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tv   New Day  CNN  November 2, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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we're following a lot of it. let's get to it. >> i'm only a messenger. but you have to say i'm doing a pretty good job as a messenger. >> by the time you add up all the people he insulted, that's more than half the population of the united states. >> if we don't repeal and replace obama care, we will destroy america health care forever. >> when i listen to donald trump's dark and divisive vision, i sometimes don't know what country he's talking about. >> you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great, again, okay. >> this is a big deal. we cannot take anything, anybody, anywhere for granted. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. hillary clinton and donald trump making their closing arguments. clinton going after trump's character and what you heard her say there his divisive vision as she stems the fallout over her
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latest fbi probe over her e-mails. >> donald trump is sticking to the script staying off the news shows and just stay on crooked clinton and blasting obama care. he's also making a last-minute pitch to voters who have already voted in early voting in this election. he said if you voted for clinton, change your vote now. just six days from election day. let's begin with cnn's phil mattingly live in orlando. phil? >> well, good morning, chris. for four days it was a sustained and deliberate attack from the clinton campaign and hillary clinton herself on fbi director james comey for that letter he sent to capitol hill. yesterday a shift. here's why. the clinton campaign is very cause cognizant. they want to spend the next seven days talking about donald trump. >> why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who, a bully. that's who. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to turn the page and get
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the focus back on to donald trump. >> we've never had someone so unqualified and unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> reporter: after days of intense scrutiny over a new fbi review of e-mails that could be related to her private server, clinton campaigning in florida with the woman she thrust into the national spotlight at the first debate. former miss universe alicia machado. >> he even called me names. he said to me, miss housekeeping -- >> reporter: deploying a new ad attacking trump's incendiary remarks towards women. >> so you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that either. >> reporter: all part of clinton's pitch to female voters. a crucial voting bloc for a campaign looking to regain its momentum. clinton also using a tried and true campaign attack over trump not paying taxes.
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>> he took everything our great country has to offer and scooped it up with both hands and then paid nothing to support us and then he has the nerve to call our military a disaster to insult p.o.w.s. >> reporter: clinton's campaign raised $11.3 million in just 72 hours after the fbi's letter to congress. cash immediately put to use to hit trump with attack ads in four states that have leaned blue. clinton's frustration with trump's rhetoric reaching a boiling point. as she confronted a heckler at a rally last night. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> reporter: alisyn, more than a few eyebrows were raised when the campaign did commit to the television ad buy in the blue
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states. is donald trump gaining? are there problems? heading out west and hitting nevada, a well-known battleground state and also stopping into arizona. you talk to clinton campaign advisors and that's not because they're trying to expand the map, they look at that state as a very real battleground. the hispanic turnout in that state. they believe they have a real opportunity there. so, you see both candidates going into enemy territory trying to flip those states. tell you this, if hillary clinton wins arizona, that race is definitely going her way. alisyn. >> very interesting to watch how the map and the sands keep shifting during this election. phil, thank you very much. donald trump staying on m message focusing on clinton's e-mail and he wants to -- sara is live. >> this is donald trump's new
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message in the wake of the late-breaking news from the fbi telling voters, look, it's not too late. you can still switch and support donald trump. >> this is maesa amessage for a democratic voter who have already cast their ballot for hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump making a pitch to hillary clinton's early voters. it's not too late to change your mind. >> reporter: one of several states where voters can legally switch their vote. >> a lot of things have happened over the last few days. >> reporter: trump arguing the fbi's decision to investigate e-mails sent from one of clinton's top aides is reason enough to reconsider clinton. >> she has really no one else to blame but herself. >> reporter: despite the fbi admitting it doesn't know if the latest batch of e-mails is even significant, trump claims -- >> she is likely to be under investigation for many years.
