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tv   New Day  CNN  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. there's a flurry of new polls to tell you about. in just the last 24 hours, that show donald trump and hillary clinton both making gains. but trump's path to 270 still remains very tough. cnn has updated hit electoral map putting florida and nevada back in play. so they've gone from leaning democratic to now toss-up states. >> you can go on a cnn website and play with the map yourself and see what the different permutations are. go ahead. despite the uphill battle trump is predicting a tremendous victory on election day as new revelations from hacked e-mails about bill clinton's lucrative speeches and concerns about the family's foundation come out again with that drip, drip, drip. just twelve days to go until the election. we have it all covered. let's begin with cnn's chris frates live in springfield, ohio. >> good morning, chris. well donald trump returns to
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battleground ohio where the last couple of polls have showed him tide with hillary clinton. he starts in spring field ohio and it's been hurting over the past 15 years. the median ncc has dropped more than 25%. that's the biggest drop in the country and only 15% of adults here have a college education so this really should be prime trump country and he's hoping that his message motivates voters. >> with only twelve days until the election, a new national poll shows the race tightening. and now more battleground states are up for grabs. hillary clinton in a dead heat with trump in nevada as trump edges out in the must-win state of florida. >> we're going to have a tremendous victory. i actually think we're winning. >> reporter: trump will invest millions more into his campaign. the billionaire has spent $56 million of his own money. >> let me just tell you that we have -- i'll have over $100 million in the campaign. >> reporter: a source telling cnn that earlier this
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rnc chairman reince priebus asked trump to put more money into his campaign to help compete with clinton's advertising blitz. the source said trump did not listen. >> donald trump is taking time off the campaign trail to officially open the hotel. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is blasting trump for stepping off the campaign trail to advance his business empire. >> donald trump is the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy. the facts show he has stiffed american workers, he has stiffed american businesses. >> reporter: after opening a new hotel just blocks from the white house, the billionaire got back to campaigning. with two rallies in north carolina. trump hitting back at clinton attacking her stamina. >> a woman makes a speech for 15 minutes and goes home and goes to bed. she has less energy than jeb bush. >> reporter: and getting upset when cnn's dana bash asked him about the hotel stop. >> for you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because hillary does one stop and then goes home and sleeps and yet you'll ask me
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that question. i think it's a very rude question to be honest with you. >> reporter: doubling down in an interview with abc bringing up clinton's attending an adele concert in miami. >> hillary clinton goes to see an adele concert last night and everybody says oh, wasn't that nice. isn't that wonderful. i have stopped -- i did eight stops yesterday, three major rallies. >> adele wasn't the only star to help clinton ring in her 69th birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: stevie wonder air is natured clinton on her radio show. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: now to get a sense of just how important ohio is to the trump campaign, just take a look at how often he's been here. more than any other state. twelve visit, 21 events. and that continues today in springfield. then he goes to toledo on to geneva. but he's not the only politician in the buckeye state today. tim kaine also campaigning here. meanwhile his running mate, hillary clinton, in another
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swing state. she's in north carolina with michelle obama. chris? >> chris frates. i like that it's raining behind you but you stay dry. very strong. all right, so here's a question for you. how do you think things are going in the country? got an answer. new cnn/orc polling shows a majority of americans believe things are going well. the numbers are higher than they've been in nearly a decade. why? what does it mean to the race? cnn's michelle kosinski has that for us at the white house. michelle? >> what do we see here? 54 percent of americans say yes, things in this country are going well. and if just over half doesn't exactly impress and excite you consider that that is the highest this number has been during the entire time president obama has been in office. when you look at that number just at the beginning of this year it was only 42%. but what made headlines when polls ask people do you think america is headed in the right direction a good two-thirds of
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them, at least, tend to say no. so americans think things are going well right now. they don't necessarily think that will continue into the future. part of that could be because of gridlock in congress, or the upcoming election. but what president obama can be pleased about right now are his approval numbers. 55%. again, that's not that much more than half. but at the end of his presidency when people get tired. and that's reaching bill clinton's numbers. i mean, he had 57% this time in his presidency. reagan had 51% and george w. bush 27%. now who hasn't experienced great favorability numbers lately? hillary clinton. polls lately show them at new los. so her campaign is loving that president obama has been out in on the trail a lot lately. so has the first lady. she and the -- hillary clinton and the first lady will appear not apart today in north carolina, but together. alisyn? >> okay, michelle. thanks so much for all of that.
