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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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what year was that quarter? what year is that one? '98 that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water. happening now. breaking news. warranted search. armed with a court order, the fbi is using special technology to sift through thousands of e-mails linked to a top clinton aide. they say it is unlikely there will be a resolution before the election, now just eight days away. praise and pressure. after criticizing the fbi for months, donald trump now says it took guts for him to go public on the latest e-mails. but hillary clinton says there is no case, and top justice department figures from both parties say the fbi chief crossed the line. banking the vote. the clinton campaign is counting on millions of dollars -- millions of early votes, i should say, that have already
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been cast hoping it will minimize the impact of the latest e-mail shocker. a clinton aide, huma abedin, is off the campaign trail right now while the fbi sifts through the e-mails. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news. just eight days before the election, there is growing political fallout from the fbi director's surprise announcement that more e-mails have been located in the investigation of hillary clinton's use of a private server. the fbi is using special software right now to filter through thousands of e-mails on the computer of former congressman anthony weiner, the estranged husband of close clinton aide huma abedin. investigators will then look at possible classified information,
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but no resolution is expected before election day. that's left democrats furious, some arguing that the fbi director james comey broke the law by going public with the new information. hillary clinton says, and i'm quoting her now, there is no case here. former legal officials from both parties are sharply critical of comey, but the white house is refusing to either condemn or defend his actions. donald trump, who slammed comey in the past, is now praising the fbi director, saying his decision took a lot of guts. and trump's campaign is trying to take full advantage, even venturing into traditionally blue states in these days before the election. i'll speak with congressman adam schiff and our correspondents, analysts and guests. they will have full coverage of today's stories. let's begin with pamela braun who has new information on the e-mail investigation. pamela, what did you learn? >> tonight we have learned that the department of justice sent a letter to members of congress saying it is working with the fbi to move things along as
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quickly as possible as one law enforcement official said the fbi is aware of the pressure it's under to figure out what's in those new e-mails given the election is only eight days away. but tonight director comey is remaining silent. tonight the fbi is in a race against the clock. cnn has learned a team of agents is using special software at fbi facilities in quantico, virginia to sift through thousands of newly discovered e-mails tied to the investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the fbi is examining them, a process which won't be resolved until after the election. in july when comey originally said no charnges, despite findig classified information on her ser server. >> we don't want to put anyone
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in jail until we've learned that someone did something they shouldn't do. >> a source says abedin has no idea how her e-mails ended up on her husband's computer. law enforcement sources say several weeks ago, agents stumbled upon the new e-mails while investigating alleged weiner's 14-year-old girl. comey found whoult i moofd. ment. tonight he's taking heat from every direction, even from his former boss, republican a poirnltd roberto. >> i didn't understand what he was saying, what he was trying to say. i didn't understand the purpose of the letter. i'm perplexed at what the director was trying to accomplish here. >> now comey is under intense
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pressure to fully to protect the integrity of this election th that -- in relation to sh investigation. >> tonight the white house spokesman said he would never defend or credit -- he's the one in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism from a variety of legal experts, including individuals who served in senior department of justice positions and administrations led by presidents in both parties. >> at this point, investigators have no reason to believe abedin was trying to obstruct the investigation by not turning over all the e-mails. to be clear, there is still a lot we don't know.
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there could. what remains unseen right now is wlo director comey comes out. >> we pamela, thanks so much. >> hillary clinton is trying the make the best of a bad snowstorm. in ohio, can hillary clinton somehow use this to her advantage? >> that's what she's trying to do, wolf. she's trying to use this voter anxiety of this controversy to kick off her vote. getting down to the final week of campaigning in battleground ohio and canton, ohio today making the case that there is no fbi case in that latest trove of e-mails. >> today hillary clinton is
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dismissing the idea that i might. >> by all means they should look at them. i'm sure they will reach the same conclusion when they looked at my e-mails last year. there is no case here. >> she warned her supporters in battleground ohio not to lose sight of what's at stablg so close to the election. >> i think many have thought about what they think in these actions. let's not get confused in your choice for the future! >> she is looking to turn attention back to donald trump, accusing him of damaging the democratic process with his rhetoric. >> he is doing what he can to
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discourage and mislead the american people. he's such a downer, right? >> that as she and her allies tried to discredit the congressional leader. >> a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about, and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a good question. >>. by taking the investigation publi public,. your highly selective approach to publicly. with just. and clinton now holds a 5% lead over trump.
