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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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very succinct. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. good morning. thank you for joining me. one week until election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are in the sprint to the finish line. the candidates and their surrogates blanketing battleground states in an effort to rally supporters and convert the undecided. team clinton heading to seven states including florida, ohio, north carolina, and wisconsin. donald trump will also visit wisconsin. but all eyes are on pennsylvania, where running mate mike pence will give a joint address on obamacare later this morning. cnn is tracking all of the fast-moving developments on and off the campaign trail. phil mattingly is in new york with the clinton campaign, athena jones is at the white house, and christine romans is here with me in new york. let's begin with you, phil. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. there's no question, over the course of the last four days, it seems like everything was thrown up, tossed up a little bit.
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the question now becomes, how does this race end up? if you talk to the clinton campaign, they don't believe there's going to be a major impact, because of that letter from fbi director jim comey to capitol hill. but that doesn't mean they're not doing anything about it. take a listen to how hillary clinton had to address it in ohio yesterday. >> i want you to know, look, i've said repeatedly, i -- you know, i made a made. i'm not making any excuses. but i will tell you this. if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead! look at them! and i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails last year, right? >> reporter: so, carol, somewhat defiant there, but actually less aggressive than what we've seen from her top advisers. they have gone full bore after director comey, after the fbi, and his rationale for sending that letter. attacking him of having a double standard for not looking into
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perceived ties between donald trump's campaign and russia or vladimir putin. those are attacks that aren't going to stop anytime soon. here's why. when you talk to clinton advisers, they believe this helps rally supporters. there's no question at all, there were concerns about what this would mean for the broader election. so close to the election when it occurred. but they believe when it comes to volunteers, when it comes to canvassers and door knockers, if they feel like hillary clinton is being unfairly attacked, unfairly maligned, unfairly prosecuted, even, this will help rally that support, that coalition, that is crucial to come out for a clinton win in those battleground states, just as you noted, carol, like pennsylvania. now, where does this leave donald trump? clearly, his campaign is attacking on this issue. and you note enoted, they have r issue they want to attack on as well. that big speech they have, both donald trump and mike pence in pennsylvania today. but the key issue has been republicans coming home to donald trump. one of those republicans, well, he never said he was pulling his
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endorsement, wasn't necessarily thrilled to be endorse him, paul ryan. take a listen to what he said this morning. >> i stand where i stood all fall and all summer. in fact win already voted here in jamesville for our nominee last week, in early voting. we need to support our entire republican ticket. here's the other thing i would say. for those of us who lived through the 1990s, steve, it's sort of feeling of deja vu, and the point i keep trying to make to younger voters who did not live through the 1990s, this is what life with the clintons looks like. it's always a scandal, one after another. then there's an investigation. and what happens, steve, is you never know what's coming next. they live beyond the rules. and they live to work the system to help themselves, to help clinton incorporated. so they could win and she could come in with a democrat congress, the worst of all possible things, if republicans do not turn out and do not vote. >> carol, i think that's going
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to be the key message that you look across the country right now from republicans. clearly, starting to come home to donald trump. hoping that that can somehow boost him over the top, when it comes to hillary clinton. but looking down-ballot. that has been paul ryan's focus for the last couple of weeks, keep that majority in the house. you're also seeing republican donors and fund-raisers that i've spoken to try and maintain that republican majority in the senate. you talk about all those battleground states that hillary clinton and donald trump are fighting over, carol, it looks like most of them have pretty big senate races, too. a lot of fights to happen, only seven days left. carol? >> phil mattingly reporting live from chappaqua, new york, this morning. it's been a blitz for the campaigns and the surrogates. cnn's athena jones following all of this from the white house. good morning. >> good morning, carol. this is it. it's the big final push with just seven days to go. so you have the candidates and their surrogates covering almost every battleground state, trying to cover all their bases. let's start with president obama. he heads to columbus, ohio, today. this is the first stop in what the white house is calling an
