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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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their team. >> reporter: absolutely. and carol, the cavs won their championship in california on the road. then the city of cleveland hasn't celebrated a championship in years. so it'd be really cool if they do win at home. >> ultimately cool, thanks so much and thank you for joining me today, i'm carol. that the hour with berman and baldwin starts right now. hello everyone oob i'm kate baldwin. >> and i'm john berman. hope you like our costumes. tom brady and gisele. a brief diversion in the breaking news. in just a few minutes, donald trump will speak in grand rapids, michigan, i wonder what he will talk about. you can see right will there, someone dressed up as hillary clinton outside handing out bumper stickers. we believe that at this moment, federal investigators are scouring thousands of e-mails belonging to top hillary clinton
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aid huma abedin to see if they are relevant to the investigation to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. now hillary clinton left just a few moments fraeg white plains, new york, on her campaign plane foroh. not seen in this picture, huma abedin. she is not traveling with secretary clinton today. now the e-mails in question were discovered weeks ago by the fbi as part of a separate probe into abedin's estranged husband anthony wiener the former congressman accused of sexting with an underaged girl. but fbi director james comey did not disclose the discovery until friday. that was just 11 days before the election. >> since then, 100 former federal prosecutors and skbrus distance department officials including eric holder have signed an open letter criticizing james comey. harry reid has accused him of violating federal law. one lawmaker is calling for comey's rez nation. we're going to take to him in just a second. first the latest from justice correspondent evan perez in washington. evan, what do we know right now?
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>> reporter: well you're right, investigators are reviewing thouls of recently discovered e-mails belonging to huma abedin. one of hillary clinton's closest advisors. investigators have reason to believe that at least some of these e-mails are from an account that was on clinton's private server, including perhaps ones that were previously deleted. it's also true that some of these may be duplicates of e-mails that the fbi has already seen. the reason why they're investigating this is because they want to know if this. affects the case that the fbi thought they had already completed back in july when fbi director james comey recommended no charges against clinton. investigators found these e-mails a few weeks ago, stumbling on them as they were doing an investigation of abedin's estranged husband, former congressman, anthony wiener. he's under investigation for allegedly sexting with an underaged girl. so why did this all only become public on friday when comey sent his letter to congress just days before the presidential election? well law enforcement officials tell me that the investigators spent the past month doing a lot
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of work trying to figure out how big of a deal this was. technical experts spent time cataloging these e-mails, analyzing met data to determine that a significant numbers went through clinton's server. now officials tell me they saw enough in the e-mails they believe that there may be classified information and that they may have not seen them before. so that's the reason why we now are where we are. the fact was that the investigators were ordinary, reasonable, and prudenting -- operating under where we are. last night they got permission from a judge to start the new work of going through these e-mai e-mails. kate and john. >> that is the moment where we are right knew. so many questions still. evan, thanks. needless to say the fbi director james comey facing heat for this decision. senator harry reid from nevada says comey broke the law. one former republican congressman joe walsh says comey was wrong and one democratic lawmaker is calling on comey to resign. >> that is tennessee congressman
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steve woe, and, he is joining us right now, thanks for coming in. >> you're welcome, kate. >> so resign? why? >> the fbi has to be held to a high standard, and it is. we give the fbi director a ten-year term so they're immune from politics and can do their job. their job is to investigate and give information to the u.s. attorneys to bring prosecutions or not. there are long standing protocols to say that the fbi director and justice officials aren't supposed to comment on investigations because it could prejudice the investigation. it could prejudice the target of the investigation and an election season with it sbog close to the election, it could influence the outcome of the election. and there was very little knowledge that director comey had at the time of what was in these e-mails. there's no reason to believe that there's anything there that shows that secretary clinton had any intent to violate the law which is the basis upon which he chose not to recommend or to bring an indictment this past
