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tv   New Day  CNN  October 27, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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and columbus. a town where over the last 15 years, the median household income dropped by 25%. more than any other metro area in the country. 15% of adults here have a college education. this is prime trump country. he hopes his message resonates today. >> reporter: a new national poll shows the race tightening and now more battleground states are up for grabs. hillary clinton in a dead heat with trump in nevada as trump e edges out in the must-win state of nevada. >> i actually think we're winning. >> reporter: he says he will invest millions more in his campaign. so far he spent $56 million of his own money. >> let me just tell you that i'll have over $100 million in the campaign. >> reporter: a source telling cnn asked trump to put more money into his campaign to help compete with clinton's advertising.
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trump did not listen. >> donald trump is taking time off the campaign trail to officially open the hotel. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is blasting trump for stepping off the campaign trail to advance his business empire. >> donald trump is the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy. the facts show he has stiffed american workers, he has stiffed american businesses. >> reporter: after opening new hotel just blocks from the white house, the billionaire got back to campaigning. with two rallies in north carolina. trump hitting back at clinton attacking her stamina. >> a woman makes a speech for 15 minutes and goes home and goes to bed. she has less energy than jeb bush. >> reporter: and getting upset when cnn's dana bash asked him about the hotel step. >> for you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because hillary does one stop and then goes home and sleeps and yet you'll ask me that question. i think it's a very rude
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question to be hoppenest with y >> reporter: bringing up clinton attending an adele concert in miami. >> attended an adele concert and i did eight stops yesterday, three rallies. >> reporter: helped ring in her 69th birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: stevie wonder cereinated clinton on her radio show. now to give you a sense of how important ohio is to the trump campaign, justteric take a look the numbers. he visited this battleground more than any other state. 12 visits, 21 events and that continues here today. goes on to springfield and toledo and then in geneva. not the only person campaigning here in ohio. tim kaine will also be in the state. meanwhile his running mate, hillary clinton, going to the other swing state of north carolina with michelle obama.
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alisyn. >> thank you for all of that. another interesting poll we want to tell you about a new cnn/orc poll and feel a majority of americans think things are going well at the country. they're at their highest level since president obama took office. what's going on? let's ask cnn's michelle kaczynski live from the white house. >> as you said, this is a high for president obama's entire time in office. that 54% of americans now feel things are going well in this country. that's been going up. when you look at january of this year, it was only at 42%. but remember when things get tricky when you look at polls that ask, is america headed in the right direction? that's when about two-thirds of people send to say no. also new the president's approval rating 55%, yes, a high for his second term of office
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and reaching bill clinton levels. during his last month in office he was at 57% and george w. bush 27%. the news has not been so good in favorability ratings for hillary clinton. she is at new lows. you can see why she can gain so much from the popularity and the first lady. that's why they're in north carolina today. battleground state and appearing not at separate events to try to split the power there, but they will be appearing together. chris? >> all right, michelle, thank you very much. let's discuss this new state of oplay and the new electoral map with abbie philips and political anchor of errol lewis and david gregory. let's put up the battleground
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map. >> it's new. >> shifted florida to leaning, leaning gop. right. it had been more up in the air. it had been and now it's yellow. it's color coded there. don't listen to me. what does this mean? it means the numbers are going to change. but it does show the fluid nature, errol lewis, of things changing and counting chickens before they're hatched. >> look, you start moving around some of the numbers. those are big states. 29 electoral votes in florida. you've got ohio, which is always in play and there is a path to victory for donald trump. there is a lot of sort of premature glee on the part of democrats just a few days ago and i sort of showed some people the map and said, look, if he does well. if he wins florida and it's a contested state and he wins
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ohio, the map shows he is very much in the running. so, there is absolutely no reason to write off donald trump. he has some fundamental problems and doing poorly with women and terribly with latinos and not doing great with millennials. those will all present problems for him. when you see the obamas go to a state like north carolina, they're trying to put a hard stop there. they're making it so he doesn't get all the romney map, plus a couple of flips which is what it will take for him to get to the white house. >> nevada has gone from democrat back to a battleground state. she was up there by seven points and now it's tied. what's going on? >> it's always been a tough state for her. and for her campaign. you know, going way back. nevada has been actually a surprisingly strong state for donald trump. it's a state with the highest, one of the highest latino population in the country, the second highest. a really good state for a
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democrat, but it hasn't been. she's been up or down and it is a tight race. i think you're going to see some of that in other places, including in florida. these are places that are true battlegrounds. it's hard for either campaign to get a clear upper hand and the clinton campaign is particularly skeptical because they're just not, they don't have the composition to give you that kind of margin over your opponent. >> david, you have been very good at kind of leavening these ticks up and down as what you see as the broader variety. nate silver says, i don't know that trump is gaining. i think they're both gaining and taking away from gary johnson and whatever trickle jill stein had consolidating their bases. that's why you're seeing him move up in florida, but still puts his chance at winning at 15%. he uses two analogies.