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she questions trump's fitness to serve. >> imagine him plunging us into. thankfully he's. >> her campaign hitting that message with a new television ad invoking an old theme, the fear of nuclear war. >> one, two, three. >> featuring an actress from the iconic 1964 daisy ad to paint trump as reckless. >> this was me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war that we had as children, i never thought our children would ever have is just scary. >> hillary clinton was not traveling with her long-time aide huma abedin. instead by her side, another trusted aide.
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she went to ohio and actually law school here. wolf? >> joining us now, congressman adam schiff. he's the senior on the democratic house committee. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> you're the ranking member of congress. democrats, eight republicans, eight democrats received the individual letter. have you somehow been briefs by anythi anything. i think he had a conversation with the judiciary chair but i don't think said anything that went beyond the letter. i'm not sure what he can say about the me say that he made. i think this was a reckless and poor endangerment. you don't talk about pending cases, you certainly don't do it right around election time.
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fechld. and the whole bureau of charges that he is favoring one candidate over another, showing things about one but not the other. >> do you believe which charges? >> that he's trying to interfere and show support for one dpalt -- the exercise of surprisingly poor judgment. this may not have been his interest. he may have been concerned about half the people 's blue eyes. by sending this letter is effectively publishing this letter 10 days out, suggesting there could be relevant.
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it puts the clintons trying to defend the negative. i find it astounding that this was done when the director hadn't even read the e-mails, hadn't read them and didn't know the contents. it's like a rush to get this out before the election. >> his argument from his supporters is after the early july clearing of hillary clinton of any wrongdoing, he said she was extremely careless in handling the classified information, but he said there were no charges he would recommend to the justice department, to the attorney general. he testified before congress and he promised members of congress, if there is a change in any of this, i will notify you that there's been a chang. . his argument is i simply lived up to the promise i made. i would live up to this new review. >> first of all, that's not a decision a director should make. he made the commitment if there
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is substantial new evidence, he would look at it. we don't know if this is new evidence before going public, and i don't think that should happen at all before a national election. not understanding what he said, and as ambiguous. both republicans and democrat. it's very hard to clean this up now, because if there are a lot of e-mails to go through -- >> there's tachlt and there are thousands of e-mails maybe involving her and there may be some in the clinton examine is
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try to do is triage, okay? this set is completely irrelevant. this set may be relevant, or do neville. i don't know if that's doablen within the before this election. because this is not doable, the best he can do is a statement that's heavily caveated. even if they say we haven't found anything but we're still looking. once you make this mess, it's very tough to clean up. >> the hillary clinton campaign says they want to release everything as quickly as possible. are you sure that's a good idea, from her standpoint. many. i think it's the right position to the.
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when he said in reasonable prosecutor can move forward. . i think they're quite confidence nothing in these e-pald many. i'm skeptical the bureau is going to be able to do that, and that's why i think. >> you know the fbi director. he has a very good. after his july announcement, no criminal charges would be recommended. a lot he -- as a former deputy attorney general. now the fbi director. he would not have issued a statement like this unless there was something that convinced him there was a significant new development. >> well, you know, i think that's certainly the view the trump campaign has been pushing, but the reality is, he hadn't even read the e-mails. so there's no way for him to
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make that judgment. fm. many. they were only given the legal process of e-mails dealing with anthony weiner, so they couldn't really have gone into the contents of these other e-mails. >> you're a former u.s. attorney in the attorney's office o. form. sex being with a 15-year-old girl, which of course is illegal. if in the course of that, they saw some e-mails which maybe re rent. >> they're not sfoerpsd and the allegations against him, they're not even supposed to go through that. they're not legally entitled to go through that. so presumably, the bureau would
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have followed late. if they looked at the metadata, the to and from and whatnot, and realized they were pertinent -- >> now they have a search warrant and they can review them. >> they can, they can. but i think this compounds the mistake the director made after july when he started to send investigative files, closed case materials to the final. i said at the time it was a mistake. they all have a different word for later. it will be mistake. and indeed, this is where we have now been led. >> do you havy idea how hillary clinton's e-mails, how herl prima primary. >> we're learning everything by leak. i don't know that huma knows how it ended up there.