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summer. there's no reason that's changed. but given donald trump a lot of movement. he take answer ounce and creates a grand canyon and hooefs taken this too far. it's violated the hurt. the fbi has hurt and justice hurt. >> up until the last few days, you didn't just think that the fbi director was doing a good job, you thought he was doing a great job. he told him last month, you were a friend to the fbi, you're a credit to government service. how do you explain your -- >> because he went too far in this one. you know, i overlooked -- and i got a high regard for director comey when he was in the justice department. we had hearings and the judiciary committee about him going in with card, andrew card and alberta gonz tried to get ashkroft on a sick bed to sign an order for a massive surveillance in this country. and he did the right thing because he believed it was illegal, it was illegal, and he stopped it. i had great regard for him for
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being a person who spoke truth to power. he did the same thing when he made the decision not to indict secretary clinton under a difficult political situation this summer -- >> how do you know anything is different here? >> side bar. because then it was not 11 days before the election. then he did not give out innuendo that give the opposition reasons to suggest things and when it involves anthony wiener, that's just like fire, putting a match on the fire. and he should have known and anybody would have known in the justice department knew that would produce a scandalous result and be harmful to the american process of elections which are supposed to be fair and imparable and not intervene by actions from the fbi director. he went too far. he went too far this summer with a side bar, i overlooked that because i have such respect for the man. >> do you think, congressman that -- you respect him, but you think he went too far. do you think that james comey is acting on political motivations? do you think james comey actually is trying to influence
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the election? >> i think he was excessively, excessively care flless in makia statement that the time. and the fbi director is supposed to be beyond that, above suspicion. >> what if our justice evan perez just reported, that the fbi believes it saw enough in these e-mails to think that there might be some classified information in them and also they saw enough to think they may not have seen them before? so if those two things are true, should they be investigating and if they are investigating, shouldn't the fbi director alert congress? >> no. i think they should investigate, no question about it the, but i don't think he should have notified congress because that's a public disclosure. and 11 days before the election. that's going to have an effect that fbi director supposed to not have. justice -- you have a jury trial. there are certain things you
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have side bars, you go in camera, you talk to the judge. you don't talk before the jury. in this circumstance, there's a jury, it's the american public. america is the greatest dmok snit world on free election system, unintervened in by government officials and particularly law enforcement things, folks, it's what holsd us up around the world. we look more like eastern european nation or a latin american country with the chief law enforcement person coming out and making statements that can affect the results of an election. >> so congressman -- >> it's wrong and it's not american. >> you are not, at least going as far to say that you think he's being politically motivated. you think he's being excessively careless. words he used in the past. you respect him, but he went too far here. are you going too far calling for his resignation when you've praised his work in the past? >> this is such a turning point with the presidential election
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that m basic fbi director comes to the forward to see if he has the courage and intestinal fortitude even if he has certain thoughts to hold that comment to himself. fbi director is not a public figure. he's not supposed to be somebody who attracts or distracts from elections or controversies. and director comey's supposed to be an investigator who reports to the justice department and not somebody who comes out and makes news himself. he's gone too far. >> congressman, can we get a yes or no answer on this, do you think this could cost hillary clinton the election? >> i think it could, yes. >> congressman steve cohen, thank you so much, we appreciate your time. >> you're welcome, john and kate. >> thank you. all right joining us now to discuss. erol lewis and paul talen. the congressman saying he think this could cost hillary clinton the election. where are we right now? 72 hours after the fact here.
