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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning, i'm carol cost tell low, thank you for joining me, unprecedented move in major backlash stinging criticism for fbi director james comey after he announces the lags begin a new review of e-mails from one of hillary clinton's top aids huma abedin. the justice department obtaining a warrant to search those e-mails which were found on a computer belonging to abedin's husband, anthony wiener. wiener as you know was the subject of a separate federal probe and while the e-mails were discovered weeks ago, the news
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was disclosed last friday. the timing just days before the election. prompting a swift response from both sides of the aisle. a bipartisan group of nearly 100 former justice department officials joining with senate democrats and the clinton campaign all of them urging comey to release all the facts, but for donald trump the news is a boom to an embattled campaign that hopes to close the gap in the final sprint to november 8th. cnn's covering all the angles as only we can. let's begin with evan perez, he has the latest on the fbi investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, investigators are beginning the work of reviewing thousands of recently discovered e-mails belonging to huma abedin. one of the hillary clinton's closest advisors. investigators believe that at least some of these e-mails are from an account on clinton's private server. including ones previously deleted. that's the reason why they're investigating whether it affects the case that the fbi thought was completed back in july when the fbi director james comey recommended no charges be
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brought against clinton. the fbi stumbled on them while conducting an investigation of abed abedin's estranged husband, anthony wiener. he was under investigation for exchanging sexually explicit messages with an underaged girl. why did all of this become here on friday? law enforcement officials tell me that investigators spent months doing a lot of work trying to figure out how big of a deal this was. technical experts were cataloging the ez mails, analyzing the met data to determine that a significant number of the e-mails went through the clinton server. officials tell me they saw enough in the e-mails to know there may be classified information in them and some may not have been reviewed by fbi agents before. they were constrained that they were operating under the warrant limited to the wiener sexual case. they're bringing back the agents and trying to do this as quickly
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as possible, carol, the reality here is it's unlikely to be done by the election day. >> all right. adam perez reporting live for us from washington, thank you. and while clinton heads to ohio today, her top aid and democratic lawmakers are pressuring the fbi for details on this new e-mail review. senior washington correspondent jeff zelny has more on that, good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, carol. hillary clinton is heading back to the campaign trail today. focussing on ohio. one of the states that she is trying to block donald trump's path to the white house, but her campaign and democrats across the board are pushing back furiously on this episode. and harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate is leading the charge on that. take a look at this letter he sent. it says in part this, it says through partisan actions, you may have broken the law. moreover, in tarring secretary clinton with thin innuendo, you overruled tradition and the guidance of your own department.
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harry reid there is trying to carry the democrat's water on this, but the interesting thing for the party, carol, is that the director, of course, was appointed by president obama. so watching what the white house has to say on this today also so interesting. but it's the letter from the former doj officials in both sides, democrats and republicans that really is drawing attention as well. let's take a look at that as well. director comey's letter is inconsistent with prevailing department policy. and it breaks with long-standing practices followed by officials of both parties during past elections. so what they are saying here is that the director is trying to tip his hand on the scales of this election here. but he in his defense says look, he is simply alerting congress as he said he would to an investigation. so, going forward, carol, this is going to play out in a couple arenas. one in washington, if the justice department and congress, but on the campaign trail as well. i am told hillary clinton is
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going to try to move beyond this and not talk about this, but turn her attention back to donald trump and her closing argument here. and they're trying to fire up democrats and get them to vote now, carol, but no question, this is hanging over them for the next eight days of this long campaign. carol. >> jeff, reporting live for us, thanks so much. as for mr. trump, he's targeting blue states and pouncing on the fbi director's decision. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice, at last, can be properly delivered. >> all right. jason carol has more on this, good morning. >> and good morning to you. this has really been a gift for donald trump and supporters. and he's going to do everything that he can to try try capitalize on all of this. the trump camp feels they can go on offense now and take their case to try to win over
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traditionally blue states. so now, the fbi director, who the campaign used to criticize is being part of what they called this so-called rigged system, is now being praised. >> the great, and they are truly great, men and women who work for the fbi are embarrassed and ashamed of what he's done to one of our truly great institutions, the fbi itself. i respect the fact that director comey was able to come back, after what he did, i respect that very much. >> and we to want commend the fbi. we want to commend the fbi for reopening this case. for one simple principle, and that is, no one is above the law. >> a great institution in washington. whoever thought we'd hear donald trump say that. the trump campaign will be campaigning in michigan today and wisconsin tomorrow, again,
