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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 21, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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going to bring $2.3 trillion off shore back into the country, we're going to start the engine rolling again. >> doing the math could add more than $5 trillion to the national debt. be sure to watch this sunday. that's it for the lead. now turning it over to wolf blitzer and the situation room. see you sunday morning. happening now, internet attack, a massive cyber assault takes down some of the most popular websites, including ma'am amazon and netflix who is it behind it. government is racing to find out. a giant u.s. spy agency is targeted again, this time a middle-aged contractor is accused of the largest threat of government secrets ever. were the secrets sold or shared with others? republicans are very worried
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if donald trump suffers a big defilippo feet could take gop defeat he could take gop voters with him. and win, lose or draw, hillary clinton trying to lock down crucial battleground states. trump says he'll be happy with his effort whatever the outcome. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, some of the biggest most popular sites on the internet, including twitter, netflix, and amazon come crashing down in a massive wave of cyber attacks. a third round of the denial of service attacks is under way right now. no one has yet claimed responsibility. investigators are trying to find out who is to blame and how they did it. the presidential candidates got
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back on the campaign trail hours after a charity dinner barely able to disguise their mutual dislike. hillary clinton is in ohio where she is even with donald trump in the latest polls. no republican has ever won president without winning ohio. many clinton is tryi trump is trailing in the polls but says he will go all out land be happy with his effort, quote, win, lose or draw. republicans are worried could take other gop candidates down with him. our analysts and guests will have full coverage of the top stories. let's begin with the breaking news. a major attack on the internet by per traitors who are still unknown effecting twitter,
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netflix, spotify among many others. let's get to our chief national security correspondent what are you learning? >> this attack is still under way and growing in the last few moments of a third wave of attack. this started this morning across the northeastern united states knocking down many popular websites, as well as cloud computing, slowing many internet connections to a trickle and spread across the continental united states and jumped the atlantic to europe. dvs attack is where multiple devices are hijacked to bomb bard servers with requests to the point of dropping them down. they are looking at all causes
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both criminal activity as well as a possible siberiaer as a possible cyber attack by a state actor. adam smith has been briefed on the investigation and says u.s. investigators can determine exactly who or what group is behind this attack and says he's confident they will find out. >> troubling development indeed. thank you very much. now to the presidential race. the candidates are campaigning right now in critical battleground states. let's go to pennsylvania, sarah, republicans are deeply worried that a trump defeat could be devastated for what are called those down-ballot candidates. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, wolf when i speak to some republican operatives they say they believe that's why more republicans haven't split with
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trump because they're worry that there's not that many ticket splitters across the country those who will vote hillary clinton but still vote republicans in the house and senate. that's also the reason he is continuing to campaign in multiple spots like pennsylvania, this is a state donald trump is trailing hillary clinton by a hefty margin in the polls but also a place where it's tight reelection for senate seat. so if you can bring up donald trump's margins that will keep pat to me competitive enough at least tume could keep a senate seat here in pa. >> thank you very much. now congresswoman from tennessee joining us, she's the vice chair of the energy and commerce
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committee and staunch donald trump supporter. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. thank you wolf. >> first of the breaking news, you're on the technology sub committee what do you know about the major internet outage taking place? could it be the work of a foreign entity? >> wolf, you don't know who is behind this. you do not know if it's foreign or domestic. what i do know is over the years we have try the to pass data security legislation, there's been bipartisan agreement in the house. it has not moved forward in the senate. we also know that a few years ago we tried to do a big called sofa in the house which would require the isps to do some governance on these networks and to block some of the bad actors and of course there were all of the cyberbotts took out after u that said no you can't do that
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you're going to impede our free speech we said no we're trying to keep bad actors out of the system. so what you have now whether it is foreign or domestic, no one knows, no one knows who has released some ransomware malware into the system. bear in mind also we know this malware can live on your system for a year or much longer before it is detected. and that's how you've had some of these extensive data breaches because the malware gets into the system and rests there, it's pulling information and at some point it activates. as i tell my constituents be careful what websites you go to and what e-mails you open because you may be unintendedly incivil righviting that malwaree