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the polls actually haven't really seemed to move all that much not that we should engage, it's early for that. >> one poll suggested that 63% of americans told the abc/washington post they don't think this is going to affect their vote one way or the other. we know something i guess about 10% of the vote is already in because of early vote. i think where we are is in the middle of turmoil and unfortunately, it seems like we were going to be froze within turmoil absent new revelations either from the fbi or wikileaks which is scheduled to dump a few thousand more e-mails this week just to make things little a more complicated. folks are going to have to make up their minds. with all of the information that you are now. everything you know about candidate's policies, their character, the accusations they've been weathering. you go in and you make the best decision you can. and that's i think it counts for this deeply unsatisfied feeling so many voters are reporting to the pollsters that they don't know enough, they don't like what they're hearing, they're
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not sure why information is coming at them and it's coming from sketchy stourss that might evolve the russians, wikileaks, julian assange, it's tragic in a way. in this season where american political institutions have come under such fire. one of the most respected ones, the fbi thrown into the mix. >> when ewe look at the latest kind of where they are in terms of the investigation, which is we don't know basically anything. i mean, evan perez just came out -- the letter went out on friday. there is a little bit more we're learning. evan reporting overnight they did get a warrant to look into these e-mails. what did the fbi need to present -- what to do investigators need to present to a judge in order to secure that warrant? >> they had to submit evidence that would suggest that there was either reasonable cause or probable cause to expand the scope of the search. so, obviously there is something that suggested to a federal
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judge that it's okay to search anthony wiener's computer and whatever other sources may be out there that we don't even know about. we have to be clear that that doesn't mean there is enough evidence to suggest that there is criminality on the part of hillary clinton or anybody else who's a subject of an investigation. and kate, one of the things that i think disturbing former prosecutors like myself and defense attorneys around the country, as well obviously as congressman cohen when you have a public announcement by the head of the fbi in the middle of a partially completed investigation, it may send a message that the person under investigation is possibly a criminal. and frankly, a lot of the investigations reach the exact opposite conclusion. that there's not enough evidence to support criminal charges. and to inject that piece of information into the presidential election, i happen to agree is disgraceful. and i think it's such an offense by a head of the fbi that it
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warrants his resignation from that position. >> quickly, paul, all the e-mails, more than 600,000. do you think they'll be able to get through enough of them in the next eight days to say anything before election day? >> no, there's no way they'll get through. and my bet is even by inauguration day on what, january 20th, they probably will still be in the midst of this investigation. so this is a long-term investigation. and i don't think we're going to see results until after the first of the year. >> this could be it. exactly what we know right now could be what we know. with that in mind, what's the political risk for the clinton campaign kind of starting to go after the head of the fbi right now? this is someone who if hillary clinton would win, she's going to work with. >> well not necessarily. the fbi director serves at the pleasure of the president. >> he's three years into a ten-year term. >> the last fbi director to be removed was william sessions removed by bill clinton. i think there's experience in
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clintonland about what you do in a case like this. to be clear in 1993 there was just sort of a run-of-the-mill have ialty where sessions was accused of just taking fbi helicopters to personal events and things like that. but, it can be done. i mean, look, we have a system where the fbi in particular and such power and such prestige, they exist in a system where they're confirmed, you know -- they are nominated by the president, confirmed with the advice of the senate. answer to the justice department. there's a framework to control that power. and he has sort of stepped outside of that framework. >> forgiving the politics, what about the politics now. when you're going after the fbi director, when you made a choice as a campaign and ra have allies like steven cohen and others calling for his resignation, isn't there a political risk? >> there's a political risk that people may say hey if it's hillary clinton's words versus the fbi. i'm going with the fbi. at this point look, we see republicans kind of gravitating
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and sort of coming home to trump to a certain extent. democrats are doing the same. that's what happens in the closing days of an election. i don't know that this really sort of is going to stir that basic dynamic. that undertow that they spent millions of dollars in the last year sort of setting up. i don't know if the comey situation can stop the dynamics of the election. >> can say one thing -- >> more of a question now than it was let's say thursday or friday morning. >> we're going to take a break. erol, paul, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. next james comey's old boss, former general alberta gonz, he has called this a mistake. and he offers up some advice to his protege. he's going to join us. the clinton campaign going nuclear with their version of one of the most famous political ads in history. >> one, two, three, four --
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hillary clinton heading to ohio this morning, what she is definitely not leaving on the tarmac, new questions about her e-mails coming from the fbi director himself. that's director james comey is also facing questions this morning after announcing the new review of the fbi's
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investigation into her e-mail servers. former attorney general eric holder, he says that comey violated long standing justice department policies and tradition in an op-ed piece that he wrote when comey sent the letter to congress late last week. >> all right. this morning, he spoke with just a few minutes ago, we spoke with another former u.s. attorney general, alberta gonzolez. this is his take. mr. attorney general, when you fist saw the letter that james comey wrote to congress, just give us your general reaction. >> i didn't understand it. i didn't understand what he was saying. what he was trying to say. i didn't understand the purpose of the letter. to me, it was very inconsistent with the protocols that presently exist at the department of justice. and again, i think like most current doj officials and former doj officials all, you know, all