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that is the chance of losing russian roulette and also the chance they gave the spurs of beating the warriors the other night and the spurs blew them out by almost 30. >> first of all, i think we're generally in the zone of the unknown here. >> zone of the unknown. always good when it it rhymes. >> there's so much going on in terms of voter turnout that we can't really measure. the impact of early voting and spin coming from the early voting and hillary clinton's side that that is going particularly well for her. you know, so, late deciders and late breaking. i play around with the map as i'm doing here and, look, i give trump. this shows you how difficult the path is for trump. i'm giving him florida and ohio and wisconsin, i'll even give him nevada. i do all of that and i give hillary clinton north carolina and she's at 274 and he's at 259. if you couple that with what we know about the polling and all the demographic advantages for
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hillary clinton that's where it looks very difficult for him on the electoral map? he has ticked up. whether or not you're willing to say the race has tightened because he has ticked up and she has ticked up. what is behind that? nate silver the guru of numbers think the republicans have come home to trump. if that's the case, the billy bush tape went away. what allowed them to come home to him? >> it's possible. i'm not going to argue with my friend nate silver, but in all of those states there are heavily contested statewide races in ohio, in north carolina, in florida. you know, in nevada. so, in a case like florida, for example, marco rubio is very much, is doing very much better than donald trump in a lot of ways. he may be pulling trump along with him and despite all the personal friction we have reported on, those kind of factors. rob portman doing very well. he's going to bring along trump
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in some ways. the democrats in some ways have not given up, but pulled field troops out of ohio. a lot of different dynamics going on. >> a lot of republican money. po pouring money into states to get the republicans to come home, as errol says. in the senate races or house races. >> it's interesting, dana bash was with trump yesterday and she was on him about, why are you putting more money into this race? if you want it so badly, he put $47 million into the race and loans and their structure and whatever it is, and she was like, why aren't you putting in $100 million and dumping more iin in. he didn't like it. we all want money out of politics but you have every right to put your own in. but are we seeing donald trump, he says he's going to have a tremendous victory. why is he dumping that money if
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he is that close. >> that is the $100 million question. the reality is donald trump has put in some of ohis money and also paid his own companies a lot of omonomoney, as well. it's unclear what the balance sheet ends up being at the end of the day. they are maybe at a third of the ground troops. >> why isn't he putting in money? >> i heard he has money in reserve that they're going to throw into ad buys and stuff now. but if he has so much money, why isn't he dumping more in? >> they are catching up in terms of ad buys. so, they are spending more on ad buys but the problem is to get from where they are now to where the democrats are, it takes a huge investment. and i frankly think it might be impossible to do at this late stage in the game. he may throw in a lot of his
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money. >> he's continuing to get huge crowds and continues to think that the enthusiasm level for him is higher than his opponent. he continues to think, why must i? >> because he's losing. >> he's gaining. i'm just telling you through his lens. >> i don't know if he's gaining. i believe what's going on with nate silver. but he's losing in all of othese poll other polls. if i had unlimited cash, as much as he has. will you think, i will hold back. >> particularly because of her advantages. again, look at north carolina. all this early voting and the reason why she started campaigning with president obama in north carolina. first time michelle obama is out with her in north carolina is to capitalize on where the race has been the last ten days to get early voting advantages to her side. and then her ability to close. her ability to turn out all of these elements of the coalition. minority voter, and younger
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voters and women where she has huge advantages. those areas alone as well as college graduates to me is what puts that really huge road block. >> panel, stick around. we want to talk to you about clinton's challenges, as well, very quickly. >> more e-mails. again, you'll see online, especially trdrip, drip, drip. a new memo in the latest offering of wikileaks that shows former president bill clinton made a lot of money in lucrative speeches. you're saying, i knew that. how that process worked and the tension it created that may be instructed. we'll show you it on "new day," next.