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into your system. >> it's a troubling development. >> it is. >> it potentially could be retaliation as well. i want you to stand by a few moments. >> sure. >> i want to discuss the race for the white house for you. there's important political developments unfolding. taking a closer look at donald trump and latest developments on that front coming from jason, it is all or nothing for trump right now these are critical moments. >> well wolf privately the trump campaign is looking at the numbers, the poll numbers, they're clearly worried about their poll numbers but publicly you got donald trump out on the campaign trail, just wrapped up a rally in another part of the state where he continues to call what he calls the rigged system. earlier at a rally in north carolina was far more reflective about the state of his campaign. >> we have a bunch of babies
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running our folks. we have a bunch of losers. they're losers. they're babies. >> the gop nominee is pledging to sprint to the finish line and face poll showing him trailing hillary clinton nationally and in key battleground states. >> win, lose and draw and i'm sorry almost sure if the people come out we're going to win. but i will be -- i will be happy with myself because i always say, i don't want to think back it only i did one moraly i would have won north carolina. >> campaigning today in north carolina trump rachetting up his attacks on clinton. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt politician ever to seek the office of presidency. >> trump talking about hacked e-mails presented by wikileaks that reveal her discussing with aide's whether she what accept invitation to speak at global
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summit in morocco possibly in exchange for $1 million pledge from the country's king to the clinton foundation, it took place more than two years after she left the state department and month after declaring candidacy for president. she ultimately didn't attend. >> now from wikileaks we learned she tried to get $12 million from the king of morocco for an appearance. for pay for play. that's why i'm proposing a pass of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again. >> the tension between trump and his democratic rival on full display as they shared a dinner at a catholic fundraiser providing some laughs. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it, it's fantastic.
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they think she's absolutely great. my wife, melania, gives the exact same speech. and people get on her case. >> but the gop nominee also drawing boos and criticism for some sharp jabs. >> here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> with 18 days until election day trump's performance growing more concerning for republican leaders worried about down ballot drag one example in new hampshire where kelly a is locked in a tough senate race and u.s. chamber of commerce stepping up to have a new ad to elect her to serve as a check
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and balance on the democratic white house. >> america's future is far from certain but no matter who the next president is new hampshire needs a strong voice in the u.s. senate. >> similar ads will be released in other states to help republicans try and maintain control of the senate. and while trump says win, lose, or draw, that he would be happy with himself, also in the same breath he's repeatedly said over and over again that if he did not win the election it would be what he says a complete waste of time and money. wolf? >> all right, jason, thank you. jas jason carol reporting. so carol still with us. win lose or draw. if it's a draw, goes to the house of representatives, so somebody would be a winner, right? >> yeah, right. there's going to be a winner and there's going to be a peaceful transition of power.
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and i think that's what we all wish for. i think mr. trump has run a great campaign. wolf if you were out with me around the country in what many on each of the coasts term fly over territory, you would see people are still talking about how much we need change. the presentation of these e-mails, mrs. clinton some of the things she's been paid for, the speeches, some of the reflection of attitudes has not served her campaign well. and as i'm talking to people there are some who say i don't like the pay to play. i don't like the way that they've got nen here and tried to build wealth off pedaling influence and because of that i'm going to vote for donald trump because he's not been part of any of that in washington and he probably does know how to fix the system. >> all right. is it appropriate though, and i know you have strong views on
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this, for donald trump to say he will not necessarily accept the election results if he loses. >> i think donald trump, like everybody else who runs for election, you get to that night and you look at what comes up on the board and you know that you have either won or lost. there are every once in a while, an election that gets thrown into a recount and that is something that you trust the election officials. you know, wolf, one of the things i think we forget in this is elections are not handled by a federal commission. they are handled by our local election commissions and our state over seen by our state election commissions. >> so why does donald trump -- >> -- we know about -- >> -- why does he keep saying the system is rigged then? >> i think what people are hearing and the reason you hear people say that from time to
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time is because they hear about people who have tried to fraud fraudulently register or leicester city commissioners who have doing their job and they pull people out of the system because they're not qualified to vote because they are in the country illegally or inappropriately registered or someone is voting for someone who is deceased. you hear about the bundling of ballots -- >> there are some problems out there, you don't believe the election system here in the united states that our democracy is rigged do you? >> we know because election commissioners are doing their job that's the way we know about this. and i served on an election commission in my home county williamson county, tennessee, and i know what goes in by those volunteers that serve on those election boards, the effort that goes into making certain that those are fair elections.
