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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that's all the time we have. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and boy do we have breaking news for you. clinton campaign turmoil with just 11 days to go until election day. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. anthony weiner sexting scandal comes back to haunt hillary clinton. the fbi reviewing e-mails sent or received by top clinton aide huma abedin, wiener's estranged wife, the e-mail surfacing as part of the investigation as wiener sexting, from at least one device shared by abedin and
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wiener, according to a law enforcement official, and message member in the thousands, hillary clinton telling reporters this. >> we don't know the facts, which is why we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has, even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant, so let's get it out. >> and donald trump saying this. >> this is bigger than watergate. this is bigger. than watergate. in my opinion. this is bigger than watergate. >> all right. we're going to get right to it. there's a lot to cover. this is the october surprise, everyone. let's get right to cnn justice correspondent, evan perez, and chief political correspondent dana bash with the trump campaign in iowa. we have breaking news tonight. this is a letter by james comey to fbi employees explaining the
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decision why he did this today and i want to read it and i'll get a response from both of you including my panel later. this is just in. director comey writes this. he says, to all, this morning i sent a letter to congress, in connection with the secretary clinton e-mail investigation. yesterday, the investigative team briefed me on their recommendation with respect to seeking access to e-mails that have been found in an unrelated case and because those e-mails appear to be pertinent to our investigation i believe we should take appropriate steps to retain and review them. of course we don't ordinarily tell congress about ongoing investigations but here i feel an obligation to do so given that i testified repeatedly in recent months our investigation was completed. i also think it would be misleading to the american people were we not to supplement the record. at the same time, however, given we don't know the significant of
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this newly discovered collection of e-mails i don't want to create a misleading impression. in trying to strike that balance, in a brief letter, and in the middle of an election season, there is significant risk of being misunderstood, but i wanted you to hear directly from me about it. and it is signed james comey. to evan perez now. what do you make of this explanation? >> well, don, this began with this three-paragraph letter that jim comey sent to members of congress and he's right there is a lot to be misunderstood simply because it left more questions than really it answered, and here's why, because the fbi's really just at the beginning of this process. they found these thousands of e-mails on these devices -- at least one device shared by huma abedin and her estranged husband, anthony weiner, with with regards to this investigation into his alleged sexing withting with a
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15-year-old girl in north carolina. they came across these e-mails and decided we have to bring in this other team working on the hillary clinton investigation and take a look. so really they were kind of caught in between -- in between very bad choices, right, which is either disclose this now or wait until after the election. the decision that fbi director decided on was simply they could not hold on to this information. they were going to have to bring in other agencies to review these e-mails to see if there's anything classified on them, don, and so that's the reason why comey felt he had no choice but to send this letter to congress today, 11 days before the voters make their decision on election day. >> he said there may be a significant risk of creating an misleading impression in the middle of an election season. given that why would he go public or not at least include more details, evan? >> that's the question both the clinton campaign and republicans in congress are asking, which is give us more information, because this is pertinent to what voters are about to decide
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and what she's decided here is that simply because the investigators were about to bring in their work and this was probably going to leak any way, the decision was made rather than have it leak in a different way he decided he was going to tell members of congress since he has been testifying for hours and hours before members of congress he decided it was time to provide that information. there's a lot we don't know. we don't know whether these e-mails might be duplicates of some of the other e-mails that investigators have already taken a look at. that's why they're going to bring in these other agencies to take a look and there's the matter of whether or not this is going to change the fbi's recommendation from back in july, which is there was not enough charges to bring against hillary clinton. they know this is a mess but they feel there was no other way to handle this. >> all right. stand by. i want to bring in dana now. you are covering the trump campaign in iowa tonight, what's the response there?
