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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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see the day so what are you seeing in chicago cemeteries? >> there's huge posthumous devotion to the cubs and this is something that gets past down from family to family to family the lovable losers, it was a perverse tradition and now that it's reversed the memories and ceme sentimentality and nostalgia is bubbling up. people are going to cemeteries decorating their fathers, mother, grandmas, grandpas grave with the "w" of pennant. harry carey's grave, i stopped by there, his grey had a baseball, an angel and a can of old style beer marked "this is the year." people are going to funeral homes and ordering cubs floral
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arrangements. there's chatter about the cremated remains at wrigley, too. over the years a lot of people told their family dad, just wait until next year, i think they surreptitiously scattered cremated remains at wrigley. >> it's a special day for cubs fans who are here and who are not. appreciate you even covering that angle. maureen o'donnell, congratulations to you and your great city of chicago. appreciate it. let's continue on. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn, five days to go in the campaign trail is teeming with developments. a couple highlights. senator ted cruz who once called donald trump a sniveling coward is appearing with donald trump. on the same side, you have
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bernie sanders with hillary clinton in the key state of north carolina. president obama has not just one but two events in florida today, including one this hour in jacksonville. we'll keep you posted on that the big event thus far, we just saw it, the solo appearance of melania trump on the campaign trail. i played a snippet of her in a suburb called berwyn just outside of philadelphia. >> love for this country is something we immediately shared when i met donald. he love this is country and knows how to get things done, not just talk. he certainly knows how to shake things up, doesn't he? [ cheers and applause ] >> take note -- where the presidential candidates themselves will soon be -- north carolina. trump will be in the west in the city of concord shortly clinton in the east in winterville. let's turn to phil mattingly in
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raleigh where hillary clinton will be tonight with senator bernie sanders and pharrell, as one does. phil mattingly, why the focus on north carolina. >> if you look at all of the possibilities donald trump has to get to the white house, every last one includes having to win north carolina. that's why you've seen president obama down here, that's why you'll see bernie sanders on stage, michelle obama was here as well, every top clinton campaign sur gas happen here, will continue to come here and that's why hillary clinton will be here as well. brooke, look at the state of north carolina and get a sense of where things are. in 2008 president obama won this state. 2012 mitt romney did. now, the clinton campaign looks around right now and they like where they're situated. consistently they've polled one and two points ahead of donald trump in the state but as you dig through the early vote, there are some areas of concern,
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most prominently the african-american vote is down from 2012. republicans are looking to their early vote turnout saying look, we're doing well in north carolina. but brooke in talking with clinton advisors they make two crucial points. first, president obama is not on the ballot, that's a major driver of african-american votes but second there have been a lot of changes in the state in terms of access to ballot places and polling places they believe has helped push the early vote down. they feel confident about where they are and they feel good about what they have planned ahead. you want to talk about what they're doing tonight, bernie sanders will be here, the musical artist pharrell, he of "happy" fame or "the neptunes" if you want to go back further. driving out black vote, driving out millennial vote. they feel good about where they are and the reality is simple, if they win north carolina, the race is over. >> phil mattingly, you set it up perfectly. i want to begin with north carolina and other critical battleground states. let me bring in my panel. cnn politics executive editor mark preston is with us from the cnn decision desk. we'll start with with mark before we go to my other voices.
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you have some new early voting numbers, mark. what do you have? >> brooke, the last time we talked it was about 24.4 million people voted early. look where we are now. new data that just came in in the last hour, 31 million people have cast ballots in 38 states. but i want to look at four different states right now. two in the midwest. two out west. let's look at iowa right now. almost 499,000, 500,000 people have cast their votes in iowa. let's dig deeper. we look at 2016 and right now documents have a 41,000-vote edge. but if you go back to 2012, they had a 60,000 ballot edge in return ballots so not necessarily good news for democrats in the state of iowa, public polling shows donald trump is leading in that state. let's stay in the midwest and go to ohio. 1.3 million people right now have cast early ballots in the state of ohio.
