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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. how about that beautiful shot on a beautiful day here in the nation's capital. thanks for sharing time with us. taking class outside today. just 15 days now until america picks the new occupant of that gorgeous building you see over my shoulder. three questions to frame the race and our conversation this noontime. one, define very big.
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>> we are seeing evidence that this could be a very big and historic win for hillary clinton. >> two -- can the current president make the difference in close races? >> you've got a sure thing. you've -- you've got the winning hand. you've -- you've got blackjack. and the way that, the way to do it, the way to make sure that you win this hand, you've got to go vote! >> and question three -- after weeks reeling against the gop establishment, where in the world did mr. party unity come from? >> if you elect me along with the republican house and senate, we will also immediately repeal the obama/clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly
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depleted military. >> with us to share reporting and insights, olivia knox of yahoo! dmuz. abby philip, "washington post," mary katherine hamm of the federalist and matt feiser of the boston globe. hillary clinton in new hampshire campaigning with the massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren. take you there live when the event gets going and a great place to start our conversation heading into the final two weeks of campaign 2016. new hampshire you might remember was donald trump's first primary in a campaign season set to define the hostile takeover of the republican party. now new hampshire factors in a very different question again. is there a late campaign democratic wave brewing? a big clinton win also including captures control of the senate and making big gains, some democrats think, even capturing the house. secretary clinton certainly hopes so. >> i want to be the president for every american.
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democrats, republicans, independents. people who vote for me. people who vote against me, because we've got to bring this country together. we've got to have everybody pulling in the same direction, and, you know, i understand some people are angry, but anger is not a plan. >> abby philip, yesterday in north carolina. today hear a similar message in new hampshire. inside the campaign, her tone is focused. not responding to donald trump any more. sounds more comfort and specifically mentions senate candidates. do they really think she's at the front end of a wave? >> i think they want it to be and also getting a lot of pressure from democrats in congress and in senate and house leadership to do more, because even if there is a potential up until this point the clinton campaign has been very reluctant to really go after the republican opponents of these
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down ballot democrats. you're seeing her do more of that now, and another interesting thing she's been doing is actually talking directly to republicans, and saying, hey, if you support my opponent, i want you to take a second look at me, because i think you're ready to do that. an interesting strategy. >> nothing that drives politicians like looking at the polls. brand new one from abc news over the weekend. clinton 50. that a 50. trump 38. gary johnson, libertarian 5. jill stein green party at 2. mary katherine, hillary clinton at 50% a lot of angst already in politics. see a poll mere 50 start to worry, a., lose the senate and picking up the seats needed for the house probably at the outer limit, but -- >> right. kellyanne conway, the trump campaign manager harks been asking why she can't get to 50. she has once, i guess. got that going for her now. there is a question and among republican voters, how much of a gap can there be here and still hold on to some of those senate
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races? the question some key states and how much ballot splitting can a party actually manifest on the day of the election? i think it's probable there will be more than there has been in the past. once you get to a ten-point gap, it's really hard to hold on to the tough seats like pennsylvania, ohio. we'll see what happens. >> show you the map. democrats, what democrats would need to take back the senate. again, hillary clinton's confident at the moment. two weeks to go. democrats need plus five in trump wins the white house, plus four if clinton wins the white house because tim kaine could break a 50/50 tie in the united states senate. they need 30 house seats. most republican models kicking around among top strategists at t moment think lose 10, 12 seats. see if they can get to 30. a huge wave. hillary clinton 50%, moments ago in boynton beach, florida, donald trump trying to convince supporters, don't believe it. >> i actually think we're winning. we're up in ohio. we're up in iowa. we're doing great in north carolina. i think we're doing great in
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florida. i think we're -- really -- i think we're going to win florida big. i think we're going to win florida big. >> now, it become as huge challenge for him to keep morale up on the republican side nome for his campaign but other campaigns as well. i think we're going okay and rattles off ohio, north carolina, maybe florida. that's still not enough. >> yeah. and sort of lived by the polls, die by the polls. trump has so often touted how he's doing in the polls. so taking a 12-point deficit to hillary clinton nationally is sort of not speaking well to him. new hampshire is also interesting here. elizabeth warren there, using her as a surrogate. kelly ayotte has had sort of some awkward dances with donald trump, in her rhetoric. so i think you see the clinton campaign going for those kind of races with kelly ayotte. >> north carolina, trump talking a lot about north carolina, a state hillary clinton does not need to win. he needs to win that state.