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so how does this right direction sentiment impact the 2016 race? let's discuss this and more with cnn political commentators anna and scottie knell hughes. ana i am bewildered by this finding in this divisive race after all this toxicity more than 50% of respondents think the country is going in the right direction. to what do we attribute this? >> i think they're compartmentalizing. i think they put things in different compartments. it probably is a coping mechanism by americans. look if you are completely absolutely absorbed by nothing but the election, as we are, you're probably in need of therapy right now. so you got to be able to look past what's in your -- what you're watching daily on the election and focus on some of the other aspects in america. i think that putting things into little boxes. i think they're putting things into compartments and i agree. let's all cope and figure out how we get through the next twelve days. >> this is the highest rating that people have given the direction of the country since
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2007 and i agree we will get through this. we will come through this. >> you promise me? >> i promise you. we will get through this. but for your candidate, scottee, donald trump, who says, you know, this is the change election, that he is going to make the country great again, is that a complicating factor? >> well, god bless an election year. usually gets better for the party that wants to stay in power as it gets closer to election. saw in 2008 -- well, it was bad in 2008 but we saw in 2012. but the truth is people have memory and they remember just a year ago 75% according to all americans were dissatisfied with -- >> all politics are local right now when you go to the gas pump your gas prices are low because of oil, and generally i think people are in a very happy mood. maybe because we're about to be done with this election. but the truth is we have a 1.5% gdp growth. that is -- most presidents at this term usually have 3% to 4%. people are still suffering. credit card debt is on the increase. and the latest news of obamacare with tt 25% on average going up,
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that does not fend well for the person in office. >> good job reminding people why they should be miserable. >> debbie downer. >> lots of puppy videos out there. >> left a little optimism sneak in to the national conversation. but in any event things have shifted in just the past 24 hours. so much so that in two battleground states, florida and nevada, they are now neck and neck. and they have forced cnn to change its battleground map now putting six states in the battleground category. what do you think is going on ana nevada and florida and elsewhere? >> well you know, i am from florida. i think what's going on is that we haven't seen donald trump on a debate stage in eleven days. i think what happens is when he doesn't have a huge platform where 80 million people get to see him breathing like darth vader and saying something offensive, stupid or outrageous, people forget that he is a human amoeba and you know they realize and they focus on the flaws of hillary clinton, which are
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numerous. there's this drip, drip of her e-mail campaign scandal, which has not gotten that much attention. it's not getting attention until now. because we've been focused on sexual assault and all these other controversies that, frankly, are juicier and shinier to talk about than the e-mail scandal. i think there's a lot more focus on that now. >> on her on the wikileaks -- >> i think that donald trump went on a golfing trip to scotland for the next twelve days, he really might win. fortunately he's still out there speaking every day so i count on him to get off his message. i count on him to do what he always does. which is say something ridiculous at one point. >> okay, well this morning he was on "good morning america" and he is speaking out and again he was talking about the accusers who have come out to accuse him of unwanted advances and sexual assault. so listen to what he told george stephanopoulos. >> "people" magazine story that brought forward six -- >> why didn't you write the story twelve years ago? >> she says she was afraid. >> oh, she was afraid. give me a break.
