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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and make their own rules. >> ready for a big adventure? >> i am. >> it isn't a perfect system. as long as people want to buy sex, shouldn't there be an alternative to the hazardous life of street work for those willing to sell it? home stretch. clinton and trump barn storm the nation with two weeks two go. are there any other curveballs coming in the final days of this campaign. plus trump double down on his debate shocker. >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> is he serious? >> he is threatening our democracy. >> trump campaign manager,
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kellyanne conway will be here, and going blue? hillary goes to arizona and utah, can she up send the electoral map? plus the best political minds will be here with insights from the campaign trail. hello i'm jake tapper in washington where the state of our union is down the wire with over two weeks to election day. both candidates are crisscrossing the country to make their pitches. hillary clinton signaled her confidence in pennsylvania where she spent nearly as much time talking about the senate campaign there as her own race against donald trump. >> i debated him for four and a half hours. i don't even think about responding to him any more. i'll let the american people decide between what he offers and what we offer. so he can say whatever he wants to. he can run his campaign however he wants to. as we're traveling in these last
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17 days we'll be emphasizing the importance of electing democrats down the ballot. >> here with me this morning is clinton's campaign manager robby mook. thank you for joining us. two weeks to go until election you and your allies are putting a lot of effort into red states, missouri. you're doing this and then it's neck and neck in the traditional battleground states, ohio and iowa, florida. i hear african-american turnout in north carolina is lower than it's been in the past. are you guys getting overconfident? >> i'm glad you asked that question because you're exactly right. these battleground states are called that for a reason. they are all going to be incredibly close. we don't want to get ahead of this, we're just as focused on ohio, north carolina, florida, other states as we've ever been. there's a special opportunity that popped up late in arizona where donald trump's divisive rhetoric about latinos, his
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shameful remark about senator john mccain and p.o.w.s has put that state into play. it's possible to win it but it's going to be razor thin there. it's an uphill climbing. we have a clear message to our supporters. >> what about turnout amongst african-americans in north carolina. in early voting i hear it's lower than where it was for obama in 2012. >> first of all, we're seeing high turn out generally across the country. the voter roles have reached a high watermark. over 200 million people are on the voter rolls. we expect more voters than ever in our history to turn out and participate in this election. north carolina has only been voting for a few days so we still need to let the data come in. look, we should all assume that there's a mountain of work left to be done there. so we got to stay focused. what's important to us is we don't want anybody to wake up after election day this historic event has happened and didn't have a chance to participate.
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we want everyone to make a plan to go vote. >> donald trump says your campaign or the democratic national committee are behind the accusations against him of sexual misconduct. secretary clinton yesterday said the charges are inaccurate. have any of these women had any contact with your campaign or the dnc? >> these accusations are not coming from our campaign. >> have they had -- >> not that i'm aware of. i don't know about any contact. jake, what's important to look at here is donald trump claimed yesterday he was going to go out and roll out his final plan for the campaign, his final message, his plan for the first 100 days. he spent time atacking his accusers. his top priority right now is to attack these people who are bringing up concerns, we're seeing it across the board. he should just apologize and move on. this is telling about what kind of president donald trump would be. that he's more concerned about himself. that he attacks people who raise legitimate concerns about his behavior.
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he's not talk about jobs. he's not talking about how he'll help people afford health care or college. this should be an alarm bell to voters. >> in an e-mail that was hacked by wikileaks and the talk point from the clinton campaign this is the russians trying to infiltrate. the king of morrocco wanted to contribute $12 million to the clinton foundation but only do it if he could get a face to face with hillary clinton. huma abedin wrote that was a nonstarter. hillary clinton didn't make the trip to morrocco. this raises a concern there's a pay to play. he wanted to meet with hillary clinton, $12 million for foundation. isn't this a concern voters have. >> i'm glad you asked the question for that reason. it was known for a long time that the clinton foundation's conference was held in morrocco. it has been known for a very long time secretary clinton chose not to attend that conference.
