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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 5, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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your favorite top ten heroes now at that is it for us tonight. thank for watching. i want to tell you i'll see you right back here at a special time on sunday night, at 10:00. so tune in then. good night. three days until the big day. the u.s. presidential candidates giving a lot of love to the battleground states. iraqi forces are in the heart of isis territory as they push into mosul. and they celebrated in style, and they should have. the chicago cubs were honored friday with five million fans by their side. >> one of them our producer who's doing this show. >> that's got to feel good, doesn't it? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> goodness. live from cnn world quarters, welcome. to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm george howell.
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>> i'm natalie allen. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. 4:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. three days to go, natalie, just three days to go. >> three days to go. oh. long -- >> it is the final countdown to one of the most divisive u.s. elections in recent history. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are criss-crossing the battleground states in a frantic push this weekend. both trying to convince american voters they should be president. >> imagine having a president who demeans women and mocks the disabled. [ boos ] who insults african-americans and latinos and muslims. who personally engages in busting unions and preventing people from having the right to bargain collectively. >> if she were to win, it would
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create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. this will go on for years, folks. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and her special interests would rob our country blind. >> the candidates in these final days making their closing arguments to voters. a new fox news poll shows hillary clinton with a two-point lead over donald trump, 45-43%. that is within the survey's margin of error. >> our latest cnn poll which includes the fox numbers shows clinton ahead by five, 47-42%. our electoral map has her slipping below the magic number of 270 electoral college votes. >> at there stage, there's a great deal of focus on the battleground states like ohio. that's where hillary clinton spent friday night hoping to rely on the star power of jay-z and beyonce to rally a crowd in cleveland. take a look.
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♪ alabama louisiana >> that hat. i couldn't pull off that hat, but she can. ♪ beyonce and her backup dancers wearing pantsuits in clinton's hon honor. the singer and her rapper husband say they want their daughter to grow up in a country where women don't have limits. >> less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote. look how far we've come from having no voice to being on the brink of making history. [ cheers ] >> i would like to introduce to you the next president of the united states, ms. hillary clinton! [ cheers ] >> clinton told the crowd she needs their help to crack the glass ceiling once and for all. other celebrities like marc anthony, katy perry, and jennifer lopez, j. lo, spending
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their time on the campaign trail helping hillary clinton. something donald trump says he doesn't really need. listen -- >> i hear we set a new record for this building. and by the way, i didn't have to bring j. lo or jay-z. the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. i am here all by myself. just me. no guitar, it piano, no nothing. >> obviously the candidates hoping the crowds will equate to votes. sarah murray with more from the trump campaign trail. >> reporter: 2016's toxic presidential contest led by two deeply unpopular candidates is coming to a close in fitting fashion. >> hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her emails were found on pervert anthony weiner's laptop. >> how did hillary end up filthy
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rich pay-to-play politics. >> reporter: trump amping up the barrage of negative ads on the campaign trail. >> i think she's unstable, trigger escape. >> reporter: despite no new information from the fbi, trump is still tearing into hillary clinton over her e-mail server and insisting she'll eventually face criminal charges. >> how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her emails? did you ever see -- folks, let's forget all of this stuff. what a mess. all she had to do is follow the rules. unbelievable. and now she's going to run the country. she'll be under investigation for years. >> reporter: all part of his final push to convince voters he's the fresh face and she's the face of corruption. >> she's likely to be under investigation for a long time, concluding in a criminal trial, our president. america deserves a government that can go to work on day one,
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get it done. >> reporter: with the polls tightening, the gop nominee is campaigning in ohio, new hampshire, and pennsylvania. aiming to drive up his election day vote in key battlegrounds. >> we have so many great polls, but you have to get out and vote on november 8th. >> reporter: trump's sprint to the finish still taking shape. the gop nominee will campaign this weekend in six battleground states and is likely to wedge in more along the way with stops in north carolina and new hampshire planned monday. his campaign continuing to be a family affair as donald trump jr. hits the trail in arizona and new hampshire while eric trump barnstorms michigan. even though the polls show donald trump trailing here in pennsylvania, the margins have tightened. this is a state he will come back to before election day because there's no early voting. it's a move to come and try to rev up voters and convince them to turn out on november 8th, exactly what we heard from him