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aggressive travel schedule this week to try to make the case for clinton. he's also going to make three stops in north carolina and two stops in florida this week. and it's not just the president who's going to be out campaigning for clinton. you have vice president biden, who's going to be in charlotte, north carolina. former president bill clinton is campaigning in florida today, as is hillary clinton herself. senator tim kaine is in wisconsin. and senator bernie sanders is making several stops in new hampshire. that is a state where he is very, very popular with democrats. you'll remember he crushed clinton in the new hampshire primary up there. so that's on the democratic side. on the republican side, as we mentioned, we'll see trump in wisconsin and in pennsylvania. mike pence also in pennsylvania. those are two states that many say may be out of reach for republicans, but they're hoping to win over to their column. each side trying to block the other's path to 270. when it comes to president obama, we're talking about a president who in our latest cnn/orc poll, has his highest approval ratings since 2009 at
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55%. this is also a time when that poll showed 54% of americans think the country is heading in the right direction. the president and the clinton campaign are hoping his popularity and approval ratings can help get her over the finish line. carol? >> atika jones reporting live from the white house, thank you. we know donald trump likes to brag about not paying taxes. now we're learning how he did it. "the new york times" reporting that mr. trump potentially escaped paying tens of millions of dollars in the early '90s by using tactics that are now illegal. with me now to explain is "cnn money's" chief business correspondent, christine romans. >> good morning, carol. this is a reminder we have not seen his tax returns. the first presidential candidate in 40 years of either party to not show us. so we're relying on what "new york times" has seen. "the new york times" painting a picture of donald trump using the tax code to benefit from losing other people's money. this is the 1990s, a time when trump was scrambling to save his casino businesses. they are in free fall, bleeding cash, and eventually went
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bankrupt. he financed the casinos with debt. he borrowed money to finance the casinos. and that's where "the new york times" said he used these tactics, dubious tactics, to void paying taxes when he lost the money. "the new york times" suggesting that he used losses from his atlantic city casinos to offset taxes on other business income for years to come. the crux of this is when his casinos failed, his creditors forgave much of the debt on the bankrupt properties. suppose trump has a $100 million alone. his casino folds and he can only pay back, say, $60 million. his creditors are then forced to forgive $40 million, which normally would be treated and taxed as income. but the move "the times" claim trump made was converting that $40 million debt into equity, into his own real estate partnerships. the stock wasn't worth much, but that wasn't the point. it made the taxes disappear. it's a move "the times" describes as stretching the tax
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law beyond any recognition. the tactic was outlawed in 2004. it's unclear if trump used it properly or was ever investigated by the irs for it. "the times" quotes john buckley, the former chief of staff for congress's joint committee on t taxation, the tax body there. he said, he deducted somebody else's losses, he is double dipping big time. buckley tell "the times," since the bond holders were also likely declaring losses for tax purposes, trump shouldn't be able to, as well. you can't count the same dollar twice. to be clear, it's impossible to know, to confirm if trump used this tactic. he refuses to release his tax returns. trump's spokesperson saying that "the times" is speculation. speculation. they're misunderstanding or misreading tax laws. basically, though, carol, what this is is another example of how we would like to see his taxes and see what is actually in there. the move they're describing was outlawed in 2004. but at the time, "the times" says his own tax attorney says, we don't think this would survive an audit.
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if the irs saw this, we don't think it would get through. >> but as far as we know, donald trump did everything legally -- >> no, carol, we don't know. we don't know. his own tax attorneys at the time, according to the times, are saying, this is really stretching it. we are right on the limit here. so we don't know. but essentially it's talking about taking other people's money, they invest in your company, you lose the money, the debt is forgiven, you issue stock instead of a debt, and then both parties take the loss. that's something that is now illegal. >> christine romans reporting, thank you so much. so clinton's camp might take on trump's taxes again after this new report. as for the investigation into her e-mails, her campaign manager says the fbi isn't playing fair. this morning on "new day," he questioned why director comey is opening the door on clinton's e-mails, but when it comes to trump's alleged russian ties, it's no comment. >> he's not resolving anything. he's dangling out there that they have some information. we find out that he didn't even have a warrant to know what it was. and he's coming out and saying,
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well, i have some information. it might be important, it might not. >> why do you think he did it? >> it might be pertinent -- i don't know. i don't know. and what was particularly disturbing is that we learned yesterday, when 17 agencies all agree that it was the russians that stole e-maifrom democrats, director comey said, this information shouldn't come out because it's too close to the investigation. >> but just to be clear -- >> why in the world is it too important -- why is it important to hold back information about russians and it's not important to hold back information about a democratic candidate for president? it is mind boggling and director coyle needs to answer this. >> okay. so let's talk about this and more, with me now is david swordlich and jane newton small, the author of "broad influence: how women are changing the way america works." welcome to both of you. we have a lot to dissect this
