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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hour. hillary clinton is speaking in milton manors, florida. trump is in vegas. both campaigns crisscrossing across the country visiting at least seven states. the trump campaign so far only listing events since tuesday. without mentioning the latest e-mail controversy by name, clinton told the crowd in florida that she wasn't concerned over any last-minute distractions. >> my mom taught me never, ever to quit. what does that mean? you've got it. you've got it. it also means, when you're knocked down, what matters is whether you get up again.
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i have been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life. we are just getting warmed up. right? and we won't be distracted no matter what our opponents throw at us, we are not going to be knocked off course. we know how much this election matters and we know how many people are counting on us. >> all right. i want to bring in phil mattingly outside of wilton manors, florida. >> reporter: there is a lot of support here and the lgbt community is very prominent. that's why she was here. it's worth noting, while dealing with the director comey letter,
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what you saw from hillary clinton was essentially her strategy from here on out. let's focus on the issues and where her campaign was planning to go before this all happened. when it comes to florida, that means focusing on the early vote. take a listen to this. >> this is amazing. more than 20 million people have already voted in this election. most of those votes in the last few days, from right here in florida. now, you only see numbers like that when people are standing up for what they really believe in. so if all of you vote, if your friends, your family, co-workers vote, they are going to make some really big history on november 8th. >> fred, that's really the strategy in a nutshell.
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they feel like they are in a good position. it could be as many as six in ten florida voters will cast their ballots before november 8th. that's why you've heard the clinton campaign talk about it and why they have been looking at the absentee ballots. also worth noting, fred, as all of this is going on around the campaign with the fbi letter as they try and deal with that, here at least you're elt going a lot of sense from supporters and they feel like they need to support her because they feel like she's under attack. at least here at wilton manors, they are rallying and there's not a lot of concern about where her supporters will be in the course of the next 72 hours. >> phil mattingly, thank you.
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donald trump just wrapped up his rally in vegas. sunlen serfaty is there. joining me now, donald trump did seize on the investigation but what else? >> reporter: that's right. he did, fred. it seems as if donald trump is campaigning with a new spring in his step and capitalizing on the e-mail server scandal. he's been relentless and today is no exception. he almost joked to this crowd, i never thought we'd be thanking anthony weiner nine days out. here's what he had to say. >> her cell action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful. hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of
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shielding her criminal conduct from public disclosure and exposure. she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk and put the safety and security of your children at risk. >> now, trump campaign officials feel this is an opening that they've been given in this final nine days. also, something else from donald trump, going after obamacare premiums, raising -- potentially going up next week, that's something he's been talking about on the campaign trail and will continue to stay on the offensive according to trump campaign officials. they are looking at battleground polls that are tightening and midweek they may see a tick-up in the polls. they certainly have that anticipation and that hope, fred. >> sunlen serfaty, thank you so much.
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so as the clinton campaign continues to demand more information from the fbi about their review of the e-mails, they are also acknowledging that this scandal would have never happened had clinton not used her private e-mail server. cnn's jake tapper spoke with clinton campaign manager john podesta on "state of the union". >> do you accept the premise that the reason we're here that hillary clinton and her inner circle, not including you, made a horrible decision to set up her private e-mail server and everything that's happened since then is her fault? >> look, i think she's apologized for setting up a private e-mail server, said it was a mistake and she wouldn't do it over again. it's very clear that this has been an issue through the course of this campaign. i think she obviously would like to take that decision back. but she's learned from it. and i think what's important about this campaign at this stage, with nine days to go, is
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who is fit to be president, who has the experience and the question of whether donald trump is too dangerous, too tempermently unfit to be president of the united states. so that's what we're going to close off and we're going to talk about the future she wants to build in building an economy that works for everyone, not just people at the top. >> i always hear the clinton team say that she's learned from it. what has she learned? >> as she's said many times, she wouldn't do it over again. it's the kind of decision that i think needed more thought, more review and i think she regrets that and i think it's regrettable and you learn and move on. again, i think in contrast to her opponent who never seems to
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learn from his mistakes and keeps repeating them and doubling down on them. >> one of the things that's interesting and one of the things that democrats in washington, d.c., are debating is whether or not hillary clinton has actually learned from this experience when it comes to people in her circle. i'm not necessarily including you in that group but people who are more of a new guard even if you have a long-standing relationship with the clintons, were stunned when word of the private e-mail server was first reported in march of 2015, according to the stolen e-mails published by wikileaks and i know you say this is the russians and -- >> it's not me saying it. it's a lot of people saying it, including the government. >> okay. intelligence professionals say that. be that as it may you wrote, "did you have any idea of the depth of this story?"
