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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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tonight but i hear your voices, i need your help and i will be your president, too. >> very historic date, november 4, 2008. i remember it, i sure so many of you, do. that's it for me. thanks for watching, the news continues right now right here on cnn. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin, thank you so much for being with me, you're watching cnn. four days. four days from the all-important presidential election and the road to 270 got a tad more bumpy. let me show you the map and explain why. so this is our -- obviously our cnn electoral map and it shows hillary clinton dipping below the number of electoral votes necessary to win the white house. that's why we keep harping on 270. that's what they need to win. she does still hold an advantage, you see the numbers
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here, over donald trump and cnn's new national poll of polls shows clinton with just a four-point lead as both clinton and trump are scrambling for the votes with -- along with their surrogates in this final stretch in the week before the elections. let's begin with mark preston, our cnn politics executive editor. tell me now that we've looked at the map and numbers what's changed? >> well, brooke, let's talk about the dramatic developments right now. let's start with the state of maine. there are four electoral votes in the state of maine but the way they apportion their electoral votes, there's one hanging out there. we have now taken that one and we are giving it to donald trump. that is actually already in the 1 180 that we have tallied over there. we have taken the battleground state of utah and its six electoral votes and we have changed that now, brooke, we have changed utah to donald trump so 186. that's gone republican. we go out to the state of ohio as well, state that donald trump has been doing will, the battleground state, we have now
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switched that to lean republican as well. trump is now up to 204 electoral votes and then look at the state of new hampshire right now. that's lean democrat, we have decided now to put that into the battleground column and that's where we get to 268 electoral votes for hillary clinton for hillary clinton, donald trump at 204. now, brooke, all hillary clinton has to do is win one of these yellow states and she still becomes president. but let's for argument's sake look at how donald trump would become president. let us give him florida for the argument, sake of the argument, let us give him north carolina for the sake of this argument, let us go out to arizona, give him arizona for the sake of the argument, and let's give him nevada as well. he comes up short at 265, hillary clinton is at 268. what does it come down to? let's go back up to the northeast, to this battleground state of new hampshire. let us give that to donald trump right now, that gets him to 269
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electoral votes, not enough for the 270, except let's go to the state of nebraska. nebraska is very much like maine in how it apportions its electoral votes, right now one of those electoral votes is up for grabs and we have decided now to give that to donald trump and when you do that and you do plus one that gets you 270, brooke. >> there you go. the possibilities for each, mark, thank you. so factor this in now to who you might still vote for. breaking news today on the economy. the final jobs report here before election day. 161,000 jobs were added in the month of october and the unemployment rate dipped to 4.9%. so alison kosik is joining me now. positive news, i suppose, if you are a democrat. >> this was a solid report, brooke, when you look at the jobs report for october, you look at the unemployment rate
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falling from 5% to 4.9%, 161,000 jobs added to the economy in october. but the headline really for this report, the way i see it, is the acceleration in wage growth. wages grew 2.8% over the past year, so that means for many americans they're seeing bigger paychecks. that's something that can make voters feel good about the economy. meantime, donald trump putting out a statement calling this jobs report disastrous. i'm finding it a little hard to find anything in this report disastrous, brooke. >> what about also the -- what citigroup is saying about how if donald trump were to be elected president that stocks would drop. why are they saying that? >> okay, so citi put out a note to its clients saying that if donald trump wins the election on tuesday that the next day they're predicting a 3% to 5% drop in the s&p 500 so that is an immediate drop. it's predicting, though -- if clinton wins, it wouldn't move stocks significantly anything to
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mention there. so in its note, it said that it believes investors would be surprised by a trump victory. this despite the fact that as you're showing, the polls are growing more narrow. why would this happen? well, for a couple reasons. that would be trump and clinton. trump as investors see is a wild card, clinton is more predictable and the market doesn't like instability and unpredictability and that is what trump represents. brooke? >> alison, thank you. let's jump off of what alison went through as far as these numbers for the economy heading into election day. let me bring in my panel, nia-malika henderson is a cnn senior political reporter. doug hye is republican strategist and former rnc communications director and dana bash is our cnn chief political correspondent. great to have all of you. nia, let's begin on what alison just reported. between the news from citi on how they say the stocks go down