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probably concluding in a very large scale criminal trial. >> reporter: trump taking an apocalyptic tone. >> we will destroy american health care forever. >> reporter: stumping with mike pence as the two seized on premium hikes and rolled out their own proposal. >> obama care is a catastrophic proposal. >> includes health savings accounts. a nationwide insurance market where you can purchase across state lines and letting state manage medicaid dollars. so much better. >> reporter: in the election's final week, trump's campaign says it's launching a $25 million ad blitz in battleground states. the campaign throwing a hail mary, going after states that currently look out of reach. while pence makes overtures to those republicans put off by their own nominee. >> it's time for us all to say
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with one voice to our fellow republicans and conservatives, it's time to come home. >> reporter: now, if you look where mike pence and donald trump are campaigning today gives you a sense of how they're trying to play offense and defense at the same time. pence is going to arizona and this is a state that has been tilting red, but is now looking a little bit more like a battleground, but he's also hitting up new mexico and colorado. both states that have been tilting blue. but where the trump campaign believes they can make end roads now late in the game. as for donald trump, he will be campaigning in a much more traditional battleground state. florida. we expect them to meet on the economy. >> sara, thank you very much. joining us now is steve cohen of tennessee. he is a clinton supporter. haven't seen you in a while, congressman, how are you doing? >> chris, good to be back with you. i'm doing a lot better than last time. >> i was going to say, i would have chalked up your personal situation to one of the most bizarre things i've covered in
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politics. but now we have this election in front of us and you have dropped down the list and second place. >> good. >> how do you tell people -- how do you explain what this choice is about in this election a question of who is less bad? >> it has become that of a lot of people. secretary clinton has a lot of experience and knowledge of government and world affairs and how to deal with people in a rational way. the other candidate is the most, in my opinion, bizarre candidate that we ever had on a national ticket. a narcissistic individual with an attention span of a flee. and the idea that he's the candidate of the republican party to any decent, historical republican that thinks of dwight
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eisenhower and charles pursy and bill schaefer and thinks of george romney, any of those type people. the republican party had people that understand the issues and presented candidates that can act as president even if their positions were more conservative than the democrats. but this year is the choice between confidence or incompetence. and i think the american people would choose the right candidate and we'll have somebody that can see that we honor our obligations with nato to protect people. i've been to the baltic region and those people are very fearful of russia. we can't have a person like trump who might be making deals that make the trump plaza or some other russian country or some other business enterprise a priority over our nation. america first. >> two states of play. the first is whom do people like better? the most historically negative numbers for both of these candidates. you have the write up on the
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screen for the audience right now. favorable. 46 and 40. at this point in an election, almost unheard of for two nominees. unfavorable, 52 and 57. almost 60 for trump. again, unheard of. so, what do you say to people who say, i don't like her for 1,000 reasons and i don't like him. so, it's a wash. what do you say to them? >> it's not a wash. i understand that people don't like both candidates and the unfavorables are so high. but secretary clinton is knowledgeable and competent. she served in the united states senate, she has been secretary of state. when she was first lady. she was active in all the issues that were affecting america then that affect america today. education, health care -- >> that's what people use against her. use it as a negative. as you see in your state people are acutely desperate for change and the system is rotten to the core and they are worth -- they
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believe it is worth it to take the risk on someone like trump because they are so desperate for something different. >> well, unfortunately, some people that do that aren't looking at the lack of ability that trump has. trump has a plan for them. he doesn't have an economic plan. he doesn't have a foreign policy plan. he has no plan at all and change is one thing and taking the course of state and putting it off to wreck it is another. and you would wreck it by putting somebody in that does not have the experience or the demeaner to lead this nation. trump doesn't work with congress and trump doesn't understand the three branches of government. he thinks he can just appoint people without the senate confirmation on the supreme court. he wouldn't work with foreign leaders. and he's just that person to jeopardize everything the united states is about in terms of our relations with foreign nations. i understand the need for change. we need change in this country and we certainly are going to
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have it. but change is normally evolutionary, not revolutionary. and you're more likely to get that evolutionary change with secretary clinton who is going to guide us in the right direction and guide us in the direction that president obama is taking us to try to make things better. listen about president obama being the closer. he is mariano rivera and he is going to get out there and throw that hardball and people are going to get out and vote and they better vote because it's civil rights on the line and health care on the line and it's the middle class that is in jeopardy and the middle class that doesn't get it. they have been bamboozled by this guy trump who is about himself. >> i'm going to end it on that, congressman cohen. you win for that reference. >> lawyers, guns and money. >> i know that. thank you very much. congressman cohen, you always surprise. thank you very much. alisyn? >> i was afraid it was going to be werewolf in london.
