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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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happening now, breaking news. five-point margin. our new poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by five points nationally. is that enough to close out an election win? trump claims the polls are phony and he says he's winning. too confident? clinton is offering her coattails to other democrats across the country. but as she focuses in on the white house transition and reaches out to lawmakers on capitol hill, is she getting ahead of herself? gettysburg redress. donald trump picks a historic location to lay out his vision for the first 100 days of his presidency, but spends much of his time attacking the women who have accused him of sexual assault. now a new controversy and obama is backing. the president is going all out to help hillary clinton on a long list of democratic candidates all the way down to the state level. will his popularity reap benefits for his party?
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i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. let's get to the breaking news. our new national poll is just out, and it shows hillary clinton with a five-point lead over donald trump, 49% to 44%. just 15 days before the election. both candidates are consolidating support among their core supporters. other polls show an even greater spread. trump's campaign manager now says, quote, we are behind. but trump today insists he is winning, arguing what he calls the crooked media are putting out phony polls as part of a rigged system, his words. trump is going all out today in the must-win state of florida. but as early voting begins, polls show hillary clinton with a lead there. clinton today hit the trail in new hampshire, another battleground state where she's trying to help defeat a republican senator. clinton sauis also looking ahea
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planning for a white house transition. sources say she's reaching out to both sides on capitol hill, preparing to govern after a very bitt bitter, didvicive election. is it payback for the president? i'll speak to adviser jason miller. our guests will have full coverage of today's top stories. let's get right to our breaking news. our chief national correspondent john king is over at the magic wall. john, break it down for us. >> you saw a news poll with a 12-point national lead. you're happier it's only a five-point lead, but remember, the obama-romney race five years ago was a 1 to two-point race. we know how that turned out. donald trump at 44%. notably gary johnson dropping in
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the new poll. their support tends to drop and move back to the major party candidates. again, the horse race, 49% for hillary clinton, 44% for donald trump. let's take a deeper look into the numbers. gender wolf has been an issue throughout this campaign. republicans tend to get man voters. donald trump is getting one, 38% among men, 25% for hillary clinton. she does have a bigger lead among women. 53% to 41. one thing we've talked brp college-educated white voters. hillary clinton continues to lead in those. donald trump's best foundation, the bricks of the foundation,
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staying competitive in this race. some republicans say it's over, but this here will help donald trump with non-college-educated white voters in some key states. there is a reason for trump to be happy, to think maybe he still has a shot, it's this number here. donald trump still leads when we ask voters, who do you most trust to handle the economy? but when you go to other issues, modestly for clinton on terrorism, modest for immigration. she says donald trump is -- clinton gets the edge when voters are asked who has the best temperament to be president, and by 15 is points, voters chose hillary clinton when we asked who would be the best commander in chief. a much bigger lead than obama and romney at this point, but at least not as big as some of those polls.
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>> what is the true state of the race right now? we're talking about a race of electoral votes. >> that's why this map matters more than anything. at the moment we have her poised for a victory. we have her at 307 and donald trump at 179. solid republican, the lighter leaning republican. the lighter states do show republicans rallying around him. ruby red republican states are toss-ups. some indications in our polls republicans are coming home, it might help them here. he still may be able to turn florida, he has to turn ohio, he has to turn new hampshire. this map, though, still heavily tilted clinton's way with 15 days to go. >> donald trump says he's ahead in the race and he's lashing out
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at phony polls put out by phony media. jim acosta is out on the campaign trail with trump right now. trump is still claiming the election is rigged, right? >> that's right, wolf. donald trump is making a big push across the state of florida this week. it's a must-win battleground for the gop nominee who says he's winning this race no matter what the polls say, or as he calls them, the dark polls. don't believe the polls, donald trump says, believe him. >> watch the polls, because this is part of the crooked system. >> as trump explained to farmers in florida, the latest election polls conducted by the mainstream media are part of the bitter harvest, seeding doubt about his ability to win. >> these are called dark polls. they're phony polls put out by phony media, and i tell you what, all of us are affected by this stuff. what they do is try to suppress
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the vote. that way people don't come out to vote. >> roughly one in seven times, a rigged system. >> we're going to fix our rigged system. it's a broken, it corrupt, it's a rigged system. we're in a rigged system. we're in a broken and corrupt system. >> the latest cnn poll finds hilla hillary. kellyanne conway said. much more popular than she can hope to be, but she's seen as the incumbent. so going in, we were behind one, three, four points in some of these swing states.
