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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton and donald trump speaking right now in key battleground states five days ahead of election days. i am here in new york. i am brooke baldwin. thank you so, so much for being with me. we're going to send it to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. melania trump today, saying that cyber bullies need to get off the internet. i mean -- "the lead" starts right now. the place that could decide the race. brand-new polls showing every minute counts. today why the road to 270 could go through one single state, and both campaigns clearly know it. with five days to go, the state department is unloading more than 1,000 hillary clinton e-mails as the fbi continues to not give any more information about what might be on anthony wiener's computer. plus, they are loud, they are proud. many want hillary clinton to be locked up. and they don't, apparently, have
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a plan b. what happens to all those people on the trump train if the train gets derailed? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. is anyone else -- do you have the knots in your stomach? mine was last night watching an insanely competitive world series. it went into extra innings. cubs' fans, indiana fans, just plain baseball fans across the country on the edge of our seats for ten innings. the commercials, they were supposed to offer us something of a breather. instead, they delivered even more jitters. why? well, hillary clinton's and donald trump's campaigns aired ad after ad asking the nation to imagine a dystopian america, one that they don't want. this new ad from the clinton campaign this morning putting life under trump in rather stark terms. >> i would look her right in
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that fat, ugly face of hers. >> he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. you gotta see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. a person who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> these ads are not exactly morning in america. these ads are not putting people first. these ads not change we can believe in. you saw evidence of this more negative tone hours ago in miami, where president barack obama was assailing donald trump's quote twisted notions, the beliefs he said would not suddenly change under the pressures of being president. president obama openly mocking the republican nominee. >> anybody who is upset about a "saturday night live" skit, you don't want in charge of nuclear weapons. no, i am serious. this is a guy who, like, tweets "they should cancel "saturday
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night live."" i don't like how alec baldwin's imitating me. really? i mean, that's the thing that bothers you, and you want to be president of the united states? come on, man! >> president obama going after donald trump's temperament in that speech in miami, florida. he is in jacksonville, florida, right now delivering even more attacks on mr. trump. now, to hit 270 electoral votes and win the presidency, according to cnn's math, donald trump will need to win all six of the states that cnn has labeled tossup states highlighted in yellow, plus five more electoral votes. following the candidates today, both clinton and trump are putting a ton of attention in one particular battleground state, north carolina. cnn political director david chalian joining me at the magic wall. give us the scenarios. what is the path to 270 if trump wins north carolina versus clinton's path. >> starting with what you just said, jake, which is giving donald trump all the remaining
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battleground states. nevada, utah, arizona, florida, ohio, and as you are saying, north carolina, that still has him short. remember, if he could flip a state like new hampshire and then maybe get that congressional district up in maine he might be able to get to 270 that way. just to show you how important north carolina is, in is that scenario, though, if i gave hillary clinton north carolina, it is the state that can really block donald trump. and take a look at the state of play in north carolina. as you know, the candidates have been there non-stop since the conventions. donald trump has made ten visit. hillary clinton, seven visits. our latest poll of polls in north carolina shows a slight edge for hillary clinton. 46% to 42%. that's an average of about the last five reputable polls in the state. >> interesting. david, today we learned that hillary clinton is likely going to hold her final rally monday evening in philadelphia alongside bill clinton, chelsea clinton, president obama, first
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lady obama. does this signal that the democrats are worried about pennsylvania? >> well, i am not sure that they're worried. look at state of play in pennsylvania. we had a poll out there yesterday. shows a 48% to 44% race. four-point margin. that's closer than the democrats would like for a state that they really want to keep leaning in their direction. but jake, remember, pennsylvania, unlike florida or north carolina or ohio where we have seen so much activity, it doesn't really have a tradition of early voting. so it is not uncommon to see candidates go into pennsylvania late because they're really trying to affect the election day vote on tuesday. >> bang for your buck in philadelphia. you need to win philly and the outlying suburbs and you can win the state. utah is another state we're keeping a close eye on with independent candidate evan mcmullin getting support there. >> monmouth poll today in utah. donald trump was hanging on to