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she would have gotten a pulitzer prize. give me a break. >> all these women, every one they talk to -- >> they made up stories. you know why? fame or they wanted to help clinton or something -- >> they came out after you denied -- >> george, let's not waste any more time. these story from fabricated. they're total lies. >> so you're going to go through with the lawsuit? >> we'll find out. let's see what happens with the election. >> he says these women just want fame and he's noncommittal about whether or not he will sue them. how is this message going to go over? >> well, this is great drama for ratings and television, great fodder for people to talk about, but when it comes down to a voting booth and when you're seeing your health insurance premiums go up by 25% -- >> you think all of this -- you think all of this will be forgotten? >> well, don't necessarily think it's forgotten but i think people when they come down to the voting booth, they're not going to push it on what he said but more important the actions of what he's promising for the future of america. when you are hurting that's what matters most. >> what do you think about that ana? >> i think we -- i think we are at a level of almost being numb to it. i really can't keep track anymore of how many people have
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come out and accused donald trump -- >> at least eleven. >> okay. at least eleven. but, we are numb. you know, and actually i think it's really interesting, i was thinking about this the other day. sexual harassment, sexual assault, is the untold story not of this election, of 2016. we saw very powerful, very wealthy, very famous men like bill cosby. like roger ailes. like donald trump. who did this for years and years and years an years. we've seen women who waited decades to come out and tell their stories and were finally compelled to do it because of timing. because they didn't want these men to get away with it. and we saw that bill cosby is going to stand trial, roger ailes lost his job. don't know what's going to happen -- >> this is an issue in the nfl two years ago. >> don't you think that there's a national conversation happening now about it like never before? >> well i think when it was going on in the nfl i think we saw a huge conversation going on with it. but what my question is is ana for the last year i've heard you bash mr. trump. who are you supporting? who are you supporting?
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i would love to know that question. we're 13 days out -- >> first of all, let me just say this. i haven't been bashing him for the last year. i've been bashing him for the last 19 months. since june 16th, 2015, when he -- >> who are you supporting? >> you want to let me answer or do you just want to continue interrupting me? >> just go on. it's a real simple answer. who are you supporting? >> i am voting writing in my mom. >> congratulations to mom. >> by the way it makes her feel -- >> you know what, it is -- >> and maybe others too but this is the issue. right now -- >> let me tell you this -- >> no, no, no. >> hold on. you skwurpted me plenty. let me tell you this i am an american citizen just like you. i may not have been born here. i've got every right to vote my conscience. if it does not allow me to support the republican or the democrat i'm going to write in whoever i want. maybe my mothers -- >> let's deal with the issue. >> you have no right to question me who i'm going to support because every single american realizes that they have every right -- >> if you're going to offer problems -- ing. >> ladies.
5:13 am
>> i've heard you say that before. but she's not alone. a lot of people feel that they can't support either candidate. what's wrong with that answer? >> that's why i said it's a great -- but i don't know if that's a feasible solution right now. does that solve the problem with 25% increase in health insurance? does that solve the problem of -- >> you already went through those talking points. can we get a little bit more -- >> the babies that might be suffering because he appoints pro-choice judges on the court. that offers no solutions to the problems americans are facing. those have selfish answers and i respect it -- >> it's my right to vote for whomever i want. it's my right to make the statement i want to make or not make. if i am voting for the republican nominee every single time in my lifetime and this year i feel compelled to be repelled and repulsed and rejected, that man it is my right and it is what i will do. and you are nobody to question my choice -- >> you are not helping -- >> no you are -- i'll tell you what i'm doing, i'm not helping the gop. you're right because i was a republican when he was a
5:14 am
democrat. i was a republican when he was an independent. and i'm going to be a republican when he gets tired of playing this little game. so none of you, not you who came on the scene just a little bit ago are going to question my republican veritas and my -- >> guys hold on. obviously we won't engage in attacks against each other. but listen she is venting the 23rus internation that a lot of people feel life long republicans who say that they won't be able to vote for donald trump. >> i respect that. but the majority of them, i don't like him, but i definitely don't like her. so either "a" i'm going to vote for donald trump because i do not support hillary clinton. or "b," i'm going to be quiet about it and just let things go -- >> i don't think -- >> -- the right -- >> barbara bush is not being quiet, laura bush is not being quiet. meg whitman is not being quiet. you know. >> we don't pay ana to be quiet. we want ana to bring it on. >> absolutely. >> you know -- >> don't take the rudeness
