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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the next hour of the cnn newsroom starts right now. hello again, everyone. thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. hillary clinton is enjoying a wave of strong poll numbers with the election less than 16 days away. clinton campaigning in the battleground state of north carolina where polls show her and trump in a close race. a new poll of likely voters shows clinton leading trump by 12 points. the latest cnn polling average puts clinton ahead by nine points. if you take a look at the early voting numbers, more than 5 million americans across 35 states have already voted. today, clinton attacked trumps for his recent comments that he might not accept the election results. >> he said something, and this is important. he said something that no
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presidential nominee has ever said. democrat or republican. nobody. nobody has ever said this. he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. and that is a threat to democracy. >> so while donald trump is refusing to acknowledge any possibility for a loss or a dip in the polls, his campaign manager admits, yes, we are behind. she says it is only because clinton has a, quote, tremendous advantage. here is what kelly an -- kellyanne conway told "meet the press." >> she had more ads. most are negative against donald trump. classic politics of personal destruction. she has tremendous advantages. former president that happens to be her husband campaigning for her. the current president and first lady, vice president, much more
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popular than she can hope she is. she's seen as the incumbent. our advantage going in, we were behind, one, three, four points in swing states that romney lost to president obama. chuck, our advantage is trump is going to take the case directly to the people. he doesn't expect to cut through the noise or the silence and the way we're treated by some. so he's taking the case. he's going to visit the swing states. so is governor pence. we feel with hillary clinton under 50% in some cases, though she's run a traditional and expensive campaign, we have a shot of getting the undecided voters that somehow said, i know who hillary clinton is, i don't want to vote for meher, don't trust or like her, we need to bring them aboard the next couple weeks. >> i want to bring in my panel. joining me is cnn political congressmen cater, matt lewis, also, larry savado. good to see both of you. what's your assessment, larry, on kellyanne conway's comments?
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>> well, she was very honest in se ing they'-- saying they're b. we didn't get an estimate but i think your poll of polls is pretty accurate. i'd say right now, this almost resembles bill clinton's re-election when he beat bob dole 49% to 41% in an electoral college landslide. >> so matt, are you seeing an admission in her comments or something else? >> no, i think it is. i think she's being honest. and i think they are behind. although what's up with the excuses? it's like, yes, our baseball team lost the game, but the other team has better pitchers than we do. you're supposed to raise money. if you're a billionaire, maybe you need to throw in some of the money. yes, everybody knows donald trump is losing. i'm glad his campaign manager, who is a pollster, also realizes it, but that shouldn't be the case. with 16 days left to go, it's a
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really ominous sign. >> there's also a new cnn poll of ole polls showing clinton leg trump by nine points. while kellyanne conway said, you know, we are behind, is that also saying, larry, that every day is very important, potenti l potentially pivotal? they're not necessarily throwing in the towel. >> well, there are, what, 15 1/2 days left, and they're about nine points behind. that would mean, what, at least 0.8 point a day they'd have to gain, which is an awful lot to ask. matt made a very good point. donald trump has said repeatedly that he was throwing in or already thrown in $100 million. he's the billionaire. not the clintons, although they've done extremely well after the presidency. he spent about $60 million of his own money. that isn't, you know, change for
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lunch. >> yeah. >> but still, it's nowhere near what he had pledged. >> and he also said, you know, matt, if he loses, it's a waste of time and a waste of money. >> that's right. look, he ran as the republican nominee, essentially making a few arguments ask s and a few promises. one of the promises was he's a winner, goes without saying. the other promise was he is going to be able to take the fight to hillary clinton. there is a sense, maybe mythology, but there is a sense the other candidate, mitt romney, john mccain, didn't bring it, they didn't have what it takes. some of that is attitude. some of that is money. this is do or die time, donald trump. look, you can't do this a year from now. this is your shot. you are the republican nominee. put in some money if you want to win this thing. >> okay. so larry, 16 days to go. everyone knows that anything can happen. that's why it is important that everyone vote.