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the campaign feels emboldened and that they can take that i recall message to traditionally blue states. they also know in order to get to 270, they really have to flip a blue state. even if they're able to win let's say the battleground states of florida and north carolina, they're still going to have to flip a state in order to get to that magic number of 270. >> i guess we'll knee is eight days, right? jason carol, at least i hope so, right. yeah, jason carol, thanks so much. with me now, is david lauter, washington bureau chief. patricia murphy and ma lee ka henderson is a senior political correspondent. welcome to all of you. okay. let's dive in. malika, you have long covered campaigns, how unusual is it for an fbi director to release such cryptic information to the public eight days before an election. >> it's unprecedented. certainly something i've never seen in my long career covering campaigns. goes back, you know, i've
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covered about three or four presidential campaigns. i mean, typically, you know, if you think about october surprises, they are things that come out in the waning days of a campaign, typically from media outlets. you think about 2004 and the release of the bin laden tapes or something like that or the release of information about george w. bush's record, serve in the military record that obviously ended up being discredited. those are the kinds of things you think about. this idea of the foremost investigative arm of the federal government releasing this information, and in such a cryptic fashion that can be so easily politicized and obviously has been over these last days, that is something that is unprecedented. even if you think about what media institutions would do, there would be long and hard discussions about whether or not you have the goods, right? before you released such an explosive story, and so here, i think there are so many questions about what the what is of what coe smi talk.
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it appears that the fbi so far doesn't even know what's in those e-mails, how many e-mails might have come on from hillary clinton, where they've come from, what they say, so, i mean to do this, i think is incredibly unprecedented. that's why you see this kind of bipartisan head scratching about why the director decided to do this. >> patricia, she is right, we think that these e-mails are abedin's and not clintons that came from abedin's husband's computers. i think we do actually know that, but we don't know if any of the information is classified. we don't know if any of those e-mails came from clinton's server or why they were on anthony wiener's computer. so, of course, democrats are insisting that director comey released more information. asap, in fact a deadline of today, think he'll meet it? >> no way that he can meet it. what we know from what he said is almost nothing, except that
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he knows something. there is no way to draw a conclusion. there's no way for democrats or republicans to draw a conclusion. there's certainly no way for voters to draw a conclusion, and that's why this doesn't happen before an election. the fbi typically takes no action that could influence the campaign 90 days outside of election day. because of the kinds of uncertainties that it raises. i think it's just puts the clinton campaign in a very difficult position. we're not going to know yes or no before election day, it just resurfaces the entire question of why people don't trust hillary clinton in the first place. and that's exactly why where they don't want to be eight dales going into an election. >> well here's the thing, david, clinton's camp is no longer apologizing for hillary clinton's e-mail server. it's fighting back. her campaign spokesperson, brian fallon released this video, watch. >> those were not to or from hillary clinton or even ever on her server, in fact it's entirely possible that they are
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all duplicates of e-mails the fbi already looked at months ago. so if that's the case, why send this letter in the first place? you're probably just as puzzled and outraged as we are. former department officials they violated protocols intended to influencing the election. >> he's talking about the letter that director comey sent to congress and the clinton camp is putting this into a politically motivated context into an i'm sorry context. is that effective, david? >> well, let's look, carol, at what typically happens in this sort of case. off big headline. no one knows what it means. voters are inclined to go to their partisan corners. republicans will look at this as confirmation of everything they've always disliked about clinton. democrats look at it and say this is misconduct by the fbi and what the clinton campaign wants to do is reinforce that feeling among democrats. that there's something wrong with this. that the fbi shouldn't be doing this. because it gives their partisans
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way of looking at this issue that doesn't make them feel that maybe they shouldn't be voting the way they are already made up their minds to vote. so up until now, the whole point of what the clinton campaign has been trying stood to reinforce that partisan sense nap eh, there's something wrong with this, let's not pay attention to it. now going forward, they have to figure out a way to get back on to the campaign message about something other than the e-mails. that's not what they want the last week of the campaign to be focussing on. >> so you heard what jeff said, he said that he thinks the clinton camp is not going to talk about these e-mails. they're going to continue to talk about donald trump and his short comings in their eyes. >> that's right. if you think about the ad they just released in battleground states, it's all about donald trump's temperament. this idea that you can't trust him with the nuclear code nap has worked for them so far. that's gotten them to a place where they're arched five points ahead in the cnn poll of polls.
