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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 1, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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last vote is cast. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the end in sight. making final pitches to voters in key states. clinton in florida today. trump starts in pennsylvania where they'll give a joint address on obamacare in about an hour. and trump will be in clinton's sites today as she tries to pivot away from the fbi e-mail probe of one of her top aides. she'll get an assist from none other than alicia, the former miss universe who said trump made derogatory remarks about her weight and ethnicity. team clinton is also dropping this new ad using trump's words about women against him. >> putting a wife to work is a
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very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready, i go through the roof. g grab 'em by the [ bleep ] and when you're a star, they let you do it, you can do anything. >> cnn tracking all of this for you this morn. cnn's jason carroll is in king of prussia, pennsylvania, where trump speaks next hour. brianna, let's start with you, good morning. >> good morning, carol. today for hillary clinton is all about the woman vote. she is going to be talking about women and girls, as you mentioned. she will be be in dade city, florida, and she'll have alicia machado introducing her. donald trump ended up in this sort of back and forth with her. she alleged he called her miss housekeeping and this focus coming in tandem with that ad that you just showed. this is perhaps one of the most
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scathing ads that the clinton campaign has used against donald trump, using his own words. so this is her focus today. as they try to change the narrative a little bit. there's so much focus now on the e-mail issue. her aide, huma abedin's e-mails, on her estranged husband's anthony weiner's laptop, they're trying to change the topic of conversation from that. >> director comey felt it was incumbent upon him to announce the fbi had some information he'd never even looked at, but they won't reveal connections to russia. we know that the russians, based on what 17 agencies have all agreed on, that the russians stole e-mails from the dnc, the and it was comey at the fbi
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against releasing this information. why is it important to hold back information about russians and it's not important to hold back information about a democrat candidate for president? it is mind-boggling. director comey needs to answer to this. >> that's hillary clinton's campaign head, robbie mook, who is talking about something else the fbi is looking into, carol, and that is ties between donald trump's world and russia, specifically these hackings that have happened that the obama administration say is the russian, the russians behind the hackings into the dnc systems and the clinton campaign systems, but what we've also learned is there have been some other issues that the fbi and intel officials have been looking at. one in particular that the democrats behind hillary clinton are really hooking on to is this alleged chatter between a russian bank, alleged e-mail chatter, i should say, between a russian bank and a computer device at the trump
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organization. now, they also we've learned from intel officials in various reports, a big report going into "the new york times," that there could be an inknock lus reason behind it. it could just be a spam situation behind it. but these are the things the clinton campaign really wants to rev up. she had momentum and she lost some of that with this story of huma abedin's e-mails. >> all right, brianna keilar reporting live for us from washington, thank you. donald trump will continue to hammer away at obamacare. he and mike pence will deliver a joint address on the policy. cnn's jason carroll is covering that in pennsylvania. good morning. >> good morning to you. sort of a twofold message here this morning. first of all, on obamacare, and then on those clinton e-mails. when it comes to obamacare, mike pence going to be doing some of the heavy lifting this morning, talking about many of the issues we've heard before out on the campaign, donald trump talking about criticizing obamacare, saying it needs to be repealed
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and replaced. talking about rising premiums. their estimation that in places like pennsylvania and in arizona, estimation that premiums are going to rise way beyond 25%. and also, carol, this other message that pence will deliver when he speaks in just a few moments which is going to be about coming home, bringing republicans home, now that we're in the final stretch. trump for his part going to be talking a lot about those clinton e-mails. he has a new line of attack bringing children into the equation. >> you know, i have a son named baron and i want to tell you, she is a terrible example for my son and for the children in this country, that i can tell you. hillary is the one who broke the law over and over and over again. >> you know what's interesting about that, carol, i'm sure you