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our advantage is that donald trump is just going to continue to take the case directly to the people. >> but it's a case sometimes mishandles. like when you went to git 'tisbu 'tisburg. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> just today, trump greeted one of his accusers. >> he brought me into a big hug and kissed me without permission. >> she was glad to be on the arm. and she's a porn star. you know, this one that came out recently, he grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm. i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. >> trump was painting a dark. there is the issue of voter fraud. isn't it amazing when they date.
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>> nearly every one of his supporters, trump lashed out at supporters. he said they will face more lawsuits if he is elected. >> the press can say anything they want and they can get away with it. i'm a tremendous believer of freedom of the press. i'm not just talking about me, i'm talking about anybody else. then yes, i think you should have the ability to sue them. >> donald trump is in the news media. republicans across the country are starting to warn supporters they better vote for them to stop clinton when she gets to the white house. that's more ominous than any poll. >> jaim acosta. joining us now, trump senior
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representative adviser, jason miller. jason, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i got to tell you, that piece from jim acosta is one of the most heavily edited, dishonest packages i had set up. i'm sorry, i wouldn't normally start a race like this, but kelly's description of what's going on in the race was just nonsense. >> kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, and she's a pollster, she did say donald trump is behind in the race. what was inaccurate about that? >> wolf, if you listen to all of her comments, she said they were behind on spending. look, we're doing fantastic, we're heading the rasmussen poll. even the cnn poll that came out an hour or so ago, number one, it's the same margin that is
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what's important for folks at home, one thing is if you look at the gender gap between men and women with mr. trump and secretary clinton, it's exactly the same spot it was for obama and mitt romney. if you look at the men, it's not believable to say that trump is ahead with men. that's not realistic. >> jim acosta did not take her out of context, we're not taking her out of context. even trump said today in a local interview, and i'm quoting him now, he says he's also winning. we're not taking that out of. home is in pennsylvania, slightly behind. we're leading in places like
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ohio. in florida i believe we're within the margin in that state, and actually we're ahead on absentees at the moment, and we feel like we're winning this race. mr. trump said that in the very last rally he was in. that's a real reflection of where we are as a campaign. >> based on all the scientific polls that cnn and other news organizations used, not the other unscientific polls, this is our information and i'll share it with you. trump is ahead in ohio, iowa and georgia, but the last time he was ahead in the following states was a while based on the polls that we accept. florida, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, virginia. in the polls that we accept as scientific and legitimate, right now hillary clinton is either slightly ahead or significantly ahead in those states. >> wolf, i push back on that completely. i don't believe cnn or any other news organization can simply play voice of god on this and
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decide when polls are acceptable and which polls are not. in the primary, every single poll discounted trump as he went in and he won in big margins. we think we're right in the margin. look at where she spent her time. she was on the trail this last weekend. when they in a purple. another blue state where we're actually leading. don't juts list. according to the most recent polls we accept, we acknowledge that right now. you remember donald trump would start off his speeches of how well he was doing, and he was doing well against those 16 other sexist governors.