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if trump is elected to the positive wage growth. if you haven't voted yet, how much will voters care and who will this help most going into the polls? >> i think this is an election based on how people feel, right? do they feel good about their lives? do they feel good about their high mortgage payments? do they feel good about the fact that in many ways they haven't necessarily seen a raise from their jobs? do they feel good about the direction of the country? >> a lot of people don't. despite the numbers. >> exactly. and that's where i think donald trump is really resonating with so many voters and that's one of the reasons why it's so close because there is a sense among a pretty broad swath of the country that things haven't really gotten better. that america should be doing better. if america is the greatest country in the world, why are you having to work two or three jobs? why are the school systems where they are? and that has been, obviously, trump's line of attack against the status quo and, of course,
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hillary clinton is arguing something very different, right? it's more nuanced, it's obama plus, it's we're not where we should be but we're better than where we were eight years ago. and if you flash back to 2012, the big conversation romney was having in the leadup to election day was about the unemployment rate was at 8%. it finally dipped to 7.8% or so and that was supposed to be horrible that the unemployment rate was that high and now fast forward and it's at 5% but it's based on how people feel and some people aren't feeling so great. >> it's a great point and that may be part of the reason why, dana bash, folks feel frustrated and they think donald trump could help boost the economy and job numbers, but what else? mark just ran through the map. you have all these signs that help trump. you have maine's second congressional district leaning republican, ohio leaning
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republican, utah leaning republican and new hampshire considered a battleground. what do you think that is about? >> look, there's something that is kind of inneffable at this point of a campaign and this is momentum and there's no question that the momentum is on donald trump's side right now. it just is, and i think the fact that these states are changing and cnn's electoral map that you're seeing the polls tightening in other states, that is what this is about and that's something republicans concede mitt romney did not have four years ago, he didn't have momentum on his side now the poll, people looking back just by comparison they will say that the polls were worse for barack obama than they are for hillary clinton right now and we know what happened there, he won over 300 electoral votes. but, again, it's not just about the numbers even though both
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campaigns are using modeling and looking at data and voter by voter going trying to figure out who has voted, who hasn't, what they need to do to get that person out to the polls. that's happening as we speak. there's just something else about that feeling and donald trump has that on his side. he just does. >> let me jump to north carolina and turn to my tar heel, love the tie. >> thank you. >> so you grew up in winston-salem and you've worked on three senate campaigns in the state of north carolina. it's a must win for donald trump. we haven't talked enough about the bathroom law the discriminatory bathroom law in the state of north carolina and i'm wondering, the gubernatorial race is one we should be watching, too. who do you think is most riled up by, say the bathroom law. who could help or hurt the top of the ticket? >> what we see in north carolina, it's a unique situation where there's an up-ballot motivation for democrats between the bath program bill and the voting rights bills that the state
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assembly has passed. but what we've seen is while white democrats have turned out more in the past, african-american turnout is down in the state by 8% and republicans have really shown up so where we thought there might be a democratic balance so far republicans whether you're talking donald trump, my old boss richard burr or even patrick mccrory are in a better position than we anticipated three or four weeks ago. >> so with that swell of republicans you could turn that way come tuesday if all indicators materialize by tuesday evening. >> givenen the way north carolina has been changing under the radar it's very similar to virginia but you have little pockets that add up to northern virginia, suburban areas of raleigh, suburban areas of charlotte, winston-salem, greensboro, all add up to one northern virginia. it should be hillary clinton's to win but we've seen it's neck in neck and probably will be on election day. it was the second closest in
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2008 and 2012. >> we saw pharrell who was with hillary clinton in i want to say -- i can't remember the town in north carolina last night. we had the president in chapel hill, donald trump has been in north carolina so nia, here's my question and i mention pharrell because we know jay-z and beyonce -- no beyonce. stevie wonder, all these people, katy perry, all showing up for hillary clinton. my question is does star power translate to votes? >> they certainly hope it translates to people coming out to a specific place and that place in some of these instances are close to polling places and then you get those people there and they go off to the polls. that's the strategy. i want to get back to north carolina. doug, i hate your tie and i hate your school, that's fine. >> uh-oh, tar heels. >> but i am hearing from democrats in north carolina very worried about what they're seeing in terms of a tick down,
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in terms of the support among whites in north carolina post-fbi decision. they are seeing softening of that support and we know obama lost in 2012 because he didn't do well enough with the white vote, he got about 31% as opposed to 35% in 2008. it didn't matter. african-americans showed up in record numbers. they had the highest turnout in north carolina. 80% in terms of percentage of black registered voters who showed out and most voted for obama so doug you're exactly right. i think democrats are very worried by what they're seeing and seeing real fallout from that fbi investigation. >> and hillary clinton did something very smart when she brought pharrell. they made an unannounced stop at north carolina central university with pharrell. there are 11 hbcus, those were turnout machines for obama in 2008 and 2012. hillary clinton needs them to do the same thing this time.