8:21 am
of us some what perplexed about what the director was trying to accomplish here. >> you say inconsistent. how unusual is this move when you take it in the time frame that we're looking at right now. eight days before the election? >> well of course. you typically do not comment on investigations, ongoing investigations and of course that protocol was breached this past summer when director comey gave that press conference talking about the investigation. and maybe it is because of that reason that precedent that was established in the summer that he felt that he had to say something about this, about reopening this investigation and looking at additional facts. but again, you don't comment on investigations because commenting on the investigation may jeopardize the investigation. and that's the box he's put himself in because people are now calling for information for release about the e-mails. what's going on here. and of course that may jeopardize the investigation. and the paramount priority seems
8:22 am
to me here is the pursuit of justice. and so, mr. comey, if really interested in protecting the institution of the department of justice and pursuing justice, despite whatever political pressure may be put to bear on him, he should not release anymore information. >> so you think he should just go mum now for the next eight days until election day? nothing else? >> well, in the normal situation, i would say yes. we are in a very unusual situation. and it may be that in order to protect the integrity of this election that he may need to say something else about what in relation to this investigation. and that's, again, very, very unfortunate because in doing so, he may in fact jeopardize the investigation. and that's a very unfortunate place to be. >> when you look at it, i mean, obviously what you know the process, is there any chance though even though in a regular investigation he wouldn't comment, you would recommend staying mum, is there any chance
8:23 am
that this is cleared up or wrapped up in eight days that are left in this election? >> it could be. of course the damage may have been done in terms -- many voters will have voted in early voting, and so it's going to have some kind of impact, rightly or wrongly. it won't have impact on some voters, but i think it may have on some kind of voters. it's possible depending on what's going on. i'm sure there are serious discussions ongoing right now about what to do and about what to say. and you know, the fbi director's going to be criticized for whatever direction he goes. he would have been criticized if he decided not to say anything about this as initial matter, but that's the job of, you know, these kinds of individuals. you're the fbi director, attorney general, you're going to have to make some hard decisions where you're going make mistakes or criticized. and you have to do what you believe is right and i worry in a that in this particular instance, he has made an error
8:24 am
in judgment in releasing this letter which really says nothing. >> so you talked about it being inconsistent with the practice of speaking during an investigation. what about the consistency with this policy of not going public with investigations or talking about indictments within 60 days of an election? >> well, of course, again, that's because often times an indictment cannot be resolved within 60 days before an election. and so people are sort of left out, voters are left without incomplete information about potential criminal behavior of a candidate. and that's why that policy exists. that policy exists also really relates to the decisions made by u.s. attorneys in the field. where u.s. attorneys, you know, if they're think abouting doing something like this, they need to consult the justice with the senior leadership at department to make a decision as to whether or not to move forward or not. of course, here we have a different situation where you have the head of the fbi apparently confirming with the attorney general about what to do. but, in my judgment, it's a very
8:25 am
wise policy because at the end of the day, you know, it's not going -- if you delay the announcement, hopefully it's not going jeopardize an investigation. it's not going to jeopardize the pursuant of justice and voters will have the opportunity to make, to vote on election day without information. may in fact be incomplete or untrue. >> a lot of folks are obviously speaking out after this letter was put out on friday. including a former attorney general eric holder. he said this in an opinion piece, he wrote, he, james comey, is a man of integrity and honor, i respect him, but good men make mistakes. in this instance, he has committed a serious error with potentially severe implications. it is incumbent upon him or the leadership of the department to dispel the uncertainty he has created before election day. do you agree with eric holder? >> well, which part of that? there's a lot included in that statement. >> this is true. >> again, based upon what i observe and not what i know for
8:26 am
sure, it appears that this was an error. to throw out this kind of letter without more information, without really knowing what the facts are with respect to these additional e-mails, i think was a mistake. as i said, as a general manner, you would not comment on an investigation. and so, of course i work with james comey when he was my deputy when i was the attorney general, and you know, he is a man of integrity, but we all make mistakes in these positions. and you know, hopefully when you make a mistake, you can identify the mistake and correct it and move on. >> can we ask you just in closing, you brought up the fact that you worked with james comey. and there is a famous incident that happened in a hotel room, hospital room with john ashkroft and what not, but give us your sense, your impressions of james comey as a man. what does the public need to know about the fbi director? >> well, i think he is a person
8:27 am
that, you know, he does what he thinks is right, then he doesn't deviate from that. and he may be wrong. you may be firmly convicted of something, but you could be firmly wrong. and from my experience is, is that, you know, once he takes a position, he digs in, and he's not going to move from it. whether or not he's wrong or not. and whatever political pressure may be put to bear on him. he's not going to move from. and, you know, there are virtue in that, but there is also danger in that. >> do you think point-blank, do you think any politics are at play here for director comey? >> i don't know. you know, again because he is operating within a very political white house. and this is true for every white house of course because the president of the united states is elected, but, you know, there's always politics going to be involved. the question is, is the character and the integrity of the men and women of the department of justice and how they react to that, how they respond to that political pressure.