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so doing okay in north carolina is not actually a good sign for a republican nominee. that's supposed to be a pretty safe republican state and cycle it's not. >> a lot of republicans gnashing their team privately saying, it's rigged, a message to republican voters this is over and seeing depressed turnout projections because of this. now says i think we're winning, feels like a late play to try to revive enthusiasm. >> secretary clinton make the case against trump in new hampshire. sometimes the small states matter getting into a close race to 207. they shis s they shis he thinks won't be cl. north carolina yesterday. running against the income senator richard burr. hillary clinton dives right in. >> unlike her opponent, deborah has nerve beenver been afraid t up to donald trump.
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because she knows he's wrong for north carolina, wrong for america, and people of courage and principle of both parties have stood up to reject his dangerous, divisive agenda. >> now, that's sunday in north carolina. awaiting monday in new hampshire. flavor of saturday in pennsylvania. notice the pattern. >> he heard him say terrible things about women. he heard him spread the lie that our first black president wasn't really born in america. now, how much more does pat toomey need to hear? >> this is velcro. i mean, traveling now with essentially a big roll of velcro trying to take all the republican senate candidates and attach them to donald trump especially on issues that might drive suburban women. look at that abc poll. leads by 20 points among women. 20 percentage points.
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gained 12 points from mid-october among non-college educated white women and doubled her lead amongst college educated women. >> interesting in the case of toomey and ayotte especially. came in in 2010 in the wave after the 2008 election. everybody wednesday, gosh, will the republican party recuperate, how to do this? and swung numbers of women way back in her direction by huge margins, and this will be a giant test to see whether trump is able to eviscerate all of that movement. she spent six years trying to hold on to that. it is markedly with the suburban college educated women. >> a clear message from hillary clinton that mandate, shmandate give me majority pip talk of a presidential mandate is nice, but nothing is like having control of the senate and maybe eastern the house. >> both candidates have actually been case in point, republicans able to get space from trump. doing okay in states where trump has really been struggling.
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in pennsylvania some of the polls ten points down, and democrats are trying to close that gap as much as they can. >> being careful, hillary clinton says i'm superstitious, don't talk to me in public about transition plans but privately reached out to colleagues on capitol hill saying if i win i want to work with you. have a transition. so does the trump campaign. planning in case you win. the clinton one seems to be picking up acceleration. not in the resume collecting mode yet but how careful do you need to be about that with 15 days out and again your name's clinton? running against donald trump. probably the greatest gift of all in this campaign but still hillary clinton and still has a lot of potential baggage. >> and hillary is one, saw in the debate, she likes to prepare. prepares for everything before a fund-raiser, has the printed out pages of everybody who will be there. so you can imagine her trying to prepare for two weeks out potentially, and what is she doing on day one? right after the election. you've got to think they are plotting those things out, being
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very quiet about it, or at least trying to given sort of the, you know -- she rein won yet. >> internally, talk to republicans. they look at clinton. they think seize a flawed candidate. think there's still stuff to do in wikileaks. other things to do, a story in the "washington journawv "wall his pact to take nearly $5,000 to a state candidate, husband happens to be a an official in the fbi and involved in the e-mail investigation. nothing nefarious, sure stinks when you look and connect the dots. but what fraus traits republicans is, they say donald trump has been unable to prosecute this case. they blame u.s. us to a degree. donald trump focuses on other things. about suing the women if he loses after the election. 15 days. can you do it? >> she will continue to take hits and many other republican candidates in a different world would have taken more advantage
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of those. he's not that disciplined going after her on these things but reason for her not to get too cocky. the problem for him, always a lot of blue votes built into the map and has to run a perfect game and we haven't seen that from him. 15 days of perfect game for him? still skeptical that would do it. >> 15 days of perfect game. stay in new hampshire, north carolina or florida? and see her, not the first lady, go to utah? >> looking into it. a possibility. the issue for them at this late stage of the gail, persuader voters left. hillary clinton is not a persuader. send her, and what would you accomplish if you send her? still looking at the map. trying to figure this out and trying to protect also their flank. they can't let some of these battleground states especially a state as critical at florida go
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by the wayside. >> and interesting, both secretary clinton and the president in california today still raising money to go into the races late even if they don't personally go. send in to state legislative races, take an pounding during the obama administration. up next, third time a charm for president obama and hillary clinton in an event with senator elizabeth warren. expected to see her on the stage in a few moments. take you there live. looks like a fun event. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures and worked for 12 long years. there were thousands of patient volunteers and the hope of millions. and so after it became a medicine, someone who couldn't be cured, could be.