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there isn't anything new here. >> bill and chelsea did. >> they did. secretary clinton chose not to. and as you pointed out, this was an illegally stolen e-mail put out there by the russians because they want the campaign to be about this. they want these questions raised rather than talking about the real issues. >> this is a real issue. pay to play. people don't like idea of money going to the clinton foundation in exchange for access to the then former secretary of state. you can understand why that would trouble people. >> absolutely. it's not true. again, i'm glad you raised the question because people should understand that never took place. secretary clinton always met the highest ethical standards when she was secretary of state. when she was united states senator. there were systems put in place to prevent exactly what you're talking about. again the russians illegally stole these emails. selectively dumping them out. i can't verify whether the actual content in them is real but this is the conversation they want to us have how hillary
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will create jobs. >> when hillary clinton was secretary of state and not from wikileaks but from a freedom of information act request when hillary clinton was secretary of state and haiti relief program was going on and state department and clinton foundation were working on emails were sent to the state department in which people who were friends of bill, fob were highlighted. why would they be highlighted if it wasn't because cronies of the clinton would be given access and contracts to help rebuild haiti? >> i can't comment what might have happened at the state department or what was highlighted or not. the state department has been clear. repeatedly no special favors. nobody put up any evidence that this happened. and the obama white house and the department of state put in the highest possible ethical standards and there's never been any evidence of pay to play. >> we talked about this before the last debate but two democratic operatives were caught on tape talking about
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instigating violence at a trump rally. last time we spoke you said any violence is unacceptable. have you looked into whether democratic operatives were actually instigating these horrific actions these violent actions we saw at trump rallies. i'm sure you would agree if that's true that's really offensive. >> violence is unacceptable. these individuals no longer have a relationship with the dnc. they've never had a relationship with the clinton campaign. this happened in february of last year. they didn't have a contract with the dnc until june. putting that aside, this was, again, a video that was leaked out for the purpose of damaging the campaign. it's edited so we don't know what the full context. and there is -- there's no evidence whatsoever that we have been able to find that anyone ever did anything like this when they were working for the dnc.
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>> certainly even if they weren't working for the dnc if they were democrats and instigating violence this is horrific. >> it's unacceptable for anyone from either party to do that. no one who is working for the dnc or clinton campaign was doing this. this is an attempt by donald trump to distract from the real issues of this campaign. he's spiraling after his last debate and doesn't want to talk about substance. secretary clinton is out there talking about real plans she has. she made clear she wants to bring democrats, republicans, independents together. she will work for all voters. >> let me ask you the bernie sanders-elizabeth warren wing of the democratic party said they want to block anyone who worked in wall street from working in the administration. if secretary clinton is elected what do you think of that? will sanders-warren wing succeed in keeping anybody who worked on wall street to work in the administration. >> the election is not over.
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i don't want to be presumptuous. i do know secretary clinton and bernie sanders worked very closely together to craft this platform that came out, their delegates collaborated on that project. they worked together on a plan to help working and low-income families go to college, tuition free. they are looking forward to getting that enacted. our party wrote the most progressive platform in history. >> thank you so much for taking my questions. of the people by the people, for the people to make america great again, donald trump making his own gettysburg address. what did he have to say? that's next.
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welcome back to "state of the union". i'm jake tapper. donald trump's campaign billed as a landmark speech. donald trump taking the stage in gettysburg invoking lincoln's motto, government for the people, by the people and of people. before that he had some scores to settle.
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>> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. these events never happened. all of these liars will be all of these liars will be sued when the election is over. >> joining me now is kellyanne conway donald trump's campaign manager. good morning. thanks for joining us. with a couple of exceptions mr. trump right now is trailing in all the battleground states. he's plummeted with white college educated voters which is an important group for republicans to win especially with women, white college educated voters. he was supposed to give a big speech on saturday in gettysburg talking about his first 100 days as president but his message was lost to some because he started
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with this 15 minute rant against the media and his accusers saying they are liars. did you know that beginning part against the media and his accusers was going to be the start of his speech? >> i was there at the speech yesterday in gettysburg, jake and i think the most important part of the speech is what he said was the nine-point plan his promise to the american voters. i worked on the original contract with america with newt gingrich. it's very similar in this regard. it's specific. solution centric. and it is new. what would be new is people covered it fairly. it's right in there how he's going create 25 million jobs. the elder care and child care tax credits that benefits all americans that should be of great interest to those white college educated women that you were talking about and frankly to all americans. he also talked about educational opportunities, expanding vocational, technical educational opportunities. not all of us go to two and four year colleges but we should have those opportunities to support ourselves by burnishing skill sets while in high school and trade school. it went on talking about securing the border.