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>> you win. >> we like the musical references always. john former chief of staff to president george h.w. bush. he supports donald trump. good morning, governor. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing well. hillary clinton is making her closing argument that donald trump's character disqualifies him to be president of the united states. she cites his offensive comments towards women and muslims and hispanic and she says that's revealing of his character. what do you think of donald trump's character? >> look, she's doing this because she got pressure from the down ballot and the democratic side that she kept talking about comey, all it would do is remind a culture of corruption and that was oozing down to the candidates. you had people talking about virginia where mcauliffe raises
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money with the clintons and gives the $500,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi who eventually was examining the clinton case. even creeps down into new hampshire where maggie is running against senate ayotte and comes under scrutiny and people find out she took illegal contributions and involved for pay for play when she was governor on state contracts. even the candidate running against my son who last night in the debate wouldn't answer the question about his involvement for pay for play, he tried to pivot away. this is a climate of corruption that the democratic candidates around the country told hillary that if you keep talking about comey, it's pouring down on us. >> do you think that donald trump can fix that climate of corruption? >> i think so. i think, look -- donald trump is certainly a relatively course guy. but mrs. clinton is a relatively, not relatively, a
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significantly dishonest person. so, when voters have to choose between courseness and dishonesty and they're being reawakened to that dishonesty with this investigation, i think you're going to see them moving to donald trump. >> okay. i ask you about his character, governor, because you have changed your tune on donald trump. you were not supportive of him. in fact, during the primary, you were on record as calling him stupid. you said he would be disastrous for the united states and you wrote this op-ed at the time that you said trump is cut from the same big government cloth as barack obama. he welcomed the obama stimulus packages. he supports government-funded universal health care. we must not drink the trump kool-aid. so why now can you drink the trump kool-aid? >> that's why my endorsement carries weight. because when i look at hillary clinton, even with any of those burdens, donald trump is an order of magnitude better for the country. hillary clinton has got a policy
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of free tuitions, a policy of single payer health care and those issues that will take us down the slippery slope of socialism. her two favorite surrogates are the avowed socialist bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. that's the choice. when you make a choice, you pick between those that have significant problems. hillary clinton's problem is a horrible policy and a clear definition of her as someone with proclivity to personal enrichment and political power. >> and you don't think that donald trump has a proclivity towards personal enrichment? >> i haven't seen any of that in his public life. in his private life, he's an aggressive businessman. but the clintons have sucked on this process in public life. you see the tying of the foundation to bill clinton's pocket in the doug band e-mail where he talked about bill
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clinton inc. you see mrs. clinton on issues like the uranium issue leaning towards those who have given money, not only to the foundation, but to the bill clintons and the hillary clintons and speaking engagements. they have put money in their personal pocket and they created institutions for personal, political power. >> governor, what about the trump foundation that we know made an illegal political contribution and it may have paid off some legal fees. the things that charitable foundations are also not allowed to do. >> look, let's look at a foundation of the order of about $1 million or so. a couple million dollars. >> sure. but same practices. >> you're talking about $1 billion worth of influence p peddling. can you imagine the clintons saying get your donations in before the end of the year because we might at the end of the year taking foreign donations. they said, in essence, put your
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bribes on the table now because we may shut it down later. >> because you think mr. there is more money involved on the clinton side, even though some of the same practices you are criticizing, donald trump there is evidence of him having done. >> look, you quoted one instance. if you would give me 20 minutes here, i will go through the litli litany of 100 instances for the way they played with morocco and the money they took from ethiopia and the way they played the middle east royal families and the way they put $900,000 speeches into bill clinton's pocket. from the way they played dishonestly with the canadian foundation. if you give me 20 minutes, i'll put that against the one you put up on donald trump. >> i said there were two. two instances that i gave you. but, listen, governor, governor, i, too, am cognizant of time. after the election, you and i can have a 20-minute debate
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about anything you'd like. governor, thank you so much for being on "new day." let's get back to that breaking news out of iowa. a massive manhunt under way in the des moines area. police say two officers were shot and killed in separate ambush attacks. both officers found dead in their cruisers. the shootings happened within blocks of each other. about 20 minutes apart police believe at this point. they're working on a description of the suspect. there may be multiple suspects. we're staying on this and as we get information, we'll bring it back to you. back to politics. hillary clinton is trying to turn it it back on trump's character. will the enthusiasm of trump supporters affect her strategy? we'll discuss all that, next. ♪
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six days. count them. until the election. hillary clinton is shifting her focus back now to donald trump's character. >> when i think about what we now know about donald trump and what he's been doing for 30 years, he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women. i would frankly rather be here talking about nearly anything else. like how we're going to create more good jobs and get the economy working for everybody. but i just can't talk about all the good things we want to do because people are making up their minds. this is a consequential choice. >> so, will that quell the looming questions about the fbi's new e-mail probe? let's bring in cnn political commentator and former donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski and christine quinn. she is a hillary clinton supporter. great to see both of you.