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on friday night. sarah murray, cnn, hershey, pennsylvania. as we mentioned, clinton holds a narrow lead in national polls, but that gap is too slim for comfort. that's why in these final days, the clinton steam in full-on attack mode against -- team is in full-on attack mode against trump. >> a few days ago donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. >> reporter: so much for the high road and that trump immediately rejected the kkk support calling it repulsive. hillary clinton is making hay of it anyway. >> they said it's about preserving white, and they place their faith and hope for him. >> reporter: on tv, the internet, and especially in the battlegrounds, the biggest names in the democratic party are stepping up the blitz that started a few weeks ago. then it was senator elizabeth warren in denver, colorado. >> the big, brave donald trump
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is too chicken to release his tax returns. [ applause ] [ chicken sounds ] >> reporter: now in pueblo -- >> do we want to decide do we want a change in reality or reality tv? >> reporter: up in wisconsin, vice president joe biden was playing offense, too. >> he's thoroughly unprepared and unqualified to be the commander in chief of the united states of america. it's not even close. >> reporter: tim kaine hit arizona trying to rally latino voters -- >> translator: donald trump said that mexican immigrants are drug dealers, rapists, and murderers. he's a clown. >> reporter: and in north carolina, it was senator bernie sanders pushing women to the polls. >> we have come too far in this country to elect a president who
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object fi few -- object fews wo and brags about sexual assaults. >> reporter: president obama was mocking trump over "saturday night live." >> you want to be president of the united states? come on, man. [ laughter ] come on! >> reporter: and first lady michelle obama has been trying to bring it all home. >> make no mistake about it, casting our vote is the ultimate way we go high when they go low. voting is our high. >> reporter: collectively all these big democrats are hitting the republican nominee on every possible weak spot. and all that talk about taking the high road, that's clearly changed into take any road as long as it ends at the white house. >> tom foreman, thank you very much. let's bring in cnn politics reporter eugene scott to talk about it all. eugene live in washington with us. eugene, first of all, let's take a look at this electoral map.
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the breakdown has changed with significant shifts now in favor of donald trump, but still trump facing a steep climb to 270. help us understand the details of this. >> reporter: what we're seeing is in states like north carolina that have historically been red, that it's a toss-up. both candidates are competing for it. you know it went blue in 2008tuate for president obama. it went red in '12 for romney. the candidates believe they have a shot at getting its voters to back them. we're seeing states like arizona who find themselves in the same situation and really are trying to get people out to the polls, to back the candidate because what can happen, it's still not clear. >> eugene, for donald trump really to get to that magic number, he would pretty much have to run the table, right? he'd have to get all of those battleground states. >> reporter: he will have to. it would take a lot for him to get ahead, as we showed earlier,
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hillary clinton is still ahead in many of our national polls. and these states are pretty volatile and go up and down each day. i think when you look at the averages, you will see that he is behind the former secretary. >> eugene, we talked about this at the top of the show. hillary clinton focusing on those battleground states in cleveland, ohio, on stage with jay-z and beyonce. the focus there obviously to turn out millennial vote but also to focus african-american voters. the concern among the clinton campaign is there could be a significant dip compared to 2012. the support and enthusiasm for barack obama. >> reporter: indeed, beyonce's a three-fer. she can deliver the millennial vote, women's vote, african-american vote, and just people also who support many of the policies that hillary clinton blusteelieves the make america the best country
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possibly. we've seen them reaching the demographics they think can deliver them a victory. >> obviously to pack the stadium there, pack the crowds in, and to try to get each of those people to make sure they vote come november 8th. let's talk about donald trump. teleprompt teleprompter trump, i should say, staying on focus, staying on message, and staying out of the media spotlight s. that strategy working for mr. trump? >> reporter: we've seen polls tighten. it was a week ago where we found out that the fbi was looking at hillary clinton again with the new batch of emails. and there was a lot of concern, a lot of doubt that donald trump could stay on message for an entire week. he's managed very much to do that, even having moments where he was giving himself a pep talk on stage. as a result, we've seen polls tighten. whether or not his staying on message this final week will convince people who have been on the bubble or undecided to board the trump train remains to be seen. >> but people are boarding the trump train.