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it now. there was a concern that evan mcmullin, the third-party candidate, never trumper was surging. now 37%, 31% for hillary clinton. she is even ahead of mcmullin. donald trump needs to hang on to those six electoral votes to have a shot. it looks like he may be doing that. >> thank you, david. just in, new voting numbers for early voting as david was just talking about, and insight into exactly who is participating in early voting. to cnn politics executive editor mark preston. how many people have already voted? >> five days until election day, jake. and about 31 million people in 38 states across the nation have already cast their ballots. let's dig in a little bit on two specific states that are getting a lot of attention from the candidates, as you noted. those states, florida and north carolina. let's first go into florida right now. a little more than 4.2 million people have already cast ballots in the sunshine state. if we go a little bit deeper right now and see who has an edge. the republican party right now
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has an edge by about 16,000 returned to this point. if you go back to 2008 right now, democrats had a 73,000-vote lead at this same time, jake. very troubling right now for the democratic party. let's go a little bit deeper, though, in florida, and look at some of the demographics of those who are voting at this point. if you look right now, african-americans account for about 12.3% of the electorate. hispanics about 14%. back to 2008, you can see right there, there is a dropoff of about three percentage points in black voters right now. not good news for the democratic party. what is heartening news right now for the democratic party is look at this increase right now amongst the hispanic voters who cast early ballots in 2008 and where they are now. that is about a 336,000 ballot advantage. good news right there when it comes to there. mixed news all around when you hit florida. we go up to the state of north carolina right now. who has the advantage in north
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carolina? well, about 2 million people have already cast their ballots. we see who is leading right now. the democrat party is leading. at this point they have about 243,000 ballots more cast than the republican party. not always great news because, if we go deeper into that, they had a 307,000 ballot returned advantage at the same time, jake. again, not terrific news for the democratic party. we go a little bit deeper and look at the race demographics of what's happening in north carolina. the african-american voters are about 22.7% of the electorate. look at the dropoff again. a 5% dip in participation by african-americans in the early vote. a little bit of an edge up right now when it comes to hispanic voters, not enough to offset it. we'll continue to follow north carolina and florida in the closing days of this election, jake. >> thank you so much. let's go to sara murray in
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chester county, philadelphia, part of the suburban collar where pennsylvania is typically won or lost. melania trump spoke publicly on the campaign trail for the first time since the convention. if they're not concerned in the democratic party, then why would they be holding the rally? >> reporter: they're hoping to shore up the blue wall. but the trump campaign is not sitting idly by. they're making a play for this state, as evidenced by melania trump being here today in the collar counties, trying to win over the critical suburban voters. it's rare to see melania on the trail. this is her first speech since the controversial speech at the republican convention in which she plagiarized portions. today she really laid out her vision for what she wants to be
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as a first lady if her husband is successful. including trying to combat cyber bullying. listen to what she said. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree to each other, to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> reporter: she made no mention of her husband's prolific use of twitter, for instance, to hurl insults at both his political rivals as well as the people he feels have offended him in the media. she did make the clarification that, if you are an adult, you can take the heat, you can take the criticism, you can take the lies, but she does not want to see that happening to america's children. >> some might argue that a example for children.ld be an - sara murray, thank you so much. appreciate it. hillary clinton is also focusing on north carolina where tonight she will appear with former rival bernie sanders and
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musician pharrell will yamiams. phil mattingly is in raleigh, north carolina. what more are you learning about how clinton is planning to close out her campaign on monday night? >> reporter: big names. the biggest names you can possibly have on the same stage. the rationale is twofold according to the democratic advisors. the city of philadelphia, the historic nature of the city and the historic nature of the 44th president and of the potential 45th president. you also noted, jake, there is a real electoral reason for having this event. david noted it a little bit too. pennsylvania, you vote on election day. you cannot bank early votes there. the campaign knows that in philadelphia and in the collar counties you were mentioning, if they get out the vote they can put the stake to bed. that's why they're having the rally. it's as big as it gets. they're billing it as big as it gets. they really hope it kind of has the dual-track result both on
