voters. >> do you need donald trump to campaign more, especially when we were talking about this issue specifically when it comes to hispanic voters? do you need donald trump in your state more to shore it up? >> no, you know, donald trump's been here six times. and mike pence has been here a couple times as well. i don't think we need that right now. we're already in full swing. the early ballots are out. again, when you brought up the lds or mormon vote, we're seeing a big swing back. even in utah you're seeing the numbers start to point back to a trump victory. at this point, people are voting if you want to say their conscious. so it's about stopping a lot of different states. arizona's one that supports trump and despises hillary clinton. >> so don't come, we don't need you? >> no, actually, donald trump stay and go work the states that need your help and hillary
8:41 am
clinton, spend all your money here, because it's going to be the worst investment you've made in your campaign. >> can donald trump win without winning arizona? can he win the white house without arizona? >> yes, i don't -- it's additive, right, you want 270 electoral votes. we've got 11 here. every single vote counts right now. so i would say that when you're running a smart campaign, you want to win every state. you want to have the best outcome where he can. when you have a red state like arizona that's been semipredictable over the years, then yeah, you put that in the win column. he needs this state to help assure the victory. it's a big state. it's one to watch. >> robert graham of the currently red state of arizona but will it be that way in three weeks and one day, we shall all see. robert graham, thank you. any minute now, we're look at live pictures from the rose garden. president obama holding a news conference from the rose garden. what will he say? you can be rell timly confident
8:42 am
when he takes questions he might get a question about the current election. what will he say this time? he's not been secret about his feelings. we'll bring you the president live any minute now. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... president obama with italian prime minister. >> once again, i want to welcome prime minister rensi and his delegation back to the white house. as we all saw this morning, mateo's english is better than my italian. michelle and i are looking forward to hosting mateo at tonight's state dinner, but as i believe our italian friends say [ speaking foreign language ] which means first duty then
8:45 am
pleasure. tonight's dinner will be a pleasure. today we're focused on our duties. our work to advance the security and the prosperity of our peoples. want to begin once again by expressing our deep gratitude as americans for the extraordinary alliance with italy. the united states is lucky to have many strong allies around the world. few are as strong and as reliable and as capable as italy. in good times and in bad. we can count on each other. i want to thank the government, the people of italy for the hospitality and the generosity they show to the many american military personnel and families who are stationed in italy far away from home. mateo please also know that our thoughts continue to be with the people. i know you're still working closely with local governments there to recover and rebuild from the devastating earthquake that took place this summer. in our work together other the
8:46 am
past two years, i've come to count on the prime minister as one of my closest partners and friends on the world stage. by virtue of his progressive vision, his energy, the reforms that he's pursuing which are sweeping, the bold vision that he has for italy and the world. i think mateo embodies a new generation of leadership not just for italy but also for europe. and this is critically important because as i've said repeatedly other the last several years, a strong and united and confident and prosperous europe anchored in liberal traditions and democracy and rights, that's a ness safe necessity for the united states and the world. it's a strategic interest of ours that we have a successful and united europe. today we focused on a number of key challenges facie ining euro
8:47 am
our transatlantic alliance and the globe. on the united front, our focus has to be remaining on growth create jobs for people. structural reforms in italy that are not easy, that are often resisted by existing institutions and inertia but the italian economy has shown signs of growth. it still has a long way to go to put italy on a path to long term and sustainable growth and the upcoming referendum to modernize italy's political institutions are something the united states strongly supports because we believe that it will help accelerate italy's path towards a more vibrant dynamic economy as well as a more responsive political system. mateo shared his thoughts on how
8:48 am
in the wake of brexit the european union can move forward and focus on delivering security and prosperity that europeans deserve and we both agree that without an emphasis on demand and growth and investment and infrastructure and projects that can put people back to work, particularly young people, that much of the economic fragility in europe will continue. by the way, that has an impact around the world, including on the american economy as well. we both reaffirmed our strong support for negotiations around the transatlantic trade and investment partnership which can support jobs and exports and innovation on both sides of the atlantic. we talked about as nato allies our unified determination to defend every ally and to
8:49 am
continue to strengthen nato's defense and deterrence posture. italy will be a key contributor to nato's joint task force which is now operational and can deploy anywhere in europe on short notice. we discussed our shared concerns around the situation in ukraine. and the importance of keeping sanctions including eu sanctions in place until russia and ukraine are both implementing commitments under the minsk agreement and we are determined to work with the normandy group in order to achieve that goal. i thanked italy very strongly for its leading role in the coalition against isil. after the united states, italy is the second largest contributor of forces in iraq. italian foerrces are helping to stabilize cities through its training of police after they're liberated from isil. the start iraqi operation tossing liberate mosul is
8:50 am
another major step forward. mosul, as many of you know, is iraq's second largest city and i isil has been entrenched there. perhaps 1 million civilians are still living there. in addition to rooting out isil, our focus jointly is on the safety and humanitarian aid for civilians who are escaping the fighting. that's going and a top priority for both out of gfts. there will be setbacks. i am confident as isil has been defeated, it is another step in their ultimate destruction. meanwhile, italy continues to be one of our strongest counterterrorist allies and more broadly we continue to continue or strange support of the accord that continues to face challenge its authority.