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what will we disturbed wolf. what we got from that letter was so nebulous and the only other things we've gotten has been by computer, that it wasn't even a device by secretary clinton. that's really sad when. >> some of hourmd. are you among them? >> i'm not. but i do think this was a very serious error in judgment. . i can only think that he thought this was in best reference of the bureau, not to be accused after the election of hiding something, and dog policy, you better have a darn good reason
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to it. this letter just raised far more questions than any could answer. >> do you know if the fbi is now investigating the trump campaig campaigns. is that an investigation that's ongoing as far as you know? is. >> i can't comment on an investigation the bureau may be doing or what the public may be interested in. precisely these questions are why you want to avoid coming out with announcements right before an election. it does open you up to the question about whether you're select. this is exactly the kind of questions the thaer row doesn't to want happen and why there is such a grave error. >> if there is allege going on, shouldn't the. should the american public know about that before the election? >> i certainly have spoken out
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very strongly, as you know, wolf, that the american public should be leveled with person person's afs answer. we need homeland security as well as tapper to talk about. many. people running for office right before election. that's not something that should be done p. that obviously puts the department of justice in a very difficult position, a terrible position. but it's hard to advocate riding bun wrong. i would like to see the. i think the governor has the right to come to the american people and say, this is a mistake.
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i've seen no evidence. we're going through these e-mails. i'm seeing no evidence that would cause me to alter my original judgment in july. >> it was also a mistake with hindsight, certainly, even at the time, for attorney general loretta lynch to meet with former president bill clint ont -- clinton just days before the completion of the original investigation back in july, right? >> i think it was an unfortunate mista mistake. but it created that he was going to return, and it led to her surprise reaction. there's a new ad that the clinton campaign. lyndon johnson, a so-called daisy add. watch a little clip from that
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ad. >> this was me in 1964. >> the fear we had of neek loor. seeing them move forward in this election is really scary. >> i want to be unpredictable. . this will not stop any leader who wants to bomb them? >> is this responsible for hillary clinton because today she, to be calming these fears if donald trump were to become president? >> i think it's important for the clinton campaign to show. i'm so sorry. this is the time to consider nuclear yooult.
2:23 pm
it's a lot of what national security experts, both republicans and democrats, have come out so strongly against him. i staelt swekd. the first was goldwater and hau prl to support goldwater. they brought that individual back to do an ad and it's interesting how the goldwater campaign is having echoes through this one. >> how worried are you right now as a result of this new investigation -- review, i should say -- by the fbi that it's hurting hillary clinton in these final days before the election. you are a big supporter of hers. >> i don't like the fact that at least for the last few days it's changed the topic, because i think there are far more significant issues. people should be sdrigd this election in the last two days. i don't think it will change the trajectory of the.