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remember this when it comes to the issue of candidates and children. hillary clinton for quite some time has been running an attack ad that some of her supporters are saying is very effective, that show children sitting and listening to rhetoric from donald trump talking about women, talking about a disabled reporter. interesting now that donald trump has flipped the script and now is bringing children into the equation, saying that hillary clinton is the one who is a bad influence on children. also want to circle back on something about mike pence and coming home, bringing republicans back into the fold. the top ranking republican, house speaker paul ryan, recently saying that he did, in fact, cast a vote for donald trump. you know, these two had been sort of at each other's throats in some ways throughout this campaign. so paul ryan, one of those coming home. then you've got someone like john kasich who admitted he did not vote for donald trump. he has not come home. instead, he wrote in a vote for john mccain. carol. >> all right, jason carroll reporting live from
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pennsylvania. with me now is larry sabato, center of politics at the university of virginia, and carrie johnson, npr justice correspondent, welcome to both of you. >> thanks, carol. >> okay, so let's start with the strategy of hillary clinton's, larry, she's pulling out all the stops. she's really hammering away at the female vote. good strategy? >> oh, absolutely. that is her ticket to the white house. assuming she has one. she's unlikely to carry men. probably trump will. undetermined percentage. but women have been supportive of her candidacy the entire year and we really are headed potentially for the largest gender gap in american history because she does draw so well among women. she needs to reinforce this at every opportunity and that's what she does on the trail and that's what her advertisements do. >> so alicia machado is going to
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introduce hillary clinton in florida told. is hillary clinton try to bait donald trump by inviting alicia machado to her rally? >> as we saw in one of the debates, it appeared to work before. it may well work again. although donald trump, as you've reported, spending a lot of his time lately talking about this renewed fbi activity surrounding hillary clinton's e-mail. he talked about it again and again and again yesterday. and i don't expect at this point for that talking point to let up from his camp and people close to him as well. >> but, larry, she's even turning this fbi controversy into a male versus female issue by calling james comey, by saying that james comey, you know, there's a double standard when it companiy come also to investigating or talking about an investigation into hillary clinton's em-mails and talking about a possible try between
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donald trump and russia. >> the term double standard is one most women would respond to. she has taken an aggressive stance against the decision comey made. and frankly she should. because that decision has created what i call the comey effect. and it has indeed energized the trump forces. it has brought some wayward reluctant republic partisans back to trump. comey, i don't think he ne necessarily intended it, has hurt hillary clinton's campaign. but it's time to move on. she needs to get back on the offensive on a wide range of issues. she's made her point. most democrats get it about director comey and his decision. and now she has to go back to the themes that put her in front for most of this election campaign. >> so that's why, carrie that donald trump is using this new line, he wants to bring
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republicans back home, which seems to warm and fuzzy, but could it be working in light of what james comey said in light of huma abedin's e-mails? >> as someone who has coverled the justice department, i can't remember a situation when democrats and republicans, veterans of the do j, have bandd together, to send a letter condemning the comments by fbi director comey. these are very high-level people who serve the in the george w. bush administration with comey. they're quite unhappy with his desire or his move to send this letter to congress 11 days before the election. mt white house has come out and said they don't believe the fbi director was trying to influence the election in any way but that talking point has been persuadive among former prosecutors. and controversial even among fbi circles too. >> it apepears the polls are
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tightening. but the polls are tightening when you put them all together. so you were predicting a big hillary clinton win. are you still? >> well, i think she is very likely to win simply because she has much easier path 270, many credible paths to 270, and trump really does need to thread the eye of five or six or seven needles at once, which is very difficult to do. if there's an upset for trump, i know number one on the list for me is going to be the decision by director comey to send that letter, that vague letter to congress, inviting all kinds of speculation. it really has made a difference for donald trump. whether the director intended it or not. it has had an effect. so is clinton still a favorite? yes. but you're absolutely right. the polls have tightened. especially since that announcement. because comey has helped to