11:17 pm
what was also new yesterday jake in his gettysburg speech is really taking the case to his new tag line draining the swamp in washington. how this lifetime ban on lobbying if you've worked in his white house you can't lobby for foreign nations. that's the big ethical shower we need to take post-hillary clinton state department. >> i want to talk about draining the swamp in a second. the difference between contract for america you worked on and mr. trump's speech yesterday is speaker gingrich wouldn't come out and spend 15 minutes railing against people accusing him of misdeeds, railing against the media. he would go in and start talking about tissues that mattered to the american people. so i just wonder did you know he was going start with this list of grievances that might undercut the message? >> well he delivers his own speeches. this is his candidacy. he's the guy running for the white house. he has the privilege to say what he wants. at the same time having worked
11:18 pm
on the messaging in and around the contract for america 20 years ago there was plenty of talk then how we as republicans couldn't get a fair shake from the media and i think, look, i agree with you. i saw you quoted somewhere it was quote horrifying that someone at cnn had shared a question with hillary clinton in a competitive town hall against bernie sanders. i agree with you, jake tapper, it is horrifying. also horrifying is having a print reporter telling john podesta, a hack now. here have the privilege of editorial latitude on what i'm about to publish. is there anything here that bothers you. this is not journalism. this is at its best cozy relationship collaboration all the way to collusion. it's not all members of the media. not even most. look at the stories. p.a.c. 72 is over. so unfair to the voters who are yet to go to the ballot box and exercise their constitutional
11:19 pm
right to tell us who should be president of the united states and commander-in-chief. let's let the voters tell us who they want to be president and not have all these people who don't share their economic woes, who don't share their lack ever health insurance or lack of failing schools or white knuckled decisions at the end of each month whether to afford the rent or maybe a nice birthday party for a 6-year-old kid. let's give the voters their chance to express their will and not tell them the race is over. >> i'm not saying the race is over. nobody at cnn shared questions with the clinton campaign. it's a separate issue. i don't want to talk about that. let's talk about mr. trump's call to drain the swamp. one of the things he wants to do is to amend the constitution one can only serve six years in the house, six years in the senate. mike pence served 12 years in the house when mike pence was leading the fight against the wall street bail out in his eighth year. was he part of the swamp? >> well he was definitely living in the swamp.
11:20 pm
in the case of mike pence he's been a friend and client for many years. those were dark days for him because he was up against republican president also voting against no child left behind, voting against t.a.r.p., voting against medicare part d. very difficult to do that. mike pennsylvania and people -- mike pence and people like him gave that principled commitment to the people of indiana 6th congressional district at the time and he in fact held his promises. we don't see that from everyone. >> that proposal would bar someone like mike pence from serving for more than six years. >> mike pence would agree with donald trump on that that when you're there for too long you need that fresh blood and new perspective. i wish there were more members like mike pence. if there were we wouldn't need the conversation. you have seen what he's done in the state of indiana as well. >> what about this everything is rigged. mr. trump arguing the election will be rigged.
11:21 pm
it's a charge he makes with no real evidence to suggest it. that many republican secretaries of state and others are very upset he's making. now back in april when you were working against donald trump, when you were supporting ted cruz and advising his super p.a.c. you had some tough words for trump when he was lashing out against the system being rigged. >> we hear from the trump campaign rules, the rules change, it's not fair, the system is rigged, the system is corrupt. you can whine and campaign all he wants you didn't know the rules. >> is this a pattern with mr. trump he starts losing he starts lashing and calling the system rigged. >> we love watching that clip together. that was actually about what was happening on the weekends where donald trump would win the vote, he would win all the basically all the electoral votes in a state and then on the weekends the cruz campaign would go back and follow the rules and get back some of those delegates nope it's not a pattern for him. i think if you had hillary
11:22 pm
clinton in this chair in a asked her every hypothetical situation possible, would she respect the results of the election? what if, just hypothetically speak since it happened in 2000 out of 6 million votes cast in florida there was a difference of 530 or so. would hillary clinton accept the election result? would donald trump be forced to. would they do what al gore did which concede the election to george w. bush and then throw knit to an unprecedented five or six weeks until the united states supreme court decided who the victor was. >> it's not the same thing. >> it. >> no. there was a state mandated recount because the margin of error was so small. donald trump is out there saying that if he loses pennsylvania, for example, a state that has not gone democratic for a president since 1988, only way he'll lose pennsylvania is if it's stolen. he is right now telling people that if he loses it's because there will be corruption and there's no evidence of it. you can't compare that to the
11:23 pm