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meantime, the clinton campaign saying today that for the first time this week, hillary clinton and michelle obama will be in the same arena. they will be campaigning together. of course, you know, michelle obama has been called the closer, and she really has been exciting crowds in a very big way in recent weeks. what do you envision with this dynamic duo of sorts, these two women coming out in front with a very strong campaign for hillary clinton? >> it can only help. clinton, as many people have suggested, have so many more surrogates, big surrogates, to campaign for. take michelle obama. when she appeared in arizona, it was the first clear dynamic signal that the clinton campaign was going to contest arizona. sure enough, at least one poll, two polls actually, have clinton up there. republicans are complaining that there weren't enough republicans in the survey and all the rest of it. but arizona is competitive.
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so these surrogates, bill clinton and her daughter chelsea and president obama and, of course, tim kaine, the vice presidential candidate, all of these people, bernie sanders, all of these people can make a difference with their constituecon stic constituencies in certain of the battleground state. the battleground is expanding in clinton's direction. >> how do you see it being impactful, that michelle obama would appear with hillary clinton on the trail? >> it is interesting that president obama, i think, the second best politician in the family. michelle obama is, without a doubt, the best surrogate out there right now. but i would say this, look, kellyanne conway is complaining about, oh, the other side, they have a president and past president, they have all the money and all the surrogates. guess what? donald trump's got is to also have surg grogates. take arizona we were talking about. one of the senators is not supporting him. the other one is -- john mccain
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is reluctantly supporting him. we have former republican nominees and past republican presidents who are not supporting him. that's donald trump's fault. the own elno onus is on you. >> coming up next, the trump camp's tone may be slightly shifting but one message they are sticking to? >> he is saying the entire system is rigged, and that's not the same thing. >> the system is rigged. >> more from jake tapper's interview next.
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make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. consistent message of unity has been an issue that has dogged donald trump throughout his campaign. while he made a push for harmony in his gettysburg speech yesterday, he still opened for
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about 15 minutes by harping on his claim the election system is rigged, among other things. this morning on "state of the union," jake tapper pushed kellyanne conway on the risk of questioning the integrity of america's democracy. >> let's talk about the idea that everything is rigged. mr. trump arguing the election will be rigged. it is a charge he makes with no real evidence to suggest it. many republican secretaries of state and others are upset he is making. back in april when you were working against donald trump, when you were supporting ted cruz and advivising his super p, you had tough words for trump lashing out at the system being rigged. take a listen. >> we hear from the trump campaign, rules change, the system is corrupt. he can whine and complain all you want, that you didn't know the rules. >> is this a pattern with mr. trump, if he loses, he lashes out and calls the system corrupt and rigged? >> we love watching that clip
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together. but that was actually about what was happening on the weekends. where donald trump would win the vote -- he'd win basically all the electoral votes in a state, and on the weekends, the cruz campaign would go back and follow the rules and get back some of the delegates. so, no, it's not a pattern for him. i think if you had hillary clinton in this chair and you asked her every hypothetical situation possible, would she respect the results of the election? what if -- hypothetically speaking, since it happened in 2000 -- out of 6 million votes cast in florida, there was a difference of 530 or so? would hillary clinton accept the election result? would donald trump will forced to? would they do what al gore did, concede the election, call back and retract the concession and throw it into an unprecedented five or six weeks, jake, until the united states supreme court decided who the -- >> kellyanne, it's not the same thing. >> it is. >> no.