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a clinton ally co-chairing your transition "why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago so crazy." you responded "unbelievable." "i guess i know the answer they wanted to get away with it." july 25th, "do we know who told hillary she could use a private e-mail and has that person been drawn and quartered?" you're acting like the server was a simple mistake but you knew this was going to be a big problem. >> it's easy with 20/20 hindsight. if someone had taken the steps and looked at it, if one would have definitely made a difference decision but it happened. i think it was at the beginning it was just done for convenience, but at the end of the day, it was a major problem i think as i told you, i think she's learned from it. i've worked with her closely in this campaign. she takes hard advice, she respects people who will get up in her face and i think that the reason that i've kind of survived through the whole campaign is because that's the
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kind of person i am. >> you certainly are. has anyone in the government provided you with the status report, john, on the investigation into your hacked and stolen e-mails? >> no. i've talked to the fbi at the beginning of this, and my attorney has been in touch with them. it's part of the investigation of the russian hacks, but the scope of it, who knew what when, the fact that the trump campaign seems to have been in contact with julian assange from wikileaks quite early at least as early as august, i don't know what their investigation is finding. >> you're referring to roger stone saying -- >> trump confidant, let me correct myself. >> okay.
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>> a trump confidant roger stone, who, you know, bragged about being in touch with julian assange and talked about the fact that they were going to come after me was, he did that back in august. so what the government has learned about the interactions between assange and the russians, it seems clear that the russians were the ones who did the initial hack, how they got to wikileaks, what the relationship was with roger stone, i don't know. i assume the government is looking at that but i don't know anything more. maybe jim comey, if he thinks it's important, will let us know and come out in the next nine days. >> all right. john podesta this morning. we'll talk with our panel about this right after a quick break. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences...
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all right. you just heard john podesta respond to the fbi investigation. let's talk about this with our panel, historian and professor, julian and david who is a cnn political commentator. also with "the washington post." good to see you. david, let me begin with you. podesta paints this as nuance. he thinks huma abedin truly did believe she had handed over everything. so even in your newspaper today it's reported that beabedin did not use her husband's computer very much. so how is it that clinton e-mails may be in that device? >> i think what we know now is what director comey said. he issued this vague letter on friday which does have the clinton camp up in arms and you can certainly sympathize with hillary clinton and her surrogates saying that this was vague and, you know, overblew
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the investigation but at the same time, fredricka, you know, fbi director comey did say he would update congress on any new developments in the investigation and this might be a very small development but it's a development nonetheless. >> julian, previously the clinton campaign largely avoided talking about the e-mail scandal in rallies and in press conferences today. clinton didn't address it directly when she was in florida but the camp did release this explainer video. so is it enough? >> well, she's going to have to be out there talking about what is going on. they are talking about her and podesta until that interview on raising questions about comey and about the entire process. but you can't let that consume everything she does. it's important that hillary clinton also keeps talking about
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her agenda and, frankly, her attacks on donald trump. otherwise, if she's just talking about the e-mail story, it will be all anybody hears about. >> so david, you're alluding to this, that it's a promise that comey made that he wanted to keep everyone abreast. he didn't want to be in the middle of this necessary but through his transparency, he is. so could he or should he have anticipated that this would result just a few days before election day? >> yeah, i think it was foreseeable when he sent that letter to control that it would throw the election into a little bit of a scurry in these last nine days. in the last two weeks, fredricka, donald trump has been closing on clinton in the polls prior to this information coming to light. our own washington post poll this weekend shows it's a two-point race nationally and it's tight in several of the key swing states.