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>> you can see behind me he started his speech earlier today, talking about this but for the first time responded to what hillary clinton said also in iowa. >> the investigation is the biggest political scandal since watergate, and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. >> reporter: in addition to that, don, he also talked about as i mentioned, what hillary clinton said earlier today, really -- some pretty tough stuff with regard to the fbi, they put this out there without much of an explanation. he also seized on something that clinton said, that -- that comey sent a letter to republicans when it really wasn't just republicans; it was a bipartisan letter, so that is one of the subplots that donald trump is getting at here, but this is part of the narrative, as you
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well know, as we all know, that the trump campaign has felt all along, that they have some benefit in pushing because it feeds into what you hear, lock her up, in these crowds, much more importantly from people who are not yet decided whether or not or not they can go for hillary clinton if they're looking for somebody who is different, not somebody who is more of the same. this is something that the trump campaign clearly feels that they can use in these waning days to try to persuade those on-the-fence voters, they should go with the outsider, not somebody whose been in washington in part of the quote/unquote corrupt system through all of these decades. >> if feeds into whether or not she's trustworthy, or her untrustworthy factor. you mentioned hillary clinton responded to the fbi probe a short time ago and answered a question on whether it will hurt her with voters. listen to this. >> i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails.
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i think that's factored in to what people think, and now they're choosing a president. so i would urge everybody to get out and vote early, in all the states that have early voting because i think americans want a president who can lead our country, who can get the economy working for everyone, not just at the top and can bring our country together. i offer that, i can do that and i'm very confident the american people know that and we're going to continue to discuss what's at stake in this election. >> so dana she said everything she was supposed to say, but she's saying it won't affect the election. was she supposed to say that? they have got to be worried about that now and she doesn't really know that for sure. >> reporter: of course. she also said that people are voting in 11 days, and that is -- it's concerning to her that something like this was put out, which would clearly
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potentially affect peoples' votes. she sort of had a mixed message, but the other thing she said, don, was people are already voting and that is true, especially in a state where we are right now, in iowa, people have been voting since september 29th, so it's not as if even if jim comey or the fbi came out with a more clear explanation of what's going on, whether or not they will, we don't know. it would matter for people who are getting their absentee ballots going and voting today, tomorrow, and the next day, you know, this might persuade them. >> all right. dana bash, stand by, as well as evan. we have a lot to get to tonight. i want to bring in cnn politics executive editor mark preston, alan dershowtiz, cnn political analyst christen powers, a columnist for "usa today," ryan lizza, and david gergen, cnn's political analyst. i'm so glad to have you here this evening, but happy to have
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mr. dershowtiz, an attorney who can walk us through this. i'm going to start with you, allen. before we get the politics of this, mark. why was this not discovered before? >> well, that's the real question. huma abedin's lawyers probably should have turned any e-mails that she sent relating to the e-mail investigation in response to earlier subpoenas and the reason that question comes up is they shouldn't have found it in an investigation of wiener. when they took wiener's computer, immediately her lawyer should have gone to court and said, all right, you have wiener's computer and you can look at the sexting material but you shouldn't be able to look at any of her -- his wife's e-mails that have nothing to do with the texting investigation. >> why didn't that happen? >> well, because i think -- i'm speculating here, but i think the lawyers realized that probably they should have turned these e-mails over as part of the other investigation, so i
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think we have to think hard about the responsibility of huma abedin's lawyers in this whole thing coming out so late and coming out at all. >> the responsibility of huma abedin's lawyers you thought they were caught unaware, or did they -- explain it. >> normally -- what lawyers are telling me and calling me is why didn't huma abedin's lawyers immediately make a standard motion when the computer was seized? all right. you can have weiner's e-mails but you can't have huma's e-mails. that has nothing to do with that sexting investigation. why didn't they make that motion? at least one possible explanation is they should have turned those e-mails over much earlier. had they done that, this wouldn't be an 11 day surprise, it would have happened weeks or months ago. >> so mark preston, the timing couldn't be worse but does the fbi review of these new e-mails mean that hillary clinton has done anything wrong, or that she was even involved in them? >> look, we don't know anything.
