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tv   New Day  CNN  November 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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new hampshire, ohio and pennsylvania. three states so critical to his path forward. >> we know hillary can't be trusted. we learned that. >> reporter: trump hitting hillary clinton over the fbi's probe of the long-time aide's e-mails. >> can we trust her with our security? she is disqualified. >> reporter: while presenting a defense focus speech in north carolina and decorated military veterans joining trump on stage. donald trump pointing out to them why she should not be president. >> to think of her being their boss? i don't think so. and you know they're incredible patriots. i know what they're thinking. it's not for them. >> reporter: and praising their
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courage and also applauding himself. >> they are so much more brave than me. i'm brave in other ways. i'm financially brave. big deal. >> reporter: and complimenting his wife, melania. >> she gave an incredible speech. >> reporter: in the first campaign events since the republican national convention. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> reporter: melania trump vowing to take on cyber bullying. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. it is absolutely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the internet. >> reporter: critics quick to pounce on the irony on the
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speech of bullying. >> i call her goofy. >> reporter: despite the criticism, melania hoping to help her husband win over female voters. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other and disagree with each other and respect each other. >> reporter: and going into the last weekend on the campaign trail, i want to show you a snapshot of where donald trump is headed. as you can see, this is an all-out race of battleground states. he has been holding as many as five campaign rallies a day this weekend. including a closing rally monday night in manchester, new hampshire. every single moment, alisyn, is important. >> it feels like it. so hillary clinton is looking to turn north carolina blue again. focusing on the youth and minority vote and the turnout there with the help of big name supporters. we have cnn's jeff zeleny with more. >> reporter: good morning.
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north carolina is the central part of the campaign. hillary clinton had hoped to spend the final days in states like that. this morning, she finds herself defending democratic territory. she works to regain the confidence and command of the race she had one week ago. four days before election day, hillary clinton is bringing the star power. pharrell williams and bernie sanders. >> i'm here. >> reporter: hillary clinton sending an urgent warning to democrats that she could lose. >> america will have a new president. it will be or my opponent. are we going to build a stronger or better america or are we going to fear each other? >> reporter: it is now how she hoped to spend the waning days
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of her campaign. >> it is hard for me to imagine that we would have a president who has demeaned women, mocked the disabled, insulted african-americans and latinos. >> reporter: democrats are still trying to disqualify trump. his rebound has taken them back to the drawing board. from sanders. >> we are not going back to a bigoted society. >> reporter: to president obama in florida. >> you don't see him hanging out with working people. unless they're cleaning his room. >> reporter: a week after the fbi bombshell, huma abedin remains off the campaign trail. she did attend a fund-raiser. raising money for a last-minute advertising blitz. clinton still maintaining the national lead and her advisers say the race is too close for comfort in swing states. heading into the final stretch,
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clinton is showing signs of confidence. drawing a parallel to the history-making world series championship chicago cubs. >> the last time the cubs won, women could not vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. >> reporter: so today, clinton is not focusing on expanding the map. she is hitting pennsylvania and michigan. both had gone democratic in the last six presidential races. we are looking at the final push. in addition to pittsburgh and detroit, heading to cleveland tonight, she is going to florida and philadelphia tomorrow. new hampshire and back to ohio and then the final event in philadelphia on monday night. >> let's talk about the big battleground blitz in the final days of the campaign. we have matt lewis, the political reporter of the boston globe. we have errol louis and rebecca
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burke. let's talk north carolina. it's a place where there is a lot of division. this is historical blue. you see people cannot agree when it comes to north carolina. here is what we know. in the poll of polls, let's pup the number. the poll of polls is the cnn averaging of the last several polls. every set of numbers is a snapshot. 46% to 42% and 5% for johnson. not good for democrats. yes, obama won it in 2008. they only one it two or three tea times in the last several decades. >> i think the enthusiasm for barack obama. black voters coming outs in droves in charlotte and raleigh area. >> can the african-american votes change? >> absolutely. that is why obama is going there again and again trying to re-tap
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that enthusiasm he had in 2008. he lost some in 2012. it is an open question over how much he can drive voter turnout for somebody else. >> errol, why are all eyes on north carolina? there are a lot of battleground states. >> it's a big one and it is a true swing state. unlike the other battleground states. you have a state that with went one way in 2008 and the other way in 2012. it was the closest state in which obama lost in 2012. there is a little bit of payback that he and his team want to get. this will stop donald trump as far as the hillary clinton team is concerned. if they can put this out of reach, that wins the race for them. >> when we watch election night on tuesday night and we see which way north carolina goes, we know something about the race? >> we know as we start to sweep west that the map gets much harder for anybody who doesn't have that state.