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>> what about chris christie? chris christie on the flip side, on the trump side, we know he's heading up the transition team and returning to the campaign trail tomorrow, dana, in new hampshire amid the fact that it's just crossed today that two of his former allies were convicted in the bridgegate trial. is that a smart move for the trump campaign to have the governor out tomorrow? >> is it a smart move? i think if we've seen from the history of donald trump whether it was when corey lewandowski was a campaign manager and he was in trouble donald trump stuck by him and that won't be any different with chris christie. especially with chris christie because chris christie supported and endorsed donald trump well before anybody else did and got a lot of heat from it as you know. having said that, new hampshire is a very targeted place, chris christie practically lived there during the primaries when he was running for president.
11:14 am
>> now dubbed a battleground on our electoral map. >> exactly and there's good will for him there. having said that, i think it's more of a question of what this is going to mean for chris christie than donald trump given that already you're seeing the democrats who run the new jersey statehouse questioning whether he was truthful with them and their investigation of bridgegate so that could open up a whole other line of just not attack but legal -- going after him legally, maybe even going as far as impeachment proceedings and this is pretty clear, i just gotten a e-mail from one of the democratic leaders who was involved in that investigation making it clear that's something that might open up. >> i want to thank you all so much. four days to go, don't forget, it's tuesday, we're going to be electing someone leading up to election night here in america. we will have every race, every result for you. stay with cnn until the very last vote is cast.
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also ahead, one of trump's most vocal supporters says your choice tuesday comes down to a car wreck or a drunk driver. hmm. let's discuss that. and one day after pharrell's stump for hillary clinton it's jay-z's turn tonight but at one point hip-hop idolized the real estate mogul. let's talk about how that has changed. and chilling new revelations, officials are monitoring chatter of al qaeda threats against three states the day before election day. we'll talk to the nypd commissioner. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. i'm brooke baldwin.
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this is humira at work. we are seeing surrogates for each candidate, including donald trump's wife melania trump, she spoke to an enthusiastic and packed crowd in a philadelphia suburb right around this time yesterday i want to play her message then we'll hear from the other candidate's better half, former president bill clinton.