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what that's what i am thinking about when they go to vote. the drek tore will reach the actual same completion as before. but if that conclusion happens only. that's not much of a way to dpent. >> it's just very hard to the, when they concluded that no reasonable prosecutor would think this was at all chargea e chargeable. fm. it just seems so highly improbable, i can't imagine that happening. >> thanks, as usual, for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. how much more on the breaking news? can donald trump take full advantage of the opportunity
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he's been giving his speech on the state of the campaign. we'll be right back. the heirloom tomato. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery
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our breaking news, fbi agents are using special technology right now to comb through thousands and thousands of e-mails potentially linked to a top hillary clinton aide, and donald trump is rushing to take full advantage of his sudden opportunity. today he's even gone back to michigan who has voted democratic in the last six presidential elections. our senior white house correspondent is with us on the scene. trump is working this for all it's worth, this latest development. >> he really s wolf. aides tell us the gop will be talking about this all week long, delivering the message that hillary clinton only has herself to blame for this latest
2:30 pm
e-mail mess. but make no mistake, donald trump is coming to the defense of james comey. this is a bigger shift from what we heard earlier this year that the fbi was part of this rigged conspiracy for hillary clinton because of her using her private e-mail server. this is what trump was saying here in michigan giving the fbi credit. here's what he had to say. >> i have to give the fbi credit. that was so bad what happened originally, and it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where they're trying to protect her. >> now, trump is speaking right now in warren, michigan, wolf. in his remarks we know just a few moments ago that donald trump said there would be a constitutional crisis in this country if hillary clinton is
2:31 pm
elected president with this investigation going on, and wolf, trump took other shots at the disgrasd formgraced former anthony weiner. trump thanked anthony weiner, thanked huma abedin for basically giving this election eve gift to the trump campaign. wolf, much has been made of donald trump campaigning in michigan. it's basically a blue state that votes democratic in democratic cycles. they're showing that this state is much more competitive. even though we're talking about donald trump campaigning in blue state, he was in new mexico, michigan today, pennsylvania. he has a full slate of events coming up tomorrow and wednesday, so the trump campaign is getting back into business
2:32 pm
recruiting these battleground states. >> thanks very much for that report. let's take a closer look at the electoral map. right now our political reporter is joining us. why is trump actually campaigning in michigan today. he needs to shore up what he desperately needs in those battleground states. >> he may see the opportunity for those internal polls. we're not seeing it in public data yet, but he's there and he was in colorado over the weekend and wisconsin and pennsylvania because this whole area of all these light blue states in these green lines, this is hillary clinton turf and donald trump cannot win the white house without digging into some of hillary clinton's turf. take a look here. here's the battleground map. those six yellow states are the true toss-ups left. let's give them all to donald trump for the moment. nevada, utah, arizona, florida, north carolina, ohio. he's still only at 264. even if he flipped new hampshire, which has been
2:33 pm
leaning in hillary clinton's direction, he only gets to 268. and this assumes, wolf, of course, that he hangs onto a republican stronghold like utah where the third party candidate, evan mcmullen, is giving him a run for his money. so his path is still quite, quite difficult, and that's why we see him in states like wisconsin tomorrow, pennsylvania, michigan today. he needs to bring some turf that hillary clinton is is holdihold he thinks seizing on this e-mail story is the way to do that. maybe he can pull back some hillary clinton supporters, some undecide undecideds. he's hoping in those critical states that they'll come his way. >> i want to bring forward some experts. mike preston, let's start with you. is it a smart strategy for trump to be working on these democratic states? michigan, new mexico, he's about to go off to wisconsin. or should he be working full-time in florida or ohio?
2:34 pm
if he loses one of those two states, it's certainly over for him. >> or north carolina for that matter. it's like a shotgun blast what we've seen in the last 24 to 48 hours. he's not going to win michigan, he's not going to win ohio. he should be shoring up where he might be weakening a little bit and take a look at pennsylvania again. i know it's bigger and he spent a lot of money, but he spent more time there and that's a state better fit for him. particularly when you look at western pennsylvania where he is certainly doing very well out there, but the voters out there are very akin to ohio. that's where he was doing quite well. but to go to michigan and to go to new mexico, i don't understand why. >> pamela, the fbi director james comey are coming under a lot of fire after the july decision from republicans. overall he's had a very good reputation. i know you've been working your sources. what have you been hearing? >> i've been speaking to people
2:35 pm
who know him, and i just got off the phone with a former colleague after this political fire erupted on friday afternoon. i'm told that he's doing okay and he honestly believes he did the right thing, that this was not a shoot from the hip decision to come out and say that he is essentially looking back at the investigation that he had said was a done deal. and the way that he went through this process was that, look, there's two bad choices here. you know, he has the choice of coming out now and going against department of justice policy, or running the risk of it leaking or coming out after the election. so he felt like he made a promise to congress that he would update them if there were any developments, and that is what he did. he truly believes that he did the right thing regardless of all of this criticism that has erupted. >> so jeffrey toobin, based on this information that pamela is giving, he doesn't have second doubts about his decision.