8:28 am
>> mr. attorney general, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate your time sir. >> thank you for having me. >> quite a lot to say former secretary general. very interesting. >> yep. why is he here? that's what one person asked when donald trump sat in the front row of an aids benefit years ago, even though he apparently hadn't donate ad diem. scathing new investigation into trump's philanthropy. and we're going show you some live pictures from grand rammeds, michigan, where donald trump will be speaking next hour and to paraphrase bruno mars, even the color red gets the blues. trump campaign is hoping to pull off the exact opposite. we're going to take you to the map. the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more
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so donald trump says he's given away millions of dollars to charity. no one is as generous as he is. here's his campaign manager yesterday. >> this man is very generous person with his time and with his money. and has helped a lot of people over the years. >> washington post david farronthold looked into that fact. it's great to see you, thanks for coming back on. big piece you put out over the weekend. here's a key part of it and there's a lot in this piece, here's a key part, for our viewers, for as long as he's been rich and famous. he's wanted people to believe he is generous. you goen to say, it was in large part a facade. what do you mean? >> well, for a long time, trump has been promising gifts to charity that he did not give. or at least as far as i can tell
8:34 am
he did not give. that includes i give the proceeds, give away the proceeds of trump university or his earnings from the apprentice and also includes specific times when i'm going to give money to this charity and then did not. and at the same time he's been doing a lot of things to try to make the appearance of his charities seem greater than it was. one example we cite in the lead of the story, this amazing tale where he crashes a ribbon cutting for a charity he had never given a dollar too and steals another person's seat. a real donor's seat and looked like a real donor. then leaves without giving a donation. >> that was an aids benefit in 1996. really interesting anecdote. so again, just to be clear, what you've done here, you've gone back and traced the promises he's made, the pledges he's made with what's publicly available, via records, and also available from it the charities that will answer your questions. and the claims don't match up with the reality? >> that's right. kellyanne conway and other folks say trump gives tens of millions of dollars, i've looked every
8:35 am
portable place i can think of, along the way asking for help to tell me to release his tax returns or give me directions about which charities to call. i've tried on my own to find out how much he gives and i've found evidence that he's given much, much less, maybe $7.8 million over the last 30 years and a lot went to the donald j. trump foundation which as we've seen uses his money to benefit trump himself. >> dauvid, when asked about you report yet on nbc, kellyanne conway criticized you, the washington post, saying that you guys have had it out for donald trump for a very long time. you've been working for a very long time. once the story was released, did you get any different response from the campaign? >> well, before the story came out, i sent the trump campaign over 70 questions for the related specifically to this story and those were big questions like how much has.