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i'll pread it to you. major story that the dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the trump. we are going to win. do you see our cnn/orc poll that came out today which shows hillary clinton nationally with a 5-point lead as phony? >> i think the sampling was clearly fraud. there's no way hillary clinton is leading in some of these categories. despite the flawed methodology and the flawed. they believe he is the right candidate to do that. we've been talking about process, we. we need him to lay out a
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100-page detailed plan on what he he's. the hillary clinton campaign put out a whole book. that's 200 pages of specific details, so that's pretty s substanti substantive. >> you are obviously not one of the 200 who read that book. it was essentially a bunch of press releases put together, and they weren't real details. here is what mr. trump has done. he's laid out very specific plans how we're going to get our economy back on track, how we're going to stop illegal immigration, how we're going to make sure we get our energy independence back again, and these are very detailed plans on how we're going to grow and create jobs in this country. that's why he's leading in the economy because people believe we need a change and donald trump is that right candidate to
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do so. >> let's get to some important issues. we'll start with national security. trump tweeted this today of the attack on mousul turning out to be a huge disaster. the u.s. is looking so dumb. vote trump and win again. why is it turning out to be a total disaster? >> what mr. trump has said from the beginning, even as this has been taubllked about, you can't into this operation like this. >> but everyone watching it, they always said it's going to take a few months, they're not going to liberate a city in a few days, but they think 100,000 iraqi troops backed by forces, they think they can get the job done. it will take some time, though. why do they believe it turni's g
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out to be a total sdas sndisast. >> there are a number of reports on how it's been perceived so far, but the point mr. trump is making is you don't say we're going at this time, at this place. mccarthur patton wouldn't show all his cards and say the exact plan they're going to do. >> so what is donald trump's policy when it comes to lib rating mosul from isis? >> i would say number one the first thing we need to do is come up with a clear overall plan to defeat isis, which is not something we've seen from secretary clinton. as far as what the exact plan will be and how we'll initiate that, you're not going to announce that in the heat of the campaign two weeks before an election and show the entire world of what the plan is going to be, but mr. trump has said specifically once he's elected, he'll put together all his military advisers and his general, then having them come up with a set plan and we'll
2:18 pm
initiate that. >> so what you're saying is his plan is to come up with a plan? >> no, strategically we know we have to destroy isis. as far as a tactic, he will be given a plan from the generals within the first 30 days of him being in office and we'll go ahead with that plan. that's in stark contrast with secretary clinton who has been at the helm of the entire disaster in the middle east. we look at the implosion of iraq, libya, syria. we look at the fact that we're now proceeding toward a nuclear iran, which is very dangerous. these all reflect -- >> the bottom line is, jason, it's unclear to me why he would declare this, in his words, a total disaster when this operation basically started a week or ten days ago. >> wolf, i think there are a lot of concerns with how it's been conducted so far. the fact we gave isis so much of a lead time, and i believe we'll find out exactly how it's going
2:19 pm
to be but there have been a number of critical reports so far, and i'll leave it at that. >> as of today, they say the iraqi military, the kurdish forces, the u.s. military spokesman, they say hundreds of isis fighters already have been killed. we'll see what happens over the next few weeks and months as this operation continues. certainly not going to be an easy operation by any means. jason, we have much more to discuss. i'm going to hold you with us. stay with us. we'll continue our conversation right after this.
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harris county, texas. people are lining up not only in harris county, texas but in so many other states around the country, early voting under way. let's get to breaking news. a new crnc national poll shows hillary clinton with a five-point lead over donald trump. we're back with jason miller, communications adviser to the trump campaign. jason, as you know, there is lots of reporting out there that hillary clinton is putting together her transition team, assuming she's going to win. what is happening inside the trump campaign as far as a transition is concerned? >> as far as the transition, look, we can talk about the transition after the election. obviously there is a transition effort that's going, that's been put together. a lot of work has been done on that. but from now until november 8th, we're focused on the election. that's what's important and that's why mr. trump is in florida campaigning today to big crowds. that's why he gave a fantastic speech on saturday laying out his contract with the american voter. we'll have the chance to talk about draining the swamp, a whole package of ethnic reforms
2:25 pm
we want to get passed. not only is trump giving someone a person to vote for, but he's also giving them something to vote for, and these are important. we talk about our economy and our infrastructure. we're not hearing this from hillary clinton. all we hear from her is attacking mr. trump, and i think that's an important part of the puzzle right now. >> is he still leading the transition team? we haven't heard from him or seen much of him lately as far as the campaign is concerned. >> governor christie is still leading the charge on the transition team, but again, the transition team can worry about that after november 8. right now we're focused on winning the election and that's what's important. look, you're smart enough not to fall for this on the clinton camp. the reason they talk about this and the specific hopes you go and talk about that and not the fact she has troubles with her own base. they're not turning out african-americans and