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we are seeing the polls tighten as many pundits would say, should be expected. the nation polarized when it comes to the parties. we'll see how it shakes out. three days to go, eugene. live in washington, thank you very much for being with us. stay with cnn. you won't have to miss anything when it comes to election day coverage. stay with cnn, and we will have all of our correspondents, our reporters, producers on the grounds, photojournalists bringing you every detail tuesday -- >> really? >> we will. >> how many more days to go? >> three days to go. >> good. we'll turn to other news in a moment. iraqi troops in mosul for the first time in two years. isis is using a vicious tactic to hold them back. in the united kingdom, pro-bicyclpro pro-brexit tabloids and why the prime minister says brexit will continue as planned.
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the battle to retake mosul, the fight there taking place street by street. iraqi forces are trying to drive out isis out of neighborhoods in the eastern part of that city. iraq's elite counterterrorism units were first to get inside
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of the mosul city limits. >> they are pushing in from the east in the heart of isis territory, going house to house to clear the areas. bearing in mind thousands of civilians are still living in these neighborhoods. cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson is in erbil in northern iraq, an hour's drive from mosul. now that iraq's forces are in mosul, what are you hearing about isis resistance? >> reporter: isis this morning claim in the early hours to have launched at least one suicide attack against the iraqi forces. we're human being from t-- we'r hearing from iraqi forces yesterday they were talking about advancing into six neighborhoods, raising the iraqi flag over the neighborhoods. the picture that emerge today is different. we're not hearing anything about advancing forces, more about regrouping. we know in at least one neighborhood, one of those districts, that the government forces are pushing into, they were hit by suicide bombers
1:19 am
yesterday and had to leave. we know that in other neighborhoods the iraqi army has become heavily bogged down and not able to move forward. and the fighting, sporadic fighting continues today. the impression that is created while iraqi forces moved into those places on the eastern outskirts of the city, they've met strong resistance. they talk about isis on rooftops of buildings, of isis firing mortars, short-range pieces quite high, they go over buildings, over a few streets and drop down. they're intended to hit the iraqi troops. civilians are being killed and injured in the process. food, water, electricity, in very, very scarce supply for the civilians now part of mosul at the moment. the picture that is emerging is one that's -- you couldn't say at this stage that it was a stalemate. but given the sort of bravado and the intensity of yesterday, let's say the momentum has
1:20 am
ground down significantly, an indication the resistance that the iraqi forces are facing. natalie? >> thank you very much, nic robertson. the latest on that in mosul. thank you. now to the issue of brexit in the united kingdom. the british prime minister is assuring the eu and leaders there that it will go on as planned. in after a high court ruled thursday that theresa may meets the approval of parliament first. >> they probably knew that this wasn't going to be easy. >> yeah. >> looking like that. she's confident. she says her government will win an appeal. we have more from london. >> reporter: victory at the high court for the champions of parliamentary process has not gone down well with the pro-brexit press. the judges vilified, called the enemies of the people. the result today is about all of us. it's not about me or my team. >> reporter: gina miller, the fund manager who brought the case against the government and her fellow plaintiffs called rexit-eers and the load ed foreign elite.
1:21 am
there aren't many loaded foreign elite here in rumford, a market town east of london. most here voted for brexit. mainly because of immigration. we head for lunch to the tasty bowl, a local greasy spoon. standard british fare, staple british reading. >> the people have voted. everyone -- one of the largest votes ever read. they will climb out of their houses, take the time to go and vote, to get out of europe, and they -- and these people, parliament has a right to reverse that. no way, there's no way it has. >> reporter: it's not all rage against the remainders. >> defy will of british voters, do you think that's fair? >> no, i don't. i don't think it's fair. no. >> reporter: i've been walking the streets of rumford this morning clutching the tabloid press. actually the mood here in one of the most euro-skeptic towns in
1:22 am
the whole of the united kingdom want? as sour as the papers suggest. what is in your fish and chips -- you couldn't go much more british than this. >> just maine -- >> reporter: ian clark is sanguine about the country and sentiment in the press. >> i think it's -- >> reporter: when it says your country does need you we must get out of the eu -- >> no. all of the headlines, they go on a bit. they need sell their paper. >> reporter: hate crimes since brexit has had tragic consequences with the role that some of the press has played in inflaming toxic views under scrutiny. pleas for tolerance made in the wake of politician joe cox's murder, constantly repeated with each twist and turn of the brexit saga. tweeting after the high court's ruling, "whatever our view, i hope we can take a step back and debate it soberly.