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there was a state mandated recount because the margin of error was so small. donald trump is out there saying if he loses pennsylvania, for example, a state that is not gone democrat for president since 1988, he's saying the only way he's going to lose pennsylvania is if it is stolen. i mean, he is, right now, telling people that if he loses, it is because there will be corruption. there is no evidence of it. you can't compare that to a state mandated recount. there's going to be one, at least one, on november 8th, after november 8th, because some elections come in close. he's saying the system is rigged and that's not the same thing. >> the system is rigged. especially against the little guy. there's no question about that. >> talking about the election system. the election system. he's talking about the integrity of american democracy. >> right. well, if we were so worried and high minded about the integrity of american democracy, then somebody would really get their hair on fire, jake, about the fact that hillary clinton's foundation took millions of
1:15 pm
dollars from countries that disrespect women. this advocate for women. let's not get so high minded and sancti sang moanio all about this. we talk about the accusers to donald trump and 57 seconds about the newly revealed information about what hillary clinton and her staff think about people. >> do you know how we know they took money from saudi arabia and others? the clinton foundation discloses that information, unlike mr. trump, the first major presidential candidate since 1976 to not release his tax returns. so this is the reason why a lot of politicians don't like to release returns. because then people like you will attack hillary clinton for taking the money or people like me will ask about the hypocrisy of taking a money from a country that oppresses women and gays. it is a legitimate charge. the point is she discloses the information and mr. trump does not. >> it's okay she takes the money? >> no.
1:16 pm
>> she who is fighting for women and children? >> no. i just said it wasn't. >> i promise you that mr. trump's taxes do not say that he takes millions and millions of dollars -- and i promise you it doesn't say that his spouse gave a 90-minute speech in russia, pocketed $500,000 for that speech, and then turned around and helped a friend, a cohort, get uranium rights. >> we don't know -- >> melania trump didn't give a speech for that. >> fine. we have no idea what his ties are and where there might be money interests and conflicts of interest because he won't disclose his tax returns. >> here's what we do know. we know that as he said yesterday in gettysburg, jake, he used to be an insider. he breathed verified air up there with the clintons and other, given his position, power, wealth and great success as a businessman. yet, that gives him the credibility and legitimacy to go and fight the system from the outside in. >> there is a lot there. let's bring back our panel to talk about all of this.
1:17 pm
larry and matt. we'll kind of tick through a number of things. there was the drawing of the parallels to potentially a recount like we saw in florida in the election in 2000. larry, in the whole dialogue about a rig ged election or not trusting the outcome, bringing florida into it, does that resonate with the voters or does that share them or frustrate them or what? >> first of all, fred, it's completely irresponsible. trump and his people have absolutely no proof about the rigging of the 2016 election. now, on twitter, his followers, who have swallowed this whole, are circulating stories about every incident of fraud since 1789. there are always some examples of fraud. there are 135 million people who are voting in this election. we're talking about a relative handful of votes, if it even
1:18 pm
occurs. so it's just completely irresponsible. the second point is, donald trump was not talking about a florida 2000 type situation. of course anybody would have a recount or would go to court or do whatever was necessary. donald trump has made clear -- >> if it was as close as it was, right. >> yeah, as close as it was. donald trump made very clear, he's talking about widespread voter fraud for which there is no evidence, and even the republican secretaries of state around the country have denounced what he has been saying. >> hillary clinton, matt, took aim at trump's gettysburg speech yesterday in a different way. questioning where his priorities are. listen. >> and i saw where our opponent, donald trump, went to gettysburg, one of the most extraordinary places in american
1:19 pm
history, and basically said if he's president, he'll spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his behavior. >> matt, you know, we're talking about the first 15 minutes of trump's speech yesterday that we carried here live from gettysburg, where in the first 15 minutes, he talked about the lawsuits that he will impose on the women who accused him after the election. he talked about the rigged election. before he got to what his first 13 100 days in office would look like if elected. so his campaign -- kellyanne conway even said today that he's essentially driving the ship. that it wasn't the campaign necessarily that organized his thinking. but this is donald trump all the way. this is what his supporters like. >> well, he needs more than his supporters and that is the problem. he's pandering to a base of supporters who are already for him. that's not how you win an election with 16 days left when
1:20 pm
you're down in the polls. 16 days left. instead of talking about things he might win on, like for example, yesterday he laid out a whole bunch of policy proposals, some that would be popular, but he guaranteed we wouldn't spend much time talking about them by throwing out more provocative topics. the weird thing about this is, so i don't understand how claiming the election is rigged helps you win the election. in other words, i think in the past, we've had politics who certainly said irresponsible things and talked about conspiracy theories. there was at least a rational to it, a logic to it, that was going to help them win. there's no logic to this. threatening to sue these women doesn't help donald trump, when maybe it disincentivizes other women coming forward. that's the only rational i can think of. honestly, this doesn't make sense. the only thing that makes sense is trump is on his own.