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it's unlikely. i think they have been pretty effective in creating kind of an echo chamber around their message of essentially saying, what is james comey up to in this? why is his politicizing this campaign so close to an election and putting his thumb on the scale of republicans. that's been effective. you had eric holder with his op-ed in the washington post and in the bipartisan group of former justice officials as well. but listen, they want to turn this page. i think donna brazile said please god, let this election be over. and that is essentially where they are right now. >> as far as donald trump is concerned, patricia, he's campaigning in three blue states, those flip one to win. and i would think he's going to pound this issue incessantly. so will it change people's minds? will it sway those three undecided voters there are in america today to vote a certain way? >> well, let's find all of them real quick.
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and you know, i just don't know, and that's the problem going into this. it raises questions about hillary clinton. but those questions have been out there, simply reinforces a weakness on her heart. i find is rich for donald trump to be praising the fbi right now. i went to one of his rally last week where he said that the fbi is totally corrupt. and we heard many of his surrogates in the last several weeks say again that the fbi was part of the problem, the fbi is totally corrupt and now suddenly now that the fbi's doing something that donald trump likes, they're no longer corrupt, but brave individuals. again, i think for voters, we just don't know. i tend to think that this cake is relatively baked. the question for shint that will this depress turnout? this has somebody who was very focussed on donald trump now turning their attention to hillary clinton and saying maybe i'm not sure about her either, maybe i'm not going to vote at all. i think that's the real danger for her. >> i have to leave it here. actually, stick around, we have much more to discuss after the
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break. and thank you, thank you in advance. still to come in the newsroom, she just mentioned this girl from that iconic 1960s daisy ad, she's coming back. and this time she's warning against donald trump. sfrz bl blan. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex.
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as we hit the final stretch of the 2016 campaign it's starting to look kind of like the 1964 campaign, back then the daisy ad shocked the nation. it started with a little girl plucking a flower and ended with a nuclear blast. the message, if you elect barry goldwater instead of lyndon johnson, it could be the end of the world. now the clinton campaign has brought the daisy ad back. the very same actress is new in the clinton ads that questions if donald trump can be trusted with nukes. >> this was me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war that he had as children, i never thought our children would have to deal with that again. and to see that coming forward in this election is scary. >> trump asked three times why can't we use nuclear weapons? >> i want to be unpredictable. >> what safeguards are there to stop any president who may not be stable, from launching a nuclear attack? >> the commander in chief is the commander in chief.
7:20 am
>> rob the [ bleep ] out of them. >> let's talk about this ad, patricia and david are back with me. welcome back. so, david, now the daisy ad, it was a very effective ad 52 years ago. but i'm not sure that a lot of people actually remember it and what it meant in the country at that time. >> well, carol, you're right. unfortunately old enough that i can remember back then. and the fear of nuclear war was heavier thing, i think than it is now. but, what, what makes this effective, potentially, is that if you look at the polling, consistently the strongest argument that hillary clinton has had, the one that sways voters most is that donald trump doesn't have the temperament or stability to be president. that's been a very powerful argument for them. and that's clearly the argument that they want to try to emphasize in these closing dates of the campaign.