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shhh! dog, dog, dog. live pictures. manchester, new hampshire.
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secretary hillary clinton, senator elizabeth warren in a few moments. a campaign event in the granite state, important for her presidential campaign and critical to the democratic hopes of taking back the senate maybe picking up house seats. reminding us, we pick a president two weeks from tomorrow. he or she moves into the white house in 88 days. moving president obama has to move out. guess what? the obama years very good years for republicans. took the house in 2010. senate in the 2014 midterms dominated governors races and giant gains in state legislatur legislatures. 2010 and 2014, two elections an issue but not on the ballot, democrats sufficient everied. president obama clearly hopes the third time is the charm. >> here in nevada you don't have to wait until november 8th. early voting started yesterday. you got to, you got an ace and you got a jack, but you've got to make sure to turn over the
9:19 am
card by voting. this game didn't start on november 8th. the game ends on november 8th. it's starting right now. >> now, he's making a very important point everywhere he goes. in florida the other day. early voting starts there. in nevada, feeling good about operations in nevada. critical both in 2008 and 2012 in the presidential kpams. critical to the early voting effort to the clinton campaign and seems looser, having fun. is it because he doesn't inherit whatever happens? he's done? >> because he's ready to be out the door. i think. i wonder how long he can keep that, like metaphor going? >> so many puns. >> can go on forever. interesting, seeing obama make this turn. one of the criticisms democrats sort of in washington have had for the last eight years is, not enough attention being paid to down ballot. not enough attention paid to the
9:20 am
sort of infrastructure of the party from the bottom up. sounds like he's turning his attention to that finally and he'll be doing that a little bit more when he leaves the white house, but the president understands that, that is going to be a part of his legacy that he needs to rectify starting now and continuing on after. >> and faces the same question trump does. 15 days. right? more involved than in the past, dooring the obama years, i think he likes campaigning, likes out there playing the game bp there's not a ton of evidence he was real effective keeping people in office he needed to keep in office. i'm not showure sha does the jo even those his numbers are fairly decent. >> four years ago, not a draw on the campaign trail. people did not want to be with him because obama care was such a drag. so different now. his popularity is up. people want him at their campaign events. he's a boost instead of a drag in this campaign. >> watch the fund-raising. did 38 last year. up to 33 now according to the
9:21 am
remarkable work of cbs's mark knoller. >> and saving the legacy, restore the democratic party come in the governors races in 2017 and 2018, setting the stage for redistricting after the 2020 census. this party-building stuff matters more than whether he goes to las vegas and buries up in gambling puns. >> say this inside the white house. not a huge impact but a big democratic election could help the president get a couple things done in the lame duck session before he does move out. a big win. shaking your head. see what happens. democratic losses under obama. non-presidential years, not on the ballot it, boom time. 2010, lost 6. 2014, 9 and 13 house seats. obama has not been able to deliver voters for other people, other than himself. these are non-presidential years.