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>> so, rebecca, when we look at north carolina, if obama lost it in 2012, that doesn't suggest that he will be able to motivate the african-americans the way he did in 2008 for her in 2016. she is focusing there on the millennial vote. what is your read on what that vote means in that particular state? >> it is important. clearly you have a number of universities in the state. university of north carolina, duke, et cetera. those are key areas for hillary clinton. that's why yesterday she stopped by one of the university campuses with pharrell williams, the singer. she is trying to get the students out early to vote. i would argue that the college educated white vote is important in north carolina because this was a share of the electorate that supported romney in 2012 and not obama. what we have seen this time is college educated white voters are trending toward hillary
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clinton. especially women. if she can take a bigger share of the college white vote in north carolina, that could help over the minority vote in north carolina. >> let's talk about melania trump. got a lot of attention with the speech outside of philadelphia. the message was captivating to people. she says our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. we have to find a better way to talk to each other and disagree with each other and respect each other. that's a great message. people felt it was ironic who she is married to and the state of the race. that is the fallout? >> she is right. our culture and twitter conversation so often in the gutter. it is ironic that she could deliver that speech in donald trump tower to her husband. donald trump has been the one instigated a lot of the negativity.
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especially on twitter and pushing back and making fun of ted cruz's wife's looks. she is an odd messenger for that point. >> let's give melania her due. this is not a unique message. this was put on her by the campaign. >> even that, why give her that job? >> that's my question. what are they trying to do here, errol? are they trying to make people forget who he is or let's try it and see what happens. he can't say this because people would laugh him out of any room. not followers, but the media and anybody opened eyed on him. we pick tweets to show the message is counter to his behavior. we have to censor the tweets. so many are vicious. >> we have a lot of material though. let me read some of the ones i think melania say crossed the line if it were coming from some
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place else. i refuse to call megyn kelly a bimbo. here is arianna huffington. i understand why her husband left her for a man. he made a good decision. here is one of my favorites. "new day" treats me badly. alisyn camerota is a disaster. >> it's true. we fought over that tweet because truth is a defense to defamation. >> so he does go after people personally. >> i read melania trump's speech with the setting and substance as they try to make in-road was some of the educated white women in the suburbs of philadelphia. you know, bucks county and chester county and delaware county. the area where is trump is under performing the way republicans have traditionally performed
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there. this is her, i thought, make some in-roads there. hillary clinton is not just trying to reassemble the obama coalition, they is trying to create her own. a big part of that is getting the educated middle class women that melania trump was trying to contest yesterday. >> rebecca, this would have worked worse with that group. if you are going at people who are aggressively thinking about what positions are going to be in the election, why would you say something that you know they can't believe about you or your candidate? >> exactly. i think this was part of optics and getting melania out there and showing she supports her husband in spite of the allegations. >> she has been missing for a while. >> she has been missing. it is something she said was her choice. she did not want to be on the campaign trail. she is a reluctant surrogate from the beginning. >> they gave her the michelle obama speech and lied about it and made it look like it was about her. we had no reason to believe.