8:36 am
trump given to charity, what is the greatest charitable work of his life but small questions. what about this particular instance, why did he spent $7 from his chair toy to the boy scouts in 1998 to register his own son. i ghot response to any of those questions. right after the story published on saturday, i got a blanket statement from the trump campaign which said he's given tens of millions over his lifetime. but when i asked for proof or detireless confirmation of that tens of millions, silence. >> and again, a lot of this could be settled as you've asked for the tax returns, and that of course i can almost say definitely not happen in the next eight days. great to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. donald trump hitting the campaign trail in this final week before the election. he'll be hitting the stage very soon in michigan. not a republican stronghold, if you were wondering. the republicans haven't won since the late '80s. what's trump's game plan here eight days out? that's ahead. plus the clinton campaign is going nuclear with just eight
8:37 am
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! the days before any presidential election and where the candidates spend their time can speak volumes about the state of the race. this week, donald trump is headed to places like wisconsin, michigan, colorado. hmm. >> and in just a few minutes, he's expected to take the stage in grand rapids, michigan, public in part of a democratic state. important nevertheless. joining us now, cnn political director, david chalian, new mexico, michigan, wisconsin, and
8:42 am
you say? >> blue state that are leaning towards hillary clinton where donald trump is spending some time. it's a good question, guys. listen the reason hillary clinton has such a strangle hold at the moment on the electoral college. if you look at the electoral map. it's this blue wall of defense that she has, colorado, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania leaning her way right now. down to virginia. that sort of -- those light blue states in that arc over the upper midwest there, that is her strength. so, donald trump has realized and his campaign realizes here just winning all those yellow states doesn't get them there. those battleground states on the map. he's got to be able to dig into the some of the territory that was already leaning her way and already seizing the headlines of the e-mail story is what they are using now as they go into these blue states to try to peel away voters. >> and you say trying to peel
8:43 am
away voters. these are states that in the latest polling are leaning towards thaint we're talking about. do you see any evidence, any trends that would indicate to you, smart political analysis that you are, the situation in these places could be changing in donald trump's favor right now? >> i don't see it yet. i know -- let me use colorado as an example where he was twice this weekend. to me that is the state in talking to both campaigns that both campaigns see most differently. die metically opposed in colorado. the trump folks think there's something there for them to explore. clinton folks, it's almost off the map already banked for them. so not all things are equal here. there's not a lot of public polling or any kind of metric that would suggest that michigan is enin danger of falling away. except that we know it is the heart of sort of where we thought donald trump would be playing from the very beginning. a lot of white voters there,
8:44 am
non-college educated -- some of the strength of trump's movement. and wisconsin, guys, the clinton campaign has gone up on the air there recently. the senate there between russ and ron johnson getting a lot closer. and we see surrogates like chelsea clinton and tim kaine spending time there. so while they're not sending hillary clinton there, they clearly are still tending to the earth, if you will, in all of those blue states because they realize the moment if any of those begin to crumble for clinton which to answer your question, kate, we haven't seen yet, that would set off alarm bells for them. >> let's talk about hillary clinton's schedule quickly. when you look at it this week, she goes to ohio today and later in the week. and arizona right not middle. that's a lot of days traveling to states, david, she doesn't need. she's playing offense at a time when at least the narrative of the campaign has shifted. should she be playing more defense? >> and at a time, john, i add, where we see donald trump doing this other thing we were talking about. so there's an opportunity cost for him. he leaves states that he
8:45 am
desperately needs which aren't done yet. the battleground states, florida, north carolina, to play in the blue states where he's got to get some. hillary clinton then goats park herself in these true toss-up states, florida, ohio, north carolina, arizona, and you are right, she doesn't need a single one for her path to 270. they are working them hard because they're trying to expand the map and get as clear of a mandate as possible. >> get back that scheduled announcement and start heading towards more of those blue states. to tend to the earth as david chalian is saying, great to see you. >> thanks guys. pretty soon we are going to hear from donald trump himself in one of the blue states he has to turn red. he will be in michigan, grand rapids, any moments, what are the chances he can pull off the flip? plus eight days to go in the clinton campaign is going there. dropping their version of the iconic daisy ad from the '60s questioning donald trump's ability to handle the nuclear codes. we'll get the trump campaign's
8:46 am
response, reaction ahead.