9:22 am
different electorate. hoping in a presidential year, a much big are electorate and travels, talking about marco rubio and his come on, man. why doesn't marco rubio break from donald trump? the republican senate candidate in nevada, democratic seat. one of the few democratic-held seats that's a close race. joe heck the republican candidates' name and the president couldn't resist. >> then just a few weeks ago her opponent was supporting donald trump. who was bragging about actions that qualify as sexual assault. what the heck? heck no! heck no. now when suddenly it's not working, and people are saying, wow, this guy's kind of out of line. suddenly that's a deal-breaker. well what took you so long? what the heck. what took you so long? >> the degree of difficulty on these puns is very low. reach higher.
9:23 am
>> no praise for the speechwriter there. >> having fun. not on camera, darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight reform committee accused the administration corrupting the internal revenue smps and other -- a mailer does a photo of president obama saying he works with the administration sometimes. the president says as a fund-raiser, a guy, because trump's poll numbers are bad sent out brochures with my picture on them. this is the definition of chutzpah. the guy called by administration perhaps the most corrupt in history. darrell issa inured a statement. have worked with him and others -- a guy like darrell issa, hey, i'm buddies with president obama. >> and donald trump said last week he was unshackled. you sgloe president obama seems unshackled right now a little
9:24 am
bit where he doesn't have to think about the relationships on capitol hill the way he did before. he can sort of punch back at darrell issa whereas sometime wos have a hesitancy to do that in the past because he had to worry about working with him later on. >> one of the things the democrats think they've been effective at, learning lessons from marco rubio and others in the republican primary debates, getting under trump's skin. knowing the triggers. seen it in hillary clinton's debates, personal stuff, trump reacts. every day one of the democrats try to do it. tim kaine says a sore leez oser >> donald trump is already talking about how the game's rigged. i've got to say, that means he's losing. if you've ever played a basketball game, and like half way in the middle of the game suddenly somebody starts saying, the refs are making me lose and i'm going to walk off the court. that means you're losing. >> now, i assume if trump keeps
9:25 am
responding when they do this, they're going to keep doing it, because it's proven effective. saying things about him on twitter at his rallies. trump takes the bait. >> olivia pointed out earlier, one of the things that trump talking about rigged elections does for him is tell his voters he always thinks he's losing. democrats reinforcing that compounds that problem for trump. that's the other message they're trying to send here. that this is a guy who they think is losing and who he thinks he's also losing, and if trump's voters stay home, that's a good day for democrats. >> the president might say, donald trump has a lot of "tells." >> oh, what the heck. here we go. leave it late to. hillary clinton has options. donald trump needs to thread a needle. the very different paths to 270 electoral votes and the white house, that's next. before taking his team to state for the first time...
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids
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are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. welcome back. a little more than two weeks out, biggest question is, does donald trump have a path?
9:30 am
can he fill if the map to get him to 270, to the white house? heading into the final stretch, a daunting challenge for mr. trump. look at this there. nine-point lead in the average of national polls. that is a steep hill to climb in just over two weeks. go to the map that matters most, electoral map. can he get there? she starts with an overwhelming advantage. if the election were today, hillary clinton would get 307 electoral votes. donald trump at 179. what does he have to do to win? again, overwhelming task. spending three days in florida. leaning democratic. donald trump cannot win without the 29 elurk tore votes. must win north carolina. close race but secretary clinton a little ahead. must win ohio. that state is deadlocked, trump has to win those states and worry about arizona and utah. two ruby red republican states in play pap problem for donald trump. guess what?
9:31 am
even if perfect, even does everything i just said, gets his base back out west. turns florida. wins north carolina and ohio, he'll still be short. even if he's perfect. donald trump would still need under that scenario more electoral votes. a big prize like pennsylvania pap combination of michigan and somewhere else. a steep hill. why donald trump still tells his crowds he thinks he can win, but listen to him. also sounds a little wistful. >> are we glad that i started? are we having -- well, i'll let you know on the evening of november 8th whether i'm glad. >> how do you get there? i refuse to say there's that path. a lot of republicans say it's over, given the last year and a half we've been through. through the primaries, donald trump republican nominee. tells you enough about the volatility in the climate. hard for a turn, all of those states at once. need a national shift, but no more debates. how do you do it?