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aupgrade your phone system ands. learn how you could save at the latest wave of hacked e-mails reveal how bill clinton made millions of dollars after leaving the white house. these e-mails describe how bill clinton's associates arranged consulting jobs and high-paying
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speaking engagements and how those appearances are related to the clinton foundation. let's discuss with our political panel, we have abby philip, errol louis and david gregory. he continues to be on the advisory board of the clinton foundation and he somehow was tasked with two things, it is revealed in these memos. raising money for the clinton foundation, as well as basically helping to get bill clinton rich. he arranged all these speaking, just because it's fun to look at how much rich people make. let's look at the secured paid speeches added up to. these are just a little handful of them. to ubs almost $1 million. it just goes on and on. so, is there something wrong with doug ban being the person
3:19 am
who arranged both these things? >> i think the word is unseemly. frankly, it brings us back to a debate that bill clinton himicism was vehimself was very active in. why are you doing this? you're dealing with dictators and sketchy businessmen but he said, yes, we're doing well on the other side. what he never said is, i'm doing well at the same time. that puts him in an entirely sort of shade on the whole thing. certainly, politically, trump is going to take it and run with it. a lot of the conservatives who were always skeptical about all of this, the clinton haters, they're going to take this -- >> what is wrong with it? bill clinton can make money for paid speeches, nothing illegal about that. where is the crime? >> here's the difficulty with the clintons. we have to go back in part. all the statements they made and see if it tracks with what he
3:20 am
was actually doing at the time. >> you have a bigger concern, also. i think an easier answer to alisyn's question, you can raise money for the foundation. you can raise money for yourself. andit makes sense that clinton wasn't going out and soliciting, ban was his agent. they trust him very deeply. to do them with the same group of pockets gets to be a little tricky. if i want to hit up abby philip and say, give me a million dollar for the foundation. put me on your advisory board or put bill on the advisory board. when i'm asking you to do both, it can look like you're putting money in my pocket through the foundation, which you cannot do. >> what's very telling about this whole situation is that there were concerns within clinton world about the arrangement. you had chelsea clinton on one end and campaign aides saying, hey, we have to put a stop to this. it's a political problem for us.
3:21 am
that tells you everything you need to know about how they viewed it themselves. >> do you see that as healthy that it shows there was that as opposed to them being like how do we hide it? >> it's healthy and confirms the argument on the other side from republicans which is these are two people who have been working in the public sector for basically their entire lives and simultaneously gotten rich in that process. we would not be talking about this if hillary clinton had not run for president. i think we wouldn't be talking about it in the same way. but she did run for president and the argument that donald trump and republicans are making is that these are people who are getting rich while serving the public and that's -- it's unseemly. you know, we're in the point here where voters are looking at this and saying, well, actually, that's kind of right. >> by the way, david. chelsea clinton thought it was unseemly on some level. here's the memo that has been
3:22 am
released. my father was told today of explicit examples at clinton global initiative of doug teneo and now people having quit at cgi. some expenses and others directly. so, she was raising a flag of concern that something was unseemly or more. >> i think that's what's significant and it relates to the clinton e-mails, as well. hillary clinton's e-mails and the private server that people are really concerned within the clinton ranks with how decisions are being made and how these things are being handled and a kind of sense of entitlement that the clintons have that they don't have to bow to questions about all of this. the questions about the propriety of how they're operating these things. so, i do think there is an
3:23 am
impact. i think it's unseemly and shameful that we're scrutinizing these e-mails based on apparently the russian government stealing them and having them leaked. i think it's important to put that into the conversation. i think that's the problem with all of this. the fact that you have either chelsea clinton or others close to the clintons raising real doubts about how the foundation was run, raising the specter of this kind of pay for play even though that really hasn't been proven is not only unseemly, but also going to fuel what we're looking at. you heard jason on the hill and the oversight and a republican who said he will continue and investigate hillary clinton. >> that's the real deal right there. that david's finishing on there is that when and if hillary clinton becomes president of the united states, everybody keeps saying, i can't wait for this to end on november 8th. it's not over. they are going to dive deep on these issues and wikileaks is going to give them an
3:24 am
opportunity to do it. who knows how long this can last, errol. >> a lot of legs and a lot of information there. a lot of e-mails and if they make it a formal investigation, a lot of people who have to be questioned, subpoenaed. >> chafets says he has two years of material on clinton if she, in fact, becomes president. what is paul ryan going to do? he has indicated that these investigations have not been the greatest thing for republicans politically. it's been a huge waste of time and taxpayer money and he's been very skeptical of going forward with this stuff in the future. but will he change his tune if the political situation is different come. >> jeff: 20th and hillary clinton is president and, you know -- >> can he control it? whether he changes his tune or not. >> thank you very much for all the insight. great to talk to you.