11:20 am
>> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> yesterday i never felt so bad for anybody in my life as i did for his wife going out giving a speech saying oh, cyber bullying was a terrible thing. [ laughter ] i thought, yeah, especially if it's done at 3:00 in the morning against the former miss universe by a guy running for president. [ cheers and applause ] none of this is real. you couldn't make it up. the problem is we're laughing but it isn't funny because people's lives are going to be changed by this. let's bring in betsy mccaughey
11:21 am
and hilary rosen, ladies, great to have you back on. lieutenant governor, i want to begin with you. we listened to melania in her entirety yesterday. great speech, english isn't her first language so i give her full credit for that. but that said, you know, when she was saying we're too mean and too rough in this society and she would want to immove from if she's first lady and given what we have seen of her own husband does the former president have a point? >> well, not really because the former president obviously can't defend his own wife. she's under investigation from the fbi. he's under -- >> oh, god. >> we're talking about your candidate right now and i promise we'll take turns. >> well, the reason i'm responding is that bill clinton's obvious strategy is to divert the attention from a serious issue which his wife a presidential candidate is under investigation by the fbi, by the house of representatives --
11:22 am
>> but, again, donald trump is what i was asking you about and we're talking about his wife who says -- >> she did a wonderful job on that speech. >> -- too mean and too tough and too much bullying. does the former president have a point? >> yes, everyone in the nation would agree that civility is the right way to go, but unfortunately voters on tuesday they can look at the woman who has a chronic life long problem with following the law. >> this is outrageous. >> hillary clinton is even in legal hot water with the authorities in chappaqua new york where she lives because she started renovations on her house without getting the right permits. in other words the law is for the little people and she won't obey the law. >> that's staggering. >> that's the problem with hillary clinton. >> that's completely staggering. >> go ahead, hilary.
11:23 am
>> donald trump has over 400 lawsuits against him right now for cheating in business, not paying contractors. >> that's not violating the law. >> yes, it is. >> no, those are civil suits. civil suits. >> and he could be found against law. he has a rape status conference with a judge coming up and the trump university fraud trial coming up that's already been scheduled before a judge so let's stipulate that donald trump is no, you know, is no boy scout here. let's go back to the original point. president clinton is on to something that says, look, it's nice melania trump is out there talking about what she wants to do as first lady but with what we cannot forget is the "new york times" did this analysis last week of the 282 times donald trump insulted somebody
11:24 am
online since he declared president. 28 2 separate occasions where he has been abusive along the way that melania trump says people shouldn't be, so i think civility is in order it was afternoon odd choice for a potential first lady and to bring attention by donald trump's behavior was a strategic mistake. >> the fact is that hillary clinton -- >> let's move on. l let's move on to mike huckabee, former arkansas governor, this is what he tweeted earlier today. " he tweeted "trump may be a car wreck but at least his car is pointed in the right direction, hillary clinton is a drunk driver going the wrong way on the freeway."
11:25 am
i don't know if i like either of those metaphors, lieutenant governor. he's calling his own candidate a car wreck. >> i was at fox this morning when he verbalized his feelings and he actually said it a little differently, said he may have a fender bender here and there but she is driving the nation into a ditch and this is apt. donald trump has a very strong program to jump start the economy and to provide better jobs, more take-home pay for people all across this nation whereas hillary clinton has put forward a plan that's virtually a recession plan, she's going to raise corporate taxes and drive more companies out of this country. she's going to impose layers more of environmental regulation that will shut down coal miners, people in the fracking industry, very important in pennsylvania and in the natural gas industry. she has a plan to reduce jobs and lower take-home pay and that's what the washington, d.c. federal reserve says, that
11:26 am
raising corporate tax rates -- >> they did not -- >> -- will result in lower wages and lower growth. >> that's inaccurate. that's just inaccurate. >> four days before the election you both are obviously partisan and lieutenant governor i'd love to hear what you like about your candidate instead of what you don't like about hillary clinton. hilary, you get the last word. >> i just told you what i like. >> i would just say that everything betsy just said about hillary clinton's economic plan is not true, indeed, she does have a plan for more tax fairness but it goes to rich individuals, no one who makes less than $250,000 a year would see any tax increase. on corporate taxes she has a number of proposals to create incentives for corporations for domestic manufacturing and wage equality, something we all said that we need and for investing in energy and green jobs that matter to the u.s. and most importantly a program for education because we have opened jobs in this country, we don't
11:27 am