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closing the door on philadelphia and leaving the lasting image in the minds of the voters as they head to the polls on election day. >> philadelphia voters also worrying about the mass transit strike. more e-mails hit the internet moments ago. these are from the state department, releasing more of her e-mails recovered by the fbi. they come as details emerge about disagreements within the fbi over how it handled investigating clinton's private server, intentions over whether to launch a case investigating the clinton foundation. jim sciutto joins me now. >> reporter: we have a team reading through the e-mails right now. we know none of them volinvolve classification upgrades. headline issue here, nothing that has been upgraded to
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classified and that was released as a result of the request. on the issue of investigation of the private server, we have reported about disagreements between the fbi and justice department over director comey's election stretch revelation of new e-mails. we're learning of equally sharp divisions in the fbi itself into investigations both into the private e-mail server and a preliminary look at the clinton foundation. this saas donald trump is seizi on anything fbi related to attack his democratic opponent. five days before the election donald trump seizing on what he claims is new evidence of wrong-doing by hillary clinton. >> it was reported last night that the fbi is conducting a criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption during her tenure as secretary of state. >> reporter: the facts are somewhat different.
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cnn has learned that some agents wanted the fbi to investigate the family's charitable foundation after allegations of donor fraud appeared in the controversial 2015 book "clinton cash." after reviewing the findings, the justice department felt there wasn't enough evidence to move forward with a full investigation. divisions within the fbi have widened in recent months over the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server, according to law enforcement sources. some rank-and-file agents, particularly in the new york field office, were at odds with the agency's headquarters in washington and officials at the justice department, who they felt were trying to protect clinton. those suspicions were magnified when director comey took the unprecedented step of announcing the findings in july. >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: then e-mails belonging to clinton aide huma
1:15 pm
abedin were discovered into a separate fbi investigation into her estranged husband. over the course of several weeks officials debated whether, when and how the discovery should be made public. until just ten days before the election, director comey wrote his letter to congress. >> i spent 30 years there. it's completely unprecedented, in my tour of duty with the fbi. i don't recall anything like this surrounding an election. >> reporter: you'll remember gop senator chuck grassley from iowa, he wrote director comey demanding more information on the new clinton-related e-mails. the deadline, tomorrow. but we are told that that deadline, unlikely to be met. we are not expecting anymore more update from the fbi, jake, before election day. >> although maybe we'll get some more leaks. jim sciutto, appreciate it. she said she wouldn't want her daughter in the same room as donald trump and she is a republican senator up for re-election. how does trump counter that? his deputy campaign manager will join me next.
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. welcome back to "the lead." let's stick with politics. melania trump, the wife of donald trump, spoke a short while ago in the philly suburbs talking about how she wants to combat negativity on social media. take a listen. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. it is terrible when that happens on the playground, and it is absolutely unacceptable when it's done by someone with no name hiding on the internet. >> mrs. trump distinguished between cyber bullying of children and cyber bullying of adults, but some would argue that adults do set an example and mrs. trump may want to take a look at her husband's twitter feed. he has been called a cyber bully himself. here are random tweets from him.
1:21 pm
april 24, 2015, i am promise you am much smarter than john liebowitz. on march 22. tweeting lyin' ted cruz used a picture of melania from a perfect in a gq ad. meghan mccain was terrible on the five. she'll never make it on tv. fox news can do much better. joining me now deputy campaign manager from the trump campaign, david bossie. i have to be honest, i don't know any major public figure in america who launches more personal negative attacks against people via social media than donald trump. if it's not okay for kids to do it, why is it okay for donald trump to do it? >> well, first of all, what an amazing speech by melania trump. this is not her thing. she is not a public speaker. she has not been out on the a
1:22 pm
campaign trail. for her to come out today and deliver what i think is a speech that people will remark about for a long time is a wonderful thing for mr. trump and our campaign. she did an amazing job to make people like me, parents, really focus on what their children are going through. i think, you know, everybody can agree that cyber bullying of children needs to be addressed here in america. now, mr. trump takes on his opponents and takes on the liberal media. that's not cyber bullying. that's not hiding behind -- cyber bullying mostly is people hiding behind things. mr. trump takes on those who take him on, and he takes them on directly and forcefully. that has nothing to do with cyber bullying. >> actually, a lawyer with the internet safety group "wired safety" described mr. trump's behavior in the "new york times" as a textbook example of cyber bullying because he goads his followers on twitter into parroting his attacks.