9:32 am
>> i'm not sure where you make that happen. the map was always more favorable to clinton. not because it's rigged but because more population numbers in those blue states. so it always had to be a very good game for republicans. he has not much of an operation. has a very unconventional presidential campaign, and as we see has taken many hits over the last couple of weeks. so i'm not seeing where he makes that change, and he's not a man who makes a pivot as we have seen over the length of this campaign. >> doesn't consistently prosecute the same case, because even when in there, does reform agenda in gettysburg, something about the wikileaks, always has something to overshadow himself. kellyanne conway, campaign manager three, sometimes they have turnover, not a total shock. listen to her saying, can't make the case for donald trump you make the case against hillary clinton. >> we feel with hillary clinton under 50% in some places even though she has rahn traditionu l
9:33 am
and expensive campaign we have a shot getting undecided voters saying i know who hillary clinton is, don't want to vote for her, don't trust or like her, we need to bring them aboard over the next couple of weeks. >> ah, 15 days out. isn't that a little late? again, no offense. it's hard to run a campaign. we say these things sound snarky and both staffs, democratic, republican, libertarian, green party, they're tired. a little grace. 15 days out, still trying to convince voters with significant votes about hillary clinton to come to you? problem. >> no option at this point. running out of paths to sort of make a case that he can still win this thing. could be why kellyanne conway was floating another debate possibly. not sure that would even help trump, but the idea that hillary clinton hasn't quite hit 50 and that's a reason why there's hope is not quite right, because she doesn't necessarily have to hit 50. just has to do better than trump. and better than everybody else
9:34 am
in the field. >> i do think they're greatest built-in hope and advantage is the american voters actually want a change election, but not sure about this change. he's freaking them out. they're hoping in the last 15 days they break for him. i don't want the status quo i don't like. a real uphill battle, though. >> and the other thing, the october surprise. is there anything else out there we learn about hillary clinton that drags down her numbers? the difficulty with that, early voting. so many people have already voted in so many of the states. about 40% of the electorate already having voted. >> and a key point about the change election. she spent her campaign's spent millions on television. thought the ads weren't working. then the debates, to disqualify donald trump saying he doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, and then the women come forward. sort of pushing him over the line of being qualified and just now voters are learning some of the things on the wicking le ii
9:35 am
wikileak releases are damaging. one of the more recent kones to come up, meeting in morocco want him to pay $12 million. listen to hillary clinton the campaign manager explain this away. >> the king of ma roqorocco wano donate only if he could get a face-to-face meeting with hillary clinton. this feeds into the doubts voters have about hillary clinton and the clinton foundation? >> glad you asked that question. it was known for a long time the clinton foundation's conference was held in morocco. it has been known for a very long time that secretary clinton chose not to attend that conference. so there isn't anything new here. >> bill and chelsea did. >> they did. but secretary clinton chose not to. >> i don't know if this, these kind of things would be determinative in the election but i do believe that if she had
9:36 am
not successfully, with trump's help, pushed him on the other side of the qualified line she would have to answer these questions in more detail. more issue to the middle electorate. >> absolutely. these external shocks only matter if if he is a plausible alternative. why they worked so hard to push him on the other side of plausible. that's what we're seeing here with a lot of these wikileaks revelations. >> it isn't as if all of these things aren't having an impact. her unfavorability ratings are really sky high, and it is in there. baked into the electorate. we're seeing it's not enough to push voters over the line to support trump, and also, it's complicated. i mean, some of this stuff is not easy to boil down. it is complicated to prosecute an argument against her on these grounds, and i think that trump is having trouble prosecuting that case, and he's not doing it, frankly with any consistency. >> nots complicated, the argument this is a person doing business in washington.