8:51 am
italy provided critical diplomatic support to libya's efforts to forge the government. together we intend to continue to support the government of national accord as it works to eject isil from libya, provide stability and services throughout the country, and as a isil tries to expand its pressen in afghanistan, italy continues to play a vital role as we train and support afghan development. we discussed the continued need for strong coordinated responses to the largest migrant and refugee crisis in europe since world war ii. as the leader of eu's naval operations in the mediterranean, italy and its partners have helped to save hundreds of thousands of lives. as nato agreed in warsaw, the alines is moving ahead for plans to increase support of these eu operations and matteo, i commend you and the italian people. the leadership in europe that you have shown as an eloquent
8:52 am
voice for a collective, orderly and he main response to this crisis is in keeping with our values and our shared commitment to human dignity. and finally, the past two weeks have been a powerful reminder that when our countries work together, we can leave the world a little bit better than we found it, because the united states and italy joined with other nations across the globe, we've brought the paris agreement on climate change into force. we reached an agreement to limit aviation emissions and through the montreal protocol nearly 200 nations just this past week agreed to phase down dangerous hyd hydrofluorocarbons, which are a enormous contributor to green house gases, and a major step towards achieving the goals we set in paris. meanwhile, continuing to be a strong partner for development especially to combat hunger and malnutrition around the world. once again, matteo, thank you
8:53 am
for your friendship and partn partnersh partnership. i could not ask for a better partner and the american people could not ask for a better friend and ally than italy. so, gracias. >> i'm not sure your italian exceeds my blienglish, because improve every time. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: thank you kindly for the reception. what we said about the great honor, which is here today for italy is something i'd like to confirm, it's something that i'd like to underline with great strength, but as president obama said, our meeting was also an occasion to talk about our beauties and after that to talk about pleasure. in those topics that have to do
8:54 am
with our political times, i want to thank the united states of america for the extraordinary support, for the battle that italy is having in our country, within europe, to affirm a paradigm of growth, and not only of austerity at all levels, the united states are a model in the sense, 2008, 2016, constantly, your country has indicated, shown us the way of how to get out of the biggest crisis after the war. i believe that europe can and should do more. italy considers the american example as the reference point in this battle. of course, we also know that we have to do our homework at home, the structural reforms, and, therefore, what the president just reminded us of is the priorities starting with the labor market reform.
8:55 am
i had to ask for his forgiveness, because i used the expression, jobs act, which is obviously something that i copied, but this is something that is open source and i think that we can copy each other the expressions from the great initiatives that were set forth by the obama presidency. this has created 588,000 new jobs in italy, which for italy are still insufficient, but at least they're a first step to leave our difficult situation. thank you, president obama, for the work you've done as a leader in the energy field. today italy is one of the main nations that sustains and upholds the vision of cop 21 in paris. we will be working in marrakesh in november, the next few years, we will be working in this direction in order to have clean energy, sustainable environment for our children, and thank you for the work we've done together in the field of culture.
8:56 am
the cultural field. i believe that we find ourselves in a season of our political lives, maybe some people choose hatred. the culture of intolerance. we have to bet on liberty. we have to bet on our identity, the values that make this country extraordinary, and europe. europe has a desperate need to find its own soul, and this is due to its children. this is due to its grandchildren. so this is the first topic of conversation that we had with president obama in terms of italy we want to make sure that the g7 in telemena in italy, the beautiful sicily is an important, and the work we began together, dear president, under your presidency may continue. the legacy of president obama
8:57 am
will not only remain in the united states. this has to be absolutely clear and absolutely loud, it will involve the europe, and we feel totally committed in this direction. and, finally, before i talk about international policies, i want to tell you that we thank him for remembering a small village in the center of italy which has been affected by a dramatic earthquake. it's also the town where pasta was born. one of the typical products of italy, and so this small community that had so many dead has not left its courage. dear president, when you come to visit italy in the next few months, i believe that we will want you to taste, thanks to the cooks there, one of the best pastas that you have ever tried in your life. particularly this pasta and i
8:58 am
think this is way of saying to this community what a community that has been foldaled by this terrible tragedy, that food can be an element of identity in the future. in terms of our international policies, the international, the italian agenda is inagreement with the american agenda. we are thoroughly convinced the need to affirm values of being able to live together. being civil throughout the world. that's why we commit ourselves to work with the international coalition in all theaters, starting in iraq, in mosul, where italian troops are supporting a -- an operation to save the dam in mosul, and we believe that it's fundamental. it's crucial, not to succumb to the culture of fear. in the future, we cannot know what will happen, but if there
8:59 am
is a great inheritance left by the american dream, this is the best way to proceed. recently, a lot has been said about innovation and technology, and this has made people think that the future is a threat. i am completely convinced that in italy and the united states question help a new generation to think of the future not on only -- think of this as a great opportunity, and for this reason, the agenda that the united states has presented today is an agenda that we agreed upon and we will be working together on it. thank you so much, mr. president. >> okay. take a few questions, and i will start with kevin of a.p. >> thank you, mr. president. donald trump says hillary clinton's talks too tough about vladimir putin and that both of you insult the russian leader.
9:00 am
he also said that if elected, he might meet with the russian leader before his inauguration. what do you think of trump's approach to putin, and how would it affect america's interest on the international stage? secondly -- >> go ahead. >> secondly, does it distress you that folks at the fbi and state department talked about the prop 0er level of classification of e-mails on secretary clinton's e-mail server? would be acknowledge impropriety and should state officials have done this, and for prime minister renzi, with the critical referendum happening soon in your country what wore passage mean for your ability to lead that country, and what would failure mean to your political future as well as to italy's role in the european union? >> well, i'm going to be a little more subdued in my disc


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