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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. 10:00 a.m. here in las vegas. host city of this the final presidential debate. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. with less than 20 days left until the u.s. presidential election, the candidates take the stage tonight for the final fireworks. the third and last presidential debate, high stakes. rolling the dice, doubling down, all gambling metaphors on the table now as we delve into this debate. and as we head into tonight's final showdown, our cnn poll of polls shows hillary clinton with were a nine-point lead over donald trump meaning each candidate has a different agenda
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as america and the world tunes in. right to our senior political correspondent brianna keilar following the clinton campaign. and john acosta, the trump campaign and anchor of cnn "inside politics" is here with us as well, john king. brianna, hillary clinton has been in debate probe now several days. are we expecting a new strategy? >> i think they're comfortable with their strategy. days of preparation. seen it again. laying low, allowing popular surrogates, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, president obama, first lady michelle obama, do a lot of the campaigning, and for whatever criticism she may have taken in the first debate she may have seen robotic or over prepared, she thinks, i'm told making the case, look, a sign i'm taking this seriously and her campaign is looking at the fact they think she did pretty well. so we see the polls. she's doing better in the polls. there attributing some to her
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debate preparation. certainly some has to do with the "access hollywood" tape and also accusers coming out against donald trump but feel they're on the right track. not really going to be changing that up. another thing i think will see is her addressing this issue of the ricked election. that donald trump is talking about. trying to cast him as a loser who's complaining, who's sour grapes and dealing, of course with the wikileaks e-mails from her campaign trail john podesta. heard from many surrogates saying if these are even real. i think try to pivot to russia and try to link donald trump to russia. obviously the u.s. thinks russia has to can do with those leaks. >> speak to john podesta momentarily about that and a lot more. jim acosta, donald trump, this is las vegas. is he going to gamble tonight? will we see a new strategy tonight from him aopposed to th first two debates? >> he's running low on chips, say to safe. what we've seen over the last couple days, preview of coming
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attractions. see donald trump take on a very aggressive tone. very clear in the debate guests he's bringing. pat smith, benghazi mother. malik, president obama's half brother. aggressive moves by the trump campaign to try to get inside the heads of the clinton campaign. donald trump prepared differently for tonight's debate. use reince priebus and chris christie playing the role of hillary clinton. rein reince priebus ask a question, chris christie pushing back as clinton. a rigged election, drain the swamp, donald trump has taken on a very anti-washington, anti-establishment tone in the last few days. the ringed election line really revs his supporters and notion of drarning the swamp is a message that can still get republicans just hanging on in their support for donald trump to stand with him. they want to keep the bottom
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from falling out tonight, wolf, in addition to looking for hillary clinton to have some sort of big mistake or bad night. i think that is what donald trump is looking for tonight. >> john king, a new look at the road to 270. 270 electoral college votes you need to be elected president of the united states. >> wolf, look at this. jim talking about trump being trump. look at this, trump's coming in with a strategy. may not change, may show up his republican base, but not working when you get to the business of 270 electoral votes. the new list, clinton 307. donald trump slipping. takes 270 to win. the morning of the first debates at 272. trump at 196, but trump was moving, tied or ahead in nevada, tied or ahead in florida and north carolina and ohio. in play to get into the 260 es and make a play for the race. look at it now. taken utah and arizona. turned from red states to toss-up states because polling in those states suggest they're
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in play. utah, hillary clinton leads in arizona, leaned this state, nevada, with a toss-up, first debate. now leaning democratic. north carolina, now florida, i mean, excuse me, now leans democratic. north carolina still a toss-up, latest polls show clinton slightly ahead. she's on track, wolf, right now heading into the third debate to match or exceeded 332 that president obama received in his overwhelming win against mitt romney. back to close with this. the map state by state is overwhelming, but think about what you said at the top of the show. a nine-point national lead. unheard of in recent american polarized presidential politic. the obama/romney race on this day of the third debate -- tied. tied. nine-point national lead is remarkable in this environment we've lived. >> thanks. hillary clinton heads into tonight's debate leading nationally as well as in key battleground states. so what is her strategy and what are her biggest concerns going