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>> exactly. >> her message is accurate. people do think things are toxic. a new poll. 82% of americns are disgusted. that is strong language. disgusted by this campaign. 85% of republicans say they feel divided about this campaign and where their party is and 73% of democrats say they feel united. that's interesting. what do you think that means, matt? >> there's no signs of tuesday being a conclusion to us uniting on wednesday. i don't think these numbers will change or get that much better after the election. it is created the divisions and no sign of healing afterwards. >> that is ashame. we will do our best to heal the country come wednesday. whatever happens. >> less of a disaster. >> i'll try to be less of a disaster. my personal part. meanwhile, more than 30
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million americans have already voted. with democrats leading republicans by 1 million ballots in the 24 states that are making the data available. what do these early numbers tell about the key battleground battles? that's next. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
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and it's a balanced meal. my name is maurice mcgriff. america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say hello. volunteer by donating your lunch break at four days to go until the election. things are getting real. 30 million ballots have already been cast in early voting in 28 states. who has the advantage in early voting? we have rebecca berg and errol louis and matt viser. 15 million cast in battleground states. 7.5 million by registered democrats and 6.5 million by registered republicans. does that mean anything? >> not as much as we hoped. the reality is it is not
2:19 am
suitable for predictive analysis. you don't know where the sites are. they change from cycle to cycle. we don't know what the strategy is of the candidates. if you have to get your vote in first or will they come in later. i think the best example is north carolina where you had a great early voting advantage that democrats had last time. they lost the state. now things are looking less robust for democrats this time around. on the other hand, polling suggests they are okay in the state of north carolina. >> we talk about north carolina and florida in a second specifically. let's look at the trending of what's going on here. we are about 30 million. they were hoping for more. the record is 42 million. you still have several days left. in terms of who is showing up and who isn't, you have white, black, hispanic voting. let's show the rates of how we're doing this time versus 2008. >> do you want to look at the states?
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let's look at north carolina. here is by race. 2016. more whites so far. >> let's blacks and more hispanics. that number is not an impressive number. you have more hispanic. when you look at the trendings, rebecca, what does that trend? >> it goes back to what we are talking about in the previous segment. african-american turnout is so far diminished. for democrats especially, we expected democrats to do better in early voting. what they want to do is turn out low propensity voters. african-americans fall into the category. they want to make sure they voted on election day. they can focus on other demographics. as we are seeing in north carolina, that is not the case across the board. that should not necessarily panic democrats, but i'm sure it is raising alarm bells for them and mapping out what they need.
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>> one more thing in north carolina before we move on to florida which is interesting. this is the independent vote. here is what we look at with democrats and republicans and independents. you see democrats are down from 2012 so far in early voting. republicans down. independents are up. 24.5%. no way to know how they're voting. >> if you are the clinton campaign, that keeps you up at night. one caveat with north carolina is the polling sites are dramatically less than they were four years ago. gilford county, where greensboro is, there were 15 or 20 sites for early voting. now there is one. >> there was a lawsuit about this. >> to open up more early voting. you know, for the sites, that so much has not survived. >> it was a little more sinister than that. this is not a systemic issue of
2:22 am
resources. this is deliberate. that's what the lawsuit says. basically, you had republican effort to find all the ways to retard the african-american vote and put it into law. you know, irony is trump was talking about a rigged system. he may be right in north carolina. it seems to be rigged against the african-american vote. how real is that, errol? >> it is very real. the findings of a federal court. the judge looked at it and said it seems if you went out of your way to find every fashion and form in which you can suppress this vote and implement those as your policies. indeed, there was an interesting paper trail where the legislature said where are the places where black voters tend to sort of come out and what are the reasons. let's go step by step and try to change all of those. >> we will talk to the campaign. >> they may be right. it may be politics. really bad politic.