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let's go deeper. 2016 right now and if you look, 65, 800 ballot advantage for the republicans. if you look right there. if you go back to 2008, though, brooke. the gop only had a 6,000 ballot return advantage. that's a sizable difference. again, not good news for democrats as we're heading into the final five days of the election. but let's head west to arizona. hillary clinton was there last night, tim kaine is there today. about 1.3 million people in arizona have cast ballots, dig deeper right now and look at the historical data right now. republicans have a 71,000 ballot advantage, so to speak, in returns right now, but if you go to 2012, their advantage was 87,000. so a state that democrats are contesting, polling shows it's even if not tight. >> good news for democrats. let's end up in nevada. about 512,000. people have returned their
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ballots so far five days before election day. we dig into it a little bit here and democrats have a 29,000 ballot advantage over republicans. go back to 2012, they had a 38,000 ballot advantage but as we're tracking this, this is tracking along the same numbers, good news for democrats. this is not predictive of what will happen in the election. it does give us an idea of how the gop operations are working, the get out the vote operations for both political parties. it's worth noting the voters both parties are trying to get out, these are low propensity voters, one they don't think will necessarily show up on election day, they want their vote banked right now. brooke? >> thank you for those numbers, mark preston. gloria borger is with us, cnn chief political analyst, manu raju, political reporter, kirsten power, cnn political analyst and columnist for "usa today" and david gergen, cnn senior political analyst and advisor to four presidents,
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including ronald reagan and bill clinton. so to my native north carolinian, cnn has crunched numbers. a win for trump in the state of north carolina is plausible. do you think it's all going to come down to that? north carolina. >> i think it's going to north carolina being one of the two or three states. trump needs four states -- florida, north carolina, ohio, and pennsylvania. he's got a very decent shot of winning ohio. mark was talking about the early votes there, they look like they're helpful to trump. he's in a very competitive situation in florida. he has to win north carolina but pennsylvania is a much tougher go. if he doesn't win pennsylvania he has to take all sorts of other states in the west and upper midwest so he has -- he started out three or four weeks ago as a long shot. she's a short long shot now.
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>> i'm keying in on it because we know hillary clinton and donald trump are there today so gloria let me ask you my next question. phil brought it up but honing in on the fact that tonight former rivals now together on the same stage, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i don't think we've seen them together since he endorsed her in new hampshire some months ago. who exactly do you think -- and add pharrell to the mix there as well. who are they trying to reach out to? >> well, they're trying to reach out to younger voters. i think they're trying to reach out to minority voters. i think you're talking about the state of north carolina and david was talking about that. 25% of the voters in that state are african-american and nobody expects in the state of north carolina for the numbers to reach what they were with barack obama nationally or in the state of north carolina. but if there's, say, like a 10% reduction nationally in african-american turnout, that could well flip that state so
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what i think they're trying to do is get these younger progressive voters engaged in all of these battleground states, particularly in a state like north carolina which is so diverse because you have the rural conservatism, you have evangelical, and then you have multicultural progressives so all in one state and everybody's trying to pick off their piece of the pie there. >> donald trump is fighting, it is close, i want to play an ad they rolled out today where of course he refers to her as crooked hillary and he brings in a face and voice we've only been talking about again recently. roll it. >> hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her e-mails were found on pervert anthony weiner's laptop. think about that. america's most sensitive secrets unlawfully sent, received, and exposed by hillary clinton, her staff, and anthony weiner?