5:15 am
either. more of my energy -- >> you support rudeness. you support the most rude vulgar candidate we've ever had in u.s. history. >> okay. >> and then you come here and want to apply the test to me. >> i'm wanting to apply the fact that what is better for our country and moving our country forward and correcting a lot of these problems. i'm not selfish. i actually look at the bigger picture -- >> you're inconsistent. >> always been a conservative. i've australia supported the republican candidate -- >> you apply -- >> we understand you're both republicans. you come at this from different positions. thank you very much for sharing your opinions with us this morning. let's get over to chris. >> when i think ana navarrnavar do think nun. i was raised by nuns who remind me a little bit of ana navarro. >> sacred heart nuns. did they slap you around? >> everybody slaps me around. >> a hacked memo reveals that fund raisers for the clinton foundation urges donors to steer business to former president
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. so the fruit of the felony by wikileaks is allowing us a window into clinton world. these e-mails now a memo that show that there was a real conflict going on in there about what was right and wrong when it
5:20 am
came to the foundation and fund-raising, and making money. let's discuss with cnn political commentator carl bernstein. carl, i need to catch you up on nothing, because few understand this dynamic better than you. what is your read on what this memo from doug band and other e-mails released reveal? >> that there is huge conflict around the clintons about what was permissible, and looked good, and what wasn't and looked bad. and now what we have is another leak that looked very bad, particularly in terms of bill clinton and the foundation. it ought to be considered in light of all of the work that the foundation does. and at the same time there is no question that the clintons have used the clinton foundation as the spring board to increasing their own wealth. is that illegal? is that wrong? not necessarily. does it look sleazy sometimes?
5:21 am
yes it does. and this is one of them. >> carl, let's talk about that. what makes it wrong? when people say sleazy or unseamly why is it wrong for doug band who is a longtime clinton aide and adviser to simultaneously be raising money for the clinton foundation, as well as securing big paydays for bill clinton? >> i'm not saying it's wrong. all i'm saying is it's clear that the clinton foundation became a springboard, including whilst hillary clinton was secretary of state to increase the clintons' wealth. and it's not necessarily wrong. i think ana navarro said some very interesting things a minute ago about where we are in this election, and what these wikileaks mean. there is a small possibility that donald trump could win this election through a confluence of events, a perfect storm, very unlikely, but it would involve the wikileaks and more revelations like this, and a
5:22 am
growing sense among people in the country that they don't want the clintons in the white house anymore. but would also have to be combined with the obamacare implosion, with trump really getting on message about the clintons, and not about his sexuality, and get behind this. obama is running at 55% favorability. he's a huge help to hillary clinton. i think we need to look at the whole picture here, and also the wikileaks also reveal hillary clinton as what i found out when i did my biography of her as a mind conservative and a heart liberal. it's a very nuanced picture in some ways that we get of hillary clinton. smart, yes. too clever by half? yes. trying to make money? yes. telling some people one thing and others another? yes. and at the same time, being pretty good on the issues, and understanding them in a way that donald trump doesn't. i think the election is coming
5:23 am
together for us, the wikileaks story is a big part of it at this point and it is the only hope, i think, that donald trump has of winning if there are more revelations. >> carl, where you are right now, where we both call home, it's kind of a laboratory for what's going on in this election. people have very negative views about hillary clinton. but it seems as though she might be saved by trump. because even though we're seeing a lot of signs out there that say trump/pence on them seems like they're reluctant to see him as capable or in any way superior to her, even when it comes to character. what's your read on that? >> well, first of all, i'm not sure where you are and i are is necessarily where the country is. i get around the country a lot. and the country is really restive if we're going to generalize. the country is repelled by both of these candidates, if we're going to look at most people. and at the same time, there is a real hunger in this country for
5:24 am
a different kind of leadership than either of these candidates are putting forth. and at the same time the message that we hear that's getting through is about people hurting. that great numbers of our citizens are hurting. and have been for 20 and 25 years. a lot of them are white. and feel neglected. and this is a phenomenon that is playing out in this election. we don't know how it's going to be resolved. could it be enough to push trump into the white house? i doubt it. and at the same time, we are going to be dealing with this phenomenon after this election. about people who have been forgotten in this country, bernie sanders found them. his message about economic hardship with people in our country, as well as social and emotional isolation, and trump is on to something here no matter what kind of demagogue, sociopath, pathological liar he