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into this important debate jie want to bring in clinton's campaign chair john podesta. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> doing debate prep mode now for several days. there's talk that donald trump may engage in a new strategy more storched earth strategy leveling charges against her. i assume she's practicing getting ready noor? >> she does practice for these debates, takes them very seriously. an opportunity to talk to millions of american people, and it's worked for her. that lead john talked about has opened up as a result of the debate performances, and donald trump's falters debate performances in the first debate and i think she won the second debate. so i think that he can decide to go scorched earth but that isn't working for him. maybe solidified his base, fired up his most ardent supporter, but when it comes to undecideds, people try to make up their mind
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are moving towards her. her approval ratings are going up. his continues to go down. bad strategy for him but we fully expect he may try it tonight. >> still questions of honesty and trustworthiness. ed rendell had advid fore -- advice for her. >> be presidential, hang in there, not to be smug or self-confident or over confident, because elections can turn. >> if you couldn't hear because there's a crowd behind us -- >> i got the -- >> advised her not to be smug, self-confident or over confident, if you will, because elections can turn. still almost three weeks to go. >> there's no one in the clinton campaign who's over confident. we're working every day. we built a tremendous organization on the ground, in contradiction to what trump has tried to do. she is coming in here to, again, talk to the american people, to take on the challenge that --
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and anything that trump will throw at her, but we need to use these last three weeks to seal the deal as it were, to get our vote out to make sure that people understand that she wants to build an economy that's going to work for everyone. not just people at the top. that's what she's going to be prosecuting tonight and i think, you know, she's going to challenge donald trump on the way he's run his campaign. on the fact that now he's running around saying it's rigged even as his own campaign manager threw him under the bus this morning and said that, you know, she didn't think there would be much voter fraud in this election and virtually every republican official said. >> that's kellyanne conway, a pollster for donald trump. she said, though, hillary clinton should be further ahead right now. listen to what she said last night on cnn. >> hillary clinton, she's got the current president, past president, happens to be married to, a very popular first lady, more popular than hillary
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clinton will ever be in michelle obama. the vice president, endless amounts of money. i tried to say last week on your show, anderson, why can't she get to 50% and stay there anywhere? an important question in answering yours. she's like the 46% gal. she's nowhere near the margins that president obama got twice in states that, where we're competitive. >> your response? >> john noted, a nine-point lead in the poll of polls. it is a four-way race. we're trying to talk to people who are thinking about voting for the third and fourth party candidates. gary johnson, and the green party jill stein. and so that this really is a binary choice. it's hillary clinton or it's donald trump. and we think that if you look at issues like climate change, like building a strong economy, like creating equal pay for equal work that hillary's the right choice, and -- but she's sitting
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with a nine-point deficit, unprecedented in political history. given more advice for her candidate rather than ours. >> one of the people donald trump invited to be a special guest tonight, patricia smith, mother of one of the benghazi victims, sean smith. she blames hillary clinton for her son's death. presumably donald trump's going to bring this up tonight. how is hillary clinton going to respond? >> look, this is a tragedy, and she, of course, tragically lost her son, and in benghazi, we honor the four people who died there, but hillary spent the time subsequent to that when secretary of state trying to beef up and ensure that we have differentmatic security, all of our outposts are dangerous places but there have been nine investigations of this and all concluded that hillary was, a not responsible, did nothing wrong. the republicans tried to make this a major issue on capitol hill and couldn't do it. she faced 11 hours of testimony. >> he's going to want letter to
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apologize to patricia smith. will she? >> well, look, i think that what hillary will do, again, is to honor her loss and state her sympathy for the fact that she has lost her son, and that is a tragedy, and so is the loss of every american who's overseas and lost their life in the battle for stopping terrorism and the battle for freedom. in knithis particular case, hily the track record using this occasion to improve security and to try to move forward and as i said, nine investigations found she has -- she operated with the information she had and -- >> all right. >> and acted appropriately. >> another unvited get, president obama half dbrother.