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hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation. >> kirsten, this is a part of the closing argument donald trump has been making. you elect her, you get years of drama, years of investigations. you think it's a solid argument? >> well, that ad is actually kind of jarring in a presidential election, "pervert" and this kind of language. i guess only with donald trump." >> it could work. >> the problem for her is obviously that anything related to her honesty and which has been rejuvenated, this issue has been rejuvenated with the fbi director coming out and making this announcement before the election and all the issues that could come up for her, this is the one that harms her and trump has hit on something that a lot of people feel, we don't want to go back to the '90s, we don't want to relive the constant
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inve investigations. the republicans are a little guilty of that because they overinvestigate the clintons but the clintons invite it as well. but it's something i feel goes too far, it could possibly turn people off. just a little too in your face. >> we are talking about different folks out on behalf of each candidate and manu you cover capitol hill so let me talk about senator ted cruz, former rival of donald trump. he's called him in the past a pathological liar and serial philanderer. we saw him do a quick gaggle with governor pence saying "see that plane with the big name on the side, trump? i'm getting in that plane, i voted for donald trump. what is this about for ted cruz? >> he's under pressure, brooke, remember after that republican convention speech where he refused to endorse donald trump he got a lot of backlash from trump supporters and the worst thing that could happen to these republicans looking for future
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either another run for the white house or what have you, they're worried about this race is tight that they could get blamed for not doing enough to help the top of the ticket to ted cruz calculated several weeks ago it was time to endorse donald trump. he was asked about donald trump's past criticisms. he didn't walk back those past criticisms so he's in an unusual spot here. so the over factor is that ted cruz himself may face a primary challenge in 2018 for senate reelection race and that's also being powered by -- in part by trump voters frustrated that ted cruz has not done enough so there are a lot of political pressures for cruz himself and he can say at the end of the day he's helping his party. one other thing. ted cruz campaigning for senator roy blunt of missouri in a difficult reelection race. roy blunt a member of the republican party leadership. the same leadership ted cruz bashed repeatedly as part of the
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washington cartel so strange bedfellows in the last few days of the campaign on the republican side. >> david, i saw you nodding listening to manu. i want to hear more from all of you. let me hit pause on the conversation. i want to ask all of you to stick around and a quick reminder to you. don't forget, tuesday, it's all been leading up to this, election night in america. we have every race, we will have every result. stay with cnn until the last vote is cast. up next, we'll talk more about melania trump's big moment. her first speech and the more affluent suburbs of philadelphia. hear what she said about women and what she said about how our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. plus, as we wait for president obama to speak live in florida he is going off on republicans. he is getting mighty candid about his last eight years with them. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. in case you have been under a
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rock, the election is five days away and for the clinton campaign the headache is not going away. donald trump wasted no time bringing up the clinton foundation woes. >> the investigation is described as a high priority. it's far reaching and has been going on for more than one year. it was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. the finn agents say the investigation is likely to yield an indictment. reports also show the political leadership at the department of justice is trying to protect hillary clinton and is interfering with the fbi's criminal investigation.
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>> this is the reporting. you just heard donald trump. evan perez and our justice correspondent crew in washington essentially in talking to their sources within justice saying there is no talk of indictment, that's number one. number two, there is a bit of push/pull between fbi and doj, that's an issue as they've been looking into these clinton foundation woes. that's the facts, that's what we have from our cnn reporting. i have gloria, kirsten and david back with me and also manu. david gergen, let me begin with you, on someone wrote it like this in reference to the fbi and doj. "another casualty of 2016 has been the mystique of the fbi. the fact that it appears that not everyone is on the same page." >> the leaks have been horrendous. >> leaky. >> very leaky and there ought to be some way to put a stop to it.
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it ought to be a firing offense if you're caught leaking because the leaks are confusing, depressing and unfair to mrs. clinton but there have also been some leaks against mr. trump so both sides have reason to be rarngry but where is the leadership of the justice department and fbi to crack down on this? you have to put people under pressure and say you leak, you're gone. >> it's not just donald trump who has been saying the "i" word, impeachment, impeachment. >> and there's no basis for that. >> we've been doing the checking. there isn't that we've seen. so manu my question is with the cacophony from republicans on impeachment, of all people, you know, you have darrell issa who is essentially saying to all these calls of "lock her up" to put in the a way i would say it "slow your roll." from darrell issa, of all people. >> it's been an interesting development about darrell issa over the last several days he's taken a more conciliatory tone towards the administration. he led the charge on a number of
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these oversight hearings trying to go after the white house why? darrell issa is in a tough reelection race in his california district. he may not win come tuesday and he wants to present himself as a guy who could work across party line lines he said impeachment will not happen, he'll be the adult in the room and push back against that notion. that comes just a day after other republican congressmen suggested it is a possibility of going the impeachment route. most notably mike mccaul, the homeland security chairman, one who is respected on national security issues within republican circles saying possibly she could be impeached. mccaul had his own political considerations. he could challenge cruz in the primary in 2018 so at lot of members dealing with their own personal politics as they deal with this impeachment issue, brooke. >> let's cut past the politics. evan perez, set us straight.
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are set the public straight. you've been doing the reporting on all of this. what's the deal? fbi, doj, impeachment, clinton foundation. set it to me straight. >> brooke, i think one of the first things is you heard from donald trump there he says there's an indictment in the offing in this clinton foundation investigation and you know from the reporting we've been doing for a year now on this issue, we're not anywhere near close to that. we're still, frankly at the starting gates of this fbi. the fbi agents who have been doing it started with four different field offices in the fbi in los angeles, little rock, new york wanting to dig into allegations that came out in this book by a conservative writer peter schweizer, clinton cash, and the book alleged the clinton foundation was taking donations from foreign donors and exchanging them for favors while she was at the state departme department.