1:23 am
inciting hatred has consequences." if the court's decision is upheld, that debate will move from the press to parliament where members will be under extreme pressure to honor the will of the people. cnn, london. >> thank you. japan has launched a new weather satellite that will continue to advance its mead logical agency. >> derek's here to tell us about it. i made sure that george had to say that. >> reporter: well done. 4:15 in the morning. i applaud you, george and natalie. >> look at it, there it is behind you. >> here it is. yeah, this is my best visual representation of this advancement in meteorological weather information. how about that one? guys, i got to tell you about it because it's -- it's leaps and bounds from where we're coming from and where we're going to. let me explain. satellite's responsibility is to take a snapshot of the world's weather patterns. the clouds basically from about 22,000 kilometers into the
1:24 am
atmosphere. and that does that every 30 minutes or so. in between that 30-minute time frame and those images that are taken, there's crucial data loss that meteorologists like myself and other people who work at national weather services don't have the information and the ability to analyze because it simply isn't there. it takes 30 minutes to scan the earth. now with the new advent of the satellite, they're going to do rapid scan, continuous monitoring of the earth's planetary weather systems. that means no loss of data and weather information. so making our weather forecast more timely and accurate for you at home. so you have to benefit for this. take a look at the video of the satellite 9 actually launching into space. this was about three days ago, november 2nd, in the southwestern sections of japan. this is a monumental step in their aerospace and meet logic agency.
1:25 am
and really it's going to help monitor tropical cyclones in the western pacific, aumps malso ma possible to study the distribution of volcanic ash and aerosols which you know is crucial for the aeronautics and airline industry. volcanos and volcanic ash can down airlines easily. we try to avoid those when we're flying. interestingly enough, himawari-8 is monitoring the clouds across eastern asia -- himawari-9 will take over from 8. it's on standby until the year 2022. here's an example of that rapid scan continuous monitoring. do you see how quickly and how well defined this latest typhoon is across the western pacific? you see the little bubbles from the convection that's taking place. those are the thunderstorm clouds. and that really helps meteorologists and scientists better understand what's happening in the atmosphere. we're seeing this leaps and bounds in our understanding of what the weather's about to do.
1:26 am
and can only really mean better and more accurate weather forecasts for you and myself at home. natalie, george, that's the latest from the weather center. >> i love that you gave that satellite the spin -- you know -- >> geostationary -- >> what was weather like before iphones and -- >> you had us with velcro "sun times" on the wal-- vel ycro su the wall. >> he's real science. he does not have a teleprompter, some of us do. still ahead, a trump supporters interrupts president obama as he campaigns for clinton in north carolina. yankee stadium hear how the president handled that coming up. also ahead, we show you how the u.s. electoral map is shaping up and changing ads this race comes down to the wire. live from atlanta. to our viewers at home and around the globe this hour, you're watching "cnn newsroom."
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welcome back to our viewers around the world and here in the united states -- especially you swing state viewers, you're the most popular right now. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell following the headlines for you this hour. the u.s. presidential candidates are in their final push before americans head to the polls come tuesday. it is three days away before election day. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting those swing states, as natalie pointed out. they're there all weekend, national polls have hillary clinton with a slight advantage over donald trump. also, the u.n. is warning isis is seizing young boys in iraq to fight in the battle for mosul which is going on now. a spokeswoman for the u.n. refugee agency says there are reports the terror group is
1:31 am
taking children as young as 9. the announcement comes as iraqi troops engage in fierce combat with the militants in eastern mosul. >> children being killed. the pentagon says a u.s. air strike has killed a senior al qaeda leader in afghanistan. officials say that he died in the strike on october 23rd in kunar province. they say he plotted attacks against the united states and had been trying to set up safe havens for al qaeda in afghanistan. peaceful maercrches in indonesia turned visit leaving 160 protesters and dozens of police officers injured. people in jakarta are demanding the ouster of the governor, some calling for his death. the governor is a christian and is accused of insulting islam. the indonesian president has canceled his trip to australia. back to the u.s. presidential campaign, it is just three days away until election day. and neither side at this point taking anything for granted.
1:32 am
the u.s. president, barack obama, spoke at two rallies in critical swing states. in north carolina first. >> it was during one of those stops that he was interrupted by a trump supporter, you can hear the president become impatient as he tried to get order back -- >> hold up. hold up. everybody, sit down and be quiet for a second. everybody, sit down and be quiet for a second. now listen up, i'm serious, listen up -- you've got an older judge what is supporting -- older gentleman who is supporting his candidate. he's not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about him. [ laughter ] this is what i mean about folks not being focused. first of all, first of all, we -- hold up.