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the cubs tying it up. big win last night. the series now, 1-1. an unlikely hero actually stepped up big for the cubs. second game in a row we had an unlikely hero. andy sholes our very likely hero with this morning's bleacher report. this is why we watch. >> that's big, krish. only four bats in the regular season before tearing his acl but after rehabbing all year long he's making a big impact schwarber he went to the arizona
3:30 am
fall league and just six at-bats there before the cubs did a private jet to get him to the world series. he led the cubs to a 5-1 win in game two. schwarber the dh might not be able to start in the outfield in games three, four, five in chicago. world series returns to wrigley field for the first time in 71 years tomorrow night. halloween right around the corner and richard sherman at his son's request dressed up as harry potter for his press conference yesterday. >> the beaters, the chasers, trying to find the golden snitch and stuff like that. i'd say that would take the cake. when you're a wizard, like we are out here, sometimes you have to show it. >> there you go. richard sherman harry potter. guys, you have plans for halloween? are you dressing up, alisyn?
3:31 am
>> i'm totally halloween impaired. i'm not creative enough so i go as a flapper every year. >> oh, yeah. >> what is that? >> you know from the charleston, from the '20s. i have the costume ready. i'll send pictures to you, andy. >> can't wait. >> you don't like it. >> first of all, flapper is such an arcane term now that i think you have to shift into old lady voice every time you say it. i like to go as a flapper. >> headbands, feather. no. >> i think you have to change it up. spice it up. >> oh, what are you going to be? >> i'm going as the big blue guy from monster inker. except my wife because she's smart. and i'm the big blue monster. >> appropriate. >> let us know on twitter what you're going as. on november 8th a lot of voters will be voting with their
3:32 am
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. all right. so, 58% of likely voters in our latest cnn poll say the economy is the most important issue to their vote. not unusual. both hillary clinton and donald trump say they have the best plan to create jobs. also, not unusual. but what are those plans? that's where this conversation usually ends. let's start with trump who thinks the nation's unemployment rate is a lie even though it's calculated by the nonbureau statistic of labor. he think it's part of the rigged thing. let's put that to the side. how does he say that he'll bring jobs back? >> my plan for the economy can
3:37 am
be summed up in three very beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. at the center of my job's plan, will be fixing our terrible trade deals. >> let's dive in more specifically to see how trump says he will do that. he claims that he can 25 million new jobs. part of that, he predicts, will come from his tax cuts. he says tax cuts will spur gdp growth to more than 4%. that would be higher than it has been for nearly 20 years. trump also plans to invest in infrastructure. he says he will spend twice as much as clinton. unclear how he plans to fund those projects. >> the plan includes energy inf inf inf infrastructure and he considers that a job creator. the lifting of and that will put miners back to work and that
3:38 am
will also be controversial. >> here's a big deal that a lot of republicans like. trump will focus on regulations, which he says makes it harder for companies in the u.s. to compete. proposing a mortorm onne federations so that is a little complicated. >> that is 85% to 90% of them. >> he says he'll ask agencies and departments to identify, "job killing regulations and remove them." that would include a recent revision to the clean water act and trump cutting the power of regulatory agencies. so, trade has been a big deal in this election. trump opposes many of the deals including the tpp and nafta. he wants to renegotiate the deal to favor american workers or withdraw from the deals entirely. these are contacts, if you withdraw, sometimes if you did, you would blow alliances. foreign countries who are violating trade agreements, the people in power right now will
3:39 am
tell you, that's not an unknown. >> he also, as you probably heard, wants to be more aggressive towards china and label it a currency manipulator. so, now, let's talk about hillary clinton because she has spelled out a lot of things on her website. she disagrees with trump. no surprise. she says the obama administration has done a lot to bring the u.s. out of recession. here's how she said she would build on that. >> we're going to make the biggest investment in good, new jobs since world war ii. jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, small business and clean energy. >> okay. >> now, what does she have backing her up right now? 54% of you said you think the country is going well right now. you know, taking the country as a composite concern. that is going to boost the idea that, oh, maybe we are getting some things right in this government right now. she has a 100-day jobs plan. and during that time, there's going to be a big infrastructure thing that she likes the key to
3:40 am
clean energy and she says that will create good jobs as she defines them. american roads and update power grids. she will pay for that with taxes on the wealthy. >> she also wants to encourage businesses to provide worker trainer and apprenticeship. she wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $12. make it easier for small businesses to get access to capital, expand tax breaks for those employers. >> that's a big difference between the two. trump does not believe in raising the minimum wane wage and clinton does. she wants to cut red tape blocking people from businesses. she specifically mentioned streamlining and standardizing licensing programs. part of clinton's economic plan also involves trade, just like trump. she will oppose the tpp, though she called it the gold standard while it was the negotiated, trump has whacked her over the head with that very effectively.