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all we know is the fbi is investigating this or reopening the case whatever legales we want to use or jargon we want to use. it appears that this is an issue of huma abedin forwarding e-mails to her private account, but again that's just speculation on our part. but appearance is everything so even if it has nothing to do with hillary clinton in the sense that she was part of the delivery system on this, she's still connected to it, she's still the principal and we are 11 days before election day and we're voting in 35 states right now. this is a political issue for her. >> to your point -- and this is politico's reporting a while ago and i've heard others say this, this evening. a quote, abedin found it was difficult to print from the state department system so she'd forward e-mails to her yahoo e-mail, accounts or other e-mails of her husband, anthony weiner and there was a
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lot to print. clinton didn't like reading long e-mails. the blackberry font was too small so she'd often forward such stuff to staff to print, deluged by information, she said she would often print and she passed along documents without reading them. david gergen what does that mean? >> that means there's extreme sloppiness between the clinton camp, how this e-mail was handled. alan dershowtiz was right, they should have turned it over to the fbi long ago and had it all settled at one point back in july and not be in this quandary, but i think at the same time, while the fbi director did the right thing by sending the letter he had a responsibility to congress. he also has a responsibility to the american public, the american voters and to these candidates and that is that having announced this, he owes it to voters to provide as
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much -- to provide total information about how many e-mails are there, who wrote them, when were they written. the kind of -- that information should be easily available. he ought to have a report out to the american people within 72 hours. i think that's only fair. he cannot leave this thing dangling over as a cloud over this campaign. the fbi's role is to be neutral and impartial and to leave it dangling obviously presents real threats to the clinton campaign, that's why they're so angry. he needs to let the voters decide what they think about when that's over. the clinton camp has to take some responsibility for this mess. >> ryan lizza? >> don, the thing you just read about her forwarding e-mails to print them out, that comes from huma abedin's interview with the fbi. it comes from the 302 that was released by the fbi. you know, they -- she takes them through the various e-mail accounts she had.
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i don't really see what is so scandalous about a state department staffer printing out e-mails. right? so i think we're jumping to conclusions about certain activities that happen in an office that could be completely innocent. i think the way -- i agree with david about the way that comey has handled this. i understand the pressure he was obviously under. he does not want the election to be over and this to have leaked out in between now and then. so i think he was taking the affirmative step of informing congress but by doing that he's raised many more questions than he's answered, and he's in a jam now because i don't think there's whole lot he can tell us because they don't -- apparently from what we know today, they haven't looked at these e-mails. so you know this is a little bit unfair to the clinton campaign that there -- you know, there's suspicions raised and implications raised and the
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investigation's been reopened or maybe it hasn't. and they don't really know what they are defending themselves from. i think comey, in a very difficult place here, but made a big mistake. >> can you imagine what would happen if it turns out there was nothing there and then we learn that after the election and hillary clinton loses the election? that's what he didn't -- he only considered the opposite because he assumed hillary was going to win and then he was worried maybe something would turn out that was negative. he didn't consider the opposite. clinton potentially loses there's nothing there, comey becomes the goat and villain of this whole enterprise. >> kerstin powers is this scandal baked in with voters as hillary clinton tried to argue or could this have independents move toward donald trump? >> democrats made a decision they had sort of made their peace with this but her answer
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to the question was a little tone deaf because it's not quite right to the extent that people -- other people, independent voters, undecided voters have made up their mind. what they've made up their mind, they're very uneasy about it and that's why we saw her trust numbers really drop off after the e-mail server became a -- a central issue in this campaign, and it's something that has dogged her this entire time and you have to wonder what this campaign would have been been like had this not happened. instead of saying this is sort of baked into it, which is essentially what she was saying, she should have taken the opportunity to remind people director comey did not find any grounds to prosecute her or they didn't do anything wrong, they have complied with everything, if i were her, i would have taken the opportunity to sort of reassure people, and in terms of what director comey has done here, i think what's hard for him, at least according to reports, there is thousands of e-mails. so there's really no way for him to know at this point what's in those e-mails and that's the point of why he told congress
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and he needed to let congress know and he needed to be public about it because once it went to congress it was going to leak so i think he did have to say something. >> and that's to alan's point. what if there is nothing. and then -- we're going to continue to discuss. mark i know you want to get in, as well. alan, stand by, everyone. coming up, vice president joe biden speaking to cnn about this whole e-mail mess and what he thinks of anthony weiner next. hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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11:22 pm
president, is that people have already gone to the polls and they don't know what to make, they're in the dark. what should happen now? >> i think hillary, if she told what is correct, is to release the e-mails for the whole world to see. the whole world to see. they can continue their investigation and won't -- to the best of my knowledge won't prejudice the investigation. that's the language the agency always uses and doesn't mean anything, and so it's unfortunate. >> i'd be remiss if i didn't note that if she had released all the e-mails from the get-go we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> that's true but i don't know where these e-mails came from. >> apparently, anthony weiner. >> well -- oh, god. anthony weiner -- i should not comment on anthony weiner. i'm not a big fan and i wasn't before he got in trouble. i'm not going to comment on anthony weiner. >> you can see the whole interview on michael smerconish's show.