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bring wayward republicans home to trump. they haven't liked him, many of them. they have resisted voted for him. but now they focus on clinton and her problems. and they find him acceptable enough to vote for. >> larry sabatto, carrie johnson, thank you. one thing's for sure, ryan is backing the republican candidate at the ballot box. we'll tell you what he said. you pay your car insurance
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house speaker paul ryan revealing today he's among millions of early voters. if you had any doubts about where he stood on donald trump, he cleared that up. >> i stand where i stood all fall and all summer. in fact, i already voted here for our nominee last week in early voting. which need to support our entire republican ticket. >> cnn senior political reporter manu raju joins me now with more. >> good morning, carol. paul ryan doing something we haven't heard from him much. talking about donald trump. one reason why is that he's facing a lot of pressure from trump critics to do more, to say he should support donald trump,
7:17 am
to say he should defend donald trump. but he right now seems to be in a decent position. if not a good position to get re-elected speaker come next year. one reason why is that his detractors don't have a legitimate candidate to run against him. if ryan does have a sizable amount of support among house republicans to be re-elected speaker this january when that vote happened on the floor. there's one issue here for paul ryan going forward. he's likely to have a narrow majority if the house does stay republican. fewer moderates. and a lot of those members who supported donald trump and who have asked him to do a lot more. so will this be enough to get them to calm down, come january? perhaps. because right now there are a handful of folks who are outspoken in their criticism of paul ryan and not doing enough and there are others who are keeping cool for now and waiting to see how the election results
7:18 am
turn out. but this was an interesting moment for paul ryan who has not said anything about donald trump since the release of that access hollywood video or saying very little today. announcing his support. trying to keep the focus on what he thinks could unify the republican party which is attacking hillary clinton. >> so did he actually say he voted for donald trump because i didn't hear donald trump mentioned in his answer. >> yeah, he said that he voted for the nominee. so he didn't say trump's name per se. he said he voted straight ticket and he pivoted to attack hillary clinton which is what paul ryan has been doing for weeks now. so that's clearly something he believes to unify party by focusing on clinton rather than talking about why donald trump is qualified. >> some of the down ballot republicans who are having a hard time, right, with their re-election bids, especially in carolina, although doesn't have much to do with hillary clinton at the moment, does it? >> no, it doesn't.
7:19 am
we're talking about north carolina senator richard burr yesterday trying to fire up his supporters in a private conversation over the weekend. he's got a very difficult re-election race that could determine the next senate majority. but i obtained audio of this private event he had over the weekend, in which he discussed hillary clinton and the second amendment. take a listen to what he had to say. >> doesn't make me feel any better than i walked into a gunshot, i think yesterday in oxford, there was a copy of a rifle magazine on counter. it's got' picture of hillary clinton on the front of it. i was a little bit shocked at that, it didn't have a bull's-eye on it. burr himself said, quote, i apologize for it. burr is try to align himself with trump. arguing in that meeting trump aligns perfectly with where the
7:20 am
gop stands today. he also said, carol, he would do, quote, everything i can to ensure hillary clinton will not fill that final supreme court seat. wanting to keep it vacant for four years. that got a lot of applause in that private meeting. that's also going to be a major debate. if clinton wins, what to do about a possible democratic nominee to the supreme court. >> all right, manu raju, thanks so much. millions of votes already cast but one number looming large. 270. the number of electoral votes needed to win the white house. here to break down each candidate's path to that goal is mark preston, executive editor for cnn politics. hi, mark. >> good morning, carol. no doubt -- >> -- has the -- changed? >> a week leapt befoft before t election and they both have different paths. if you look at this map, donald trump has a difficult map right now, carol. not only does he have to win the
7:21 am
eight battleground states we have identified, but he needs to go on and win also a blue state. so interesting to see that he is in pennsylvania today with mike pence doing an obamacare speech in the king of prussia, one of the suburbs of philadelphia. that would be one of the states donald trump has to win in order to get to that 270 threshold. >> i was talking to larry sabatto and he said the race has tightened up and it's because the fbi director. >> i think so, yeah. we're starting to see now, we'll have more data over the next day or so, carol, where we will actually likely see some tightening up. specifically in some battleground states where you had people on the edges. they weren't necessarily enamored by trump and they weren't enamored by hillary clinton. the question is will they company out and vote for donald trump, these folks on the fence, or will they perhaps not vote at all and perhaps if they were leaning towards hillary clinton?