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and when you serve in that capacity you have a great appreciation for the effort that goes into cleaning up those voter roles to making certain that the volunteers who are working those elections on election day -- have appropriate information in to them. >> we got to take' break but i hear you saying that the system works even though there's occasionally some problems. where you are, the system works, it is not rigged. >> i have great confidence in what, the way the system in tennessee works. indeed i do. >> all right i want you to stay with us congresswoman. we got more to discuss land take a break and resume the questioning right after this. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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tracking breaking news, a massive cyber attack taken down amazon and twitter among others. back with key donald trump supporter congresswoman marsha blackburn. i want to get pack to politics. you remember donald trump call that woman nasty during a debate earlier this week. texas republican said sometimes a lady needs to be told when she's being nasty. does that kind of talk highlight a real problem that the republican party has right now with a lot of women out there? >> i -- i think that with he would all be better served to look at e-mails and issues of hillary clinton. . and to focus on how you move forward for the american people. . and that is what my focus is on. and making certain that people understand, if you want the
2:22 pm
status quo, hillary clinton is your gal. if you want change than donald trump -- >> just to be precise congresswoman you don't want them republican men to be calling women politicians nasty, do you? >> it serves -- it does not serve to add to the conversation and it doesn't help. >> all right. >> and keeping the focus on where the focus needs to be, which is hillary clinton's lack of accomplishment over the past 30 years and her position on different issues and what i want to do is make certain we're preserving the supreme court and that we have somebody going to do a good job supporting our military and making certain they have the ability to carry out their mission. >> a key pro gop group will soon start running tv ads in new hampshire asking voters to reelect their republican senator
2:23 pm
for a check and balance for the white house. it makes it clear the possibility is very real based on all the polls right now, here's the question, has the gop establishment for all practical purposes given up on a trump victory? >> i don't think they've given up on a trump victory. i think what they do realize is that the presidential election is a compilation of 50 separate state elections and because of that you will have states where trump is running strong. you're going to have states where there needs to be a distance. and i know that kelly ayotte is running a great race. i've been on the ground in new hampshire and talked to people and see the support that is there and then have this incredible ground game how they are hammering out this vote and donald trump is running stronger
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there than anyone thought he would. that's key thing to remember. >> he's down in latest poll in new hampshire by 15 points kelly ayotte down by 8 points they're both in trouble in new hampshire. >> i think that kelly ayotte is running stronger than those polls indicate. and when you look at the ground game that they have in new hampshire with pushing that vote out the door and whether it is ginta or ayotte or trump they will perform better than the polls indicate that they are going to poll on election day. >> we got about 17 or 18 days. >> yes we do. >> your fellow house member mark meadows of north carolina he suggested that trump supporters are questioning the loyalty of the house speaker paul ryan. listen to what meadow said. >> a lot of the people who believe so desperately that we
2:25 pm
need to put donald trump in the white house they question the loyalty of the speakers. i do think that there will be real discussions after november 8th on who our leadership will be and what that will look like going forward. >> congresswoman will you support speaker ryan after the november election? >> at this point i don't think there's anyone who has said they are going to run against speaker ryan and what we need to do at this point is realize it's not the time for those kind of conversations, wolf. those will take place beginning november 9th. right now every ounce of energy that we have and our entire focus ought to be on november 8th and making certain that our ticket, all of our republicans run as well as they can run. and i run into people every day that are seeking information on the issues. and want to know where different candidates stand because they've heard is to much of this he said
2:26 pm
she said hub bub and different talk about things that are really not relevant and what they're looking for really is information. so every one of us, all of the elected officials all of the media would be well-served not to focus on the sensational but the issues that many women in this country are cared about. >> that didn't sound like a ringing endorsement of the speaker. let me rephrase the question. let's say someone challenges him for the speakership after the november elections. who are you going to be with? >> i think after november 8th when we go back to washington you will see paul ryan still as speaker of the house. >> and will you be with him? do you support him/had. >> i -- i have supported speaker ryan. i have served with him on the republican study committee and i think at this point you are
2:27 pm
still going to see him be speaker. >> i understand that but i'm trying to find out if you want him to be speaker, will you support him. >> oh, yes, i'm sorry i thought you were -- yes. i think you will see paul ryan, yes, i think he will be there, he's going to be speaker of the house. i think he's had a very difficult job. he is serving as best he can. i'm not going to agree with him on everything but i think paul ryan is doing a fine job leading house republicans. >> all right marsha blackburn thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up as donald trump fades republicans are increasingly worried about the down ballot. and may be the largest theft of u.s. government secrets ever. how great is the damage, stay with us. you're in the situation room. k t paint differently... ...question everything you know...