11:23 pm
tomorrow morning at 9:00 here on cnn. back with me, my panel. that was certainly a very interesting interview. what did you think about what the vice president said about anthony weiner? >> that was vintage biden, just saying what people think when weiner's name is mentioned. obviously there's something that predates any of the sexting scandals with weiner between ed bien and wiener. he was saying he never liked the guy to begin with. pure unvarnished biden and i don't think he totally had a grasp or was well briefed on the e-mail situation if you listened carefully, he didn't seem to know the latest. >> they can't release the e-mails because they contain e-mail information, right, alan? >> could contain classified information, alan, correct? >> probably not. they're probably the same e-mails that were previously produced and maybe it's all nothing but we can't know that
11:24 pm
now. >> uh-huh. >> also presumably, huma abedin's private e-mails on her computer, right? if there are thousands of e-mails on the weiner/abedin computer, they could have -- many of them presumably would have nothing to do with hillary clinton or this investigation. >> the fbi knows how to work fast. they should get 100 fbi agents working 24 hours a day for three days the way david gergen says and in 72 hours at least release something that indicates whether there's anything, whether there's even probable cause. if there is nothing, the public has to know that. >> and david that's your point, it's too close to the election to have this hanging over the american peoples' heads as they go into the voting place? >> absolutely. we're on the same page, 72 hours go to work and tell us what's going on here. there is one other question, don, i think lingers out here
11:25 pm
that came to light through the letter thatm comey sent to the employ yoos of the fbi, and that is we didn't fully appreciate until now, the investigators came to comey to say we would like access. we haven't read and we would like access to these e-mails and he authorized them to get access as we understand it. but the question arises, should he have waited until he had access and came back to him to say, we think mr. director there's something here and we ought to reopen the investigation, and then gone public. i think there is a question about, did he jump the gun before he really even knew. nobody -- nobody around him, when they briefed him, actually knows what's there and as allen points out, there may be nothing there. they may be duplicative. >> this morning, i sent a letter to congress and was briefed on the fbi's recommendation on seeking access to e-mails that have recently been found in an unrelated case and because those appear to be pertinent to our investigation i agreed we should take appropriate steps to obtain
11:26 pm
and review them. it doesn't say that we have obtained and reviewed them. and that's david gergen's point, kerstin. >> and i do think this is important for them to do a very quick review to determine whether this is something that really requires a full investigation because in the vacuum people are jumping to conclusions and donald trump is helping them to jump to conclusions by basically saying of course they would never even do this, he would never tell congress about this unless there was something in these letters that -- in these e-mails that would be cause for concern, which doesn't appear to be the case, but this narrative is already out there and the story's already being told about -- being this and i think that director comey needs to get in the middle of this and really provide some facts and some guidance about exactly what is going on. >> mark preston i hate to do this but i have to take a break and i promise you'll get the first word on the other side. >> it's going to be a long word. >> october surprises are nothing new in the presidential campaigns, but could today's
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e-mails related to her personal server. the e-mails discovered during the probe into anthony weiner's sexting scandal. back with me my panel, so mark preston, where are we now? >> i think it's important for us to set the table and explain what the implications are and where we could go. first of all, i think there's two things we have to look at. there are political implications and there are potentially criminal implications, right? the latter is something that would happen way, way down the road if they were to ever discuss anything. the political implications though are immediate. okay? we already have people voting right now. this is clearly a huge october surprise, a bombshell that has hit the campaign. the second thing is right now, who is going to benefit if this -- if director comey does not come out and say anything about this? it's clearly the trump campaign and talking to sources close to the campaign, they don't necessarily want the information to come out politically, and publicly, they're saying we want as much information as possible. it benefits them to leave this
11:32 pm
hanging out. and that's what we saw -- >> have a question mark around it. >> correct. a question mark is more powerful right now, because you don't know what the facts are. the clinton campaign, they don't know, that's why hillary clinton went out there within a few hours and said she wanted the fbi to do it and where could this help donald trump, because 24 hours ago we were talking about how the path to 270 electoral votes was difficult at best for donald trump. where it could help him is bringing home more republican voters that have refused get on the trump train, so to speak. he could solidify his base even more and that's important in some of these states -- >> like pennsylvania? >> like pennsylvania. let's talk about pennsylvania. the independent vote in pennsylvania, specifically around philadelphia. we're talking about women voters who might be on the fence about hillary clinton that were probably going to go with hillary clinton. could this depress them coming
11:33 pm
out not necessarily voting for donald trump, but coming out for hillary clinton? so this is all -- again something we will find out within the next 72 hours if you talk to political pros, that's what they're looking at but really this is a multi-layered thing. >> this just occurred there's another option. if the fbi doesn't produce these e-mails, huma abedin can produce the e-mails. they're hers. they're in the cloud. she can go through them. her lawyers can go through them. if anything is arguably classified you don't produce them. let them produce them. that would preempt the fbi. she has complete authority to produce her e-mails if they're not classified. >> so even -- let's just say, ryan lizza, the fbi comes out and says these were huma abedin's e-mails and whatever and there's nothing classified, just giving you a scenario here because of what alan dershowtiz said, it could be nothing. has the damage already been done? >> the nature of this very strange race is when the focus is on one of the candidates, that candidate is usually dropping in the polls. >> right.