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what it's doing is not necessarily changing the entire dynamic of the race. again, we don't know what is in these e-mails or what was on this laptop or device that was recovered from huma abedin or anthony weiner. we know it's making it difficult for hillary clinton to make her closing argument in the last week of this race, which is what she was starting to settle in and do. she came out of the debates sort of the winner of those three debates, certainly the debates were trying to knock down a narrow polling lead and now she's got to defend this and it's frustrating her aides, including john podesta. >> the relationship between huma abedin and hillary clinton, very, very tight. huma has been working for hillary clinton since she was an intern in 1996. so now you've got this scandal potentially and the relationship with anthony weiner and that investigation. so might this mean a prelude to a split between a clinton and
12:19 pm
huma abedin in the midst of all of this? >> it sure could. and even if this doesn't have a detrimental effect on the election for her, i think both with this particular situation but all of her advisers, it raises a question we've heard about hillary clinton. if she always surrounds herself with the best advice and surrounds herself with the best people and so i think this is clearly going to be a case where there's serious consideration, you would imagine, to severing this relationship after this is done. >> all right. so much more ahead, david, julian. stick around. we have a lot more to tackle. the fbi is under pressure to give more details about its review of this e-mail involving a clinton top aide, huma abedin. so coming up, you'll hear from a republican lawmaker who has spoken to director james comey about the inquest. so find out what comey and lawmakers actually know about huma abedin's e-mails. that i .
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are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. all right. the pressure is on. fbi director james comey to release more details about the bureau's review of e-mails possibly linked to hillary clinton. definitely related to huma
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abedin. the e-mails were discovered on a computer that anthony weiner shared with his wife. robert goodlay told abc's "this week" that he encouraged comey to give the american people as much information as possible about the discovered e-mails before the election. >> you mentioned classified information. how do you or mr. comey know that there's classified information involved here if you haven't seen the e-mails? >> well, we don't know. and we don't know what the basis was for mr. comey making the decision to further pursue the case. we don't know whether that's informants, whether they've had access to looking some of this information, we don't know what the basis was. we do know they know something is there. >> cnn investigations correspondent chris frates joining me live now from washington. chris, tell us more about what goodlay had to say. >> so far, it seems that comey is not telling lawmakers much
12:25 pm
more than what he's saying publicly. look, at this point, it's nothing. here's how he described his conversation with fbi director comey. >> did mr. comey tell you he would be coming forward with more information? >> he did not. his answer was with regard to a number of questions i asked him that he was not going to answer those questions at this point, meaning the conversation i had with him and mr. conyers. but with regard to mr. comey making a mistake, i think that he is very conscious of the controversy that's existed in the fbi. >> so despite the call by both democrats and republicans for comey to release more information, the fbi director is really not budging here. that's largely because he doesn't even know yet what's in those e-mails. >> and so chris, how odd is that, that director comey would not know what was in the e-mails but would construct a letter to
12:26 pm
"the hill"? >> there's a reason for that. the fbi doesn't have permission to go through those e-mails yet. they are trying to get their approval. the government needs a new warrant because it only covers the investigation into abedin's estranged husband, anthony weiner. they need to get a new warrant for these newly discovered e-mails. right now, they only have a warrant to investigate anthony weiner. it's unlikely we'll have any answers to the big question here, which is, what is actually in these e-mails, until after the election, fred. >> chris frates, thanks so much in washington. and we'll be right back. mornin'. hey, do you know when the game starts? 11 hours. oh. well, i'm heading back to my room. oh, wi-fi password? super bowl, underscore houston underscore 51, underscore super bowl, backslash 51, backslash houston.