7:21 am
and, to the extent that you can link that to something as fearful as nuclear weapons, that's a very powerful way to drive that argument home. >> patricia, i'm sure that hillary clinton wants voters to concentrate on what she calls the unhinged part of donald trump's personality, so will that help pave the way? >> i think it's an important, it's an important avenue for the clinton team to pursue. i think it's very smart of them to take this tag so close to election day, particularly among female voters. more than 70% of women, and this has been documented many times, 70% of women don't believe that donald trump has the temperament to be president. and i think that is a big part of what's driving his lower numbers among women. and i will never forget conducting an interview with a republican female voter who said she would vote for hillary clinton and she said at least there'd be another four years. another four years of hillary clinton. no, another four years of the world. i have women raise it again and
7:22 am
again, deep concerns specifically about the nuclear issue with donald trump. i think it's a very smart play for the clinton team to be pursuing right now. >> that's interesting because david, if hillary clinton gets into office, that the world will end as we know it. >> i think as you get towards the end of the campaign, you get more and more apocket liptic rhetoric on both sides. i think patricia is right, there is definitely a core of voters, particularly women, who are concerned about safety and security for their kids. that's always been a powerful argument. that was the argument that put george w. bush over the top in his reelection in 2004. that you could trust him with safety. and the clinton campaign has been trying to turn that argument in their direction. arguing that donald trump isn't safe. and so far, at least until this weekend, they seem to be making a lot of progress with that. now we'll see over the next few dayings, does that change or not? >> that's right. because donald trump is campaigning in blue states, some of those states like michigan
7:23 am
where hillary clinton has as much as a seven-point lead over trump, but kellyanne conway, trump's, you know, lead person, says that there is a chance that donald trump could flip a blue state. let's listen. >> we're expanding our map. we were in new mexico yesterday and mr. trump continues to go to places like colorado, pennsylvania, states that have been blue for a while. i think that you saw that hillary clinton's lead was evaporating in the polls last week before the fbi's explosive new revolution, mika, and we're going to win the election. >> okay. so it is it possible, patricia, that for example in michigan where voters seem to have pretty much decided that donald trump, donald trump could present this argument that the clinton e-mails, this is more evidence that she should go to jail and that will sway voters in the blue states. >> well, i think that his decision to go to blue states has got an the love criticism
7:24 am
from republicans. they would really like to see him lock up the swing states. lock up florida, lock up north carolina, really make sure that he has the states that are must-win and then go into blue states if you have the flexibility to do that. now i think that a piece of the confidence from the trump campaign is the concept that there are voters throughout who are not answering honestly in polls. that maybe the public polling isn't showing support among donald trump that is there particularly among white voteders. when he goes to the interstates, whiter populations when you see him going into michigan, wisconsin, even in ohio, those are population thashsd be more persuadable to donald trump's message and so i think that's a big piece what have they're doing. democrats i talk to have their own concerns that there are voters who there who are not answering honestly in the polls. i think it's a flier to be taking, but it's enough of a concern on both sides that i think that's what explains it. >> all right. i have to leave it there, patricia, david, thanks so much.