9:37 am
does it as usual and it's really bad business, and here's where it is and can point to it. had he done that consistently without veering into the other brambles he's been in, much more effective, i think. >> the moments where he did. those were his most effective moments and suddenly shifts to, i'm going to sue those women. sort of shifts back so quickly. >> right. if he made the case consistently, i will get you a job, change the culture of washington. here's why she can't. connect all the this stuff. >> real things. >> plays by old rules. instead goes to gettysburg, call it a conference call, tell reporters you'll get the closing plan. 100 days of the trump administration. what he'll do to change the swamp and washington and then he does this -- >> they're trying to poison the mind of the american voter. every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. >> the events never happened. never.
9:38 am
all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> he just la tricker ehas trig. you trigger him, he reacts even if had e has to know it's not in his best interests politically. >> right. he brings up the things that will hurt him. just giving a speech and everyone is carrying the speech. you have the floor, mr. trump, and you can prosecute the case. instead he almost prosecutes the case against him. >> one of the mind-numbing things in this campaign. 15 days to go and yes, a big clinton win to sting the gop. might there be about even bigger message if a candidate wins ruby red utah? here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough
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9:43 am
a sentence has hasn't been spokenmy lifetime. to understand the true lesson of this presidential election, watch utah. yes, utah. exhibit a. in the profound identity crisis. 72% for mitt romney. 61% for john mccain. 70% for george bush in 2004. a pattern, right? now donald trump is below 30% in most of the polls in utah. one last week shows conservative never trump evan mcmullin with the possibility of winning in utah. ev evan mcmullin wins utah, 6 electoral votes, forget about a message from hillary clinton if she wins the white house. what kind of message does that send the republican party? >> a problem if their marquee candidate can't get utah. a reason. mormon community not voting for donald trump for character
9:44 am
reasons. and i think in this year when people are so very dissatisfied with the two choices, it might just be poetic someone else gets some electoral votes. not sure it will change the whole game but interesting. >> speaks volumes to the dysfunction in the republican party. those who won't accept trump. all before donald trump. this is not only donald trump. riding a wave of republican discontent. listen to evan mcmullin. the last election, evangelicals didn't show up. establishment did the wrong things. this is before the election. listen. >> going in the wrong direction, not the right direction, in its nomination of donald trump and then also in standing by trump even as he continues these bigoted, sexist xenophobic message, and if the republican party can't make the changes as it wasn't able to do after 2012, the conservative movement will need a new political vehicle. >> again, we're talking about this before the election.
9:45 am
conservative movement will need a new political vehicle. this has come up from time to time over the last 15, 25 years and parties go through turmoils. thought bill clinton created a new democratic party that lurched back to the left. see if evan mcmullin has staying ouf power after the election. certainly fill add role for the never trump people. and a real fracturing, a breakup? not just autopsy what did we do wrong, geez, but a break up of the party? >> republicans looking for new standard bearers after this is over no matter what happens. a lot of people are politically damped. ted cruz. marco rubio, because of all the things that have happened over the last year and a half with trump. evan mcmullin stands to benefit from that. it's not clear whether he will. who will be the people to take the republican party forward, help them to undo some of the damage? no matter what happens in this election, there will be damage. they will have to rebuild and
9:46 am
someone's going to have to do that. >> the aftermath of this will be brutal. not a friendly reconciliation. >> to be kind. >> yes. i think what evan mcmillen, his running mate, are young and signify a generational divide on the trump nomination, where many older gop decided to say not the best of two great choices and younger ways saying this is destroying our opportunity to reach the younger generation. >> and trump such a presence, afterwards you're going to look to somebody to steer the ship, or whatever the metaphor is. but you have people like rob portman in ohio or ben sass in nebraska. people who have spoken out against trump kind of well positioned. >> you have, to that generational point, the president doesn't think he'll get marco rubio. trying. do something in florida to knock the next guy out. president's down there making that case. listen to hillary clinton in north carolina yelled. another big divide,
9:47 am
evangelicals, pat mccrory, governor of north carolina signed the transgender law into place that angered liberals. nba pulled its all-star game, and secretary clinton yesterday going directly after him. >> north carolina deserves a governor who will put the people of north carolina first. not some kind of ideological agenda that goes against the interests of the people here. >> you have an effort by the democrats to have a statement election on many points here. now, north carolina is not a liberal state. it's a classic swing state. she's trying to make a point rcht and trying to get the obama coalition out. right? few states in which that matter more than north carolina. serves her purposes there and doing it in a climate where the party's standard bearer broken with the conservative movement. not in favor of overhauling entitlements to list just one. opposed to free trade. so doing it in a unique climate
9:48 am
where i think the reckoning will come in. that and i wonder what's going to happen to speaker paul ryan when we have the speakership elections? that's if they hold the house. interesting tell to see how the republican party and conservative movement can live together, if they can. >> think of an onion with many layers to peel on the republican reckoning. after the election, it's going to be messy. at the end of every block. good for you. reporters open their notebooks next including why you'll see the first lady out on the campaign trail a lot more often.