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an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. for a free quote call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. all right. welcome back. now we have breaking news on the fbi review into the newly discovered e-mails of hillary
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clinton's close aide huma abedin. cnn is being told that the discovery of those thousands of e-mails was weeks ago. cnn's justice correspondent evan perez is on the phone with me. this was not a discovery made this week when the letter went out but instead weeks ago? >> that's right. we got the impression that the fbi made this disclosure to members of the congress and in that letter jim comey, the fbi director said that he had been briefed on thursday. what that letter doesn't say is is when the fbi first learned of this and we're told by law enforcement officials that we've been talking to that they had this in their possession for weeks. we first reported -- cnn first reported back on september 22nd, just over a month ago, that the fbi -- that the u.s. attorney in manhattan and the fbi were seeking possession of anthony
12:31 pm
weiner's communication as part of this sexting investigation. we're told that soon after that, they were able to get these noon indications and they were able to look at the e-mails and that's when the team in the fbi new york office discovered there may be huma abedin e-mails that related to the hillary clinton investigation. they stopped doing their work immediately and brought in the team that had been handling the e-mail investigation and they started looking at that. so by early october, it certainly was clear that there was something here, that it was pertinent to the clinton investigation. so what we are trying to get clarification from the fbi on is why it took so long for any of this to be known. perhaps if they had disclosed this back then, the reaction from the clinton camp would not be so severe. they feel it was revealed so
12:32 pm
closely to the election that it could have an affect on the election and certainly now it will have to be looked at much more closely simply because now we know the fbi was in possession of this information for weeks and only now disclosed it. >> so evan, might it still be the case that while the fbi investigators knew about these e-mails weeks ago that perhaps they only informed director comey on this past thursday as comey has stated? >> well, we know that there were several officials at the fbi who had knowledge about this because there was some deliberation inside the fbi about what to do, about how to proceed. obviously everybody knows inside knows about the rules about not disclosing information that is politically sensitive close to an election. it's a policy drilled into
12:33 pm
everybody there and they all know that this is something that is very sensitive. and so that might have been part of the deliberation. we don't know exactly what was the hang-up, what was the reason why they kept this under wraps for weeks and weeks and only disclosed it on friday. part of the accusations was because of concern that this would leak out anyway and they were concerned that if it did, it would appear that the fbi was covering up for the clinton campaign. they did not want it to appear that way. that's why they decided to disclose this to members of congress in a letter on friday. the question is, if they knew this so much earlier and they thought it was important enough to disclose to congress, why wouldn't they do it earlier this month? and the damage and the reputation to the fbi and all of the questions that jim comey is
12:34 pm
now getting might have been softened a little bit. it's not clear whether that might have made a difference, but certainly that's the question that everybody is asking right now. >> and then why would not a search warrant have been applied for weeks ago upon the discovery as opposed to now we're hearing discussions of a search warrant are happening? >> that's right. exactly. that's another question we're asking, which is, if you had dealt with this back in early october when you certainly had a clear picture that this was related to the ongoing -- to the clinton investigation, then why didn't you start taking those steps then? again, the clock was ticking simply because there is a poll tea at the justice department and the fbi that you don't take certain investigative steps within 60 days of a an election. that's the policy. even if they had done this in october, it still would have raised the same problem. i think the question that the
12:35 pm
clinton campaign now certainly has -- and it's a legitimate one, is perhaps if you had done this earlier, it would have given time to reveal this and for the voters to have all of this information, certainly not ten days or 11 days out to only learn this. fred? >> evan perez, thank you so much for your reporting. we'll check back with you. thank you so much. also, straight ahead, the trump campaign reacting to this new inquiry and the rising obamacare costs. >> what we've got is not working and i'm very glad that obamacare continues to form the core of his message even in light of the new fbi investigation. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports.
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12:40 pm
>> all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. this is another group, is that a correct statement? you look at what they're going through with their health care is horrible, because of obamacare. >> after he gave that statement the general manager of trump's property attempted to correct the record and said 99% of trump's employees are insured through the hotel meaning they have private insurance. how can mr. trump be the one to replace obamacare if he doesn't seem to understand how it works? >> he does understand. his employees are the lucky ones, jake. they don't have to suffer under obamacare he's talking about the rest of the country, so many who have. he's the right person to repeal and replace it because obamacare is an unmitigated disaster, reminds us how intrusive, invasive and expensive the federal government can come in our lives under the guise of helping people. he was in arizona yesterday and told them that their premiums are expected to rise by 116%. will cnn or anybody else ask mrs. clinton today when she's visiting arizona?