have qualified people to fill them, getting folks education is critical. >> that's all about big government. but hillary clinton -- >> it's not -- >> may the best candidate win on tuesday, ladies. betsy and hilary, thank you. thank you very much. may the best candidate win. up next, when politics and hip-hop collide. >> introduce yourself. >> i'm barack obama, i'm the u.s. senate candidate from the state of illinois. >> and, you becoming a black democratic senator, this is a big deal. >> from vote or die in 2004 to tonight jay-z raleigh flying fo hillary clinton. my next guest says he remembers a time when rap artists aspired to be like donald trump. support prop 51.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. a political revolution is under way within the hip-hop world and it's aimed at donald trump. once upon a time, rap artists regularly idolized the mogul for his wealth and his his status. ♪ get money like donald trump ♪ i make a million on that come and go ♪ ♪ balling, donald trump taking dollars from y'all ♪ ♪ i want to be a dealer, i want to be a trump ♪ well, the love fest appears to be fading. hip-hop icons are turning their
11:33 am
backs on donald trump. tonight jay-z is headlining a benefit concert for hillary clinton, pharrell williams stumped for clinton in the battleground state of north carolina. >> i know they sometimes call us minority. but you see our influence everywhere. we are not minority, we are majority. [ cheers and applause ] that's my culture. we're black, beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] so if you've ever been called a minority ever in your life -- and i'm saying this for the standing rock sioux, okay -- [ cheers and applause ] if you've ever been called a minority, go out and vote and show everybody that you are actually really the majority. >> let's begin the conversation, luther campbell is back with us today, founder of luke records and founder of 2 live crew. he's spent quite a bit of time hanging o ining out at donald t
11:34 am
florida pad mar-a-lago and has stories he can share. also with us, morehouse college professor marc lamont hill and mark supports jill stein, we should point out. great to have both of you on. luther campbell, let's begin with you. we played some of the raps and people looking up to trump a, the trump planes and -- can you remember the time artists rapped about that? >> no doubt about it. most new york artists wanted to be like trump because he pretty much represented the glossy and fly life-style that everybody wanted to live. until he went after those young men in the park -- >> the central park five. >> in that particular case, yes. >> and even for you, i mean, can you just tell me the pg version of what that was like?
11:35 am
you and donald trump. what did you tell he? eddie murphy and mike tyson at the parties in palm beach? >> well, i mean, the pg version is that we basically went to the party, me, mike tyson, eddie murphy, we were invited to this big mansion in west palm beach just to hang out with donald trump and all these different pageant girls but, you know, i can't get into the details of all those things but just put it this way, the party was too wild for me to i had to whisper in old mike tyson's ear and say "mike, we got to go. this is a little too wild." >> when uncle luke and mike tyson are like "i got to roll" that's a party. >> what do you think about this? what's changed? he mentioned the central park five. >> in some way it's changed and some way it hasn't. hip-hop has always had a critical assessment of the world and its surroundings so hip-hop asked tough questions and pointed out poverty and challenged the status quo.
11:36 am
that's always been the case. it's had an aspirational identity as well so hip-hop aspires to be the scar face, aspires to be the donald trump in a playful way. just like any kind of art form and so donald trump the figure, the mogul is a great person to aspire to. the problem is we got to know donald trump the person and you see donald trump who unfairly blames the central park five, donald trump who engages in forms of sexual assault, allegedly, donald trump who says all sorts of awful things. the more we know him the less we want to be attached to him because hip-hop isn't about that thing donald trump is talking about. >> would you agree, luther, that for those examples that many artists -- we're looking at jay-z for hillary clinton, jay cole and will we see anti-trump lyrics now coming forward from some of the artists? >> well, i don't think you're going to see anti-trump lyrics. you know, i just did a show earlier today where it was a
11:37 am
young lady talking about whether or not hip-hop artists matter. take in my case in florida when i ran for mayor of memorial day cou -- miami-dade county, was in third place and right now today i had to decide whether or not i was going to endorse one of the mayoral candidate which is i ended up endorsing carlos jiminez. at the same time it does matter so hip-hop artists -- i keep telling people, we're the hip-hop party and we need to go ahead and start that party because without us, you don't win and that's the bottom line of it all. >> let me quote what rapper and social activist common told cnn. he said felt trump forced america to have an honest conversation about race saying "trump supports some of the racist ideals that this country does have and we've got to acknowledge that. and i don't think it's a bad thing that this is brought out because we need to know it exists and stop acting like it doesn't and not be fooled because president obama was in
11:38 am
office." >> that's an interesting observation. trump takes this sector we thought was a race, people wanted to have a post-racial america, people wanted believe there weren't races in america. there were racists all over america, white supremacists all over america. what donald trump was able to do for us is put the stupid hats on them so we could find out where they were and now you can pot sh -- spot them out. but if hillary clinton beats donald trump, we can't say whoo, we averted racism, whoo, we averted militarism. we have to have the honest and tough conversation no matter who is in the white house. >> i keep going back to the fact there there's a lot of anger and emotions that have been stirred up and that's not going anywhere no matter who wins. luther and mark, thank y'all very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. two of governor chris christie's former allies convicted today in that bridge gate case, what does that mean for the new jersey governor. back after this. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97?