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the fbi has been looking into this and we're told they haven't gotten much further than what the allegations were in the book, brooke. >> let's talk about melania trump. she spoke to a very enthusiastic crowd in the philadelphia suburbs. she talked about growing up in slovenia, her immigration story, becoming a citizen. she says if she's elected first lady she wants to be an advocate for women and children and she said this. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and the support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. it will be one of the main focuses of my work if i've privileged enough to become your first lady. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> gloria, i think what she said is lovely, but has she met her husband? [ laughter ] >> well, melania has always said when she has spoken and i believe it was with anderson that she'd like to stop the tweeting all the time and it's clear that, in fact, donald trump has stopped that lately. he's still tweeting but it seems to be more about the issues of the campaign or hillary clinton. it's not attacking personally people he's run against or members of the press or whatever. >> heidi cruz. >> heidi cruz. so it's clear that it's kind of a -- you know, she wants to be the counterbalance to donald trump so for those of you who might believe that he is somebody who has abused twitter and the internet well, here comps melania trump and she says this is important to me as a mother, i don't believe in internet bullying and i'm going
12:26 pm
to take that on and her appeal, of course, is to appeal to suburban moms who like that messages. you know, the question is, you know, you get both of them. and so people might say well, talk to your husband first about that an then we'll see. or other people might say maybe she'll have an impact and it's an important issue. she can only help him. >> someone has had an impact on twitter. steve bannon has been traveling with him. his twitter is on substance. even donald trump himself -- i love this soundbite -- was -- we'll call this his inside voice coming out. roll it. >> we are going to win the white house. going to win it. it's feeling like it already, isn't it? [ cheers and applause ] we've got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. stay on point, donald, stay on
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point. [ laughter ] no side tracks, donald, nice and easy. because i've been watching hillary the last few days, she's totally unhinged. we don't want any of that. she has become unhinged. >> stay on point, donald, stay on point. it's funny and kirsten maybe it's a mantra. it's working for him. >> yeah it's working for him now but i want to go back to melania talking about the fact -- she also said that, you know our culture has become too mean, for example. i think exhibit a would be donald trump of that, it's not just the bullying and in terms of whether he's continuing to bully people, he was bullying nbc's katy tur, in my opinion, calling her out in front of thousands of people who then reportedly some of those people were harassing her, he is a bully and he is the number-one online bully probably in the history of the world so there's
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some sort of lack of self-reflection here going on. i would put in the the same category as the darrell issa saying he's going to somehow be an advocate against impeachment when, of course, he's been the obama administration's number one persecutor on the hill so i think that people can say things, but we should look at what the actions have been and she hasn't called out her husband and she didn't name him. obviously so i find it very hod. >> around in listening to donald trump you can see the thought bubble above his head and maybe the person talking to him is kellyanne conway in that thought bubble about keep it cool and maybe it's melania, too. because i think they're close and i think they come from the same place when they understand that they need to rein in donald trump and that's what melania was hinting at or saying,
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definitively, i think, and that is what kellyanne conway clearly wants to do because they understand that right now he has to be kind of slow and steady on -- he's got one single issue, one single message, he has to drive it home and every time he goes off message, whether it was as kirsten points out, the katy tur callout last night, which i agree with kirsten was uncalled for and terrible and can have consequences in a rally. they need to kind of set him straight and either you believe melania or you don't. >> he's called out our own sara murray. did you want to jump in on that? >> it's gotten to the point where in the last two weeks of the campaign we ought to hit the mute button and stop listening on both sides. all of this is just froth. it hasn't changed any realities. people are saying things they don't believe and everybody knows that, on both sides. >> >> let's end with the supreme
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court. this is what president obama just said today. >> some of the same folks who just a while back said well, we can't have hearings and vote for the guy obama nominated because we're so close to the election, we should let the next president make the nomination. right. that's what they said. so now they think hillary might win, they say "well, we might block hers, too." but i thought you said that the people were going to decide? can i talk to the press for a second? [ cheers and applause ] what happened? do we have a runback of the tape? do we ever kind of go "what happened? that's what they said and now they're saying something entirely different." come on, man! >> manu, let me go to you because, again you cover the hill and there were republican, remember after the judge merrick garland nomination and you have