2:23 am
we will talk to the campaign. you have to go out and watch. you know what i mean by watch. who responds to the call? these white supremacists say we will organize and go out. then the campaign said i wasn't talking about you. i don't want you near my polls. weird message. >> errol, the lawsuit and the federal judge said they agreed going after black voters with surgical precision. too late to change it. >> a lot of it was too late to change with early voting and extend through sunday. it was a mixed verdict. what we don't know is whether or not these folks were going to come out anyway. there are academic research that suggests when you do this stuff and voter identification stuff, it doesn't change the outcome. it is hard to say what would have happened if it hadn't gone on. they had a four-year fight within the black democratic circles around the issue really
2:24 am
raised a lot of conscience of it. you can't say one way or the other this will sort of -- and of course, we have and entirely different candidate. you cannot compare what would have happened. >> we don't know if those people will come out to vote on election day. we know they are not early voting. that could change. that is what obama is doing. >> let's look at florida quickly and what we see different between 2008 and 2016. let's look at republican turnout. republican turnout is almost exactly the same. democrat down. independent up. rebecca. >> this is a good sign for republicans because as i said, democrats tend to do better in early vote. to go back to the issue of what does this actually tell us. it tells us less than ever in this cycle. you have two candidates who are
2:25 am
unpopular and struggle estruggd coalesce around the parties. we have seeing people come around the donald trump cana candida candidacy. i spoke with the republican source who has access to internal polling out there. he said that has been the entire shift in the polling up there. republicans coming back to donald trump. still, we have the question of are they going to coalesce around him or vote for another party? >> you are right. it is one thing to say when you are caught at home or on the cell phone, i'll go for him. it is another one to get your butt out of the chair and change your day and go to the poll and vote. it is a bigger commitment than people realize. >> panel, thank you. stay with cnn for all day coverage on tuesday. up next, a milestone in the battle for mosul. coalition forces crossing into the city for the first time in
2:26 am
years. this is obviously getting rid of isis, but the situation is bloodier by the hour. remember how many people are trapped in the city. we have a report from mosul next.
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major milestone in the battle for mosul. for the first time in two and a half years, iraqi forces are inside the country's second largest city. they are meeting ferocious battle. we have the latest from irbil, iraq with nic robertson.
2:31 am
>> reporter: good morning, alisyn. what iraqi forces are saying they have gone into five or six neighborhoods in the eastern edge of mosul. that the advance is difficult and there are air strikes backing up their moves and artillery backing up their moves. isis has snipers on the buildings of roofs and the buildings have civilians living in them. they cannot call in heavy fire power on the buildings. if there were not civilians, they could take out the buildings. they say isis is user mortars that fire up high over buildings and drop a couple streets away. they are targeting iraqi forces that way. some of the mortars from isis are actually hitting civilian buildings. there are civilian satisficasua.
2:32 am
one of the issues the iraqi forces are facing, they had to pull back from one of the neighborhoods. there are two isis suicide bombers sent against forces and destroyed two humvees and damaged three other humvees. and in that confrontation, soldiers were wounded. they had to pull back from the neighborhood. the government is managing to get the iraqi flags flying above the neighborhoods. they worry about the suicide bombers and the gun battles which have been ferocious and an estimated 1 million civilians in the city. this is a dangerous situation for the people living there. chris. >> nic, thank you very much. stay safe. we will switch back state side. a woman missing since august and just found alive in south carolina. police say they found her chained up like a dog. she is 30-year-old kayla brown.
2:33 am
she was kidnapped nine weeks ago. she was kept in a metal storage container. she was found yesterday by sheriff's officers. the person who did this, police say, is a registered sex offender facing kidnapping charges. he has been identified as 45-year-old todd cole hepp. south carolina is supposed to have monitoring. and harvard university suspending the men's soccer team for the rest of the season. this action stems from the 2012 team and apparent sexual comments they made about the women's soccer team. athletes circulated a so-called scouting report that rated the attractiveness of female recr t recruits and lewd comments. it continued through the current season. >> that's how you change
2:34 am
culture. good news. chicago is set to honor the world series champion cubs today with a parade and rally. the city, of course, still buzzing over this historic win. breaking the 108-year drought. the championship parade will begin at wrigley field and ends with a celebration rally at grant park. president obama congratulating cubs manager joe maddon from air force one. inviting the team to the white house before he leaves. >> what is a schnide? >> a run of bad luck. your power of spell that you put on people would be the schnide. >> chris is calling me the master of disaster for the rest of the show. we will explain. surrogates are heading to the battleground states for hillary clinton and donald trump. who is making the more compelling case? we will discuss that next on "new day."