1:23 pm
this expert saying donald trump is exhibit a. >> yeah. i don't know what expert -- so-called expert that would be. i can tell you when jon stewart or "saturday night live" or any other member of the media, especially comedians, go after mr. trump, you know, getting it back is called getting it back, not cyber bullying. i think you're just -- and whoever this expert is is just kind of misplacing it. >> in a radio interview, senator kelly ayotte, a republican in a very tight race in new hampshire, who is, by the way, voting for mr. trump, said she would not want her daughter in a room with donald trump, and part of why is that "access hollywood" tape, of course. what would your message be to senator ayotte? >> my message to senator ayotte is quite simple. thanks for your vote. just like a majority of people in new hampshire are going to be voting for donald trump on tuesday. we're going to win new
1:24 pm
hampshire, and it's going to be because people like senator ayotte are voting for donald trump. i am excited about where the polls are. we have new polls out just in the last couple of days, including today, that show it a dead heat in new hampshire. we are rising across the country. and it's going to be a great day in new hampshire on tuesday when donald trump wins. and it's going to be a great day because kelly ayotte will win her re-election as well. >> so the thing is, she is addressing something in her comments about not wanting her daughter in the same room as mr. trump, that hillary clinton is also talking about, which is the concerns that so many voters have, including and perhaps especially women voters, the alleged groping of women, his comments about women, that are the focus of hillary clinton's closing argument on tv. take a listen to this ad. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> when you are a star they let you do it. you can do anything.
1:25 pm
>> more accusers coming forward to say they were sexual assaulted by donald trump. >> i'll go back stage before a show. >> yes. >> everyone is getting dressed. >> donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15, were changing. >> so a lot of that, of course, just donald trump's own words. david, what's your message? i have known you for a long time. i have never heard you talk that way about women, especially about women. what do you tell a republican woman who wants to vote for donald trump but she sees that ad and it's just donald trump's own words and she thinks it's repellant. what would you say to her? >> first of all, that's desperation. that ad shows you, when she goes -- when they go low, we go high. all of that is out the window. they're in the window. all they have is fear mongering. all they have is this.
1:26 pm
>> those are donald trump's own words. it's his own words. >> jake, i wouldn't want my daughters in the same room with bill and hillary clinton. i can assure you of that. one is, a serial predator. the other one is somebody who attacks the women that he preys upon. >> how is donald trump -- how is donald trump -- donald trump, there are now -- there are now a dozen women who have come forward and said, yes, what you heard donald trump say on that "access hollywood" video, he actually did that. take his word for it. fact-check true. >> jake, jake, jake, there is no evidence that any of that is true, okay. what you're doing is rehashing -- >> the women's accounts and contemporaneous accounts of them telling friends and family. >> there is not one shred of evidence. mr. trump has said it's not true. it's as simple as that. >> when you say not one shred of evidence. somebody's first-hand on the record named account and contemporaneous accounts of friends and family, that's not
1:27 pm
evidence? >> jake, not one person has come forward as a witness to anything other than people who are put up by gloria allred and the dnc and the clinton campaign. so we dismiss all of it. >> except, they're just describing what donald trump says on the tape is his behavior. it's his own words. no? all right. david bossie, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. did melania trump deliver the white female suburban philadelphia vote that donald trump needs to win pennsylvania? that story next. only on verizon. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs
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welcome back to "the lead." staying with politics. the democratic national committee has filed a lawsuit accusing the republicans of intimidating minority voters from casting ballots. the dnc says it's clear from trump's warnings about a rigged elections that mr. trump wants to suppress minority voting. >> we're going to watch pennsylvania. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. >> a judge will hold a hearing to discuss the dnc filing tomorrow. my political panel jameis me now. with us former executive director of the congressional black caucus. angela rye and communications director for ted cruz alison stewart. what do you think about this complaint? >> i think his whole line throughout the campaign of rigged election, rigged media,