3:41 am
she wants to make companies that move overseas pay an exit tax. >> to pay back those tax breaks. so, of course, both candidates say their tax plan will contribute to a better economy. we'll discuss those tax plans in depth tomorrow. >> just like that, we've made more points about their plans than either of the candidates has in the last month. >> in a more succinct fashion. >> post your comment on one controversy after another it seems for donald trump. the issue plaguing his campaign, of course, accusations of unwanted advances on women. what is the negative publicity? what has it done to the trump brand? we dig deeper on that, next. to bring an entire stadium to its feet. you missed it, buddy. it's all good. and much like this hero, courtyard is all about the game. one, two, three... waaaaave!
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get ready to drive isis out of
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raqqa. during a nato meeting ash carter told sources that it could happen within a few weeks. two powerful earthquakes rattling central italy. they hit just 50 miles of an earthquake that killed people in august. no reports of injuries yet, but heavy damage and mudslides now a big concern. the d.a. seeking the death penalty for a 26-year-old charged with killing two police officers in palm springs, california. john hernandez felix ambushed the officers with a high-powered rifle earlier this month. the orlando magic paying tribute to the pulse nightclub shootings. displaying the number 49 along with the words orlando united. each victim's name is printed on the back. go to for the
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late latest. donald trump stepped off the campaign trail to open his new hotel. how will the trump brand fair after the 2016 race? we take a look at that, next. and you can actually touch the screen... you can't do that on a mac. you want to make your enamel sure to protect it, you want to have it for life. consumption of very acidic foods can wear away your enamel. your tooth is gonna look yellower, um more dull. nobody wants to have yellow looking teeth. i recommend pronamel toothpaste because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's gonna make them more resistant to the acid erosion so that your teeth are not bothering you and you feel good about your smile.
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it's such a wonderful combination, it's pro enamel, it's good for your enamel, it's a positive thing.
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now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. daundled trump's tough talk on the stump and controversies rocking his campaign may be costing the billionaire big time when it comes to his most v
3:51 am
valuable asset, his brand. >> reporter: a high-end ribbon cutting at donald trfs's newest hotel in washington. >> we turned to property that was neglected for decades and losing huge sums of money for the federal government into a major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country. >> reporter: but outside, a different take. protesters call for a boycott. the hotel has had a bumpy start. two star chefs quit over trump's controversial immigration statements. now after 16 months of campaigning, new signs that trump's brand is taking a significant hit. >> bookings are off. at some of ohhis properties he' lowering rates because they're not getting the traffic they should get. >> reporter: a stay costs up to $200 less than comparable luxury
3:52 am
hotels in d.c. some of his closest rivals were booked out while trump's was not. bookings at millennials has decreased nearly 60% since 2015, according to the travel site, hitmonk. in august foot traffic was down 16% from last year at trump's hotels, casinos and golf course according to foursquare. does not provide occupancy information, but not just hotels. some residents at trump place apartments in manhattan have started a petition to change the name. >> it doesn't represent who we are at that point. that man, we have found, does not represent our values. >> reporter: trump's businesses were slowly declining through much of the campaign and then came the crisis that would threaten any brand. was that a game changer for the brand? >> no question "access hollywood" changed the campaign and changed the brand. >> for women, you know, for a large percentage of people. i'm not comfortable being
3:53 am
associated there. i don't want to spend my money there. >> reporter: also a boycoivanka business. >> my brand that was launched far before the presidential cycle commenced and will continue long afterwards. >> reporter: responding to the reporting on the lowering of rates and booking problems at trump's new hotel in washington, a trump hotel spokesperson says that hotel has been their most successful in terms of opening bookings and event marketing. the spokesperson also said the reports on sites on declining trac traffic and bookings don't accurately reflect their performance. brian todd, cnn, washington. let's discuss all of this with our branding and marketing consultant laura reece and cnn global economic analyst and
3:54 am
rhana. we just heard what brian todd said there about the hotel reservations, maybe being down. do you think his brand has been hurt by this? >> i do. i've seen market surveys saying after trump decided to run for presidency, his brand value actually increased. it was already higher than average. you know, if he slaps hisno noa on a property, that gets him a boost and it went up after election and what did it with the billy bush tapes. that started to bring the value down and an interesting point he made in the luxury market which is where he likes to situate himself. the trends in luxury goes towards subtle luxury, and quiet luxury. that's not what donald trump does. a vector that was moving away from him given some of the tawdriness -- >> he has always been about loud