state mandated recount. always state mandated recounts. there will be one at least one in november 8th, after november 8th. he's saying the entire system is rigged and that's not the same thing. >> the system is rigged and especially against the little guy. there's no question about that. you got take all these comments together. >> the election system. >> if we were so high bhiend the integrity of american democracy then somebody would really get their hair on fire jake about the fact that hillary clinton's foundation took millions of dollars from countries that disrespect women this, advocate for women. let's not get to high minded about american democratic principles when we won't even take theory account. we spent 23 minutes on the three major networks talking about these accusers to donald trump and 57 seconds talking about the newly revealed information about hillary clinton and what her
11:24 pm
senior staff think about people. >> do you know how we know. clinton foundation discloses that information unlike mr. trump who is the first major presidential candidate since 1976 to not release his tax returns. this is the reason why a lot of politicians don't like to release returns because then people like you will attack hillary clinton for taking that money or people like me will ask her about the hypocrisy of taking money from a country that oppresses women and gays. i agree it's a legitimate charge. she discloses that information. mr. trump does not. >> so that's okay she takes that money? >> no. i'm not saying. i just said it wasn't. >> i promise you mr. trump's taxes do not say that he takes millions of dollars brian miss you it doesn't say his spouse gave a 90-minute speech in russia pocketed half a million dollars for that speech and turned around and helped -- >> we don't know. >> a friend, cohort get uranium rights. >> we have no idea what his ties
11:25 pm
are and where there might be moneyed interests and conflicts of interest because he won't disclose his tax returns. >> here's what we do know. as he said yesterday in gettysburg, jake, that he used to be an insider. he's somebody that breathed the air with clintons and others given his position and power and wealth and great success as a businessman and yet that gives him the credibility and legitimacy to go and fight the system from the outside in. he knows how corrosive and corrupt it is. we're learning it's a whole axis between the clinton, some tip media, and the system. his entire campaign is built about the little guy being the victim, the forgotten man and woman. let's keep the focus there. that's who he is fighting for.
11:26 pm
i know so many in the media like to dismiss the crowd sizes. you go out on the road with donald trump, this election doesn't feel forward. >> kellyanne conway, that's all the time we have. thank you for joining us. republican senator openly conceding now that donald trump could lose and trying to save her own skin. could cutting bait from trump work? now that karen's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. i'm trying to help you, buddy so repeat after me. i, donald trump -- >> i, donald trump. >> promise to accept --
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>> promise to accept the results of this election if i win. >> that was "saturday night live" last night their take on final presidential debate. oh, debate cold opens. we miss you already. here with me is our panel. let's start with this whole thing about accepting the results and whether or not the election was rigged. was that a missed opportunity for mr. trump, do you think >> discussing whether or not the election was rigged? >> at the actual debate. >> i think it was in a way a missed opportunity because, you know, in certain cases you have no acknowledge vote are fraud exists. we know vote are fraud is real. is the entire system itself rigged to the point where it could swing an entire
11:32 pm
presidential election? i don't believe that. i personally don't believe it. if we have races where they are close and talking about the difference between couple of hundred votes then maybe i could see the argument for that. but i think he should have used this as an opportunity to say no matter what happens you need to get out and vote. make your voice heard. cast your vote. >> he had to know this question was coming. why not have a better answer for it. you heard mike pence, kellyanne conway, ivanka trump answer the question the correct way we'll accept the results. we hope to win. why not say that? >> donald believes there's hanky panky going on. i've been a former election director, the chief director in arizona of elections and i believe that our system is honest. there's a possibility of something having a hiccup. bottom line usually it's not very dramatic. but everybody that the law provides for any candidate anywhere in the united states to challenge an election. and if he feels that something is wrong then he should take that opportunity to challenge it.
11:33 pm
but there will be a peaceful transfer of power, obviously, when it is certified and verified. >> we have two former democratic elected officials from red states. senator kerry when you ran for re-election in nebraska was this ever something you worried about, election rigging except from the other side of the aisle? >> no. never did. the big thing you always worry about whether people will register and get out the vote. never worried about rigging of any election. >> what about you >> no. i think the most amazing thing and donald trump has said a lot of rhetoric which is very dangerous but this is the most dangerous rhetoric he has because it undercuts the very foundation of our democracy, going through the vote progress process. to the governor's points, donald trump has never stated there will be a peaceful transfer of power. that was never a concern of mine this hold thing it was rigged. my largest concern of voter suppression. what we see in north carolina.