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close as we always do, head around the "inside politics" table. a sneak peek into notebooks, out ahead of big political news. >> maybe you've heard of tpp.
9:53 am
what hillary clinton called the gold standard before she turned against it. opposed, dead, buried. no, it hasn't according to the white house. hosting trade and industry groups to try to talk up the possibility of a post-election push to try to get it passed lame buck. probably not going to happen. say it here. it's not going to happen. advocates point out it's not dead no matter what. unlike regular legislation will live on through the next presidency. >> lawyers wrote it in. good for the lawyers there. abby? >> michelle obama and hillary clinton are going to be together again in north carolina on thursday, but one of the things we're looking at is where is michelle obama going? we might see her a little more in redder states, because with 65% approval rating she's incredibly popular but also a unique ability to reach out to republicans. it's the way she talks about things. she's one of the only surrogates that hillary clinton has that can do both the base turnout and
9:54 am
persuade voters undecided to go back hillary clinton. as the campaign looks at some of these expansion states, arizona, utah, georgia, also looking to see where michelle obama goes and seeing whether shea'll do that job for hillary clinton. >> mrs. obama, enjoy some of the days left in the white house. >> and obama care premium hikes are here. always comes around november 1st. problematic for democrats running campaigns. breaks a couple marquee promises of obama care keeping your plan, tons of competition and affordable care act. so that is a problem maybe not for hillary, because trump probably won't prosecute that case against her, were ut in the senate races where republicans have 230ek issed on that, having the letters come at this time and people upset about it is not bad timing for them. >> you need me for a check on her as we fix this. >> hispanic voters. spent time last week in arizona and seeing michelle obama as abby talked about, her
9:55 am
effectiveness in the red states, talking to jan brewer, former governor, asking about the idea that the clinton campaign is testing and driving up hispanic voters. jan brewer said, no. they don't vote. so talk about bulletin board material. used by democrats in fund-raising appeals and things like that. but look for the hispanic vote and whether that can change in arizona. >> watch that especially in early voting. pick a state, close with this, any state almost and republican dysfunction is easy to find. bad news, but even more so, early voting is more and more important in elections. big news in ohio, for example, the state republican party is voting republican for president. huh? yes. a given all the state party feuding with trump and his campaign, chairman matt borges fell compelled to vote a straight republican ticket. shouldn't be news, but it is. this this morning from a friend from dallas.
9:56 am
passing along republican canvassers who came through his neighborhood and left a door hanger on his door encouraging early voting. no mention of donald trump. nuts and bolts matter in the final days of campaigning including coordinating your spending and communications. these things can be the difference in close races, and the gop discord is why smart republicans have little hope for trump and worried about surprises down ballot losing races they have every right and reason to win. that's "inside politics." hope you enjoy the new set. here two weeks. a beautiful view. a quick break. then "wolf." you pay your car insurance
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 8:00 p.m. in mosul, iraq. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first heading into the home stretch of a very bitter presidential campaign here in the united states. we're less than 15 days and counting until the november 8th election, and the candidates, they are beginning their closing arguments to voters. take a look at this live


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