1:33 am
hold up. first of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. [ applause ] second of all, it looks like maybe he might have served in our military. and we ought to respect that. third of all, he was elderly well, and we've got to respect our elders. and fourth of all, don't boo -- vote. >> don't boo, vote. >> the u.s. president there making the case to vote, to respect the first amendment. the amendments and also just to have civility in this situation. >> uh-huh. you just watched how the president handled that. keep in mind as you listen to how donald trump described it a short time later. >> today obama had a protester, and the protester, if i have one, may immediately pick out the protester even though protester, as we found out
1:34 am
through wikileaks, were paid $1,500 to go into our rallies and be violent, right? [ boos ] in chicago, they badly hurt policemen, they badly hurt other people. although our people can take care of themselves very nicely. just saying is. [ applause ] whenever there's a protester, the only time the cameras move, the only time they pick out a protester because that's a negative thing. yet obama today spoke in front of a much smaller crowd than this, by the way -- [ cheers ] and there was a protester and a protester that likes us. and what happened is they wouldn't put the cameras on him. they kept the cameras on obama. and i said, that's strange. you saw it today on television, right? he was talking to the protester screaming at him, really screaming at him. by the way, if i spoke the way
1:35 am
obama spoke to that protester, they would say he became unhinged, he became -- >> donald trump on the stump. national polls show that hillary clinton, though, has a modest advantage. a slight lead over trump ahead of next tuesday's election. >> it final outcome will depend on a handful of battleground states. the most popular now. john king takes us through the map. >> reporter: we're into the final weekend. hillary clinton at 268. donald trump at 204 in the electoral votes. the gold states are toss-ups. donald trump is in the hunt. advantage hillary clinton. let's ask this question -- how does she look compared to president obama four years ago? is she in the position the president was in when he won a big victory in 2012? let's look at runways to judge. first way to judge is the national polls. that's much better than where the president was four years ago. a lot of people forget this because of the outcome, the finish on tuesday. heading into the final weekend, this race was a dead heat.
1:36 am
47%-47%. that's the national perspective. we pick presidents by states. let's go to the map and think about the key battleground states, compare obama then and clinton now. let's look at the states. in states where clinton is running just about even with where the president was four years ago, they include nevada and arizona. they include important blue midwestern battlegrounds, michigan, and they include new hampshire. the gold states are toss-ups heading into the final weekend. president obama won one, two, three, nevada, four states. hillary clinton in the same position the president was heading into the find weekend, she thinks she can win all four, too. we'll see what tuesday brings. she heads into the weekend about even with four years ago. these are the states clinton has to worry about. she's underperforming president obama. significantly in big battleground ohio and a smaller but important midwest state, iowa. we lean these to donald trump because he's running much better than mitt romney did four years ago. he has a lead heading into the final weekend. clinton is underperforming obama in those states. and by a bit in pennsylvania.