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told brooke baldwin, just an appetizer. worried about other iz sproo s that may be in store? >> there's no depth to which they can go. you know, bannon has probably made things worse, but his whole crew and cast of characters there, dave bossy, bannon, et cetera, i'm sure encouraging more antics like we saw in the second debate from donald trump, but, look, i think we're ready for anything, and -- and, again, i think this is a strategy that's driving trump down, and produced that lead. whatever they're going to do as michelle obama says, when they go low, we go high. >> quickly, the "new york times" reporting your campaign asked for a change in protocol so the two candidates at the top of the debate wouldn't have to shake hands. and that bill clinton wouldn't have to shake hands with melania trump or other members of the trump family.
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is that true? >> look, we would like the appropriate courtesies of normal debates, but what you saw in the second debate in st. louis was that they don't recognize those normal courtesies. the debate commission -- >> did you ask for a change in protocol so there wouldn't be an opportunity to shake hands jvlgtsz we'll see what we get tonight. she didn't shake his hand added beginning and did at the end. >> did you ask for a change in protocol so there wouldn't be an opportunity to shake hands? >> we want a debate conducted with decorum. >> you don't want to answer that question? >> we'll see what happens tonight. >> talk about the stolen e-mails from your account, wikileaks stolen thousands every day including today thousands being released. how concerned are you that your e-mail account was hacked, if will you? this was a, g-mail account you are, right? >> a concern to every american that as the u.s. government, our intelligence sources, the department of homeland security indicated these hacks are coming
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from russian sources. they're in cahoots with wikileaks putting this out. >> do you believe the russian government hacked your e-mail? >> yes. that's what i believe, and i think we have been informed by law enforcement sources that they're conducting this investigation as part of the broader investigation that they've taken the unprecedented step of the -- the director of national intelligence and director of homeland security have said are at their root russian hacks. so -- >> all the transcripts -- >> acting as a -- and, look, if this was about transparency they'd put them all out. dribbling them out because they want -- because the russians are -- intervening in this election on behalf of donald trump, because donald trump has been someone who has basically taken every position that vladimir putin has as opposed to the bipartisan group of -- of --
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on both sides of the aisle, of people who have thought what's the issue of the united states. marco rubio said even this morning he wouldn't condone it, participate it, because he knows what's up. this is the russians trying to interfere in our election. >> any ameils doctored or accurate? >> only say this, wolf. when this first came out it came out with a lie from joanna saying when he first released these that i was a co-owner of the podesta group. factually, completely untrue. what is -- what is false, what is act krit, ycurate -- >> transcripts of speeching before goldman sachs. are they accurate? >> what i would say to that, wolf, is we're not going to get into that, but what i would say is that she has said to people on wall street before the 2008 election, during the crisis, and during the speeches that they
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need to be held accountable. they cannot be allowed to let wall street wreck main street again. put out the most aggressive wall street plan of any candidate. what does donald trump want to do? repeal dodd/frank. she's been forward-leaning in saying they will regulate and be tough on wall street. >> and says according to the transcripts you need one position in public for the american people and but you need another private position -- >> no. i think that in the context of this, what she has said to them was they were playing with fire, and in the mortgage market with credit default swaps should get a fairer tax code by eliciting, getting rid of carried interest. that dodd/frank would be enforce pd and gone further than that in this campaign. so i think she's been, even though she represented new york, she's been tough on wall street. she'll continue to be tough on wall street and i think that's
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what her speeches have indicated. look at the commentary's people are surprised when he look at the whole basket to find that, that the reformers are kind of pleased and the people on wall street kind of nervous. there's a reason for that. because she's going to be tough on wall street. >> you've got to run. quickly, one of the e-mails you called bernie sanders a dufus. did you? >> well, you know, i have great respect for bernie sanders. there was a moment where he opposed the paris deal, where, you know, without conferring the accuracy of the e-mail, i was frustrated with him, but he and i have a very good relationship. a lot of rapport. i've worked with pat leahy the other senator from vermont and a very good relationship with senator sanders and a great affection for him but i think when he criticized the paris agreement, i didn't think he was taking the right position and i'm very proud of president obama for delivering such an
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important climate agreement. >> i'll take that as a yes. >> i'm take that as a statement that i have grade admiration for senator sanders. >> and other words used to characterize -- >> even memberses of the cnn crew to might read some of -- you say things -- >> got to be careful with e-mails. >> say things in private you regret, but i have great affection and admiration for senator sanders. >> thank for joining us. john podesta, campaign chair for hillary clinton. coming up, traditional republican states like arizona and utah apparently up for grabs by the clinton camp. senior adviser republican party chair standing by to join us live. talking how his candidate plans to hold on to those states. we're in las vegas, the site of the final presidential debate.