4:25 am
>> thank you. >> christine, let's talk about whether there is some irony here. hillary clinton says i would like to be talking about my bright vision for the future and my plans, but i can't, because i have to talk about donald trump's dark character and dark vision for the future. >> i don't think there is any irony or anything of that nature there. i think what the secretary is doing in the six days is making an important part of her closing argument. reminding americans what we've seen throughout the course of the primary and throughout the course of the general election and what we have come to know about donald trump. he is a man who attacks women verbally. we've seen that over and over. he is a man who has 12 women alleging that he sexually assaulted them. he is someone who has attacked mexican americans. go down the whole list and somebody who has spent decades, decades when the secretary was in public service. decades avoiding and hiding from
4:26 am
taxes and then -- >> we dealt with those and know those stories. you're saying it's okay to focus on those negatives instead of a bright future. >> i think it's a necessity in this race. she's right. you would rather and i think corey would say this about most of his candidates. you would rather be talking about your vision and your future. but future plans for the conor wherever you're running. but in this case, the threat of donald trump, of his discriminatory view, his being a person who is just endorsed by the ku klux klan's newspaper and the threat is so huge. >> he's denounced. >> but, nonetheless -- >> you're saying it's important to keep reminding the voters of that. >> he is a dangerous person. >> that is your closing argument and her closing argument. >> part of it. we have six days left. >> very good. let's talk about what it sounds like. basically, i'm going to repeal
4:27 am
obama care. he talked about that yesterday and talked about it a lot and he doesn't provide a lot of solutions, particularly for the dozens of millions of people who are already covered, who have insurance. does he mead in the closing days to be more specific? >> i don't think so. what i think this election is about is change in washington and you have an opportunity right now to have a person who, you know, many people say hillary clinton is the most qualified ever to run for president of the united states. that's under the premise that you want someone who has extensive government experience. what donald trump is laying out is a different vision which is a vision of, look, the republicans and democrats have failed you for 30 years in washington. we know that's not the case. people are opening up their premiums right now. 25% on average increases and some places over 100% increase. that's not what the american people want and not what they were promised. what he's saying, give me an opportunity to change your broken system. if i can do that for you, you're better off. positive vision for america and
4:28 am
what you see right now, you could have a reason to vote against somebody or a reason to vote for somebody. what he's doing is laying out his reason to vote for someone. >> take care of 85% of those premium rises. that's important for people to know that they're not panicked. but, next, convene a special session of congress to get this accomplished. congress would be in session. should voters be concerned that he doesn't exactly know how the branches of government work? >> nonetheless, the date of the election. >> i think what you have to remember is, sure, there's still -- there's like 7 million people that don't qualify for the subsidies and even the people who don't qualify for the subdu subsidies will have a massive increase in their premium. >> what hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about and she doesn't want to talk about clinton inc. and the clinton foundation. what we saw today for the first time is her honest and trustworthy numbers are down another 7 points in a week. that's real concerning when she
4:29 am
is prosecuting a case against the fbi and not saying what she wants -- >> still a tracking poll could be concerning for hillary clinton. >> americans really need to listen to because when asked if donald trump owed the american public specifics about what he was going to do, the answer was no. the answer was no because he doesn't have any. he doesn't have any specifics that we've seen with not knowing congress is in session and giving out wrong dates of the election by a significant number, not just a day or two. the end of november. i think most americans know that's not the case. over and over has shown us he's making it up as he goes along. and change it can be a great thing. but if you go from a lane where you're following the road and you know where you're going to a strange where you switch lanes and get off the wrong exit and entirely lost. this is change to a man who has no plans and doesn't understand how to get things done in a governmental setting and has run a business that we're