11:34 pm
they are cutting down the number of early voting sites. voter i.d.. voter suppression tactics was a much larger concern than a rigging of the system. i should claim rigging. i might be lieutenant governor now. >> if you need people to turn out and vote for you, you don't want to feel disspirited or their vote doesn't matter. that gets into dangerous territory and maybe making people feel their vote doesn't count and that's not the case. >> there's a tendency of older people, and i can speak on behalf of older people. there's a tendency as you go through life to become bitter. the one thing i don't like is when you listen to old people telling young people don't get involved. the system is rigged. it isn't rigged. it's terrific to get involved. there's great opportunity. both republican and democrat. rarely have i talked to anyone who got involved in politics who said was rigged. central message is the geezer
11:35 pm
cynic don't get involved. it does work. >> mr. trump went to gettysburg, pennsylvania to give this big speech and he started the speech by railing against his accusers and railing against the media. take a listen. >> every woman lied had they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> not normally what one thinks of when one thinks of a gettysburg address. i just have to wonder, this was an opportunity for him to like make a pitch to voters about things that matter to them, and he started with the 15 minute rant about grievances that a self-described billionaire has. i'm sorry people don't feel bad for him. >> it's really been -- he's been
11:36 pm
water board by these issues. it seems like it's really been somewhat of a put up oppression of donald trump from all of these people lining up. it's unbelievable. and anybody that's been under those kind of assaults want to defend themselves. he did a great job -- wait a minute. i have the floor. he did a great job explaining to the american people. donald trump is authentic and he tells it like it is and he went out and told the public exactly what he's going to deliver when he becomes president of the united states. >> he tells it like it is in his head. doesn't necessarily mean what's in his head -- no. now i got the floor. he does tell it like it is up in his head. that's the problem. you never know what's up in his head. up in his head he should have said i'm in gettysburg, pennsylvania. now is not the time to talk about ten women who brought a charge against me. >> the jobs, economy, draining the swamp, talking about important things.
11:37 pm
things that people are interested in. >> he started off not talking about that. >> this water boarding that the governor is talking about, donald trump literally said these things on a tape with billy bush and now coming back and people are saying he committed those at. that's first. i don't remember when abraham lincoln started his speech lambasting women. >> he can say what he wants to, how he wants any time he wants to except when you're doing a speech at gettysburg. because it was a good speech. that's what kills my soul. it was a good speech. help me help you. >> his reform proposals were perfectly great. i agree. >> we all agree. terrific speech in gettysburg.
11:38 pm
>> except for the first 15 minutes. >> why did he pepper it with that? because now we're talking about it. >> let's take a quick break. oprah is weighing in on the election and what she has to say you might surprise you. that's next. what?
11:39 pm
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>> there's not a person in the world who hasn't been in the same conversation where people say i just don't know if i like her. >> no. >> she not coming over your house. you don't have to like her. do you like democracy or do you want a demagogue? >> that was oprah winfrey this week making a slightly less compelling case for hillary clinton than she did for barack obama back in 2007. >> i'm here to tell you, iowa,
11:43 pm
he is the one. he is the one. >> so, from he is the one which is something like out of the matrix. >> he is the one. >> to you don't have to like her, she's not coming over to your house. >> oprah gave a practical analysis of the way many people feel. the fact is hillary clinton when she campaigned she's not barack obama, she's not bill clinton, she will tell you this herself. but we also know she's the best candidate in this race to be president of the united states. and oprah i don't cho if people realize this but in the african-american community there were a lot of people who weren't going to miss that boat when barack obama was running for president. there's a difference between the two of them. hillary clinton is white. so when you think about these things there was a lot of history that was involved in that race. so, yes, he was the one. that doesn't mean that people aren't excited. i think this narrative about
11:44 pm
lack of enthusiasm is by the rigged media. >> there's a certain historically aspect to clinton's candidacy as well. >> it's striking. by the way, i think if hillary came over you would like her. that's not likely to happen. the question is now getting down to how will she govern? will she be able to work, whether it's a democratic senate or republican senate, trying get the economy to grow faster, trying to get immigration reform, make some changes in obamacare, these are difficult things to do and honestly whether she comes over to your house or not she has the passion to get those things done. >> hillary clinton has not connected with the american people. people do not like her. that shows in all the polls. she's very cold. she's very scripted. she's very manipulative. she doesn't -- she's the best democrats can put up. >> let's talk about the polls because there's a brand new poll out from abc news, a tracking
11:45 pm
poll and i want shows hillary clinton with 50% of likely voters, donald trump 38%, gary johnson 5, jill stein 2. what i hear from republicans boy we nominated the only republican in the world that hillary clinton can beat. >> there's a huge enthusiasm problem i think with both sides. i think both sides on november 9th, we'll all come together and seek group therapy. that's what we'll have to do. to go from, to get back to that sound bite oprah saying he's the one to you don't have to invite her to your house, this could create a problem for hillary clinton should she win the election and get in the white house because she's going to be relying on this base that oprah is speaking to, these progressives to help get her policies out there. sell the american public on her policies. and so far that wasn't these podesta emails, one of the things we're seeing that's a difficulty for her. >> let me ask you senator kerry
11:46 pm
these wikileaks that have been coming out that revealed a lot of things not great about hillary clinton and nothing that will necessarily defeat her but not necessarily flattering, do you think if they came out during the primaries they might have helped bernie sanders win? >> maybe. i'm using snapchat now. god help me if i get hacked. it's a problem. you don't have to be dealing with these things after the e-mail is hacked. i think after this election is over one of the things american people will see she will put together a first rate national security team. we have a fight going on in mosul. we have a serious struggle with isis and she has the capability of management. >> we don't know what she's going to do. >> wait a minute. governor you did it before. let me just finish and then you can do your thing. >> you get me excited.