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live pictures now of donald trump, a donald trump event on the right-hand of your screen. grand rapids, michigan. taking to the stage and, of course, you see on the left part of your screen, tim kaine in north carolina speaking to voters there. closing argument time, folks. hitting the trail as hard as they can. this is hillary clinton's campaign, full-on attack mode this morning. today the campaign released an ad attacking trump's position and past statements on nuclear weapons. a revised version of the haunting 1964 daisy ad. >> this was me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war we had as children anever thought our children would ever have to deal with that again. to see that coming forward in this election is really scary. >> trump asked three times. >> three time, why can't we use
8:51 am
nuclear weapons? >> i want to be unpredictable. >> bring in senior adviser for donald trump. sarah huckabee. thanks for coming in. you've seen this ad and a few others from the clinton campaign or their supporters talking about donald trump. can he be trusted with nuclear weapons's how do you convince the american people he's up to this awesome responsibility? >> look, i think it's real simple. there's only one candidate in this race that's under criminal investigation right now by the fbi for mishandling classified information, and that's hillary clinton. not donald trump. if anybody is unfit to be our commander in chief, it's hillary clinton. she has proven time and time again that she is part of the corruption of a cull -- culture of corruption. >> didn't take long to go from nuclear weapons to e-mails. 23 seconds. >> the clinton campaign is
8:52 am
trying to muddy the waters and not talk about the fact hillary's under fbi investigation. this is a terribly sad attempt to distract the american people from the big issue, and the big news of the day. that's the fact that one of our candidates in a presidential election, days before the election takes place, and while votes are actually being cast, is under criminal investigation by the fbi. >> well, they're looking -- actually -- just to be clear. >> it is a big deal. >> asking to look at e-mails that belonged to ooma abedin seeing if -- huma abedin. >> they're reviewing -- don't know what it is. not really under criminal investigation. we don't actually know. james comey has not given full detail on that. ask you about this. you say folks are voting. one thing throughout the campaign, has to do with donald trump's tax returns. most specifically a lot of reporting about the donald trump chatable giving. "washington post" has a big new piece out, part of their
8:53 am
months-long investigation into donald trump chairable giving that basically says of the $420-plus charity they've called, some connection to trump, the "post"found one personal gift from donald trump occurred between 2008 and this year. despite what we've heard from the campaign that he's given tens of millions of dollars of his own money. have you been given an explanation, sarah, why donald trump's charitable giving has dried up in recent years? >> look, all i know is donald trump has given tens of millions of dollars to charity, but the bigger question is -- >> there's no proof of that. >> the money donald trump has given, it's why aren't we talking about the millions of dollars that hillary clinton and the clinton foundation has accepted from foreign governments? and not just any foreign government but foreign governments -- >> we're asking about your candidate right now. >> and i've answered that. look, donald trump has given -- >> where's the proof -- have you been given proof? >> what -- i've heard it
8:54 am
directly from him, and i've talked to many people within his circle, within his family, verifying that he's given tens of millions of dollars to charity. >> to be clear, the "washington post" article what it says -- >> participate -- >> the "washington post" article says, went out to sea if that's in fact the case. pledges to promises match up to results. david can't find proof that tense of millions of dollars have been given. just so you know there. let me ask you about the fbi investigation one more time, if i can. before donald trump said the investigation was rigged. right? since july. last three days he's saying maybe it's not rigged. my question is, if the fbi director comes out tomorrow says, we looked at e-mails, there's nothing there. does it go back to being rigged? >> look, i don't think he's going to come out and say that. i don't think that's what we should be talking about. we should be talking about the fact is exists in the first place. hillary clinton deleted e-mails that your own network is reporting were likely classified information, and it was most likely deleted by clinton
8:55 am
herself. that is a big deal. that's a felony, and there are people that are serving time, members of the military, for far less than the crimes that hillary clinton has committed and the mistakes she has made in this process. >> is there any risk or any concern that you have that the trump campaign is out, you know, getting itself out kind of in front of -- getting itself out in front of its skews here? donald trump says a long time the investigation is rigged. now agrees with comey and thinks it's not rigged. what if comey comes out, says, there's nothing to see here? >> again, i think we have a lot of information out here that's pointing to anything but that. but even take that out and you've still got hillary clinton having the worst week she's ever had in her president's campaign. obama care premiums up. not just by a little bit, but by increases by 25%. she's got the fbi criminal investigation of her own e-mail system as well as the pay to play scandal. multiple things here that are
8:56 am
unraveling for hillary clinton. her campaign is becoming unhinged because they can't reel it in and why you're seeing the sad attempts to distract by the ad they put out there today. >> we're hearing closing argument right now. >> sarah huckabee, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. moments from now, donald trump speaking live from michigan. a typically blue state. we'll take thru when he takes the stage. plus, where is huma abedin? not traveling with hillary clinton today. stay with us. ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your time today. beautiful day here in the washington capital. eight days to election day and a


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