11:34 pm
>> and you know the toughest time for hillary clinton in the polls was when the e-mail investigation was at its peak and when comey came out with his original announcements. so it's not good for the conversation to be about hillary clinton and about this, you know, complicated e-mail scandal. but i have to say alan is 100% right, it was something a little strange tonight in the press conference when hillary clinton was talking about comey, you know, give us more information. the clinton campaign does have the advantage here in that huma abedin works for the clinton campaign and anything they want to know about what's on a laptop she shared with her husband they have the ability to find that out. i do think the next couple days that will be a question the clinton campaign will have to focus on. if they want more information, let's hear from huma about what was in these e-mails. >> david what do you want to say? >> i'm not sure that she has a
11:35 pm
right to release it. alan, i give great credit to alan, he knows much more than i do, but isn't this considered government information? >> no. >> doesn't the government -- that's why the state department sat of some of these other e-mails for so long. because they had to first determine whether they were classified or not. it's up to the people that she was working for to determine if they're classified. i'm not sure she has ownership of these e-mails. >> that's an interesting point and the other point is maybe anthony weiner in the end has ownership of the e-mails because they were on his computer. imagine this election being in the hands of anthony weiner? i mean, my god, nobody wrote a novel about this, nobody would believe it. >> anthony weiner and billy bush, kerstin. >> i think the most surprising thing is anthony trusted his own wife to look at his laptop. but that's probably for another conversation. >> kiersten, look at the stories
11:36 pm
that have been bad forric had, the john podesta, doug band, and the clinton foundation. and now this on a computer of huma's. very little of this bad news involves hillary clinton. >> right. >> directly, although the people do work for her. does that have -- does she have a big problem that needs to be addressed with those who surround her? >> well, i mean one of them's her husband so i don't know if there's a lot she can do about that and huma is her top aide who is like a daughter to her, so i think this is not somebody who she would quickly throw under the bus. but at the same time, even if the e-mails don't involve hillary clinton. we know they involve huma and she's her top aid so it does in a way implicate hillary clinton if huma was doing something inappropriate. and in terms of them releasing the e-mails if they're under their control this is not just a campaign that has -- it's not a culture frankly among -- in hillary clinton land to release information. >> let's turn the focus on donald trump.
11:37 pm
this is not watergate. this is not close to watergate. watergate involved the attorney general of the united states. the deputy attorney going to jail. it involved the president of the united states lying about national security. it involved, as we all know, the most impeachable offenses. this is at worst, sloppiness, so donald trump has to be held responsible for his over-exaggerations. >> i gotta go quickly. >> let me say a second, don, i there was in watergate in the white house and let me say this, 40 people -- 40 people were either indicted or went to jail or both. >> yeah. >> in watergate. there's been -- no one has been indicted or gone to jail so far in all of this. >> mark i'm way over but donald trump hitting her saying because she's saying it was sent to republicans and not democrats. semantics? >> semantics at this point. >> because the first letter it says to -- it was to the republicans. >> she's got a lot more things she's going to have to answer to, whether slipping a line in a news conference. thank you, everyone. when we come back with 11 days
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hillary clinton speaking to reporters in a surprise news conference tonight calling for the fbi to release more information about its e-mail probe with just 11 days to go until election day. here to discuss former congressman jack kingston, senior advisor to the trump campaign and former governor of michigan jennifer granholm. glad to have you both on. governor, you first. talk about an october surprise. as we know, hillary clinton doesn't hold press conferences to address the e-mail issue. is her campaign in major damage control right now? >> no she came out and said, if you stepped through this door, fbi director, don't just hang there in the middle, step through. meaning, release the information you do not do this 11 days before an election. >> that's not damage control? >> wait, wait -- no, i mean she had to address it and she did right away, but here's the kicker, it is so unfair and so against what is normal prosecution protocol for this to happen.