1:37 am
she still has a lead in pennsylvania. it's just not quite as big as president obama's was heading into the final weekend four years ago. even though she's underperforming in those, she's overperforming, stronger than the president heading into the final weekend in colorado by a little bit, in virginia by a bit, and significantly in north carolina and florida. this is very important. president obama trailed in north carolina in 2012 heading into the final weekend. he trailed in florida by a bit heading into the final weekend. he ended up winning florida by a tiny margin, the closest race in the country, state by perspective. lost north carolina again. he was trailing heading into the final weekend, one of those two, and she's ahead in both. that's a big deal as we say how does clinton get to the finish line, how does she compare to the president four years ago? she thinks she'll hold up blues. she hopes to turn ohio. we lean that in favor of trump. there's talk of democrats pulling back in iowa. we'll see what she does on tuesday. significantly they believe especially because of early voting they can win out in
1:38 am
nevada. most republicans in nevada are starting to think that, too. that would get clinton over the finish line. that's enough, but they also think again because she's in better position than the president was four years ago, they think she can possibly win both of these, and they still think even though this has become close at the end and trump is closing here, they think they can win that. if that were to happen, if clinton could win florida and win north carolina and add new hampshire, that puts her in the ballpark of where the president was four years ago. is that guaranteed? absolutely not. donald trump is fighting to the end. if you're asking the you can how does she look now compared to the president then, especially because of these states, she enters the weekend in a contested race with donald trump but confident the outcome will look a little bit just like it did in 2012. >> john king. as election day nears, the u.s. is worried that russia will cause mischief. it might be more serious than mischief. >> riot officials saying hackers could try to deceive voters and
1:39 am
create doubt to sow uncertainty about when the system is, as donald trump says, rigged, an founded claim. here's cnn justice reporter pamela brown. >> reporter: heightened concerns over russian-led efforts to undermine the u.s. election. u.s. officials warn hackers could tamper with local data bases of voters' names and addresses to cause confusion at the polls. >> we don't know what we don't know. there may be hacking tools and software in election systems around the country just waiting to be used on election day, and it would be hard to detect. >> reporter: already the department of homeland security has uncovered signs hackers from russia tried to penetrate state voter registration systems. though there's no indication they've been tampered with. dhs has been coordinating efforts with every state in the nation to prevent hacks, scanning computer systems to identify vulnerabilities. dhs officials at the cybercommand center in washington are also monitoring networks for denial of service
1:40 am
attacks. officials say such an attack on election day could take down websites voters use for news and information. >> if you shut down or disable or undermine the communications that people are using to figure out where to vote and to actually deal with traffic and things like that, you could create massive delays in lines. >> reporter: u.s. officials say russia has been waging an information operation for months to sow doubts about the vote including e-mail hacks of the democratic national committee. widespread hacking of voting machines in the nation's 9,000 injures dikjurisdictions would task since they're not connected to each other or the internet. officials will be looking for trolling operations, disseminating fake news of vote rigging and tampering. >> it's impossible to hack the election but it's possible for someone to claim it's hacked and to try to influence the public. >> reporter: law enforcement on heightened alert for potential terror attacks around the
1:41 am
election day. cnn has learned officials intercepted overseas chatter among al qaeda adherence about targeting three states -- texas, virginia, and new york. >> not specific. we're assessing the credibility of it. we're geared up to go all the time. >> reporter: pamela brown, cnn, washington. >> that's a terrifying thought to think of russia hacking in to the election. coming up, we'll look at how this election is being followed around the world. and you'll see the coverage in russia is especially noteworthy. >> indeed. the way the candidates are being portrayed in russia. the story as "newsroom" continues. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." vandals struck donald trump's campaign office in denver, colorado, twice on friday. >> that's right. police saying that they have one person in custody after a rock was tossed through a plate glass
1:45 am
window on friday evening. it's not yet clear if the same important was responsible for anti-trump graffiti that was painted on an exterior brick wall. the graffiti was discovered friday morning. donald trump is facing more calls to fire the man in charge of preparing his potential transition to the white house. on friday, two former aides of new jersey governor chris christie were found guilty on all charges in connection to that scandal known as bridgegate. lanes of the key bridge were closed causing a massive traffic jam in 2014. >> prosecutors say it was done to punish a local mayor for not endorsing chris christie. witness testimony implicates the governor, but he is denying and has denied any wrongdoing. cnn reached out to the trump campaign for comment as chris christie has been part of the trump team empwe'-- trump team. we've not received a response. russians are following the u.s. presidential election with keen interests. >> they are. judging by what's being reported in russian media, it is no
1:46 am
secret which candidates -- which candidate is favored. cnn's clarissa ward has this report for us. the american dream is dead. bing, bing, bing. bong, bong. >> reporter: russia's media is relishing every minute of this u.s. election, presenting it as an epic failure of american democracy. it's not hard to see who the favorite is here. the republican candidate is presented as a maverick underdog, a political outsider who speaks truth to power. hillary clinton, on the other hand, is cast as a dangerous russia hater whose election could lead to world war iii. [ laughter ] >> reporter: russian media frequently labels her a witch with one tabloid even calling her evil incarnate. state tv anchors say it's a response to clinton's aggressive