2:26 pm
millennials at the same levels president obama was able to in 2004 and 2008. we have record voters who want to show support for mr. trump, and this will be a dogfight until the end. >> the transition is critically important and all presidential candidates at this stage, they really are planning for it even if they lose. they have to make those preparations. another sensitive issue that came up today. donald trump addressed the latest accusation of inappropriate sexual contact made against him, saying the accuser, an adult film star, if you will, made these accusations. listen to what trump said today. >> i don't grab them as they say, on the arm. she said, he grabbed me by the arm. and she's a porn star. this one that came out recently, he grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm. i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. and they make it so it's all
2:27 pm
lies. >> i want you to explain what he meant when he said, i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. explain what his point was. >> wolf, mr. trump has said very clearly with all these false accusations and these false allegations that they are completely 100% false, all of them. think about it for a moment. where were these accusers when mr. trump had the number one show on tv? where were they when he kicked off his campaign? where were they when he won the republican nomination? where were they when he went to the republican convention? now here we are, two weeks and one day before the general election, and now we're starting to hear from folks? wolf, this is nonsense. there is zero basis and truth to any of this, and heck, even look at your poll from today even despite the flawed methodology still showed that mr. trump had a lead on twus worthiness among voters. and that is because voters want
2:28 pm
a real change. >> but what these women have all said is they decided to speak out in the access hollywood video, and then later after he denied having done anything he spoke about doing in that access hollywood video, the women said they came forward to rebut what epsd. >> that makes zero sense. if any of this were true. too many in the media have been too gullible to go along with it and giving these folks. it's all an attempt to try and take away from the important issues and actually will be voti voting. this is putting people on notice
2:29 pm
that if they do step forward and make these baseless claims, they will be sued. as far as an exact timeline for when that happens, i'll let mr. trump speak to that. but again, what's important for people to know is there is zero basis and truth in any of this. it's a complete distraction to try to knock away from the issues of what people are going to be vote for. here's something hillary clinton cannot run from, the fact this is a changed election and up to three-quarters of the voters out there think this country is going in the wrong direction. the country is going in the wrong direction. hillary is doubling and tripling down on the status quo, and by do that, she puts herself in a very dangerous spot. think about -- in the next 15 days before the election, he's not suing, and then he will decide whether to go barred and sue? >> i'll leave that to mr. trump and he can make ta
2:30 pm
determination. >> there is a lot of concern, especially those in knees media that he's trying to amend bp the news media. you've dealt with the news media in your career for a long time. do you feel comfortable the way he treats the news media right now, saying he wants easier availability for government, for presidents, if you will, to go ahead and sue journalists and sue news organizations? >> wolf, with all due respect, i think that's a rather one-sided interpretation of what mr. trump is saying. the reason people love mr. trump is because he's willing to fight back. he's willing to stand up against this rigged system, he's willing to be a voice that's not going to get pushed around. even your very well respected jake tapper, who i think is best in the business, is calling out
2:31 pm
media bias. the reality is that it is biased, wolf. there is no way objectively -- >> there is no doubt there is a bias out there. conservatives are biased, liberals are biased. . that is sacred, as you know, as i know, our viewers know. you don't try to undermine that and say we're going to change the rules of the game because free press is so critical to our country. i assume you agree with me on that. >> as does mr. trump. the first amendment is very important -- >> they're trying to do their jobs and he says, look at them. and then he uses awful words to describe reporters who are working very hard, jason, just to get the news out there. they're doing their job. you know them, i know them, and for him to attack the news media like that is not acceptable.
2:32 pm
>> wolf, i think with all due respect you're completely missing the point here. look, wolf, thievery time you t them on, they're against mr. trump. of course he has to have the ability to push them back, he has the ability to tell america the truth. he's goi >> there's no doubt he has every right to say that and do that, and i'm sure he'll continue to do that, but when you go further and say we're going to change the rules and undermine the fifth amendment, make it more difficult for journalists to do their jobs, that's different. i'm sure we'll have many opportunities ahead. thanks, sir. mr. trump is calling the