11:43 pm
in fact, i'm a former federal prosecutor, former attorney general. i went right to the -- right to the a.b.a., the american bar association rule on standards on prosecutorial investigations, what it says is if an investigation will have some impact on the # political process such as an impending election the prosecutor should make decisions and use discretion in a manner designed to limit the political impact. this is why the d.o.j. and the fbi have that 60 day rule. so this is totally unprecedented, but now that comey has decided to do it, so just release the rest of it to be fair and i bet you this is something that congressman kingston and i can even agree on. >> okay. so but listen before i get to congressman kingston. before you and maybe others -- correct me if i'm wrong -- but democrats were praising and clinton supporters were praising director comey for the way he
11:44 pm
handled this. now this time you are not praising him? >> this is a really unprecedented move on his part and he's a man whose had a stellar reputation and he was trying to respond in a one day to this laptop that was placed on his desk with other e-mails. but here's the kicker, is if you're going to do that you better let us know what those e-mails are. we don't know if they're duplicates. we know huma abedin and the rest of the staff was interviewed by the fbi and purned over their work-related e-mails. so we don't know if this is a bunch of duplicates. this should be further explanation of this, and if he wants to sustain the reputation that he had before doing this today then i think being candid about what
11:45 pm
he's got so that he's not appearing to influence an election, which was the standard investigative and prosecutorial m.o. >> i want to start out by agreeing with my friend, the governor, i had no problem with fast-tracking this thing. i think it would be very important. i do want to say though that the fbi has been known to pull some october surprises. i don't know exactly the sequence with ted stephens, senator from alaska. he was exonerated, and died in the meantime. congressman kirk weldon from pennsylvania a number of years ago had his office raided by the fbi on the eve of the election. so they have been known to do this sort of thing. but i agree with the governor, let's put all the facts out there. but i want to say this, very important when, he was testifying in front of congress, congressman jim sensenbrenner pointed out there were some other stuff that apparently the fbi had not investigated, that
11:46 pm
had come to light, come to public attention, and did the -- did the director feel like that merited further investigation? director comey answered congressman sensenbrenner and said nothing had risen to that level but if something does rise to that level i will certainly let you know. having said that i think this is very important stuff. >> okay. congressman -- >> we don't know what it's risen to. that's the kicker. >> we don't know what it is, that's her point. what if what it is is not damaging to hillary clinton? do you still want it out there as a trump supporter? >> do you know what? the short answer -- >> you don't think that the question mark -- as mark preston said in the last segment, the question mark is much better for donald trump than maybe even knowing what's in there. >> i think if he puts the information out there, i -- i'm comfortable with it because what congressman sensenbrenner was talking about is the fact that there were -- there was more than one server, 13 different devices, the fact now we have five people who have been given
11:47 pm
immunity. the fact that there were classified e-mails in there, which she said she did not have any classified e-mails. the fact that -- >> come on. >> -- 33,000 had been destroyed. the director is saying none of that is relevant or big enough to reopen, but now something else is, i think it would further damage -- >> okay, first -- >> governor i have to run, i'll give you ten seconds. >> i was going to say it's not reopened. he brought this to congress because he doesn't know what else to do with it, but he needs to tell us whether or not they're duplicates, whether there's any classified information in it, that can be done quickly. he owes it to the american people because the stakes are too high. >> thank you both i appreciate it. >> you bet. coming up hillary clinton has 11 days to weather the storm. can she do it? you have moderae to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast).