7:25 am
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and good morning, i'm carol co costello. donald trump not backing off
7:30 am
claims that this election is rigged. colorado and the mail-in ballot system. telling voters quote make sure their ballots are counted. >> you've got to get those ballots. you can go to university center, and they'll give you a ballot, a new ballot. they'll void your old ballot, give you a new ballot, and you can go out and make sure it gets no in. now in some places they do that four or five times. we don't do that. but that's great. >> trump says the election is being deliberately stacked against him. and he singled out philadelphia as a top offender. i went to philadelphia, and let's just say election officials ain't happy. >> donald trump does not mince words, big city america is rigged. >> we have to make sure the people of philadelphia are protected. that the vote counts are 100%. i hear these horror shows, and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us. and everybody knows what i'm
7:31 am
talking about. >> commissioner shh mitt, a republican and deally a democrat are in charge of elections in philly. >> it is a concern that donald trump has singled out philadelphia? >> it's a concern when anyone says things that undermine confidence in elections. and could potentially dissuade people from participating in them. >> quite honestly, it's insulting. it's insulting to our staff who many of them have been here for their whole career. and we know how hard they work. and they're working tirelessly to make sure that this election goes off without a hitch. >> but many conservatives think trump has a point. they cite instances like this in 2008. >> i'm here in philadelphia. >> as voters cast their ballots for obama or mccain, a poll watcher caught two new black panther member standing in front of a philadelphia precinct. >> it might be intimidating that
7:32 am
off stick in your hand. that's a weapon. so that's why i'm a little worried. >> fox news pounced and did again in 2012 when a new black panther member was seen outside of a polling station. >> this is a member of the black panther standing guard outside a polling place in philadelphia. >> the u.s. justice department investigated the incident, but dismissed the complaint. to the chagrin of many conservatives. although morris is surprised to this day his video caused such a stir. >> you at one point and talked with them. were they hostile in any way? >> um, i mean, hostile i guess is a relative question, was i scared? no. >> the anticipation remains strong among trump supporters. >> i think he's setting up where he wants his supporters to be vigilant. he doesn't want new black panthers outside with guns essentially like intimidating people. >> okay. >> wants people to be on the lookout. >> seth williams is philadelphia's district attorney. his office will deploy a voter
7:33 am
fraud task force on election day to handle complaints. he says trump's language -- >> and we can't lose an election because of you know what i'm talking about. >> it's racially charged. >> you know what i'm talking about. that's code for -- >> i think it's code for people to think that somehow african americans are going to do something wrong with the election, steal it from him. >> commissioners say there is zero evidence of widespread fraud in philadelphia today. their challenge now is combatting rumors of fraud in the birthplace of america's democracy. donald trump has asked supporters to become poll watchers in philadelphia. so far they have not heeded his call. philly commissioners say they have not received any calls from trump supporters to man the polls, but if trump supporters follow the law, they're welcome to come watch. still to come in the newsroom after months of fig fighting isis, to get close to mosul. iraqi forces could be within
7:34 am
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iraqi commander says his troops are now within hours of entering the city of mosul. you can see them here approaching the eastern city limits and we've learned the civilians stuck inside mosul can see them too. some are already fighting back. witnesses telling cnn, four isis militants have been killed by resistance fighters in an outdoor market. this is happening after months of already fierce fighting. and even more intense battles could begin within the city at any time. nick peyton walsh is embedded
7:39 am
with iraqi special forces, hi nick. >> reporter: carol, we're seeing the noose tighten slowly around the city. it won't be that well-sealed to some degree, but we'll see a lot of iraqi special forces now nipping at the edges of the city limit. one area seems to be part of their focus here. this is mosul city proper and residents inside are reporting hearing gunfire, flashes, and even air strikes too as civilians move out from what may be coming down the road. we saw ourselves the kind of intensity of the clashes between those special forces, and isis at the front lines just a couple of days ago. isis just beyond the berms. the incoming is from behind it. a truck that pops up, opens fire, and vanishes. isis less than a kilometer away firing at iraqi special forces.
7:40 am
this is a constant day. now, of course, you mentioned the resistance inside the city. well there've been reports of drive by shooting targeting isis officials there. we know from talking to those involved in planning they aim at high profile figures to disrupt the leadership really. three or four in the last 24 hours or so, and the tackle on isis check point. is this the matching reaching the city outskirts. being this will be long and messy. it's a huge fight. it will be bloody because we know for a fact isis have prepared for this for months. many mines, booby traps. fighting for the world against this stage and getting
7:41 am
casualties as we saw ourselves in the past few days. >> nick, you embedded with iraqi forces. did they seem disciplined army to you? what was that like? >> reporter: yes, to some degree. i think the lack of equipment and training this sometimes impeded their ability to act in a way for example a nato behave. they face deep challenges in terms of their positioning in terms of how they navigate around the area. courageous frankly and speed in which they move against isis and held off an isis attack. we saw as well, and as i say, they're the ones who really are on the ground doing the fight on behalf of the rest of the civilized world against isis and it's so-called caliphate, carol. >> nick peyton walsh reporting live from in iraq this morning. supporters of a turkish newspaper are protesting after 13 journalists are arrested accused of helping enemies of the state. one of those arrested the editor and chief of that opposition
7:42 am
paper. it's all part of a crackdown in turkey. the turkish government says the journalists help legitimized the failed coup. over the weekend, more than 10,000 public servants were fired and more than a dozen media companies shut down. more than 15,000 people are now living in temporary shelters in italy forced to evacuate after a powerful earthquake hits central italy over the weekend. 20 people were hurt in the mugt 6.6 quake. it was the strongest earthquake to hit the country in three decades. it follows a series of tremors that have shaken italy since last wednesday and another earthquake that killed nearly 300 people back in august. still to come, be with his legacy on the line, president obama sounds off on the fbi telling supporters to get, ignore the noise. e off like thi. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha.