7:22 am
we're not quite sure about that. but it is interesting today that we're seeing the fbi investigation now being paired by the trump campaign with obamacare, which we've seen rates rise, or they will rise next year, which is going to hurt a lot of people in their pocketbook. >> millions of americans have already voted, mark. what if they change their minds? can they go back and change their vote? >> well, it all depends what state you actually live in, carol. but some states actually allow you to change your vote. look at that right there, states you can, wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, mississippi. what's interesting about wisconsin specifically is that you can change your mind up to three times, carol. talk about being on the edge of not knowing which way to go. but in other states, you're not necessarily allowed to do so. and those states include like new york and pennsylvania or, rather, pennsylvania, florida, some of the battleground states where you're not allowed to do so.
7:23 am
if you do have any question and you want to do it, you should reach out to your state elections board. because it's not something that's done very often. it is very confusing. if you call your state election boards, they'll let you know. >> all right, mark preston, many thanks. coming up in the newsroom, donald trump isn't the only one having trouble winning over establishment republicans. he's also having a tough time convincing evangelicals. why this voting bloc is turn in the battleground state of north carolina. >> i personally plan to vote reluctantly, like, for trump. not that i in anyway, like, would want to endorse him as a person.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. hillary clinton and donald trump are locked in a tight race especially in the swing state of north carolina. the state which in previous elections voted republican is now leaning democrat. one voting group particularly torn over trump, evangelical christians. cnn's jessica schneider live in raleigh with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. you know, the evangelical voting bloc is particularly stressed out by this election. i spent sunday at the rfa church in raleigh where the members there say they have never been this conflicted about a presidential election. they say the issues are very clear. but when it compaes to finding candidate would embodies their ideals, well, that is a lot less
7:29 am
so. ♪ we welcome you in prayer inside north carolina evangelical churches, the mood joyous. >> a season in our country where we're so divided -- >> leaders acknowledging the faithful are struggling. >> i'm seeing stress this year. >> the pastor leads the raleigh free assembly church. >> now we're at genesis -- >> move the of his members are raleiw rallying for trump. >> it was a very difficult decision. if i just look at donald trump as a man, there's no way that i would even consider voting for him, but i have to look at the much bigger picture. >> for marquis, it comes down to his own anti-abortion stance and the future of the supreme court. but with trump's three marriages and the release of that "access hollywood" tape. >> you can do anything, whatever you want. >> some are asking is the republican ticket the highest pick. white evangelicals propelled mitt romney to a narrow victory in the state in 2012. they made up about a third all
7:30 am
voters. >> his lifestyle hasn't been one representative of values i hold. i don't believe he's honest when he takes his -- says he's pro-life. >> he and his wife plan to vote for evan mcmullin, the republican running as an independent. he's on the ballot in 11 states but not north carolina so they'll have to write him in as their vote. >> i can't vote for someone who has been so ignorant in his behavior towards women and towards handicapped people especially. >> and you are handicapped. >> yes, i'm legally blind. and it's insulting to me that he can make fun of the handicapped community and no one has called him out on it. >> i personally plan to vote reluctantly and, like, for trump, not that i in anyway, like, would want to endorse him as a person. >> so it's been a hard decision
7:31 am
for you. >> oh, absolutely. >> rachel miller is 22 years old, a millennial and a prime target for the not who we are pac, a super pac devoted to defeating trump. releasing this popular ad. >> donald trump is dangerous. >> radio host steve noble voted early for trump. it's a pick he struggled with. >> i have to do what i can to stop hillary. i'm not endorsie ining donald t. i'm a prague thmatispragmatist, christian. >> steve noble did cast his ballot for donald trump. he tells me he didn't feel good about it but he is advising his radio listeners to cast their ballots for donald trump who he sees as the lesser of two evils. in the latest cnn poll conducted between october 20th and october 23rd, white evangelicals are backing trump. but of course it is a fight to the finish in these final few
7:32 am