1:33 pm
rigged everything, i think it's way off the mark. and i think he needs to get away from that. i think it's led to some voter intimidation in terms of people think, well, if the system is rigged and voting is rigged, why go vote. he hasn't gotten the memo, voting is done state by state, county by county. to say all of them are figured is factually incorrect. the fact that we've had this discussion leading to this action by the dnc is unfortunate. there are certainly more important things that we could spend time on. >> i want to show you the new ad from the trump campaign that was just released. >> america's most sensitive secrets, unlawfully sent, received and exposed by hillary clinton, her staff, and anthony wiener. hillary cannot lead a nation, while crippled by a criminal investigation. hillary clinton, unfit to serve. >> brutal and devastating ad. certainly, the re-emergence of anthony wiener is not doing any favors for hillary clinton. >> he is not doing any favors
1:34 pm
for anyone this whole election cycle including himself. thankly thankfully he is not running. this ad in particular is interesting because it reminds me of past political ads where people can say anything and of course they're not rooted in fact. one contrast i would offer here is hillary clinton's ads, they've been negative but they've been donald trump's negative words here. here they're talking about a criminal investigation that doesn't exist and talking about hillary's e-mails on anthony wiener's laptop and we don't know that's the case yet. he is kind of playing in the false, not so true area. >> state department e-mails may be on the computer. >> yes. >> it's fair game. we're talking about potential for classified information to be on the laptop of the per verted, estranged husband of hillary's right-hand woman, people are concerned about that. who knows what else we'll find out as the investigation continues. comey is under a lot of fire for bringing this to the surface at
1:35 pm
this point. but this is something people are certainly concerned with. it doesn't help for hillary clinton bringing anthony wiener into the fold with all the e-mails. >> she didn't bring him into the fold. that's a gross exaggeration. >> is it not fair game? huma abedin is one of hillary clinton's top aides. she has referred to her as a surrogate daughter. she is married, though now estranged, to anthony wiener, who has this checkered past and present and is now being investigated for allegedly s sexting a minor. >> it's not fair to say, oh, there is a criminal investigation now. that was not true before and it's not true now. you are playing in a gray area. we know donald trump is not just playing in a gray area, he has actually dove right into this election. >> political ads are not known for nuance and subtlety.
1:36 pm
speaking of which, melania trump -- you used to work for ted cruz. probably no one was cyber bullied more by donald trump and his team and his supporters than ted cruz, heidi cruz, rafael cruz. what do you make of -- first of all, i take her at her word. i am sure she actually means this and if she is first lady she wants to make it a project to combat cyber bullying. but isn't it discordant given her husband's activities on twitter? >> i think there was a collective gasp across the nation going, have you met your husband, donald? yes, this is something he's done throughout the primary. as you say. he was very, very brutal to ted and heidi and rafael, and not only tweeting falsehoods but going out on the campaign trail and reigniting them yet again and making, you know, a news story out of something that's not true whatsoever. so yes. i think, if she wanted to have a
1:37 pm
good-faith effort in cyber bullying, start with offender number one, donald trump. >> yeah. >> let me ask you a question. north carolina, so much of this election will come down to just a handful of states, and north carolina is one of them. why do you think black turnout is so down in these early voting states like north carolina? they are very, very concerned, the clinton team and democrats, about african-american turnout being way low. you were executive director of the congressional black caucus, what's going out? >> one thing. i don't think it's as suppressed as has been said. i will say that north carolina in particular, it is interesting, this is a state that had voter suppression in the state legislature signed into law by pat mccrory -- >> to reduce the number of -- >> of early voting days. normally black democrats disproportionately turn out on early voting days. ironically or not so ironically early voting is down. you also have an election where
1:38 pm