5:25 am
is, because all of those things i think are true. but he's also been very smart about exploiting through demagoguery what is going on in the country. >> carl bernstein always great to get your take on all of this. thanks for joining us. >> all right. so cnn is updating its electoral map this morning. is the race tightening? well the numbers are moving. is that the same thing? well if it doesn't change the path to 270. we're going to get the bottom line from cnn political director david chalian, next. ery day actually making your body feel better... making your whole day better. hi, everybody. i'm boomer esiason. and that's exactly what tommie copper does for me. now, they call it "wearable wellness" and they have infused it into everything they do. sleeves that help support aching elbows and knees. tops that can help ease your overworked, sore back and shoulders. bottoms that help relieve stiff thighs and hips. and even socks and orthotics that provide added support and comfort. [ angie ] tommie copper's helped me feel better since the minute i put it on. if i could cover my entire body in tommie copper,
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i really think that we're going to have a tremendous victory. and you know what, if i didn't think that i wouldn't say it. i'd say well, we're going to be fighting hard. but i believe we're winning. i actually think we're going. i don't think it's a question of we're going to try to win. >> that was donald trump saying that he's going to win the election in twelve days but there's this flurry of new polls that show both trump and hillary clinton making gains in the polls. cnn in fact has updated its electoral map this morning turning florida and nevada from leaning democratic to now toss-up states. let's get the bottom line on all
5:30 am
of these maps, and numbers, from cnn political director david chalian. good morning, david. >> good morning, alisyn. >> what's the back story on why cnn changed its electoral map to including now all of these more toss-ups? >> well the way we always assess the state of play is looking at sort of advertising budgets. where they are putting those hard raised dollars on the air to try to convince voters. looking at the most precious resource for campaigns, which is the candidate's schedule. where are they putting hillary clinton and donald trump out in the country, and, of course, the latest polling. and so looking at all of that, last week, remember, where the reverberations of the "access hollywood" tape was still happening and the accusations against the women where trump was hitting a bottom, probably, out of that last debate, we had florida and nevada move from where -- from toss-up to lean democrat. so this week, as things have stabilized a little bit, seen some polling there, hillary clinton herself saying she's going back to florida, this weekend, even before she was done with a two-day swing there
5:31 am
we moved florida and nevada back to toss-up. but i want to point something out here. look at that map. even if so i know we say florida and nevada now moving to toss-up and that seems away from clinton. donald trump has to win every yellow state there that you see, and it's still not enough. he still needs to find some democratic leaning turf to bring his way. and remember, one of those states in yellow right now is utah. that should be the sixth easiest electoral votes for a republican to bank, but because of the third party candidate evan mcmullen surging there that may be a big block for donald trump. >> so, if what we're seeing is a little bit of coalescing on the gop side that's boosting trump a little bleedoff from the third party side, that may be helping clinton galvanize the left it still leads you with the basic proposition, how do you get to 27o? his numbers are moving. you suggest the map still
5:32 am
remains the same. chris collins comes on, congressman from upstate new york and says i'm not seeing 270. i'm seeing 269 for my guy trump and it goes to the house of representatives. i hadn't heard anybody suggest that before. what's your take? >> listen, i think political junkies like myself, i'm obsessed with 269-269 results because i think it would be fascinating to cover. i think the chances of that are somewhere between slim to none and probably a lot -- >> slim just get on the bus? >> a lot closer to none. but here is the possibility of that. if trump sweeps all the battlegrounds, and flips new hampshire, he does get to 269. one of the things the trump campaign is counting on is that single electoral vote in maine that they think they can win in the second congressional district to put them over to the 270 hurdle but i will say again, chris, that is all predicated on winning every romney state like arizona and utah, which right now are competitive and
5:33 am
shouldn't be for donald trump. so, it is a monumental climb so get to that kind of scenario. >> 269-269 your dream becomes the national nightmare. but let's talk about how nationally she is still in the poll of polls six points up ahead of trump and give us some context in terms of two weeks out, what have you seen in the past, has there ever been this type of spread and what it meant on election day? >> a six-point national lead which is what that poll of polls shows, an arch of all the recent polls is a landslide election in modern-day presidential politics. so you are right to notice that. at this point in the romney-obama race it was a one-point race. this is much more on the scale of what 2008 looked like at this stage, against obama-mccain after the economy tanked and obama really went up in the polls. this is a very significant national lead for hillary