4:30 am
questioning how well he ran it because he won't show his taxes and someone who has policies against women. that's not good change. >> i want to stop you there about his business. new reporting from "newsweek" and we just interviewed the reporter. and this one on donald trump's side "newsweek" found that donald trump's companies have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of e-mails, digital records and paper documents demanded in official proceedings often in defiance of court orders. i'll stop there. wouldn't that also be an irony alert? >> this is the amazing part, right? never once did kurt indicate that donald trump was personally involved with any of this. donald trump has never -- >> how do we know that. >> huma abedin has -- >> responsible for -- >> we know unequivocally that the fbi announced 650,000 e-mails to look at and a
4:31 am
reporter that has no factual basis whatsoever that this has taken place. >> he reported and went back and looked through all sorts of court documents. >> alisyn, this is what they do in the trump campaign. they hit the reporter. >> big difference between an fbi investigation into a criminal matter with classified information or someone who -- >> it hasn't risen to that, yet, corey. >> was there a crime? >> what crime? >> they are saying he has hidden from all sorts of court proceedings and destroyed documents. >> that is a crime. >> no evidence to document that whatsoever. >> he says that he has gone through tons of court documents. >> he has access to the trump internal campaign. >> you're saying this is not true. there's not a single ioda, a shred of evidence. >> not one. if we want to talk about e-mails in this campaign -- >> first of all, this isn't about e-mails. it's about dawned trump and his supporters trying always to divert the things that have gone wrong in the trump organization.
4:32 am
the things that have come out of donald trump's mouth and make them not about him. and, actually, it is related to the russians. so, this is an example of donald trump -- stop. >> that's not necessarily true. >> it's not true. and this just shows that the end of the day the trump campaign will say anything to deceive america. >> thank goodness we have six days left to continue to debate all of this. guys, thanks for being here. chris? >> it's not over after the election. you have to stop telling yourself that. time for cnn money. both presidential candidates spending millions on tv ads. christine romans in our money center. at the end of the day, money talks. >> money talks and every penny spent is so strategic here. $44 million will flood local stations and cable channels. the clinton campaign and her super pac spending $25.5 million on ads in this final week. donald trump's campaign and outside groups are spending
4:33 am
$18.6 million. those numbers will likely grow. campaigns say they will dump millions more into battleground states. now, clinton has spent the most on national cable networks and purchased $2.4 million of ad space in florida and pennsylvania and ohio big targets. the campaign says it will spend six figures in colorado and michigan and michigan polls show solidly blue and they're spending some money in michigan. trump is doubling ad in florida and also spending big in pennsylvania and ohio, you guys. every penny, every campaign stop matters in the next six day. how is the road to 270 electoral votes looking for hillary clinton and donald trump today? our political director brings us an update, next.
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so many numbers being thrown at you about this election, right. but focus it this way. this is all about getting to 270. that's what matters ultimately. that's why you're going to see trump now digging in to hillary clinton's turf and trying to win some states there and help his map effect. so, let's take a look at that specifically. cnn's political director david chalian has a look at the battle for 270. >> donald trump has been spending some time in some blue states of late like wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. this is all part of hillary clinton's blue wall of defense. we've got some recent poll numbers that show us in some states that wall of defense is actually holding for her. take a look in new hampshire. there's a new poll out there shows a seven-point lead for hillary clinton. 46% to 39%. let's go down to virginia. another state that has been leaning hillary clinton's direction. and that fire wall seems to be holding there.