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i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. we're following breaking news of the presidential race in pennsylvania. about an hour ago donald trump claimed victory despite what he called a rigged system. he told the crowd to get out and vote or he's wasting a lot of time and money. polls show he faces a very difficult path to winning the white house. republicans are worried it could have a trickle down effect on the senate. what are the states where they are most concerned right now about losing the republican majority in the senate. >> about eight or nine competitive seats right now and
2:33 pm
only one democrats are defending right now. there's a big map for republicans to retake that majority. you have blue states where democrats are favors and close swing states like pennsylvania and new hampshire and then red states indians, missouri, north carolina, all in the toss up category, if they could win four seats, assuming hillary clinton wins, they take back the majority. so right now there's a lot of room for them to run. what's really helping them is the fact donald trump is struggling in a lot of these states if he loses by 7 or 9 points it will be very difficult for down ticket republicans to run significantly ahead at the top of the ticket that's why you see a lot of republicans distancing themselves from donald trump making the argument they could be in check against clinton white house for reelection. >> that's critical development.
2:34 pm
gop interest group out now with new 5d calling on new ad calling on new hampshire voters to reelect republican incumbent no matter who the winner is. we've been showing the recent polls. maggie hassan eight point as head of kelly ayotte. how do gop senate candidates to split votes for example. >> one of the ways to convince the people by saying hey you need to have a check on what could be a democrat white house. we seen this in new hampshire with that race there with what was reported about the chamber of commerce ad, an stone wall al eye that is putting an ad together that presumes a clinton
2:35 pm
victory because you must have a check on whatever is coming out of the white house. there's tradition of ticket splitting in new hampshire don't know if it quite that close in the polls but you will see this argument well beyond new hampshire. you will see republicans time and time again reminding everyone if indeed it is going serta south in the white house you really want to keep the republican majority in the senate. >> 15 points strim donald trump is trailing in new hack shire. >> a few dynamics are at work here, first of all, shows how trump is expanding the map not in a way good for him. utah and arizona should frankly
2:36 pm
not be in play for republicans but he's energized the hispanic base of voters that maybe wouldn't have been energized in this election. he's energized democrats and some republicans have decided maybe they can't vote for him. so the map bigger for hillary clinton and smaller for donald trump. it also shows because we're talking about early voting here, it shows how organization at the presidential level really matters and donald trump just doesn't have it. he's been leaning completely on the republican national committee for his ground game and organization. hillary clinton has a top-notch organization. she has many offices across all of the key battle ground states. people who have been on the ground for more than a year working in these communities targeting voters, donald trump doesn't are that and he's not contacting people to get them to vote early, to get them to vote on election day on the same
2:37 pm
level or any level. in early voting that's where it starts to matter. >> what's at stake for the house speaker paul ryan in all of this. >> at its worse, control of the house. because even if donald trump takes some of these republicans down with him, it will probably be the members that are more moderate member that really support paul ryan. so even if he does keep the house and some more moderate numbers are knocked off he's going to be in charge of more conservative conference that could really pose a new challenge for him. the one thing he has going for him, though, is that no one can convince paul ryan could consolidate around one person but he's in a really tough position right now. >> the clinton campaign has a new ad featuring the father of a muslim soldier killed in iraq. the campaign is going to air in
2:38 pm
florida, north carolina, and ohio, how effective do you think this ad will be with voters? >> this ad in particular, wolf, it really tugs on your heart strings in a very powerful way. i think one of the untold stories of this cycle has been how hillary clinton's advertise icing has been and how well produced her ads have been. we haven't talked about that because donald trump has commanded media not commanding in the same way. this ad i think will resonate. we've seen polling controversy between donald trump and the family, we've seen as many as 2/3 voters think donald trump didn't respond appropriate ly t this family and he should not have attacked them. as a reminder as voters are going to the poll not only that controversy and the under lying
2:39 pm
message that donald trump was or was not sending. this is very good for hillary clinton. >> i'm going to have you stand by. we're also following massive internet outage here in the united states. whose behind it? we'll be right back. who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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a massive cyber attack taken down here in the united states some of the most popular