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. saying it is, quote, imperative, imperative for the fbi to release more information about the e-mail probe. here to discuss it andy dean, former president of trump productions and bob beckel, the columnist for "the hill." good evening, gentlemen. >> hey. >> hello. >> hillary clinton emphasized early voting the night. is it a push by her campaign to
11:52 pm
lock down votes before the new e-mail probe possibly gets out of hand? >> i certainly hope so. look, it is not a good day for the clinton campaign, we know that. if i were the trump campaign i would take it advantage of it for tonight because by tomorrow i think it will begin to backfire. when comey, who i thought -- i real really did give him credit for having backbone, few people in this town, and now he buckled to the republicans and that's shame on him. look, he's done it. nothing we can do about it except hope they release them. last thing i'm going the say, if you are going to talk about ongoing investigations, why doesn't he tell us about the investigation into trump campaign and russian hackers? it is an ongoing investigation. we would like to hear about it. >> that was a nice pivot, bob, but we are talking about the ex he pleasive -- >> it is not a pivot, it is a fact. >> it is. >> it is a pivot. >> yes, it is. we are talking about what is happening now. >> i pivoted for -- >> if i could stay on topic, unlike bob. a couple of things. i have been watching cnn for the
11:53 pm
last couple of hours i have a hunch something that might be missing from the discussion, my hunch after i looked at the facts is i think anthony weiner cut a deal. i've been reading facts about his case which "the daily mail" broke about four weeks ago and he is looking at minimum of 15 years of federal time for sexual exploitation of a minor. when the fbi is looking at him and his computer, what is the only thing that could potentially keep anthony weiner out of prison for 15 to a maximum of 30 years, and that's what we're sighing right now. >> you're talking about staying on point, that's outrageous a statement. >> that's a speculative statement. >> would have been thrown out of court. thaems the problem with you trump people, doubt know how to stay on trump. >> i'm not paid by trump. will tell you this. >> andy, listen, that's peculiar slags. >> the facts bear it out. >> that's speculation. >> the facts bear it out. >> let's stick with what we know. >> you wouldn't know a fact if you fell over it. >> let's stick with what you
11:54 pm
know. donald trump pounced on this news and fired at hillary clinton earlier. listen. >> the investigation is the bigs politic political scandal since watergate, and it is everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. in a very brief remarks tonight, hillary clinton tried to politicize this investigation by attacking and falsely accusing the fbi director of only sending the letter to republicans. another clinton lie. >> okay, bob, is this watergate? the other thing, it was sent to horsepowers in the initial page and on the second page it said it was cc'd to ranking members. >> he was right about that, but bigger than watergate. i mean i lived most -- 70 years old, old enough to live through
11:55 pm
watergate, i did. that ended up in a president leaving office. the idea you can compare the two is a typical trump barnum and bailey people. andy, i like you, you're fun, but you're a shy ster, too. >> thanks, bob. >> you are running with a lack of facts and making accusations about this thing that you simply have no evidence to back up. >> well, bob, look -- hold on. i'll give you a fact. huma abedin is looking at potentially ten years of prison in prison for obstruction of justice. she had to turn over the e-mails and there are thousands of e-mails the fbi found. >> she turned over -- >> we found thousands of them. >> andy, we don't know that. from the information that james comey released, you don't know that at this point. >> everything we're doing is speculation, don. that's called -- >> no, it is not. >> it is not speculation. >> i read the letter from james comey. >> correct. >> i read what he said tonight, i read the letter he sent to congress. you are speculating -- we don't know what is in the e-mails.
11:56 pm
>> it is not speculation. >> or what is there? >> that's possible. >> andy, wait. >> it is also possible, bob, if i could finish. >> please. >> it is possible that huma didn't turn over hows of e-mails which is obstruction of justice. if one of these e-mails show that hillary clinton and huma talked about a private server and the risk that could entail, i'll tell you hillary clinton could go to jail. >> it is possible i could play in the nfl again, too. you know, you guys have to stop this. you guys have just got to stop laying out these innuendos when you have no facts. here is a fact. donald trump had illegal immigrants building his buildings. >> oh, bob. >> you want to have it investigated? that's is fact. >> thank you, everyone. i appreciate it. we will be right back. we will be right back. >> thanks, bob. -- captions by vitac -- we return to our extravagant private studio, where we turn gold into platinum. yes, i am rich. that's why i drink the champagne of beers.
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