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and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. breaking news. with just two weeks left in the presidential campaign, a brand new crnc national poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by five points. let's bring in our political expert to assess this poll. dana bash, hillary clinton 49%, trump 44%. can he make a dent in that lead in the next 15 days. >> it's possible. not probable, but it is possible. i think what's most interesting about our new poll that's out today is that the margin between the two candidates isn't that much different. in fact, it's effectively the same as the last poll that we had, and what is different is that the independent candidate,
2:38 pm
gary johnson, he has lost support. what that means is that both of these -- the candidates, party candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton, they're somewhat frozen in time which could be good news if you're looking for a glass half full in the trump campaign for them in that it doesn't look like hillary clinton's lead has climbed very much. if you're looking for the glass half empty, hillary clinton still has a five-point lead, which donald trump has not been able to make up. so there is still, you know, time left. if you look at the individual battleground states, it's a little bit of a different picture, but somewhat similar, which, you know, we'll see how that goes. >> as you know, mark preston and donald trump tryi -- mark pence and donald trump
2:39 pm
made a speech but stumbled when he made allegations about the women accusing him of sexual attempts. why does he do that? >> his advisers would prefer he doesn't bring it up, but this happens to donald trump again and again when he's ready to talk about some major policy issue and then he brings up the sexual allegations. what he's said in the past is if he doesn't address these issues, then people will blooe thelieve and if they believe them, they won't vote for him. he describes this as one of the greatest campaigns in our country. he also puts the blame on the doorstep of the media elite -- i assume that is us -- as well as the establishment and big business. it is interesting how donald trump, when he's going to go out and give a very big speech at a historical site such as gettysburg, can't seem to shake
2:40 pm
the idea that he can't address these sexual allegations which takes away from his message for the day. >> but it might deter other women, for example, coming forward and if he hear him say, i'm going to sue you if you do this? is that part of his strategy? >> i don't know. if it's a strategy, it doesn't seem to be working because we have seen woman after woman come out since he's been saying these things over the past couple weeks. of course, we have lawyers coming out and saying a crowd source, any kind of defense that if a woman wants to come out and make these allegations -- look, if he wanted to sue, we wonder why he doesn't do it now than to make these threats saying after the election i'm going to sue everyone. >> newt poll shows hillary clinton expanded her lead with younger voters and non-whites. trump did the same with whites without college degrees. here's the question. how does that translate into the all-important electoral college. >> i think for the electoral
2:41 pm
college it looks pretty good for hillary clinton and it's looked good for quite some time. it looks good because she's not only doing well with those non-obama coalition folks, black and white, she's also into the voter blocks. she's winning voters over 65. she's winning by 11 votes and remember, romney won the voters by 14 points. there's non-college whites. you've got hillary clinton winning about 30% of those voters and that's about what obama was able to do, too. that's why you see this real mismatch in terms of the electoral college. i think the question right now is how much does he overperform
2:42 pm
romney in the electoral college. romney got 206 electoral votes. is he able to sfrd that or is he going into 233 three numbers. he trumped that he doesn't believe in these hats. >> they are phony polls put out by phony media. all of us are affected by this. this way they suppress the vote. but we're winning this race. i really believe we're winning. >> how realistic is that attitude 15 days before the location most polls that we talk about in this race, certainly all of the, so none of the polls we're talking about really
2:43 pm
apply. . she conceded for the first time, that i have seen this. he is grappling with the idea, first of all, that he isn't currently winning. the polls show that around the country and in most of the battleground states. but he has started to grapple with the idea that he will win this election, and the territorial map is very good for hillary clinton, not very good if you're donald trump, and no candidate in modern political history has overcome a margin this big, so donald trump has a lot of work to do. >> i need -- >> more and more president obama is out there on the campaign trail. how much will he help his fellow
2:44 pm
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our new nationwide poll shows hillary clinton five points ahead of donald trump. despite her lead, hillary clinton isn't letting up and mou is targeting vulnerable republicans of helping democrats overtake the majority in the u.s. senate. let's bring in phil matterly. phil is up in new hampshire. >> if there is one area that hillary clinton will acknowledge, it's in surrogates, both in quantity and quality. she was side by side with someone who believes her campaign is one of the most effective. a democratic tag team made up exclusively of women targeting donald trump. >> he thinks that because he has a mouthful of tic-tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance. well, i got news for you, donald
2:48 pm
trump! women have had it with guys like you. >> and any gop candidate tied to him. >> unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. i hope in these next 14 days, you do everything you can to support her. >> hillary clinton and elizabeth warren together on the campaign trail in new hampshire seeking to boost democratic senate candidate maggie hasson and hoping to turn trump's sagging poll numbers into opportunity in battleground senate races across the country. >> this is someone who roots for failure and takes glee in mocking our country no matter who our president is. now, that may be who donald trump is, but this election is about who we are. >> the down ballot focus a shift for clinton, who is now making a strong play to help move the u.s. senate into democratic