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to mitch mcconnells of the world saying hang on, let's wait for the election. now it's looking like if there were to be a hillary clinton presidency you hear other republicans saying no, we don't want the voters to decide, we'll hold off for four years. >> this will be a furious fight within the republican party and senate republican conversation about whether or not to confirm, president clinton, if she does win, her nominee. you have republican senators like jeff flake saying we should consider the new administration's nominee. then you have others raising concerns about confirming any democratic justice ineincluding senator richard burr of north carolina. i obtained audiotape of him over the weekend where he said "i'm going to fight to keep that last seat vacant for four years in another four years we can try to fill that seat with a republican justice." so this is going to be the real dividing line within the senate republican conference even if the democrats do take the senate
12:32 pm
majority they will need republican support in order to overcome a filibuster in the senate so it's not a done deal that even if hillary clinton wins when they take the senate that they could get a democratic just, they need republican sort so this debate so significant in determining who will fill that final ninth seat, brook. >> manu, david, kirsten, gloria, thank you so much. final button on this conversation, let's go to twitter. look at this, this is on board the trump plane. this is a picture where donald trump tweeted "watching my beautiful wife melania speak about our love of country and family, we will make you all very proud. requests at this is, in fact, cnn he's watching so let me take the moment to say hello, mr. trump, we've got a phone, five days to go. love to have a chat, we'd all love to chat. thank you so much. moments from now, live pictures, president obama will be speaking to a crowd there. also pictures on the right side, winterville, north carolina, that's where hillary clinton is
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headed. we will listen in live. five days to go. you're watching cnn.
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all right, so now that we can count the numbers of days left until election day on a single hand, hillary clinton is launching a last minute push for one of his more challenging demographics, the millennials. tonight i can tell you she is in raleigh, north carolina, hosting an event with her former rival, senator bernie sanders and singer pharrell will be swinging by, a lot of bernie mackers have
12:38 pm
applauded clinton for adopting some of his policies, some of his ideas. among them, making college tuition more affordable, that resonates with so many young people. that the third and final debate this is how both candidates addressed that very issue. >> i want to make college debt free and for families making less than $125,000, you will not get a tuition bill from a public college or university if the plan that i worked on with bernie sanders is enacted. >> she can say all she wants about college tuition and i'm a big proponent. we'll do a lot of things for college tuition but the rest of the public will be paying for it. >> let's talk about college tuition with cnn money's christina alesci. we talked about hillary clinton and borrowing from bernie sanders. what about donald trump? >> the quintessential donald trump answer is there's not enough specifics. every time i cover one of these policies issues there isn't enough to go on. what we know is he's been out
12:39 pm
there criticizing colleges for not using enough of their money to help middle or lower income kids defray the cost of tuition. here's the problem, not many colleges have the kind of endowments he seems to be criticizing. how many colleges do you know have billion-dollar endowments? there are probably about 100 in the u.s. so you're talking about a very limited application of what he's talking about donald trump says if the colleges do not take some of that money and use it to help poor to middle-income kids they'll lose their tax-exempt status. that's nice. but how many colleges have the flexibility to do that? to take that money? so that's the biggest down side of his plan. for hillary, look, you're talking about a broad swath of the u.s. population if her plan goes through, under $125,000, if a student from a family that makes under $125,000 wants to go
12:40 pm
to a state school, they can go for free. the criticism of that has been it's expensive to pull off. $50 billion a year to pull that off and even the liberal economists and specialists that have looked at her plan say there may be a better way to use that money. there may be a way to maybe target just the neediest kids. >> those are the two plans for both candidates. thank you. we'll want to go straight to the president. he's now speaking in florida right now. let's take him live. >> i want to thank a couple of people -- i love you, too. [ cheers and applause ] i want to thank a couple people. first of all, your outstanding senior senator bill nelson is in the house. and your next united states senator patrick murphy is in the
12:41 pm
house. [ cheers and applause ] five days, florida. five days. five days to decide the future of america. the good news is, you don't have to wait five days because if you're registered you can vote right now. [ cheers and applause ] at any early voting location. in fact, there's just -- there's early voting location just ten minutes away at the southeast regional library. i will give you the address. [ cheers and applause ] 10599 deerwood park boulevard. [ cheers and applause ] you can go to to find other locations.