days for those 15 electoral votes here in north carolina, carol. >> all right, jessica schneider reporting live from raleigh, north carolina. with me now is foster freeze, he's the founder of freeze associates and a supporter of christian causes. welcome back. >> carol, it's always a delight to be with you, thanks for having me. >> it's always great to have you here. you are a christian and you're also a trump supporter. what do you say to people who are conflicted about donald trump? >> well, i don't think they should be conflicted if they really embrace their christian values. one of the greatest gifts jesus gave us was forgiveness. a lot of christians are turned off by the fact that hillary clinton is complaining about the terrible image this video presents to america. she's the one who put the video up and is spending millions of dollars to show it again and again and again. >> you mean the "access hollywood" video? >> yeah --
7:33 am
>> nbc put the video up, not hillary clinton. >> anyway, she's running a lot of money to show it again and again. but i thing the important thing is the women i know, they look at this as -- >> shouldn't donald trump -- wait a minute. i want to ask you. shouldn't donald trump be held accountable on that "access hollywood" tape when he was joking around with billy bush? >> well, absolutely, absolutely, he's not to be defensed. and i'm not certainly going to excuse him. the whole idea of forgiveness. i think that's why christians are excited about he came up and said, you know, in the heat of the campaign i've said things i shouldn't and really regret it and i particularly regret if it caused perm pa ed personal pain. he's apologized. if we don't forgive someone, what value is our christian faith if we don't forgive? the women i talk to are more concerned about their health care for kids. i was just in london, carol. you cannot believe the tragedy
7:34 am
the national health care system is having over there. they have 10,000 people who had to wait six weeks for diagnostic tests. they had 29,000 people who had to wait four hours when they went to the emergency room. i think that's what we have to think about is the policies -- >> well, going back to this tape for just a second. because one state, one religious state, that "access hollywood" tape really does bother them, that would be utah. in fact, a third party candidate is doing very well there. so it does matter in utah. what do you say to people in utah who can't vote for donald trump because of the things that he himself has said? >> well, i think they should go back to the bible and read how saul was cutting off people's heads and then became the gre greatest salesman for jesus. he probably won all the incentive awards. i think you look at david who is another guy who was sent --
7:35 am
bathshiba's husband off to war, hoping he'd be killed, yet he became a great fan of god. i think the whole message of christianity here is evidenced in donald trump's progress. you look at where he was ten years ago and where he is today. we have to be excited about that. the whole christian message is when a guy screwed up, you don't put your foot on his throat and throw him on the human junk pile, you help him. that's what christians -- >> some young christians also have a problem with donald trump and i'm specifically speaking about students at liberty university. liberty university's president larry falwell jr. came out in support of donald trump. he talked about that on erin burn ept's show. a group of christian students who attend liberty university wrote this. as liberty students, we watched as the leader of our school loudly and proudly advocated for a man many of us felt compelled to oppose.
7:36 am
trump's boastful unrebetween answer it make many of us feel the need to publicly express disagreement with president falwell's endorsement -- >> we, carol -- >> -- >> and that's why they can't forgive him because he's not sorry -- >> well -- >> -- he's not really sorry about any of these things -- >> well, carol, i think these are young kids, and wisdom doesn't come -- wisdom will come to these kids -- >> these are voters -- >> i have a friend who -- right, but i have a friend who's a sixth of six boys, the youngest of six boys. he says until two of my brothers went to college, i didn't even know chickens had another part other than a neck, so you have to give these people time to mature in the christian faith and know about forgiveness. look at what donald trump has achieved in all of the women he hired. there's no company that hires more women at higher levels -- >> has he exposed his business records so you're able to determine that? >> well, look, i've spent time
7:37 am