1:21 pm
kellyanne conway wouldn't tell him to give this speech. >> or a justification if things don't go well. if he does not win, it can't be because of what he did or didn't do, but because the system wouldn't -- doesn't bode well for him. >> yup. >> interesting stuff. again, 16 days. anything can happen. people need to vote. matt and larry, thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, the clinton camp's internal debate over how to handle the candidate's e-mail controversy. it is one of the latest revelations in the new wikileaks pack. details next. differently... ...question everything you know... ...and what you don't know... what if it's built with better ingredients... ...given super powers... ...and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder... it still paint? find benjamin moore paint,
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a new batch eof hacked e-mails show whether clinton may deliver a major speech on race. athena jones has more from washington. >> hi, fred. interesting to see these internal discussions. this was a discussion within the campaign about whether it would be politically wise for clinton to give a major speech on race. the context is important. it was a debate taking place right after the new hampshire primary, a few days after clinton lost badly to sanders in new hampshire. several weeks before -- or a couple weeks before the south carolina primary, where black voters were going to be a key constituency. in the hacked e-mail, one of
1:26 pm
clinton's speechwriters makes it clear both bill and hillary clinton were involved in discussions about what a speech on race could look like were she to give one. the aide also talks about pros and cons about giving such a speech, saying that one of clinton's advisers raised some questions about the wisdom of doing this speech this week. it's possible that we would unintentionally end up elevating questions that aren't yet being widely asked and introduce new, damaging information, especially super predator to a lot more voters. the speechwriter later says that clinton's poll position in south carolina could be a factor in deciding whether she should do the speech. that speechwriter said if we are slipping fast, maybe it's worth rolling the dice and doing the speech. if we're holding relatively steady, maybe we can see if we can ride this out without doing the speech. clinton ultimately did give a
1:27 pm
speech on race the very next day in harlem. this exchange could give fodder to some clinton critics who say that she is too politically calculating. we always want to note that cnn has not confirmed the authenticity of these e-mails. they were hacked from the clinton campaign chairman john podesta. the clinton campaign also isn't verifying them. instead, they're stressing they believe the e-mails were illegalillegal ly stolen by russian state actors trying to influence the presidential election. >> there was a separate debate about whether clinton should mention the controversy over her e-mails. >> that was a debate over whether she should make light of the controversy in a speech in front of emily's list, the political action committee in march 2015, a month before clinton announced her presidency. the first message is from clinton's campaign director saying i want to float idea of
1:28 pm
hr be c making a joke of the e-mail situation at the emily's dinner tonight. what do folks think about that? what followed was a discussion about aides about how it would be good for clinton to show h humor and the emily list a audience is her crowd. pro-choice democrat women elected to office. mandy says, we don't know what is in the e-mails and are nervous about this. might get a laugh tonight and regret it when content of e-mails is disclosed. there was a clear awareness that the e-mails could be a problem and an awareness that clinton's own words could be used against her down the line. >> athena jones, thank you so much from washington. the latest poll numbers lift hillary clinton's presidential chances, the democratic candidate is shifting to a fresh target. house and senate races. that's next. on broadway is kind of magic.
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hello. i'm fredricka whitfield. hillary clinton is turning her targ attention to a new target. clinton's campaign is shifting money and resources from her campaign to help democrats win house and senate seats. today while campaigning in north carolina, clinton asked tar heel voters to elect deborah ross, who is trying to unseat a republican senator. >> deborah is exactly the kind of partner i need in the united states senate. she will help me break through the gridlock, create more, good jobs. help to get wages rising, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and finally guarantee equal pay for women's work. >> let's talk about this.