12:42 pm
if you're voting by mail, don't let your ballot sit on your coffee table, on your kitchen table, get all mixed up with all the other stuff you got up in there. the mail in your ballot so it makes it in by election day. we've got to finish what we started. [ cheers and applause ] and in order to do that, you have to do what? what does that say? i'm sorry? what does it say. [ crowd yells "vote early." ] >> i still can't hear you! i heard you, pep band. i heard that pep band playing a little bit. [ cheers and applause ] appreciate you guys. now, as i'm traveling around college campuses i start talking about what happened eight years ago, i realize some of y'all were ten years old. [ laughter ]
12:43 pm
which makes me feel somewhat old. there's one right there, huh? so for those of you who were more focused on nickelodeon -- [ laughter ] -- back in 2008 we were living through two long wars. we were in the early days of what would turn out to be the worst economic crisis in 80 years. are but we fought back. and we put in some policies that made sense. and today -- >> so he mentioned nickelodeon, he's talking to young folks, they need those millennial voters. he's in jacksonville, florida. this is the second florida stop of the day and the second time he's mentioned the precise address whereof the closest early voting polling location is so he's saying vote. five days away until election day and the scams are coming out. now they are sending images trying to convince people that you can text your vote. by the way, that is absolutely
12:44 pm
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it's the only way to know for sure. during the show we have seen melania trump in pennsylvania, we've seen the president in florida, and now here she is, hillary clinton, in north carolina. >> -- growing and striving and attracting young people. he told me that the average age of the resident here in greenville was 26 years old. [ cheers and applause ] >> i also want to acknowledge josh stein, candidate for north carolina attorney general. patsy keever, chair of the north carolina democratic party. and state senator don davis.
12:49 pm
and i have saved the best for last, someone whom i've gotten to know over the years, someone who i really look forward to working with, first thing that congressman butterfield said to me is, i've got to talk to you about our farmers. very first thing he said. proceeded to tell me that he was out on a 200-acre sweet potato farm earlier today. we talked about the damage that hurricane matthew has done, the lives lost, the homes lost, and also the agricultural damage with all the flooding. and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected. we've got to be really focused on what we're going to do with this extreme weather. we're getting more of it, in more places. and i am going to make that a priority for my presidency, to
12:50 pm
make sure communities are well prepared, they're resilient, but that we also work to try to limit the damage by taking on the damage of climate change and changing weather patterns. nobody knows more about weather than our farmers, and i am very committed to supporting farms of all sizes but particularly small farms. i think he said, the farm you went to this morning, gk, was 200 acres. that's a lot of land, but that's not a gigantic, multi-thousand-acre farm. sometimes i think we spend too much time and money looking after the big giant farms and not enough taking care of the smaller farms, the family-owned farms, farms that have been in people's families for generations. and i will do my very best working with gk, eleanor and
12:51 pm
others in congress to focus federal attention and resources on places that need it. and eastern -- north carolina is a place that needs it. there are still too many people who feel like they have been left out and left behind. and so we've got to spend time thinking about how we bring everybody along. that is my goal as your president. i want to knock down the barriers that stand in the way of people and places getting ahead. i also, on a personal note, want to say, i was in arizona last night. had a great rally there. i don't know. 15,000, 16,000 people. it was just extraordinary. i was a little anxious during my speech because the cubs were playing in the world series. i have been a fan all my life,
12:52 pm
started watching baseball with my dad, went to wrigley field. it's been a long time. 108 years, to win a championship and make history. i only wish that my late father and the great ernie banks, mr. cub, could have seen it happen. so last night was very special. on lots of fronts. who knows, maybe we'll seen even more history made in a few days. you know, the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. [ cheers and applause ] so thank you. thank you so much for being here. are you ready to vote? [ yes ] >> how many folks have already voted? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, that's really
12:53 pm
impressive! are you ready to volunteer these last few days? [ yes ] >> are you ready to elect ray cooper your governor? [ cheers and applause ] >> have a governor who puts families first and your needs. i know he'll do a terrific job. are you ready to elect deborah ross to the united states senate? [ cheers and applause ] >> she will be the independent voice that north carolina families deserve, and unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. and then, are you ready to elect our next president and commander in chief? [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chanting "hillary, hillary, hillary" ]
12:54 pm