12:41 pm
we see these other premium -- mailboxes and clicking onto their computers and getting notice their premiums are about to explode. it is reprehensible and deplorable to coin a phrase that americans are choosing between paying the rent, feeding their families and keeping of their health care. president obama lied 26 or 27 times telling people if you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor. no, you can't. people see a lack of quality, a lack of access, a lack of control and increase in price something under the guise of the "affordable care act." the question for hillary clinton is what would you do about it? is obamacare 3.0 in the offing or the bernie sanders supporters who want to us move to single payer system? either way, she should own obamacare, she should be asked what she'd do about it. donald trump says he'd let you compete across state lines to buy your health insurance much the way you buy your auto insurance and other services. he would immediately remove the obamacare penalty which is
12:42 pm
hurting many people, and he of course would allow a more patient-centric health care system which would give us all health savings accounts so only you can control your own health care spending, what we've got is not working, and i'm very glad that obamacare continues to form the core of his message, even in light of the new fbi investigation. we've had a great week in large part because mr. trump is talking about obamacare. >> all right. let's bring back our political panel now to discuss all of this. back with me is cnn political commentator david swirdlick and julian zeli sdplchzer. before we dive into the rising premiums, let's revisit this breaking news through which our evan perez reported, he's learning that the fbi knew of these new e-mails when it seized or received this anthony weiner computer back in september 22nd.
12:43 pm
so they've known of these new e mays f e-mails for weeks now contrary to what director comey said learning about it this past thursday. we don't know if that was withheld from him for that period of time. so julian, how much bigger of a mess has this now been made? >> well, it becomes a bigger mess with every hour and the more questions raised about why the fbi did this and the process through which the decision was made obviously plays into the concerns that have been raised by the clinton supporters about the entire process through which this is being conducted but it's a reminder, especially without any evidence at this point of any kind of smoking done data that there's a danger of handling these kinds of stories so close to an election without knowing what the facts are. >> and so david, how do you see it? how much more, you know, potentially complicated does it come? >> right.
12:44 pm
well, if director comey has the timeline wrong, that's a problem and he'll be scrutinized for it. if, in fact, the fbi knew about these e-mails or whatever it is that's on this device in september, that should have been disclosed, at least what we know and based on evan perez's reporting sooner in the process, not 11 days, which was friday, before the election. that being said, you know, the complaints come from the side that i think is having to struggle with them in a political politic political context. this is throwing a wrench into the clinton's closing argument. back in july when director comey was coming out and making what was also not really a typical fbi protocol statement and speech explaining why he was not recommending criminal charges to the justice department against secretary clinton, it was republicans complaining. and i think that goes to the fact that both sides in this are sort of, you know, pleading
12:45 pm
their own case and understandably so but director comey really is in a very difficult position here. >> all right. let's shift gears to this affordable health care and rising premiums in certain jirks decisions. donald trump seizing on that saying he's going to and has committed to repealing and replacing you heard from kellyanne conway being challenged and whether donald trump has a clear understanding about the affordable care act. julian, you know, this is in step with what the gop has been saying for a very long time, it wants to replace and repeal. how does this assist donald trump? >> yeah, look, this has been an argument we've heard from republicans for many years now. it actually faded in this campaign as other issues took up air time but it's come back because of the rising premiums. many would argue it's part of the story overall.