2:36 pm
does he have a realistic choice? because many said it was a very difficult decision. >> he has a decision to make, but i think there is this enormous consensus among government officials that he made the wrong choice, that this decision of staying out of political campaigns in the period right before is sacrisanct. you add to that, the fact that his disclosure did not provide any meaningful information. it simply threw all the card up in the air. it is a decision that will haunt him for a long time. one thing i think we're starting to learn today, though, is this is it. there will not be any more disclosures. when you look at the volume of information that the fbi has to analyze, certainly the worst thing they could do is come out with more information that turns out not to be correct, so it sounds like they are beginning a meticulous review of many thousands of e-mails and whatever answers come from it will come after the election. >> can i add just quickly, in talking to those in the fbi, as
2:37 pm
jeffrey said, it's unlikely and probably not going to happen, to hear from james comey until this is wrapped up. he's not going to give us updates as he learns more about the substance of the e-mails, that they're going to wait, see it through and report it at the end. >> how big of a deal, for example, is this whole development? >> it is a big deal. you saw hillary clinton want to get out there and frame this and really shift the blame to comey. you heard people like holder coming out and kind of forming an echo chamber around hillary clinton's argument, this idea that comey is politicizing this event so close to the election. 18 million people have already cast ballots. early voting is already going on. in 37 states they're already voting. that's a key part of the democratic strategy as well as the republican strategy of going into this. 40% of folks will cast ballots
2:38 pm
prior to election day. so the election is already going on in terms of people making decisions about this. i don't think we know yet what this will do to voters. does it depress democratic vote or does it reenergize them around hillary clinton? maybe they were feeling a little complacent, because in a lot of these polls, hillary clinton looked like she was ahead. maybe it's reenergizing, but you can certainly think it reenergizes republicans. >> more than 26 million voted -- let's say 20 million have already voted. millions more will vote before election day, but some of them are probably saying to themselves, maybe i should wait to get more information. is this an argument against early voting, in other words? >> that's something that's been debated, quite frankly, over the past 72 weeks or so. there is something about opening up the voting and making it more accessible to people. nobody has the ability on election day to get there in the morning and go to vote.
2:39 pm
a lot of people have one job, two jobs, three jobs, for that matter. in some states you can change your vote, we do know that. i'm always erring on the side of let's make it more open to get more people involved in the process as long as the right protocols are put into place. >> we have our elections on the weekday, too, not on the weekend, which makes it more difficult for people to vote on election day. >> people have to go to work, too. if there are long lines, it's difficult to make them wait one hour or two or three to cast their vote. the exit polls shows hillary clinton's vulnerability on honesty and trustworthiness. how does that impact the problem she's had for a while? >> not very much. this is a core weave seen. it's the e-mail that speaks. this is how you know hillary clinton and her campaign think
2:40 pm
it's a big deal, because she did two things today. one, she is still talking about this. she's still, 72 hours later, feeling the need to put this on jim come y so they don't think that's resolved yet in any way in people's minds. and two, she was trying very hard today to get back to the argument that donald trump is not fit to serve as commander in chief in a national security context. that is where they felt strongest throughout this whole campaign, is when they called in donald trump's fitness for the office into question, raised that as a question in people's minds. when you see her doing those two things today, they do not believe yet that they are on firm ground. they're trying to get to firm ground. >> jeffrey toobin, every time hillary clinton talks about this, today, yesterday she talked about it. they say let other people talk about it. we're going to focus on donald trump, the negative qualities he brings, that he's not fit to be
2:41 pm
president, because you're keeping it going. >> this is the general response when people bring bad news. do you respond or do you try to move on? donald trump is still talking about it, and the clinton campaign thought, we can't let him be the only person out there talking about it, so we have to address it as well. i would think, based on the polls that come out the middle part of this week, they will keep in mind about whether they have to keep addressing it. if the polls stabilize, and there haven't been any dramatic changes in the polls, but if her lead maintains, i anticipate she will move to a more positive closing argument. >> everyone stay with us. we have a lot more to assess. we'll have a look at the other woman in the center of the e-mail controversy coming up. is hillary clinton's most loyal, most trusted assistants turning into a major liability?