people are frustrated by the negative tone and frustrated that both candidates are not as well liked and in some instances not as well respected. i think there has been a turn-around over the next few days. steve shell talked about florida. there is an increase. there has been a bump of 55,000 black voters today. i don't think we should count black voters out yet. >> one thing that's been effective is reminding african-american voters that hillary clinton in 1994 -- this was taped i think andrew kaczynski that hillary clinton was the one who first started talking about super predators and how much african-americans really, understandably, hated that term. >> she has since walked that back. at the time she was doing it to support bill clinton and efforts he was working on. she has walked that back. clearly that is a case where he can, with all reason and cause, use her own words against her. that is something that has hurt
1:39 pm
her, and it's something that i think is good for him to push. at the same time, he has certain other areas. he needs to focus on his vote in the minority community is so low, he is much better spending his time on -- he already has the base, but the undecided and independents are concerned with things like obamacare and national security and the supreme court. but really doing a focus on obamacare, which is in the forefront of people's minds because it is a pocketbook issue, that's a key -- that's more successful. >> jake, on super predators, the thing we need to remember that i think so many of us think about now is the central park five for donald trump. it's really hard for him to point a finger at hillary clinton about super predator. he has the central park five who he called for their executions in four new york papers and still has not apologized. $85,000 investment.
1:40 pm
>> have the democrats made that argument as well as -- >> i don't think so. don't be surprised this weekend. >> i hear the argument that you are making but you're the first person to make it on the show, i think. the central park five. >> watch this weekend. >> and super predator, we've been hearing that for six months. >> you're right. >> including, by the way, from bernie sanders' backers. >> i've talked about it too. it was a horrible term. i've said this. what's worse is to treat people like they're super predators and to call for their death. >> thank you, guys. die-hard donald trump supporters who have said they'll not accept a hillary clinton presidency, so what happens to them if their candidate doesn't win. my belly pain and constipation? they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that. tell me something i don't know.
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welcome back to "the lead." let's turn to our world lead now. the final brutal battle underway two years after iraqi troops dropped their weapons and fled, surrendering to isis. they're breaching the city and fighting the terrorist group street to street and house to house as isis has issued a call to arms in an audio message from its reclusive leader. he tells his followers to fight to the death, quote, holding your ground in honor is a thousand times better than retreating in disgrace. he says. arwa damon was on the front lines earlier today. she joins me from outside mosul. what was it like being on ground so close to the fight? >> reporter: jake, we were along the main irbil, mosul highway that the counter-terrorism unit is closing down as they try to reenter iraq's second largest city. people are fleeing from that particular area by the
1:46 pm
thousands, carrying it is whatever they can, the clothes on their backs, a few blankets, trying to escape the intensity of the fighting and the iraqis were sending trucks, flat-beds, buses, to try to move them out of the battle zone and towards safer areas. and each family, each individual, each child, has an absolutely horrific story to tell from hiding underneath staircases to try to keep themselves safe. some of them say that mortar rounds fell on their neighborhoods' homes. one woman doesn't know what happened to her two sons or her husband. some women whom we met had their faces still covered, they said it was because their relatives were inside mosul. they had, in fact, tried to escape but isis shot at them and forced them back into their homes. all of this, of course, reiterating the concerns we have been hearing about that isis will be using the population inside mosul as human shields. many of these people who we have been speaking to say that
1:47 pm
they're very relieved that isis is being driven out but, at the same time, they remain quite wary. this is not necessarily a population that has full trust and confidence in the capabilities of the iraqi security forces, but despite the hardships of it all, we're still seeing a lot of smiles. for some, the memory of isis and what they endured is going to continue no matter what. one woman we met, a mother, told us of how isis took her prisoner for about a year and a half, enslaved her. she said she was raped. she bore a son, and she says she can only pray that he will never find out who his father is, jake. >> arwa damon, thank you so much. please stay safe. what happens to donald trump supporters if he does not win the white house? that story next. crohn's disease. severe i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was.