1:33 pm
ellis, a political analyst with us now, flying solo for now. we're talking about less than 16 days until election. one has to wonder, is this a really confident clinton, is this risky or is this smart, to focus on the down ballot races? >> she can read the poll numbers as well as you and i can. she can feel the same momentum we're feeling. she can watch her opponent stumble. sure, life will be a whole lot more fun in a clinton administration with the majorities in the house and the sen na senate. rather than republicans sniping at her all the time. >> is it your feeling she could be potentially influential, or is it paul ryan who has most of the influence since he's going to be focusing on the down ballot racing as opposed to putting the resources in donald trump? >> both of them have a role to play. think about what clinton can do here. one of the things is try to tie each of these congressional
1:34 pm
candidates and senatorial candidates to donald trump and keep asking, do you support this guy? what about the stuff he said yesterday, the things he said about women. are you for him, against him? why haven't you disavowed him? that torture is proving to be effective. >> that makes it an uphill battle for paul ryan, who is trying to maintain support for the gop, to maintain that control of the house and senate. >> that's right. listen, he's got a 30-member advantage. the dems have a whole lot of ground to make up. i would say sitting here 2 1/2 weeks ahead of time, it'll be a heavy lift to get that big of a change in the congress. you know, i wouldn't rule it out. two weeks ago, i would have said it was impossible. now, it'll be tough but it is within the realm of the thinkable. >> all right. a lot of the national polling numbers have hillary clinton up.
1:35 pm
you know, the race is not over. we're talking about 16 days away. you heard campaign manager of donald trump, kellyanne conway earlier today, who made the acknowledge that, you know, we are behind but resources are being directed into donald trump still trying to win the white house. do you believe that that kind of admission is kind of setting up a sentiment that perhaps trump may not win? >> you know, i have noticed a shift in tone not just from kellyanne but trump himself. a little less boastfulness, less kok cockines cockiness. your heart has to go out to the folks, particularly the pros. you don't want to say stuff that people laugh up. you want to keep the spirits high so you have to exude some confidence. i think we all know which way this thing is heading. >> now republican strategist is here. usually the two of you joining me most sundays.
1:36 pm
he is on the phone with us. had a few technical problems. >> all right. >> brian, is that an admission in your view, when you have kellyanne conway who says we are de behind, perhaps the winning strategy we've heard so much of, donald trump maybe now less confident? >> well, i think it's recognizing reality to an extent. it needs to be delivered in a way that we are behind and that's why we need your help. to the extent they're doing that, i think it is good. i think down ballot candidates obviously need to protect their own flanks. that's why you're seeing a lot of the elections, a lot of the campaigns by republican senate candidates and others become more localize and had be about, here is what i have done for you. pay no attention to the presidential race that i'm not running in. pay attention to me. that seems to be working. a number of the candidates are polling ahead of trump. if you look at rob portman? ohio, marco rubio in florida, richard burr in north carolina,
1:37 pm
to name a few, while the guys are running on the republican ticket, they're getting much different results than trump is getting. that's why the senate is going to be very tight. as nancy pelosi basically admitted, the house is probably going to stay in republican hands. the dems may pick up some seats. >> as it pertains to the pursuit for the white house, we're hearing that hillary clinton is going to be joined, will be side by side with michelle obama on the campaign trail. many called her within the camp the closer. donald trump, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily have anybody like that in his arsenal. i mean, that admission coming from kellyanne conway today. what does that mean for donald trump, who kind of is going it alone, as opposed to hillary clinton, who has, you know, quite the entourage of recognizable faces on the campaign trail for her? >> look, it always helps to have popular surrogates on your side. few people in america generally
1:38 pm
speaking are more popular than the first lady. that is a great position to be in, to advocate in an election. laura bush was very effective when her husband was president and michelle obama, the same. very well-liked. she, of course, is an accomplished lawyer in her own right. she makes arguments well. that's a disadvantage to be sure, but that would have been the same disadvantage for any republican candidate. that's not unique to trump. but he needed to, earlier on, get stronger surrogates for himself, like former presidents perhaps, or others in the party, other bigger names who would be helping him out. this campaign was not able to do that. so that is just one of the sort of handicaps he's facing now into the final stretch. >> brian and ellis, thank you so much. good to have you both. on the fen phone on in front of camera. at&t inks an $85 billion