4:39 am
48% to 42% in that recent poll. and, in fact, even in battleground north carolina, a true toss-up state, we have a new cnn poll of polls five polls out of north carolina since the last debate, average together 46% to 42%, a four-point lead in a critical battleground state. and let me show you why it's so important that this blue wall holds for hillary clinton. here's our electoral map. all the yellow states are the true tossup battleground states. remember, if we were to give donald trump each of them nevada, utah, arizona, florida, north carolina, ohio, he's still short of the 270 electoral votes he needs to be president. that's why we see him in blue states. he needs to dig in to some of hillary clinton's turf and fortifying states like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, colorado. they're going up with
4:40 am
advertising dollars in states that they never planned to advertise in because they're trying to fortify the blue wall of defense to keep him shy of 270 electoral votes. >> that's cool. >> right? >> i love how you can change different states. you are getting all these numbers thrown at you. if you want to play the game, there is some gamesmanship to it. >> the technology. everyone has it on their own iphones. you can just play the electoral challenge. let's discuss this path to 270. cnn political analyst and senior editor of "the atlantic" ron brownsteen and host of "smerconish" michael smerconish. >> the core and the reach. that's the way to look at it at this point. for hillcry clinton the core, the easiest path to 270 are the states to the blue wall, what i
4:41 am
called the blue wall in 2009 and 18 states that voted democratic. she holds all of them. 242 electoral college votes. the key to holding all those michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. the three in the blue wall that are truly competitive. if she adds to that new mexico, colorado, virginia and new hampshire, as david chalian said, she's done. even if donneaw donald trump wi the other battleground states. in ohio, florida, north carolina, none of which she truly needs to win in order to win. and donald trump's schedule this week tells you what you need to know, which is as david said, even if he wins all the battleground states, he still has to take away one of these core democratic states colorado, new hampshire, wisconsin or michigan or pennsylvania. >> let's go to the all-important land of pennsylvania. michael smerconish, you're there, how do you see the path to 270? >> i see it much the same as
4:42 am
ron. i would just present it maybe in a more straight forward way, which is to say that that big blue wall that he coined many, many years ago, if in fact, she can hold it together and throw in florida, it's over. and, so, that's why there is so much concentration on florida and so much concentration on north carolina for similar reasons. i'm also caught up in this early voter turnoutdata, which i think has some very interesting story lines to it and subject to interpretation. but we know that 24.4 million americans have already cast ballots and we know in large part where they're coming from and what party they're associated with. there's an edge for the ds when you look at the 12 states where we know 6 million democrats, 5 million republicans have come out. we also know that we can say, well, there are four states that seem to advantage the democrats. there are four that seem to advantage the republicans. but here's the twist. the twist is, there is such an educational divide among these
4:43 am
voters, according to the polls. so, you don't want to get too deep into the woods and say, more ds have come out thus far because those blue collar democrats who lack a college degree are largely, both men and women, supportive of donald trump. i think that's what turns many of the models on its head. >> you look at a state like north carolina and you have what is seen as the obama coalition black voters are coming out in the numbers in early voting as expected. so, ron, give us a look at the different demos and where you see advantage being played that matters. >> the key question for hillary clinton in many states, but certainly above all in florida and north carolina, will be whether there does seem to be diminish at this point, afric african-american turnout and enthusiasm. the question is as michael alluded to, whether she can offset that with improved performance among hispanics particularly in florida and
4:44 am
college educated white voters. that is the question for her. the hispanic turnout does seem to be very high so far, not only in battleground states but in places like texas and nevada, colorado. combine that with the pact that she has an opportunity to become the first democratic nominee ever to win most college educated whites, that's where she has the opportunity. on the other hand, in that abc/"washington post" tracking poll, donald trump is leading not only among noncollege white men but to michael's point, among noncollege white women by more than ronald reagan did. now, if that's real, it would be a historic kind of statement. and it would make it very hard for hillary clinton in ohio and iowa and make michigan and wisconsin wobble a little bit, too. >> you were looking inside that abc news daily tracking poll but in terms of the headline from it, they are exactly tied at 46%, 46%. so, we at cnn used the poll of
4:45 am
polls and we look at the most recent national poll -- >> it includes the abc tracking poll. >> in case any of them and you see clinton is up 5%. 47% to 42%. >> you have the suffolk usa today and the fox news and the abc tracking polls. you have five major polls. >> michael, what do you see? >> what i see is that it is within reach for either. they are neck and neck in the national surveys. she has a distinct advantage with the electoral college means and let's put it this way. it's within reach for either and, therefore, it becomes a turnout election and i think it's fair to say she's relying on a much more formal obamaesque structure to get out the vote and his is organic. in the end the lack of a street organization nationwide that is a hindrance to donald trump. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. great to talk to you. >> thanks, guys.