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morning, as usual. before we start, though, with this russia thing. i want to clarify. the fbi is not commenting on whether director comey advised against mentioning russia as the entity behind the hacking of democratic e-mails and cnn cannot corroborate mook's claims. with that in mind, david, is this a legitimate line of attack? >> to the point you just made, carol, it's legitimate, in my view, if, in fact, what senator reid said in his letter to director comey is accurate, that he was told directly by director comey that they were looking into a link between trump and russians. and if senator reid was at liberty to disclose that in a letter, if the information wasn't classified to the point where he couldn't discuss it outside of the briefing, that he says he received. if that's the case, then, yeah, he, at least, i don't know if i would call -- i think it's a little bit of apples to oranges, but i guess it's fair game. but i would like to say one quick thing, which is that the
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original double standard was that democrats have complained over the last several days about director comey, sending his letter to members of congress, about looking into huma abedin or anthony weiner's device, potentially with e-mails on it. but they didn't say anything about breach of fbi protocol back in july, when secretary -- excuse me, director comey announced and gave a speech, talking about the fact that he was not going to recommend prosecution of hillary clinton. so there's double standards all around. >> okay, so, jay, the democrats are going all in, though, senate minority leader harry reid wrote a letter to the fbi director, james comey, and i'll read part of it. in our communications with you and other top officials in the national security kmint, it has become clear that you contain explosive information about close ties and coordination between donald trump, his top advisers, and the russian government. i wrote to you months ago calling for this information to be released to the public. so i guess my question to you,
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jay, is does director comey have an obligation now to clarify things for voters? >> well, there's a lot of clarification that needs to go on, carol. and this is part of the problem of why you're not supposed to reis sensitive information about investigations, especially when you don't know what they're actually revealing. you don't even know what's inside those e-mails, just days ahead of an election, because it becomes politicized. now you see back and forth, all of these leaks from the fbi, some of them helping clinton, some of them helping donald trump, some of them hurting both of the candidates, and it's going to go back and forth like this. and this is exactly why you don't want to have this happen. because it all becomes politicized. everything becomes politicized. and everything is sort of a conspiracy to get clinton or to get donald trump. and there's no way of knowing a real answer to any of this, unless you really begin to, like, rush these investigations, which is never a good idea, right? you don't want to rush these things and come to rapid conclusions. so you're really not going to go before the campaign what's going on. then it becomes a game of, who
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knows? it's all speculation. >> it kind of makes your head spin, right? the only thing we know for sure, david, there is an inquiry into former trump campaign manager paul manafort's ties with russia. so do voters have a right to know what this inquiry has turned up? >> look, i agree with everything that jay said, and i think you're right, that, you know, we're just talking about an inquiry, carol, right, there could be nothing in the e-mails that have apparently turned up, according to director comey. there could being in to the link between -- the alleged link between the russians and anybody tied to the trump campaign. i think the point is that this was politicized a long time ago. it wasn't just politicized on friday, when director comey sent his letter. >> okay, jay, are voters just covering their ears and just -- >> la, la, la. >> going, whatever! it's all noise at this point, isn't it? >> i think it is all just noise.
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there aren't that many people who haven't made up their minds at this point, if even before all of these latest revelations. so what this really does, it sort of bakes it in and sort of says, this just makes me angrier on one side or another. and gins up enthusiasm, arguably, for both side. and you see that, look, having written a book about women, looking at all of my women listeners in the last two days, they're incredibly angry at the idea of a double standard. and for them, that's a total dog whistle to women. that's saying, you know, there's some standard, there's one standard for the man in the race and there's another standard for the woman in the race. and that gets women incredibly riled up, incredibly unhappy. and that's what hillary clinton's betting on here, by using the words, double standard, is to get the women's vote out and say, hey, this is really unfair. >> interesting. >> so i think it's a lot of -- it's a big question of enthusiasm. and i think both campaigns are using it for their advantage and to get the other person. but, really, i mean, is this going to change any minds in america? >> i don't think either.