5:34 am
clinton. and you're right what chris noted is right. we're going to see partisans put on their partisan jerseys no matter what he's going to shore up republicans, she's going to shore up democrats and we're going to see these polls get a little closer than they were a week ago but it is important to keep our eye on that poll of polls because that is a substantial margin right now for hillary clinton. >> it's just such a different election than we've ever had to measure before. what's true about the partisan jerseys is true, even more true for the gop then you've got to add in the trump factor. and he has divided that party like we just saw play out here with ana and scottee in a way that is unique. thank you very much for taking us through it. you're going to have to do it ten more times between now and election day. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks. >> all right, so the pentagon made a move, and in part you should thank yourself for this. you did the right thing. where veterans are involved. you heard about this story about them being forced to pay back re-enlistment bonuses. the pentagon now says they're going to stop that. but, is that enough of a fix? we're going to speak with two
5:35 am
military members at the center of this political storm. next. prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
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>> important update on an important story. defense secretary ash carter ordered the pentagon to suspend all efforts to collect reimbursements of re-enlistment bonuses erroneously given to thousands of california national guard members. earlier this week, we heard from two soldiers who were forced to repay their bonuses. sergeant suzanne haley and captain christopher van meter join us again now. so, let's see, what's the right way to discuss this. you know, mark herting made a point that i want to get on. this isn't over. even if they're stopping it right now what happens to people like you who made the efforts to pay them back and dealt with all the resulting issues. we don't know. general mark herting said something i want to get your take on which is that, there were some veterans who took bonuses that they knew they shouldn't have taken. and the idea that everyone should get paid back, chris, i'll start with you, is also a flawed notion. what do you think of that?
5:40 am
>> i agree. those soldiers that took some of that money, they shouldn't get that money back. when i talked to congressman mccarthy the other day he assured me that the soldiers that would be getting some of that money back are those that should have not had that money taken to begin with. there was a couple hundred soldiers that nefariously took this money and they shouldn't be getting money back. >> susan help me understand that a little bit better. the idea of they weren't supposed to have taken the bonus. how would that happen? >> either they were just not paying attention or they didn't understand what they were supposed to get. but i agree with chris, there are a few that took the money knowing full well that they weren't supposed to get it. the difficulty is in proving what -- who -- who knew what, and so on. some people just really didn't know. i know of a private that she knew she wasn't supposed to get a bonus, and after she got out of basic training she got a check but she figured it was
5:41 am
part of her basic training check. she didn't go back and check and see that it was a bonus. but she'd only been in the military for a minute. so, i wouldn't say that she knowingly accepted that bonus knowing that she wasn't supposed to. so, maybe she should have done a better job with looking at her les, or something like that -- >> but chris, chris, there's a -- >> yeah. >> there's a bigger portion of soldiers out there, you're talking the 9700 soldiers. >> right. >> maybe 100 soldiers nefariously took that money. but you're talking 9600 other soldiers had no idea that those bonuses were invalid. >> right. we don't know the numbers yet but you're saying that this pie is going to have a much smaller slice of people who did the wrong thing than those who are having the wrong thing done to them. so what's your reaction to the pentagon ash carter the secretary of defense saying stop the process? >> i'm excited and i'm optimistic. you know there's still a long road left to go.
5:42 am
he handed down a july 2017 time frame that's not a lot of time toll process a lot of these. we're talking thousands of -- of recoupments and going back and taking a look at them. that's not a lot of time to reach out to soldiers and have them come back and refile their paperwork. >> but that is a lot of time, susan, for people like you to have to deal with lousy credit. you know, and with not being able to make bills make sense and ends meet. that's a long time. to go from today as we approach election day here at the end of october all the way to july, so and especially when they've had years to deal with this. what's your reaction in terms of whether or not you'll be okay because of what was just done. susan? >> well i'm glad that they stopped the bleeding. hopefully they will come to some resolution quickly. i don't know if they're going to be looking back at all 9700 of them or just the folks that are actually paying. i'm not sure what those numbers are. >> and chris -- and -- >> go ahead.