4:46 am
so, the fbi, of course, has been injected into politics and fbi director james comey refusing to talk to trump's ties to russia, if there is anything there. but he is weighing in on clinton's e-mails. is that a double standard? our experts discuss that next. this is black friday that is insane. i would never do that. at chevy, you can avoid the chaos and get great deals on the most awarded lineup. i like that. bam! it's awesome! you don't have to camp out at the chevy dealer two days in advance. i love it. (laughs) wow. and you don't have to wait until black friday. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 chevy vehicles in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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so let's look at the battlegrounds. because the battle for new hampshire appears to be tightening. the latest poll in that state shows clinton with her seven point advantage over donald trump. but her campaign is hoping that some big names will help shore up that support there. cnn's miguel marquez is limp in manchester with more. miguel, what are you seeing there? >> well, those polls are tightening here. but the question is whether or not they are due to the normal tightness that happens in these races or is it down to the e-mail scandal. that poll was taken last wednesday through sunday so only captured a couple of days of the e-mail issue for hillary clinton. of course, both sides saying that issue works to their advantage.
4:51 am
state republicans hammering away at clinton's e-mail issue. >> there's a culture of corruption that she's brought to the democratic party from top to bottom. >> reporter: democrats say the fbi's bombshell has only hardened support. turning out more volunteers for clinton over the weekend. >> the voters you're hearing from, the people you're talking to -- >> they're not worried about it either. >> reporter: now polling shows a tightening race. a fierce fight for new hampshire's four electoral votes. clinton still up by seven points. but just a couple of weeks ago she was up by 15. tuesday, clinton bringing in her biggest help, bernie sanders, kicking off his nationwide tour for her with two stops in new hampshire. >> the differences between secretary clinton and mr. trump are day and night. >> reporter: and last week, it was senator elizabeth warren, a favorite among liberals, firing up women. >> i got news for you, donald trump. >> reporter: since clinching the nomination --
4:52 am
>> we love new hampshire. >> reporter: -- trump has visited new hampshire nine times. >> hello new hampshire. >> reporter: pence four. hoping the e-mail revolution could put the state in play. but >> we still have less than 80% of republicans saying they're going to vote for trump. he needs to have 90% of the republicans saying they're going to vote for him. >> reporter: with more female than male voters here clinton running well ahead of trump among women. her campaign now, targeting men, as well. >> and what i've often heard men say is, i have two daughters, and i want them to be able to grow up and have every advantage. >> reporter: both campaigns running full bore. 1.4 million door knocks and 1.3 million calls for republicans. democrats counter nearly 600,000 individual doors knocked, and more than 2 million calls in this tiny state. >> what the craziest i've ever seen. >> reporter: this election, anything is possible.
4:53 am
>> the electoral college map is in the mix. i mean you have hillary going to red states. you have trump going to blue states. >> a fixture of new hampshire politics john sununu calling it like it is. one thing that haunts democrats here is what they call the ghost of 2000. that's when new hampshire went for george w. bush. they say that had it gone democratic, as it has been trending the last 20 years or so, florida wouldn't have mattered, and history would have been very, very different. no one taking any chances here. chris? >> if, ifs, ifs. thank you very much miguel, appreciate it. why did the director of the fbi reintroduce hillary clinton's e-mails without knowing anything new? and, does a file dump about a clinton pardon from 2001 shed light on the answer to that question? phil monk is a cnn counterterrorism analyst and a former cia counterterrorism official. he also served in the fbi and we asked steve ross a senior fellow
4:54 am
at the foundation for defense of democracies and a counterterrorism expert. phil, got experience with the fbi. >> yeah. >> what is your take on why the director came out now, so close to the election, with all this talk of custom of not doing this? >> pretty simple answer. fbi walks into the office, the agents walk into the director's conference room and give him a choice. you mr. director said in july there wasn't anything further to pursue, there wasn't going to be a criminal prosecution so you leave the electorate with the concept that this is a dead issue. you either allow that misperception to live when you decided to allow the fbi to investigate these new e-mails or you come out now and say we're going to take a look, even though maybe in a month you're going to have to say we still found nothing here. rock and a hard place. >> well, that's that if. let me bring that to you davide. mudd's assertion is you can't leave the electorate with a
4:55 am
misperception. isn't that what he just did, by saying we're going to review new e-mails that he doesn't know whether they're even significant to the case by his own admission? >> i think it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation that he's in. on the one hand, if it does prove to be significant to the case, then the amount of political firestorm by him withholding that information until after the election will be enormous. on the other hand, it has actually swung people's opinion. so it could have the effect of misleading people as to the significance. i think it's a very difficult decision to make. as you know, of course, chris, you've had three former attorney generals both democratic and republican criticize comey's decision on the basis that it's within the 60 days of the election, so he should have waited. i think there's merit to that. but i also think that the decision that he made was not a politicized decision. and i do understand why he made it. >> so, taken in a vacuum you see it, rock and hard place.