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the campaigns and washington insiders are consumed with the latest e-mail scandal, about russia, right? donald trump telling his supporters that it proves that putting hillary clinton into office would throw the country into turmoil. >> the investigation will last
6:21 am
for years. nothing will get done. government will the grind to a halt. and our country will continue to suffer. hillary's corruption is a threat to democracy. >> clinton voters are worried about these new e-mails and confused about what they mean. trump supporters think they're a game changer. >> i think they already know that there's some very damaging e-mails in there. and she's in a lot of trouble. >> but the fbi director hasn't seen the e-mails yet, so how would he know? >> well, his underlings below him, they have to know they're not going to bring that to the attention unless there's some serious information in there that's very damaging for hillary clinton. >> how concerned are you that it could affect the election? >> about -- on a scale of one to them, about a five. >> that means you're somewhat worried? >> yeah. because some of the people that didn't want to vote for her before because of it, it could tip them to trump. >> with me now to talk about all
6:22 am
of this is robert wolfe, an outside economic adviser to president obama and ceo of 32 advisers. and a donald trump campaign adviser and former georgia congre congressman, jack kingston, welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> jack, i want to start with you. mr. trump said that mrs. clinton is a threat to democracy if she becomes president of the united states. really, a threat to democracy? well, i think the idea of a president-elect being under, potentially, a criminal investigation by the fbi, could lead to a constitutional crisis. and i think there's real questions about that. if you look at what has happened between the department of justice and this investigation, the friction with them and the fbi, bill clinton meeting with loretta lynch on the tarmac, totally unprecedented. if you look at the fbi's inconsistency, which i think we all can agree on, it's been a very disturbing investigation, if you look at hillary saying, i
6:23 am
turned over all my e-mails and then saying that she did not know or i don't exactly know what she's even said about having her private server. she had 13 different devices. huma abedin saying that she turned over her e-mails and 650,000 of them turn up on her husband's computer. i mean, this is a very strange year. and yes, i do think that if hillary clinton was elected, we're going to have all kinds of investigations and all kinds of uncertainty. >> okay, jack, i'll go to robert now. unfortunately, robert cannot hear you. >> i can't hear him. >> so try to -- >> i've been on jack before. you know, he's a surrogate, he reads a great script, i have to admit. but as a former congressman, i'm sure he would probably talk about what alberto gonzalez said, republican attorney general, mike mccaskill. they though what fbi director comey did was outrageous. from my perspective, the vote isn't going to be about e-mails. what's amazing is over the last
6:24 am
five days, we had the best gdp in a year, and everyone's talking about e-mails and this process that we know nothing about today. it's complete speculation. and the only thing we know is the last time comey made a direct comment, he said there was no case against secretary clinton. so this is all speculation. we don't know what's in there, at all. >> you know what? why don't we go to a break and try to fix our technical problems, because it's very hard to have a three-way conversation when one party can't hear the other. >> you don't want robert to hear me. >> i'm sure you do. we'll take a break and be back with much more in the newsroom. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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okay. i think we got our technical bugs worked out. jack kingston is back, a trump surrogate and a former georgia congress manning.
6:29 am
robert wolfe also joins me, he is an outside economic adviser to president obama and a clinton supporter. welcome back. so let's dive right in. pardon? >> i said, it wasn't the russians. >> that's true. now i'm having trouble hearing you. so i'm going to standard with robert, because robby mook came out, who's clinton campaign manager, and he said that there's a double standard with the fbi, when it comes to, you know, announcing this new batch of e-mails, from huma abedin and the fbi looking into the possibility of russia disrupting the election. is there a double standard? >> you know, 17 national agencies have come out and said the russia are involved with hacking. you have the trump former chairman of his campaign, possibly involved with doing business with oligarchs there. you have, i think, one of the trump kids made comments about their relationship with russian banks. and then, you know, for a fact,
6:30 am
trump has been incredibly complimentary of putin. so there's definitely something going on, if you look at those four different situations. and someone who was involved in those wikileaks hacks myself, you know, yeah, i think it's important to find out what really happened. and i would like to think that the fbi's taking it much more seriously than this e-mail approach, where actually, they've already said that the secretary had no wrongdoing. >> so, jack, does the fbi director have a responsibility to come out and inform the public about if there are, you know, russian ties to this election? >> i think if there were serious allegations -- i mean, all i'm hearing, frankly, is rhetoric and politics on that. but if there were serious allegations, i think all americans would be interested. and i want to point out, this is all happening under barack obama and hillary clinton's watch. they had eight years to do something about cybersecurity. and what did hillary clinton do? she had her own e-mails, her own devices, and she carried classified information outside
6:31 am
of the briefing rooms? >> but going back, doesn't the american public have the right to know if the russians are trying to disrupt the american election? >> i think they do. and i'm -- i don't think you would have any problem with the trump campaign saying, certainly, if that's an issue, let's find out about it. but, we're in this position right now, talking about director comey, he's become a household name, because of hillary clinton. because she did not turn over her e-mails. she destroyed 33,000. >> congressman, if trump released his taxes, we would see whether there is interest that he owes or is receiving from russian banks. we would see different loans. you and i know that he's the first presidential candidate to not release taxes. and it's not because of an irs thing. because at the end of the day, i've been under audit. i can release mine wherever i want. >> i understand, i would do -- i would be doing what you're doing. you're trying to pivot. the reality is, hillary clinton said that she turned over all her e-mails.