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if polls are any indication trump is entering tonight's debate in the weakest position he's been in the entire campaign. not only trailing hillary clinton in national polls, also in states reliably republican in years' past. newly updated battleground map, for example, showing states like utah and arizona now toss-ups. latest poll, in fact, from the "arizona republic" and others showing hillary clinton up over trump in arizona by five points with only 20 days left until the election. joining us now, adviser to the trump campaign, and arizona republican party chairman. thank you for being with us g. to be here. >> what's going on in arizona? >> working hard, take all election polls serious, but
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they're not consistent with what's really happening on the ground in arizona. >> you don't think these polls are accurate? >> no, i don't. three key points in arizona. arizona has a massive republican add vang, 175,000 more republicans registered, active republicans. 21 field offices over 12,000 volunteers that are -- we can't even deploy them fast enough not mention the millions and calls and doors we're knocking on. we've mobilized the force. you engage the voters it becomes a meaningful outcome for any candidate and we're not seeing that on hillary. >> what does it say, your senior senator john mccain doing well in the polls has certainly not been out there campaigning for donald trump in arizona? >> i think what happens, calculus is different. a senator that represents everybody in the state of arizona, as it relates to republicans, democrats and independents, and he's well liked. he blew his competition out of -- >> does that hurt trump he's not helping him in arizona? >> no. john mccain has always been john
10:25 am
mccain and taken his own personal positions. right now you're seeing, again, momentum shift really strong behind trump in our state even though the polls suggest opposite. but mccain's doing his thing and us as a republican party, my job description is solely to get all republicans elected including mccain and donald trump. >> what do you expect from trump tonight, really his last major chance to address tens of millionsing of americans? >> i think he'll lean into this one in an aggressive way. when you hear donald trump and work through to his real message, job safety, for everybody. a high hispanic population, high unemployment, he's actually speaking right to them as a man who knows how to deploy people and get resources and jobs for hard-working taxpayers. >> going after hillary clinton the character? go with what critics call the gutter politics? >> the thing about hillary clinton, we want her to be held accountable and i think trump wants her held accountable.
10:26 am
a pattern over the last 30 years, bad acting behavior an dishonesty. people see it. number one question to describe, or word to describe hillary clinton has been dishonesty. see what she's doing,volu mr. es of e-mails, he has a responsibility. >> he'll come out swinging? >> i think so. >> party chairman from arizona, republican party chairman, robert graham. coming up, billionaire caught in the middle. casino king steve wynn considered donald trump and hillary clinton to be his friends. will tonight's debate help him pick who he decides to put his chips behind? i'll ask him when our special live coverage continues right here from las vegas. share the joy of real cream...