5:43 am
finish your point susan, please. >> i think at this point, because of the widespread fraud, and mismanagement that the benefit of the doubt should be given to the soldiers this time. >> and chris, the idea of accountability, yes, we know that some guise are doing the wrong thing. they got jammed up, they're doing time. they got released. whatever it is. >> right. >> but, this was years they knew. i'm embarrassed. i didn't know sooner about this to bring this out. >> right. >> they knew. they did nothing. general mark hertling called it an ugly baby indelicately saying this is something that's been passed around from one to the other, nobody really wanted to handle it. who should be accountable in your opinion? >> that's a great question. you know, they did immediately deal with the actors that were starting this issue, master sergeant tony jaffe and those other at the state level. my understanding was they
5:44 am
relieved some senior officials in the california army national guard immediately upon finding out this happened. the soldiers reached out to a lot of legislators in the aftermath of this and really focused on the state legislators because this was a state issue at the time, and not a whole lot got done. and that's the frustrating part. if you want to blame somebody, you know, you could blame local legislators, or you can blame the cal guard officials. but at the end of the day the soldiers are still suffering. >> and p.j. reichoff over at the iava says this is something, it's not everything. don't let go of this story. we understand we hear it susan chris, you have your promise. this is news. it's relevant to the public interest. we will stay on it all the way through. >> thank you. >> because this is going to start really after election day and i hope both of you between now and then are okay. >> thank you. >> good thank you so much. >> alisyn? >> okay shifting gears, viola davis you know her but she's more than just a talented actress. she's also an advocate for the
5:45 am
poor. to check out how she's helping out in her own hometown in this week's "impact your world." >> growing up in central falls was a mixture of the most idyllic, joyful experience, mixed with the kind of horrific traumatizing experience. my mom has an eighth grade education. she's smart. she's just not educated. she was a part of a group of working poor women who fought for kids who are underserved. that's what i learned from her. you don't have to have the profile of what it may look like to be an activist, but what you have is a heart to serve. i grew up poor. so, there's a human face on it for me. i understand the needs of the people.
5:46 am
i'm serving direct relief which is a humanitarian aid program and they provide health services, medical kits, to places of disaster, impoverished communities throughout the world. today they're offering a free health clinic and health screening here. what they are providing is something that a lot of communities will never even see. so hopefully it will be kind of a beacon of hope. >> impact your world is brought to you by --
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oprah winfrey, wading into the 2016 race. the talk show host and media mogul sat down with t.j. jakes on his show leaving voters with a curious suggestion about hillary clinton. >> there really is no choice, people. >> yeah. >> all the people sitting around talking about they can't decide. there's not a person in this room who hasn't been in the same conversation. where people say, i just don't know if i like her. >> yeah. >> she's not coming over your house.