6:32 am
director comey said, that was not rue at all. she said she did not destroy any. 33,000 were destroyed with bleach bit. >> but that investigation happened -- >> that investigation -- >> that investigation -- >> come on, the investigation was closed, congressman. >> it was not -- >> let's go forward. >> and what the director told congressman lamar smith of texas and jim sensenbrenner is i will reopen this if the standards of the threshold are high enough to merit. this idea that there's nothing significant, there's absolutely something significant or he would not have done pinpoiit. >> first of all, it's all speculation. >> it is not speculation! >> let me finish. i let you finish. he has not reopened it and they have not mentioned anything significant. they said, could or could not be pertinent to the case. they don't even know. by that point, when the announcement came out five days ago, by the way, we're still talking about it, today, we don't know one e-mail. we don't know if they went, to and from the secretary. we know none of it.
6:33 am
you know none of it and i know none of it. >> one way we would know if the hillary clinton had turned over the evidence originally and had not destroyed it. huma abedin has 650,000 e-mails. >> that's not true. not true. huma abedin does not have 650,000 e-mails. >> well, that's the number -- >> some of that could be -- >> robert, you're just -- that's just not accurate. >> let's get back to this congressional hearing. jim sensenbrenner asked him, he said, since you closed the case, there has been some disturbing evidence that has come forward. does that make you want to reopen it? and director comey said, no, in my opinion, none of that reaches the threshold. if something does, though, i will reopen the case. >> and the case is not reopened. listen, you're just talking speaking points. you're great at talking speaking points. >> thanks to both of you. thanks, gentleman. i apologize for the technical difficulties. jack kington and robert wolfe. we'll be right back.
6:34 am
i spent 22 years in the air force, and i was a republican for every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until...
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i heard that tape, that was the last straw. i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be... treated that way, and my grandson growing up thinking... that's how you should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot. so hillary's got my vote. we don't see eye to eye on everything, but she's strong, and i respect her. and she's someone that my grandkids can respect too. im hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. president obama cut right to
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the chase and said he missed no words when he sat down with full frontal, samantha bee, for halloween. he called donald trump's comments about hillary clinton's low stamina sexist and that's not all. >> what if when hillary is president, what do you think will be the female equivalent of "you weren't born in this country"? >> that's an interesting question. >> thank you, i have a lot of those. >> i think the equivalent will be, "she's tired." "she's moody." "she's being emotional." >> there's just something about her. >> there's something about her. when men are ambitious, it's just taken for granted. well, of course they should be ambitious. when women are ambitious, why? that theme, i think, will continue throughout her presidency. and it's contributed to this notion that somehow, she is hiding something. >> what a nasty woman. >> with me now to talk about
6:39 am
this is mary katherine hamm, senior writer for the federalist and cnn political commentary and sally cohn, hillary clinton supporter. welcome to you both. >> thanks, carol. >> sally, you could argue that donald trump has called his male opponents low energy, too. remember low-energy jeb? >> well, yeah. look, there's two layers here. right? donald trump insults everyone, right? he insults the male mexicans and the female mexicans. hi insults the male muslims and the female muslims. >> he insults white guys, too. >> right. on some level, donald trump is an all-purpose blankty-blank. i can't say what i want to say. but there is also, at that level, there's also a gender particularliy tity to it. so he can be a particular jerk. and within that, there can be sort of sexist versions thereof. when he says that carly fiorina doesn't look presidential or hillary clinton doesn't look presidential, right? when he says that she doesn't have the stamina. not just low energy, it's a
6:40 am
larger like stamina. she's not quite made for the job in the way that he is. women all know what that means. and frankly, in this day and age, most men can hear that, too. >> but mary katherine, do you think that hillary clinton will really have to deal with that sort of thing if she becomes president for her full term? >> well, first of all, what a pair, samantha bee and president obama. one is an unfunny liberal ideologue boosting the base with bad dad jokes and the other is the president. i think this segment on the show probably did what they wanted it to do, which is to reach the right audience and reach women with this message. and i think that sally's right, that donald trump can insult everyone and also have this particular this particular issue with women, which i think he does. will she face questions in her presidency? will some of them be sexist? will sexism disappear? no. but here's the thing. when he talks about -- when thethe president talks about her having something to hide, that doesn't