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websites including amazon and twitter. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. u.s. government official tells cnn they are looking at all possible scenarios. new developments in the presidential race. hillary clinton wrapped up a rally in key battleground state in ohio. focused on donald trump not the e-mails posted by wikileaks. let's go to joe johns following the clinton campaign. what did she have to say just now? >> well, wolf, before i even talk about what she had to say it was esen ta get out to vote . which is very important because early voting started october 11th. while she was speaking we got interesting information from press campaign press secretary who speaking to reporters
2:45 pm
suggested despite the fact that hillary clinton has had a tough road to hull here in the state of ohio they believe in the hillary clinton campaign that she has now turned the corner based on the number of absentee ballots requested in some of the question counties that would include right here in kiahoga county around cleveland and franklin county around columbus about us ohio and even hamilton around cincinnati, all told, based on the fact had they've seen a lot more absentee ballots requested, without knowing what that number is they say they think they are showing people voting on their side along the lines of 2012. they're also doing light ot of targeting trying to figure who hasn't requested absentee ballot and trying to get that person to
2:46 pm
do so. >> i think you're from ohio right? >> i am, yes, from columbus about us. >> you know the state well and we point out no republican ever won without winning in ohio. i hear you say the clinton campaign thinks they can win this thing/had. >> right. which is extraordinary given the fact that ohio has been so tough for hillary clinton. a lot of the other battleground states have really started to fall in line. a number of them anyway but the buck eye state is a sticking point for her and think they they've turned the corner tonight, wolf. >> thank you. coming up the man accused the larkest ever largest ever u.s. classified material goes to court. it's called breath taking in its longevity and stale so how much
2:47 pm
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documents were found posted on the dark web. >> forces and methods, the technical means by which they go
2:53 pm
about their business are important and fragile. in other words, if they're exposed, they're burned forever. >> reporter: they also say martin knew how to cover his tracks, that he had a sophisticated software tool. "leaving no digital foot print on the machine." defense attorneys say hal martin is no edward snowden. so far, prosecutors have presented no evidence of that. still, a federal judge rules tonight that mart season a flight risk and ordered him detained without bail. >> we believe hal martin poses no risk of danger at this point to his country. hal is no risk of flight. he loves america, and trusts in its justice system. >> reporter: in court, the defense says martin loved his country, which caused him to well up with tears.
2:54 pm
they suggested he may havemental health issues and that he took the material to get better at his job. his wife only spoke briefly. >> i love him. >> reporter: a key question tonight, how could martin have gotten away with it for so long at the super secret nsa? >> if you look at the last two losses of information, snowden as well as martin, i would clearly say they have a problem. >> reporter: we repeatedly pressed the nsa today over how harold martin was able to steal so many secrets over such a long period of time. neither the nsa or the justice department would comment, citing an ongoing investigation. wolf? >> brian, prosecutors also presented very disturbing information about weapons allegedly found in harold martin's position, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. they say when authorities conversed on his house, they found at least ten firearms, including an ar-15 assault rifle, a loaded gun on the floor
2:55 pm
of his car. prosecutors say before his arrest, his wife asked them to remove all the weapons, fearing he would kill himself if he thought it was over. >> brian, thank you very much. coming up, breaking news. a massive cyber assault takes down some of the most popular websites here in the united states, including amazon, netflix and others. so who is behind this? government investigators, they are racing right now to find out.
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hammi ihappening now, a mas
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internet attack is under way. homeland security is scrambling to figure out who is behind it and how many more attacks may be in the works. downdraft. republicans are more scared than ever that a loss by donald trump will wipe out their majorities in congress. tonight, we have a new snapshot of where gop senators are in the greatest danger right now. not buying it. trump is rejecting polls that show his campaign is struggling and promising he'll defeat hillary clinton, despite his claim that the election is rigged. did isis escape? u.s. officials fear terrorist leaders have fled mosul. tonight, isis is apparently using human shields and launching a surprise attack. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."


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