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four days to go until election day. donald trump, hillary clinton pulling out all the stops. that means surrogates. get as many strong people to spread your message as possible. who is doing the best job there? let's discuss. cnn commentator and trump supporter mr. john phillips. and commentator and strategist and hillary clinton supporter maria cardona. who do you believe is your best surrogate and why? >> we have so many, chris. >> just one, please. >> i'm going to say michelle obama. >> why? >> the closer. she is a star. she appeals to frankly all of the demographics that democrats need to make sure get out to vote including women and including millennials and latinos and african-americans. college educated white women.
2:40 am
you name it. michelle obama is popular with everybody. i think she is the not so secret weapon. we called her the closer. we have seen why every time she gets up and gives a speech. and she's also untouchable. if you notice the one person the trump campaign and trump himself have never dared to go after is michelle obama. >> that is true, john. how did trump miss her? who is your best surrogate and why? >> you might say, chris, that melania is in pennsylvania trying to help the republicans get off the schnide there in the keystone stayte. >> you see what the master has to say about that. what do you think? you think melania is his best? >> well, look. when they pick the vice presidential nominee way back in the middle of summer i said it matters a lot right now, but it doesn't mean much when it comes to november. the best surrogate is the candidate. people vote for the top of the
2:41 am
ticket. they don't for the bottom of the ticket. what means something to me among the surrogates is the geography. where was melania's speech yesterday? where are trump's kids? where are the top surrogates appearing? the answer is pennsylvania. pennsylvania is an important state to both campaigns, but particularly to the trump campaign. if you look at that abc news/washington post poll, you see donald trump has an 11--point lead on those planning on voting on election day. pennsylvania is not an early voting state. i don't think it is a mistake they are sending surrogates to fill up rooms and create -- >> it is also not a mistake, john, the main man, donald trump, he may be the only one. there is a thinness compared to the clinton team. he has gone to pennsylvania once from now until election day. clinton will be there three times. now let me hit you with a
2:42 am
criticism of surrogates. cardona, i'll start with you. you have people who are arguably better at making the case for the coalition that democrats need to win than your candidate whether it is michelle obama or president obama or her husband bill clinton. that she has surrogates that are actually more likeable and better than she is. is that a good thing? >> i think that is a great thing, actually. i would disagree with that obviously. people who support hillary love hillary and are voting for hillary. the people who are around her. the super surrogates traveling the country and speaking on her behalf have a great message. i think president obama for one can talk very specifically to african-americans and to millennials because they are the ones who clearly voted for him in record numbers in '08 and 2012. he talks about his legacy. let's not forget that president obama today has an approval
2:43 am
rating of 57%. that is quite high. that is very important. >> the president was out yesterday. let's hear what he said. >> this isn't a joke. this isn't survivor. this isn't "the bachelorette." this counts. >> i didn't know there was a "bachelorette." john, the criticism of your team is you don't have one. you have kids out there. god bless them they are supporting their parent. you have 80% plus support divided. you have ted cruz who won't even say the man's name. how does that help you? >> donald trump is an outsider. part of what comes with being an outsider, you don't have a lifetime of support built up so they go out and campaign on your behalf. >> is that true?
2:44 am
let's check the assertion. he does have relationships. he always has been a donor. he has been a player. you have guys like paul ryan who find him personally offensive. while they back the party, they don't campaign for him directly. you have cruz who finds himself objectable and he is not ain si insider. why go out there? >> i would love to play poker with ted cruz. he is the most transparent person on planet earth. he will tell people he is going out and he will tell people he doesn't like it for a minute. >> i agree with that. >> there is a difference with being a donor and someone in the smoke-filled rooms in washington, d.c. back slapping for decades on end. i think, again, it was a very bitter primary. a primary where there was a lot of hurt feelings. jeb has hurt feelings. kasich has hurt feelings.
2:45 am
he won the primary going out advocating on his behalf without surrogates doing it for him. he will try to do the same here in the general. >> and boy did he put a bow on it with melania's speech yesterday. he beat everybody to a pulp and his wife delivers a speech saying everybody should be nicer. >> has she met her husband? >> alisyn. up next, fox news is under fire again for reporting a false story. so brian stelter is here with the fallout. prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
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fox news is under fire for another false report. the truth is the cottage industry is trying to trick journalists on a regular basis.