4:56 am
then the fbi dumbs a lot of documents about bill -- why are you smiling? they dumb a bunch of documents from former president bill clinton's pardon of mark rich and say it's a foia request and that's why they did it. they're first come first serve. uncompelling explanation? >> look as a guy that doesn't have much hair left this is a bad hair day in the fbi. if you want to claim that the fbi director went to the public affairs office and to the people who review classified information and said hey, let's hatch a conspiracy, within a week of the election release all this information from 15 years ago, no way. that -- >> how do you explain it? >> i think this is an accident that is epically bad timed but it is not a conspiracy. >> i hate that word. conspiracy has been given a bad word. as you guys both know there are real conspiracies. they are defined by criminal law and that's where they should stay. what i'm saying the account, daved hasn't been used in a year, basically and now they reactivate it and this is what they decide to dumb onto the public for -- for consumption.
4:57 am
it it just doesn't smell good, should it be qualified better than this explanation that oh, it's just a foia request, you know, business as usual? >> i actually agree with phil's explanation, though as you said it looks epically bad. the foia request process know two things number one that as the fbi has directly said when you have three people making a foia request from the same subject, they do actually have to post it. but second, foia requests can sometimes take, you know, months or years to process. >> sure. >> it is a very lengthy process. >> yeah. >> you know, i do think that the likeliest explanation is actually epically bad timing. but as you said, i mean, it adds more fuel to the fire that's already in place based upon -- >> semblance of impropriety. that's the standard that you live by in these ethical situations. and again we don't have any proof that comey was doing anything and in fact his reputation would lead us to believe otherwise. he's known as a street -- straight shooter pretty apolitical by disposition. so the clinton campaign says
4:58 am
okay if everything cuomo just said is true how come comey's mind tells him i can't talk about trump and the russians even though we have several different layers of inquiry going on because i just don't feel that there's enough there and i'm not going to do it with the election going on in fact i don't even want the fbi on the disclosure to the american people that the russians hacked the e-mails. i just don't want to get into that. i don't want that to be about the fbi. but he does come out and having not even reviewed the e-mails yet speak on the exact issue that could sink hillary clinton. explain it. >> let's look at these two separately because they are separate. this is not a package deal. the hillary clinton issue you've got information that indicates wrongdoing. that is classified information, and the fbi has to decide whether to prosecute. let's contrast that -- >> that was before. when he said we looked at it and we have no case. >> correct, correct. and he gave the americans the impression that was a done deal. now let's shift over to the trump issue. here's the press conference. let me tell you, american people, let me report, that i have nothing to report. >> that's what he just said though when he came out and said
4:59 am
he was going to look at more e-mails from weiner's laptop. >> no what i'm saying is in the trump issue it's not clear that there's any fire behind the smoke. in the clinton issue there was. i think the two cases are clearly separate. >> well argued phil mudd. daveed, quick button got to go. >> i have to agree with phil. when you look at the russia issue right now it's basically the intelligence community that's looking into it and doing the sophisticated digital forensic analysis. it hasn't yet become as much of an fbi issue. and also, he testified before congress on the hillary issue. he hasn't on the trump issue. so he doesn't have the same sort of obligation to report to congress. >> strong points. very compelling. of use to the audience. and i direct them back to both of you mudd not on social media. smart move. but please take your complaints to daveed ross. there's only one online thank you gentlemen. there's a lot of news this morning including something that we have to keep very intense focus on. there was a deadly ambush in iowa two police officers were targeted. we have the information let's get to it.
5:00 am
>> obamacare means higher prices, fewer choices, and lower quality. >> i am sick and tired of the dark, negative, dangerous vision! >> for any democratic voter having a bad case of buyer's remorse. you can change your vote to donald trump. >> the american dream itself is at stake. >> hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims. >> why does he do these things? who acts like this? i'll tell you who. a bully. this is "new day with" chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." up first, hillary clinton and donald trump making their closing arguments. clinton going after trump's character. and lashing out at what she calls his divisive vision. >> donald trump, staying on message, staying off the news shows, not to screw up that message. he's saying clinton is crooked and obamacare has to go.


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