1:47 am
attitude. >> the view on the street of course is clinton's hostile to russia. she's done anti-russian statements, be it about hacking, putin, russia, those statements. >> reporter: president putin has dismissed allegations that russia is playing favorites in this race. but as the polls have tightened, russian media is now suggesting that the election is rigged, and that the establishment won't let trump win. >> nobody should be fooled. >> reporter: one channel has predicted bloody social unrest if clinton becomes president, followed by the overthrow of the corrupt regime. >> it is an effective message for the russian audience. the russian audience is suspicious of america, suspicious of western and american democracy, and someone who rebels against the system definitely looks good in the eyes of russia. ♪ >> reporter: which is why media
1:48 am
here is happily milking this election for all the propaganda value it can get. cnn, moscow. >> i'm reminded of -- >> don't know what to say. >> reminded of gorbachev and reagan when they took that suspicion away. at a different point now. it's not just russians watching the presidential election. >> we've got it from china, as well. matt rivers gives us a look at how china views the race. >> reporter: i'm matt rivers in china, one of the countries most mentioned on the campaign trail. though one candidate certainly uses stronger language than the other. >> we can't continue to allow china to rain our country, and that's what -- to rape our country, and that's what they're doing. it's rhetoric like that and china's consistent mentions in the debates that have people talking about donald trump and hillary clinton. >> regardless of trump's slogan of make america great again, i
1:49 am
think hillary definitely will be a better leader. >> translator: i prefer donald trump because he's funny and interesting. it really doesn't matter to china. we're just outsiders. >> reporter: a pew research report released in october found that 37% of the chinese. viewed hillary clinton favorably. for donald trump, it was just 22%. and while the chinese government doesn't officially comment on foreign elections, state-run newspapers said the campaign proves western democracy is dangerous. in october, the "people's daily" wrote "all this weirdness points straight at the corrupt practices of the u.s. political system." we'd be overstate figure we said that the average chinese person is really paying close attention this election. it's not dominating conversation in restaurants or cafes. but when people are watching on election night or not, the results is relevant because whoever wins will help shape the relationship between two of the world's great powers. matt rivers, cnn, beijing. >> thank you.
1:50 am
chicago parties chicago style. for more than a century, they hardly partied at all. >> they should party for a century for this, shouldn't they? ahead, we'll show you the celebration for the cubs' world series win.
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1:54 am
scene in chicago there. welcome back to "newsroom." cubs fans on the north side are feeling the high from the historic world series win. >> an estimated five million people swarmed, and we mean swarmed -- you'll see it -- the streets of chicago friday and the celebration parade. ryan young was there. >> reporter: one of the biggest american sports stories ever, the cubs, who have waited 108 years to finally win a championship, now the city gets a chance to celebrate like no other time. in fact, if you look behind us, fans have been pouring in to see their team. they've been doing this for hours. of course, not everyone gets a chance to get a world series ticket. for many fans, this was a chance to show their appreciation for the team that they love so much. and i can tell you, this city loves its cubs. they even turned the river blue. you look at the crowd and fans, and you can hear the players' appreciation for the city and their team.
1:55 am
>> i've been blessed far more than i ever deserve or expected in this game. god has given a lot to me. i'm so thankful for that. he gave me the opportunity to hold a trophy just like that last year and hoist it up. i thought, how can i ever top this? and then i started thinking about chicago. [ cheers ] i started thinking about wrigley field, 108 years. and i said, i want to be part of that. i promise you, you prayed during free agency last year to be a chicago cub. [ applause ] thankfully god and the cubs -- thank you, theo -- made it happen. and i embarked on a journey with these guys to bring this elusive
1:56 am
championship to the north side. [ cheers ] >> reporter: in a portion of america there's a big election next week. right now, cubs fans are under the red, white, and cubby blue because they are loving the fact that this team has brought the city together. as you look out there, there are generations who love the cubs, and they're holding hands and standing next to each other celebrating this victory. in fact, there's always talk about next year's cubs team because they already r already favored to win the world series again. reporting in chicago, ryan young, cnn. >> i have to say it, i feel like i have many different homes, and chicago's one of them. i was there for a couple of years. >> great city. >> it's a great city. when you know how desperately the fans wanted a win, to know that they got it -- >> i fell asleep in the bottom of the 10th. can you believe that? what a loser. i was lightnike, what happened? >> thank you for being with us. more news after the break. you're watching "cnn newsroom." ? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy.
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i would like to introduce to you the next president of the united states. >> rapper jay-z and his wife, super sar beyonce show their support for the democratic presidential candidate. >> in iraq, people are being used as human shields. isis is forcing civilians, even children, to be on the front lines. >> they're sale saying not intimidated. that's what these procuredish lawmakers are


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