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breaking news, u.s. law enforcement officials now telling cnn that it's unlikely
2:46 pm
the investigation into a hillary clinton aid huma abedin's newly found e-mails will be finished before the election. she's been working with clinton for many years, alan. >> she's been with her almost 20 years. clinton thinks of her as a second daughter. tonight as she heads down the final stretch before the election, their relationship could be under more strain than ever. tonight one of hillary clinton's closest confidants could be a big liability. huma abedin is again being pushed unwillingly into the spotlight after the fbi director said e-mails related to clinton's server investigation showed up on a laptop owned by abedin and her estranged husband. >> the uncertainty has clearly become a liability where all the misdeeds and misconduct of h
2:47 pm
her estranged husband has become a liability. >> it's been suggested weiner exchanged sexually suggestive texts to an underage girl. there is no evidence that huma did anything wrong. >> i think huma has been completely cooperative with the authorities. they recognize that she's worked with her attorneys to turn in relevant material. >> still, donald trump is seesisees i seizing the moment. abedin has been a constant fixture on the campaign trail, at anteriher boss' side. tonight she is off the clinton plane. she is laying low. sources think she is at home. this dates back 20 years when
2:48 pm
abedin was an intern. it was clinton who reportedly encouraged abedin to go on a date with then new york congressman anthony weiner. they married in officiated. then came the e-mail sexual scandals which weiner was posted in his underwear. weiner then resigned. two years later when weiner was running for mayor, more explicit e-mails were uncovered. >> i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him. as we said in the beginning, we are moving forward. >> reporter: some say abedin should have broken ties with weiner then and were frustrated when she agreed to participate in a film of weiner's run.
2:49 pm
at one point in the film, she looks guilty of weiner. still, hillary clinton has never wavered. >> she's like another daughter to hillary clinton, so i think in the remaining days of the campaign, you won't see her psition changing at all. >> this summer abedin announced her separation from anthony weiner when he was caught allegedly exchanging messages with a 15-year-old girl. there are reports tonight that with a string of embarrassembar, clinton has been told to distance herself from huma abedin. we reached toout to huma hersel her attorneys and have not heard back. wolf? >> if huma abedin's role has not been identified, could there be a problem with hillary clinton's campaign even after all of this? >> huma abedin could still have
2:50 pm
a role as top adviser, but >>sal >> thank you very much, brian todd, for that report. let's bring back our political experts. how damaging is all of this to the relationship between hillary clinton and huma abedin? >> they're incredibly close. it's almost like a mother-daughter relationship. hillary clinton has been incredibly loyal to her, and you see her be protective of huma abedin and vice versa, abedin being protective of hillary clinton. i imagine for both of them it's a very painful chapter their relationship, which is a personal and professional one. hard to see anything changing in the next eight days in terms of her position on the campaign trail. we'll have to wait and see if hillary clinton is elected, what sort of role would huma abedin have in a hillary clinton white house. >> if i can make one point.