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looking at live pictures coming from from laguna, california, where ivanka trump is the featured singer at a fortune magazine summit conference, mow powerful women. she'll take the stage shortly. we'll monitor that. she expected to be here in las vegas later tonight with her dad, when he father warparticips in this third and final debate. and chairman and ceo of wynn resortr resor resorts, limited, among other places, thanks for joining us. >> nice to be with you. donald trump dntd aand hillary
10:32 am
clinton. known president clinton a long time. still haven't made up your mind who you'll support? >> well, i've concentrated -- you know, i've gone both ways. my program has always been, i go with the candidate. whoever i think is best at the time. we have a terrific candidate for the senate in congressman joe heck, and so i've been concentrating on joe, but with regard to the presidential campaign, i'm one of those people who believes that the conversation has been off point. we take in $3.1 billion a year. we spend $3.7 trillion a year, and then $600 billion gap, it's $50 billion a month in new money being printed in order to cover the deficit of our country. it is degrading the value of every single paycheck in the united states of america, and causing tremendous consternation as it degrades and lowers -- >> which candidate can deal with
10:33 am
that better? >> -- the living standard of all americans nap is the question. my objection is the conversation is not dealing with the -- >> that's coming up tonight. that subject is expected to come up foent. >> that will be a wonderful thing. but as it stands now, paul ryan will be the speaker of the house. i believe. without too much doubt. mrs. clinton's a favorite at the moment. things could always change. in the senate, a jump ball. we are going to have, again, gridlock. of a sort. that means that the executive branch is going to control all of the agencies that we know by initials, the irs, nlrb, et cetera. 465 agencies withes 2.65 million civilian employees. law has been made lately, hundreds of regulations -- >> let me ask you this.
10:34 am
based on what you hear tonight you'll make up your mind whether to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump? is that what i hear you saying? >> a more accurate way of putting it is that i'm hoping, and so far i've been frustrated, that the conversation is more sub starve tstantive area that americans. that will come home rapidly and terrible in the future's if tonight this debate deals with those issues substantively, i think myself and a whole bunch of americans will get answers that we crave, but i think i'm -- i think i speak for an awful lot of people in american when i say we're frustrated with the level of this campaign's conversation. it started in the primaries, on both sides, and it's gotten progressively worse. you know, everybody is spinning. everybody is -- >> all right. >> issues propaganda, and you guys, at cnn and fox are trying
10:35 am
to sort it out. so far it's been an uphill battle. >> we're doing our best. >> i know you are doing your best. >> thanks for joining us. >> wolf, always nice to have you here in las vegas. >> hopefully you'll make up your mind tonight. you'll let us know, right? maybe. much more of our speck defe coverage of the debate. people used as human shield in iraq as the battle rape rag. a live report from iraq is coming up. 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. much more on that, our political panel is standing by. switching gears and heading overseas. breaking news, iraqi-led forces now in the fourth day of military operations to retake mosul. the second largest city in iraq from isis control. the last remaining stronghold of the terror group in iraq. the commander of the iraqi army's armored division says troops are closing in on mosul's fringes after liberating communities village by village over the past two days. arwa damon joins us live from erbil, not that far away. phasing fierce resistance from these isis terrorists. what are you hearing how long this battle might take? >> reporter: well, wolf, the estimates range from weeks to months. what's happening is that in some strategic towns, isis is putting up quite a fight, but then in other areas, the iraqis and the
10:41 am
kurdish peshmerga have been able to move forward fairly quickly. senior commanders are telling us, we were just down at the front lines, is that they need to make sure that everyone is pushing forward. more or less simultaneousy, because they really want a cohesive effort when it comes to squeezing off isis, but even if those areas that are fairly quickly liberated, wolf, the iraqi soldiers we're talking to are saying, look, we're not taking any chances's we know we are facing a very determined enemy, and one that does fight to the death. throughout all of this we're seeing these isis tactics, such as using underground tunnels to pop out and launch attacks onto forces as they advance. launching suicide bombers, suicide car bombers and also a lot of shoot and scoot tactics where they come in and just try to distract the iraqis and the kurds, try to stop them from moving forward, and, of course, in all of this, wolf, you have
10:42 am
the civilian population. some of the villages on the outskirts of the city deserted. some not. one little boy burst into tears when he saw the iraqi soldiers because he associated that with the gun battle that happened that sent bullets flying into the wall of his house. no one was hurt, earlier that morning. of course, the great concern is the closer these forces get to mosul and actually reach the city itself, a lot of the tactics there relying on now, the tampgs, the artillery and air strikes, they won't be able to use that in a city like mosul with a population potentially upwards of 1 million people. so we're still very much in the initial stages of what promises to be a long and complex battle, one arguably the biggest challenge for iraq, one that will define its future and quite potentially the future of the region, wolf. >> arwa damon on the scene for us. be careful, arwa. we'll stay in close touch. coming up, back to the race for the white house.