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gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. to the verdict in new jersey, the so-called bridge gate trial that could affect the political future of governor chris christie, two of his former aides were found guilty on all charges in connection with the washington bridge lane closures that caused that horrendous traffic jam. prosecutors allege it was part of the effort to punish the democratic mayor of fort lee, new jersey, who didn't endorse governor christie for reelection. bridgette kelly went quietly as her attorney reacted to the court's decision. she and port authority staffer bill baroni faced seven counts including conspiracy and fraud, now each faces a maximum prison sentence of 86 years. as for governor christie, he responded a little while ago
11:44 am
with the statement reiterating he had no advanced knowledge of the lane closure. so danny zef lacevallos is here criminal defense attorney. governor christie is not totally off the hook. what does his future look like with all of this? >> in the opening statements from the beginning of this case, the u.s. attorneys made reference to governor christie which was an ominous thing to do. they didn't charge him so they didn't feel they had enough to indict him but that doesn't mean that they didn't think he wasn't involved on some level or at least aware so this does not bode well for his political future if any and it doesn't rule out the possibility that he's still being looked at. after all, the federal government, the dart of justice is notoriously tight-lipped about investigations if they are investigating additional people in relation to this case. they could be but they certainly mentioned him early in the case and often after that. >> what could be the sentence? >> the sentence here?
11:45 am
you talk about maximum -- statutory maximums of 85 years. these are first-time offenders. they have contacts with the community, they have a strong support system. they're not going to get 85 years. they're going to get something much less than that. but they're probably going to end up getting more than the chief witness against them, wildstein, who made a deal with the government, this is a classic federal case in that they approached one of the -- someone they thought was a main participant, he made a deal, he turns around, he testifies on everybody else and in a case like this that plus some of the text messages and e-mails that came in were really probably what aggravated this jury. >> quick reminder, chris christie is the head of the transition team for donald trump and he will be stumping for him tomorrow. danny, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
11:46 am
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first a bomb exploded at a charity race in new jersey. then, hours later, in new york's chelsea neighborhood another explosion shattered the calm of a summer saturday night. two new york police officers who aren't normally partnered up happened to be out on patrol that very night just blocks away
11:50 am
and while everyone else was runningaway from that blast, they rushed toward it. i caught up with these two hero officers recently for this week's "beyond the call of duty." >> we know that new york is a -- it's a target but you don't put your uniform on everyday thinking that today might be -- there might be an explosion. >> sarge. >> these nypde enypd officers w routine patrol when they saw the explosion that shook new york city's chelsea neighborhood. >> we saw the explosion go off. >> we were pretty much like half a block away. at that point we knew we had to do something. >> where were you guys? at the scene, their first priority was helping the injured. >> i just saw blood on their clothes and they were just hysterical. i tried to calm them down and say help is on the way, help is coming. >> everybody get off of this street. >> 15 minutes later, police found another unexploded device
11:51 am
several blocks away. it, like the first device, was filled with shrapnel and built from pressure cookers and flip phones. in press conferences to come, officials would call the chelsea blast intentional and an act of terror. >> a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism. >> and that was probably the scariest part, just not knowing if there was a second bomb. >> an explosion goes off and it's your job to go towards it. >> yes. >> does that ever make you nervous or you know that's your job? >> no, it's our job. >> and so that dumpster from the explosion flew across the street. >> launched right over there, yeah. even till this day some of the windows are blown out, you can see it's cracked over there. >> oh, wow, yes. despite the damage, by sunday morning all of the injured were released from the hospital. by monday following a frantic
11:52 am
manhunt and shoot out in new jersey, ahmad rahimi was arrested and the two officers were back at work protecting a city still on zblej the why do you put the uniform on? >> i want to protect them. >> it's in my blood, it's in my heart. i want to be there. i want to help people. i think that day we did help. we helped ott a lot. >> i'm with new york police commissioner james o'neil. so nice to have you here. thank you for taking the time. when the day of that bomb went off in the city in september, that was your first day as police commissioner. >> that was my first full day. i actually just got moved into my office from the 13th floor to the 14th floor and i was driving home. one of my sergeants called me and the first call that came over, we thought it was a bomb that exploded on a bus. >> and then you found out it was that sort of device.