6:41 am
just come from sexism. that comes from the e-mail scandal, when you talk about her numbers in trustworthiness and six in ten voters saying they don't find her trustworthy on the honesty scale and almost as bad as donald trump, sometimes worse than donald trump in some of these polls. that comes from somewhere. and a lot of those people are women. it's not just sexism. >> mary katherine is right. a lot of women don't like hillary clinton. but, president obama -- on the other hand, president obama did go there. he said, because hillary clinton's an ambitious woman, that added to her untrustworthiness, and i like mary kathrarine hear a lot of women say, really? >> it's possible for both things to be true at the same time. that sexism plays a role in how we view a candidate like hillary clinton. and at times, sexism has nothing to do with how we view a candidate like hillary clinton. for instance, the fact that the
6:42 am
media has, for, up until fairly recently, gave donald trump a wild free pass, didn't go after him remotely, and hammered hillary clinton over the e-mails, every single chance they got. so that now here we are again, talking about the e-mails instead of, oh, i don't know, trump dodging $100 million in taxes. that repeatedly combined with the 30 years of hillary clinton being attacked over and over and over again, also contributes. whether it's sexism or not, right? >> mary katherine? >> i feel like we're talking about all of those things. and i feel like the clintons, including hillary clinton, have been attacked over many years, because they've done many shady things and tried to cover them up and gotten themselves in trouble doing that. which is exactly the story of the e-mails. and you see the truth of this and exactly what people think about her coming out in the wikileaks podesta e-mails and in the fbi investigation. and voters have a gut feeling about her, that is not wrong. it comes from things she has done, not from just who she is. >> okay. so, i will throw this in,
6:43 am
because samantha bee makes no bones about it. she does want hillary clinton to become president and not donald trump. proof, listen. >> can you tell us a spooky story about what happens if people don't vote? >> donald trump could be president. >> okay. that was very scary. >> yeah. >> let me make it even scarier for you. supreme court justice corey lewandowski. speaker of the house, louie gohmert. >> that was pretty scary. i'm not sure i'm going to sleep well tonight. >> okay, so it's funny. the goal there was to get young people to get out and vote. and i always wonder if that sort of thing works, mary katharine. >> i think the president has fun doing it. is this the place you're going to reach a ton of young voters? not a giant number.
6:44 am
but i think the internet replays are probably what they're going for. frankly, i think michelle obama on the stump is better at that than this particular show. >> sally? >> look, i do think, as mary katharine has been suggesting, over the 30 years of hammering at hillary clinton, i agree, often for some good reasons, but usually exacerbated in relation to that. still, whatever skepticism voters have about hillary clinton is is buried by mounds and mounds of fear and doubt about donald trump. and, you know, sam, i think sam's great. and pointing out along with president obama, you know, halloween is over. but the scariness is not. the prospect of a trump presidency is truly frightening to our children, our friends, our futures. this is some scary stuff. so i think hopefully, that really does motivate young people to get out there and do something about it. >> and i would suspect the other side says exactly the same thing about hillary clinton's presidency. i've got to leave it there.
6:45 am
>> that's the essence of the race. >> thanks to both of you. still to come in the newsroom, iraqi forces have sealed off the last village they needed to clear. within hours, they will have a path towards the city of mosul. 7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
6:46 am
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6:49 am
a rairaqi forces face road bombs and a slew of tactics to stop them from entering mosul. in the meantime, the turkish
6:50 am
military says it's moving tanks and bulldozers towards its border with iraq. but they won't say why. cnn correspondent michael holmes live inn erbil, iraq, with more hi, michael. >> yeah, hi, carol, yeah, that last maintain if you like before the city limits of mosul, iraqi troops, the counterterrorism forces, have been besieging that town all day. they say they now have taken control of it. they're going through and clearing the resistance. they're having a bit of a tough time. there was a lot of sniper fire. twa it was not easy to take. they're now sealing it off and doing clearing operations. the next stop is mosul, the outer eastern portion of mosul, which is then going to be open to iraqi troops.