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president obama is working hard to get hillary clinton elected. he's hitting the trail in a big way making multiple stops for her this week. and he might be the crucial figure on the trail if the fbi combs through clinton-related e-mails possibly connected to the investigation into her private server. the president telling volunteers
7:47 am
in a campaign conference call that quote, there's going to be noise and distractions over the course of the final days of this campaign, we knew that was going to happen. it always does. but you just have to be not distracted and fight through it. so let's talk about the significance of this message with president obama's former speech writer, david. welcome, david. >> thanks carol, great to be here. >> nice to have you here. is it possible for voters just like not pay attention to the noise? >> well, you know, what is possible sing to get above the noise and to focus on the big issues. and that's something the president has always been consistent in urging people to do. to say no matter what the controversy of the day is, no matter what issue is in the news the most, let's remember this is about what kind of country we want to be. >> surely though this e-mail controversy bothers him. >> well, you know, i can't speak to exactly what he's thinking, but i would imagine, like most democrats, it's a little, it's a little worrying, certainly bothersome, but it is not the
7:48 am
most important issue at stake in this election. and i think that's something that both the clinton campaign and the president are making very clear. >> president obama was so successful with young voters support, right? and this election season has been so negative, and so nasty and filled with distractions. do you think young people will turn out to vote in droves. >> i think we're seeing that hillary clinton has a very big lead among young people, but like you say, the question is are those young people going to go vote? i think that's one of the places where the president is very effective only the campaign trail. a lot of people my age really came of age with this president obama. and for him to say, this is personal to me, if you want to protect my legacy, if you want to protect everything we've done together, you've got to go vote, that i think will have an impact. >> well, and i just to want follow that up by reminding our viewers how hopeful the president was in 2008. in that it was his hopefulness
7:49 am
that attracted young voters. let's listen to president obama in 2008. >> if there is anyone out there who still doubts that america's a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy. tonight is your answer. >> so there was an incredible cheer of americans were so hopeful, but you can't say that now. we're kind of in this doom and gloom place that we can't get out of. >> um, i guess that's one way to think about it. i think there's no question that this is a very different attitude and a different election than 2008. at the same time, i think that one of the reasons the president is on the trail is to look back and say, for all the
7:50 am
frustrations, for all the moments that it seemed like things were not going our way for all the noise that he talks about, we've done a tremendous amount of good for people throughout america. and we can keep that going. and he goes back to that in his speeches on the trail. >> well, it's interesting, he gave an interview to snapchat and i'm just reading because i just got in it in my e-mail box a short time ago. he told peter hanbe, who the political director for snapchat that hillary clinton may be in a position to negotiate with certain members of the republican congress as she's done in the past and things like rebuilding roads. in other words he knemade it se like hillary clinton may be better equipped to work with congress in a way that president obama was not. >> well, i think something that he is rightly pointing out is she has a long track record of working with republicans when she was a senator and i think she had people also point out, very high approval ratings as secretary of state when she was in the senate from new york. and so, she has a history of
7:51 am
getting into office, working really hard, finding ways to find common ground. i think the president is pointing out, you know, this election is unquestionably a little bit of a downer. once she is in office, we could see a very different version of events. >> david, thanks so much for joining me this morning. melania trump plans to go to the spotlight later this week. thursday in philadelphia where trump is hoping to pick up female voters. this is mrs. trump's first speech since the republican national convention. it's the first of two or three she'll give before the campaign wraps up. he's promising they will be quote, important speeches. coming up in the newsroom, the chicago cubs live to see another day, but now the pressure is on. who will take home the title of world series champion? the heirloom tomato.