with donald trump jr. and with eric and eric's wife. these are the most beautiful wonderful people that you'd want to have as relatives or neighbors. and i think to see the -- you judge the fruit sometimes by looking at the tree. donald trump did something right when you look at how his kids are such wonderful people that would serve our country well and i believe that's what we have to look at. let's think of the issue of the global jihad movement. people are having their heads cut off. people are being dumped into cages and drowned to death. and hillary clinton -- >> i'm glad you brought that up -- i am glad you brought that up because we have yet to hear donald trump's plan for defeating isis. do you know what it is? >> well, i wonder, did anybody know what mcarthur's plan was to go in, did eisenhower put on a press release, i think we're going to hit normandy at 4:00 -- >> so it's okay for donald trump to keep his plans secret, all secret? no devul jens of anything, no
7:38 am
part of the plan? >> absolutely, i mean, but look at what hillary clinton said. hillary clinton said, i'm for arming the kurds and i'm for a no-fly zone. she's in power. why don't we have a no-fly zone. why don't we have the armed kurds -- >> because she's not in charge of how the military -- she's not as secretary of state. president obama has the ultimate decision in that. >> okay, i have a little point to disagree slightly. i said to the guy named brett who's responsible for iraq policy in the state department. a small meeting with the israeli, with the ambassador to iraq from america and with president barzani and basically he said we have to be careful about arming the kurds, our state department policy, our state department policy is we have to be careful not to give them too much aggressive firepower for they'll succeed and our friends in baghdad, the shiites in control, will be very up happy with this so clearly a
7:39 am
state department policy. >> is donald trump against arming the kurds then, do you know? >> no, no, my heavens, he knows they should be our surrogate boots on the ground. i've been trying to champion for three years. when i went to camp tiger, the peshmerga camp on isis front lines, they told me the simplest things. they don't have night goggles and the bad guys throw glen nameds in the buchkers at night and they can't see it coming. they can't debug the booby traps that isis sets up. i heard yesterday from my contacts there that the coalition is doing much better and they're providing much better arms. but they still have so many things we could provide them. i asked ed royce who's in a position to provide a field hospital. they don't have a field hospital. they have to take their people way into erbil or whatever. i think our treatment of the kurds has not been -- but the most important thing, carol, is the point that hillary clinton says she's for arming the kurds. i talked to van jones, geraldo
7:40 am
rivera, they're all in favor of arming the kurds -- >> -- part of her plan, that's all i'm saying, is that i think many voters want to know how exactly donald trump is going to defeat isis and he has yet to tell us. but i have to leave it there. i do appreciate your being -- >> look -- >> i do appreciate your being on my show. i do appreciate it, foster friess, thank you so much. >> come see us in jackson hole, bye-bye. >> i will, thank you so much. it's all been leading up to this, election day in america. we'll have every race and every result. stay with cnn until the last vote is cast. coming up in the "newsroom," iraqi forces have cleared their last village just outside mosul. their next step inside the city itself. new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new and my cold medicines' ugh, iwearing off.chtime
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an iraqi flag is now flying open a tv tower just outside of mosul. next stop will be inside the city itself. iraqi troops have sealed off the last village they had to clear before breaking into mosul. in the meantime, the turkish military says it's moving tanks and bulldozers towards its border with iraq. it says it wants to be prepared for anything that might happen. cnn correspondent michael holmes is in erbil, iraq, with more, hi, michael. >> hi, carol. yes, iraqi forces approaching the eastern outskirts of mosul from a number of directions. three main directions. but the most significant battle a place called gardali, literally the last population center before you're at the doorstep of mosul. that operation went on all day. it wasn't easy going either.
7:46 am
there are a number of factors. isis snipers. even remote controlled car bombs that were used against the iraqi forces as they went through a number of ieds as well. they ended up encircling the town. they're now clearing it of those devices and the last pockets of resistance. a flag planted on a tv tower there literally within sight of mosul. one complicating factor, perhaps a portend of things to come, the town has civilians inside, so iraqi forces having to be cognizant of that. they ask people to stay indoors. part of the clearing is going through 25,000 residents to weed out any isis fighters who may perhaps have tried to blend in with that local population, screening all these civilians has to happen everywhere they go. you mentioned those turkish moments. they are significant. turkey has a few irons in the fire.