2:49 pm
hands. >> what i love about maggie is that she's independent, she knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. >> relying heavily on pushing trump's negatives to energize granite state voters against trump and help pass other battleground states in washington. >> get this, trump! nasty women are tough, nasty women are are smart, and nasty women vote! >> new hampshire just the latest stop in a series of tstrategic events by clinton. more than 5.1 million votes have been cast, putting nearly 3.4 million in battleground states. democrats reversed vote leads in colorado, 32 votes cast by
2:50 pm
registered democrats, compared to 32% by republicans. it's a similar story in arizona. they ever turned the democrats' way as well with but republicans have shown gains in crucial states like iowa and ohio. still, clinton advisers making clear to cnn they believe they are firmly in control of the race and are starting to plan for what comes next. that includes finalizing would-be white house senior advisers, working through cabinet prospects and outreach to capitol hill allies, including republicans, aides say. still, for clinton herself, even as she clearly looks past trump, trying to keep her eye on the ball. >> have you thought at all about who you might put in your cabinet? >> no, i really haven't. i'm a little superstitious about that. we've got a transition operation
2:51 pm
going, and i haven't really paid much attention to it yet, because i want to focus on what our first task is, and that is convincing as many americans as possible to give us the chance to serve. >> and wolf, when you talk to clinton advisers, in state after state, they do believe they're seeing advantages in their own polling. that's why you have seen this strategy shift from hillary clinton. one you're going see continue later on this week, not just targeting battlegrounds with key senate races but bringing key surrogates along. hillary clinton will appear with first lady michelle obama late they are week in north carolina. wolf? >> phil mattingly, thank you very much for that report. president obama also is going all-out to help hillary clinton get out the vote. let's go live to michelle kaczynski. the president is putting his popularity at work right now. >> reporter: the president has
2:52 pm
not forgotten about the other races out there. he's endorsing close to 200 other candidates down to the state level. he's trying to step up the sharp rhetoric, not only against donald trump but against opponents of democrats all over the ballot, all over the country. it is unprecedented. president obama on the campaign trail in force. >> come on, people. this ain't a show. now suddenly you're okay with your nominee having a bromance with putin. the white house now using donald trump's unpopularity against republicans running for office nationwide, ridiculing congressman joe heck running for senate in nevada for only recently turning against trump. >> how does that work? you're for him but you're not for him, but you're kind of for him. what the heck? >> reporter: at a fund-raiser,
2:53 pm
he tore into congressman darrell isl issa, saying his major contribution has been obstruction. in florida, the president railed against senator marco rubio in that razor close race. >> i agree with the u.s. senator, a republican, who, a whileback, said we can't afford to give the nuclear codes of the united states to an erratic individual. by the way, you know who said that? marco rubio. he also called donald trump a dangerous conartist who has spent a career sticking it to working people. >> reporter: the event was for hillary clinton but seemed equally designed to support
2:54 pm
rubio's challenger, patrick murphy. they're hoping to run up the score for dems in the career of trump. all told, president obama will endorse some 150 state legislature candidates. one in florida posted a photo of herself and staff with a cardboard cutout of obama. he's also endorsing 30 contenders for the u.s. house. the president hoping that donald trump drags down republicans across the board. >> they've been ride thing tiger for a long time. they've been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years. >> reporter: looking well beyond his own presidency to the races that will shape policy in congress and in local communities for years to come. so you see him pushing for democrats running for congress and saying out there you can't elect hillary clinton and then "saddle her with a do-nothing congress." does this mean the white house is assuming she will win? it was only weeks ago we heard
2:55 pm
president obama say in this race you have to treat it like you're running scared. so he's trying to be extremely vocal against donald trump, but support those down ballot democrats. he's going to be recording robocalls and ads and the white house feels late in the race is when that will be most effective. >> michelle, thank you. coming up, our breaking news. our new poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by five points nationally. but trump says he's winning and claims the polls are phony.
2:56 pm
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polling ahead. hillary clinton leads donald trump by five points in our new survey of likely voters nationwide. could the momentum still shift in the closing days of an unpredetectible campaign? we're winning. trump claims he's poised to beat hillary clinton and defeat a system he keeps describing as rigged. does the trump camp and the republican party in touch with the reality of the race? i'll ask the republican party's chief strategist. looking ahead. while clinton works to turn out the vote that we're told, she's working on her presidential transition to-do list. advancing on isis. coalition portions push within miles of mosul. new information about this battle in iraq and the secret tactic that helped protect u.s. troops. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room."


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