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on proposition 55. . we're back with more on our politics lead, with just five more days to go, and polls showing the race between donald trump and hillary clinton is within the margin of error nationally. but the consensus among
1:52 pm
pollsters seems to be that clinton has an edge. the facts are that trump needs to sweep six out of six tossup states to get even close to a hope of winning. so how might trump nation react if he doesn't win? i want to bring in cnn's sunlen serfaty in the pivotal battleground state of north carolina. sunlen, you have been speaking with the most passionate trump supporters. are they prepared for a worst-case scenario? >> reporter: no, they really aren't, jake. most of the trump supporters who are, as you know, fiercely loyal to donald trump, most of the supporters i talked to said that they are convinced that he is going to win. but on this question of what if he doesn't, there has been some heated rhetoric and some, at times, alarming rhetoric coming from trump's supporters, and even trump campaign surrogates, from the podiums at donald trump's own rallies, suggesting what they could do and what might happen if he loses.
1:53 pm
with just five days left until election day, donald trump supporters are confronting a tough question. what happens if he loses. >> attack! attack! attack! we will never accept defeat! >> reporter: the republican nominee has sewn doubts with the integrity of the electoral process. >> it's a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: fueling fears of a dishonest democracy. >> hillary's election is a threat to democracy. >> reporter: and has refused to say he would accept the results of the election. >> i'll keep you in suspense. >> reporter: a small but local group of high-profile trump supporters are firing verbal warning shots steeped in violent imagery of post-election unrest, from sheriffs -- >> it is pitch-fork and torchers time in america. >> reporter: to former congressmen. >> it's time to boycott, picket.
1:54 pm
maybe even stop at aipaying tax >> we're coming to tear it down. we're coming to rip it out. we're coming to kick your ass. >> reporter: the incendiary rhetoric is being echoed now by some trump supporters. >> if it actually happened, are you saying we can't? isn't that what d.c. is for, to breath our frustration? >> reporter: this man telling the "wall street journal" he would take matters into his own hands if clinton is elected. >> there is going to be probably a movement to where we will go and take them out of power. >> it sounds like you're saying it would be acceptable to assassinate a president? >> if she is corrupt, why should she be able to stay in office? >> reporter: so has this historic election really come down to win, lose or draw? not at all says wayne root who insists his fiery speeches before trump rallies are not meant as a literal call to arms. >> nobody is going to washington to burn it down or tear it down, but i think you can go fire a lot of people. >> reporter: on the campaign
1:55 pm
trail most trump loyalists say they'll be most likely to retreat from the political process than to riot against it. >> i will be very upset. i'll cry. and i probably will never vote again. >> i may not stay living in the u.s., but i'll accept the results. i would rather leave the country than get involved in a revolution. >> reporter: nearly all trump supporters say they will stick with him, win or lose. >> we love you, mr. trump. >> reporter: whatever his next steps might be. >> i would like to see him run again in 2020. i think he could do something. >> reporter: and to reiterate, by far, the vast majority of trump supporters that we talked to over the last week in many battleground states across the country, they said, if donald trump loses, yes, they will accept the results of the election and that, no, no form of violence is acceptable or okay. and that said, many have clearly thought through some of the next steps, where they want to see their, in their words, movement keep going, everything from starting a new party, jake, to a
1:56 pm
million-man style march on washington. >> fascinating. sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. if, if hillary clinton wins, he says he has enough evidence to investigate her for two years. congressman jason chaffetz will explain next. @!@!
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. happening now, breaking news. big guns. president obama and melania trump head the long list of surrogates deployed on behalf of the presidential candidates. even ted cruz turns out for his former rival, though he doesn't mention donald trump by name. big money. a surge in spending on negative ads in battleground states as the campaign offer a gloomy forecast. trump tells himself publicly, quote, stay