12:46 pm
we have far fewer people uninsured but symbolically, the news that premiums have risen on some people will rise is very potent, especially post e-mail story. i think donald trump has the opportunity to use that as another rallying point for the republicans. >> david, is this advantageous? >> at least in the short term, yes. julian is right, broad-sweeping policy issues it's been more about the character of the two candidates and them trying to knock each other down rather than to put forward a broad, comprehensive policy agenda. i also think that -- you played the clip of kellyanne conway talking about the dire state of obamacare. i think that was exaggerated. you can't blame the trump campaign to seize on this and
12:47 pm
make their argument that they are the change candidate, that people should rally to them because the obama administration and clinton administration have not delivered. whether that's true, it's a fair argument for them to make. >> does donald trump have to elaborate any further, give any detail about what kind of replacement he would envision? >> he's still behind even though the polls have tightened and even though he's doing a lot better in national polls, she is still in the lead and she still has an advantage in the electoral college and he comes with many liabilities as well. i don't think voters have forgotten that. he has a lot of pressure to get out there and show that he can actually handle some of these policy discussions in ways he has not demonstrated. so he shouldn't think that he can coast in this final week because he should also remember that he's coming from behind at this point. >> all right. julian, david, thank you so
12:48 pm
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the justice department and fbi officials are trying to secure approval for a full search of e-mails from a computer shared by hillary clinton's close aide, huma abed abedin, and her estranged
12:52 pm
husband, anthonyweiner. the e-mails were discovered during an investigation of weiner, accused of sexting an en underage girl. brynn gingras joins me from new york with more. >> we know that anthony weiner started in congress in 1999 and then two years later, hillary clinton would become a part of the senate. they became even more entwined when weiner started dating huma aberde -- huma abedin, who clin described as her second daughter. anthony wee weiner remaking quiet. he's made no comment and hasn't been seen leaving his manhattan home this weekend, as questions remain what e-mails were discovered that launched the
12:53 pm
justice department to reopen the case into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. weiner once stood in harmony with clinton, serving on capitol hill at the same time. weiner was a charismatic, political rising star, who had his eye on clinton's confidant, huma abedin. opposites attracted. the two marries in 2010. bill clinton officiated the ceremony. however, marital bliss soon faced a bomb shell. >> i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> reporter: weiner surrendered his political post after texting a picture of his crotch, as the couple were expecting a child. huma gave him a second chance and he asked the voters of new york too, as well. but more crude conversations with women surfaced. the final straw for huma abedin
12:54 pm
came with allegations that weiner sexted with an underage girl. huma abedin announced she was separating from her husband, and now this jolting the election before voters head to the polls. >> weiner is cooperating. no comment in regards to the recent developments. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, we'll hear from donald trump and hillary clinton supporters. what they think about this growing fbi investigation. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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nine days left and both candidates faced controversies in the closing days. voters are reacting to the latest developments now, including the decision by fbi director james comey to review more e-mails. potentially linked to clinton's server. >> i think it is about time. i don't know how sincere his investigation is. i hope that it is. but it is about time. >> comey finally found his conscious and his integrity, and thank you, james comey. >> crooked hillary has been proven to be crooked once again.
12:59 pm
i'm proud of the fbi for stepping forward and saying, hey, there's nobody in this country that is above the law. we're all the same. >> seems like everybody is focusing on all of her untrustworthiness and not questioning donald trump. you know, not questioning all the things against him. now i'm starting to sound like kellyanne conway, so i'll keep it on hillary. >> it makes it more imperative that we come out and support her. because there are people just screaming against her all the time. oh, she's unreliable. you can't believe what she says. they've spent millions of dollars and hundreds of hours investigating she and bill clinton for what, 20 years? they found nothing so far. >> all right. we have so much more straight ahead in the newsroom. it all starts right now. hello again, everyone, and thank you so much for joining
1:00 pm
me. i'm fredricka whitfield. nine days before election day and both campaigns are running on overdrive. the campaigns courting voters in battleground states today. hillary clinton speaking to voters in willson manners, florida, north of ft. lauderdale. donald trump holding a rally in las vegas, nevada, where he slammed clinton's use of her private server. nevada is a crucial state for both candidates. a new poll there showing trump and clinton in a dead heat. this as nearly 19 million people have already cast their vote with almost 10 million coming from battleground states. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we have this breaking news to share with you on the fbi review into the newly discovered e-mails of hillary clinton's close aide, huma abedin. the discovery of the thousands of e-mails was weeks ago. cnn's justice corresponde


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