7:52 am
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top stories for you at 55 minutes past. eight-day manhunt far suspected killer ends in a shootout. michael vance was shot and killed overnight after leading police on a chase. vance was accused of killing two relatives and shooting two police officers. before he was killed, vance taunted police on social media. posting videos on facebook showing off a weapon and hinting of more violence to come. jury selection begins today in the walter scott case. that controversial shooting death of an african american man by a white officer in south carolina. former police officer michael slager is accused of killing scott after pulling him over for a broken taillight. evidence shows scott getting out the car and running away from slager who then shot scott eight times. his death ignited a national conversation about race and policing. 22 people injured after a naerk event in martinsville, virginia. happened in a handicapped
7:57 am
parking lot just outside the speedway. it was filled with vehicles and pedestrians trying to leave when one attempted to pass and ended up striking several pedestrians. alcohol does not appear to be a factor. the cubs live to play another day. meaning the indians at wrigley field to force a game six of the world series. we are joined live from chicago with today's bleacher report, hi andy. >> reporter: hey carol yeah, the fans here in chicago finally seeing a cubs win in the world series at wrigley field. and waited 71 years for that and they were so happy after the game. i have to tell you, they wouldn't leave the stadium. everyone wanted a picture with the sign that said cubs win. and it was an awesome scene to see. and the team even actually went back out on the field to admonish all the fans that were hanging out in the stadium. for the game, all of the cub celeb if i fans were here. vince vaughn were in the fans giving fist bumps. bill murray and eddie vetter.
7:58 am
>> he's say sang take me out to the blaem during the seventh inning. ♪ for it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old blaem ♪ >> reporter: there were nervous moment prps they were down 1-0, that was until chris blooin came through with a solo hourm in the fourth. that was one of three runs the cubs got in the inning. and that's all they needed. john lester was great, the starter for the cubs and handed over to chapman who came out throwing heat, carol. he was throwing over 100 miles per hour. got the final eight outs of the blaem for the cubs. they came through with a big 3-2 win in game five to send this series back to cleveland. >> why not us? i mean that's kind of our -- i feel like we play our best with our backs up against the wall.
7:59 am
hopefully not there during game six. never know what could happen in game seven. so, you know, but we're all about writing our own history. you know, this team is a special one. >> reporter: the cubs are trying to become the sixth team in meteorology baseball history toe come back from a 3-1 deficit in the world series. game six going to be tomorrow night back in cleveland. and carol, you know, yoe maden, the manager of the cubs, he always tries to keep the mood light around his team. and he advised all the players been you know what, halloween, everyone dress up in your halloween costumes for the flight over to cleveland to get some cool pictures on social media coming from the cubs later on today. >> i think they should dress up as cleveland indians, that would be quite interesting, right? >> reporter: like during rt movie meteorology, yeah. >> exactly. >> reporter: i doubt it. >> a lot of cleveland fans are saying you know what, it's better that the cleveland indians lost because they can win the series in cleveland. and fans can cheer along with
8:00 am
their team. >> reporter: absolutely. and carol, the cavs won their championship in california on the road. then the city of cleveland hasn't celebrated a championship in years. so it'd be really cool if they do win at home. >> ultimately cool, thanks so much and thank you for joining me today, i'm carol. that the hour with berman and baldwin starts right now. hello everyone oob i'm kate baldwin. >> and i'm john berman. hope you like our costumes. tom brady and gisele. a brief diversion in the breaking news. in just a few minutes, donald trump will speak in grand rapids, michigan, i wonder what he will talk about. you can see right will there, someone dressed up as hillary clinton outside handing out bumper stickers. we believe that at this moment, federal investigators are scouring thousands of e-mails


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