1:39 pm
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there was quite the party in chicago early last night. they're excited. fans pouring into the streets
1:43 pm
after the chicago cubs clinched a spot in this year's world series. it's their first trip to the championship in 71 years. cnn's ryan young was there for the party. >> fred, talking about excitement here in chicago. nothing has been bigger thana thanasiithanas thanathanas thanasi -- than seeing the fact the cubs are going back to the world series. one of the things we noticed is people have been taking selfies in front of the big sign. that is the marquee so many cub fa fans travel from around the world to come see. the 2016 national league champions. yes, the cubs are going back to the world series. to understand this, you have to see the video from last night. as people exploded into the streets to sing the song that everyone knows, "go, cubs, go," it exploded throughout the city. we saw fireworks when people were excited about the idea the cubs were returning back to the
1:44 pm
world series for the first time in 71 years. when you think about that, hawaii and alaska weren't part of the union the last time the cubs went to the world series. fans can't believe the moment is here. >> i'm happy for him. it's not about me. it's about all the cubs fans that have been suffering for 50, 60, 70 years. unbelievable to share it with my boy and three other boys at home that are cheering like crazy. along with my wife and friends. how many years? he asked me four years ago, what are you a cub fan? it builds character. here's the character right here. >> as we arrived here at 4:00 this morning, we could see people still walking the streets, still trying to get that glaze off their face. the excitement of the fact the cubs are going back to that world series. of course, they're going to be playing cleveland. we have seen big stars like
1:45 pm
dwyane wade and lebron james, who both are one from chicago and one from cleveland, talking about the idea that this game is happening and bets are going to be made. for the next few days, people around the sports world will be talking about the excitement of the two long suffering teams finally facing each other. when you live in chicago, you understand how much the people here want to see the cubs win. fred? >> fun stuff. thank you so much. every year in the u.s., 7 million children are bullied, either at school or online. when matthew kaplan realized his little brother was one of them, he took action, even though he was in the eighth grade. the past five years, he's shared his free anti-bullying program with more than 4,600 middle school students. that's why he is this week's cnn hero. >> the term peer pressure is thrown around a lot and usually it is meant as a negative thing. but i believe that we can actually harness peer pressure for good.
1:46 pm
what if it was cool to be kind? that's what positive peer pressure is all about. creating this culture where being inclusive and being kind is the norm. >> wow. to see matthew's program in action, go to we'll be right back. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. want to take you to palm springs, california, for a press conference already in process. 13 people killed. 31 injured. a big rig and tour bus collide. >> has it been determined as to whether the bus, when it left its departure area, was it on time, or was it behind schedule? >> i can't tell you that. i don't know. >> did the bus driver have any conversations with the company prior to going to this place or leaving this place about mechanical issues? >> at this stage, no. the other thing about the mechanical issues is the three inspections didn't reveal anything about the bus. >> is the bus driver also the owner of the company? >> we don't know. >> we don't know the identity of the bus driver. >> for the surviving victims,
1:51 pm
were they able to get out of the bus themselves and how were they when you got there? were they calm? how were they when you responded? >> i wasn't at the scene. >> the majority of the dead, were they in the front? do you know? >> the 13 victims? >> right. >> this is my guess based on the significance of the impact, i would say yes. >> the bus didn't roll at all? what are the seatbelt laws? did the bus have seatbelts? >> don't know yet. >> speed limit is 65 or 70. you said significant based on what you've seen. what would you call significant? >> in terms of what, what context? >> as far as how far over the speed limit are we talking about, that you wauould say constitutes significant? >> i don't know he was over the speed limit. i will tell you the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor trailer it struck from behind. >> chief, do we know where the
1:52 pm