2:50 am
let's bring in brian stelter host of reliable sources. there is a lot of things reporters are doing to advance narratives. >> the most recent case, fox news relying on anonymous sources in the fbi and the fbi suggesting the clinton foundation are in legal trouble. this started on wednesday. reflecting the divide and war within the fbi. the initial report from bret baier was the potential for indictments. take a look at what he said. >> we talked to two sources with knowledge of what is going on with the fbi investigations. the investigations will taken. there is a lot of evidence and barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they will continue to likely an indictment. >> this lit up the internet. the "i" word indictment. the serious legal peril for
2:51 am
clinton and the foundation. then on thursday, he seemed to walk it back a bit. here is what baier said on thursday morning. >> i want to be clear about this and this came from a q & a i did with brit hume. i got to the end of that and they have a lot of evidence that would likely lead to an indictment. that is not -- that is inartfully answered. >> this seemed language to me and evan perez and others said on anonymous sources there is no evidence of the fox story. there is nothing close to an indictment. it is clear this is a battle inside the fbi. that is the real story here. >> bret is a real journalist. bret is a real journalist. does that clarification go far
2:52 am
enough? was it inartful for wrong? >> the use of the word indictment was wrong. unfortunately, you can't walk back something like that. the damage is already done. >> it spread like wildfire. he said it and the echo chamber. all news outlets. the politics and the hill picked it up. >> and donald trump. donald trump started talking about it. >> he doesn't need a source to jump to a suggestion. that is one thing we know about trump. he will say it no matter what. this is the difference between what you say and why you say it. all right. we have all the standards at different reporting shops about what you go on air with something. anonymous sources about an indictment. you will not get on the air at cnn. you can fight all day long. i tried tit. was that martha mccallum he was sitting next to? >> yes. >> then all of a sudden, chris
2:53 am
cuomo was surprised hillary clinton has two investigations. that's what they do at cnn. that's a silly thing for a reporter to say. obviously, we know. we had someone on air who sounded like there were two new investigations when the foundation one was going on a long time. the e-mail going on well over a year. why you say something also matters. they take pride at fox and saying that cnn is the clinton news network. this is a different type of combat almost that you see it among media. we don't go after our own. if someone's wrong, you say it. you don't attack the priorities. >> we are on the precipice of the election. fox is trying to reassure the audience that donald trump has a chance of getting clinton behind bars and calling for the fbi to speak out. they need to come out with a public statement to refute the fox claims.
2:54 am
>> thank you, brian. the battleground for north carolina. battling it out in the must-win tar heel state. it could decide the election. we have four days to go and a lot to talk about. how will we fit it all in? that's next. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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america will have a new president. it will either be me or my opponent. >> we are the movement of the future. >> this campaign is not a personality contest. we're not voting for high school president. we have to find a better way to talk to each other. we need to respect each other. >> what kind of change are we going to have? >> just remember the system is rigged. >> we have work to do. to finish what we started eight years ago. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota.
2:59 am
>> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is friday, november 4th. 6:00 in the east. up first, donald trump and hillary clinton battling for all important north carolina. must-win swing state. emerging as one of the most critical for both candidates. one that could ultimately decide this race. >> so top surrogates for trump and clinton are fanning out across the country. there are just four days left until election day. we have it covered for you. let's start with cnn's sunlen serfaty live in charlotte. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the candidates are practically running into each other. the campaign planes were parked next to each other at the airport. then it is on to new hampshire and pennsylvania and ohio. three states critical >> we know hillary can't be
3:00 am
trusted. we learned that. >> reporter: donald trump hitting hillary clinton over the long-time aides e-mails. >> you look at her e-mail situation. can we trust her with our security? she is disqualified. >> reporter: we're presenting a defense focus speech in south carolina, decorated military veterans joining trump on stage. trump demonstrating why he thinks clinton shouldn't be president. >> to think of her being their boss. i don't think so. and, you know, they are incredible patriots who would never say a thing. but i know what they are thinking. >> reporter: praising their kurmg while also applauding himself. >> so much more brave than me. i wouldn't have done what they did. i'm brave in other ways. i'm financially brave, big deal,


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