11:47 pm
>> that's a scary prospect. >> she's demonstrated capacity. she's going to win. the problem is immediately after she wins we have to continue national security against isis, we have to figure out lots of major national security challenges. russians sent a tweet to bomb aleppo. this campaign will be over in a hurry. >> i want to get back to this point that the governor attempted to make earlier, this lack of enthusiasm. this false narrative. hispanic voters are excited. african-american voters are excited. and hillary clinton has done something amazing and maybe it has a lot to do with donald trump as well but she's brought people together even moderate republicans because you went do you know list of things, attributes that hillary is not inspiring and this and that and alienated the american public. donald trump has alienated muslims, hispanics, disabled americans, the list goes on.
11:48 pm
>> they want something different. come on. you know, low blow. >> vice president biden had something to say about donald trump and i want to play the sound. >> press always asks me don't i wish i were debating him. no. i wish i were in high school and take him behind the gym. that's what i wish. >> nothing better than an old man fight. >> two 70-year-old men flapping their arms. >> that's traditional media because that's taken out of context because he was talking about sexual assault and he was talking about donald trump' comments and how most men feel about this that donald trump wants to go out there and grab women by their private parts. when you talk about that, yes. i get emotional talking about
11:49 pm
it. i have an 11-year-old girl. if donald trump was doing that so somebody i love then yeah we're going behind the gym. >> i want to give you the last word. >> oh, man where i do start. i just hope they both stretch before going behind the gym and i hope he doesn't give any more advice. it's not legal in some areas because of restrictions. >> great panel. thank you one and all. appreciate it. have a little gun reference in there. after the break donald trump is getting ready for his big move to pennsylvania avenue. no maertd the -- matter the election's outcome. how will trump take over d.c.'s most favorite street. that's next.
11:50 pm
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welcome back. donald trump raising more concerns yesterday without evidence about voter fraud ahead of the election calling the system rigged and broken. it's not rigged or broken. but trump has already made clear that no matter the results on election day he is still coming to washington, d.c. and that is the subject of this week's state of the cartoonia. >> it's hard to believe but in just two weeks and two days we'll know who's moving into the white house next january. >> michelle and i only get an eight-year lease on the white house. you know, we rent. we don't own. >> we're told the actual move only takes about five hours, although president obama joked this week that preparations are already under way. >> right now we're making sure we haven't broken anything, that bo and sunny haven't ruined any carpets. we've been marking off how tall s note for bill were getting on
11:55 pm
clinton after a hard-fought race that read in part "your success is now our country's success and i am rooting hard for you." some clinton white house staffers were less charitable when george h.w.'s son george w. moved in, stealing the ws off his keyboards. of course, even if trump loses, no matter how he handles it -- >> it's rigged like you've never seen before. >> he says he might still spend time in his new trump hotel just a few blocks away from the white house on pennsylvania avenue. >> so if i don't get there one way, i'm going to get to pennsylvania avenue another. >> thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. you can catch me here every sunday and weekdays on "the lead" at 4:00 p.m. eastern and you can go to, "state of the union," for extras from the show. i'm jake tapper in washington. "fareed zakaria gps" is next.
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hey, i'm brian stelter and it's time for "reliable sources," our weekly look at the story behind the story. of how the media really works, how the news gets made. a special welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world on cnn international. we have just 16 days to go until the american election day, so today we're asking are journalists writing trump's campaign obituary way too prematurely? plus the stress of this election, the toll it's taking on reporters and viewers. we'll talk about it all with a psychiatrist and something special, a new way to examine trust in media. we convened this focus group in nevada and you've got to see the results. and la


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