11:53 am
it could have been so much worse and just to think the second devi device. >> >> two state troopers looked and found the device about three quarters of the way down the block. they did a tremendous job. >> i'm going to ask you one of the same questions i asked the officers. you were a transit cop back in the day, 34 years for you. you choose to have a job in which you run towards something. why did you sign up far? >> i think for the reason other people sign up, to make a difference, to help make people are's lives better and to lead a life of significance. you want to go through this world and help push people's lives forward. cops might not tell you that because they're proud but in their hearts that's why they become cops. >> thank you for what you do and i thank the nypd and riding along with those guys, it was
11:54 am
amazing that particular incident in chelsea, that was dubbed an act of terrorism and i have to ask you. in the news today al qaeda reportedly plotting attacks on monday, the day before elections, specifically in texas, north carolina, and here in new york. do you have specific intel on this? >> we were made aware of it, we have a great working relationship with the fbi and sod many other federal agencies. it's non-specific and we're assessing the credibility of it. we're geesh egeared up to go. people in new york should feel safe. >> let's talk about everything that's happening in new york between -- you have the marathon where you have tens of thousands of people coming into the city to run this weekend, then you have election day then you have two candidates in the same city on election night with their own
11:55 am
respective parties and events plus the people in the streets celebrating or not depending on the outcome of the election. how are you preparing. >> well, if you look at the fourth of july, there's million of people, if you look at new year's eve which is at times square, a tremendous amount of people down there. so this is not something -- >> but this is emotional for people. >> this is not something that we're unfamiliar with. we do large events, we plan for them very carefully. i have a chief in manhattan south, bill morris, and he's a veteran. bill has been in manhattan south for three years so we know what to do and how to put our resources out there. we're intel, john miller, i think you know, we have tremendous people in the new york city police department but, again, we don't do it alone, we do it with the secret service and so many other federal agencies. >> what's the biggest challenge planning ahead? >> planning for the unknown
11:56 am
which is sometimes difficult. but we have a tremendous number of resoursces. mayor de blasio backs us completely so whatever resources we need we can put out there. i'll be happy when it's wednesday but this is part of my job. >> i don't think you're alone, commissioner. >> this is what we do. we get paid to keep people safe. >> what's your message for people in new york city on that tuesday night and into the wee hours of wednesday morning? >> my message is that if you see something that looks unusual, whether you're going to work or you're at home, you see something that doesn't look right, make sure you take some affirmative steps to do something about that. don't just walk by, call 911, let us respond, let us make an assessment. we do a good job of keeping people safe, but everybody has to help us out. >> thank you so much, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. let me briefly correct myself. the alleged al qaeda threats are texas, virginia and new york.
11:57 am
up next, an interesting moment a short time ago, bill clinton, the former president, weighing in on melania trump's speech in which she calls out mean and tough cyber bullying. clinton says he has never felt so bad for anyone in his life as he did for her in that moment. hear why next.@!@!
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