family is originally from, the passengers? from los angeles? they were heading back to l.a. >> that's the problem we're figuring out. we assume many were from los angeles. >> has it been determined whether the truck entered the freeway from the truck stop off of indiana boulevard, and was it at a slow rate and the bus at a fast rate? >> it really doesn't appear to have anything to do with him entering the freeway. he was established on it. >> do you know about how fast the truck was going, could it have been obstructing traffic? >> no, it was going slower because of the traffic and the amount of traffic that was backed up. >> what is that driver's statement? what is his account? >> the truck driver? >> yeah. >> i don't have that. >> was the wind a factor at all? >> absolutely not. >> do you know how fast they were going at the time? >> i don't. >> were there skid marks? >> the skid marks appear to be,
1:53 pm
from what i saw at the scene and talking to the sergeant, the skid marks at scene are primarily due to the bus hitting the back of the big rig and pushing it forward. didn't appear to be braking skid marks from the bus. don't quote me on that. it's yet to be determined. >> how long were those skid marks? >> i couldn't tell ya. not right now. >> chief, have family members been notified about this. >> not every one of them. unfortunately, several passengers have not been identified. some ids were not valid. >> are any of those open to the public yet? any ids? >> no. >> looking at the driver log, the bus driver log, is that -- >> we'll look at it first and then nhtsa will probably, as well, or ntsb. >> once again, the fatalities. you said it is in the front section to r you believe it is the front section? >> because of the impact where the bus entered the back of the big rig, the majority of the people who were killed were in the front section of the bus,
1:54 pm
yes. >> were they seated -- >> as far as we know, seated. the victims statements, i don't believe they were seatbelts. >> what were the year of the bus? >> 1996. >> can you talk about trying to identify the victims and potentially the not valid identifications? >> we're hoping a lot of family members will come forward and contact the coroner's hotline. then we'll have to backtrack. obviously, we're going to contact the bus company to see if they had a manifest. we're going to go step by step to try to identify everyone. of course, we'll be talking to the people in the hospital with injuries to see if they can provide information based on what happened in the crash that they may know if they were awake, and what information they may be able to provide about the other passengers. >> do you know specifically where it was heading to in los angeles? >> i don't. >> chief, do we know if the passengers for art of an organization or travelers? >> as far as i know at this stage of the game, they were
1:55 pm
folks who were going to different casinos. >> any word on the history of the usa holiday? have they had violations? >> well, it appears that from our records, it's an owner/operator. this is the only bus owned by the owner. and that, like i said earlier, he'd been inspected three years in a row and there were no mechanical violations noted. >> one man, one bus operations, do those stick out to officers who patrol this area? i mean, do they have a different history than a larger company? >> not necessarily, no. >> there is an age range on the people on the bus. is there like a -- >> we don't know for sure. we know they were all adults. i can't tell you. >> why can't we get the bus driver identified? >> we can't identified him yet. >> has the family not been notified? >> i don't know. i don't have his name.
1:56 pm
i don't know what information they found on him in feterms of the driver's license. i don't have it. >> the number three lane, how many lanes in that area of the road? >> four. >> so the third -- >> the slow lane would be all the way to the right. the three lane would be the next one. then the closer it gets to the fast lane, which is the one, closest to the center. >> the driver was the only one with the company? >> we don't know that yet. >> all lane was shut down. will one reopen? >> all shut down. there were so many injuries they had to establish an emergency t triage. >> you're listening to the press conference there. sadly, 13 kill eed 31 injured i the crash there. the chief there, the california highway patrol, saying it appears as though the bus, a tour bus that may have had people who were going to casinos on board, that bus may have been
1:57 pm
going faster than the big rig when it crashed into the big rig. that collision resulting in this deadly, deadly outcome. we'll continue to watch this press conference and get more information throughout the afternoon. meantime, thanks for being with me. i'm frederica whit teericka whi. so much more straight ahead. into one you'll never forget. expedia plus rewards. earn points on over one million hotels, flights, and packages. ...doesn't go on your wrist. technology... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with class-leading horsepower.
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