6:51 am
at the moment, what the timing will be, very much uncertain. a dust storm came in later in the day which has now hit us here in erbil and that sort of slowed down the process in terms of visibility. once they get inside mosul, well, that's when the real fighting is going to begin. there are so many civilians, 1.2 million civilians inside mosul, and their situation is dire. there were thousands more trapped in from outlying villages and towns over the last week or so. literally trucked in and left in the middle of town. women, children, the elderly, and told to fend for themselves. basically put in town to add to the hundreds of thousands of people who are essentially human shields in mosul. it's going to be a very difficult effort to take this city. it's going to take a long time. it's not going to be as quick as the getting to mosul, carol. >> all right, michael holmes
6:52 am
reporting live for us inside iraq, thank you. bill cosby back in court. here he is arriving earlier this hour. this time, he's there for a hearing on an attempt to get the sexual assault charges against him dismissed. the judge will consider whether a damaging deposition cosby gave can be used in his trial. last week cosby's defense team declared he was legally blind, arguing it is case should be block md because he will not be able to determine if he has ever actually seen his accusers. at least one worker dead in an explosion and fire along the colonial gas line pipeline in alabama. officials say the pipeline was undergoing maintenance. it's the second time in two months this crucial east coast supply line had to be shut down. gas prices in the southeast and mid-atlantic states are expected to rise. nearly 5,000 philadelphia area transit workers are now on strike. it started at midnight and is expected to affect subway, bus and trolley routes in the city.
6:53 am
the workers are seeking better salaries, pension options and health care. their transit agency hopes to reach an agreement with the union before election day. regional rail service does continue. still to come in the newsroom, trump condemns another white nationalist supporting him. the robo call used to slam a third party candidate cutting into trump's lead in utah. >> lowehello, my name is willia johnson. i am a farmer and a white nationalist.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
donald trump condemning yet another extremist alt right group supporting his campaign. a white nationalist making robo couples against third party candidate evan mcmullin. cnn's anna cabrera has more.
6:58 am
>> i make this call against evan mcmullin and in support of donald trump. >> it's a robo call targeting third party presidential candidate evan mcmullin in utah. >> even mcmullin is an open borders amnesty supporter. >> the guy behind it. >> they put up a candidate to try to stop donald trump. >> william johnson, a trump supporter and white nationalist. >> there are those of us who want to do our part to help him become elected. >> listen closely to this part of the call that's creating the most controversy. >> evan has two mommies. his mother is a lesbian married to another woman. evan is okay with that. indeed, evan supports the supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage. evan is over 40 years old and is not married and doesn't even have a girlfriend. >> johnson doesn't even live in utah. he's in california. he spent 2000 bucks to tile up 193,000 land lines in the state where polls show mcmullin, a
6:59 am
utah native, former cia operative and devout mormon siphoning the conservative vote from trump. >> it's a close race. but the momentum is ours. >> johnson admits he doesn't really know mcmullin. in fact, he has a hard time pronouncing his name. >> evan mccullen is the candidate. >> when asked about the allegation that mcmullin is gay. >> i don't know whether he is or not. i just said i think he might be. >> i'm straight and that's all i have to say about that. it's not something i feel like i have to defend. of course i'm not happy that he attacked my mother and i'm not happy about the approach it took. but i think it's going to backfire here in utah. >> the trump campaign was quick to rebuke the robo calls, saying in a statement, we strongly condemn this rhetoric and these activities of which we have no knowledge. ana cabrera, cnn. election day in america. we'll have every race and every result. stay with cnn until the very last vote is cast.
7:00 am
the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the end in sight. making final pitches to voters in key states. clinton in florida today. trump starts in pennsylvania where they'll give a joint address on obamacare in about an hour. and trump will be in clinton's sites today as she tries to pivot away from the fbi e-mail probe of one of her top aides. she'll get an assist from none other than alicia, the former miss universe who said trump made derogatory remarks about her weight and ethnicity. team clinton is also dropping this new ad using trump's words about women against him. >> putting a wife to


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