>> did any of you see those debates? [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, i spent four and a half hours standing next to donald trump, proving conclusively i have the stamina to be the next president and commander in chief. but you know, he kept saying things like, well, you know, what have you done for 30 years? we know what he's done for 30 years, starting to discriminating against african-americans and denying them housing back in the 1970s. i chose a different path. i have spent my career fighting for kids and families. and i helped to create the childr children's health insurance program as first lady. that now provides health care to 8 million children a year. and i have to tell you, i know it doesn't make headlines, it's not going to, you know, get a
12:55 pm
big twitter war going, but when i travel around and shake hands like i'll do after my remarks and somebody says to me, the children's health insurance program saved my son's life. i met a woman here in north carolina whose daughter was born deaf. and the doctor said, you know, she is never, ever going to be able to talk, she's not ever going to be able to hear. and her mother, who is determined, began doing investigation. she found out that there were some possible treatments, but they were expensive. she didn't know what she was going to do. she took her daughter to the doctor and the doctor said, you know, i just heard about this new program, the children's health insurance program. maybe you can qualify for that. because it's really for families that aren't poor but don't have much money, and that's a lot of
12:56 pm
families, isn't it? and families that don't have an employer who provides health insurance. self-employed, independent contractors. so the mom found out about this thing called the children's health insurance program, and lo and behold, they did qualify, and they started the treatments for their daughter. i met that young woman. she said hello to me. she talked to me. she just graduated from college, right here in north carolina! [ cheers and applause ] >> so don't let anybody tell you it doesn't matter what you stand for, what you fight for, and who you're trying to help when you make your decision about who to vote for in this election. as a senator from new york, i worked to rebuild new york city after the 9/11 attacks and to provide health care for our brave first responders who ran toward danger, not away from it, and many of -- were you there? god bless you.
12:57 pm
that's another thing. i meet people all over who were there and who worked there, and i meet people who got sick because they worked there. and as your secretary of state, i travelled to 112 countries, negotiated ceasefires, reduced the threat of nuclear weapons, stood up for human rights and women's rights and lgbt rights around the world. [ cheers and applause ] >> and everything i have done, it's because i have been listening to people. again, i know that's not very exciting. i plead to that. when you spend time listening, not talking, you know, what are the poor journalists going to say? oh, there, hillary clinton was listening again, right? but i'll tell you, it is what motivates me to hear people's stories, to hear the tribulations and the triumphs, to get good ideas, bring people together, find common ground -- >> closing arguments here from
12:58 pm
hillary clinton. i should also mention donald trump. he is just down the way in concord, north carolina, speaking as well. before we get to the next story let me make something abundantly here. only two ways to vote in this country. mail in an absentee ballot or vote in person early or on election day. you cannot vote over the web. over the past month ads have been encouraging hillary clinton supporters to vote via text messages. it's fake. they use the same front and branding. some of the ads have been claiming to, quote, have been paid for by the hillary clinton campaign. but they are scams. brian stelter has been all over this. host of "reliable sources." who is putting this together? >> reporter: we don't know the source of these. they started, seems like, in pennsylvania. they've spread across the web
12:59 pm
and have become quite viral. it's not voter fraud in the legal sense but it is in the electoral sense. wes the kind of dirty tricks that we unfortunately see every four years and i am afraid will be especially ugly this year. when you look at it it looks like a real hillary clinton ad. the company that runs the text messaging to reach campaigns. saying these are false and not approved by the company. for what it's worth, it's interesting how the campaigns are using text messaging for real. the bottom line, brooke, is there is no way to text message in your vote. maybe someday, but definitely not in this election. so don't be fooled by these kinds of lies on facebook and twitter. >> thank you so much, brian. before you go, here are some pictures. how busy every one is on this thursday. the president, senator sanders,
1:00 pm
hillary clinton and donald trump speaking right now in key battleground states five days ahead of election days. i am here in new york. i am brooke baldwin. thank you so, so much for being with me. we're going to send it to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. melania trump today, saying that cyber bullies need to get off the internet. i mean -- "the lead" starts right now. the place that could decide the race. brand-new polls showing every minute counts. today why the road to 270 could go through one single state, and both campaigns clearly know it. with five days to go, the state department is unloading more than 1,000 hillary clinton e-mails as the fbi continues to not give any more information about what might be on anthony wiener's computer. plus, they are loud, they are proud. many want hillary clinton to be locked up. and they don't, apparently,