10:43 am
maybe as many as 70 million people here in the united states expected to watch what happens on the stage. this debate stage later tonight. so will donald trump stick to his base? will he try to broaden his appeal, and will hillary clinton speak directly to republicans? our political panel, standing by to weigh in on their target audience. otless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
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in a little more than seven hours donald trump and hillary clinton, they will face-off right here in las vegas in the final presidential debate at the end of the night each getting one last chance to make their case to voters from a national stage. which voters do they need to target and what do they need to say to win them osier? bring in our panel. maeve reston, political director david chalian. executive editor mark preston and senior politics writer for "u.s. world and news report." what voters do trump and clinton need to target tonight? >> clinton has got to hold on to what she's got. certainly expand that universe of millennials not sure about her. the former bernie sanders
10:48 am
supporters who don't like what they've seen in the leaked e-mails, and trump should be reaching out to those white suburban women, but we haven't seen any move by him in that direction to do that. but i think that's the imperative for both tonight. >> david chalian, last debate hillary clinton tried to reach out to some republicans, independents, said this. listen -- >> look, i want to be a president for all americans. not some americans. i want to be a president for people who agree with me and don't agree with me. i want to be a president for democrats, republicans, and independents. >> so is that still her target audience, and what does trump need to do to reach more voters, if you will? >> yeah. trump really should be targeting beyond his base. targeting everyone beyond his base and should probably mirror some of that language. it would be helpful to him. i don't think that's what he's
10:49 am
doing. every indication in the last 23 days before the first debate, making sure his base comes out in numbers. for hillary clinton's part, she has her base, obviously, maeve was saying. she can move beyond it. talking about making the base more enthusiastic. you'll hear more language of that. that event was in las vegas right here. i think you're going to here talk like that, because hillary clinton and her campaign are keenly aware if she wins this election she's going to do so with a lot of votes who see her unfavorab unfavorably, don't trust her. she has to think how she governs for all. >> one of trump the major promises, bring back manufacturing and other jobs to the united states. listen to what he said about coal miners, for example. >> who's a miner? raise your hand. you? you don't look like a miner. a lot of miners. all right. get ready to go to work. get ready to go to work. your jobs will come
10:50 am
back around trump administration. your incomes will go up under a trump administration. your taxes will go way, way down under a trump administration. [ cheers and applause ] >> i assume we'll hear more of that as he targets his audience. >> no doubt he'll say you're not a minor, even though the gentleman says he is. i think they have a similar audience they have to go for. they have to go for married women. donald trump seemed to be doing better with married women before the controversy came up but more importantly right now they have to work out to white working class and college educated women. we've seen slippage with donald trump, particularly with the white working class voters specifically the past month but even more importantly the midwest. he has to target these voters in the specific state he is has to win, pennsylvania, he has to win ohio, perhaps michigan, maybe wisconsin. at the same time, wolf, what's troubling for him is he's playing defense in a state like
10:51 am
nevada with we are right now. in colorado he's not doing very well. the fact is when utah and texas are being discussed, not good. >> arizona. >> even arizona. it's been 20 years since it's gone republican in a presidential contest david, what do you think, the voters both candidates need to appeal tonight? >> donald trump cannot preach to the choir. he has to talk to everyone outside of his 40%. this guy has been through the ringer. the people behind us that love him will be with him no matter what. he is going to broaden his coalition to anyone that is against him. hillary clinton has a luxury. she's ahead in this race so she can talk to republicans. if i was her i'd sit up there and talk about hey, is this about party loyalty? are you going to let this man get to the presidency. think long and hard about that before you vote. >> maeve, put yourself in their respective shoes, how do they make their respective cases? >> the closing argument tonight i think donald trump needs to be is that he is the agent of change.