3:55 am
and proud. my question to you, laura, is this just anecdotal or do you believe there is any meat on the bones of the idea that trump's name being on a condo building, an apartment building doesn't mean in any way that he owns it and that's almost never the case. but we have heard about boards wanting to get together to take his name off of them because of the events of the election. do you buy that? >> absolutely. his brand is severely tarnished. listen, initially it seemed like he was teflon don, everything rolled off of him. literally as he went up in the polls, but his brand is seriously hurt and you can see that by him finally putting a second name on something. trump was a blinged out, he's a blinged out billionaire. big teeth, big gold. everyone liked it in some way because it stood for luxury and not many real estate brand names. but, today, you're right. he doesn't own a lot of that stuff, but he got money from putting his name on stuff and now people don't want that name
3:56 am
on stuff because that name suddenly represents something far different and far darker and far nastier than being an ubn obnoxes billionaire. >> we had audiotapes released yesterday and he interviewed the family and this was something that donald jr. was worried about back in 2014. if his father were to get into the race, the effect that it would have on the brand. listen to this moment. >> what is wrong with questioning something these days. and, you know, you see it whether it be political spectrum or across a racial divide, whether it be -- being increasingly difficult for -- and, again, this is coming from, i'm the white privileged son of a rich guy. i'm not even allowed to have this conversation in america today. there could be, you know, potentially, you know,
3:57 am
ramifications to his business for taking these stances. again, he's got the conviction to say, that's fine, i don't care. this is what i believe in. and, to me, as an american, that's a very powerful thing. and that's a veried amirable quality. >> i believe he was referring to the birther stuff before donald trump got into the race. you hear even he wonders whether or not the business would be affected. >> i think there's no doubt it has. i know of people who will not stay in trump properties. one thing that is interesting, too, a lot of times when people have their business tarnished in the u.s., they go abroad. you become big in japan. i don't think that's a possibility for donald trump because so many of the people he has been insulting are overseas. different groups of people that are actually important in the real estate market, for example, go i think it will be difficult to do an international brand extension at this point.
3:58 am
>> also seeing playing out, i think we need your take, laura, what you need most with a brand is intentionality. my brother-in-law is kenneth cole and a branding genius. we tease him about him in the family. but that's beside the point. intenti intentionality. what has trump shown in this election? even his son, again, i don't like the draw the kids into this, even though they're adults. even in a way he was spinning d' antonio. that halting thought process. i don't know, i don't know. isn't that what they're suffering from right now. that they didn't think through what this would mean for the brand. >> they certainly didn't because he was at his height of popularity in 2015 when he ran. successful "apprentice." he had gone through a lot of stuff, bankruptcies, divorces and yet rose to this enormous
3:59 am
celebrity that people laughed at and enjoyed having his name and nascar having events at the golf properties and having pga events at his golf properties and hotels and buildings loved his name. internationally he was huge. in the arab market, in dubai they loved the glorious american billionaire trump. but that brand has been severely tarnished and down to authenticity. brands clearly have to have pure and understandable authenticity. he has shown what his real authenticity is. a lot of people don't like. we found out and, also, it's the sustained attacks. you know, celebrities get in trouble and celebrities, mel gibson has said strange things, bad things. but it's 15 months of oeveevery we're talking about and every day it's worse and it gets bad and bad and that sustained day after day that has been killing the brand. he could have got away if he had not won the primary.
4:00 am
i think with perhaps resurrecting and now it's really, really bad. >> yet, as rana has pointed out martha stewart's brand went up after her stint in jail. let's all remember that. ladies, thank you very much. >> gave her street credit. we're following a lot of news, let's get right to it. >> i believe we're winning. >> change is coming. the choice is yours. >> the people going to vote, those are not her voters. her voters have no inneenthusia >> donald trump is taking time off the campaign trail. >> we didn't have one illegal immigrant on the job. >> donald trump is the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy. >> honestly, she has less energy than jeb bush. >> when he goes low, we go high! boy, has he gone low. right? this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn


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