5:51 am
you don't have to like her. you don't have to like her. do you like this country? >> i hear you. >> do you like this country? you better get out there and vote. >> i love this country. >> all right. joining us now to talk about that interview is bishop td jakes also the founder and senior pastor of the potters house church. his hour-long interview with oprah airs today. bishop jakes, thanks so much for being on. >> oh, it's a real pleasure. thanks for having me. >> so how did you process that answer that oprah gave there? because when she said you don't have to like her, just get out there and vote, some heard that as a big, sort of back-ended compliment. >> well, obviously i think it was very complimentary as it related to her commitment and conviction that hillary clinton is her choice, and an endorsement obviously toward her as it relates to the campaign. but it comes -- that particular comment is borne out of a
5:52 am
discussion that she and i had p preceding it about her role with president obama and so as she begins to talk about that, it then catapulted over into this discussion. >> yeah, well i'm curious about that. because why hasn't oprah been more engaged and more involved in the campaign trail? because back then she certainly was for barack obama, who was potentially going to be the first african-american president and here's hillary clinton poe tngsly going to be the first female president so why hasn't oprah been more vocal and visible? >> i'm a little bit afraid to speak for her. but it would appear to me that she's in a different place in her life. she was doing daytime television like i am now she was doing that then. so she was in the homes of america every day, in a very personal and intimate way, felt a strong conviction about president obama, and actually went out on the campaign trail. i do know what she said to me is that she felt like there was so much noise and so much chaos and
5:53 am
such an unusual campaign, unlike anything that we've ever seen before, that she wanted to kind of wait a little while, see where everything was going to lay out, and then try to pierce through all of the frantic discussions that are going on right now. frankly, the whole conversation surprised me a little. i tend to be, publicly, at least nonpartisan. oprah comes out, but rarely. she did for president obama. i don't think she has historically been a person who came out to endorse candidates. so this is an evolution in how we see her, and her influence and her impact on society is unquestioned and in many ways unrivalled. >> absolutely. i mean she is a huge influencer, as are you. and so that was is why it was interesting to hear why she hasn't wanted to take sort of a more bold, public position. so here is what she told you about why she hasn't gotten more involved. >> the reason why i haven't been
5:54 am
vocal, other than saying i'm with her, is because i didn't know what to say that could actually pierce through all the noise, and the chaos, and the disgusting vitriol that's going on, and actually be heard. >> i mean that's interesting, right, bishop to hear that oprah doesn't think that she can be heard in this climate, i mean, people hang, you know, her followers certainly hang on her every word and what do you think about that? how do you believe -- what the way is to cut through the noise and the vitriol? >> you know, she's still very, very influential person to be sure. but there's been a lot of noise, and it's a different game today than it was eight years ago. social media has really changed the game in terms of who is heard and how they're heard and who listens to which ventricle of information sources that are available to dawes. and i think it is a little bit of a different game. and you also don't want your
5:55 am
words to be diluted and polluted by all of the vitriol that's going on out there right now. it's just a different -- there used to be rules. there used to be certain things we didn't say about each other. there used to be -- we would disagree about the policies but we didn't take the kind of low, shady, acrimonious remarks that we see so prevalent in this campaign. it has taken everybody, i think, to a degree aback by the just the sheer intensity of vitriol and disrespect and disregard for human dignity on both sides of this issue has been just so extremely pervasive that a lot of people have gotten quiet in this atmosphere. >> yeah, and particularly i want to ask you about your position because i know that you say you don't wade in. you prefer to be nonpartisan, understood. but i do want to get your take on what you have heard donald trump saying in his outreach or attempted outreach to the black community where basically to inner city african-americans he has said you get shot, walking
5:56 am
to the store, what do you have to lose, vote for me. what do you think of that message? >> well, you know, the thing about i have mixed emotions about it. on one hand, we are not a monolithic community just by virtue of the color of our skin does not mean that we all live in the ghetto and that we all get shot on the way to the grocery store. so putting us all in one basket i think is regrettable, and speaks to the fact that he is a novice in terms of understanding the vast demographics within our culture. however, there is a demographic of people who are living with the kinds of hardships that he addressed, and frankly, i was glad that he brought it up, because historically, the republicans have not addressed black people at all. so it's nice that we are now in the conversation. to the points that he made as it relates to, i don't think that the democrats have been as focused on really resolving some of the problems that in some way
5:57 am
some of their programs help to create. at the end of the day, we have been very loyal as a people overall to a party that i question are they loyal to us. >> hmm. >> but what bothers me about what donald trump says -- >> yeah. >> -- is that while he points to the problem. he's short on slugss. >> hmm. >> at the end of the day he himself is new to this world and it's a real concern. i think people are really perplexed right now as to who to endorse and who to vote for with that can really get the job done, and oprah's comment along with the whole -- i don't want people to think that the whole interview was political. >> yeah. >> because the vast majority of it was not. but that particular portion points to the fact that everybody's talk about this issue and everybody's trying to figure out who has the best agenda to lead the country forward. >> absolutely. we'll be very interested to watch the interview in its entirety. bishop t.d. jakes thanks so much for taking time to be with us on "new day." >> thanks for having me. >> and thanks to all of you. "newsroom" with carol costello begins after this very short break.
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