10:52 am
he's obviously going to keep making this argument that the system is rigged but the change agent argument is the strongest for him. for hillary clinton, she must make her case -- >> hold on for a moment. we're just getting this tape in, i want to discuss it in a moment. ivanka trump in california was just asked about the "access hollywood" tape that her father was caught saying very inappropriate things. listen to what she just said. >> i have the good fortune of knowing my father so well not only as a parent, and he's been an amazing parent to me and i'm now a mother of three children ages five and -- from five to three to six months so i don't take for granted in any way how hard it is to be a good parent and he was a loving and suppo
10:53 am
supportive and tough at times parent who challenged me and my siblings to achieve our potential and helped us find purpose in our lives which is what any parent can do but i've also known him in a capacity as a leader and executive at the trump organization where i've also worked in addition to my own brand for over a decade and i've seen him inspire tens of thousands of people. >> we'll continue to watch ivanka trump. what she did say when she was discussed that "access hollywood" tape she said it was a mistake, he apologized, we've heard her say that, maeve, before. this is an issue will presumably come up tonight. >> and an issue that's very uncomfortable for ivanka who has presented herself as an independent, she needs to protect her own brand so a touchy subject for her to deal with and for clinton, the interesting thing is to see
10:54 am
whether or not she engages on this issue. she's allowed it to let it breathe, let these women come forward, give their allegations and stayed out of the fray and that's been effective so far. >> david, it's a 90-minute debate, no commercial interruptions, six themes going forward, one of them fitness to be president of the united states. >> to me that is the key for donald trump. when we said this before the first debate, he hasn't solved this problem for himself yet. a majority of voters still see him as unfit for the office. they can't quite picture him there yet. and this is what he has to -- he has to cross that fitness threshold if he's going to mount what would be one of the greatest political comebacks in american history. >> and she has to improve her credibility as well. voters don't think she's honest and trustworthy. >> that's been her achilles heel throughout this whole process. what she has going for her tonight is that donald trump has been so self-directive iself-d past week. he hasn't done enough to stem the allegations against him. he's talking about voter fraud when there's no evidence there's
10:55 am
voter fraud. donald trump needs to get back to basics to talk about what he's going to talk about but hillary clinton needs to go out there and show the people she is going to be a leader for everyone, including these folks back here who are shouting about her. >> donald trump is going to be asked about these allegations tonight. he's going to deny it but the key for him is he has to move past it, not get down a robert hole. frankly i think he should have melania with anderson cooper a week ago. ivanka they should have rolled out a week ago. they can not still be talking about this. they should talking about issues talking about i'm the change candidate, she's more stagnation, corruption and the same and he should be drilling down on those wikileaks e-mails to undermine her credibility. >> do you think he's been practicing that. >> i don't know if he's been practicing but it would be malpractice if he doesn't repeatedly go back to the wikileaks. >> he's got rich material to work with anymore n these wikileaks e-mails. >> it's going to be an exciting moment. the third and final presidential
10:56 am
debate, we'll be watching and have live coverage before and after. that's it for me, thanks for watching, live coverage of this, the final presidential debate here in las vegas continues right after a quick break. ♪ if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare to enroll... in a plan that could give you the benefits and stability you're looking for, an aarp medicarecomplete plan
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here we go, vegas, baby. here we are in sunny las vegas, nevada, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn live special coverage here. it's debate day, we are in a city world renown for its prize-winning fights and the prize tonight could not get any bigger. in just a couple hours it will be donald trump versus hillary clinton in the final presidential debate here on campus at the university of