7:47 am
they're dealing with kurds inside their own borders, the ppk, but they're also worried about shia-led paramilitaries now in the fight to the west of mosul heading towards a significant place called tal afar, a hot bed of isis support but home to thousands of ethic turkmen who have historical ties to turkey. turkey said if the shia-led militaries go into tal afar, they won't stand for it. potentially then you've got another conflict brewing on the edges of the fight for mosul itself. it is, as it has always been, a very complex battlefield, carol. >> michael holm, thank you. still to come, hillary clinton's camp thinks the new fbi probe into her e-mail server is a double standard. actually, it's not into her e-mail server, it's into the lab top of anthony weiner. her team wants the fbi director to talk about trump's alleged russian ties too. whoa, this is awful, try it.
7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:51 am
hillary clinton's campaign is ripping its fbi chief james comey this morning, hinting
7:52 am
there's a double standard at play. >> well, he was also asked repeatedly under oath in hearings whether he was investigating connections between donald trump and russia. he refuse to answer that question. yet he has absolutely no problem whatsoever coming out and talking about investigations against hillary clinton. it's a total breeach of protoco. we didn't cause this problem. james comey opened this door and we're just asking for him to make this right. >> right now fbi officials are cataloging 650,000 e-mails discovered open the laptop of top clinton aide huma abedin's estranged husband anthony weiner. so let's talk about this. with me now is kenneth springer, former fbi special agent. welcome, sir. >> good morning. >> okay, so let's just start with the double standard. is there a double standard at play here with what james comey has decided to share with congress? >> i think it's somewhat
7:53 am
unprecedented. because there's doj protocol that government does not influence elections. so if you're question is why did he come out and respond last friday about this, i think that's due to the fact when he appeared before congress in july, he said if he comes up with any substantive information, he'll get back to congress. >> so he hput himself in the bo and now it looks bad for him all around? >> i think he did what he told congress he would do. congress obviously made it public. and so now everyone's making assumptions. >> okay, let's talk about the 650,000 e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop. that seems like an awful lot of e-mails. where did they come from? from his deleted file? do we know? >> i don't know if we know enough about that yet. as you probably know, even if something is double deleted, it's still there. what the fbi is -- are experts
7:54 am
at is imaging computers, recovering deleted files. when they image it, it's essentially making copies of it and preserving the original for court evidence. and once they work off the copies, what they'll do is use sophisticated software or in the old days we used to call it search terms to try to narrow down what e-mails may be of interest to them. >> there might be duplicates within the 650,000 e-mails and they'll just automatically throw out because they have nothing to do with anything? >> exactly, you can put in some key search terms. you can also ask it to take out any duplicates, you know, may look for the term "classified," maybe "secret." it could be for instance "benghazi" and they can narrow it down. the fbi has the manpower. you know, they've got the technology. more than anything, the methodology to investigate large-scale investigations -- >> so we're seven days out, so
7:55 am
is it possible they'll have narrowed down these 650,000 e-mails into a nice tidy pile they can maybe say something about them? because we don't know what they have to do with if anything with hillary clinton or benghazi or anything. >> we have no idea yet. i don't think the fbi is going to make a statement before that. no matter if they find a treasure trove of information. there's no smoking gun in this. even if they find information, they're going to want to talk to witnesses. they want to show there was intent or knowledge. they're not going to go -- they want to be thorough. >> so this is going to bleed over into after the election and -- >> i believe so. it could go on for a long time. and once they -- you know, the experts what they're really good at is interviewing people. >> uh-huh. >> and you never know when you talk to people where the chips may fall. someone may cooperate. some disgruntled parties may assist them.
7:56 am
either there's no case there or there clearly is. >> we'll all be waiting. thank you for coming in. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. ♪ if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare to enroll... in a plan that could give you the benefits and stability you're looking for, an aarp medicarecomplete plan
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you do not need to look at the calendar, forget about it, just look at the campaign trail and you can clearly see time is running out. both campaigns throwing everything but the kitchen sink at these final days. donald trump and mike pence hitting the trail together. you're looking at live pictures of the event they'll be hitting up in pennsylvania. their show of force together to take the stage any minute now. we'll bring that to you live. up against renewed focus on her e-mail controversy, hillary clinton this morning may be


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