2:51 pm
the one thing that any lawyer would tell both of them is, don't discuss this subject. don't discuss anything about her e-mails, anything about this investigation, because they will certainly be asked in a grand jury some day, if it comes to that, did you communicate, did you try to line up your stories? and that could set up one or both of them for a charge of obstruction of justice. so the one thing they should not be doing now is discussing anything about this situation. >> so when huma abedin's friends say she was just as surprised as everyone else that some of her e-mails may have been found on her estranged husband's computer, what was you reaction? >> she shouldn't be talking about this to anybody. anyone who knows anything about the situation could be questioned by the fbi. the only people she should be talking about this entire situation to are her lawyers. >> you covered the justice department. how did we get from the situation where we see james comey breaking with department of justice long-standing policy,
2:52 pm
tradition, and discuss thing new development in this investigation right now? >> so much about this case is unprecedented, given the fact that a presidential candidate is under investigation in an election year, and the fact that he's come out publicly back in july when he came out recommending no charges without even telling his boss, loretta lynch. first of all, none of this would have happened if the private server had never been set up. of course, there was the meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton, and that certainly put james comey in a difficult position, and i think probably influenced his decision to come out publicly. but he put himself out there and put himself in front of congress to testify, which is why he felt obligated to send this letter on friday. >> david, i don't know about you, but this has been such an extraordinary series of developments these past few days.
2:53 pm
sudden anthony weiner, he's involved and determining who might be the next president of the united states. >> right, which is not the name that the clinton campaign was hoping would be back in the headlines in advance of election day. there's no doubt about that. these moments happen in a campaign. we've seen maybe not quite like these moments as pamela described, but we see moments of diversity arrive during a campaign. i think the clinton campaign got out there more aggressively than they normally do on these things. normally it's a hunker down moment. press conference on friday, going after comey. they've been very aggressive about this, because time is limited. >> is it smart on their part to be going after the fbi director so visibly, so strongly? >> they have to put the blame on somebody, and clearly a lot of people think he made the wrong decision. if they don't put the blame on
2:54 pm
him, they have to accept the blame. they created the situation. they set up the server. president bill clinton got on the airplane with the attorney general. so unless you accept absolute blame yourself with this situation, you have to put it on yourself. >>ky tell you from talking to people in the fbi, look, it doesn't bother him that there's so much criticism from the democrats. to him it proves his point that this is not a political move, because he's been praised and hated by the republicans and the democrats during the course of this investigation. >> what's unusual about this situation is you have a lot of republicans criticizing him. maybe not contemporary office holders. alberto gonzales, attorney general under george bush, they're all saying that this was the wrong move. so i think the clinton campaign has political cover, as it were, when someone says this is just democrats against republicans. it's not.
2:55 pm
>> are we going to be talking about this for the next eight days? >> and probably for the next 48 years maybe. if hillary clinton is elected, this is sort of a preview, i think, of what we'll see in terms of investigations. representative chaffetz has already talked about that and the oversight they want to take in terms of investigating hillary clinton. so this is just an appetizer. >> it's sort of up to us what we talk about, isn't it? >> whatever interests the american public. stay with us. coming up, the fbi is using special technology to sift through thousands of e-mails linked to a top clinton aide. officials say it's unlikely there will be a resolution before the election. and stunning information about the insecurity within the north korean regime right now. secret recordings show the distrust goes back decades.
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happening now. breaking news, unlikely resolution. cnn has learned sophisticated fbi software is sifting through thousands of e-mails tied to a
3:00 pm
top hillary clinton aide. but questions about whether they're pertinent to the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server respect expected to be answered before election day. will the swirling controversy sway voters? there is no case. a defiant hillary clinton confronts the uproar rocking her campaign head on and pushes back against the fbi. she questions the timing of the director's e-mail revelation, but also apologizes again, as she makes her closing argument against donald trump. can she regain her footing with just eight days to go before the election? it took guts. donald trump praises the fbi director after months of assailing him for not recommending charges over the summer. donald trump says "james comey has brought back his reputation." and newly revealed secret recordings of kim jong-un's father expos


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